and i really wanted them to have a battle together


30 Days of Fairy Tail

Day 12: Favourite Friendship - Phantom Duo (Gajeel & Juvia)

Series: Fairy Tail.
Pairing: NaLu / EndLu.
Setting: Post-Canon AU (deviates from the 100 year quest).
Perspective: Alternates // Natsu.
Rating: M - themes of a sexual nature, detailed action/violence.
Genre(s): Romance, Adventure.
All Chapters: here.
Patreon: here.
Commission Me: here.
FFnet: /~xambedo.

A/N: this story deviates a little bit from the canon ending of the manga. Rather than joining the one hundred year quest, Natsu and Lucy are setting off on their own journey to find Aquarius’s new key. For the sake of making this story work, Zeref and Mavis are 10000% dead and gone in this fic without being reborn. // Friendly reminder that I use single quotation marks because that’s what they require of me in my Creative Writing Degree (also I’m from the UK lol). 

Summary: Plagued with nightmares long after Zeref’s defeat, Natsu finds himself struggling when he and Lucy set out in search of Aquarius’s new key. As romance ensues between the adventuring duo, Natsu must face up to the skeletons in his closet, or else risk hurting the woman he loves – and everyone he cares about.   


;Heaven and Hell, dancing inside myself. Music plays like a symphony. Ebb and flow; battles they come and go. There is calm inside the catastrophe. Love is around, love is around, baby. Trying to get out, trying to be found, and maybe: I’ve gotta get lost to get where I’m going. 

Chapter One: Change Of Plans

Natsu’s eyes snapped open. Sweat trickled down his face and neck. His chest felt hollow but strangely tight, like a war had been waged in his heart, the aftermath too great to be contained by mere flesh and bone. The distant thump, thump, thump of his heartbeat left him dizzy. He rubbed his face, trying to erase the grotesque nightmare from his mind. He couldn’t. He stared at his hands, surprised to find them clean. He could still remember the rusted tinge of blood in the air—and the sickening beat of Lucy’s heart between his fingers.


Wiping away the sudden onset of tears, Natsu glanced at the empty space beside him. He’d never meant to fall asleep in Lucy’s bed. It had been an act of protest; a way of getting her to leave her desk. She hadn’t slept properly for weeks now, spending every waking hour invested in her most recent project. Lucy had become a little obsessed since winning her award one year ago. He was happy for her, really, but Natsu missed the way she used to pester him about jobs. They hadn’t left Magnolia for months now. She had gotten a little too comfortable with the sale rewards. Though the sales hadn’t been good enough to leave her bathed in riches, they were enough to cover Lucy’s rent for the next year or so, which had left her strangely complacent. 

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“... Buuut if it makes you feel any better, the next time I go up against lizard girl... it won’t be for you, it’ll be to get even”

And yet…

… he attacked Ilia just because he saw that BLAKE was hurt, not because he wanted his revenge. He once again went up against the person that almost killed him without a second thought just to protect someone he loves so deeply.

And what about his “revenge”? This was it:

He literally just pinched Ilia. He literally just PINCHED the person that STABBED him near his heart, the person that could have killed him with one shot for no apparent reason the first time they met.

And y’all nasty bitches insist in wanting Sun to just be a mere third wheel when it’s crystal clear that he loves Blake and has been loving her for 5 volumes now, when it’s crystal clear that Blake’s parents 100% approve of him now, that Blake has been defending him against Ghira, and that he’s not a character RT plans to just leave behind and heartbroken. Blake herself has been showing to reciprocate his feelings. She’s getting to the point in which she will be ready to admit them to him, and to be fair, she technically already did back in V4E11, just in a very subtle way.

Sun is honestly the best, most forgiving, gold-hearted character in the whole show and you know it. You could say that his characterization wasn’t the best one during volume 4, but to be fair none of the characters’ really was. Blake herself was unbearable during volume 4, but they grew out of this phase TOGETHER. They balance each other, are strong in battle, have been shown to love spending time together.

And yet I still see this “Blake harem” bullshit going around, or people wanting Blake to prefer someone else over Sun. The truth is that if you can’t see the hints pointing at them being so perfect for eachother and having blatant feelings for eachother, then you are blind. There’s no other explanation to this.

Dante and nero HCs part 2

Because I got a relatively positive reception to the first set of these that I did; here’s some more for you!

If you think that you’d like to see more soon please send me an ask for some stuff if that’s what you want to see.

Enjoy - and ‘cause its nearly Christmas, and Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa and whatever (the non - denominational stuff ya know) I just hope the holidays go well for you all!

Best wishes and stay safe - ❤️

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- The devil arms in the shop have started to take a liking to Nero.

- He discovered them on accident one day when he was snooping around, if you will.

- Agni and Rudra were the first to be roused by his presence. Nero then heard a loud babbling of “how lonely are…our master has silenced us… that it is our duty to protect another one of Sparda’s kin….” and how it was nice to have a visitor again.

- Nevan was also awakened by Nero’s presence. She said how she yearned for personal contact once more. She said “that you aren’t quite a handsome devil yet, so I’ll call you cutie for now~”

- Dante was mildly amused by what Nero had told him. He recalled that when he first met Nevan he thought that she was a fickle woman and a total fox. And he also told Nero that Agni and Rudra didn’t shut up but were useful in battle nonetheless.

- Dante lets Nero have his free choice on what Devil Arms he would want to use on missions; saying “If they like ya, chances are that they wanna keep you safe by letting you use them”

- Nero really likes using Nevan, Agni & Rudra, and Nightmare-Beta in fights.


- I can’t help but think that Dante has a total thing for redheads.

- Though, that doesn’t stop me from thinking that Dante and Lady have probably slept together right after the Temen-ni-gru incident because both of them were so emotionally vulnerable, and also they seemed to gravitate towards each other too. But after that, they probably became friends with benefits.


