and he makes puns

Imagine Hiro finding hidashi and Tadashi sees him going through it and is just like “hidashiiit.” Like instead of saying “damn” or “Jesus fuck”, he makes a pun with the name.

Then Hiro falls out of his chair, taking the computer with him.

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shoves in themagehero if you're still taking them.

My Opinion on;

Character in general: since daylen is more a player created character it’s hard to give him a critique or how if eel but i think the personality you’ve given him considering the game and the choices you yourself made make for an interesting take on the character!
How they play them: well off if is ay! i always enjoy rping with you and i think your portrayal of daylen is quite good! 

The Mun: alan much like hunter is a small meme. he’s really great to talk to and overall really friendly! i think he’s a pretty cool guy overall even though he makes horrendously bad puns. 

Do I:

RP with them: not rn
Want to RP with them: any time! 

What is my;

Overall Opinion:

**Note: Mun’s answer are all to be completely honest. Don’t send url if you don’t want brutal honesty

laughter-is-my-sanity asked:

Wrath, Envy

Wrath: a headcannon about your character and their anger management -

Most things don’t bother him, and even when they do, he doesn’t show it.  It takes a lot (like… more than most people could ever even do) to get him truly incensed- but once he is, he becomes violent.  He will scream, throw things, and beat you to a bloody pulp.  I recommend not making him mad.

Envy: a headcannon about your character’s secret desires and jealousies -

He wishes more people shared his sense of humor.  He loves most types of humor, but his own is usually based in morbidity, irony, or just terrible puns.  He loves to make people laugh, but too often they don’t find his jokes all that funny.

{ Ask me for Deadly Sin Headcannons! }



known to be the most friendliest sins ever, too friendly to be precise.

they died by an illness that was supposed to be cured by their mentor but got shot by the police due to not listening to their mentor reasoning of them stealing the medicine, sadly enough the police found out the reason when finding pride and envy bodies.

pride hated the police since the day they were chosen to be the sin pride, they won’t forget their mentor for trying their best to save pride and envy. pride known envy when they were young mortals, found envy when they were a apprentice and also an orphan.

their mother was murdered by bears and so they’re literally have a huge fear of bears (if see one, either knock out unconscious and run or run)

  no matter what gender they are, still love to cross dress no matter what people say, even when they turn to a she or a he unless they want to.

-pride is a Trigender 

-Love to make puns, he usually get beaten up by gluttony due to hating puns but pride just smile and always say the same word; “worth it”


To pride normal human form.

Siran Diamond


known to be the most nicest but also the dangerous women around the world.

earned that title due to the fact how she was nice to the orphan and the one who were bullied, made fun of, or in a mental statement,etc. the other reason to be the most dangerous is because she once beat up to death to a male for slapping her butt to think as a joke but siran didn’t took it too well.

Siran known different kind of language very well making it easier for travelers/tourist/etc not getting lost


The people around her:


She worked with someone who is rather greedy and is rather a huge bitch to the others except siran for some reason. they say her boss must be her sister, her cousin, they just don’t know why her boss doesn’t even seem to be nice to her.

Some strange native men usually help siran with her store, people presume to be her boyfriend but that can’t be true, some presume to be her brother or a relative of siran. have a huge anger inside of the native men despite how calm he is unless someone is brave enough or dumb enough to unlock his anger, siran is the only one to actually calmed down the native.

A hoodie girl, her eyes is covered with bandages, sometime is wearing a goggles, no one knows where the little girl come, she seem to be harmless but she can be when it come to kids bullying her or rather bothering her. seem to be attached to siran like if they were siblings to each others.

There is some dude that seem to be overly protective of siren, doesn’t like anyone to talk to her like if they own her, he seem to be look almost like her, to be surprise, that dude is actually her brother.


Other facts of her:


her favorite food are: lamb meat, sweet food, spicy food,all kind of meat.

her least favorite food are: bitter food, sour food, seafood.

she love to make clothes, accessories, any kind.

Try to flirt with her and you will end up either having a black eye by siran or her boss or being yelled by her boss. there are many things of how siran or how her boss reacted when it come to reaction.


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How would Haise, Both Kaneki and Kuki react when their s/o cuddled up to them and whispers cute things in their ear or how much they love them and how much they mean to their s/o (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤ sry for asking always the same charas but they're my precious bbys and i love them so much \(//∇//)\ and I wanted to say that i really love your writing and your blog ♡

~no worries about all the asks, I really love your ideas and I have a lot of fun writing them out! And thank you for the compliment~

Haise: he would probably take of his glasses and clean them as a way to avoid eye contact, and the more his s/o talks, the redder his face gets. He’s too embarrassed to even make a pun, and all he can manage is stuttering out “i…i love you too” before his nerves get to him and his face is redder than Suzuya’s stitches.

