and i shat out something really bad

truck-vore  asked:

If i remember correctly, their used to be a blog that did nothing but re blog vent posts. You can imagine what happened to it

Actually, it’s still around!

And it has new friends!

I love the people yelling at these blogs and calling them “bitter” just for reblogging posts without adding any commentary.  Like…I dunno, maybe next time, DON’T post to tumblr that you just shat your pants (don’t feel bad about laughing–it’s galaxyprincet)?

While @dagnytheartist actually made a really good point about venting on tumblr, people need to be aware that once they put something out there, and it starts circulating, it can’t be stopped.

For people that are so hellbent on holding others to every little thing they say to the point of even trying to ruin lives over it, a lotta folks on this site sure can’t handle their own words being put under the spotlight.

SuperNoobs is actually super cute. The animation isn’t bad and the character designs are really nice. Plus I’ve gotten a few laughs out of it. Buuuut I have a feeling this show isn’t going to last too long on Cartoon Network. Then again, you never know.

I am aware it’s from the creator of Johnny Test, but here’s the thing, the animation for Supernoobs is MUCH MUCH better, the voice acting isn’t mediocre like Johnny Test was, and the character are fairly diverse and don’t look like they were just shat out. Scott Fellows is at least trying something new and doing something to improve his work. So I at least give him some credit for that. GG Scott.