and here it is

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Summary: Nat drags you a bar the night before you start your last year of college
Warnings:  Smut. Please only read if you’re 18+ I can get in trouble if you do. 
A/N: Okay. So, this has a twist some people may not approve of. I’ve decided not to give it away. There’s no triggers or anything of that nature. If you’d like to know beforehand, reading the prompt I used will give it away. If you happen to not agree with what I’ve written, that’s okay, just please don’t send any hate. Let me know what you think!
Word count : 3,497


The bass thrums through your veins, your heart thumping with the beat. Bright lasers bath you in a kaleidoscope of colour as you push your way to the bar. Sweaty bodies make the task difficult and you briefly feel like you’re in a mosh pit.

It had been your friend Nat’s idea. One last night out before you both started your last year of college tomorrow. The redhead was currently off somewhere dancing with a guy and you sigh a little. You tell yourself one last drink before you head back home to your shared apartment.

Finally making it to the bar you put your hand up to signal the bartender only for him to turn the other way when he was called elsewhere.  Grinding your teeth, a little in frustration you call out a couple more times only for your voice to be lost amongst the others.

“What’s your poison?” the deep voice startles you. He’s next in line standing behind you. Brown hair pulled back into a bun, blue eyes which sparkled even in the dark light and a jawline that looked like it was carved out of marble. His white button up is tight, and you spot a gap in the buttons where it doesn’t fit across his broad chest.

Recovering you send him a bit of a confused smile at his question. “Whiskey and coke,” you answer. He smiles brightly nodding at your response in approval.

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