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10 Things I Learned as an Interviewer for the Interviewee

As a fourth year medical students (yikes) I was able to become an interviewer for my medical school. So yes, that means maybe someone I’ve interviewed may one day see this. Though probably not. Anyways, it was very surreal to be on the other side of the process all these years later and while I’m getting ready for interviews myself (anyone want me for residency, btw?)

A lot of expectations and previous notions about interviews that I had really did change and I can see how intricate the process actually is, and I get why we get asked the questions we do. At least somewhat better.                                                                   

All experiences and interviewers are different but here are some things I think can really help out the interviewee. Maybe things you thought were hard and fast rules but aren’t or things you didn’t expect us to be looking for. Anything to help! And while this is directed at pre-meds, the advice should still general enough that anyone can use it, if they want.

Some things to know beforehand; I was part of a two-on-one interview setting which lasted 30 minutes with a few preset questions we needed to ask. The interview was blind, so we couldn’t see stats.

Take a second to observe your interviewers.

This isn’t an open invitation to judge your interviewers, but most of us are pretty telling in the way we present ourselves. If you can take a break for the nerves for a second pay attention to our introductions, our demeanor and how we’re dressed. It can give you a sense of how relaxed or stringent we may be and what our personalities may be like even if we were told to stay stone cold poker-faced. And always keep in mind who your interviewers are and what departments they’re from. It can help guide the tone we set for the entire interview.  

Play off the interviewers.

Now that you’ve taken a moment to take in your surroundings use those to your advantage. If we’re playing tough, answer with strength and intention. If we’re relaxed, don’t sit so stiff and maybe get us to laugh. If you are asked thought provoking questions, take time to think about it and provide thought provoking answers. The more you work with us, the easy and more open a dialog becomes and the more personable the interview will become. It’s a great way to show flexibility and adaptation, and for the interviewers who did this well we found ourselves impressed.

If I’m offering you information, take it.

If I am telling you that I am a 4th year and I can answer your questions about rotations, classes, or student life I am literally giving you questions to ask me in the event you have forgotten all of yours. If faculty tells you which program they are a part of and what they specialize in they are opening that line of information for you. They are telling you were their interests and focuses are and you can run with that, if you like.

Please, please do your research.

We had an application who couldn’t tell us what they liked our school. Had no idea what the mission statement was or what the goals of the school were. Didn’t have a clue. I had to use my doctor face so I could stay neutral. It was bad. I get that you just want to be in medical school but come on. Point blank, there is no excuse for anyone to know nothing about the program they’re interviewing for. You should also have worked out answers for frequently asked questions. Getting stumped on classic medical school questions…it’s a big red flag. So please plan ahead and do your research.  

Pick the length of your answers carefully.

Different types of questions prompt different types of answers. There are a lot of questions that can prompt follow up questions. Hobbies for example; going into every detail about your hobbies is probably counterproductive. But that’s assuming you have a fair amount of things you like to do that aren’t medicine. You can add a snip here and there, like “I’ve done that for 15 years” or “it’s really a huge passion of mine” but if there is interest in hearing more, we’ll most likely ask. If you only have one thing, don’t think “I like running” is a good enough answer. Give us something to work with. There are questions, especially theoretical ones or tell me a story situations that are meant to be longer. And always keep in mind your time limit.

Be confident, not cocky.

There is a huge difference between smug and confident. We had one prospect who gave this shit-eating “gotcha” grin after every question they thought they had aced. It was almost like they were trying to directly challenging me. It got to the point that I stopped caring what they were saying and was just getting pissed. The answers could have been great (they weren’t) but all that stuck with me was the cockiness. Not sure if you do that unintentionally? That’s what practice interviews are for. There are very clear differences when someone was proud of an answer and were pleased, and what this individual was doing. And if you do act that way, personally, I don’t want you representing my school, regardless of what your application looks like.

I don’t care about the “right” answer. I care why.

I know there are certain questions answers that are kind of set in stone. And I know straying too far from say, an ethics question, is hard to do in a new and unique way. The way to make yourself stand out from the crowd is to explain the reasons why you believe this to be the “right” answers since those tend to differ among applicants and shows your critical thinking skills past “well obviously this is the right answer”. Aside from that most interviewers don’t have specific expectations for most questions. We’d rather just hear about you and your personal experiences, honestly.