- Nero probably keeps up with social media really well. He’s on Tumblr, Instagram and Snapchat.

-On tumblr he browses and looks for random 3-am nightposts to show Dante whenever he’s bored.

-Whenever Nero shows him anything, Dante will grab the tech out of his hand, hold it away at an arms length then right at his face and then squints a lot. (Ya boi Dante is old) Nero find this absolutely hilarious and says “that’s why I always call you Old Man.”

-On instagram Nero will show off short little guitar riffs he’s been practicing on Nevan, scenery of the places he’s been to on hunting missions or holidays with the crew, and any photos of office life where something C-C-CRAAZZYYY has happened.

-On snapchat he just posts normal things that happen in his life at the office.

-For example, how Dante got his first date in a while and made preparations. Nero accidentally walked into his room when he shouldn’t have and saw Dante posed with a rose in his mouth, and very naked except for a slice of pepperoni pizza on his crotch.

-Lady laughed her ass off when she saw that photo that she got sent. Obviously she sent it off to Trish; and an even more ridiculous reaction ensued. Trish was actually crying and couldn’t breathe from how hard she laughed.

-Nero swears to god that was the first time he saw the Devil Hunter blush crimson.

- Dante obviously denies that incident.


If Nero had a playlist I think it might look like this:

  • The Middle - Jimmy Eat World
  • Famous Last Words - My Chemical Romance
  • In the End - Black Veil Brides
  • Alone + Easy Target - Foo Fighters
  • Since you’ve been Gone - A day to Remember
  • Hey there Delilah - Plain White T’s
  • Dirty Little Secret - All American Rejects
  • Miss You - Blink 182
  • Basket Case - Green Day
  • Lying Is The Most Fun a Girl can have without taking her clothes off - Panic! At the Disco

If Dante had a playlist it would look like this:

  • Walk - Pantera
  • Seven Nation Army - The White Stripes
  • Wish - Nine Inch Nails
  • Fight Song - Marilyn Manson
  • Enter Sandman - Metallica
  • The Number Of The Beast - Iron Maiden
  • Dancing Queen - ABBA
  • Old Time Rock ‘n’ Roll - Bob Seger
  • Stand By Me - Ben E. King
  • I Want You Back - The Jackson 5

(Obviously the last few are guilty pleasures of his - He has totally recreated the Risky Business dance as well)


- The guys have spent Christmas together with Patty, Trish and Lady. But they don’t mind spending them on their own.

- Dante will definitely put on the first Die Hard movie and will try and convince Nero how it “totally is a Christmas Movie”

- Nero will discover that he likes Miracle on 34th Street quite a lot.

- But both of them ABSOLUTELY LOVE the Home Alone movies.

- Both of them will definitely try to make the Christmas dinner; the end result looking horrifying but actually being quite edible.

- For their movie marathon they’ll prep the couch with as many cushions, comforters and blankets that they can find.

- Trish and Lady have definitely come home after midnight on Christmas to see both the guys asleep on the couch in T-shirts and sweatpants; with Dante having one arm around Nero. They thought that seeing the two male devil hunters so vulnerable was quite sweet; and proceeded to place another blanket on the both of them. Each of the girls kissed them on the forehead and whispered “Merry Christmas”.

- Dante and Nero have both cried after seeing It’s A Wonderful Life together.





When they were in the tent together you thought something was gonna happen as you read the novel. And I as I was writing it, felt a real pull between them.  Why wouldn’t it happen? You’re alone. You might die any day, and why wouldn’t you look for comfort? I think it’s more likely than not. It’s just on the edge of ‘where is this going to topple over into?' 

Emma Watson

 It’s just not what you do in the middle of the forest, in the middle of a tent, in the middle of the night.  They very easily could have kissed that night, because they were so miserable, and they kind of wanted, some kind of intimicy to cheer them up.

David Yates: 

You can almost feel when they’re alone together that it could slip into something that was more than just friendship…  they get very close, and it starts to get complicated. And that tension, I think, is really interesting. 

The Telegraph:

The real battle was the row between Sansa and Jon In an episode brimming with eye-widening set pieces, the best moment was a simple conversation – okay a heated spat – between brother and sister (?).

Miguel Sapochnik (DVD Commentary):

I thought it was great. It was actually, this is Alex, my wife said that this was, up there, one of her favorite scenes of thrones. Performance of both of you, she’s just, it just felt real.

Source for HP (x)

First trailer thoughts

In no particular order…

- Its exciting and beautiful, first of all

- T'Challa is the strongest authority figure, that’s a fantastic choice

- We see lots of Bruce, despite his worry in Ragnarok that Hulk would take over again

- Clint’s not shown, and leaks suggest his look is quite different. Reveal held back for second trailer?

- Nebula’s not been seen yet either; Guardians take a backseat on this particular trailer, keeping focus on that throughline from the earliest characters (plus T'Challa), which is a solid choice

- I wanna know who Nat’s stabbing, and also who she smiles sadly at (Is it actually Bruce? We’ll see. So curious what that bond looks like right now.)

- I am IN LOVE with the slight changes made to Steve’s shoulder buckles as a direct Nomad reference. Theyve always been there, those buckles, but there was no reason to draw attn to them before. Now they round the square buckles out and make them visible, and he has a key visual element of his Nomad costume. Brilliant.

- Steve’s gauntlets… LASERSHIELD??!?

- Brief glimpse of Rhodey!!

