and had terrible choice in friends and even worse life choices

Conditions - NaruSasu


Word Count: 3,085

Rated: Explicit to be on the safe side the smut’s not incredibly explicit

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Naruto is being offered everything he has ever wanted, and he doesn’t know what to say.

Kakashi sees Naruto’s hesitation, understands that it’s a lot to take in, a lot to ask of someone who’s been asked the world already and suffered so deeply for it. He understands how difficult this is for Naruto, who has spent his entire life chasing after Sasuke, begging him time and time again to come home only to be brutally rebuffed, extending a hand of friendship only to be answered with violence. It took loss of limb and very nearly loss of life to finally bring Sasuke back to the village at the end of the war, and when Sasuke had made the decision to leave again, Naruto had let him go willingly.

He doesn’t think that Naruto will be quite so willing this time, though perhaps that’s what the Council is counting on. Years of fear and mistrust are hard to shake, after all, and it’s hardly a secret that they don’t want Naruto to become Hokage. Kakashi suspects that they expect Naruto to choose Sasuke, the way he has always chosen Sasuke, and then they would be free to appoint someone more easily manipulated to the post. He wants to tell Naruto of these thoughts, but he cares too much for the young man to force his choice.

Not that he has any doubts about what he will choose.

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The Lightning Thief Act 1 Lyric Starters
  • “The gods are real, like the Greek gods, like the ones you learned about but weren’t paying attention to.”
  • “The gods have godly things to do, godly places they need to see, godly plans they need to make that don’t include me.”
  • “Yeah, the Gods are real and they have kids, and those kids have issues.”
  • “Daddy doesn’t love me and mommy is a god.”
  • “Daddy is too busy being a god.”
  • “You never listen to me. Now, you’re gonna listen ‘cause it’s time you heard our side of the story.”
  • “Look, I didn’t wanna be a half-blood.”
  • “Being a half-blood, it’s scary. It mostly gets you killed in very nasty ways.”
  • “Maybe you don’t know what a half-blood is because your life is normal and happy and not constantly in danger, but my life?” she/he/they snorted.
  • “Is it me or is Greek mythology not deeply weird?”
  • “Umm… I didn’t know what just had happened, Was that all a creepy, crazy dream?”
  • “But it wasn’t my fault, it was _______! S/he lured me away, s/he attacked me, and… you saw it!”
  • “Perhaps it’s for the best. This wasn’t the place for you, it was only a matter of time before–”
  • “You think I’m trouble just like everyone else.”
  • “I can only accept the best from you, Percy. Someday you’ll understand why. I’m truly sorry.”
  • “Stick around and maybe you’ll learn from me.”
  • “Who cares? We’re better off without him.”
  • “______, s/he didn’t have a choice. S/he wanted to meet you, and s/he warned me that things might be hard if you were like him/her.”
  • “Sorry, ______. If I was only… normal.”
  • “Normal is a myth. Everyone has issues they’re dealing with.”
  • “The things that make you different are the very things that make you strong.”
  • “Just hang on, ______. One day you’ll find you’ll leave that boring little life behind.”
  • “You’re the one it’s after, ______. I love you so much. On three: one, two, run!”
  • “Is this real? Am I dead or am I dreaming?”
  • “What belongs to the sea can always return to the sea.”
  • Is she real? I must be dreaming, she’s floating close to me like an angel or it’s seeming. This is weird, but a good weird, they thought though their half-asleep haze. I’ve never seen a face as beautiful as–
  • “You drool when your sleep.”
  • “Oh, you’re alive. I suppose that’s good news for you, but it means a lot more paperwork for me. So don’t expect me to be happy to see you. Of course, being alive is temporary. So, maybe if I go away and play _______ for an hour, things might improve.”
  • “Just another terrible day at __________, where everything’s the worst.”
  • “Now that you blessed us go talk to _______ before I take a knife to my head and start stabbing!”
  • “You can hate here, BUT I HATED IT FIRST.”
  • “Grover said s/he fought bravely, but a mortal woman/man against a minotaur…”
  • “It wasn’t a dream? She’s really gone?”
  • “Well, it’s my fault! She was trying to protect me.”
  • “You mustn’t blame yourself.”
  • “You say the gods are real? So, how could they let that happen?”
  • “I’m afraid there are some questions only the gods themselves can answer.”
  • “So if my dad/mom’s a god, I’d like to know which one. S/he’s got a lot to answer for.”
  • “It could be… that is to say, the prophecies suggest… But, that’s impossible. See you at dinner, ______.”
  • “I have a special job for you. Go to the boys’/girls’ bathroom and stay there. It’s your first day, we don’t want you messing this up.”
  • “Heard you were tough. But you don’t look it.”
  • “Maybe the ________ died from a case of laughing too hard from seeing your stupid face.”
  • “You got some issue with me, it’s pretty clear.”
  • “Come on, grab some ambrosia, and let the nectar flow.”
  • “Oh, things couldn’t be worse when your parents run the universe.”
  • “When your dad’s a god, life can be tough. I met the guy once, and once was enough.”
  • “Oh, we’re all friends here. Come on, give it a shot.”
  • “A lot of half-bloods never know their godly parent.”
  • “So my dad is some god, that’s great I guess. Too bad he’s the worst, and my life is a mess.”
  • “I hope he shows even a trace cause I got some choice words to throw in his face!”
  • “I don’t care where our parents may be, as long as you are here with me.”
  • “Approach, child. I am the spirit of Delphi, the speaker of the prophecies of Thebes Apollo. Approach, and face your destiny.”
  • “You shall be betrayed by one who calls you friend… and you shall fail to save what matters most in the end.”
  • “Everything I ever do is wrong; never find where I belong!”
  • “Don’t act up, don’t act out, be strong.”
  • “I keep my head down, I keep my chin up. But it ends up all the same, with, ‘Pack your bags, _____, you’re always to blame!’”
  • “I never tried to do anything, I never mean to hurt anyone! I swear– I swear that I’m a good kid!”
  • “But no one ever will take my side, all I ever do is take the fall!”
  • “I swear that I’m a good kid! … Yes, I’m good for nothing at all.”
  • “_____, was a world class jerk dad, was never there.”
  • “The only family that really mattered? Well, she/he/they vanished into the air.”
  • “And now I finally find a haven, someplace safe, where I can stay, 'till it’s, ‘Pack your bags, ______. Now go away!’”
  • “No one ever tells me that they’re proud. No one ever asks me, ‘______, how’d you like to come round and stay?’”
  • “I swear I never stole anything…”
  • “I swear that I’m a good kid… A good kid, who’s had a bad run.”
  • “All I need is one last chance… to prove I’m good enough for someone.”
  • “Yeah, I’ll do it, not cause my dad needs me. He’s been less of a dad, and more absentee. But if my mom’s alive, that’s where she’s bound to be.”
  • “Hades took ______, I’m taking her/him/them back. So what if no one’s come back from the Underworld? I’ll be the first.”
  • “_______, I can’t ask you to come.”
  • “You’re my best friend, dude, so don’t get mad: but I suspect you’ll need protecting when things get bad.”
  • “This kicking quest may be the best chance I’ve had to put my past behind me.”
  • “You need me too, ______. If you’re going to save the world, I’m the best person to keep you from messing up.”

