and he makes puns

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"You know you can't run past a campsite, right? You can only ran, because it's past tents." He heard puns?

“You gotta make sure you don’t get lost, though! If you try S.O.Sing at a campsite, they won’t understand. They only use s’morse code.”

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ohh there’s a kid named noah in my grade that i’m not close friends with but i know him! he’s really nice and always makes bad puns and is fun to be around!

send me a name and i’ll share my personal experience with a person with that name!

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I know Harry claims he came up with the name because of how it would sound when it was announced but I have a feeling he did it because of all the puns you can make out of it.

he probably admitted to this years down the line in the darkness of their tour bus when he thought everyone was asleep only to have four pillows hurled at him

So during my English class the other day, we were discussing the Ill-Made Knight story from the Once and Future King, and how Agravaine killed his mom because she was sleeping with someone related to his enemy, right? So, naturally one of my friends makes a pun and loudly says, “He must’ve been AGRAVAINTED.”

Jaws drop
Cue the applause

From the post I previously reblogged

I’m bored and have literally nothing to do help I’m-

Also since I already answered these feel free ask for any of the others. Or these idrc I have nothing better to do lol

1. When I was 11
9. BTS Run
10. GOT7 Just Right
11. BTS Butterfly
13. Reflection or Awake from Jin and Rap Monster off of BTS WINGS album
14. BTS’ debut, because it marked the beginning of something so wonderful.
17. Probably the MV for BTS Young Forever
20. BTS.
21. Rap Monster or Kim Namjoon
22. It’s the gif at the bottom and I’m JungSHOOK istg I love this boy so fcking much JESUS CHRIST AND MARY LORD SAVE ME(ISTG I DIDN’T MEAN TO MAKE THAT PUN hELP ME)
24. How he always gets so much hate on everything yet still is staying so strong for ARMY. I mean someone once told him to LEAVE BANGTAN !!!! I’m screaming??? I mean???? Just love this boy already come on this is child abuse I’m calling cps rn hold up-
25. Yes
26. In order they’re: Kim Namjoon BTS, Min Yoongi BTS, Jung Hoseok BTS, Kim Taehyung BTS, Kim Seokjin BTS, Jackson Wang GOT7, BamBam/Kunpimook Buhwakul GOT7, LE/Hyo-jin EXID.
34. Very happy because I’m a part of the LGBT+ community myself and having someone who I admire and look up to so so much come out as LGBT+ would make me so so happy!!!
35. Yeah, I think so, probably.
36. I’ve seen rumors about Min Yoongi being Bisexual or Pansexual. The rumors come from an interview where they asked what he sees in girls and apparently he said something like ‘idrc about what they look like, and they don’t have to be a girl" of course, he probably said it w/o the acronym, with more detail, and used different words but something along those lines. But the interview was with a Japanese magazine and it had be translated from Korean to Japanese later to be translated into English so there’s plenty room for it to have been lost in translation.
38. Probably @squaresreact
39. Again, probably @squaresreact
40. Probably @koreankollection I have no shame w/ this question at all nope none
41. Normal Namjin by @bisexual-jimin on Wattpad
42. Weekly Idol
76. This is such a hard question since I Stan all three units oh god okay um probably 127 idk it’s so hard
82. Jungkook
92. Vkook
94. Markson tbh Idr ship it that much but I prefer it over Markjin

I have nothing to do hElp
Okay bUt

This gif was question 22 and-

I’m fcking screaming??? This boy deservES NOTHING BUT ENDLESS COPIOUS AMOUNTS OF LOVE OKAY

Did we just all forget Percy likes to and can skateboard? I feel like that was overlooked. Like, Percy does something really cool and sassy because, persassy, and skates by with sunglasses and a cool hat and Jason like, throwing flower petals at him. And Annabeth thinks it’s really stupid that he just skates around Camp, but still insists that he teach her how to and they have super cute couple moments on a skateboard. And Percy being able to get his own money to go to the skate shop that was mentioned in the first book and Sally all crying because she never got to take him there before he went to camp and his life changed Just, skateboaring in general being a big part of Percy’s life around Camp and at home. Grover being jealous of Percy because Grover can’t skateboard with goat legs. Leo making stupid puns about Percy whenever he has to get places quick and he skates. Piper admiring how Percy never falls off. Hazel confused on what the hades a skateboard is Frank too clumsy to get on a skateboard. What if he got really nervous when he stepped on it and turned into a bear or something? Just- Imagine this worn skateboard being so important to the Seven and they bond over the memories and moments with it. I dunno, maybe it’s just me.

