and he makes puns

I’m sorry I love Dan so much like seriously he really thinks about stuff and he words things so eloquently and the way he speaks is so enthrall in and captivating and you can’t help but listen to everything he says because he makes sure to include little anecdotes and cute or quirky puns or witty jokes gOD I LOVE DAN!!!SO!!! MUCH!!!!

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Haise as a dad? I have a great need!!

I have like 10,000 Papa-Haise headcanons! …
I’ll try to keep this short!  (#^^#)ゞ

Haise would be a very affectionate, supportive and enthusiastic parent. Without a doubt, he is definitely that annoying guy that stands up and cheers obnoxiously loud for his child when they participate in competitions, school plays etc. That is, when he isn’t standing aside recording the whole thing on his video camera. 

He’s a complete goofball around his child. Making puns left and right. Always willing to attend their teddy-bear tea-parties, or play the role of the bad guy in their games. However, if anything happened to them, he would turn completely vicious to anyone that tried to hurt them. 

He has boxes upon boxes filled to the brim with his child’s old finger-paintings and school projects. His office space is cluttered with pictures that they drew for him. It makes his desk very disorganised, but like hell if he will move them. 

Literally wrapped around his kid’s finger. Haise’s partner will have to talk him out of doing the dumbest of things to please their child. He just doesn’t like to tell them no. 

Before the baby was even born, Haise was an incredibly dedicated parent. He insisted on accompanying his lover to the lamaze classes. It’s safe to say, he took more out of it than they did, always reminding them to practice their breathing exercises and whatnot. 

As fantastic a father as he is, he can be pretty overbearing. When the child is young, they thrive on the attention he showers them with. As they grow up, they become less enthused by his constant vigilance. 

Co-workers will go out of their way to avoid bumping into him in elevators and hallways. When Haise isn’t busy with work, he is more than likely showing off the latest pictures of his child and partner with a proud gleam in his eyes. 

(Let’s be real. I think this vine sums up ‘Haise as a dad’ way better than I ever could. Also, THIS. Holy shit.)

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The idea that this somewhat blind/narrow absolutism is where Enjolras begins, not ends, is also probably another argument against the eulogy theory, now that I read it phrased like this!

Yes yes yes!  I don’t think Enjolras in 3.4.1 is the same character as shows up at the barricade, much less the one who’s standing at the end; heck, I don’t think he’s even the same as the guy making horrible puns in Enjolras and His Lieutenants. He’s a character who changes over times, even if we don’t see more of it the way we do with some other characters.  

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Wtf I leave this blog for a day and when I come back it's filled with sad shit please feed me some tsuruichi fluff. And anmitsu fluff too

Yeah anon the angst went out of control lol

  • Tsurumaru making Ichigo wear his white hoodie and pressing their noses together while saying he feels like eating some Ichigo Daifuku and proceeding to kiss him. Yasu seeing the scene and being angry that he can’t make any romantic pun with Kashuu’s name(son too bad you don’t know english)
  • Saniwa decides to throw a party after a successful sortie. She brought music CDs and speakers and tells everyone to dance. Tsuru asks Ichigo for a dance but Ichigo is too shy and admits he doesn’t know how to dance so Tsuru has to drag him by force and show him step by step some waltz that he learned form the internet. Meanwhile anmitsu babies are the best dancing couple they are just instinctively synchronized.
  • Tsuruichi and anmitsu going on a double date and while Yasu and Ichigo are at the bathroom Tsuru and Kashuu have a talk that goes like: “Maaan Yasu is the most perfect creature I’ve ever met but sometimes he just gets too jealous. I can’t even have a normal talk with someone without Yasu’s jealous stare freaking them out.” “I feel you bro I can’t even kiss Ichigo without having the Toushirous staring at me with guns in hand and a murderous stare. If only they understood I can’t help it if their brother is the cutest thing on earth.” “Maybe if you weren’t so open they wouldn’t be so angry” “But that’s my way of showing my love! Yasu must do that too right?” “Uhm…yeah” Kashuu starts blushing while Yasu and Ichigo just came out of the bathroom and start throwing murderous stares at each other. “Tell your stupid crane to stay away from my Kashuu” “No way Tsuru loves me he would never do such a thing maybe it’s your Kashuu that’s flirting with him” “Bullshit” Tsuru and Kashuu are surprised by how overly-attached Yasu and Ichigo are during the date but they just enjoy it and don’t question anything.

Why have brats when you can mess with everyone else’s
Headcanon that Shino enjoys terrible puns and playing jokes on the kids [in the most serious manner]

Chouchou and Sarada bc they cute










ughhh i’m so in love with the iron bull i’m gonna cry the man who’s a raging hurricane in a battle, an embodiment of sheer force and brutality, but also so so dangerously clever but then THEN you have this nerdy boy freaking out about dragons, who gets seriously bummed about varric’s sarcastic fake-book description of him and he makes terrible puns and comes up with ridiculous nicknames and wOW BULL IS SO FULL OF LOVE AND CARES SO MUCH???? like his looks and fighting style in no way prepares you for a soft puppy who can be so incredibly gentle and potective aND KIND and i’m just ughhh my heart can’t handle it

Fic: Father’s Day (T)

Author’s note: Just a little one shot I cooked up for Father’s Day, since it’s that time of year. Plus there’s never enough daddy!Killian. Or Captain Cobra Swan fluff.