Act 2

20 Questions with Dr Ferox #17

Time for another post of 20 questions and comments I’ve been asked recently. I’m not sure how well the tagging system is working at the moment, so if you’re waiting for a question to be answered I’d recommend checking manually.

@Its-janeway-or-the-highway said: For other useful bits of strine see also: Spitting the biscuit: throwing a tantrum out of sheer frustration, Bitzer: a dog that is of mixed, unknown origin (bits of this, bits of that), blood worth bottling: someone who is such an excellent individual their blood is worth bottling, such as Dr Ferox. I think your Aussie followers could have a field day with this subject.

We probably could, but the lingo also varies from state to state. For example, I didn’t know for the longest time that ‘Freckle’ is also slang for 'anus’, which gives a whole new meaning to “wouldn’t give a fat rat’s freckle” (means I couldn’t care less)

Anonymous said: Guinea pigs or Hamsters? Which one is your fav?

I have been asked about hamsters several times, so I say it again. Never seen one. They’re not available as pets in Australia.

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PALADIN-AU season 5 parallels (PART 2)

(Part1 HERE)

When Ashi finds Aku, she’s relieved to see he isn’t in any danger, but rather silently sitting by a little tombstone with the name “Kuni” carved on its side.

Though he can’t bear to look at his daughter now, he feels he owes her an explanation;

He used to have a child he looked after as if she were his own, but it was unwise to open his heart to a mortal creature; for it was only a matter of time before his foe used that to his advantage and hurt him through her.

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You Me Her

1 || 2 || 3 || 4 || 5 || 6 || 7 || 8 || 9 || 10 || 

Chapter Eleven: About Last Night…

Word Count: 2138

↠ ♥ ↞

When Riley wakes the morning following the winter formal she’s immediately hit with a throbbing headache. Riley lets out a sleepy groan as she sits up and rubs at her temple. Violet meows softly after Riley’s stirring wakes her. 

