and i might cheat if the winner gets to do what they want to the other

Prince Zuko - They will Never Find You

Everyone always wanted more Team Avatar bonding, right? How about some hide-and-go-seek with the Gaang, and a lovably grumpy Zuko?

Warnings: None

Word Count: 1065

This island was probably one of the more foresty places you’ve been with the Gaang. Huge, twisty, moss-covered trees, full of secret places and little streams. It was awesome. Sokka and Katara, however, had become decidedly agitated.

“It’s just too close in here,” Katara said, crossing her arms.

“You can’t even see the sky,” her brother added. You understood, of course; there were no trees where they grew up. Of course that would make them claustrophobic in forests. Still, it was grating on your nerves.

“I’m gonna hit someone,” you growled under your breath.

“Not if I beat you to it,” Zuko whispered back, and you couldn’t help smiling. Being grumpy is a strange thing to bond over, but apparently neither of you had a choice in the matter. You were friends, and there was nothing you could do about it.

“How long do you think it’ll take them to complain about how hot it is?” you mumbled.

As if on cue, Sokka rolled his eyes skyward. “Ugh. It’s so hot in here.”

You giggled, and even Zuko cracked a smile. 

It seemed like such an innocent suggestion - a nice, friendly game - when Aang said, “Hey, who wants to play hide-and-seek?”

“You must be great at that.” Zuko’s expression didn’t change, but you could see the glitter of mischeif in his dark eyes. “You won for like a hundred years.”


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November Third (part two)

@o0o-chibaken-o0o​‘s birthday drarry bingo fic (that’s really a mouthful) continues….

bingo l part one l part two l part three l part four l part five l part six l part seven l updates to come…

Second year, they’d been having one of their regular arguments when it turned into something else. Draco couldn’t even remember who suggested it when suddenly they were on the Quidditch Pitch, alone, for a match of seeker vs seeker. How it was that nobody followed them, no crowd, nor their friends, could have been chance, but years later Draco would attribute it to the date: November third.

In truth, Draco wasn’t expecting to win but he couldn’t very well back down from a challenge. Draco may have been flying since he was young, but he had seen Potter on the field last year - it appeared as if Potter had been born flying and yet he’d only just picked up a broom at the start of the school year. How could Draco compete with that natural talent?

Still, he didn’t want to lose. His pride was at stake. If he had to play dirty to have any slight chance at winning, then he was very willing to do so. Although he had to be careful. Being caught cheating would be even more humiliating than just losing - Potter would know that Draco thought him to be the better player.

While Draco fiddled with his gloves (Potter hadn’t bothered to get his), Potter took control in preparing the snitch for release. Potter was a natural leader, Draco noticed. He was always taking charge with small things like that. Not to mention he also had no shortage of followers. Draco’s father had told him that everyone was either a follower or a leader. And that Malfoys were always leaders. But Draco’s father was a follower. And Draco didn’t know how to be anything else.

He let Potter release the snitch, and followed him up into the air, not failing to notice that he kicked off the ground half a second later than Potter. Whatever. He fixed his mind on winning.

Potter was already flying high, scanning the pitch from above Draco. How he saw anything with those ridiculous muggle glasses was a mystery. Which gave Draco an idea. He waited until Potter was facing the other way and pulled his wand from his robes, casting a quick vision charm on himself. It was a charm his mother always performed on him when they watched professional Quidditch games. It allowed him to see more than regular sight allowed, to catch movement that was usually too fast to focus. He’d never tried it himself before but he was relieved to find it worked straight away, although perhaps not as well as when his mother did it.

Still, looking around the pitch with enhanced clarity, Draco was rather confident about winning this match. Especially since he was able to spot the snitch within seconds. And he wasn’t going to waste time and give Potter any opportunity to win.

He flew casually in the direction of the snitch at first so as not to alert Potter, keeping one eye trained on its movements. When he was comfortable with Potter’s distance - which wasn’t until Potter had floated to the complete opposite side of the pitch - Draco sped up to full speed and easily snatched the snitch in a single outstretched hand before Potter could even look up. It was all too easy. Draco felt none of the adrenaline that usually coursed through him after playing Quidditch. He felt nothing at all, really.

Draco raised the snitch above his head to alert Potter to his win - since it had been completely unwitnessed and non-climatic - and flew back down to the ground. Potter joined him moments later, a familiar disappointment on his face. Neither of them had even broken a sweat.

Draco shook off his annoyance at the easy win. Even an easy win had to be better than losing. And of course, now he had bragging rights. “Remember the date, Potter. November third. The day I beat you.”

Potter’s face twitched, a little bit of life streaming back into it. “Enjoy it, because it’s the only day you’ll ever get to say that about.”

Draco felt some of the adrenaline he was missing building in his bloodstream. This was more like it. “Don’t tell me you’re a sore loser, Potter,” he teased, enjoying the way Potter’s face flushed in reaction.

“You’re hardly a gracious winner, Malfoy,” Potter retorted.

Draco smirked. “Oh no. I don’t claim to be. I’m going to hold this over your head forever.”

Potter looked around, a glint in his eye revealing the promise of a challenge before he spoke. “Shame there are no witnesses.”

“What are you -“

“After the whole school watches me destroy you at every Quidditch match this year,” Power elaborated, mimicking Draco’s smirk (except with far less style of course), “do you really think they’re going to believe you could ever beat me?”

Draco gaped back at Potter for a moment. He was in two minds - one was impressed by Potter’s bravado, the other furious that Potter could be so smug - like he was really that much better than Draco. Both minds were thrilled at the challenge presented, all the same. “You haven’t beaten me yet,” he reminded Potter, waving the snitch between them, the proof of his win.

Potter didn’t even glance at it. “Now that you’ve shown me your tactics and the way you fly, I’m pretty confident I can -“

“You did this to spy on my technique?” Interrupted Draco. “That’s- thats-“ The word ‘cheating’ couldn’t quite make it’s way out of his mouth. Not when those very “tactics” (whatever Potter meant) were exactly that.

“Genius?” Potter finished for him.

“I was going to say cheating,” Draco finally managed, hoping Potter wouldn’t notice his slight wince at the word. “It’s cheating,” he repeated, with a little more conviction.

Potter didn’t look too happy at the accusation. “No, it’s not.”

“Yes, it is.”

“No,” Potter said again, his voice prickly, “it’s really not.”

“Yes, it is,” Draco insisted.

“No, it’s not.”

Draco let his broom drop so he could cross his arms. “Yes, it is.”

“No,”Potter said, throwing his own broom down (oh, it was on!), “it’s not.

“Yes, it is,” Draco repeated. Even irritated, he could still appreciate the strength of the adrenaline within his body from a fight with Potter. Turns out, cheating in Quidditch had nothing on accusing someone of cheating in Quidditch.

“Malfoy, it’s not cheating.”

“I think you’ll find it is.”

“No, I won’t, because it’s not.”

“Yes, it is,” Draco said, raising his voice a little.

“No,” Potter said, raising his own voice higher still, “it’s not.”

Accepting the unspoken challenge, Draco lifted his voice so that he was almost shouting. “Yes, it is.”

“No, it’s not,” Potter said louder.

“YES, IT IS!” Draco yelled, sparing a quick thought to anyone out in the school grounds that might be able to hear them.

“NO, IT’S NOT!” Screamed Potter back at him.

Draco sucked in a breath and concentrated on making his voice as loud as possible. “YES, IT - “

Draco was interrupted by a loud bark of laughter from Potter. Which was followed by another. And another. And another. Draco supposed they were being a bit ridiculous but there was no need for Potter to lose his cool completely.  He couldn’t very well continue their argument when Potter was laughing.

However Potter had other ideas. “No, it’s not,” he wheezed quietly between laughter. How Potter had gone from shouting to laughing in seconds was completely nonsensical. 

And yet, Draco could feel his own lips quirk upwards into something other than a smirk in response. He quickly controlled himself, reverting to an eye roll instead. Just because Potter was being childish, it didn’t mean Draco had to be too. Although, he still needed to have the last word: “Yes, it is.”

Potter was still laughing. And it was all a bit unsettling. Potter had never laughed like this around Draco. He had seen Potter laugh with his friends of course, but always from a distance. He’d never been close enough to really hear the sound properly, or see the lines on Potter’s face. And with the vision charm still in effect, he could see every crease line - every ripple across Potter’s face with each bout of laughter. There was something about the way Potter laughed. It was a little too relaxed. A little too free.

And Draco, always the follower, found it catching. His mouth fell open of it’s own accord and let out the smallest huff of breath - a static laugh - before Draco shut it down. That, at least silenced Potter. His laughter died down and he stared at Draco strangely as if waiting for it to happen again.

But instead of laughing with Harry Potter, his sworn enemy whose guts he hated (he reminded himself), Draco calmly picked up his broomstick and walked away, hoping that neither he, nor Potter, would ever have to speak of the bizarre moment again.