We’re not always looking for your spoken answer.

Sometimes we’re looking at your body language. I will purposefully ask questions I know there are only a few answers too. Not because I want to know if you know it, but rather how you viscerally respond. Do you look uncomfortable when answering an ethics or grades question? Did you answer robotically? Are you still looking at me? Can you pick yourself back up after a rough question? What you do speaks just as loud as the things your saying and I’m looking for it.

Use your personality and responses to show you want to be here. Not your grades.

This was not an isolated event. I had a few prospective students speak about a class and sneak in “which I got an A in” and continue. Not really a fan of that. I naturally assume that everyone we interviewed had good enough grades and scores because, well, you’re at the interview. At this point in the process all I want if for you to shine beyond those things and prove to me that you can be a doctor on paper and in person.  

Make me feel connected to you.

In the end, I want to feel like I know who you are. I want to know what you stand for and I want to experience the person who wants to become a physician. I want to appreciate your story and how far you’ve come. We don’t need to become best friends, we don’t need to have similar thoughts or values or personalities. But I want to feel like we could understand each other now and in the future. Let me be excited about you and for you. Let me want you to be here so I can check accept.

I hope someone was able to get something useful from this because for all of you here dying to enter this crazy profession I want you to reach your goals. I really do, and I’m just doing all I can on the internet. Good luck to everyone on your interviews!

Daiya no Ace Act II comicbook Vol.7

 - includes ch56 - 64

- cover: Shirasu

- Additional page at the end of ch60: Miyuki batting + Furuya & Eijun adorably staring at each other

Close-up (because this panel is so cute):

- Bonus manga featuring Chris at the university + Miyuki & Sawamura consulting each other how to reply to Chris’ question:

Daiya no Ace #6 “First Impression

Team-mate: What? Really!?

Team-mate: You’re the same age?

Team-mate: So you are a player!?

Chris: I’m 18.

Team-mate: I definitely thought you’re older than 20!! You’re too calm [for your age]!!

Team-mate: I used the honorific language to you since I thought you’re the coach!!

Team-mate: Really, *how many times have you lived before!? [*common joke in Japan you say to people who are very mature for their young age as if they are living their life for the second/third/fourth time.]

Later in the evening…

Daiya no Ace #7 “A question from Senpai

Eijun: Miyuki-senpai, look at this!! I’ve got a LINE message from Chris-senpai!
Miyuki: Hm? You’ve got that, too?
Eijun: Eh? You, too!?

Chris’ LINE message to Eijun: Sawamura, please answer honestly. How old do I look? Btw, I don’t need any jokes right now.

Chris’ email to Miyuki: Do I really look that old? My senpai use the honorific language to me… […]

Eijun: Seems like something happened to him…?
Miyuki: What are you going to reply?
Eijun: What should I reply?

Miyuki: Maybe something like “You are so calm, that’s why you don’t look like a child”?
Eijun: That sounds nice!
Miyuki: What about your reply?
Eijun: Mmmmm, maybe something like “You look 5 years younger with your hair down”?
Miyuki: Yes, that’s it!
Eijun: Yes, this is it!

- Breaking News: Miyuki is confirmed to be a flip phone user (while Eijun, Chris and probably everyone else are smartphone users.)

- Chris-senpai sent an email to Miyuki while he contacted Eijun via LINE. This means that Miyuki does not have a LINE account. Someone give miyuki a fucking smartphone and teach him how to use LINE omg he’s the captain of the seidou baseball club after all. Seriously, how can he not have a LINE account xD

Have You Ever Seen a Heart Shatter

Request: can you write an imagine with newt scamander where the reader compares herself so much to tina??? angst angst angst please!! your writing is astounding btw ❤️❤️

Word Count: 2,156

Pairing: Newt x Reader

Part 2

Requested by Anonymous

Requests are currently open! Feel free to send one in

“Tina Goldstein, resident goddess.” You mutter as you storm through the front door and down the long staircase rife with splinters and creaky spots. Not to mention the unkind tenants that live on the third and fourth floors. Their shouts follow you down as your boots crash against the steps.