- Not introducing the Black Order yet, but instead focusing on the Avengers throughline over the years, nice choice

- omg Wanda looked *happy* with Vision and I got feels

- the mislead made me scream out loud the first time, but we don’t see Vision lose his stone

- I’m so glad they’re giving Thor an eyepatch and not replacing his eye

- Tony has the phone Steve gave him in his hand

- Okay that Iron Spider suit is pretty sweet

- Ive been a holdout on this one but I’m guessing at this point that the Soul Stone is in Wakanda, if Thanos is bringing the fight there; I was worried that might narratively lessen their badassery but my honey suggested they might be the first people ever to use the stone to better their whole community rather than gain power over others

- Tony looks not good

- Also whats up with the hoodie with an arc reactor? Intriguing choice.

- Tony going down from one punch from Thanos?


- Teenage Groot!

- He has two stones in the gauntlet so first AAAAAAAA and second, theres one more offworld at least, does he get the red stone too?

- Thanos is terrifying me

- The integration of the disparate characters is feeling really good, from the vibe of this. No awkwardness at all. Im super excited about that

- … is Loki handing the tesseract over or is he using it?

- How much of Asgard is still alive?

- The letters spelling Avengers on the title card are scratched and scarred. Nice.

- The shot just before the title card with most of my faves storming the camera in Wakanda is already my new favorite scene in the MCU. I mean I just actually screamed out loud at that. So beautiful.

- For all my speculation and hopes of BuckyNat, I was really gonna be happy and satisfied if Bucky and Nat fought together. On the same side again. I just wanted that. And I got it in the first trailer, they’re standing right next to each other headed into battle, and Im still crying about it

- In the first few milliseconds of that shot Bucky is turning a corner. Hes joining them from the side, which means he and Nat might be heading into battle without having spoken to one another beforehand. Which could mean any connection/communication between them in the film is kept short or super subtle… or it could lead to a spontaneous midbattle moment where they’ve clearly fought together before

- also fr srs Steve’s shoulder buckles are messing me up, I’m in so much trouble with this movie
EXCLUSIVE: 'The Bold Type' Creator Sounds Off on Finale Cliffhangers and Season 2 Plans
Creator Sarah Watson talks to ET about the biggest moments from Tuesday’s season finale and hopes for a possible second season.

What are we to surmise from Kat’s finale moment when she decides to board the plane and see Adena?

We do know that she’s flown there to see Adena. What we don’t know is did she go for the weekend? Did she up and leave her job? All we know is that Kat is in South America with Adena.

Were you surprised by the fan response to the Kat and Adena relationship?

The very first scene we shot of the pilot last summer was the scene of Kat and Adena, where they’re packing the vibrators, and the chemistry between them was so freaking unreal. I knew that if we got picked up, that that was going to be a huge part of the season. I am surprised and I’m not surprised. I’m not surprised because they’re so wonderful together. I’m not surprised that fans have really glommed on to them. What’s been really surprising and really touching is how many people are seeing themselves in that relationship and how many people feel connected to it. It’s special when people look at your show and say, “I’m able to see myself for the first time.” That relationship just works. A lot of it is actor chemistry, but everything clicked into place.

Speaking more broadly, each episode has tackled a topical issue like free speech, sexuality, sexual assault, immigration, breast cancer awareness and layoffs, just to name a few. How did the conceit of the show – that Jane, Kat and Sutton work at a women’s magazine – play into the format?

It’s interesting looking back and seeing how many social issues we explored because we never were like, “That’s an interesting social issue, let’s explore it.” It was more like, “This is an interesting thing for the character to go through” or “This is an interesting story to tell,” and I do think that the fact that they are at a magazine does lend itself to more stories like that, because it’s kind of like a character show with a little bit of a hidden procedural to it. Jane’s story is allowed to have a case of the week, so as she’s exploring these stories, they feel a little more issue-oriented because she’s writing about them. It always came from who these organic stories [would be best for]. The breast cancer gene [episode] is a perfect example of that. In the pilot, we know that Jane lost her mother, so we started talking about, well, how did that shape her? When did she lose her mother? How did her mother die?

What episode or scene was the toughest for you to write?

Probably the finale [the episode centered on sexual assault and rape survivors]. As a writer, that feels like a big, scary thing to face because that’s not my experience. I have not been raped, so to write about something that’s that deep and personal was a scary thing. I definitely felt the weight of that. I’m so grateful that we worked with amazing consultants and women who were very open about sharing their experiences and their stories. Every time I sat down to write the scene in the episode when Jane interviews Jacqueline, and Jacqueline opens up about her sexual assault, that was a very scary scene for me as a writer.

What are your hopes for a second season?

I really am looking forward to deepening the characters even more. We got to spend a lot of time with the core trio this year and I’d love to tell stories that are for the men. What is their equivalent of the fashion closet? Do we get to see them on their own without the women? I think that could be really interesting. Now that we’ve gotten an even bigger glimpse into Jacqueline’s life, I’d like to get more of a glimpse into her home life and also, what her relationship with the board members is like. It was really important to me in season one that we always saw Jacqueline as having her sh*t together. I didn’t want to see her struggle in any way. But in season two, it would be really interesting to see her actually having battles with the board. What does it look like with that power structure?


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Adrienette, Voltron AU

Training had been on the difficult side today. Marinette tried her best to be sure everyone was keeping up, but Adrien had been noticeably lagging during some of the tougher exercises. Chloe and Alya bickered a bit, but even that was manageable, especially compared to how they normally argued every time they trained together. Nino tried to compensate for Adrien, moving faster and keeping an eye on him while they struggled through the exercises, but even that wasn’t enough. She dismissed them after encouraging everyone to rest up and work harder tomorrow.

“Hey, Adrien.” She caught his shoulder before he could leave with the others. “Is, um…” She waited for the door to close before she asked, her voice soft, “Is everything okay?”

“Oh, yeah! I’m fine.” He rubbed the back of his neck. “Just a little tired.”

“Really?” She raised a brow. “You know, it’s okay if you’re not.”