Summary: Killian takes Emma and Henry sailing and gets a very special surprise.

Father’s Day

When Emma asked him to take her and Henry sailing, Killian could honestly say this wasn’t exactly what he expected. Usually, he kept to the bay, showing Henry the ins and outs of becoming a first rate seaman. The lad was a natural, sometimes reminding him so much of Bae his chest hurt. But there were subtle differences. Henry had a determination and grit that could only have come from his mother.

He had Ingrid’s scroll tucked in the pocket of his jacket; Emma suggested they sail down the coast a bit, making some dreadful pun about stretching their sea legs. He was unable to resist her little attempts at pirate lingo; she was positively cute whenever she did it.

If only Liam could see the sap he’d become.

Killian manned the helm while Henry showed Emma how to trim the sails. Ever since they’d managed to bring her back from the darkness, they’d spent more time together, the three of them. Almost like a family. He didn’t dare let himself go down that road, not wishing to impose himself. He was more than content with things as they were.

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avengers headcanons

tony stark

  • is the funniest one during movie nights
  • goes for the teasing-insult joke most of the time
  • used to automatically correct grammar aloud out of habit
  • now he just does it in his head
  • throws curse words into board meetings when they are being particularly stupid
  • uses flirting as an ego boost
  • everyone expects him to be terrible at karaoke because he brags about his song choices
  • he is unexpectedly awesome at it

natasha romanoff

  • makes puns on purpose but refuses to acknowledge them
  • prefers subtle wit
  • couldn’t sell ice to an eskimo but could convince him to give her everything he owns (for his own safety of course)
  • has a death stare that instills fear into the hearts of even her closest friends
  • excellent flirt but prefers to be straight-forward
  • will pull out your greatest insecurity in an argument
  • sings to liho or herself when she gets lonely

steve rogers

  • makes cracks mostly at tony’s expense
  • always team leader at trivia
  • casually corrects grammar but in a way that makes people grateful for it
  • hasn’t picked up the habit of swearing a lot, but when he starts, he doesn’t stop for a while
  • if he’s mad you’ll know it from that bemused look he perfected at birth
  • shameless flirt
  • quiet singer

clint barton

  • makes dad jokes
  • the best (/worst) at cards against humanity
  • spends more time inventing new arrows than shooting them
  • always takes an extra slice of pizza home for lucky
  • if he’s mad he’ll confront you, but if he’s upset he will stew for days
  • a terrible flirt but get him drunk enough and he won’t stop
  • reigning champion of guitar hero

thor odinson

  • makes a lot of jokes with spiritual or asgardian references
  • loves science puns
  • a gentle teaser
  • if he’s eating outside, at least a quarter of his meal goes to the strays that inevitably appear
  • flirts in a way that makes everyone blush
  • has actually started a war because someone offended one of his friends
  • (they relented and apologised, he was very smug about it)
  • sings loudly when drunk

bruce banner

  • has an endless supply of science puns
  • never makes the same pun twice
  • has had a pet iguana at least once in his life
  • will only use your first name when upset
  • cannot flirt for shit
  • cannot sing for shit
  • but if you manage to get him drunk he will sing anyway and everyone loves it

bucky barnes

  • deadpan snarker
  • but also makes the cheesiest damn puns you will ever hear
  • sees the same mouse running around and names it in his head
  • constantly in a state of waiting for his turn to pick the movie on movie night
  • never uses personal insults in arguments
  • actually the best at karaoke

james rhodes

  • life of the party tbh
  • awesome at flirting but only enjoys it half the time
  • brags not to show anyone up but to remind himself that he has accomplished some damn fine things
  • always the best at board games
  • sober, he is a good singer but humble about it
  • drunk, he is so bad but just try to stop him
ur fave is problematic: chuggaaconroy

in most recent lp:

  • accidentally insulted someone’s mother
  • left people dying on the ground
  • world’s worst tour guide
  • childhood stories of failure
  • scenic nuclear power plant
  • typed a paragraph about why he panicked bc he couldnt explain it vocally
  • healing spit powers
  • fireball to the crotch/roasted nuts
  • “this enemy’s not really that dangerous”
  • italianese
  • refuses to save?? bc??
  • “i mean i’d be upset too, if i had to listen to my own puns for a thousand years”
  • “we all know i am king of poor word choice”

in general:

  • constantly talks while forgetting to breathe
  • sometimes forgets how to use his words
  • 6′2″ is way too tall?? towers over everyone?? help
  • cant do things good sometimes
  • silly voices and terrible puns
  • apologizes for bad jokes as he makes them
  • apologizes a lot in general
  • giggles like a small child about everything
  • not super good at french even though it’s probably his first language??
  • once drove/flew over a thousand miles to make a young very sick fan’s wish come true
  • loud and happy
  • very excited
  • deserves the entire world