and he makes puns

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concept: you come home from work one day to find all the pillows from your entire house are missing except they're not they're all in your bedroom and so are the blankets and chairs, and you open the bedroom door and there's luke sitting in the most majestic blanket fort you've ever seen, with all your favorite snacks and your favorite movie lined up on the tv and you're all set to almost cry you're so surprised but then he makes a bad pun about pillow talk and it's gone

IF LUKE MADE A PUN I WOULD GIGGLE AND STILL CRY PLS THIS IS SO SWEET and I love this concept I’ve always wanted to experience a fort that would be so amazing and cuddling with Luke would make it so much better I love this anon ty 😍😍

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hii! could i have a monsta x and svt ship please? i'm 5'9, blonde hair/blue eyes, canadian. i'm kinda shy at first but open up more when i get comfortable with someone. lots of puns. and laughing. also i dance, play piano and rly enjoy photography. music is a major thing for me; mostly alternative, r&b and rap. more vintage/retro fashion. shy at skinship but love when it happens. i'm one for having fun and discovering new things/adventures. relaxed/chill but gets stressed easily. ty!~~

For Monsta X, I ship you with Shownu! As the dancer I think Shownu would work to help improve both your dancing skills. Music is a main part of Shownu’s life so I think he’ll love to here new recommendations from you.  He would use dumb puns or jokes to make you less stressed. 

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For Seventeen, I ship you with Woozi! Since Woozi is a composer and producer i think it is very important for his bae to enjoy many types of music. You two would have to work and find different ways to relieve each others stress and calm each other down. You would always be there for each other and have so much love.

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Tagged by @irlmagicalgirl to describe my self with three characters
Adrien/chat noir: smol socially awkward child, in love with his best friend and shows this by being a massive nerd, likes cats and puns.
Percy Jackson: son of Poseidon, lover of water, lack of common knowledge, just stumbles his way through life. Took approx. 3 years to figure out he was in love with his best friend
Cisco: nerd, makes bad puns, manages to fail
Through life and come out on top
I tag everyone

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There is someone that's been on my mind. Though he may be dirty and loud, I have a crush on the junk man who makes bombs and horrible puns.

Well, he is wonderful, so I am not shocked. Plus, puns are the best.

Tell me about your love

The best part of Legion so far is that Iadric has now reached that period of his life where he can be the “salty old dad paladin who makes puns and pokes fun at demons as they swing their weapons or Fel fire at him”.

This is how he was always meant to be. He’s reached his final form. 

//okay so theres several people coal knows but theres a few people who he talks a lot to
like amber, who is his robot android alien AI friend i think?? i have no idea what she is but shes got an AI which is a huge part of her character. shes one of his friends and his teammate and they get p close after a while.
then theres the guy who made his prosthetics. hes blonde and hes got frizzy hair and he likes to make puns and jokes and mess with people but hes super smart and hes very skilled at mechanics and math and technical stuff. he manages coals prosthetics and occasionally upgrades and fixes them and hes the sole reason coal almost burned his school down by accident when he got the prosthetics

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Showering with harry..........

He’d spend an extra long time lathering you up in soap, going over places twice that he swears he missed the first time because he’s got to make sure you’re clean yeah? Shower puns. Him massaging the shampoo into your scalp and serenading you a bit, but probably in a joking way and it’ll be some cheesy romantic song, and him humming when you lather up the shampoo on your hands and run your fingers through his hair and his sweet thank you. Him holding you close as the water cascades down around you, wet kisses, almost falling when he tickles your sides, but him trying to break your fall xx

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do you think colin and jen know they don't have chemistry?

Hard to say, seeing as how I don’t live inside either of their heads. Nor am I Professor Xavier. (I wish though, that’d be cool.) 

However, I’m inclined to believe that JMO thinks there is. But that’s just my personal opinion.

Colin on the other hand (No Hook pun intended) makes me believe that he doesn’t see the chemistry. But I could be wrong. *shrugs*

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Can I get a match-up?I'm a 5'8 non-binary ace w/equal attraction to men and women.I have this bright hulk green crew cut and a subtle hour glass figure which I hide behind baggy clothes. INTJ with anxiety,depression,&prolly bpd. I tend to act really intimidating when im not around my friends but around my friends I'm constantly making jokes and terrible puns(that doesnt mean i won't hold extremely awkward eye contact with someone for looking at my friends). Lowkey clingy highkey inferior complex

I ship you with McCree and Pharah!