Bingo progress under the cut…

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anonymous asked:

okay so ever since yesterday's live happened i've been in need for someone to write something about (drunk maybe?) jikook playing twister and them falling over each other or being in really awkward positions and things heating up somehow pls make my dreams come true

in hindsight, jungkook shouldn’t have said yes. but he’s never been one to back down from a challenge, and with park jimin smirking at him, betting that with his flexibility, he could’ve been both seokjin and jungkook at twister, jungkook couldn’t help but raise his hackles - puff up his chest and all that - and accept.

he really, really should not have agreed to this.

seokjin had agreed to be the judge, but is currently staring at them with vapid, blinking eyes, hand poised to spin the dial, very evidently regretting having decided to be dragged into this. jungkook shares his sentiment.

“left hand red,” seokjin says. it sounds more like a whimper than anything.

jimin places his hand down. 

jungkook swallows. because right now, in front of his face, park jimin has both palms to the ground, ass in the air.

right up in jungkook’s face.

and jungkook still hasn’t put his hand down.

“give up, kookie?” jimin teases, sounding a little breathless from the blood rushing to his head. jungkook scowls, taking the bait immediately.

“you wish.” he masks the choked quality of his voice with a scoff. very gingerly, he leans down, bringing his left hand to the circle next to jimin’s hand. this puts him in a terrible predicament, forcing him to bend over jimin’s back to reach.

seokjin makes a strangled sound at the back of his throat. “can we just end this with rock-paper-scissors?”

“no way,” jungkook says. jimin’s arms are shaking a little, and jungkook knows he won’t be able to last much longer. it’s only a matter of time. jimin challenging him had only been perfunctory anyway. unlike jungkook, the game isn’t ever what jimin intends to win. “not until jimin falls.”

“who says i’m gonna fall,” jimin wheezes. then he shifts, and his ass pressing back against jungkook’s crotch. “oops.”

jungkook uses his free arm to grab his waist. “stop moving around.”

“that’s not in the rules,” jimin says petulantly. “hyung, can you just spin?”

seokjin obliges, still looking pained. “right hand green. god, i can’t watch this anymore. i’m sorry jiminnie, but i really hope you fall down.”

“why me?” jungkook doesn’t have to see his face to know he’s pouting. but jimin’s reaching under himself, seeking the green circle. jungkook follows suit with his free hand, face burning. god, they’re so close right now. every little movement jimin makes underneath him sends a jolt up his spine. and it always gets his blood rushing south, whenever he sees jimin display his incredible flexibility - a fact that jimin never fails to exploit.

“lift your right foot,” seokjin says. “also, just as a warning, if you don’t fall now, i’m going to push you.”

“hyuuung, shouldn’t you be on my side?” jimin whines. whines. the edge to his voice makes jungkook get the strangest urge to grab him and throw him down somewhere - wreck him - “jungkookie’s the one who beat you the other day.”

shit. where the hell did that come from? 

“my hair would turn white before i lived to see you beat jungkook,” jin replies. “right foot, both of you.”

jungkook does, with relative ease. jimin huffs a little, lifts his leg a little, and the moment he loses his balance, jungkook feels it before he sees it. he squeaks, a sound that jungkook files away for later perusal and teasing, and topples over, his flailing catching jungkook in the leg and jungkook lets himself fall.

crushed under his weight, jimin wriggles and laughs. “oh my god - oh my god, jungkookie, i can’t breathe - ”

jungkook eases off a bit so jimin can turn over, but keeps him caged in with his arms. “i win,” he says, smugly.

“only because you cheated,” jimin argues. “you didn’t have to choose the circle behind me.”

he’s right - jungkook just wanted that excuse to lean over him; to pin jimin down to the ground. not that he really needs one. it’s just for appearance’s sake. “you didn’t have to choose the circle in front of me, hyung.”

“you - you - ” jimin sputters. he finally settles on shoving at jungkook’s chest rather pitifully. “brat. don’t forget who’s older here.”

“anyway,” jungkook says before jimin can get into it. “what was that punishment you made earlier? a kiss on the cheek?” jungkook pauses before tacking on, “hyung.”

jimin rolls his eyes, but his cheeks bloom pink, betraying him as usual. “if you wanted one so badly, jungkookie, you only had to ask.”

“i don’t want one - ”

jimin leans up, pecking him so quickly on the lips that jungkook barely feels it. it feels like he’d dipped his face in flames, with how quickly the temperature rises.

“um… that… that was - ”

“again,” jungkook demands.


“i didn’t feel it, so you have to do it again.” 

as jimin babbles incredulously, jungkook takes the opportunity to grab him by the face, leaning down close until their breaths mingle. he belatedly realises that seokjin had made his escape somewhere in the midst of their collapse. jungkook knows they’ll suffer his complaints and poorly-timed jokes later, so they might as well make the best of this now. jimin’s pupils are blown wide, flushed and pretty, but it’s his little whispered jungkookie that makes jungkook feel like his heart is lodged in his throat.

“i won, so you have to do the punishment properly.”

then he leans down, presses their lips together right. 

jimin clutches the red circle with his right hand, his other going to jungkook’s hair. “actually, i think i won,” he murmurs, grinning against jungkook’s lips. then he goes in for his prize.

anonymous asked:

What if in the 2nd season of GSBO, Tobirama gets back at Hashirama by clearly favoring Kagami. (And thus begins Danzo's fall of grace. Not only did Hiruzen get farther than he did, TWO Uchihas won the GSBO. Is it favoritism? Or is there something unfair about their eyes...!) (The secret is Tobirama enjoys a really good daifuku mochi. And Kagami made ones with at least 5 types of filling! And Hiruzen is a wizard when it comes to using matcha in his recipes.)

The Great Shinobi Bake Off is returning to Konoha.

The last season ended in a disaster that resulted in the esteemed Shodaime hastily passing the hat off to his brother and absconding off somewhere with the winner, Uchiha Madara, who burned down the bake off tent during the final round in a rage.

They’re likely still fighting each other to the death somewhere, judging by the strained grimace the Nidaime always has when the Shodaime sends him postcards.

Now it’s time for round two, and Shimura Danzō is ready.

Baking is precision. There are rules. A correct way to do things. Mastery of perfect baking is mastery as a perfect shinobi.

Baking is power. The formation of seemingly innocuous ingredients to concoct masterpieces of form and flavor that could bring the strongest to their knees.

A winner of Bake Off is a winner at life.

Shimura Danzō is ready. Ready to win.


The first sign things might not go according to plan is when Koharu takes one look at his design plan for their Admiration Cake challenge and laughs at him.

“A bit obsessive, even for you, Shimura,” Koharu leers.

“There is nothing wrong with celebrating the power and will of the Shodaime!”

“You gave him an open shirt, Shimura. You’re sculpting him nipples and an eight pack out of fondant.”

How dare she; the Shodaime is the pinnacle of excellence, physically and mentally. Danzō dreams about his Wood Release.

He explains as much when the Nidaime stops by his table. And, hah, eat that, Koharu: he didn’t say anything negative about it! He… didn’t actually say anything about it at all. He just stared at the design specs and then stared at Danzō before turning around and walking away.

Worse, that suck-up Kagami is making his cake about the Nidaime, the judge! That has to be illegal or something.

“Tobirama-sensei is important to me,” Kagami totally simpers to the camera, “I’m making this cake with symbolic imagery: still water with a mirror glaze and flowing water of fondant to represent his calm wisdom and strength of character.”

Danzō wants to gag.

Worse still, Hiruzen is making a cake with both the Shodaime and the Nidaime.

“When I considered this challenge, both the Shodaime and the Nidaime came to mind. How could I choose between them? To only admire one is to neglect the influence and support of the other. I admire their teamwork and their applications of their collective strengths to help found the greatest village in the Elemental Nations. To this effect, I chose complimentary flavors that are greater together than they ever are separate.”

…Goddammit that’s genius.


The technical challenge is… daifuku mochi.

Danzō blinks. “That—what, that’s not really thematically relevant.”

Torifu shrugs. “It’s technical?”

Whatever. Danzō can do this. Baking is nothing but technical. He’s going to win.

At judging, it’s down to Danzō and Kagami.

“In second place,” the Nidaime says, “is this one.” He points to—Danzō’s? No. No! That means—

“The winner of this week’s technical challenge is Kagami!”

Danzō seethes inside. What? What? How? Did he cheat? Use his Sharingan? Could Danzō only achieve true perfection with eyes like his?

“I actually make these every week—” Kagami tries to say, but Danzō won’t hear a word of it.


The final challenge is monstrous. With only fifteen minutes to go, Danzō fears he won’t finish in time.

Hiruzen—already done, that asshole—comes over to his table. “Anything I can help with?”

“No,” says Danzō, not at all petulant.

“Here, I’ll help roll some fondant flowers.”

Hiruzen works next to Danzō as Danzō works as fast as he can to finish his icing, growing more frustrated with every little error. He’s about ready to flip over the cake stand when Hiruzen places a steady hand over Danzō’s.

