and im done with couples hell yeah


“Okay we’re here”, Sam opened the door to the impala. “Great let’s go get those evil sons o’ bitches” Dean smirked. “Hell yeah!”, you exited the car and followed them towards the trunk to gather your weapons. 

Once you all got your weapons you started towards the entrance to the old asylum. “Well” you took a deep breath and looked at Dean. “Let’s go raise some hell” you winked at him as you entered through the rusted door. Dean smirked and looked at Sam, “I love her”.

A/N: okay so um im back to writing. I have a couple requests a havent done yet and if you know you sent me one i havent done then im sooo sorry. I have had such a lack of inspiration so yeah im reaaally sorry! im gonna post some gif imagines and preferences to get me back into the writing things. So yeah i love yall!