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❤ the voice of the angeeeeel

Much like Octopimp’s version, but deeper in tone. The nasally factor on his voice only happens when he chooses. Like, as he’s telling a really horrible pun, joke, or making a sexual innuendo, he’ll make his voice match his goofy nature. He can do the whole super-snorty-nasally true nerd’s voice, and adding lisp, when he wants just for shits n’ giggles.

His voice does to the ranging in tone thing, but, like I mentioned above, in a deeper tone. He is older, so his voice had some time to mature.

His lisp–oh, boy, his lisp. Due to his overbite, and the massive double canines, his lisp is STRONG. Be careful when you get him excited, goes for angry shouting and/or sobbing as well, about something because he’ll talk so fast it turns to this huge slur and unclear about what he’s actually saying. He’ll begin to studder over his words if it gets to a certain point, but after the first few he’ll stop himself.

It has been said that speech impediments fade out while singing(due to mouth positions and tongue placement), but Lux never does so :^)(That’s also his face claim, and how deep his voice is. Sue me.)

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Hello friend! Good luck with the blog! I was wondering if you could do UT, US, and UF skelebros having an S/o who wakes up at 3 in the morning for absolutely no reason but usually can't get back to sleep until hours later (me). Thanks in advanced!

UT Sans knows what it’s like not to get a full night’s sleep, even if it’s for different reasons. He’ll try to use some tortured sleep puns to make you feel better, but when that doesn’t seem to help any, he’ll wrap you in his arms and keep you close, hoping that making you feel safe and loved will help you get back to sleep.

UT Papyrus doesn’t rely on sleep much, so he’s most likely already awake when you get up. Would making you a world-class dish of midnight spaghetti help? No? In that case, he’ll just have to read you a bedtime story. If it helps him get to sleep, it’s bound to help you! He’ll even result to reading his dating manual when he runs out of material. If this is becoming a regular problem for you, he’ll suggest that you accompany him on his daily jogs with Undyne. Those are sure to help you get to sleep.

UF Sans might seem a little standoffish in public, but when the two of you are alone he’s actually a big red affection-starved teddy bear. He’s more touchy-feely, so he’ll rub small circles on your back or stroke your hair, hoping he can relax you enough to help you fall back asleep.

UF Papyrus is a light sleeper—in his world, you have to be prepared for anything—so if you start shifting around in the bed he’ll wake up almost immediately. He’s not the most sensitive monster in the world, so at first he’ll just tell you to be quiet and try to go back to sleep. When that doesn’t work, he’ll awkwardly place his arms around you while grumbling to make you think he’s annoyed (he’s really not) and tell you that if he does this, you have to try to go to sleep. No real explanation why he does that in particular, but he’s secretly hoping that it helps…somehow.

US Sans is convinced that, like him, you just have too much energy in your system to stay asleep for very long. He doesn’t require that much sleep to function, but he borrowed a book from the Librarby about humans shortly after you two started dating and remembers reading that sleep is pretty important to their wellbeing, so he’s determined to get you back to dreamland as soon as possible! He’ll suggest taking you out to run a few laps around the house, but if you don’t want to do that, he can always talk to you instead until you feel sleepy.

US Papyrus will make you tea with a bit of honey in it and bring it to your bedside. Always manages to calm him down when he has a rough night. If you’re having a lot of trouble, he’ll try and sing you a lullaby before crawling back into bed and nuzzling your shoulder. He’s a better singer than he gives himself credit for, and it always helped Sans, so maybe it’ll help you?