He smiles, calm and warm, “You can do this. I believe in you.”

Danzō’s so flustered he drops the piping bag.


Hiruzen even beats him to the fucking camera interview. “We all did so well. If I am the first to go, I’ll accept the loss, if only to see all the other contestants go farther.”

Danzō wanted to say that! Shit!

Then the moment arrives: the judging. Danzō thinks he has an excellent shot at star baker. His bakes were the best; he’s certain the technical was a total fluke.

“This week’s star baker had a flair for flavor, a keen eye for detail, and kept a cool head under pressure.”

Yes, this sounds like Danzō.

“And best of all, he really showed us the power of teamwork. Congratulations, Hiruzen!”


“Unfortunately one of you cannot join us next week, so we’ll have to say goodbye to… Danzō.”

Danzō is beginning to understand why the tent burned down last season. Is that it, then? Is that what it takes to rule in Konoha? Special eyes, sabotage?

That it doesn’t matter unless you win.

Oh, then Danzō will show them. He’ll become the true meaning of Star Baker.

Kurt and Blaine and the Box of 100 Condoms

A birthday fic for @spaceorphan18

Not too late to get in on the birthday wishes, I hope!  Like everyone, I’d just like to express appreciation for all the time and effort you put in keeping the fandom light burning, and for the creative ways to still engage folks. 

So here’s a little token fic for you for your birthday - I hope you like it!

Pair: Badboy!Blaine, RetailMonkey!Kurt
Words: 1886
Warnings: Mention of prostitution (not actual prostitution - it’s funny I swear)


Beta’d by @mshoneysucklepink, of course.


“You lost Anderson. Get in there and do what you gotta do.”

Blaine sighed. His friends were assholes.

They had been chasing squirrels in the cemetery and had gotten bored, so they all decided it’d be funny to shotgun beers. The loser had to take on whatever dare the winners could come up with.

Blaine always won, he could suck a can empty while everyone else was still trying to figure out where to put their mouth, but not this time. They must have been practicing - or cheating - and Blaine was left holding the bag this time.

Well, not the bag exactly. There had to be some way out of this.  "Are you sure they even carry a box of that many?“

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My Dark Prince Charming

Pairing: Roman/Virgil

Summary: Roman finds out that the color purple is a royal color,  so to prove this fact is wrong he will turn his crush Virgil into a Prince for a day.

@v-blue-writer @lilbeanblr

Virgil and Patton was sitting down hearing another one of Romans grand adventure story, he even drew pictures showing them what happen to him and some ideas he had to add on to his kingdom. Patton was jumping in his seat while Virgil just wanted it to be over, Roman sighs seeing Virgil’s bored expression “Of course you wouldn’t understand Virgil, you’re not a prince.”

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PROMPT: “You think you could do better?” and “I don’t know if I should kiss you or slap you.”

Sequel to this winged Gavin and Ryan oneshot~

For @justisaisfine - thank you so much for all your generosity and support <3 <3 <3

“It’s beautiful,” Gavin breathed, as they reached the top of the canyon.

Ryan nodded, but his eyes weren’t fixed on the rising sun and the colourful dawn sky. They were trained on the side of Gavin’s face and how his hair shimmered in the gold light, how it brought out every fleck of colour in his eyes and the dappled pattern of his wings. When Gavin turned towards him with a wide grin he quickly glanced away, cheeks heating. If Gavin noticed, he didn’t comment.

“Come on,” was all he said, and tapped Ryan’s arm before leaping forward. His wings unfurled and he swooped into the canyon in a gentle glide. Ryan stared after him, transfixed for a moment, as always, by the other Valkyrie’s fluid grace. Then he shook his cloak off and let his own wings free, leaping to join him.

They didn’t usually come out here this early.

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Just dance

Jack Johnson Imagine

Word count: 728

Request: Hi I really love your imagines and was wondering if you could write one where you, jack and jack and a few other people are on holiday in this mansion thing and J has always had a small crush on you and you play just dance 2017 and you dominate everyone even him at every song (including groove) and he starts liking you even more ( cause you’re amazing and chill AF)  then you sit next to him on the sofa and end up falling asleep on him just after he told you how he feels. Happy New Year!! 🎉

We were on vacation with some off our closest friends. Well Jack G, Madison, Jack J and me. Bunch of other people as well. We rented this big mansion in the hills on Airbnb and it was pretty awesome.

We wanted to have a chill night so we played some Just Dance. Got a few beers. I think some off them are even trying to make a bonfire happen but I wouldn’t hold my breath on it. These guys can’t even figure out how to turn on a stove. Oh well, we’ll see.

„Hey Y/N. Bet your ass you won’t win against me in Just Dance.“ Jack J teased me. „Oh it’s on honey!“ I grinned. Madison just dominated against Jack G. So now I would do the same with J. Although he seemed pretty sure of himself.

We stood in front of the screen both grinning like children. Soon our expression changed. We were so competitive it was unbelievable. We shouted and screamed. I saw J struggled a little so I took my chance and shone like a bright star. „Y/N. You won’t win this one.“ J said through his gritted teeth. I just laughed. The song soon ended and I actually won.

„Not fair she cheated!“ I turned to J with a disapproving look. „No I did not.“ I now crossed my arms. „You clearly did this song once.“ I chuckled. Was he really this bad of a loser. „Okay know what. Rematch. You choose the song. I couldn’t care less.“ A smirk appeared on his face. „It’s on now.“ He turned to the screen and chose the next song. Groove.

„Aren’t we full of ourselves today.“ I chuckled. He lightly gasped. „You’ll regret saying that when I smash you to the ground with these moves baby.“ I couldn’t help but laugh at him swaying his hips back and forth. „We’ll see.“ And so we started the rematch.

It was tough though I did win in the end. J looked defeated. We sat down on the couch completely exhausted and drained might I add. „Honestly. I gotta give this one to you. It was a challenge.“ I looked over to Jack. He had a smirk on his face. „You know you could give me a rewarding kiss for this“ He lightly mumbled but I still could hear him.

I raised my eyebrows. Was he serious? Is this a feeling, a joke or? „What?“ I now turned to him giving him my full attention. „Just forget it.“ He said trying to get away from me. I pulled his arm and he sat back down. „No. Tell me. Was this serious?“ I sat there anxiously waiting for his response.

„Okay listen Y/N. I had the longest crush on you. And yeah I would like to kiss you but I know you don’t feel the same way and that you have interest in way different people. But now at least I can say that I tried.“ He sighed and didn’t even dare to look me in the eyes. I grabbed one of his hands. „You are the real winner of tonight.“ I said leaning in for a kiss as did he.

„Bet your ass on it. I am also the luckiest guy on this hill tonight!“ He mumbled against my lips before he reconnected them. We ended up just cuddling and talking on the couch. I was just about to fall asleep when I heard someone step into the room.

„Hey guys! We got the bonfire going!“ It was Gilinsky. „Ssshh!“ J hushed him. „Don’t you see she’s asleep.“ He was whispering. „Sorry! By the way. Nice!“ I heard Gilinsky say and the door was being closed again. A little smile appeared on my face while I drifted off to sleep on Jacks chest.

All Imagines

I Realized -Simon

Anonymous said to simplysdmn: Hello, could I have an imagine where Simon treated you bad towards the end of your relationship and cheated on you. Now you’re dating a celebrity (preferably Calum Hood) and he wants you back. The ending is up to to you

Anonymous said to simplysdmnIf your requests are still are open can you do a Calfreezy imagine where towards the end of your relationship he was taking you for granted and he was going out all night which eventually lead to him cheating on you. So now that you have moved on with famous musician (maybe Calum Hood) he realises what he lost?

A/N: I think the second request was from the same anon, if not I hope you both like this!


We stood on the red carpet and started and started posing for the camera.. Calum’s arm hooked securely around my waist, placing a kiss on my cheek, making sure to put on a show for the paparazzi. I giggled at the sudden public display of affection. I was happy, alive, on top of the world.

Calum made me safe, loved and appreciated when I was with him and I couldn’t have asked it any other way. Hand in hand we moved further down along the carpet. I looked ahead of me and I saw my ex; Simon Minter. Once we were in front a fresh batch of photographers, I whispered in his ear.

“Simon is over there. What do I do?” I didn’t want to show worry in my face. After all I was only here for Calum, so I didn’t want to ruin the photo’s for him. He squeezed my hand reassuring me.

“It’ll be fine. I know it’s a surprise to see him but I’m sure everything will be ok.” He smiled at me, making me smile back. Once we were done on the red carpet his manager gave us our belongings and our tickets and we made out way inside the venue. We sat at the table along with the rest of the boys and got ready for the award ceremony.

“And your winner for ‘Favorite Boy Band is!” We all sat in anticipation, hoping that they had won.

“Five Seconds of Summer!” We all stood up giving each other a hug. Calum gave me a kiss before following the boys onto the stage and received their award. They gave their award speech and went to take picture’s backstage before making their way back to the table.

