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I return from The Lego Ninjago Movie.

It was decent, but I’m really glad I watched those first ten episodes of the TV series first to get an idea of who everyone was. >.>;


Jackie Chan is an absolute delight & I love him always. The movie is literally worth watching for him.

It’s hilarious. I laughed a lot in this film. The jokes are spot on & everything Garmadon says had me in stitches. Good stuff. (Garmadon’s story about how he met Lloyd’s mom, in particular, was a highlight.)

And lastly, I really like Lloyd; he is a sweetie. His emotional moments are some of the better parts of the movie (even when those emotions are frustrated ANGER). While I wish we got to see more of him & his friends, I did like his story and wish the poor kid didn’t feel like a kicked puppy that entire movie.


The plot is a rush. For what is essentially a really simple story (Save the city from the Giant Cat) with a complimentary subplot (Lloyd & his Dad), the movie felt sort of rushed & lacking in story. Character development & plot felt traded out for one more joke, which resulted in plot points feeling like a check list of “oh, oh, we need to get to this now.”

While I enjoy a lot of humor, the movie probably shouldn’t feel like 90% punchlines.

But speaking of character development, if your name wasn’t Lloyd, you probably didn’t need to be in the movie. His fellow Ninjas felt sort of brushed over & super unimportant for a good chunk of the film. I don’t mind that the plot was Lloyd focused, because that’s how you keep the movie from being overcomplicated, but they could have integrated his team into story better without making them all feel like extras.

The first ten episodes of the TV Series were better in pretty much every way but production value, which is a little disheartening.

Especially considering the big message at the end concerning “Lloyd’s power” — that probably would have been more effective if we actually saw more of Lloyd bonding with his friends (aside from a bit in the opening, there was more “they’re great friends!” implied than seen).


Generally though, I’m glad I went to go see it. The opening & ending bookends were absolutely worth it, the movie was hilarious, and it made me want to go binge the rest of Season 1 before starting on the other like six seasons, so that’s a win.

I think if you like the Lego movies, it’s worth a watch. :3 It’s got issues, but overall I don’t regret going to see it.

can anyone reccomend some good horror comedys? im too much a bitch to watch straight up horror so im trying to start with some half way stuff. 😭

Kagami’s announcement (Last Game)

Okay so I just watched the Last Game movie (finally!) and first and foremost let me sayโ€ฆI was kind of disappointed in it. I mean, I knew the film wasnโ€™t going to be great (deviating from the manga and all wtf with that ending =_=) But it just felt soโ€ฆshallow. This is just my opinion, but when I compare it to the series that Iโ€™ve loved for like 3+ years it really falls short. Of course, I still laughed with some parts, and of course getting excited towards the end as we do with these basketball dorks. It canโ€™t match up to the series though, just my personal thoughts.ย 

But I thought this scene was handled relatively well (and was probably the most real moment of the movie) when Kagami made his announcement.


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She hasn’t talked to me since she broke up with me almost two weeks ago. I’m pretty much over the relationship but it still feels awful to feel this disposable to someone who I gave everything to. I can feel myself taking back all of the nice things I said to her over the years we were together. It hurts to know I misjudged so badly. Maybe I should force moving on as fast as I can.

omg the guys i dogsit for have THE gayest selection of itunes movies in their purchases like. i mean this in the most sincere and honest way possible i love them dearly and as a gay i can appreciate these decisions for example: step up. step up 2. step up: revolution. also a single man. also mamma mia!, yes the one with colin firth. MAX STEEL. the princess diaries 2 (but weirdly not the original?) julie & julia. swimfan !!