“Any chance I dreamt it all, Vie?” Riley pats the kittens fir. Another tiny meow. “Yeah I didn’t think so.” Riley sighs. 

The brunette looks over to the window. The blanket Riley had placed over Lucas in the early AM sits neatly folded in the bay window seat. Riley notices a glass of water on her nightstand, courtesy of Lucas she guessed. Riley gulps down the liquid quickly, her dehydration was not satisfied even a little. She sets the now empty glass down and rises from her bed. 

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The Choice: Chapter One

Jackson Avery is a fifth year resident at Seattle Grace when the hospital merges with Mercy West. The merger has an unexpected impact on him, and when he finds himself caught between the life he wants for himself and his mother’s expectations of him, he has to make a choice. (A bit AU/definitely a Japril story) (FYI: In this AU, Derek, Izzie, and George don’t exist.  Don’t hate me!)

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With Love Not Hate In Mind

First, let me start by saying that this will be a long post and I truly apologize for that. I wish I knew how to create the “Keep Reading” feature from my phone, but alas, I don’t know how.
Also, I would have made this post yesterday, but April 19th is the very painful anniversary involving the death of two people I love very much. I spent the day and night in absolute tears. I was not in a place to think this all out.

When you’re best friends with someone, you try and respect their repeated requests & wishes - so, for the last 2 times in less than a year, I held my tongue and tried to quiet the building anger inside of me. Let me tell you, that has not been easy to do! I understand and appreciate why she asked me not to say anything. She did not want these attackers to come after me. She didn’t want that target, made up of lies, pettiness, jealousy, misinformation & misunderstandings, painted on my back as it has been on hers.
But this time, I can no longer keep it in. I must break that promise I made to @thepromiseofanend
and speak the hell up.

Publicly dragging someone on social media, saying terrible things about them and calling them awful names - is much easier than keeping silent after being attacked like that and taking the high ground. It’s much easier than sitting back and watching the best friend you’ve ever known being lied about, “called out” based on those lies, slandered, and called hateful, cruel names - and not posting a defense of your friend, to set the record straight and get the truth out there, because you’ve promised her you wouldn’t.

See, she knew me so well that when she asked me not to, for the real reasons I stated above, she knew I would say, “Thank you, but I don’t care if they come after me…I cannot let this just happen”, each time she would add, “please don’t, it will only make things worse.”, to which I could only agree not to because she knows I would never want to cause her additional pain.

So, to the draggers, to those of you who have reblogged those cruel posts, applauded them, added on to them and generally helped to spread and propel the hate forward…this is for you.
Do you feel all better now? You feel all proud of yourselves for standing up to such a “mean ol’ bully”? The squashing of one by the actions of several…this brought joy to your lives? Some of you who participated in this, I believe just got swept up in the crowd mentality. But to me, that does not excuse your actions. I believe that everyone should do their own research, ask their own questions and come to their own conclusions before taking up someone else’s cause. Before participating in such public actions like this, people need to ask themselves, “what if this were me or my child that this was happening to?” “Is it justified simply because I don’t understand another persons ways or choices they make?” “Is it my place to say that only terrible karma will come to someone else? Do I know all the facts? Or simply think I know them?” And especially, “What if I’m wrong? What if everything I know is based on misunderstandings? And even if not, is publicly dragging someone really going to make things better?”

I know for a fact that in this most recent case, this blogger (notice I’m not calling you out by using your real blog name or listing them all) was upset because she did not understand why she had been unfollowed and blocked. She obviously talked about it to some friends who give her their perceived grievances to add - and the process was given life.
So with her ammunition loaded, she first decided to create a new side blog and use it solely for public dragging or as she put it “calling you out”…creating that hateful post. A few hours later, she THEN has a thought to contact a mutual friend to ask to speak privately and directly to my friend, which my friend agreed to even though she knew this person created the post AND the fact that she willingly agreed to talk even though she is on a family vacation with her children! So, by trying a different approach to her original issue, this blogger was not met with hate or a counterattack - which my friend would have every right to do after reading that - this person found out that in fact the whole matter could have been settled this way in the first place, that my best friend was indeed NOT the monster she and others believed her to be and proclaimed so publicly in hurtful posts, and that in fact, once the air was cleared…there might even be a new friendship.