Tina this, Tina that, Tina the infallible. You skip three steps when you jump down onto the landing and yank open the front door. Tina can do no wrong, even when she’s unemployed and obsessive.

The wind slams into your side, trying to knock you off-balance. You shiver but stride forward, no real destination in mind other than to be far away from her.
No one had even looked up when you shoved your chair back from the kitchen table, too busy hanging on every word of some story about capturing some man that used a spell in front of some muggle to care about you. They love Tina’s stories about her adventures.

It’s not like you’re exactly employed. You’d met Newt on a research trip years before. The chemistry between the two of you had been obvious to everyone and it hadn’t taken long for the two of you to pair up for the study. Soon enough, Newt asked you to help him observe some mooncalves under the starry sky and, after some laughing and held hands, a new relationship began. The two of you agreed to work together and alternate research trips. This trip to release Frank was one of Newt’s ideas, meaning that you’re really nothing more than a magizoologist’s assistant.

Still, it’s more fascinating than just running after people and bringing them into MACUSA, right? You meet some of the rarest beasts on your journeys. Tina does nothing but arrest people and memorize the ridiculous laws on magic that Americans put into place. Every auror has stories just as mesmerizing as Tina’s, though the others disagree. Even Newt seems to think they’re interesting enough to warrant ignoring you.

You scowl and wrap your arms around yourself as you continue forward. If Newt wants to spend all of his time with some other girl with perfect hair let him.

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Teen Titans Go movie

Let me start off by saying as someone who doesn’t like the TTG cartoon, I absolutely like this. The plot is decent though let’s be honest, that’s not what anyone was in for. It’s like those gem episodes of TTG where they go all meta and somewhat break the fourth wall and it gets passed around the internet and someone thought they’d make it into a movie.


  • has some actual catchy music
  •  they sometimes throw in different styled animation which makes me so happy
  • fuckiNG LION KING
  • tons of references and easter eggs
  • animation and colors are A+
  • the short before the movie btw was !!!! Yes pls.
  • the shade and meta is amazing
  • the team supporting each other (unlike being jerks to each other sometimes in the cartoon) is heartwarming
  • of course i didn’t forget the end credit scene


  • not a fan of fart and twerking jokes (though they don’t happen often)
  • whoever made Starfire’s dialogues can trip on a rock. It was the worst thing in the movie. It’s like someone read a bad fanfic and said “yep, she uses ‘THE’ in every sentence that comes out of her mouth”. It was annoying.

That said, I’d definitely recommend it. You’ll have a good time.

anonymous asked:

so what were viktor and yuuri's reactions when they learned they would have to kiss each other? (Your art is sooooo adorable btw, im really enjoying this blog so far :0)

[thank you anon!!!]

Otabek: Get away from the fourth wall, right now.

Short Stories with...

Michael B. Jordan

A/N: Sorry for the wait everyone! I’ve had school, but that shouldn’t be a constant excuse. Lolol. So for our next “Short Stories with” series, I got my longtime boo Michael B. Jordan. 

Here are some other stories in my series:

Shawn Mendes

Daveed Diggs

P.S.: I am never naming my future baby Michael because the amount of times I have misspelled this name is chronically embarrassing. 

P.P.S.: OH and watch Black Panther! I promise you it’s great and at the end you’re going to fall in love! 

You grunt as you shuffle through the narrowly opened door, softly bumping into a couple of people. Some of them give you a dirty glare, and you return the same gesture as you finally enter the dark house in one piece. Huffing, you dust off your outfit – an ensemble of dark ripped jeans and a flattering top – and adjust your hair before moving deeper into the house, looking for your best friend, Sade. As you looked, more people continued to come into view, making it harder to look for your friend, who was the one who invited you to this party.

Though you were hesitant to come out in the first place, she managed to convince you by continuously begging on the phone.

After bumping into a couple more people and apologizing, you spot your best friend in a corner anxiously looking left and right. As you move closer to her, she detects you and releases a sigh of relief.

“Oh thank goodness,” she says, gripping your arm and pulling you closer. “You are here. Praise.”

“Wow,” you sarcastically reply, throwing your hands up. “A hug would be nice.”