He was quiet for a moment, then he drooped forward, finally showing some of the exhaustion he’d clearly battled for so long. “I’m having a hard time keeping up.”

She stepped closer and wrapped an arm around his shoulders, trying not to blush. After all, they had to be comfortable near each other, and her lingering crush really wasn’t doing either of them any favors now that they were fighting aliens together. “I know. It’s a lot.”

“I just keep thinking about how worried my father must be. He was always overprotective. He didn’t even want me going to school.”

She looked down at him, but all she could see was blond hair plastered to the back of his neck. “Really?” He hadn’t shared many details about his home life. Based on the odd gaps in his knowledge, especially when it came to pop culture and social norms among their age group, she’d figured out something had been a little different about his upbringing, but until now, she hadn’t been sure what it was.

“Sorry.” He straightened. “I shouldn’t be dumping this on you.”

“No, no!” She frowned. “I’m happy to listen. Really.”

He smiled, warm and sweet enough to spark a pleasant heat in her chest. “Thanks, Marinette. I probably just need a little training.”

“It sounds like you need to relax.”

He chuckled. “Look who’s talking. I think you live here.”

The worst part was that he wasn’t exactly wrong. Marinette had spent more and more time in the training room, working off her own anxiety and the frustratingly inconvenient feelings she had for her teammate.

She shrugged and looked away. “Well, we need to be ready. For all we know, the next attack is only a few ticks away.”

Chloe peeked into the room. “Not to interrupt another ‘will they kiss moment’, but you know, we could all use a break if you’re offering.”

Marinette jumped and turned to shoot Chloe a sharp look. “I thought you were supposed to help clean the healing pods.”

“Alya wanted to stick around and see if you two would actually do anything, but we all know you won’t.” Chloe arched a brow. “I bet if we looked, we’d find a space spa or something. My nails are a disaster.”

Adrien chuckled. “Sorry, Chlo, we don’t really have time for any stops.”

“A spa day does sound kind of nice, actually.” Marinette sighed. “Maybe after we beat Hawkmoth.”

Send me a ship and an AU, and I’ll write something for it!

BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle is a fucking good game to legit be happy for. Because it has Arc Systems. The developers who created the revolutionary Blazblue series. 

They have gorgeous gameplay and controls, not to mention stylish mode which makes the games user-friendly for amateur fighting game players. Sure you could always button mash but in stylish mode, your button mashes are much more precise looking and effective. And then we have the story. I cannot stress this enough. Fighting games with engaging plotlines that rival RPGs with how intricate, convoluted, and yet still making sense. It’s fun to just fight things out but story mode really deserves its recognition.

And this new game isn’t just Blazblue. It’s Blazblue and Persona 4, RWBYUnder Night In-Birth. These are all legitimately good titles on their own so imagine the sheer awesomeness of them all together

TLDR BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle has now held my wallet hostage in advance and if anyone wants to make a summon circle with me you’re free to join

Singing MC RFA


  • didn’t know you could sing until he heard you in the shower one day, quietly singing one of your favourites
  • at first he thought the tv was on in the background but then he realized
  • loves the sound of your voice
  • gets really excited, “Now we can sing duets, MC!”
  • is really proud of you and your voice, wants to act in musicals together
  • just the way his eyes sparkle when he sees you singing, you were always a deity to him but now that you can sing it’s like ^0^ 
  • wants to sing with you pretty much always, adores you because you have so much in common
  • he often sang you lullabies but now you sing to each other whenever one of you can’t get to sleep, or sit outside and sing together voices intertwined in perfect harmony


  • this precious sinamon roll can’t handle it
  • you were making breakfast together when suddenly you wanted to sing so you sang a little snippet of a song that was stuck in your head
  • he was so taken aback he almost put his hand on a hot frying pan omg no my precious baby
  • he asked you to sing for him, and even though you were a little embarrassed, you sang something really old-school and kind of cheesy
  • he was almost in tears by the time you were done
  • “Your voice…it’s so beautiful, MC! I want to hear you sing every day!”
  • shows you off to all his friends in every club, because he’s so proud of his talented S.O.
  • whenever he hears your voice, he stops everything he’s doing and stares at you, enthralled
  • often takes a break from LOLOL just to hear you singing, brags about you to all his guild members


  • you were watching one of Zen’s musicals together when her favourite song came on, and you started to sing
  • she was somewhat startled because she didn’t remember two voices singing the song???
  • she pauses the DVD and your voice continues on
  • jaehee is stunned
  • “MC your voice is easily as good as Zen’s! How come you never told me you could sing?”
  • she really likes it when you sing the songs from Zen’s musicals, so you learn them all and sing them to her constantly
  • whenever she’s having a rough day, hearing your voice makes her smile and oh gosh she’s such an angel
  • tries to get you to share your talents with the world, because any art comparable to Zen’s must be enjoyed by fans


  • you were getting ready one morning and humming to a tune in your head
  • jumin heard and wanted you to sing for him
  • you sang as he watched you
  • “It is quite fitting for such a beautiful voice to belong to such a beautiful being.”
  • after he heard you sing he wants you to dress up and sing for him every night, he loves watching you sing and hearing your voice
  • “MC you glow when you sing.”
  • wants to make you the next model in a commercial for C&R forget modelling he’ll start a singing business and make you the icon
  • loves to see you learning songs, smiles when your voice stumbles over unfamiliar notes
  • “It’s all right MC, I’m sure you’ll sing it perfectly if you practice.”