I am proud that my best friend stood up for herself and pushed back publicly a little this time. I love the fact that she doesn’t publicly drag people in long, hateful, cruel posts. I love the FACT that she has never, ever, ever told me who I should or should not follow. In fact, in the 3 years we have known each other, she has done the exact opposite! She may tell me who she’s unfollowed or blocked and why…but has always stressed that just because she does something for her own reasons, does not mean I should. She especially stresses that she would never treat me differently if I choose to follow my own path - in fact she always pleads with me to do so, and I always have. And she has never acted differently towards me because I have. There’s a BIG difference in warning someone how another person is, so that the someone can make informed decisions if they choose to do so at all…and warning them that if they continue to follow some blogger or remain friends with them, they too will be blocked.
The first is what occurred. And for the few or one that said the later is what occurred, If you’re honest with yourself, you’ll admit that.

In fact, what really got to me, was that this blogger from yesterday started following me two days before this attack from one of her main blogs. So I returned the follow. (Now there’s a history here between this person and myself, which does not involve my bestie, but I will discuss this with her in private later on. And I’m sure it’s just a misunderstanding). But even with all that’s happened, I have not blocked her. I want to talk to her about my own issue, separate from this, before making my decision. My OWN decision.

Please know, If I have unfollowed you or blocked you, it is simply for the following reasons:
1. You never followed me back, or if you once did, you unfollowed me. This would only result in an unfollow, not a block.
2. What you post on your blog, I’d rather not see on my dash. No judgement from me, just a personal choice of what I wish to fill my mind with when I take time out of a very stressful life and escape for a few minutes to tumblr.
3. If you’ve made a hateful or hurtful public dragging post about any of my many wonderful friends on here, or if you’ve agreed with those type of posts, reblogged, added on, or helped to spread the hate in any way, or continue to trash them, or if you’ve first blocked me for whatever reason - you will be blocked. Not ranted about or dragged…simply blocked.
4. And finally, this is for one person out there and they know who they are. If I have repeated tried to befriend you in an effort to make or keep peace, and you’ve continued to slap my extended hand away or ignored me completely…after a year of trying, I got tired of it and made the decision on my very own to block you. *blows kiss*

I have too much pain in my life and hatefulness surrounding me daily…to wish to fill my head with it on here. Everyone deserves mercy and reprieve.

And finally, the blogger from yesterday actually offered to remove the post after speaking to my friend, but my friend told her no, to leave it be. You see, she really doesn’t threaten, warn or tell anyone what to do. Even that.

In my opinion, it should be removed and a public apology issued. And if you do, please include the big triad and the glyphs at the end as you did before, because I believe that if you love these men and this band and their amazing music, you are an Echelon. No matter our differences or what we’ve done in the past. That’s the true beauty that I see in this crazy, wonderful, big family we belong to.

To all who have, thank you for reading and for your time. ❤

To Torment the King, Threaten the Queen

I decided to rewatch Arrow 5x17, and it’s even more amazing (and heartbreaking) to watch the second time. My first viewing was just pure emotional response to what was playing out onscreen. I caught some details here and there, but mostly I was trying to process while hanging on the edge of my seat anticipating what was coming next. Watching the scene again in which Adrian Chase, a.k.a. Prometheus, taunts Oliver about Felicity was fascinating, because I could more easily see how Chase segued into each particular jab and the intent behind it. Like the sick, twisted psycho he is, Prometheus slowly escalates the stakes both physically and mentally for Oliver by threatening his love.

You murdered your own wife

After Chase drowns Oliver for the same amount of time it took his father Justin Claybourn to die, he starts to taunt Oliver about his numerous victims. He tries to humanize them by saying they had families of their own: husbands, wives, daughters, sons, etc. Oliver, however, isn’t swayed because he believes these people committed terrible crimes and had victims of their own. He then points out that Chase is sick and a hypocrite, especially since he murdered his own wife.

It’s that exact moment that Chase makes a very interesting transition. Of all the victims on the wall, he chooses to specifically single out The Count. Why The Count?

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About Natsu's (lack of) character arc

So, there are a lot of posts criticizing Fairy Tail thanks to this recent arc. I’m sure there’s someone out there talking about this exact same issue, but I admit I haven’t found that person yet… And in any case, I want to say my own piece about this subject. It’s been awhile since I wrote some sort of analysis here, but this is probably going to be long anyway.

I want to clarify something: I’m trying to be objective here. While my opinions and tastes will show up, what I’m going to focus here is on writing and structure. I want to talk about why Mashima’s writing is so ineffective lately, and why so many people call Natsu a Mary Sue or plainly dislike him. I’m not here to defend Natsu; I love him, sure, but he’s been a victim of terrible, awful writing. I 100% understand why people dislike him or even hate him. They have VERY good reasons to do so. What I want to do is explain why this happens.

Alright, now let’s start.

→ Inability to change.

At the start of the latest time skip I saw the first sign that I should drop any tiny bit of hope that I had for Natsu’s character. I was stupid and I kept that hope alive, sadly, but I really should’ve seen it coming.

