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Yesterday after the game, Jonathan called Kaner baby. It was right after they won and the camera was on Toews. I was wondering if you could make a gif of that? Thank you((:

hi! thanks for the ask and yes, more than happy to gif it :) here you go!

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The Bowers Gang: Humble Beginnings [1/4]

Request  “Please please please, more Poly!Bowers gang, maybe something just a little more Belch-centric. NO ONE writes for him and I love the way you do ahdbfdfhgn. (Still Poly) but maybe before all five are an item, she smooches Belch first cause she thinks hes the cutest or smthn!!

A/N  →  bless u for the kind words u are a heartsweet

Pairing → The Bowers Gang x Reader (She/Her), Belch Huggins x Reader (She/Her)

Warnings  → the 🅱️oys™ again, heated makeouts, cheesy title that only kinda fits, (i didnt proof read at all. again)

You had started as just a friend(?) you’d guessed. The new kid they found out the back of the school, smoking. A girl.

Sure, that didn’t mean they didn’t give you a rough time at first. But everything worked out.

You didn’t know how you managed to hold your own and not hurt their egos, and manage to get them to like you. But here you were, four different hickeys on your body, and four different hickeys of yours; one on each of them. You counted your lucky stars in your spare time.

You breathed, soft and steady, chin against Belch’s bare shoulder, snoozing the morning away. You shifted, and stretched, leg hanging off your side of the bed, and accidentally kicked Henry in the head. Belch laughed.

Out of the Bowers’ Boys, he was your first.

Ironically, unlike the others, he hadn’t liked you at all when you’d first met.

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Joetrick fic recs

Capture the Phrases (Rated: Teens and up)
Patrick gets anonymous love/inspirational notes in the form of post it notes in miscellaneous places.

BDSM (Rated: Mature. Humor, no actual BDSM in the fic)
The real problem is that, eventually, Pete and Andy start to notice the bruises.

Fairytales of New York (Rated: Teens and up)
Stuck in New York over the holidays, there’s nowhere Joe can go to escape Pete’s attempts at matchmaking.

My Tongue is My Choir (AU, Rated: Teen and up)
Patrick is and has always been mute. Joe may be in love with him. The story of Fall Out Boy, with a few minor (major) adjustments.

Intensity (Rated: General)
Patrick has always been intense in their relationship, Joe never imagined that becoming a bad thing.

There is No Natural Religion (Rated: Explicit)
Everyone forgets that Joe is the one who actually found Patrick.

So Start The Car Up (Rated: Mature)
You don’t sit in the very back of the movie theater if you don’t plan on fooling around.

This Dance Around the Obvious / The Possibilities Remain (Rated: Mature)
Joe gets Patrick high. Patrick gets handsy. Make-outs ensue.

Hedonism (Pete/Patrick, Patrick/Joe. Rated: Mature)
“People started to filter away, glancing back with looks of disbelief at the mess and the men in the midst of it all.”

Two’s Company, Three’s Just Right (Pete/Patrick/Joe, Rated: Explicit)
Patrick and Joe fool around when they think nobody’s looking. They’re wrong. 

Suddenly One Summer (Pete/Patrick/Joe, Rated: Explicit)
BDSM flavored porn where Pete and Patrick introduce Joe to their kinky lifestyle.

Caught in Between (Pete/Patrick/Joe. Pretty much a PWP. Rated: Explicit)
So this one time Patrick drummed for Arma Angelus. And then this happened.


important otp questions: jonathan toews/patrick kane (insp.)