Rolling her eyes, Sade hugs you quickly and releases you. “There. Hug accomplished. Now on to bigger issues.”

“Girl – “ you were suddenly pulled in front of Sade, who was now hiding in your shadow. Steadying yourself, you look down at you friend frowning. “What the fuck is wrong with you?”

“Okay, if you look behind you, you are going to see the reason I begged for you to be here.” She replies shakily.


“Oh bitch, I’m dying here. Just look!”

You turn around and look deep into the crowd. At first, you didn’t see what Sade was talking about – all you saw was a sea of unrecognizable people. But then, a couple of seconds later, you saw it. He was standing against the wall, sipping something from a red Solo cup and talking to a girl standing next to him.  He was dressed in a fitting white tee decorated with a single gold chain hanging from his neck, dark tight jeans, and expensive sneakers. Although he was conversing with the girl, he seemed uninterested as his eyes constantly darted up to look around in the crowd.

However, when his eyes came up for another round, it happened to stop on you.

“Oh damn.” You harshly whisper and look away.

“Oo, I know that look. Did you look too long?” Sade laughs before sighing. “Same here girl. He’s so fine.”

“You brought me here for that?” You ask, looking up to see if the man looked away. Unfortunately, the man still had his eyes on you. He smirks as you lock eyes with him again, causing your heart to speed up. The man says something to the girl next to him and moves away from the wall, making his way in your direction.

“Oh bitch,” Sade groans, hitting you on the arm. She was peeking over your shoulder to see what was happening. “You stared for too long. Now he’s coming. I gotta go. I’ll be back.”

Before you could protest, Sade run deep into the crowd, to the point you couldn’t see her anymore.

As you were internally yelling at your best friend, the handsome stranger stands in front of you with one cup in hand, greeting you with a smile.

“Hey.” He says. Outstretching the hand holding a full cup, he gestures for you to take it. You take it gladly, taking a sip as you tried to calm yourself down. “I noticed you from over there. I’m Michael.”

“Oh really?” You reply nonchalantly, taking another sip. “I’m Y/N.”

“Y/N…” Michael sounds out, looking at you up and down. Now hyperaware of everything, you spy the way his tongue licked his bottom lip swiftly.  “A pretty name for a pretty girl.”

You could feel your cheeks burn, but you ignore it by taking another sip of your drink. “Thank you.”

Noticing how long you been drinking your drink, Michael suddenly cracks a smile, cocking his head. “Am I making you nervous?”

Setting the cup down to the ground, you shake your head, ignoring the chorus of ‘yes’ in your head. “Of course not.”

Michael chuckles.

“Would you mind if I stand a little closer then? There’s a lot of space between us, and I have something I want to give you.”

You were looking at him daringly despite the fact you wanted to melt.

“No…I don’t mind.”

As he was moving closer, you could smell his cologne from his chest.  His gold chain gleams under the dim light, and you feel the heat tantalizingly radiating from his body. You were more aware of the light scruff around his jaw and the outline of his muscles from his white tee.  Aside from his chain, his brown eyes and smooth brown skin lightly glows in the dark in an almost blue hue.  

His eyes look down at you, gazing at each curve of your face before tracing the curve of your neck and your chest. It was almost as if his lips were at all of those spots and leaving a pleasant tingling feeling afterward. You couldn’t help but shiver, which causes for him to look up immediately.

Wolfishly grinning, he slowly puts his hands on your sides, and his fingers carefully press into them as he holds you firmly, pulling you to his chest. One of his hands then reaches up to your face, cradling it softly.

“You like that huh?” he whispers in your ear before pressing his teeth into the lobe, biting and tugging on it softly. You sigh in response, causing Michael’s grin to widen.

His lips eventually find yours, and he kisses you lightly. He does it again, making you reach for his shirt in frustration.  He softly chuckles and presses his lips against yours, pressing his fingers into your face as he deepens the kiss.  You touch his bicep lightly before gripping it, as his hand finds his way around your butt. He slaps it before grabbing it, simultaneously sucking on your bottom lip and biting it. He lips soon start to trace around your jaw flirtatiously, and before he could get to the curve of your neck, he stops.

