and he makes puns

i did this very well and take a picture of my City home from my Iphone to make it awesome too and this is me and my date that we just walking around teaching him how to play Pokemon Go and i Catch a Totodile and he catch a Gastly and tell silly Pokemon Pun’s that making his brother nuts XD and me and him are both Team Mystic So becareful Team Mystic will hammer you of a Bad time  and  looking at the fireflies XD.

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Headcanon - Legends of Tomorrow bodyswap AU?

I still think nothing beats @robininthelabyrinth Habits series but-

1 - Len ends up in Sara’s body and proceed to put on the full White Canary outfit because body insecurity is body insecurity. He also does up his hair and make up to look like a real femme fatale. He will not stop making spy/assassin puns and offering to fight anyone that wants him to stop.

2 - Martin is so used to sharing a body as Firestorm he doesn’t even notice at first. It honestly takes him seeing his own body to realize he’s in Ray’s.

3 - Mick is in Jax’s body and angrily sulking because he can’t say himself on fire without Martin and Martin refuses to try in Ray’s body in case of consequences after everyone is back to normal.

4 - Rip is not even sure how Gideon ended up in Kendra’s body. Honestly this is bizarre and alarming. Mostly because Ray keeps quoting evil AI from various movies and laughing almost sinisterly.

5 - Kendra is honestly confused by Len’s lack of tattoos. He’s been in prison half his life right? Isn’t it a rule to have tattoos? Len explains he’s jewish.

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Coldflashwave artist/muse au?

1 - Barry is the artist. He works at superspeed in all sorts of new mediums; he even records his art-creation-process as performative art. He doesn’t care that other speedsters think he’s wasting his gifts, but he’s starting to run low on inspiration. At least until two thieves break into his workspace.

2 - Len is unable to resist making a pun when he sees one of the pictures. Several puns. In a row. That’s what gets them caught. Mick knew it would happen one day.

3 - Barry is totally able to defeat the non-meta thieves, but something about the way they stand in the moonlight, the way they smile at each other, the way they finish each other’s sentences - it speaks of the sort of intimacy and affection, unconditional love, that he’s always craved but has never been able to recreate in his art.  And when he steps forward, that changes in an instant to a barely leashed rage, intimidation, protectiveness - he suddenly wants to capture every last emotion they have. (only a little bit because that stupid art critic Bivolo said that Barry’s works were technically beautiful but lacked emotion)

4 - Len and Mick were not expecting to be propositioned during a heist. This is because it’s not a proposition, even though Barry does ask them to get naked at one point. They’re increasingly surprised that it’s not a proposition, honestly.

5 - Barry could watch Len and Mick doing their Len-and-Mick thing forever.

6 - His art series based on them is widely agreed to be his best ever. Iris, his agent, is overjoyed and practically blackmails someone at gunpoint to ensure that Len and Mick get their pardons so that they can keep working with Barry. Barry’s pretty sure she’s joking about the blackmail and the gunpoint. Pretty sure. Not 100% sure.

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“If you tell me one more pun, I’m shoving you off of this bed.”

Sharing a Bed Sentence Starters

“I don’t think that’s what they mean by falling asleep. I’d say that’s a bed idea, zero out of ten do not recommend.”

Did you think he wouldn’t make puns. He has to make puns. It’s practically in the job description of being a superhero. If you kick him out of bed he’ll probably just make a pun about that too.

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Here's a headcanon then: Griffin cringes at his dad's silly puns but when he becomes a father he'll be making the same puns too.

Hehehehe this is a cute one xD like father like son!

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I work with my crush and it's fun to mess around with him. He's really cute because he makes a lot of puns and is just in general a great and nice person. The other day he actually made a reference to us hanging out, so I'm excited and I'm going to try to tell him that I would love to hang out with him. 😊 The only problem is he's never had a girlfriend or even been on a date, so he's shy.

then ask him out on his first date, i’m sure he’d be down for it 

💗 anonymously tell me about your crush 💗

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hi there! umm i think your art is so so beautiful??? i just love your colours and soft beautiful style its so pretty ;-;;;; thank you for sharing your art <3 also your desc is original and hilarious ahhahaha hope you have a nice day :33333

(i meant your blog title, not your desc exactly, whoopsie :333)


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!!! and thank yOU so much for loving my art!!! TuT <33 hh be still my heart you make me so happy

oh you mean this (いただきますの景色)? awh man i wish im half as witty to think up sth this clever but the credits goes to Miura (Yamaguchi stage actor)! Assuming you follow haikyuu, i got this from the stage documentary where he makes a pun from Hinata’s quote of itadaki no keshiki to itadakimasu no keshiki bcs the actors were going to eat :DD

Have a nice day to you too!!

Kim Soo Hyun Shows His Adorable Way Of Supporting Lee Hyun Woo's Drama "The Liar And His Lover"

Kim Soo Hyun Shows His Adorable Way Of Supporting Lee Hyun Woo’s Drama “The Liar And His Lover”

External image

Actor Kim Soo Hyun has shown support for Lee Hyun Woo’s new drama “The Liar and His Lover.”

On March 27, Kim Soo Hyun posted a screenshot of the drama on his Instagram and wrote, “Hyun Woo, I’ll buy it and you carry it for me.” He is making a pun out of the acronym for the drama’s title, “Geu-geo-neo-sa,” which sounds like “You buy it.”

현우야 그거 내가 살게 너가 캐리해줳

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Awat orang lain baca tadak pun aku dengaq jadi mcm ni 😞

He literally makes it happen. “you’re my only protector/awliya in this world and next”

You can’t even help yourself anymore. Can’t stand up for yourself, no nothing. If you try, things will blow out of proportion. Strangest things will happen.
Whatever happens, u just let it be. Things will unravel in time. They’ll turn out better than you could ever plan.

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gryffindor jin-oppa! what are your thoughts on george weasley, seems like you two will have a good time making puns together!

J: He’s a handful. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to deduct points because he messed with Fred and started a fight.

F: George, you said this would make my hair neon!

G: Neon-existent.

// this is the last ask, so feel free to send more in~! ((sorry this one took so long to answer, i couldn’t think of a prank lmao))

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*was about to drink honey* are you going to make everything I ask a pun? *Hands you honey*

He takes the honey from you gratefully and downs a large gulp of it. “yup, that’s the plan. but you love em, they’re punderful.”

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Henry x Ricken Friendship headcanons?

- Henry loves animals. Ricken loves animals. When they discover this, they’re both naturally excited, and Henry spends a lot of time introducing him to all the neat animal friends he knows.

- When Henry learns how bothered Ricken is by killing, he offers to cast a curse that would remove his guilt. Ricken hastily declines, and explains that he needs the guilt to stay in check; otherwise, who knows if he’d start killing innocent people willy-nilly? This is just one of the many lessons Henry took in morality.

- Whenever the Shepherds stop in town, they rally up all the other mages and put on magic shows for the kids. Ricken is very good at entertaining them with flickering balls of lights, while Henry only needs his puns to make them laugh.

- Once he’d restored his family, Ricken ordered that Henry always be a welcome guest in his halls, regardless of what the other Ylissean nobles thought.

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❤ Party! A small, agile neko. He's pretty good with swords, although cones with a lot of pun based one liners and quips. He can make cookies though and he can at least be used as a meat shield if nothing else. ...he also says Ruby is cute, if that helps.

“I mean of course I’d let Shadow into my party. It’s just kind of a risk cause I don’t know how good of a fighter he is. He’d just be fun to have around if nothing else.”