We watched the rest of the award show before going back to the hotel to get ready to leave to go to the next stop on tour. I was lying on the bed when I got a text from an unknown phone number.

Hey Y/N, its Simon Minter. Wondering if you could get the chance to call me back?

I abruptly put the phone down and rubbed my eyes. I didn’t think it was real. I looked it again and recognized the number. I checked my surroundings making sure no one was around. The boys decided to go to the after party before they left and I wasn’t feeling it so I stayed back. I started thinking about Simon and how our two year relationship went down the drain.

I unlocked the door and took off my shoes and jacket. It was absolutely pouring outside and I couldn’t wait to cuddle with Simon and watch some movies. I walked into the kitchen, making a cup of tea to bring up to warm me up a bit and I saw Vik sitting on island. He looked surprised to see me and then his expression suddenly changed to uneasy.

“Hey Vik! Whats up?” He shifted uncomfortably. I gave him a confused look.

“Nothing, just catching up with DM’s.” I nodded.

“Vik, is everything alright? You know you can tell me anything?” He gulped.

“Yeah, everything is fine.” He smiled. I didn’t quite believe him. I finished making my tea in silence before going upstairs. 

As i got closer to Simon’s room, I could hear moans. At first, I thought he was playing GTA or was having some alone time. So I decided to back away but I payed attention to the moans a bit more and they didn’t sound anything like the video game and sounded more like Simon. An idea came into mind, I figured I might as well help him. So I walked a bit quicker to his room. I opened the door and found a girl onto top of him. Out of shock, I dropped the cup of tea, catching their attention.

“Simon?” The girl got off him, giggling and hid under the covers.

“Y/N, I can explain.” he started approaching me, I shook my head and walked over the broken cup and started collecting all my stuff that I had left in his room.

“Y/N, what are you doing?”

“What do you mean ‘what am I doing’? What I’m doing is getting away from you.” I worked a bit faster, tears threatening to spill out of my eyes. 

“Y/N, we can work this out. I promise we can.”

“No we can’t. How many times? How many times have you stood me up because you were ‘working’, how many times did you have ‘meetings’? Were you fucking her instead?” I stopped what I was doing and looked in straight in the eyes. He stayed silent.

“Exactly. As for you.” I charged towards the girl that was on the bed. I was suddenly pulled back by someone.

“Y/N, I know your mad but you don’t need to do this.” JJ pulled me into another room and let me breakdown in his arms.

“Simon?” I heard a sigh of relief on the other side of the line.

“Yeah. Hey Y/N.”

“Hey, how are you?”

“Good, what about yourself?”

“Not too bad, fancy seeing you tonight.” I laughed softly.

“Yeah, I was quite surprised to see you too.” I stayed silent for a couple of minutes.

“Y/N. I want to say sorry. For everything I caused you. You didn’t deserve the any of the pain I caused you. What I did was wrong and unjust. I hope you can forgive me.” I looked up at the ceiling, the memories flooding back into my head. It had taken me so long to forget them.

“Simon, I can forgive but I don’t know if I can ever forget.” I sighed.

“That’s understandable and I fully respect that. I was wondering, if you’d like to give us another chance.” I was taken aback. I never thought I was ever going to hear that sentence from him, ever.

“Simon, I really don’t think I could.”

“Why? Because you’re dating a rich celebrity?”

“No. I can’t give us another chance because what if it were to happen again? I could never trust you like I trusted you before. You broke me. I felt like a fool, like I did something wrong. But I’ve learnt that I didn’t and I’ve learned that I didn’t need you to make me happy. Calum makes me feel so much more happier. He makes me feel better than you ever made me feel. I trust him not to break me apart.”

“I’ve changed Y/N. I’ve changed for the better. I realized what I had lost. I realized what I had done to you, to me, to us. I realized that I fucked up and that I lost something, someone, that made my life 1000 times better. I know what I did. I’m sorry. I want to try again.” I could hear him crying and snuffling.

“Simon, as I said, I can forgive but I cant forget. I don’t think I can ever give us a chance.” He began pleading. The tears over spilled and I started silently crying.

“Simon, I’m so sorry but I cant. I also realized something. I realized that it’s time for you to move on. You’ll find someone better than me, I promise.” With that I ended the call, wiped my tears and tried to sleep.

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#8 with tododeku? shoto as the one who has a crush on deku, while deku doesn't know alot information about shoto bc deku recently moved in with him 2-4 months ago. have a splendid day ♡

8. roommates au for tododeku (I decided to do this from Izuku’s perspective. The crush isn’t very obvious to Izuku but we all know that being Todoroki Shouto is suffering soooo)

All the blood is rushing to Izuku’s head. This makes it very difficult to think, which is the point. Still, Izuku valiantly tries to keep his character from falling off the edge of the world. Ochako, unfortunately, seems to be doing better than he is.

“Are you cheating?” Izuku asks. He hears her laugh through the headset.

“No, I’m just better at this game than you are.”

Izuku mashes a few buttons and tries desperately to orient himself on a level that is completely upside down while Ochako keeps trying to punch him in midair like an asshole. His feet are hooked over the back of the couch and his head is hanging down off the front. He’s starting to get a little dizzy.

Ochako punts him off the edge of the stage. In a flash of light Izuku’s character dies.

“Ocha, why?”

“All’s fair in love and Smash Bros,” she says as Izuku’s character drops from the top of the screen, life total diminished by one.

“I’ll get you back,” Izuku vows.

“You can try,” Ochako giggles.

Izuku drop kicks her for her taunting.

Five minutes later they’re in a deadlock. Both of them have taken a lot of damage and are struggling to stay on the stage with all their blood in their brains. This is, of course, when Izukus front door opens.

Todoroki stops dead just inside the door and stares. Izuku realizes that his shirt has slid up to gather around his armpits. This might be a little inappropriate for the common area of the apartment that he’s only been living in for two and a half months. If he fixes it now, though, he’ll lose.

“Uh, hi Todoroki-kun,” Izuku says to his hot roommate who he barely knows and now has a slightly provocative view of his abdomen. 

“Midoriya,” Todoroki says, sounding a bit hoarse. The door swings closed behind him.

“I’ll be done in a minute, sorry,” Izuku assures him.

“Wait,” Ochako says in Izuku’s ear. “Is Todoroki-kun the hot roommate? Izuku, give him the headset.”

“Hell no,” Izuku says.

“I’m sorry?” Todoroki asks, blinking.

“Not you,” Izuku reassures him quickly. “I’m talking to my best friend through the headset.” With the second conversation going on Izuku is too distracted and Ochako throws him off a cliff. He doesn’t react fast enough and he dies. The computer calls game. “Son of a bitch.”

“What are you playing?” Todoroki asks.

“Smash Bros.”

“Wouldn’t it be easier if you weren’t hanging upside down?”

Izuku laughs and puts the controller on the floor as the winner screen goes up. “That’s part of the fun.”

“Does he want to play?” Ochako asks in his ear.

“No,” Izuku says.

“You didn’t even ask him.”

Izuku rolls over his shoulder and off the couch, bouncing to his feet. He has to pull his pajama pants up because they almost fall off his ass and then smooth his shirt out. Todoroki watches him with wide eyes. He looks a little red. “Are you okay, Todoroki-kun?”

Todoroki clears his throat and looks away. “I’m fine.”

Izuku shrugs.

“Aw, he sounds cute,” Ochako says in his ear.

“Okay, that’s enough out of you,” Izuku replies, taking the two steps over to his laptop.

“Aw, come on.”

“Say goodbye, Ocha.”

Ochako blows a raspberry. Izuku hangs up the skype call. Now it’s just Izuku and Todoroki, who Izuku barely knows. Todoroki is quiet. It’s not that he’s adverse to conversation, from what Izuku can tell, he just doesn’t tend to make it. He’s awkward, not that Izuku has any room to judge. He can be pretty awkward himself sometimes.

Izuku pulls his headset off and shakes his head around, running a hand through his hair to make sure that it doesn’t look terrible. Todoroki’s eyes are back on him, sliding over him and assessing.

“You didn’t have to stop on my account,” Todoroki says at last. He finally starts moving, heading into the kitchen. Izuku follows behind slowly.

“I didn’t want to be rude. It’s your living room too.”

Todoroki shrugs and pours himself a glass of water. “I just mean that I don’t mind.”

Izuku can’t help but smile. “Thanks.”

Todoroki nods.

“Hey,” Izuku says after a moment, “do you wanna grab dinner together tonight?”

Todoroki chokes on his water, coughing and slamming the glass down on the counter. Izuku takes a step towards him, alarmed, but Todoroki is quick to recover. “I’m sorry?”

“Well, you and I don’t really know each other that well even though we’ve been living together for a while. I thought we could try to get to know one another?” Izuku hesitates and Todoroki just stares at him. “You know, as roommates.”

Todoroki sucks in a deep breath, holds it, and then lets it out around a “Sure.”

Izuku brightens. “Great. Just let me get dressed and we can decide on where to go, alright?”