  • you were watching your favourite tv show together when the theme song came on and it was so good you just had to sing along
  • “Whoa MC you’re so good at this! How come I never knew… I hacked into all your social media but there’s not one mention of singing! Oh, did I say that out loud?”
  • wants to get crazy with you and have awesome rap battles seven rapping and singing aren’t the same thing
  • starts blasting music you both listen to and belting out the lyrics with you 
  • surprisingly his voice isn’t even that bad, but he’s much better at rapping
  • you often do songs where there are singing and rapping bits and pretend you’re performing them together
  • “Hey, Vanderwood, come film this!”
  • he has fun just joking around with you, but he really admires your voice
  • “I should make a Tripter bot for you, MC! Then everyone will know how good you are!”
  • but sometimes when he can’t fall asleep, you’ll sing for him, something soft and sweet until he drifts off in your arms

Top 10 longest fics posted on AO3 this month

1. Malfoy Flavor by Vorabiza (Biza) [E, 199.3k]

Harry’s ready to banish the Golden Boy image and take charge of his life. Unfortunately for him, or fortunately, there are surprises in store for him. 
From Flavorful series

2. dirty little secret by newtslittleniffler [T, 122.5k]

It starts off with a whispered kiss at the Yule Ball. Who knew it could spark so many problems… and a secretive relationship hidden within the darkest corners of Hogwarts. 

3. Wild by @seefin [E, 92.8k]

“No,” Harry said, by way of greeting. Malfoy’s blonde head rose slowly, carelessly. “Get out.”
“I feel as though we’ve already established this, Potter,” Malfoy responded. “And I feel that what we established was that you telling me to get out of places really doesn’t make me more likely to vacate them.”

4. Second Chances by jaded14yaoi [M, 78.7k]

After the Battle of Hogwarts Harry wakes up after months in coma with extra magic he doesn’t need or want. Draco’s thankful he’s doesn’t have to spend years in Azkaban, but he’s not too excited about returning to Hogwarts for what will probably be the worst year ever. Harry and Draco both have problems that need sorting, maybe they can sort them together?

5. Harry Potter and Life by AspiringSatan [T, 72k]

After the war Harry deals with nightmares and shit. he goes back to finish is schooling as an 8th year. Hogwarts has been restored, but not the mindset of students. Harry is still the Gryffindor we know him to be and doesn’t even notice the impact he has. 

6. The Fight by thesubparpirate [T, 60.5k]

Draco thought becoming a healer would be a good way to better himself. He even went to America for it. But his demons keep coming back to haunt him - or rather, Lucius does, plagued by an unpredictable illness that no one knows how to cure. […]

7. Never Enough (‘Cause the World Won’t Understand) by InTheShadows [M, 53.9k]

In a world where soulmates exist, it is possible to have two names printed on your wrist at birth. One will be your soulmate. The other, your enemy. There is no way to tell the difference or, if you only have one, which it is. Little Harry Potter dreams of the day he will finally meet his soulmate, someone who will actually love and want him. But as he grows up, he realizes that nothing is that simple. Especially not soulmates. Especially not his. 

8. Revenge Isn’t Sweet by lealamalfoy [E, 45.8k]

Draco is full of secrets, yet despite all this, Harry feels himself falling in love. However, secrets never stay buried forever, and eventually, they come back to haunt you in the worst possible ways. 

9. Say It with Flowers by SasuNarufan13 [E, 44.1k]

After the trial of the Malfoys ends, Harry starts receiving flowers. It takes a bit before he realises that the flowers aren’t randomly chosen. 

10. The Prince and the Servant by femmefatales & thatsayouproblem [E, 33.6k]

Harry Potter, an orphaned servant with repressed magic living with his cruel step-family, literally crashes into the prince of his kingdom, Draco Malfoy. Little does he know that this stuck-up, filthy-rich pansy will forever change his miserable life. 

other months

anonymous asked:

Hey, do you have any advice for a first time dm? My party is also a bunch of new players as well and no one of us of played. I’m feeling overwhelmed and not sure where to start.

I totally understand! DMing for the first time is scary! But remember, you are here to have fun, guide your players through some fun times, and spend time together. The most important rule is that you are all here to have fun. Don’t worry about impressing anyone. We aren’t all Matt Mercer or Griffin McElroy, and that’s O.K.!

1. You don’t have to build a whole world to tell a good story. I do and did for my first campaign. But I’ve been playing for 16 years now. My second campaign? From a box! Totally edited from a box!!! The Starters kit for many games are great ways for new DMs and new players to get started. I highly recommend them! Most major TTRPGs put out a starter kit for $20-40 USD so you can get an idea of what you’re getting into before buying all the crazy rule books!

2. Don’t get knit-picky about the rules. If you’ve spent more than 20 minutes debating a rule, it’s not fun any more. Sometimes the rules aren’t right or fair. As the DM, make the call if the rule applies or not. Just be consistent! If you say you’re going to handle x-mechanic this way from now on, write it down and apply it. That way if some rules lawyer player tries to tell you otherwise later on, you can justify your early decision and why you decided the way you did.

3. Drama moments! If your players are having trouble RPing or engaging in the story, try implementing this cool trick once in awhile (I like about once per story arc) PS: Also Pear of Geeks is a great queer lady couple and their DnD and TTRPG channel is so underrated and good! Lots of DM tips!)

4. Use a simple composition for your sessions. I plan about 2-3 NPCs that I flesh out for them to interact with, about 1-2 battles, and then 1-2 puzzles or skill challenges per session. Sometimes more depending on where we are in the story. This allows different players to thrive in doing what they like best.

5. Have a Session Zero! Here, they describe getting together as a group to cover the story you want to tell and bounce ideas off each other before the game. This is great! It can really help new and old players and DMs alike when getting ready to start a new campaign. I like to handle it as one-on-one interviews, to prevent a level of metagaming. I sit down with each player and have them tell me about their character’s backstory, or help them flesh it out within the world I’ve built. This way, I can bring in sneaky story moments to highlight their character! Everyone deserves a chance to be in the spotlight during a campaign and having a Session Zero or one-on-ones will ensure this!