Kuro Kaneki: His s/o cuddles up to him, trying to distract him from his book. He puts his book down and most likely stammers gibberish and tries to hide his red face with his hands, but his s/o pulls them away and gives him a quick peck on the lips.

Shiro Kaneki: He had just come out of the shower after a long workout, and all he wants to do is sleep. He’s half unconscious as his s/o murmers to him, but a sleepy smile creeps on his face and he snuggles next to his s/o, letting their words of love put him to sleep.

Kuki: He would have his headphones in, but once he sees his s/o start talking, he takes them out and listens, but once he hears the words he reddens and attempts to put them back in to hide his embarrassment. His s/o forces them off again and whispers directly into his ear, having fun teasing Urie.

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One of my friends at school said the Mangle wasn’t scary, so I asked him why it’s not Mangle instead of Mango.

"Because Mangle is creepy, so her name is Manglo!" He replied.

Well I figured that I would make a Manglo pun out of it, since Mangle like Mangoes (lol).

So much Mangoes in my head its wierd XDD.

Manglo (or Mango) is the boy part of Mangle.

This is how you make Mangle ‘not scary’

sugar-chaan asked:

How would Haise and Kuki make their s/o a marriage proposal? (#^.^#)

i love love love your asks! I absolutely can’t get enough~

Haise: would probably joke about putting the ring on a banana and handing it to his s/o, but in reality he would take it very seriously. He would ask Akira for restaurant recommendations, find the perfect spot at a park, and then pop the question while walking past his s/o’s favorite fountain at the park. Knowing Haise, though, he would add a pun, saying “You make me bananas, and I want to spend the rest of my wife with you- life, I meant life. Will you marry me?”

Kuki: He would cook a dinner at home, a big deal since he usually just eats whatever Haise makes and had to practice a lot to make the dinner. He gives his s/o a wrapped present. Inside is a headphone case, and when his s/o opens it up, there’s a matching set of headphones to go with Urie’s, and a diamond ring is nestled inside as well. Kuki says, “I’m always distracted from my music when you’re around, so I thought maybe we could be distracted by each other for the rest of our lives.”

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lost my v card while the jimmy neutron movie played in the background and he kept making puns abt the movie I was laughing so hard holy f


anonymous asked:

Aw my boyfriend is so cute and dorky. He makes the lamest puns and is super tall. He's got gorgeous brown eyes and broad shoulders. My friends make fun of us but we always have these small moments where we just look into each other's eyes and he gives me this small, private smile that's only for ME!!! It sounds so lame but god I wish I could spend forever alone with him

I’m screaming this is an over load that damn cheesy ass … Private smile shit….. I’m screaming

scully changing dirty diapers by herself and thinking of all the bad puns mulder would be making if he was there…… “well, one of us stinks”….. “now that’s a weapon a gas destruction”…… “that diaper’s dirtier than the Syndicate”

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My crush is a kinda cute guy with brown hair and brown eyes. He's really smart and according to my friend he makes puns sometimes. He's really nice and I slow danced with him once. He doesn't really talk to me and I don't talk to him because of my anxiety and he takes my friends calling his name and our ship name really well and he's really nice about when he is forced to talk to me. I just love him so much and I wish I had the power to get closer to him and ask him out.

aw that sounds so cute!! and the slow dancing OMG!!!! I know how anxiety can be with liking someone but sometimes it just takes a little spurt of confidence to make a difference!!! and boys who make puns YES PLEASE!!!! I hope you eventually get the courage to talk to him!! and he even takes your ship name like wow yes☺️☺️

tell me all about your crush!!

Fun facts about Jeremy:

  • He’s 20 but he looks way younger than that (probably because of his huge eyes and round glasses) (and lack of facial hair except for his imminent sideburns)
  • He dyes his hair brownish red, but is often too lazy to do it every once and then, so his hair looks between brown and dirty blonde.
  • He’s demisexual/demiromantic.
  • He has a really bad (good) sense of humor, making awful puns and horrible jokes.
  • Part of his origins are from Latin America and Europe, but his last name is from Ireland.
  • He speaks a bit of spanish, and tends to confuse/mix words while speaking any of the two languages he knows.
  • He’s 5ft 7 in