Todoroki nods and Izuku turns, heading for his room quickly. He has a good feeling about tonight.

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Sorry this might be a long post but I had to get this off my chest. I have been following this blog and other blogs for a couple of months and I truly do not understand the Zayn haters/trolls.

I just want to understand. You say you don’t care for him and yet you are the first to comment on anything that makes it possible to drag him.

You claim you do this because Zayn is a nasty piece of shit, a racist, a cheater a drug addict, etc… And yet when you go on some of their blogs you see them stan people that have done racist stuff, that have cheated or have had dealings with substance abuse. So that leaves me a bit perplexed in their logic. Don’t claim you are out here calling out Zayn because of an ignorant tweet when you are not dragging or calling out your faves for the exact same thing or something they have done worse. 

Also do not act superior or as a SWJ when in real life you would be the one making a lot of ignorant comments left and right but you know that no one would check you. Some of y'all posts or tags show your own ignorance… You are mainly cyber bullies.

Zayn is not perfect and has made many mistakes. Haven’t we all.. No human is perfect. But the way people on here paint it is as if he has committed a capital crime… As if none of y'all have made any. No one told you to put this guy on a pedestal. He told you himself that he is not perfect and is learning. But I guess that doesn’t matter because now social media is all about drag parties, cancelling people, embarrassing them online to make yourselves feel better and look cool… just imagine if someone did that to you. Whenever a troll or hater is called out, the first thing they do is cower and say stop bullying me or start brandishing forward that they have “mental issues” and therefore they should be excused.

The irony of people that claim on their blog that they suffer from mental health issues and posts stuff about mental health issues awareness but at the same time call Zayn ‘lazy’ or that he is lying about his anxiety shows once again how your “awareness” or “awokeness” is only fake deep to look cool on this website.

Zayn is far from lazy. Yes the guy hasn’t performed live. But how can you call the guy lazy when he has produced an album, has done I think 6 collaborations and has designed 2 fashion lines. A lazy guy who is apparently also working on his 2nd album. So really since when is someone not performing means that he is not doing anything at all or being lazy…

Finally I would like to talk about Zayn supposedly cancelling everything… How about people really think about this. Z has shown up to more things than what he has cancelled.

A majority of the events cancelled were all booked before he announced that he had anxiety. Since then please tell me which event he was confirmed to be at and he cancelled…

- The Graham Norton Show & a UK radio show during the promo I think for PillowTalk (before he announced that he had anxiety)

-The following event he cancelled was The Summertime Ball where he announced to the world his anxiety issues.

-The Dubai show which was booked prior to The Summertime Ball announcement (he cancelled and said he did not feel ready or confident enough)

- The Japan Show (the first one was booked again prior to The Summertime Ball) and was postponed to June . I think once again it may have been the anxiety or he really wanted to start a tour while he had a 2nd album done.

His team said it was for production delays this time around…. Why don’t you believe him when Frank Ocean also canceled 2 performances with the same reason while knowing they have the same producer. Why always assume that he is lying or hiding something. Shit happens. I admit fans the booked flight and hotels to go see him have a right to be angry because the  announcement was kind of short notice. 

Those are all the events he cancelled.

The met Gala 2017: It was never 100% sure that he would attend. Your name might be on the list but doesn’t mean you will for sure attend. Fans of course expected him to go because he went last year. Mind you last year no one even knew or would think that he would have gone to the met Gala 

The Billboard Awards: He was not confirmed to attend. He was nominated and the winner so they expected him to go and again not confirmed..Billboard to hype up their shows of course posted him & Gigi. Fans again expected something while not confirmed.

The Zayn x Versus events: Once again it was never confirmed that he would attend. The London one did not have him there why would you expect him to attend the NYC one. From they have said, there was a mix up when they made the invitation for the NYC event. Zayn’s team never said that he would attend. Why else do you think Versus was quick to give discounts and shit… They know they messed up. If Z was supposed to be there they would have said so on the launch.

Other than that, Zayn when he was confirmed to be somewhere he showed up.

-The Tonight Show both times he was there.

-The Radio interviews he did them (except the UK ones).

-The iHeart launch party he was there

-The Wango Tango show he was there,

-The iHeart Awards performance he was there

-The Voice performance he was also there

-All those magazines photoshoots or interviews, how do you think they happened if he did a no show

- How about his music videos… You think the directors would stand someone always cancelling on them and wasting their time?? Has it even happened that one of his music video director said “oh yeah Zayn bailed on us”

- He attended The Tom Ford fashion show 

- He promoted IDWLF (the two radio shows he was supposed to be on, he did them)

- He went to the 50 Shades party

- He attended the Grammy party

- He attended the Billboard 100 where he was a recipient of an award

- He attended the AMAS.

- He attended some shows during fashion week

- The secret fan London party when SGT came out.

*If Zayn was so unprofessional or lazy I don’t think designers would be willing to collaborate with him. Have magazines wanting him to be on convers. People wanting to collaborate with him*

Zayn himself has talked about his anxiety issue in his book and how frustrating it is for him… Since then why don’t you think he hasn’t booked any performance. Probably because he wasn’t ready and didn’t want to cancel. He said that he is working on his anxiety and it’s getting better. His record label says that he is getting better. So why not wait until his album drops and see if he will perform or not before casting your negative judgements.

Sorry for the long rant.

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...I totally read your tags for bring it on and omg yaaaaassss a kc au and like I totally wish I could make actual puppy eyes at au to see if maybe possibly some day in the future this could be an actual thing??

It had been an appalingly long time since I looked through my saved prompts and I figured this one was perfect for klarolineauweek!

Like, Totally Freak Me Out

The halls are nearly empty when Caroline walks in the front doors. A quick glance at her phone has her picking up the pace. Thank god she’d worn flats today.

Caroline would have given just about anything to have slept in and blown off AP Chemistry. Her phone had kept her up all night, the cheer squad group chat a never ending fight. Old grudges were brought up (seriously old, like second grade playground accident old) and abundant petty digs were thrown, despite the fact that a decision had been made and the endless chat bubbles weren’t going to change Caroline’s mind.

She’d known the squad her entire life. You’d think they’d have figured out not to mess with her when she’d decided on something but, to be fair, none of them had been selected for their brains. As their newest member had pointed out yesterday, cheering wasn’t exactly taxing on the neurons.

That little remark might have been part of the reason Caroline had made the call. Rebekah Mikaelson was only a sophomore but she’d stared down a table full of juniors and seniors without a hint of nerves, her chin up and voice cool. Caroline couldn’t help but admire the poise. And then the girl had pulled out a flawless tumbling pass that was well beyond the gymnastics the squad’s routines required. She’d been one of the better dancers when they’d split the girls up into groups too. Her vocals were a little weak and they’d have to work on wiping the faintly embarrassed expression from her face while she performed but, all in all, Rebekah was a better candidate than Caroline had dared hope for considering the last minute scramble they were stuck doing all because Sophie was a moron who’d gotten sloppy drunk and broken her ankle.

Rebekah was in, she’d decreed, when they’d dismissed the last of the hopefuls. She’d gotten some pushback but there was no way the teeny freshman minion of Vicki Donovan’s was better. Yeah, they could toss the girl to the rafters but she had zero personality. Vicki was bitter about not being captain and Caroline had been trying not to rub her victory in her face. Apparently her attempts at civility had made Vicki think her opinion was important.

Which sucked for her because Caroline was 100% done being nice.

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Her Secret, Part III-Jason Dilaurentis Imagine

Requested: Yes

Warnings: Underage drinking

Originally posted by kissbythebarn

 The thumping bass of Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face” was incredibly appropriate for the beer pong scene at Noel’s cabin that night. It was a big game between Emilia Kerr, Isaac Holt, Jana Pierson, and Logan Monroe and the majority of the party guests were congregated around that ping pong table, ooing and aahing for every turn. Other people were scattered around the cabin and the couples who wanted some alone time or friends who needed to talk about something extremely important were outside. When I walked into the cabin, Aria, Spencer, and Emily were no where to be found unfortunately, but I spotted Hanna near the drinks table, looking bored.

   I weaved my way through the crowd until I got to her, secretly thankful that I had a good way of keeping my mind off of A and Jason for the time being. “Are you making that face because the only drink you can find is beer?”
   Hanna looked up at me and shook her head. “I actually don’t mind beer, I mind that our others friends aren’t as on time as we are.” Hanna took a sip of her drink. “You look good.”

  “Thanks, I didn’t think that I could roll through Noel’s party looking like a hobo.”

  “No, this outfit isn’t Y/N trying to look good for a party, this is something else.”

   As Hanna’s eyes roamed over my clothes, I couldn’t help but feel extremely nervous. I had been keeping the Jason thing a secret for two years and it would be kind of difficult to explain just why I had kept such a big secret from my so-called best friends for such a long time. 

   “Hanna, it’s really nothing,” I said.

   Hanna arched an eyebrow at me but was interrupted by the host himself.