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Headcannon: What would be Negan like with a very intelligent woman, who's a doctor? She also wears glasses and is very pretty❤️I love these so much, you are doing a great job🙌🏼

GAH! Thank you so much!!! C:

- Negan would brag the fuck outta it
- “This lady could cut every bone out of you, while naming them!”
- He would often steal her glasses and wear them
- “The Doctor will see you now.” *Wink*
- He would make a lot of doctor puns and it was a running joke that he will bring back stereotypical doctor things, stethoscope etc
- Negan would come up with horrible ‘Super villain’ entrance lines for you for fun
- “An apple a day keeps the Doctor away! And you haven’t been having any apples.”
- She would always check Negan over for anything odd so that she knows that he’s healthy
- Negan just loves his little nurse, okay???

I hope this is alright, Nonnie!!! C:

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Just thinking about pet names cracked me up. I had to take a moment and just laugh. Mark would absolutely drive him crazy, would Eggs even have the ability to match him in awful puns?

Eggs would go to the only person that could ever beat Mike in puns: Freddy. And then he learns his ways and comes back better than ever and Mark will tremble before him-!

Actually Mark just gets really flattered. And after that, Eggs tells him for ever pun he makes, he gets three punches to the kidneys.

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20 and 23-26 for the hockey ask meme?

Ah yes a list of favourites

20. Bromance: Jamie Benn and Tyler Seguin

23. Player under 25: BRENDAN GALLAGHER

24. Player over 25: Evgeni Malkin

25. Player with a hyphenated name: tied between Ryan Nugent-Hopkins and Marc-André Fleury

26. NHL player’s name: Sidney Crosby because he wears crocs which allows me to make the pun Crocsby *finger guns*

I think I just realized why I love FFXV so much (that I don’t even care how it ends, honestly). 

They didn’t make Ignis a stick in a mud, and they didn’t make Prompto a cringe-worthy comic relief with no character. They also didn’t make Noctis to be a broody emo hero and Gladio to be dumb muscle, but it’s those previous two that I really, trully appreciate the most. 

Ignis is a mum-friend, who is the most responsible, calm, in-control and cool and it would have been so easy to make him a uppity ‘stop having fun’ type of guy who’s distant and cynical. From his design to voice acting, I was resigned to him being a stereotypical genius asshole who cares but doesn’t show it. But instead he’s geniunely nice person, who loves making puns and who joins in on the fun. He’s proper without being boring and prude. 

And Prompto… I was so afraid that he would be a butt of every joke and a dumb “funny” guy. BUt even though he has a few cringe-worthy lines, he’s shown to be a smart guy with self-image issues who is just in over his head. He has several touching, emotional moments that are not played for laughs. Yeah, he gets picked on, but he dishes out as good as he gets. 

FFXV  didn’t go the usual route - it took ‘asshole-ish genius’ and ‘comic relief guy’ stereotypes, and first changed them into actual believable character types, and then made them likable.  Those two types of stereotypical characters are very, very common and I personally hate everythig about them, so this is a very nice change of pace. 

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How would Sans act around his crush and what would he do to woo them?

Despite all the jokes and puns he makes, UT Sans actually isn’t sure how to use them in a flirty context, and when he feels nervous or uncomfortable, humour is his go-to. For the most part, he’ll just try to hide his feelings, but he might give a genuine smile or laugh more when they try to amuse him. If his crush likes him back, they will genuinely wonder if he's into them, too, because other than that, it’s pretty ambiguous. The way to really tell if he likes you is to flirt first because his usual calm comedian exterior will fade faster than you can blink and his face will turn blue as the sky.

He won’t try to hint at anything until he’s absolutely sure of his feelings, so it might be a while. Also, he wants to make sure the two develop a strong friendship before taking that next step. After some time, he’ll try to find just about any excuse to hang out with them, hoping that eventually he can build up the courage to ask them on a date. And when he does, it’s with a bouquet of echo flowers that ask the question for him.