Remember when he came back of the one-year-trip he took after Igneel’s death? How he had his long hair, and many people wanted him to keep it that way, but in the next chapter he came back to his usual look? 

It may seem silly, but to me this was a sign of a bigger problem. Usually, when there’s a time skip it’s expected that character designs change. Not only because it keeps things interesting, but also because people change with time. A change in design tends to reflect this. And I know it sounds stupid to worry about something so “insignificant”, but remember: manga is a visual medium just as much as it is a written one. Visual elements are as important here to tell the story as any other. For example: Lucy, the character who’s allowed to change the most throughout the story, gets a slight change in her design after this time skip. By contrast, Natsu doesn’t.

Following that small sign, we discover that Natsu’s personality hasn’t changed. Like, at all. A year has passed, and he hasn’t changed. Worse than that: He lost Igneel. And. He. Hasn’t. Changed. At. All.

Natsu’s motivation was established in the beginning of the manga: He wanted to find his adoptive father, Igneel, after he disappeared 7 years prior to the start of the story. That motivation was fulfilled in the Tartaros’ arc, followed by Igneel’s death. In one day, Natsu fulfilled a dream he spent seven years (or fourteen, I guess) pursuing… and then he had to see one of his worst fears come true. This is a pretty big thing for any person, but it’s also the culmination for a character arc. The character is at his lowest point, so he’s forced to grow in some way (whether it’s positive or negative).

But… we don’t see Natsu grow. Sure, we see him grieve for… a couple of panels, but that’s all. The chapter before the time skip, we see Natsu smiling and barely reacting to what happened, besides deciding that he has to become stronger. 

We don’t get much insight into him. And after that? A year passes and we don’t get to see Natsu’s struggles or his process of growth. What’s worse: when he comes back, he’s acting like he always acted. And there’s no insight that shows us that no, he changed, he’s just ACTING. We have nothing like that, he just… got better. And we don’t get to see it.

Look, this isn’t about his coping mechanisms or anything. It’s not about whether a person, in real life, can go through a situation like that and appear unchanged by all that happened. No, this is about the writing choices made for a character being utterly ineffective and incompetent. It’s not like we need much, honestly. We don’t need to have Natsu ranting in his thoughts about all the suffering he went through and how he changed. Small changes would’ve been enough. Maybe having Natsu smiling less, or showing sad smiles. Or maybe have him lose some of his will for fighting, at least when it comes to the reckless fights he does for fun. Those things are small, but they are effective.

But, what is Natsu’s character arc anyway? What did Mashima intend for him at the beginning of the story (or what he seemed to intend)? In my opinion, there are two major themes to what should’ve been Natsu’s character arc: Choosing between Igneel and Fairy Tail, and learning to deal with loss. Both of these themes should’ve culminated at the end of the Tartaros arc, but Mashima accidentally destroyed all the moments that lead to this.

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Fireflies and Waterfalls - SaltyAuntSuga - 방탄소년단 | Bangtan Boys | BTS [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Explicit 18+

 Min Yoongi/Jeon Jungkook 

Word Count: 5.3k

Prompt: Your body gets hotter the closer you are to your soulmate + sugakookie.

Originally posted by bangtannoonas

Min Yoongi had spent his whole life being cold. Unlike his friend Namjoon who was fucking sweating any time he got around his boyfriend Seokjin. It didn’t matter to Yoongi that it meant he hadn’t found his soulmate.

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Life Lessons to Learn From Yuri!!! on Ice

This post is for all those people who think that this show is only about the gay couple (the points are not in any ranking order). 

1. The people who love you will always carry the burden of your mistakes, not because they have to, but because they love you. As simple as that.

Yuuri forgot that the burden and pain of failure can be dealt with by sharing it with the people who love you and care for you. He would have been better if he would have shred his grief with his family instead of hiding away. 

Yuuri is used to holing up all of his fears and sadness and doubts within himself, but he should’ve realised that the pain eases when it is shared. Remember to always do so. 

2. You don’t have to be vain or overconfident. Do your best where it matters.

Yuuri was never very overconfident about his performances. In fact, he never seemed like the person to perform Eros with such finesse, does he? We would’ve expected Eros from someone like Yuri, but not someone as innocent as Yuuri. 

Yuuri wouldn’t be caught dead saying this to someone off the ice, but when he performs, he completely transforms into a person with all the necessary confidence, and that is what matters. He might not be that confident as a person, but he was confident where it mattered, and that’s okay.

3. Being caught up in your past will not let you move towards a happy future.

Every time Yuuri thought of doing well in the distant future, we saw how he would remember how miserably he failed the last time he tried, and it would disturb him terribly. 