   “Looks like two of Rosewood’s hottest decided to come to my humble party this year.” Noel wrapped his arm around my shoulders and smiled that Hollywood hunk-esque smile that made so many girls at school faint.

   “Hi, Noel,” Hanna said in a dry tone.

   “Why do you look so sad, Hanna? You have a beer and your killjoy of a boyfriend is nowhere to be found,” Noel quipped.

   “Hey, back off,” Hanna hissed.

   Noel held his hand up. “I’m just kidding.” Noel turned to me. “Y/N, why don’t you have a drink? Don’t tell me that all those rumors about you turning into a nun over the summer are true.”

   “Being responsible and being a nun are two different things, Noel. Besides, everyone changes.”

   “But I don’t want you to change, Y/N. We’ve had some good times together.” 

   The look Noel gave me could only be described as salacious and it made my stomach flip. Back when I was much more reckless, Noel and I had ended up doing many unspeakable things together, things that I would’ve rather not spoken about in front of Hanna or any of my other friends.

   “What’s going on here?” Aria asked.

   Noel pulled away slightly. “Nothing, just greeting my more attractive guests.” He gave her a once over. “You look good, Aria.”

   “Thanks.” She cast him a strange glance before turning her attention to Hanna and me. “Emily’s on her way and Spencer got caught up with something with her parents but she’ll be here soon.”

   “And then the whole gang will be here,” Noel said. He handed Aria his Solo cup and told her to “drink up” before joining some of his bros in another drinking game.

   “I can’t believe how much of a douche he is,” Aria said.

   “I can’t believe how much you used to looove him,” Hanna teased, making me chuckle.

   “I didn’t loove him, I just thought he was cute,” Aria muttered.

   “Yeah, but you never acted on it, thank God.” Hanna took a long swig of her drink. “Are you really not having anything, Y/N?”

   “Not right now. We need to get information out of Noel and it’s going to be hard since he is a big heavyweight,” Y/N said.

   “Yeah, we need to get him alone,” Aria said.

   “Then we’ll be here for a while; we need to wait for the crowd to thin out.”

   “Good thing my parents don’t care about curfew.”

    After Hanna had about two more drinks, Spencer and Emily finally arrived.

   “Did we miss anything? Did someone throw up or break something?” Spencer asked sarcastically.

   “Not yet. We’ve been trying to make a plan to get Noel alone so that we can pry him for answers,” Aria said.

   “That shouldn’t be hard. Noel loves playing drinking games,” Spencer said.

   Just then, a group of boys began chanting Noel’s name as he downed a bottle of beer before slamming it down on the table.

   “No, Noel loves winning drinking games,” Emily said.

   “Well, we just have to act like we’re having such a good time that we don’t want to leave for a while,” Hanna said.

   “Yeah, so let’s just act natural.” 

    I handed Spencer and Emily cups of jungle juice and grabbed myself a Corona. We toasted before beginning to sip our drinks and as the taste of alcohol filled my mouth, I secretly hoped it might keep the memories of this afternoon with Jason and the A thing at bay. It was completely unhealthy considering my time in Japan taught me to face my problems head on rather than drink them away. Hopefully, tonight wouldn’t put me at too much of a set back for my rehab.

     About four drinks later, the crowd was finally beginning to thin out but A was beginning to play. Hanna received a text forcing her to binge on the cupcakes Noel had set out on the table unless she wanted her mother notified of her five finger discount; Spencer had to lose two rounds of flip cup lest her secret be broadcast to everyone; and Aria had to steal something small from Noel’s to keep her secret hidden as well. Emily probably had to do something as well, but I didn’t catch it if there was one and my phone was silent because no one was trying to hit me up. Finally, the time had come for us to set up Noel. 

   “What do you guys think we should do?” Aria asked.

   “I don’t know, but I really need some of those cheesy chips or I’m gonna vomit,” Spencer said.

    Emily helped her walk over to the table and I sighed. It was my time to shine because only I and a select few other people knew Noel’s absolute favorite drinking game.

    I grabbed a bottle of whiskey off of the table and sauntered over to Noel and his friends. “The time has come, Kahn.”

   Noel leaned forward and smirked. “For what, Y/L/N?”
   “Never Have I Ever,” I said.

    Noel’s smirk deepened. “There’s the Y/N I know.”

    I felt sick to my stomach as he said that but then I reminded myself that I had to do this to get information out of him. So, everyone left gathered around in a circle.

   "You all know the game: if you did it, you drink, if you didn’t do it, your safe. The winner is the most sober person by the end,” I said. 

   “Why don’t you start, Y/N? But it might be hard coming up with something you’ve never done,” Noel taunted.

   Everyone besides my friends “ooohed” at that and I rolled my eyes. “Never have I ever cheated on my girlfriend.”

   All of the guys took a swig of the whiskey bottle and congratulated each other.

   “Pigs,” Spencer muttered.

   “Never have I ever lied to a cop,” some girl said.

   Spencer, Aria, Hanna, Emily, and I shared a glance but I was the only one who took a shot along with Noel and one of his friends.

  "What did you do, Y/L/N?” Noel asked.

  “I lied my way out of a speeding ticket.”

  “And also out of a drunken disorderly ticket.”
  As the game went on, more secrets were revealed and Noel got more hammered while my friends and I managed to stay sober. We began making more insinuating statements one by one. With each shot Noel took, we all knew that he was definitely in contact with Alison shortly before she went missing and was killed. However, we weren’t getting close enough and none of us were asking the question that really mattered.

   “Your turn, Y/N,” Aria said.

    I looked up at Noel, who managed to still look cocky in spite of his drunkenness. “Never have I ever killed someone.”

   Noel smirked at me and the room got really quiet. It was filled with tension and anticipation from my friends and me. I didn’t really think Noel killed Alison but I knew that he knew something.

   “Geez, Y/N, you didn’t have to be so morbid,” Noel said.

   “Just trying to get to know you better, Noel,” I shot back.

   “I think it’s time for this party to end.”


   I quickly found myself huddled with my friends again, and Spencer looked the most upset out of all of them.

   “How could you say that?” she whisper hissed.

   “I had to say something. All we know is that he and Ali were talking before she went missing. I wanted to rule out a suspect,” I said.

   “How do you know that he didn’t do it?” Aria asked.

   “That’s the problem, I don’t.” 

   Hanna sighed. “Well, either way, we better start heading back now. This whole being out in the woods thing is freaking me out.”

   “Ditto,” Emily said.

   As we went our separate ways, my mind wandered to Jason. I definitely was not inebriated enough to text him anything suggestive, but I was thinking about him. What if A went after him? I would never be able to forgive myself because it would have been my fault. Plus, keeping this secret from everyone would not have been worth it.

   When I got home, all I wanted to do was crawl into bed and sleep off the alcohol. Unfortunately, I was in for a rude awakening because Jason was standing in my driveway. I parked on the curb and grabbed a handful of mints from the tin to cover up the smell of alcohol before getting out of the car. He walked towards me and he had a solemn expression on his face.

   “Hey,” he said.

   “Hey. What are you doing in my driveway?” I asked.

   “I knew you were going out tonight and I wanted to make sure that you were okay.”

   “I didn’t go on a bender or anything so I’m fine. You could have just called or text.”

   "Yeah, but this way you can’t lie to me.”

   As much as it made me happy that he cared about me, I was still confused about where we stood. He reached out to talk to me and then we almost kissed. We…we still needed to talk about that.

   “About this afternoon—-”

   “Don’t worry about it.”

   “I’m not worried about it, I’m confused. I thought we were done and then we almost…”

   Jason looked at me. “What we had was genuine and intense and long so it’s pretty hard to just leave those feelings behind.”

   “Genuine? Sneaking around with each other is genuine?”

   “Besides that, the feelings were genuine…weren’t they?”
    I hesitated. “Yeah, I get what you’re saying.”


    “So, you drove all the way to my house, risking getting caught by my parents and seen by neighbors, to make sure I was okay because…”

    “Because we’re friends.”

    “Yeah, friends.”

    “And friends care about each other. Stay safe, Y/N.”

    As Jason walked to his car to leave, all I could think about was how he called us friends. Two people who had such an intense relationship with genuine feelings for as long as we did could not suddenly become friends. Why was I thinking that we could be more than friends? That would begin another slew of problems that I certainly didn’t need. In spite of that, I was sure that I still had some straggling romantic feelings for Jason. The question was if he was having that same dilemma with me. 

Costume Contest

“I’m here to enter the costume contest,” Cat Noir announced with a cheeky grin.

The woman sitting in front of him looked less impressed than he’d expected, “Name?”

“Cat Noir,” he grinned, “Isn’t it obvious?”

“Yes, sir, I see the costume,” she responded with a disgruntled sigh, “I need your name. Your…” She grimaced, as though she’d said the line more times today than she’d like to admit, “Your secret identity.”

His grin faded a little, “No, you don’t understand. I’m the real Cat Noir.”

