the mcelroys look like the least compatible people in the world based on just their appearances alone and it’s the funniest fucking thing to me

like, who knew that some elusive cool uncle who’s probably a trickster god sporting a hawaiian shirt, a goth cowboy who just stepped from a starbucks and is probably keeping the secrets of magic from the public, and an assistant regional manager for Staples who only owns clothes in beige are a) related and b) rule the Internet as reigning funnymen with a less-than-benevolent fist


Where we end is not the way that we had planned

I will ask you for mercy
I will come to you blind
What you’ll see is the worst me
Not the last of my kind

-”Muddy Waters” by LP

Me *stressed af*: Ok, get it together. You still got so much stuff to do. You got enough AUs already…

Also me *side-eyeing @lightningstrikes-art ‘s SPN AU*: ….hoh boy….

Another inktober i had to color just because 

With special dedication for @blacksmiley-c because I don’t know anyone who could love Gabe more than she does 🍩