Yuuri should’ve remembered that the past is the past, and instead of holding on to his past, he should’ve looked forward to making his future better. This is something we all need to learn how to do.

4. Have confidence in your own opinions and choices.

Yuuri considered himself not worthy enough of choosing his own music, and made Celestino do it every time. But what is seen is that Yuri on Ice - the music - that we all love so much - was Yuuri’s own doing and choice. It was beautiful music that made him feel strong and powerful. 

I’m pretty sure if Yuuri would’ve brought along music as per his choice, despite being rejected by his coach, he would’ve gained more confidence as a performer as well as a person.

Therefore, always remember to take a strong stand on your own opinions and choices, but stay open to constructive criticism. 

5. Learn from your mistakes and stop others around you from making them.

Yuuri knew he had to prioritise correctly when it came to his family and his career. He felt horrible when Vicchan died, and also regretted the fact that he couldn’t see him one last time.

That’s why, when Maccachin fell sick, he sent Victor vack to Japan, despite seeing how important it was for Victor to be there with Yuuri. This shows that Yuuri did not want Victor to regret not seeing Maccachin like he regretted not seeing Vicchan. He didn’t want Victor to make the same mistake that he made.

6. Never give up on your ambitions, no matter how far-fetched they seem.

Despite his crushing defeat, his depression, the death of his dog, and the lack of a coach, we saw that Yuuri did want to try again, no matter how impossible it seemed. He failed miserably, and he couldn’t improve drastically enough by the next season to win the gold medal. Still he wanted to try. He didn’t want to give up. 

Never once should you think of giving up what you love doing, no matter how impossible it seems.

7. If you love someone, leave no chances to make sure they know.

Victor left no chance whatsoever to show how interested he was in Yuuri, which was one of the reasons Yuuri could replicate his hidden feelings as easily.

Because they were ultimately true to each other, this

became this

and this

and finally this.

Excessive one-sided flirting lead to an engagement, all because they made sure that they always were on the same page when it came to their relationship.

When you love someone, make sure they know.

8. Always, always remember that your true friends and family understand you best.

Yuuri, after the Sochi Grand Prix, did not rely on his friends or family in any way, which made him crash into depression right after. he couldn’t even face his own family. 

Also Yuuri remarked that his family never treated him as a weakling, even though he sometimes might have been, which shows that yuuri should’ve relied on them for a better recovery after the crushing defeat of the GP Finals in 2014.

Your family knows you best. Always remember that. Also, a family isn’t simply confined to mom and dads. Your dearest friends, the people who stood by you – they’re all family.

9. Take risks. You never know which ones might change your life.

Considering the fact that Yuuri (usually) concentrated on the negativeness around him, he would’ve seen that attempting a quadruple flip would’ve brought him comparison with his coach, and the worse of the comparisons would’ve been drawn against him. Nevertheless, he tried it and discovered that he could perfect the move as well.

Also, Victor took the biggest risk of his life by leaving his peaking career to train a different skater of a different nationality as well.

Take risks. More risks, more profits.

10. Think of the consequences of your decisions on others before making them.

It was okay for Yuuri to consider his own needs and wants, but he should’ve thought how his decision would affect Victor and Yuri of course. It would’ve hurt Phichit and his family to see Yuuri leave as well, I’m sure.

Also, it might have meant to be a comical scene, but just imagine the plight of the coach who had to see his best student leave to coach someone else. Victor should’ve considered his decisions very well as well, because as we saw in the last episode, he did, of course, not plan to leave the sport fully.

Yuri!!! on Ice is a show that teaches us many things, so please never think that it is only about the couples, because it isn’t.

Call Me When You’re Sober

Originally posted by tonystrk

Pairing: Tony Stark x Reader

Based on the song of the same name by Evanescence 

Warning: Mentions of abuse, alcohol use. Angst. 

A/N: This is to the anon that requested for a Tony fic. I wasn’t going to go into this direction but I was listening to my Spotify playlist and this song came up. Hope you enjoy this nonnie!

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anonymous asked:

In the trailer we see how Murphy, Monty and Jasper are defying Clarke and Bellamy is the only one who is supporting her and trying to make her feel better. She lets herself be vulnerable and cry because it's him. He's her person. Do you think it's like a little picture of what will happen on a large scale? I don't know if I'm explain myself right. I mean, will bellamy be her rock while people blame her all the time?

I think that’s definitely a reasonable thing to infer from the trailer. We saw that happened already in the end of season 3. That becoming a full-on thing in season four would be awesome for the pairing, although I would be disappointed if it continues *too* much. It would be best if that kind of doubt happened early on, then it moves toward unity for the delinquents and the sky people as the season progresses.