“Okay. Fine. I’ll just put you down as Real Cat Noir #16.” She handed him a number and waved him away, too tired to argue.

He accepted it, pressing the sticker to his chest with a shrug. At least he knew his fans were devoted. And outnumbered, he realized as he glanced around to see nearly four Ladybug costumes for each Cat Noir costume. Well, he couldn’t argue with their taste, he thought with a small smile. He’d considered a Ladybug costume himself, but in the end, he couldn’t resist the allure of wandering around as Cat Noir for an entire day with no akuma to fight.

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anonymous asked:

can I request a winner mino angst fic? like maybe you guys have a daughter or son together and yall get into a argument and he leaves but comes back and ends it fluffy? idk just something along those lines please :))

Certainly! Thanks for requesting!

Originally posted by king-mino

“No, I’m sick of it and I won’t put up with this anymore. So, you have a choice you can think about your damn family and put us first or you can go out with your friends and find somewhere else to live.” 

Mino rolled his eyes standing on the stairs of his house, then turned around looking at his wife. “So, that’s it. Just give me an ultimatum? I’m here or I’m out?” 

He watched as she shrugged, her faux dreads banging against her shoulders. “You heard what I said.” 

He hated that. He hated how she could become so detached from the moment. Mino found himself grinding his teeth as he walked back up the stairs, fists clenched. “So, that’s it then? You’re gonna tell me to leave? Do you know who the fuck I am?”

She wasn’t afraid and if this was any other situation, she would have laughed in his face but not today. Mino marched up the stairs, and she folded caramel colored arms in front of her chest, and stood her ground. 

“You want me to leave? What happened to you not being able to live without me? What happened to understand this life?”  His nose nearly touched hers.

She backed up, only to give herself some breathing room and met his eyes. “That was in response to what you said to me. All these late nights, you barely see Nari. You don’t take me out anymore. We haven’t had sex in weeks. It’s strained Mino. all these allegations and you just tell me: “babe, chill.” How the fuck am I supposed to chill?” She bit back tears and held up a hand. “Just leave. You don’t want to be married.” 

Turning around she walked into the room, where their 7 month old daughter slept and laid down on the bed next to her. Mino watched as she didn’t even look his way. She didn’t move, it was always so easy for her to walk away wasn’t it? To pretend like he wasn’t there. She always played hard to get. Let’s see how that worked in her favor now. 

“You don’t know shit, girl. I’m outta here.” He watched her face impassive as he stormed down the stairs and out the front door. 

Getting into his car, he hit the steering wheel, once then twice. Then he leost count, his hand was throbbing by the time he released he wasn’t hurting the leather, only himself. His phone beeped, and there was her name with a heart next to it. Fuck her, he wasn’t going to read it, but the name burned his heart and he opened the text to one line. 

You’re going to need me one day

Mino sighed starting the car going to his studio. There was a small room there he could stay in for awhile. He could work on some music and let this all go. Anywhere but here.

A few hours later, Mino was being shaken awake by someone with a death grip on his shoulder and he looked up to see, Zico standing over him. 

“Get up. Explain to me what happened, because that shit you sloppily texted makes no sense.” Zico pushed the crumbled papers, off a chair and sat a bottle of Soju up on the table.

“I’m probably gonna get divorced.” Mino slurred, rubbing his head. 

“No, you aren’t. You’re married and have a baby. We don’t do that.” Zico, reached over to small fridge and took out two bottles of water handing one to Mino. 

“She don’t love me anymore. She cares about the baby more than me, which is right, but damn I need love too.” His arms felt too weak to open the cap and he handed it to Zico, who sighed and popped it open. 

“Did she say that? That doesn’t sound like her.” Zico looked around the room, spying Mino’s phone he pressed the home tab and watched to see a blank home screen pop up. 

“No, but she might as well. Told me to leave.” Finishing half the bottle, Mino laid back down on the small bed. 

“Finish the water. I don’t want you in here vomiting. Now, you have a tendency…to not…tell the details.” Zico choose his words carefully. “Did she say to leave, or give you the choice? Women are difficult, they say leave but they mean stay and make me realize you love me.” Zico rubbed a hand through his red colored hair. 

Grunting, Mino tried to recall what she said but he couldn’t. He could only see her face, and it hurt. He loved her. “Probably a suggestion. I was mad. She doesn’t listen. She worries too much, she always thinks I’m cheating.” 

“If a woman doesn’t yell at you, or worry about you, she doesn’t love you.” Zico replied, looking at Mino. “Question is, are you cheating?”

Mino stared hard at his friend. “You’re my boy and you’re asking me that?”

“I’m asking you because I’m your boy. I know you and I know your personality, and I know how jealous women act. Have you?” Zico’s stare was hard, his normally grinning lips were set in a hard line. 

“Never. Have women approached me and made it easy for me to have? Yes. I wouldn’t do that to her. I love her too much. Admittedly, I probably flirted too much.” Mino finished the water holding his head in his hands.

“That’s always been your problem. So, you love her and you want to go home. Stay the night at my place, shower and get yourself pretty, buy some flowers and go home and apologize.” Zico thumped Mino on the back of his head. “Sincerely, stop doing stupid shit and do what she wants. Or you will lose her.” 

“She was serious, Zico. You didn’t see her face, she gets so emotionless.” He grabbed his phone opening to the last text from her, showing it to Zico.

“You need her now. She was right.” Sighing, Zico started to pick up the trash in the small back room. He lifted Mino’s arm and drug him to a stand. “Let’s go.” 

In the car, Mino told Zico what she was really mad about. A girl from a group in YG had been coming onto him pretty hard. She left notes on his car, brought him food. She even went as far to find out his phone number, and try to text him. At first, she had dismissed it as another crazy girl and suggested he put her in her place. Mino was never the one for trying to be nasty to a young woman, and so he politely declined her advances, stating he was married and ignored her. Then the girl got bold, and said on interviews how he was so nice to her, helped her out a few times. At a few events she sat near him, tried to talk to him, but the fateful picture of her draped all on him, and implying she “had” Mino is what set her off. That and the girl sending a baby basket to their home. 

Get that bitch before I do, she doesn’t know me, I’ll kill her

Mino, why is she texting you? Block her!

Ok, that’s fine. I’ll find me a little “friend” too and we will see how “innocent” it is.

Zico knew the girl, and he generally agreed with Mino’s wife. As they entered his home, Mino showered and sat down on the couch. She wasn’t going to take him back. She had told him before, if he fucked up he was gone. 

“She doesn’t believe you?” Zico asked, getting some noodles together.

“I think she does, but she isn’t letting me know that.” 

The men ate, and that evening they stayed indoors. Zico suggested he text her, ask how the baby was, send a picture. At least tell her he missed her. 

She replied the baby was fine, and where was he? At his little girlfriends house? He ignored the jab and told her with Zico, that he missed her. She never answered. 

“It’s not that I don’t want to have sex, but if she’s mad at me, she won’t let me touch her. How can I get close to her and try to get her in the mood if she won’t let me near her?” Mino asked.

Zico grunted. “I’m not even married and even I know you try anyway. You pull her close, kiss on her and work her into it. You can’t be that dumb. That’s probably why she think you’re messing around. Not getting it from her, then who?”

“I don’t work like that.” Mino answered. 

“Does she know that?” Mino sighed. Why were women so difficult. 

The next day he borrowed some clothes and made a run to the store. She wasn’t into fancy clothes and jewelry. she did however like candy, and he bought that and some flowers. Her favorites, roses and tulips. After Zico, drove him to his car, he bid his friend goodbye and went home. 

Her car was gone, he went inside and she wasn’t there. Could he wait? He had a speech laid out and ready. He heard a car pull up and waited in the hall for her. The baby’s soft babbling was heard and he saw the carseat before he saw her.

His daughters dark eyes lighting up as she saw him, legs kicking in her seat. 

“There’s my pretty girl.” He watched his wife and how her eyes narrowed at him. 

“Put the baby down, I wanna talk.” He showed her the flowers and candy.

She knew what this was and said nothing bending down to remove Nari from her car seat, placing her on her play mat. “Nari needs to eat so hurry up.” 

Mino took a deep breath. “I love you. I always have. From our first date, to now. Even yesterday.”

Holding up her hand, she shook her head. “Mino-”

“Let me finish. I was wrong. Dead wrong, I know that. Yobo, I swear on everything, I promise you, I didn’t touch that girl. I know I’ve been doing too much. Look how much Nari has grown up in a short time. I’ll do better, I swear I will. I’ll take you out more, I’ll be present for the baby. When you push me away, I should have come closer but I pulled away. That’s not right. Just please, say it’s ok and say we can be ok.” He held the flowers out to her and smiled. The same crooked smile he gave her when he noticed her watching him.

He could see her mind working, her hand reached out and she took the flowers, smelling them. “These are nice.” 

