and have theological debates with her god

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loved finally finding a loving and supportive Christian blog on tumblr but as a queer Christian it was disheartening to see the homophobic post you recently shared :( praying that you start learning how to accept that god makes everyone perfect and that there isn’t anything wrong with same-gender relationships. I also pray for the queer Christians who feel like something is wrong with them that needs to be fixed (ie the post you shared). I’m unfollowing, but I will pray for you my friend

That’s alright, anon, you don’t have to stay if you don’t want to :) I’m not upset and I do appreciate the prayers. But if you don’t mind, I’d also like to offer some encouragement to you, and to everyone out there, including queer folks.

Our world is not what it is supposed to be, I mean we can all agree that there’s a lot of things wrong in this world. But when we start considering God’s Love, His Grace is only amplified when we compare that to our fallen world, and we realize how much we as humans don’t actually deserve it. As Jesus said in John 8:32, the Truth shall set us free.

I’ll put this under the cut but the first part of that Truth is…

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Wanted to draw my Moon Godlike priestess again, because I still find her delightful and also I think she’s pretty. So here she is, smiting/healing people with the power of her shattered god.

Deadfire is going to be HILARIOUS.

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So this is a personal question. Do you believe lgbtq+ people and people of conservative religions can get along without ether side compromising their core beliefs in some way. As a member of the later I think as long as you don’t force your beliefs or mistreat others for not sharing them it can done. I only being this up be cause now a days it seems ether your in full support or your a homophobic bigot. What is your take on it all? P.S. Please if stuff like this is to sensitive, pls say so😓.

I’m a bisexual christian who is unashamed of her bisexuality, so…… Yeah. That’s where I stand on that matter. It took a long time and a lot of soul searching and prayer and tears to get here, but here I am.

Long story short… In my opinion, people have grossly misinterpreted the bible and opted for translations that pushed their own agenda. The word of God is still infallible, but humans are incredibly fallible.

AAAAaand before any of you reading this get any bright ideas. No. I’m not interested in having a theological debate. I’m not a theologian. I’m not a debater. I’m just a comic artist who is a bisexual christian. I will respect your beliefs. Please respect mine.