I’ve said many times before but last season I was frustrated that they constantly have been writing Clarke into situations where she apologizes but is never given the voice to explain her decisions the people around her. Particularly frustrating given that we’ve seen on camera the reasons that she does the things that she does. We know what motivates her character, and we know that she acts out of her best intent. But she’s not been allowed to express that in the script this last season. Clarke used to talk about her actions a lot more in the first two seasons, so that when she disagreed with people, or when they disagreed with her, we understood both sides of the situation. For example the way Raven argued with Clarke in season 2 about the radio and the overall plan to destroy the mountain. We know where both girls were coming from, and that they were both well-intentioned and heroic characters, so the situation didn’t feel like one person was being piled on. Similar to the many ethical dilemmas that Abby has faced in the show, or Bellamy, or Kane, and their reasoning was talked about to various characters at various times but they were being challenged. Yet instead of explaining her actions, Clarke was silent for only written to say a brief apology, which denies her friends the chance to understand her motives. The problem is with the writing itself and how they chose to present her depression, in my opinion, and I hope that shrinking wilted characteristic is going to taper off. I was hoping we would get back to more confident writing for Clarke in season 4 , especially if she’s coming out of her depression and choosing to live more actively.

Given that her big decision at the end of the season was to stick with the group plan and give her people back their mental sovereignty, I hope that means we see more of Clarke making decisions in a group environment. And sharing with Bellamy immediately at the start of the season is going to be part of that. Jahas remark in the trailer about people wanting a say in their own fate is another reason that I think this is going to get more development. That was a particularly ironic comment coming from him, who made a whole bunch of judgy choices in season 1 and 2, such as the culling. Whether not to make decisions for people in a group has been a theme for the entire show, for many characters , so I don’t expect it to go away. But I would like it to be presented better.

I do think that we will see pushback from some characters against the decisions that costs lives, but I hope it doesn’t happen the entire season through like last time. Because that’s a lot of story drag to pull down on your main heroine she isn’t written with a voice to go along with it.

re: individuals from the trailer

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Letter to Mom


I had very much wanted to avoid this email, but since you insist on keeping at it, even when I’ve repeatedly asked you to leave it alone, I’m left with no choice to be blunt with you.

While all the stuff about the finances is true, the heart of our decision is that we are not coming to Thanksgiving because of the election, because of your vote for Trump, and because of your dogged insistence on disrespecting me, my beliefs, and who I am. I simply couldn’t bear the thought of being around your glee at the result of this horrific election.

I think Trump is a catastrophe for this nation. I think Pence is even worse. You happily supported a man who is a bigot, a narcissist, a racist, a misogynist, a man who treats women like objects, who thinks nothing about violating their bodies. A man who *multiple* woman accused of sexual assault. A man who is utterly devoid of a moral compass and basic human empathy. A man who, in just a few short weeks, is due in court to face accusations of raping a child. Every woman who has ever been sexually harassed or raped by a man – and you personally know more than you probably realize – has just been told that sexual assault does not disqualify you from being President of the United States.

You support someone who is endorsed by freaking Putin, by the KKK, who not only didn’t distance himself from white supremacists that supported him, but welcomed them with open arms and stoked the fires of racism for his own selfish benefit. You support a man who mocks the disabled. You support a vice president who believes you can “cure” gayness with shock therapy. You support a candidate who has no understanding whatsoever of policy, who is laughably ignorant of basic civics and constitutional law, who is tacky and ineloquent and an embarrassment to this country. He’s a con man who gets into petty spats on Twitter, and he just conned an entire nation into giving him access to the nuclear codes. Trump is a mean, hateful, and deeply stupid bully, and this is who you thought would be the best possible choice for the leader of the free world.

With Trump and Pence in office, we are facing the prospect of 20 million americans being stripped of healthcare. We are looking at a level of authoritarian fascism that should nauseate anyone who believes in the ideals of our nation, but instead you cheer him and act like he’s the savior of our country. His embrace of white supremacy has emboldened racists across the nation, given legitimacy to their repugnant views, and already we’re seeing a huge uptick in hate crimes, people being attacked for wearing a hijab or being black or being gay. Girls being grabbed by the pussy in school because the new president said it was ok, even desirable, to do so. Newt Gingrich, who’s on the short list for a cabinet post, has openly expressed his plan to resurrect the House Un-American Activities Committee. You lived through the McCarthy age, Mom, so I don’t need to tell you how panic-inducing that should be. My non-white, non-male, non-straight, non-Christian, non-citizen (and naturalized citizen!) friends are legitimately terrified for their safety now, and their fear is not without cause. Actual neo-nazis are THRILLED with your choice for president. Sit with that for a moment.

