and he makes puns

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I live for the days where Vegeta embarrasses his kids non-stop, dropping them off at school, yelling to not do drugs, making horrible dad jokes and puns in public, anytime he sees his son talking to a girl or boy, proceeds to hand Trunks a condom and gives lessons on safe sex, and anytime a boy just breaths in Bra's direction he goes Super Saiyan and Final Flashes his ass into space.


ALL of this needs to happen!

We all know he already made Mirai Trunks and Mai blush!

And you just know he’d punch the crap out of any guy that even looked in Bra’s direction…

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idk why it’s so funny to me when namjoon just gives up on translating sjsjsjsjs or he’ll make a pun in english from a korean translation like he’s so funny wow i love my man

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How would the skelebros of UT, US, UF, and SF (If it's too much, just UF and SF?) react to an S/O who had a blackhole like backpack. As in, it tended to swallow things, only for them to never be seen again. One day S/O asks the skellie to hold their backpack, only for them to discover it's so heavy, it knocks them over.


stARS–he’s not a guy who falls over easily, but it definitely knocks the wind out of him. Jesus, sweetheart, what’s in this thing, bowling balls?? He just can’t weight anymore, he’s gotta know. Don’t make him bag, babe!! The puns are to cover up the fact that his arms are shaking. Please take the bag back, it’s killing him.


He takes it with minimal “ease.” Have you met Undyne? She’s put him through much worse than this–some little bag isn’t enough to sway the Great & Terrible Papyrus!! But seriously, date-mate, what’s in this?? Why are you carrying so much??? While he appreciates the fact that you always seem prepared for whatever dastardly situations life throws at you, please try to do it with…less everything.


HA! Like the Marvelous Sans could ever be bested by your little bag!! This is nothing–nothing at all!!! He could bench-press this in his sleep!!! You’ll have to try harder than that if you’re trying to truly challenge him!!! He makes a whole show out of actually benching your bag to prove his point, to keep your attention away from his quaking legs. Help him.


Sure. He just picks it up (& possibly you in the process) & carries you both around like it’s nothing at all. Was that your way to trying to get to him, sugar? You’ll have to do better than that, he’s a tough cookie to beat. Cute attempt, though.

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HC: that one time Jason came home and shouted "Lucy I'm home" in a fake Ricky Richardo voice (from I love Lucy) Annabella happened to be visiting at the time and never let him live it down.

Omg yeess!!
It becomes a running joke.
Whenever Annabella visits she shouts it. When Lucy comes late from patrols or work and he’s already there she screams “Jason, Lucy’s home!”. Roys picks on it pretty quickly and takes all the chances he gets to make puns about it.
Jason’s mortified.

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“What do you call a fake noodle? An Impasta.” ( Peter )

      there  is  a  groan  that  escapes  her  lips  as  the  pun  clicks  in  her  head  ,  and  she  has  to  resist  the  urge  to  face  palm  in  disbelief  ,  but  she  manages  it  ,  somehow.      however  ,  she  does  want  payback.

      ❛  what  do  you  call  a  man  who’s  going  to  have  a  goat  let  loose  on  his  ties  if  he  doesn’t  stop  making  terrible  puns  ?      peter.  ❜      🌻      →       @iidcomeforyou      !

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hi hi !!! could you ship me with someone in bts? im 5'2 i have shoulder length brown hair that's dyed blue at the end. i have light blue eyes and freckles and im kinda chubby. im a bit of an anxious person and im pretty introverted. i love music and drawing and writing poetry. my friends say im pretty funny and i love a good pun and when im around the right people i open up!!! im always laughing although sometimes i can be kinda moody. i can b kinda scary when im angry but usually im soft n cute

I ship you with Jimin.  

He’d lowkey love your hair.  He’d try to get you out of your comfort zone but he wouldn’t do it if it made you uncomfortable.  You guys would listen to music together and maybe sing in a duet together?  He’d love your puns when you made them making sure to laugh.  He’d like it when you told him how you felt because he knew you trusted him. He’d also love that you also looked soft n cute but tbh you can’t be mad at this little mochi so all your anger would go away when you looked at him.