6. Again, just have fun! Sure, you have a lot on your shoulders as a DM, but having fun is the most important. If you have a player who is ruining everyone elses’ time, if your story isn’t being well received–see what you need to do to help people have fun! I once built a dungeon crawler session. My players hated it, so I learned not to do it again. It’s as simple as that!

Hope this helps! Feel free to ask whenever you need!

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iKON cooking for you:

Request:  Ikon and winner cooking for you.🍕🍸🍩🍛🍜🍝 especially seeing konictv carbonara battle and winner’s petfood cookoff

Note: I was unsure about whether you wanted me to do them cooking for you individually, or all together? So if you want me to do one with them all together let me know because I don’t mind :) (also tell me if you guys are all just friends or you’re in a relationship with one of them???)

Kim Jinhwan: 

Originally posted by bobhwa

Would try his hardest and probably do quite well. He’d be really self conscious, thinking that you won’t like it, even if he tasted it himself and knew that it was good. He would have done it as some sort of surprise, and would watch your facial expression as you ate your first mouthful. If it takes you long to reply he’d be like “you don’t like it right? It’s fine if you don’t like it, you can spit it out. I knew that it wouldn’t be that good” and you’d have to try so hard to convince him that you actually do like it and it was really good until he’d feel content. He’d do it again on special occasions but the stress and pressure would be too much for him. 

 Song Yunhyeong:

Originally posted by forkjh

Now we all now that Yun takes a lot of pride in his cooking and is quite good at it. Cooking for you would be something that he does regularly, but whenever it was for you he’d make sure that everything about it is amazing and that it’s set out so well. Sometimes he’d make you things with weird names that you can’t even pronounce and just laugh at his extravagant pronunciation. Sometimes you would joke around that you hated it and he’d be so surprised and taken aback. He takes criticism well, in fact he wants you to criticise his food because it makes him better. You’d always be the first to try any new dishes that he puts together. 

Kim Jiwon: 

Originally posted by bobhwa

Anything and everything that he made for you would just be a bunch of simple things put together - a mixture of takeout and homemade food. The presentation would just be disgusting, you would have no idea what the lumpy goo on your plate was and just stare at it with disgust. He would laugh at your face and say “it’s nicer than it looks, trust me”. You would so reluctant to eat it because it looked and smelled weird, he would have to practically shove some in your mouth and encourage you to chew. Once you do, you’d be upset that it actually wasn’t bad. It wasn’t that good, but it wasn’t bad. He would say “see! I told you that it’s good!” When he told you what he put in it you would laugh at all the random things he put in it and be even more put off. He would try and keep the leftovers in the fridge but you’d throw them away and convincingly say that you ate it all because it was just so good when he asked where it had all gone. 

Kim Hanbin:

Originally posted by hanbin-i-kon

Hanbin would try so hard to impress you. He would call Yunhyeong and ask him for advice. He would go in way over his head and try and cook something amazing but way too hard. The first few times he’d probably fail and you’d be greeted with a kitchen full of smoke and the loud beeping of the fire alarm going off. But after a couple of tries (and a bit of help) he’d perfect his dish and serve it to you proudly. He would be so upset if you don’t like it, he’d rant about how long it took and blah blah blah. So he would basically guilt trip you into eating it. But if you did like it, its all he would ever make. Like…E V E R. 

Kim Donghyuk:

Originally posted by forkjh

He would do well, he’d make something simple but present it in a heart shape or something to make it cute and decorate wherever you were eating really romantically (I’m such a sucker for Donghyuk and he’s not even my bias, someone save me). If you don’t like it he wouldn’t really care and just order take out instead. If you do like it he would be really happy and - similar to Hanbin - would make it all the time just to make you happy would which probably lead to you getting sick of it. 

Koo Junhoe:

Originally posted by junlhoe

I’m sorry, but this dude is really not cooking for you. And you can’t make him. Seriously. He will not. I MEAN DID YOU SEE HIM IN THAT VLIVE?! The most he would do is pretend that he cooked for, but really just order some fancy takeout and put it on a plate just to make you happy. You would be so happy and surprised, and taken aback by why and how it tastes so good. You’d praise him so much and ask him why he has never cooked before which would just make him cocky and laugh at your naivety to himself. Then you’d find the takeaway bowls and be so let down and disappointed. And he’d give you that look like…”but…what did you expect?”.

Jung Chanwoo:

Originally posted by bobhwa

He would try so hard (I’m crying in the club) and he would fail so many times but just keep on trying until he got it right. It wouldn’t be perfect; but you wouldn’t say anything because you would be able to see, by how exhausted he was, how hard he tried. He would be soooo happy if you liked it and would appreciate it if you praised him a lot. Don’t expect him to do it again though, because the pressure would be too much for him (not that you’d want him to make it again, because let’s be honest. It wasn’t that great.).

I hope you liked this anon, if it’s not what you wanted tell meee!! Winner’s is up next!!!

Thoughts On: The Shadow War (and the DuckTales reboot as a whole)

This episode was a great way to end the season! Everything was great!

First off, Magica was just the perfect balance of evil and hammy. I thought it was interesting how she wanted to destroy Scrooge, but still seemed to have a great deal of respect for him as an adventurer, and the design for her true form looks awesome. Also, that Darkwing Duck reference at the beginning was gold! Actually, all of them were. I also loved how Cape Suzette was referenced and how the name was in the style of the TailSpin logo on the brochure.

The boys hugging Donald and later Scrooge was so heartwarming, and I loved how all the main and supporting characters came together for the final battle. I also really liked the callbacks to previous episodes.

