and i'm proud of how far you've come


happy birthday to our sweet namjoon!
thank you for being our galaxy 


This set is dedicated to all my followers who are going through hard times right now. Never let anyone to tell you how to life your life, you have the power in you to make anything you wish possible, so if something makes you happy, go for it! 


“As long as there’s a path… nah, even if there is no path… we’ll keep moving onward in order to destroy Naraku! We’ll put on new shoes and keep going, ‘cause this adventure isn’t over yet!”

Dedicated to @kaze-ranna! As a very very late birthday present and to celebrate your new follower milestone c:


Happy 25th birthday Niall James Horan 💜

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Hey Ethan! Just hoping that living in LA is everything you hoped and more :) I'm so proud of you for how far you've come, and I'm so happy to have been here to see you grow so much, even if it's not as long as I would've liked (I wish I'd found your channel sooner!) Either way, you deserve every bit of the recognition that you're getting now and more, and I hope that you always get to keep doing what you love for a living. Love you!

That’s so sweet. thank you so so much :’) It’s amazing having you guys with me on this journey :)

I went and rewatched @markiplier’s first FNaF video ever.

Oh man… I got the feels seeing it again and I wasn’t even in the fandom at that point in time.

It made me laugh so hard when he ran out of power on the first night. I kept thinking no, Mark, you’re smarter than that, but then I stopped myself. No, he hadn’t learned yet. He hadn’t learned that the core four weren’t named Freddy, Bunny Boliday, Mr. Duck, and Pirate Cove Man. He hadn’t earned his crown yet. But he would.

Foxy was his first jumpscare. I doubt he even remotely remembered that detail, but I thought it was kind of fitting that Foxy was the only one of the core four he got for his pizzeria in FNaF 6.

That first video now has over 63 MILLION views.

Like I said, I wasn’t in this fandom when it all started, but I’ve watched all 59 videos in Mark’s FNaF playlist at least once before, and let me tell you… even though they’re just Let’s Plays, they’re almost like a miniature archive of Markiplier from 2014 forward. You can see little steps he makes in the evolution of who he is as you go from game to game.

Mark, if by some miracle you see this post, I encourage you to go back and watch your first FNaF video. Maybe you’ll laugh, maybe you’ll cringe, maybe you’ll call your past self an idiot for running out of power on the first night– whatever have you. But the reason I’m encouraging you to do it isn’t for that, it’s because I just want you to look back how far you’ve really come. This series of games doesn’t define you, but like I said, it provides a nice little archive of how you’ve evolved over the past few years– which is something I’m proud to have watched, at least for the short time I’ve been subscribed to you in the present day.

It’s been a pleasure to watch the King of Five Nights at Freddy’s secure his crown one last time.

Not to make you cry or anything, Mark. ;)

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I!!! Found your gf dating sim and it pulled me back into Gravity Falls and! I've been looking through your art tags n I noticed a significant difference in how you draw now compared to a few years ago- and I wanna say I'm super super proud! You've improved a lot! I was also curious abt your process in coloring/painting digitally? Like, how you personally approach it, etc etc? :o

aww thank you!! now that u bring it up, looking at my old art really does put into perspective how far i’ve come;;

as for my process, well, i love doing lineless art! i think i love it because when i’m working purely with lines it can get hard for me to tell why and where something feels wrong. meanwhile if i go lineless with shapes and form and shadow, it’s an image my mind’s seen plenty of times in real life and it’s easier to spot where my mistakes are

i’m also really into reducing the amount of brush strokes i spend while painting, and into working rougher in general! it’s taken me a really long time to move even an inch past focusing on detail work and i feel like i’m finally making progress towards keeping the big picture in mind at all times. i do that thing where you keep a view window in one corner of the canvas that shows the whole piece while zooming in on the main window to actually paint, and i’m finally blocking my colors roughly first before going in with the details. it sounds like such a simple thing to do, but i’ve been trying to get myself to do that for years and i’ve only recently managed to get into that habit

i’m forever gonna be learning how to do all this effectively and fast but lately i’ve gotten into a rhythm using the lasso tool + fill bucket combo w clipping layers & layer masks. i like painting lightly on my main color layers, then adding a multiply layer on top with 2-3 colors, to make it so that there’re a bunch more colors in there than i took the time to handpick. i drew an example ford because i… wanted to draw ford lol. but here:

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Looking at your mew mew kissy cutie piece reminded me of how insane & great the improvement you've made since your early Glitchtale days is. Is it weird to say I'm proud of how far you've come? I hope you're proud too ^^ your content has brought me so much enjoyment (& your take-no-hecks-from-anyone attitude), ty for being you ^^ (sry for being a suckup heh)

Right? Sure I need improvement but, since I started the series it’s been only profress for the better. I’m content with it

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i can't believe you graduated college like i've been following you since you were a junior in high school and hurting your foot and not being able to play soccer and your dog passing away and all these random things and i'm just ....... so shook by how far you've come and i'm oddly proud of you i need a moment

not to be corny but this is honestly so crazy to think about like i’ve been on this hellsite for almost a third of my life and some of y'all have seen me graduate high school, start and graduate from college, and now enter the work force… this website may be cringey at times but i think it’s pretty damn cool that it can foster these connections with people all over the world like this. love y'all thanks for sticking around over the years 🖤

How far has he come. I’m so so proud of you D/arren. What an amazing talent you are, and I just can’t wait to see you shine some more in your future projects to come that will make you shine even brighter. Enjoy this and savor it, you’ve earned it and work very hard to get here. Its OK to make this about you, don’t let anyone take this away from you. This is YOUR time.

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I'm honestly super proud that you've kept those old drawings. As my art improves I usually burn the old ones out of pure fear and embarrassment

hahaha honestly keeping my old art gives me some weird kind of motivation, it’s also interesting for me to see what kind of head space i was in back when i drew my old shit 

you shouldn’t be TOO embarrassed about your old stuff, it only acts as a reminder for how far you’ve come and how far you can still go 

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I just wanted to say I've been following your tumblr for so long like I remember your high school prom pics and the dancing aliens and when you were trying to find a new dog and I'm like weirdly proud of how far you've come, I stopped using tumblr years ago but I still keep coming back to check yours and you've accomplished so much and I just love to see you pursuing what you love and doing great!!!

omg stop…. this the sweetest message ever you’re like a proud internet parent…. love you mom

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the reboot feels like an actual comic intro, instead of just some choppy "where am i?" and then an immediate joke. i'm so proud of how far you've come !!

I’M REALLY PROUD OF US AND MYSELF TOO HONESTLY!! remember, this also does have a coherent, plot-driven story and NOTHING is random. get your detective hats on >:)


Your attraction to other ladies is valid!

You are not predatory for being attracted to other women sexually!!

Being a wlw is a great thing!!!

Everybody struggling with internalized homophobia or coming to terms with being sapphic is amazing and I’m so proud of how far you’ve come!!!!!!