You groan and open your eyes to see him straighten up, preparing to leave.

Hol’ up – wait, ugh, hold on!” you exclaim, looking at him. He looks at you expectantly, a small smile on his swollen lips. “You can’t just kiss me and then bail.”

Michael laughs, leaning down to kiss your cheek. “Of course not, baby.”

“I never leave things unfinished.” He says huskily. Reaching into his pocket, he pulls out a slip of paper and puts it in the palm of your hand. “This is just the beginning. Call me up so I can finish the rest.”

Giving you one last kiss on the lips, he leaves, disappearing into the crowd.

You look in the palm of your hand and see his number and name written in dark blue ink. It was at this point Sade decides to pop up, frantically looking in the crowd and then at you. Her face immediately sobers up as she sees your face and the slip of paper in your hand.

“Damn.” She says, grinning. “He got you good.”

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(sweet lord, if my future husband doesn’t look as good as michael b jordan, i don’t want himmm)

but…til next time!

The List Part 3

Last part folks! Sorry it took so long. A truck load of stuff happened in almost every aspect of my life but I took care of some of it now. Btw, can someone please tag @zodiac-awesome, @otpislife2002, and @rptheturk? I can’t seem to tag them for some reason. Anyway, enjoy!!

Part 1  Part 2


Logan woke up at exactly 6:30 am that morning.

He put on his glasses, let his eyes adjust a bit, did some stretches, and changed into his usual attire. He fixed himself up a bit to look somehow presentable.

After making sure he was decent, he did his daily rounds of checking his walls; and by his walls he meant the various things posted on it.

He finally finished filling up the fourth week of Thomas’ schedule. He read over his list of important dates to see if today was one (thankfully it wasn’t), and he looked over his food chart and made plans to try and convince Patton and Thomas to cook something with vegetables for once.

He checked his to do list and was reminded of the meeting they’d be having later to discuss the next video. Maybe he can finally tell them about some ideas he thought of. Hopefully they’ll be taken into consideration this time.

He read through every chart, list, and table in the room until he’d walked past every corner.

He checked the time and saw that it was almost seven. Patton would be awake any time now to make breakfast. In fact, Virgil’s and Roman’s voices could already be heard down the hall having another of their silly little arguments.

They were unusually early, Logan thought.

As he readied himself to meet the others in the commons, he was met with one last list by the door.

That list. Logan didn’t really have a label for this particular one. He made this list a few months ago to… well… mend his mistakes; to fix his wrong and make himself a better facet. It was designed as a strategy to remind himself of his imperfections so that he may find a solution to somehow improve himself.

Everyday he follows that list in hopes of gaining something even he isn’t sure what. Improvement? Favor? Acceptance maybe? Thomas’ betterment? Perhaps even the others’ happiness?

He doesn’t know.

What he does know is that despite of all the months of learning vocab words, keeping quiet, suppressing emotion, working hard, controlling his excitement over learning, and distancing himself so the others can be happy, nothing has changed.

He’s still the same boring, buzz killing, emotionless, unfavorable, and useless logical side.

Well, come to think of it, he may have actually successfully did something about his annoying talkativeness.

He feels a strange twinge in his chest but skillfully wills it away as he readies himself to read every item on that list again.

He takes a deep breath and casts his eyes on the 1st item but does a double take when he notices something different.

1. Smart

Your immense knowledge and intelligence is truly something admirable. You are the best opponent in a debate and you always have the solution to any problem or dilemma. Your mind has gotten us out of tricky situations countless of times and we can not be more thankful for that.

Now, Logan knows that is not the list he made; but as much as he wants to run to the commons right now and ask who took it, he must admit that reading that first item made him feel something… pleasant. He can’t help but continue on with the rest.

2. Passionate

You love to learn. Learning brings you enjoyment and fills your eyes with wonder, which we rarely see. With the desire to learn of course comes the desire to share what you have acquired. Do not hesitate to share your excitement with the others. Your passionate rambles about astronomy and psychology have been terribly missed (and have been scientifically proven to be found adorable).

Logan was sure Patton wrote that last bit. He didn’t even notice when a little laugh slipped from his lips.