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-Excuse any grammatical errors and enjoy your ship.-


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How would Freddy, Jason and Michael react to a 'mom friend' s/o? Like they make a lot of puns, make sure they've ate/drank, & very much supports them like, "I believe in you!", "You did a good job today.", etc. I was daydreaming today & I had a thought of a girl getting stuck w/ the one of the killers and them having to deal w/ her but along the journey she's just making puns galore & being positive 24/7 & he's not sure if he likes her optimistic view of life or if he's getting annoyed by it.


*insert confused meme here*
At first he tries to ignore you, constantly telling you to shut it after you exclaim worry or any form of care towards him. He finds it a bit annoying. He’s a full grown man dammit and he doesn’t need your motherly.. anything! But he has to keep you around as bait so he just deals with it until the day you told a pun and it made him laugh. Of course neither of you can believe that happened after how grumpy he’s been towards you but after that you just seem to grow closer. Now he kinda likes having you care about him but he wont tell you. Puns are the glue that holds you two together.


I can see this so clearly with Jason. He’s not that comfortable with you yet, though you appear to be totally harmless and he decides he has hornier and more annoying people to deal with so he just lets you live until he finds the time to get rid of you. All the while you just seem so ‘okay’ with him. Sure he doesn’t really like your puns but he kind of grew attached after you insisted on helping him with a few wounds he’s gained. He ends up becoming protective of you and rather enjoys your caring and encouraging words.


It’s about time someone cared for this boy, he doesn’t even care about himself all that much which is what led to your sudden “relationship”. You most likely found him bleeding and half awake after a little tiff with some guns and a victim and took it upon yourself to make sure he got better, the motherly side of you not allowing him to just die. It’s also because of you motherly way Micheal can’t seem to get rid of you. You stare him down as he glares at you, you make sure he healed and eating before and after every hunt, and you wont let him go days in his dirt jumpsuit and mask without washing up at least a little bit. He just… can’t seem to find the time to get rid of you.

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Hi, I saw you did one of these so I hope it's no bother! A matchup would be great! I'm 5'7 and I am curvy. I have tan skin and dark brown hair. I am very intelligent but I hide it for my advantage. I make a lot of puns and have a quirky sense of humor. I am an actress and always sing. I am cranky in the mornings. I love anime and cosplay. I like drawing but I'm bad at it. I am a writer. I love makeup and fashion. At first I come off as kinda rude because I am not easily trusting. Thank you!

Your match is… Shin Tsukinami.

He likes rude girls.

When he starts to like you, he’ll do anything to earn your trust.

He just adores girls that know how to make themselves look good, like eyeliner, lipstick etc…

Since he makes a lot of puns himself, he’d like doing them with you.

He would laugh at all your jokes even if he doesn’t understand them.

He’d like that you don’t seem intelligent but when he needs it, it’s very good.

He finds girls who sing and act extremely girly. But that’s just Diabolik Lovers.

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I honestly wouldn't mind if they hated MatPat based on actual reasons like "He gets facts wrong sometimes and doesn't correct them on future videos" "He makes too many puns" "He has a habit of wording things inappropriately" instead of misinformation such as "He talked to the Pope about Video games?" "He doesn't even know how to use 'wasd' keys?!" "He says 'boys and girls' instead of 'everyone' so he's transphobic to nb folk!!"

thiiiiiiiiis. the man isn’t perfect OBVIOUSLY, but hating on him for dinky shit and ESPECIALLY the undertale fallouts was stupid

Mat Sella is absolutely the best dad in DDADDS.

Like he’s so sweet and cute and honest, and he tells you how comfortable he is around you and that having you around for support and comfort had given him the courage/confidence to preform again. And he’s so happy to wear the flower crown his daughter makes him. And he runs a coffee shop full of puns.

Look, Mat is literally the best

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Hey little one! I'm sorry for vanishing so sudden, but I expect you to miss me please be nice to my Yuri until I'm back >.< and Otabek don't do anything my Yuri and I wouldn't do too \(^ .^)/

I’m not little 😑
Yeah yeah I’m sure Katsuki will be fine! He’s been making bad fish puns apparently, so he seems okay!!

Hahahaha that doesn’t leave room for much then 😏😂 we’ve done lots! 😏