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[180527 Fansign] qna session

- Hobi got asked what his favourite move was in airplane pt2 and answered by doing the really quick footwork section

-  Jungkook said the arm dance thing in gcf wasn’t actually a spoiler for airplane pt2, but got added in after the video was released

- Tae got asked to rap a bit of outro:tear

- Tae also chose a post-it that said “please say something to international army” and he replied with “we purple you”

- After one of their tours (?) Yoongi forgot the password to his studio door and they had to call a lock service to get it unlocked

- Jungkook said he has never not had abs since debut so he didn’t necessarily make them for the comeback, they were always there

- Hobi said he remembers the 10mil twitter promise and he thinks about it a lot

- Jin chose a post-it that said to hear Hobi’s mixtape live, and Hobi complied by singing a line from daydream

- At the end as they were leaving, a mic got knocked off the table and Jungkook picked it up and said “mic drop”

bashful || jung hoseok

anonymous asked: Did you get a request about hobi? Y/n is singing and she’s shy about it?

Jung Hoseok x reader

Summary: Hoseok never knew you could sing.

Genre: fluff

Words: 1848

thank you for this request bby!! (and sorry I didn’t put ‘clockwork’ in, I had already written the IU bit <33)

wow I love Hoseok so much

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Excited for our date! Wait at the dorm for me~~

Hoseok’s text made me smile, my cheeks warming up at the thought of seeing him later. I giggled and unlocked the door to the group’s dorm with the spare key he had given me, sighing at the warmth inside and putting down my belongings by the door. However, my brief moment of joy was quickly replaced with disgust and horror, as I took in my surroundings.

I hadn’t been to the dorms for a while, but with Jin, Hoseok and Yoongi living there, all relatively tidy people, I didn’t think it could get this bad. There were clothes strewn over almost every surface, empty bowls cluttered on tables and shelves all around the room, and a trail of items leading their way messily up the staircase – and that was only one room. It must be hard to maintain the order of a home you’re barely in due to constant busy schedules. 

I sighed, scrunching my nose, and peered into other rooms to see that their state was the same. I realised, looking at the clock, that I had a few hours before Hoseok’s photoshoot would be over, and decided with a small smile and a shrug that I may as well clear up the place for when they got home. I began playing music and cleaning happily, motivated by the thought of seeing my boyfriend afterwards.

Two hours later I had finished the living room and all the bedrooms. I had always found something therapeutic about cleaning, I suppose because of the satisfaction gained when everything was in order and in its place by the end. I was wiping down the kitchen surfaces, and got started on making something for Hoseok and I to eat when he got back.

An easy smile spread across my face as the familiar first notes of IU’s ‘Good Day’ began to play whilst I pulled out the ingredients. I started humming softly along absentmindedly whilst I cooked, my hips beginning to sway to the beat as the tune picked up. By the time it had reached the second verse I was singing into my wooden spoon, sliding along the tiled floor and letting my body move to the tune in whatever way it wanted to.

I giggled, twirling around. I had forgotten how much I loved the song. As IU began singing the high notes over the last chorus I joined her, closing my eyes and letting my voice ring out from the bottom of my lungs. I barely ever sang, it wasn’t something I liked to flaunt in front of people, but when I did, I loved it. There was nothing like the feeling of pushing the air out; hearing your own voice sing songs you know so well. I closed my eyes and fell to my knees in a dramatic pose as I sung out the three-tier high melody into my spoon, allowing my voice to reach its full volume and clarity for the first time in so long. 

I continued to move to the beat until the end of the song, my cheeks spreading into a smile as it finished and I fell backwards onto the floor, catching my breath with a laugh. 

“I am so angry with you right now!”

I jumped out of my skin, dropping the spoon and scrambling to my feet to see Hoseok in the doorway, eyes wide and a grin spread large across his face. 

“H-Hoseok.” I said anxiously, feeling my stomach tie itself in knots at the thought of him having seen what I’d just done. When had he even come in? He moved closer, still smiling, his expression filled with something akin to awe.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” 

“Tell you what?” I asked with a shaky voice.

“That you could sing so well!” He exclaimed with a laugh, clapping his hands together. I sighed, frowning and shaking my head.

“I can’t-“

“Are you kidding?” He grabbed my hands and began jumping up and down, his eyes shining. “Did you just hear the high note that came out of your lips?” He shook his head with a dumbfounded laugh. “Because I did.” He stilled, his eyes searching mine and noticing I wasn’t enjoying the situation as much as he was. 

“Is my baby shy?” He pouted, softly running his thumbs over the backs of my hands. I ducked my head, feeling the heat reach my cheeks. He cooed and moved forward so my head was pressing against him, and his hand came to hold the back of my neck. 

“Aw, Y/N…” He stroked up my spine absentmindedly, pushing his nose into the crook of my neck and pressing a kiss to the skin there. “You have a beautiful voice.” I felt him smile against my skin and sighed again, starting to shake my head, but he stilled it gently with his hand. “No, you do.”