He wanted to come closer, would she let him? No, he knew what he had to do. He crossed the space between them holding her tight. His face in the crook of her neck, taking in her citrus smell. How soft her body was and how good she felt against him. He missed this. They had been fighting too much to remember such a thing. Leaning his head back, she wiped a tear from her eye and he captured her lips. She kept her lips stiff, but when he hugged her waist, she softened for him, opening her mouth and he nearly died from the expectation.

This was good, this was right. They would be alright. 

Hope that was what you wanted!

summer palace feelings

I’ve been unpacking my thoughts about The Summer Palace, and ok yeah fandom reaction, this last while and the easiest way for me to figure things out is to write it down. I’m gonna preface this by stressing that I’m not claiming any other reaction or perspective is wrong, or I am some kinda fandom expert. It’s just my feelings and they’re a jumbled mess a lot of the time.  I’m not calling anyone out or looking to start ~discourse.

Under the cut are my thoughts on

  1. bias
  2. auguste’s death
  3. the talk
  4. softness
  5. laurent and the baths
  6. one last thing (sex!)

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SasuNaruSasu Fanfiction Rec-List. Pt 2

Cheat [Chapters: 11 - Words: 32,809] by xrosepetalsx

Naruto and Sasuke have the same girlfriend, but it’s imperative Sakura doesn’t find out they know about her cheating ways. What will come of these two’s situation, and there unusual attraction to one another? Sasunaru onesided Sasusaku and Narusaku AU

Hot In Here [Words: 3,964] by darkalbino

One thing hotter than a man in uniform? Well hell, I think TWO men WITHOUT uniform kinda takes the cake. SasuNaru, lemon, oneshot.

Instincts [Words: 9,485] by Sleeping-Lion7

When the vampiric Uchiha clan returns to Konoha tension within the Berserkers pack rises. Unfortunately for Naruto, tension isn’t the only thing that’s rising. NaruSasu Werewolf!Naru Vampire!Sasuke. THIS STORY IS COMPLETE! I HAVE NO PLANS TO CONTINUE!

Crazy About You [Words: 2,836] by xrosepetalsx

They didn’t agree on much, in fact, they rarely agreed on anything at all. They fought all the time and they challenged each other everyday. But in spite of their differences, they had one important thing in common. They were crazy about each other…

The Kyuubi [Chapters: 7 - Words: 27,448] by fluffy-fuzzy-ears

One night, the NineTails gets, well, a little frisky.. poor Naruto and Sasuke have to deal with it. NaruSasu. Slight AU!

Feeling the Heat [Words: 12,997] by michelerene

Sasuke mistakes his savior for an angel and asks him to stay. Naruto, a firefighter doing his job, hasn’t broken a promise yet. Written for NaruSasu Day

Twenty-One [Words:3445] by Miasen

It’s Naruto’s birthday, and as he is turning twenty-one it is only natural that it is spent in a bar, finally drinking (legally). And if it happens that the bartender is a drop gorgeous one, that’s only a bonus.

Unconditionally [Words:4661] by stylinourry

It’s inevitable.. sasuke thought he was doing alright…until he realized he wanted him all this time.

Delicious [Words: 9633] by fangirlandiknowit

As a vampire, you’re supposed to strike fear into the hearts of humans, Sasuke knows this. It’s just not that easy when the human refuses to be intimidated. Then again, this isn’t just any human, this is Uzumaki Naruto, and he’s not interested in playing victim…

Rebuilding a clan is hard work [Words: 1,398]by kally77

sasu/naru. Crack!fic. Implied mpreg. Cute little Uchihas running around. Might rot your teeth from excessive sweetness or give you a sugar rush. Consider yourself warned.

The Story of How I Saved Sasuke [Chapters: 3 - Words: 6,765] by kally77

The Story of How I, Uzumaki Naruto, the Greatest Ninja That Ever Lived, Saved Uchiha Sasuke from the Rabid Fangirls of Doom. // crack!fic. SasuNaruSasu. Spoilers for recent manga story arcs.

What Happens In Tanzaku City [Chapters: 8 - Words: 18,408] by TanukiRaccoon

Sasuke and Naruto wake up after a drunken night in Tanzaku City… oh my… what’s that on your finger, Uzumaki-san? Or should I say, Uchiha-san? Yaoi, SasuNaru, AU

How Naruto and Sasuke Became Friends [Words: 5431] by prettypriestess

The heavens have chosen the accidental kiss as their running gag.

Three times when Sasuke didn’t kiss Naruto [Chapters: 20 - Words: 62,196] by kally77

Three times Sasuke messed up, and one time he and Naruto finally got it right. SasuNaruSasu, spoilers for manga, now complete.

Funny Way to Fall [Words:9541] by Atanih88

Naruto’s favourite late night customer has a set of wings. Yeah. Big ones.

Smile [Chapters: 28 - Words: 255,762] by Repeated Love Song

Naruto would have never guessed that an innocent dare to make the grim Sasuke Uchiha smile would lead to a struggle to keep him doing so. NaruSasu AU college years.

Ferris Wheel [Words: 12,660] by NavyBlueWings 

What do you do after drunken sex? What if it was with your best GUY friend? And what if you weren’t exactly drunk? Easy…you hide it. But blackmail is a girl’s best friend, and Sasuke’s worst enemy. SasuNaru, Sasuke POV. Winner of a poll in my profile

Complementary Colors [Chapters: 5 - Words: 12,094] by Rainfelt aka Phoe-chan

[NaruSasu AU] Sasuke, a talented and excellent student at Konoha High, has a crush on Naruto, the school’s gregarious star athlete. But he’s too shy to tell him! What’s a guy to do? Part 5 of 5. Complete.

Beat The Odds [Chapters:13/25 -  Words: 23339] by Syco

Long distance relationships are complex and hard to maintain. Naruto refuses to give into the hype about how they never work, he was going to beat the odds. A series of short moments of having a long distance relationship. NaruSasu/SasuNaru.

Like Ninja Fighters [Chapters: 9 - Words: 30,159] by Jelp

There’s more to Sasuke and Naruto’s relationship than what meets the eye - even if neither of them wants to admit it.

The Heart Knows [Words: 1,238] by Jelp

Sasuke isn’t quite sure what he’s longing for. Thankfully he doesn’t have to figure it out alone. Sasuke/Naruto. Yaoi.

Christmas Spirit [Words: 6,443] by Jelp 

No one should be alone for the holidays. Yaoi.

Delusion [Chapters: 10 - Words: 35,031] by Jelp

Medical AU. Sasuke is a renowned surgeon and Naruto is a newly transferred pediatrician. Personalities clash, rivalries are born and bets are made. But what do they always say? Opposites attract. SasuNaru

The Divine Glitch [Chapters: 5 - Words: 38,842] by michelerene

There are reasons why two people can’t be together. Separated by oceans, by wars, by family feuds. Try being the Angel of Death. Romeo and Juliet were lucky. SasuNaru

A Million Miles Away [Chapters:3 Words:6379] by narusasunaruheadcanons

“My parents moved me halfway across the world when we were twelve and before that we were best friends but now I’m back and moving in across the hall from you so hi?”

Sasuke had thought he’d never see his annoying, loud best friend again…until he moves in next door.

Sunday Mornings [Words: 4013] by narusasunaruheadcanons

Every Sunday morning Naruto’s new next door neighbours mows his lawn at the crack of dawn and Naruto’s fed up. So he goes over to Sasuke’s and plans to give him a piece of his mind - but Sasuke has other ideas on how to resolve their issues.

The Awkward Phase [Words: 1727]by narusasunaruheadcanons

Nobody is perfect…ESPECIALLY not during puberty! [small ficlet originated on tumblr]

Wait For Me To Come Home [Words: 4524] by narusasunaruheadcanons

Sasuke has no plans for Christmas this year, and would be perfectly fine if the holiday itself disappeared. Too many memories, too many things he would rather forget. His persistent-and-sorta-charming flat neighbour, Naruto, however, has it in his head that Sasuke will be spending Christmas with him.

The Great Debate [Chapters: 2 - Words: 16,343] by myfreudianslip

It all started, innocently enough, with a pair of jeans.

Listen [Words: 5,660] by Lilbakasaru

Sasuke always listened to Naruto, no matter what the he said. Sadly the blonde could never hear his own silent requests, but what if Sasuke wasn’t the only one calling out for help? AU SasuNaru One sided SakuSasu COMPLETE

The Worst Shift [Chapters:23 - Words:124465] by kizukatana/ CapturedByNoodles

A decorated officer of the court, with a police record as immaculate as his badge, Naruto Uzumaki was certain he could take on anything. Even if that meant wearing a skirt, procuring a street corner, and going undercover as a prostitute… with your old high school rival as your first client. (SasuNaru/Written by CapturedbyNoodles and Kizukatana).

The Perfect Boyfriend [Words: 13228] by IvvyMoon (blue_jack)

Sasuke needs a date to take to his family reunion. Out of desperation, he pays a waiter to pretend to be his boyfriend. The catch? He’s hoping the blond will ensure his parents never ask him to bring a date to the house ever again.