Lena being a shadow was pretty unexpected, and her sacrificing herself for Webby and then becoming part of her shadow was really bittersweet. Hopefully the next season has the characters somehow find a way to free her and make her a real duck for good. And speaking of Webby, I loved her moments with Launchpad in this episode. Their friendship is great, and I hope we get to see more of it next season. It was sweet that Beakley wanted to help them out, too.

Also, Donald! Can we get more of him being a badass in this series? Because that’d be great! This duck was in the military, and he needs more badass moments like this. My love for him has only increased. “I am the storm!” is my new favorite line, and Don Cheadle certainly did a fantastic job with Donald’s “normal” voice. I just feel bad that now he has to fix the houseboat again. I also really liked how the boys were saying nice things about Donald. Just the look on his face was so cute!

As for the ending, I knew Della was still alive! This is still a Disney show, so the chances of that happening were very likely. I just didn’t think she’d be so near, since she seems to be trapped on Earth’s moon rather than on some random planet or something, but I’m not all that surprised either; the hints were there, like Della’s friendship with Selene and the name of the ship being the Spear of Selene. Not only that, but it matches her fate in the comics as well. As for her voice, Della sounds exactly like how I imagine she’d sound like, and she looks great with long hair. Hopefully it won’t take that long for her to be reunited with her family again.

Overall, this was a great season finale! And a great series in general, actually. This is how you do a reboot! DuckTales has become my favorite Disney show ever since the first episode, and The Shadow War just summed up why I love it in the first place; yeah, the action, comedy, and adventure are all great and it’s awesome seeing new incarnations of Disney characters, but at its core, this is a tale about a family coming together again after a tragic loss broke them apart; not just with the boys and Webby and Scrooge, but with Donald and Scrooge as well. It’s about how friendship can come from some very unlikely places, and how you’re never alone. The first season has been fantastic, and I can’t wait to see what the next one has in store.

Rating: 🌕🌕🌕🌕

Overall Rating: 🌕🌕🌕🌕

bullet // rosita espinosa

For anon

Request:could u maybe do something where the reader has been dating Rosita for awhile & base it off of the episode where the fam is fighting the saviors & Rosita gets shot but instead the reader takes the bullet for Rosita? No pressure just an idea. Bonus points for a very worried Rosita but also “you’re an idiot, you could’ve died” I can picture her saying something like that 😂

Warnings: blood, injuried!reader, swearing, war.

A/N: So uh, yeah I need to talk about the finale, it was really good until the end, I don’t want Maggie to be the villain next season, like dude, no. Plus it hurts my heart so much, I love Rick and Maggie so much, they always have been here for one another, I won’t stand them being against each other. Also I ship Rositara a lot, but the little smile between Rosita and Laura at the end, I would be okay with them being together too lmao. And honestly? The sanctuary becoming a peaceful place? I’m truly digging it right now.

It was it, the first true battle would be today, the saviors were supposedly coming to Alexandria, since their last visit, when it costed Spencer and Olivia’s lives. This time wasn’t going to be the same though, you were all ready, guns, shotguns, machine guns, everything was ready to welcome them the way they deserved it. The plan was very simple, to kill the most of them, but mostly Negan, at any price, he was the one who needed to be put down.

You were next to your girlfriend, Rosita. You both exchanged a look when you all heard the trucks arriving. Here you were. You tightly hold your machine gun in your hands, ready to fire when Rick would say so. 

But it turned out in a way you never thought it would, sure you knew they had Sasha, since she went with Rosita on a Suicide Mission, but you didn’t except her to kill herself to prevent more deaths. Sasha walker’s self fell onto Negan and tried to bit him. That’s what started the fight. Carl started to fire on the ennemies, both the saviors and the junkyard’s group. 

You started to fire your machine gun straight in front of you, where were the saviors, injuring and killing a few of them before hiding behind a car, reloading your machine gun while Rosita was still firing at the ennemies. She was protected by the car which made you worried.

That’s why, once your machine gun was fully reloaded you went next to her, ready to protect her if it was needed. Just when Rosita was going to hide to reload her weapon, you saw one of the savior firing at Rosita. You didn’t need to think twice, you pushed Rosita on the left, taking the bullet for her. 

It took a few seconds for Rosita to understand what just happened, when she saw you falling to the ground, injuried, it hit her. You took the bullet for her. She got up from the floor she was on because you pushed her, and quickly went to you, helping you to get up as you winced in pain. You never thought that a bullet could hurt that bad, that’s also why you were glad that you took your girlfriend’s place, she didn’t have to feel this atrocious pain.

Rosita quickly walked you to a safe place, far from the actual fight and helped you sat against a wall carefully.

“ Don’t move from here, I’ll be back once we won. “ told you Rosita, worried for you.

“ I wouldn’t be able to go far anyway. “ you replied, trying to joke, which absolutely didn’t work.

Rosita gave you a quick, yet gentle kiss and went back to the battlefield, leaving you behind. She hated the fact that she had to left you alone and injuried, but she didn’t have any other choice, she needed to help to win against the saviors, otherwise, you were going to all end up dead. 

You didn’t know how long you waited here, waiting for Rosita to come back or someone from your side to help you. You still could hear people firing when someone came to help you, the person helped you to get in the infirmary and brought you on the first floor to be safer. He patched you up as much as he could with what he had, then left. He was probably needed for someone else.

You waited again, you were worrying for Rosita a bit, but you knew she would make it alive, she was strong and she wasn’t going to let herself getting killed. 

You were awaken by someone yelling on the ground floor, you frowned and realized it was calm again. The battle must have ended by now. You looked around, there were some other injuried people on the room. 

“ I want to know how my girlfriend is, that’s it! “ you heard a female voice yell, it was Rosita for sure. 

Someone replied to her but you didn’t really understand what they said to oher, what you knew was that the following seconds, Rosita was in front of you, her hands on her hips, she looked mad, and you knew exactly why. 

