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Part of the Second Order of the Phoenix

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“I want to go home.”

A Spirited Away AU @sumyna (check out her TeruMob one!) and i have been thinking about… I’ve been calling it “The Lost Brothers and the Dragon Twins”. More about it + bigger picture of the brothers under the cut!

(🌿 background from the movie 🌿)

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make me choose@sebanstianstan asked: poe dameron or bucky barnes?

“most of the intelligence community doesn’t believe he exists. the ones that do call him the winter soldier.”

The signs should know...
  • Aries: it's okay to not be okay. Let yourself break down. Cry. Let someone hug you while you do it. Remember I'll still look at you like you're standing in the top of a mountain even with red stained cheeks.
  • Taurus: you don't have to be there for everyone all the time. You are and it's noticed, trust me, but the second you let someone be there for you it'll be a gift you gave yourself. You have a golden soul and it'd be a shame if you didn't get a little of it for yourself.
  • Gemini: you made the right choice(s). I trust your decisions. You are smart. And you're in too deep to go back so live your goddamn life.this is what you have TAKE IT.
  • Cancer: you're the strongest person alive. You have mountains on your back and roses in your hair and I don't know how you do it. You're amazing. Don't let the mountains get too heavy.
  • Leo: it's okay to be frustrated. Remember why you are and don't get off track when expressing those feelings. Nobody is mad at you it's okay. I love you.
  • Virgo: you've been strong for a while now (your whole life) so go ahead and rest your beautiful brain. Be weak but only for enough time to realize that being strong is something you are, it's in you, it won't change.
  • Libra: feeling uncertain is okay!!!! If you feel it in your heart, go for it. If you feel it in your gut, turn the other way.
  • Scorpio: you're not mean, and you're not difficult. You're who you were made to be and that's nothing less than the the stars in the sky.
  • Sagittarius: every word that comes out of your mouth is heard and it is so nice to hear let me tell you. You're not annoying, and you make so many people so happy.
  • Capricorn: you don't have to be the same person that everyone always thought you were so you kinda just stuck with it. Change the way you need to for yourself and everyone else will just have to adapt. But remember that whichever "you" you choose is still 100% you.
  • Aquarius: you're understood. I get you. Keep talking. Say whatever it is you'd like. It'll be absorbed and remembered and stored in hearts and minds and souls into old age. Your words will be remembered in rocking chairs on old creaky porches at 7am when I'm old.
  • Pisces: oh you are so loved. And at every moment of every day you are on someone's mind. The smell of your hair and the sparkle in your eye and the words from your mouth scar the passerby's in shapes of stars on their mind in colors we've never seen before.

remember watching the election arc for the first time and almost feeling relieved when hisoka shows up again bc after the ants it’s almost comforting to have a creep/antagonist around who has SOME kind of limitations for their destructive whims? that’s messed up yo like excuse me u can’t do that

I have another TeruMob prompt to do and I have already done this pose for SeriRei so I decided to do something a little different for this one and played with the expressions. It made me realise how rarely I actually draw per-Mob Teruki… not sure why.



“Ah, he fell asleep.”

My part of the art collab with @auro-cyanide! I had a great time coloring her lineart. Mob and Ritsu often do their homework under a kotatsu during winter, and Ritsu tends to fall asleep. Mob lets him.


@aglionbycrewnet: get to know the members + elizabeth
→ fav gang or group: the vancouver crowd

they were people gansey knew: henry, cheng2, ryang, lee-squared, koh, rutherford, sicksteve. but here, they were different. at school, they were driven, quiet, invisible, model students, aglionby academy’s 11-percent-of-our-student-body-is-diverse-click-the-link-to-find-out-more-about-our-overseas-exchange-programs. here, they slouched. they would not slouch at school. here, they were angry. they could not afford to be angry at school. here, they were loud. they did not trust themselves to be loud at school.