He pushed me back to meet my eyes with his usual cheerful eyes and smiling cheeks. “I promise.” I couldn’t help the small smile that spread across my own face at his words, avoiding his eyes timidly. He pressed a quick kiss to my cheek before grabbing my hand and pulling me over to the stove.

“Something smells good, did you cook?” He peered into the simmering pot, whipping around to me with an astonished expression. “And you cleaned?” He made a surprised noise, tilting his head to the side. “Woah, I really have the best girlfriend.”

“You know I’m never going to shut up about your singing.” Hoseok mumbled later, once we had eaten and were lying on his bed together. The rest of the guys had come back as well, and I could hear them in in the other rooms, clattering and laughing as they ate. Hoseok traced his fingers up the side of my arm as I rested against his torso, listening to his heartbeat. “I should have recorded it.”

I laughed shyly, gently slapping his chest, “Stop.”

“No!” He countered enthusiastically. “I’m still not over it.” He shook his head, before suddenly looking down at me with a gasp.

“Will you sing a duet with me?” He radiated excitement. I shook my head into his chest, whining.


“Oh, come on, please. Babe, it would be so cute!” He pouted down at me, and though my lips turned up into a smile at him acting cute, I still refused, poking him on the nose with a shake of my head. He sighed.

“Will you at least sing something for me now? I want to hear your voice again.” He peered down at me with pleading eyes. When I hesitated he immediately wrapped me tightly in his arms, rocking back and forth and whining continuously. “Please, please, please, please-“

I laughed, managing to wriggle enough out of his arms to reach his mouth and press my lips against it, effectively shutting him up. I pulled back, sighing, realising he wouldn’t ever stop asking if I didn’t agree.

“Okay.” His eyes lit up, and he smiled so widely I thought his face was going to break. He lay back down, settling me comfortably against his chest and I took a shaky breath in, reminding myself that it was only Hoseok listening.

He stayed completely silent whilst I sang. I closed my eyes, delicately singing a quiet song, using my head voice to run through the soft melody. His silence and warmth beside me allowed me to lose myself completely in the song, letting the notes fill my lungs, and then the silent room.

When I finished, I became aware of the space around me, his breathing beside me, and my cheeks flushed. I didn’t dare look up at him, my mind running through what I had sounded like, what he thought of it.

“I can hear you overthinking.” He smiled fondly down at me, his fingers finding my hair. I peered up at him uncertainly, waiting for some kind of reaction. He remained quiet, unlike his usual loud enthusiastic disposition, and only leant forward to catch my lips in a long, sweet kiss. “Wow, just wow.” He mumbled quietly. “That was beautiful. You are beautiful.” My chest filled up.

He opened his mouth to say something else but cut himself off and frowned, looking at the door. I gave him a questioning expression, following his gaze to the entrance to the room, where the door remained closed.


“Don’t you think it’s too quiet?” He whispered suspiciously, and I listened. He was right. The distant sounds of talking and movement that had previously filled the dorm had stopped. It was completely silent. Hoseok quietly got out of bed and moved to the door, swinging it open suddenly.

Taehyung would have fallen through the doorway if Jungkook hadn’t grabbed his arm and pulled him back, standing up quickly with a sheepish expression. All six of them were loitering outside the door, widened eyes and guilty faces at the sudden exposure.

Before anyone could say anything, Jimin had grabbed the two youngest and made a break for it down the corridor, giggling as they scrambled into another room. Namjoon cleared his throat, meeting Hoseok’s unamused expression. My heart was hammering, blood rushing to my face at the thought of them hearing me singing.

“Well?” My boyfriend asked, crossing his arms.

“You see…” Namjoon started, rubbing the back of his neck. “Jimin came to tell you guys there were leftovers if you wanted them, and then he said you were singing Y/N, so of course we came to listen. We weren’t planning on staying there, I swear, in fact I was just about to tell the others to leave, but, well, your voice is so nice…” He trailed off awkwardly and Jin laughed behind him, stepping forward to smile kindly at me.

“You have a beautiful voice, Y/N.” He said. I saw Yoongi nod from his position on the floor and groaned, dropping my face into the pillow, wishing I could disappear. Hoseok seemed to forget to be angry (not that he was ever very good at it anyway) and nodded enthusiastically.

“She does! That’s what I said!” He said loudly, looking back at me with a beaming smile. “You know, today was the first time I ever heard her sing?”

I pulled the covers of the bed over my head, hoping if I made myself invisible to them, they might actually forget I was there. But the corners of my mouth were curling up, and the heat covering my face was less unpleasant, and more the feeling of warmth, spreading across my whole body.

“We should duet together sometime Y/N!” I heard Jungkook yell from the other side of the dorm, and peeked my eyes out, giggling. 

“No!” Hoseok yelled, pretending to be outraged as he swung the door shut.

“Sorry,” he grinned as he walked over to the bed, falling next to me and brushing his lips against my temple as he wrapped me up, “but if anyone’s going to sing with you, it’s me.”