“ Eres un idiota! “ told you Rosita, she was mad at you but you could see in her eyes that she cried, “ you could’ve died.” finished Rosita, in a way more soft voice.

“ I know, but I’m glad I took the bullet for you. “ you stated, smiling at your girlfriend.

Rosita sat on the edge of the bed, and kissed your forehead. She then, took your hand and hold it, just as if she wanted to be sure that it was real. 

“ Are you in pain? “ asked Rosita, worry in her voice.

“ Not that much, it was worse earlier. “ you replied, trying to reassure her.

“ Are you sure? Do you want anything? Some water? Food? Another pillow to be more comfortable? I can bring you anything you want. “ quickly said Rosita, almost in panic.

“ Babe, I’m okay, I don’t need anything right now, you’re by my side and that’s all that matters. “

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales; my opinion

**Contains some spoilers**

First I have to say i had very high expectations going into this one, and they may have been too high sadly. I marathoned 1,2 and 3 again (skipped 4 because its not my favourite) to get into the world of pirates again and watching the first three just made my excitement 10x stronger. Pirates was always one of my favourite franchises growing up, I loved Jack and Will so I was beyond excited to see them again. Dead Men Tell No Tales was okay, it hurts me to say that but i expected way more. I wanted the epic ship battle scenes and the epic sword fighting scenes and I just didn’t get it. The action wasn’t that good and even the black pearl should’ve gotten more screen time… but the big reasons as to why this movie just didn’t do much for me was because how Jack was written. Captain Jack Sparrow is such a badass, hilarious character and watching the first three again just made me so excited to see him again and dodge his way out of trouble but honestly they made him seem so weak and scared, it pisses me off so much, he would scream at everything and run. I get Jack runs but he always comes back to fight and has these beautiful battle scenes but he just didn’t have that here which broke my heart. My favourite scene in this franchise is the big battle at the end of At Worlds End and i just wanted something as epic. A major spoiler and something that pissed me off to no measure was killing Barbossa which I thought was one of the worst things they could’ve done. He is a beloved character and killing him was wrong even though he died a hero it still sucked but I am so happy Jack is now once again Captain of the black pearl.

I was beyond ready and excited to see Will return because it wasn’t the same without him and Elizabeth. Another reason why i was let down from my high expectations was because they literally had no screen time. The fans wanted to see Jack, Will and Elizabeth together again and that was the scene i was waiting for and I never got it…Jack never spoke one word to them but saw them from afar and they never saw him which infuriated me beyond words, this was the moment I’ve been waiting for since they announced 5 and it sucks i never got to see them together again. Will was another character i fell in love with growing up besides Jack and he had very little screen time and deserved way more, oh and where the fuck was bootstrap…he wasn’t even in it :/ For Elizabeth I am even more heartbroken, she never had ONE line not one… I had huge expectations for when her and Will reunited, this was my most highly anticipated moment of this movie and it was beautiful and I cried so hard I couldn’t see through my IMAX glasses but I wanted a conversation between her and Will or at least some words exchanged to one another.

As for the story line it was also okay, I’m not big on so much magic in these movies when its overly done and this one was just resolved so fast. Having the curses of the seas now broken gives them a lot of room for more movies though. 

The after credit scene was really good and dragged me back in, with Will and Elizabeth sleeping in bed together and you hear/see Davy Jones’ shadow walking into their room, standing above them and showing his claw (hand)  then disappearing and Will waking up and pulling Elizabeth back in his arms (which was beyond cute i have no words, my shipper heart couldn’t take it) was just such a good hook for another movie if they decide to make another one. 

My final say is that I just expected a bit more from this movie, I wanted the darker tone of the old ones back, epic ending battle scenes on the ships, I wanted Captain Jack being more like he used to and lastly i just wanted more Will and Elizabeth. A scene between them all would’ve been amazing and worth the wait. I don’t mean to sound so negative this movie did have its good parts, it really was a funny movie that had me laughing throughout it all. So if they ever did decide to make another one i would want the tone to go back to how 1-3 was and Jack being the badass we know he is. 

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anonymous asked:

What makes you say that Reesh and Till are similar? They seem really different to me.

They are very different people in some respects, but they also have many similarities. I’ll share some here, but it’s not an exhaustive list. I’ll go into more detail another time because I do want to say more on the subject. 

Till and Richard both had very difficult, abusive and troubled childhoods, and seem to be still struggling with those demons today.  

They both suffer from severe depression,(likely other issues too, especially Till) and have very low self -esteem. They deal with their self esteem in different ways, Richard by seeking attention and the limelight, Till by hiding from it, though I believe that also he gains validation from having women want him. 

Richard and Till have both spoken of a ‘longing’ for death that’s always with them. Sometimes it recedes to the background, but never entirely goes away. 

Till and Richard have both suffered at the hands of the Stasi. 

They haven’t been the most faithful of husbands and partners,(slight understatement) and though they still both pine for a loving, life long relationship, they appear to have accepted that they’re not really suited to monogamy and now consider themselves to be polyamorous. 

They are very much dedicated to their children, and have spent time raising them together. They’ve also had a child with the same woman.(Richard began a relationship with Till’s ex wife.)

Richard and Till have both battled drug addiction.(Though Richard slipped a little further into that void than Till)

They’re both very dark and troubled souls who are extremely creative, each starting a musical side project, and have said that their inspiration comes mainly from their pain and suffering. 

I could go on, but I want to keep the rest for another essay that I have planned.

Thank you for the ask. 

anonymous asked:

Do you think Sansa and Sandor can possibly end up together?

No, not really. I do believe they will reunite and the moment will be personally significant for both of them, but their relationship will not be physical nor will they be married, end-game, or some other variant.

This turned out longer than intended, sorry! 

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