McCree would always help when you are feeling down and knows how to deal with the things that bring you down. He knows when you try to be intimidating and usually chuckles at it. He laughs like a hyena when you make your jokes and puns and try to say some back as well. He doesn’t mind your clingy behavior, he enjoys it a bit actually. He loves giving you small, but soft kisses

Pharah is always there for you and always checks on you and ready to do anything for you. When you act intimidating she giggles softly and gives you a small kisses on your face. Your puns and jokes always leave Pharah clutching her stomach from laughing too hard. She tends to be a bit clingy and always wants you to be safe. Pharah loves to give you Eskimo kisses before long passionate kisses. 

Just played the first hour of Undertale

Really don’t know what to make of it. The random battles or annoying and the combat system is…interesting. I wouldn’t say its bad, just tedious. The story and writing so far is is either good or stupid. Like Sans seems like he’s going to be annoying if he’s going to keep making puns and winking at the camera. Toriel is cute, kinda reminds me of Fluttershy. 

Anyway this game is interesting, probably the most interesting game i’ve played since Nier, although whether or not it’ll be as good as Neir is still to be seen, but both games are completely different, but whatever you get my point. 

tag yourself: willa and co. edition

(I was in the exact place that I had written down as Willa and Co.’s place of residence and I got too much inspo. Summer and Jesse appeared in the original ones of the tag yourself meme) 


-can pull of any hair colour

-Georgia peach 

-still has a lacrosse stick from high school that she will hit with you 

-proof that if you study hard and stick with your man even if he don’t have money, you can make it out the ‘hood

-loves Madonna 

-will knock your ass out no matter what age she is


-loves flowers

-is always happy

-doesn’t even need caffeine, runs on happiness 

-if you make a pun on his name, he will be very disappointed in you 


-is aware of the fact she’s a hipster

-hopes floppy black hats will always stay in style

-is really good at video games

-person that thrived in university as karma for going through high school 


-has a newscaster voice

-needs coffee too much to be a coffee snob 

-has no gag reflex 

-likes art because of the naked Italian dudes but isn’t going to be an art or an art history major 

-is the smart one of his siblings but doesn’t like to rub it in their faces 


Student ID: 001
Class: 1 A
Seat: 5

  • Full Name: Hazel Wilczek
  • Age: 17
  • Type: Friendly/Cute
  • Hobbies: Videogames, Soccer (and other sports), Music, Comics
  • Introduction: Hazel is an outdoors and indoors type, he stays at home during rainy days playing Nintendo games all the time, but when the weather is good, he goes for a run or walks through the park.

    He’s sporty but not a sports addict, a little geeky but not too much. He can play the guitar and is pretty good at soccer. With his brown hair and eyes he is a fall type and he likes to dress in green, brown, red and yellow.

    He has a warm heart and can be funny, even though he’s funny in a clumsy way. Sometimes he uses puns or makes up weird stories just for fun. He is bad at maths and not a good learner.

    He would give all he can for someone else, but easily becomes lazy when it’s just for himself. Hazel is actually very caring and can be calm and soft if needed.

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“Ye don’t need ta shoot!!” Junkrat cries out dramatically. He’s been hassled by these Talon folks before (Looks hard at Reaper) so he knows how to deal with them. Somewhat. “’m unarmed!!” And off pops his prosthetic arm with a few latches unclipped. A cheesy smile is offered to her, along with a tilt of his head and a wiggle of his eyebrows. Of course he’d resort to terrible puns. It’s the best he could do to make light in this sort of situation.

Besides! Everybody liked jokes right???

Right. Worth a shot.

“Ye wouldn’t ‘urt’a guy who ain’t got his othah arm on right?!”

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"What's your favorite silverware? Because I like to spoon!" Jackson ;)


  So she wanted to play on words did she?- Jackson thought to himself, a grin coming to his face as he turned to look at her, an eyebrow raised. 

   “Is that so? I dunno- I happen to be a fan of the fork…. Forking is always fun.” He laughed, making the absolutely dreadful pun between the words.