and love them together


Oooh my gods, I’ve been so in  love with them for ages and they made a video together and I just can´t even xD

klance au where lance owns a dance studio and is a choreographer
-hes hired to choreograph couple shiro and alluras wedding dance
-hes also choreographing a surprise grooms dance ft. keith hunk n pidge
-first time shiro and allura go in lance is just in love with their love and dotes all over them
-telling them how perfect they move together and how happy he is to work with them
-first time everyone goes in for the grooms dance lance is love struck
-hes a flustered gushing mess as he greets everyone and just completely falls for keith
-keith acts as if he doesnt notice but holy shit hes so cute
-lance starts the choreography and is just moving so good and wow boy has moves
-keith is just staring in awe and when its his turn to try any of the moves he almost immediately stumbles
-lance is just really super cute and nice and comes up behind him and helps him with his posture to land a certain move
-after the class is over everyone leaves except keith who lingers behind just a bit longer
-lance gets all nervous bc ohmygod the cute boy isnt leaving and theyre alone and wow he looks really good in the sunset
-keith is just as nervous but asks lance if he could help him some more outside of their practice
-lance agrees immediately and they continue their own one on one practice :)))

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♡ >_>;;;

Send me a “♡” if you want to ship our muses

} If you’re meaning romantically, then if it felt like Gaud could do romantic, then I would’ve definitely sent this first. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’d absolutely love to ship them together. I feel like Gaud and Kit would be an absolutely amazing pairing for each other in a few different ways. 

Just as Gaud currently is, I don’t think he’d be able to do romantic stuff.

Now the post-time-skip version of him that I have an idea for? I think he’d be able to do that better then. 

Or if Kit’s the one to actually teach him about what “romance” is.

Either way, if it’s before the time skip or after, Gaud’s gonna have to learn what it is. Just that post-time-skip will probably be easier for him to learn.

I’ll post about the idea for post-time-skip eventually

The Temp by A.K. Cates, it is an erotic thriller

The Temp by A.K. Cates, it is an erotic thriller

The Temp Facebook reviewer-Just finished it today couldn’t believe how you ended it …. Need more!When is the next one out in the series?? Eve is caught in a dangerous game of corporate espionage. Roman is a billionaire playboy not looking for love. Trigger is the one who will bring them together or else reveal everyone’s secrets.

You fall in love with someone, give them your everything, have a house with them, share every moment together, make love with them, share happiness, share secrets and life.
And then they cheat on you with someone who you have helped through so much, lie to you, disrespect you - then you take them back because they promise to never do it again and You believe them.

And then 6 months later your dog dies and he blames it all on you. Says it all your fault out of anger.
You fight and say it over.

Then you go travelling over seas for 2.5 weeks, have the most amazing time.

Then you come home to talk everything out. Then find out he spent the time you were away with someone else ( who you have known for 4 years) , they stayed in your bed, hang out with your “friends”, and he took her places that were special to us, spent whole days and nights together.

You become to emotionally hurt that it is easy to sit in the shower and just cry.
You don’t eat, you don’t sleep, you feel so absolutely worthless that nothing it fucking worth it anymore. I’m done.

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AAAA okay its the siren au anon but i have no motivation to finish that IM SORRY but FOR THE CORSPE BRIDE IDEA,,, what if since mccree is victor, hid parents are reaper and 76?? Hanzo is Victoria, and Genji is Emily! Im not sure who you feel about mcgenji tho,, but i have ideas to go along with this is you want i hear them.


Fuck. You do know Victor doesn’t fall in love with Emily correct?

I know people ship them together and I admit they are cute but I also think Victoria and Victor are lovely as well.

I love McGenji though! But my Mchanzo needs are strong in this too.


Foster animals update 7/27/16. The babies are loving being together, but the extra stimulation is causing them to pee on themselves. I consulted Renee and it seems I will be picking up 3 pairs of baby doll panties from her tomorrow 😳. This oughta be interesting…

I have named my handsome little feral Henry (special thanks to my friend and her hubby for the suggestion). He has spent the last two days meowing…a lot…very loudly. I’ve spent a good bit of time talking to him today. I’ve also taken him out and held him quite a bit. If he hisses, he gets cuddled 😋. He had a moment of freedom and promptly wedged himself behind the china cabinet. He wasn’t really enjoying being petted until tonight. It seems his ears are his weakness. I might get through to him after all.

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I HATE WHEN THEY DO THIS >>> "spamming his mentions all the time with irrelevant and unnecessary comments and by being rude when he does stuff not related to Gwen" I love Gwen, I do, and I love them together BUT I love B for his music and for what he does professionally and don't want him abandoning his life just to be a side kick in Gwen's. PLEASE please keep this tumblr going, its one of the few that focuses on B and not shefani.

I hear you. I love him with Gwen too but I understand that they are real people with careers of their own. Blake is still at his peak. He doesn’t have just one career, he does lots of things and there’s a world out there that don’t care about his personal life but wants and loves him for his music and brand of entertainment.