and i was like


an art trade with @avataraandy, who asked for DickBabs. :D

Look at what she made me: dick and dami!!! 


@forestwater87 aaah, thank you! ;w; <3

Tbh I knew about you from microsuedemouse, she told me you have really cool ficsbut tsshhh ;)

And, by the way, you really do! I (finally) got a moment to read your “Worth Saying” drabbles and I loved them! + just back from lake in the coniferous forest far away from city. I’ll miss starry sky from there :”)



Okay but, hear me out: Harry Potter- but with Gina Linetti’s personality

Hagrid: Yer a wizard Harry.

Harry: I knew it. No one could be as perfect as me without a little magic happening.

Rita: Mr. Potter, how did you feel when you realised you were famous?

Harry, swirling a wine glass full of butterbeer in one hand: Well Ms. Skeeter, I always knew all men were at least 30% attracted to me, so it honestly wasn’t that much of a stretch to find out I underestimated my own popularity.

Harry: The downside of being such a humble human being

Harry: -so yeah I can speak to snakes.

Hermione: Why didn’t you tell us, Harry?

Ron: Mate you can trust us.

Draco: Yeah Potter, would’ve been nice to know beforehand.

Harry, shrugs and examines his nails: The only reason I didn’t tell you is I don’t value you as people, so why be honest?

Harry: Wait, you only became friends with me because I’m famous and your dad told you to? Not cool Draco, I thought this was a genuine friendship.

Draco: You said you were only going to hang out with me because you wanted to see if it was my hair or my personality that was the reason I have no real friends.

Harry: Yeah but that was before I knew I could get up on this high horse. I’m loving the view up here. *makes clip-clop noises and pretends to gallop away*

Harry: Bitch, I’m Harry Potter, I do what I want.

Fudge: Harry, as you predicted, there was some backlash to the Dementor initiative.

Harry: Yes. I’m the Nostradamus of your shame.

Ron: So Harry what house do you think you’ll be in?

Harry: Well Ron, I think I would make the perfect Slytherin based on my skill set, dance ability, and bloodlust.

Harry: Also, I look great in green.

Harry: How is it possible that a spirit such as yourself even knows Snape?

Lucius: I’d like to call it karma for having such great hair.

Hermione: Harry! You quit occlumancy lessons with Snape already?

Harry, shrugs: Yeah.

Hermione: What happened? I thought you were going to ‘last forever bitches.’

Harry: Turns out I gave up easy. 

Harry, looks up to the sky: You hear that bitches? I gave up so easy.

it’s your power, isn’t it?

Part of me fighting my constant self hate shit was stepping back, realizing I was comparing myself to other people and that it was unhealthy, and then sitting down and listing out the things I thought were cool about the other person without judgement. That’s how I realized my brain was telling me “hey maybe you want to try horse back riding/guitar/lifting weights/insert other thing here and it’s manifesting through unhealthy comparisons because you’re assuming you’re incapable of those things???”

And so far I’ve been deadass right most of the time

Instead I’ve been like. Fuck it, I’ll gain 10,000 hobbies if that’s what it takes to shut my brain up!!!