and how did i remember this

ok WHO ALLOWED chapter 27 of the dream thieves

first of all,,

i’m actually going to combust





Whyyy is it taking so long to just get this damn fic finished

I’m at the half way point and I’m stuck on another ‘transition’ section

Gotham actually acknowledging Oswald’s disability and clarifying the nature of it to a degree: A+++

Oswald actually receiving physical comfort for his chronic pain: A+++

Having it done by Sofia in a plot to make Oswald vulnerable and will probably end in a forced romance despite Oswald canonically being indifferent if not sexually averse to women: F-

anonymous asked:

You ever been on the wrong side of the law, Detective? Maybe during a misspent youth? Or have you always walked the straight and narrow?

Digging for dirt on the new detective are we?

My past isn’t near as interesting as you seem to think.

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my mom: well hunny maybe ppl dont talk to you bc theyre intimidated by you

me: mom. mom, here listen this. have you met me mom? i am so very tiny and anxious, i am like a tiny baby bunny, no one is intimidated by me mom. 

i love the way my hair looks shorter and i wouldn’t grow it back if someone payed me to but y’all,,,,,i looked incredible when my hair was long and I wore my hair curly and I had the tiny little streak of blond in my bangs like that was a really good look

Dear Diary

Dreams I had last night:

My grandparents were in a poly triad, and came out to the family about it after 20 years. Their third’s name was Chris. Everyone was surprisingly chill about it, and couldn’t understand why I was so confused. (In real life my family is conservative christian, and most of them think that being openly gay is sinning).

I went to a poly meetup by myself, and a unicorn approached me looking for a relationship with an established couple. I didn’t know her, and hadn’t been there before, but she somehow knew who I was. I was weirded out and not looking for a date, but I try to be open to opportunities, so I made conversation about what she wanted. She had brought a friend as backup when approaching me, not as emotional support, but as someone to reassure me that they really did want to be a unicorn, because that might sound crazy.

I checked my email and I had been offered a job (by someone I’m interviewing with in real life). I was expecting a pay cut in the offer, they offered less than half my current salary (which because it’s an internal transfer, I know is less than what interns make). They offer it to me in hourly rates, even though it’s a salary position, and I can’t do math in dreams. So I just stare at it confused, thinking those numbers look small, and wondering what those numbers actually translate to.

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Kids need to chill out over the whole voting thing like yeah it's cool when they win awards but like? Awards don't matter as much as you'd think they would and honestly I don't think bts would want you to be an ass and waste precious moments of your life on yelling at ppl on Twitter about how many votes they get lol it's not as deep as they're tryna make it (yoongi would judge them real hard for this)

the sad part is its not just kids there are entire Adults doing this stuff too…. and honestly all of bts would judge them for this thats why pied piper exists