3. Human

Yes, technically we are aspects of a persona, but that does not mean we do not possess some characteristics of a human being. This means that we, including you, have emotions. Even as the logical side it is okay to show feelings. In fact, there are some cases where emotions are necessary in a dilemma or in a problem. It’s okay to get frustrated, to be mad, and it’s okay to cry; you need to every once in a while. Of course, do not forget to smile. You do not need to hide them.

Right now, Logan was feeling something in his chest he could not understand and his eyes are stinging. He decided that he wasn’t going to push them down; just this once.

4. Caring

You may not admit it but we all know how much you care for us. You are always looking out for Thomas, striving to bring out the best in him. We’ve seen you worry over each of us and you’ve helped us in times of need and we will forever be grateful for that. Please do not distance yourself any longer. We know you think it makes us happy but really, we miss your company terribly.

He was immensely off schedule now and somehow the sting in his eyes had turned to liquid. It only made him want to read more.

5. Relevant

You. Are. Needed. (Pardon the grammar). It’s you who keeps Thomas sane. You are his drive to learn. You provide him with his basic knowledge and you are certainly relevant in maintaining his health. None of us could ever replace you Logan. You are unique, and you are important.

Logan was feeling a mirage of emotions now that stopping it would be of no use. He finally lets a few tears slip as he reads the last item.

6. Loved

If you would let us, we would like to show you how much you really mean to us. We apologize if we have failed to say it before and we can not forgive ourselves for not showing it enough; but please know that you are unique, you do not need to change, we care for you, and most importantly, 

we love you.

He read that last line again; and again, and again, and again. He wanted to make sure this was all real; that he wasn’t dreaming.

He can’t believe it. It doesn’t make sense. Why? How? It’s illogical, nonsensical, unreal…


He could feel the piece of paper on his fingertips and the words lay there unmoving and unchanging.

This is real. Everything was sinking in all at once. He belongs, he is needed, they care, they understand, he is loved.

He never thought he would ever be able to cry while feeling such immense happine-


He faced the door where three facets stood.

For a second they all just stood there until Logan ducked his head and quickly wiped his eyes dry and-

Oh, he never knew a hug could feel this… wonderful.

As the three sides enveloped their logical counterpart in warmth and comfort, Logan let go.

He let go of all the toil and sorrow he’d been locking up in one heart-wrenching sob.

It was the first time they all saw Logan cry, and they all hoped it was the last.

“Apologies, I-”

“No, we should be the ones apologizing.”

“We’re so, so sorry .”

“You are none of those things please believe us.”

“But I’m-”

“No but’s. Forget that list you made. It’s all lies.”

“You don’t need to change.”

They said all that they needed to say until none could be said any longer.

As they all stood there a few moments after, looking at each other’s red eyes and tear-stained cheeks, they heard the most wonderful sound they ever heard:

Logan’s laugh.

It was nothing more than a breathy chuckle but it was a laugh nonetheless; a laugh that coaxed their mouths to curl upwards too.

“…I love all of you as well.

Okay, that was the most beautiful thing they ever heard.

They shared one more hug, then headed out the room for breakfast.

The list remained there; and like Logan did with all his other charts and reminders, he read that list everyday.

It never failed to make him smile.



“Hey Logan?”

“Yes Patton?”

The moral side pointed from where the four of them were laying side by side outside to a group of stars in the night sky.

“What’s that constipation over there?”

A little laugh.

“You mean that constellation over there?”

“Well if that’s what you call it, then yeah.”

A tiny smile.

“That’s the little dipper or the Ursa Minor.”

The smile grew.

“Did you know that that star at the tip of the Ursa Minor is the Polaris? It is also called the north star because it…”

Virgil propped himself on his elbows and looked to his right to see Logan passionately talking about the constellations with Patton beside him listening intently with wide eyes.

To his left he saw Roman; both hands above his head, wistfully looking into the dark, starry night.

All of them wore smiles on their lips.

He lay back down with a content sigh and his mouth curled upward.

It was great to have his family back.

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_”Will you marry me?”_

fUCK, you gUYS. I literally squealed so loud when this happen. Oh my FUCKin Gosh.


Screenshot redraw thingy, to celebrate these LOVELy GAys proposal!