We are on the verge of being past the point of no return with climate change, but you’ve put into office a man who doesn’t believe in science, believes climate change to be a hoax, and has the power to screw up the future of our species for generations to come. I’m not even going to get into the implications of his ability to nominate a supreme court justice(s) who will very probably find a way to end Roe v. Wade at last, because while you most likely see it as the sweetest victory of all, I think that it is barbaric and the most awful thing to happen to women – including the woman my own daughter will be one day – in the modern age, being forced to stay pregnant regardless of the circumstances of their pregnancy, being told that the pregnancy is more important than their own lives. You’ve made it abundantly clear that you value fetuses above the lives of the living, breathing, independent women (and sometimes girls!) who carry them, and that will always, always be utterly revolting to me. Pence fully believes that abortion should be illegal, no exceptions, and as governor of Indiana jailed a woman who had a miscarriage. Overturning Roe v. Wade is not going to stop abortion, Mom. It’s going to stop safe abortion. But women will still need and seek out abortions, so they’ll have to go back to the way it was before Roe: giving themselves abortions, seeking out underground, unlicensed providers. More women will die, but you don’t care about that because yay, babies, right?

I am horrified by all of that. I am horrified by your support of Trump, because literally *none* of his values reflect actual Christian values: kindness, humility, care for the poor, caring for the sick, loving people who are not like us, and a basic respect for the humanity and dignity of every person. They do not reflect what this nation is about: being a welcome home to people who are fleeing often terrible circumstances in hopes of making a better life for themselves. “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses, yearning to be free” is liberal bullshit to Trump. Either you are white and born here and ok, or you are brown and should be kicked out of this country, or prevented from coming here in the first place.

I am deeply ashamed of you, that you were so quick to set aside your values to elect this monster because you’ve bought into all the slanderous BS about Hillary. She was an imperfect candidate, but she was staggeringly qualified for the job, far more than any other candidate who’s run in the last 30 years, and you just didn’t care. You, who I admire so much, who had to fight so many of the same battles she did – being underestimated because you are a woman, being told that you weren’t as good at something because you are a woman, being held to a higher expectation of perfection and performance than men are. You fought (and continue to fight!) sexism in an industry that is still predominantly male, and established a business that continues to thrive, and yet you got suckered by this preposterous, offensive narrative that she’s the most evil woman on the planet.

This is not simply a difference of opinion. I fully respect and support and will fight to the death for your right to live your life, worship whomever you want, love whomever you want, without interference. But you and the republican party have hopelessly entangled faith and politics to the point where they’re one and the same. You believe it’s ok to eject people who are Muslim, deny basic human rights to people on the basis of their sexuality, force women to carry a pregnancy to term no matter the consequences.

I’m sure that you’ll be dismissive of this, see it as me just being a sore loser, and that you’ll use it as further evidence of “how far [I am] from God.”

But you know what? I finally don’t care. I’m done placating you, trying to play nice, trying to smooth things over, trying to protect your feelings, trying to steady the boat you are so determined to rock. I do not believe in your version of Christianity, because, put simply, I find it to be completely at odds with the actual teachings of Christ.

You can believe whatever you like, and I fully respect your right to do so, but my respect and tolerance cease the minute you try to insist on making everyone else believe what you do, particularly when they resist, as I have, for so long. You don’t respect anyone who doesn’t adhere to your deplorably narrow version of Christianity. People tell you to stop, but you don’t. You simply are unable to deal with someone who doesn’t believe exactly what you believe, and so you push and you push and you push and you pray and you proselytize and you passive-aggressively leave books behind when you leave and you jab and you don’t let it go because you are so unshakably certain you have God on your side.

And honestly, who can fight with that? If you are dealing with someone who believes without any doubt whatsoever that they are doing the will of the Almighty, what good is it to at least try to have a dialogue, find some common ground? I foolishly believed for years – *years* – that it was possible. That one day you’d finally just accept me for who I am, even though I do not fit into this unattainable, idealized vision you have of What A Godly Daughter Should Be.

But all of my achievements – an amazing husband, a smart and delightful daughter, a great house, a college degree with honors, a job that isn’t perfect but is still more than sufficient to support my family, a loving and diverse group of friends who adore me for who I am (not who they think I should be) – are ultimately meaningless to you, because I don’t go to church, much less a church that would meet your approval. It doesn’t matter, because I am not someone who reads the bible. It’s worthless to you because I don’t pray.

I have coped with your lack of acceptance for years and years because I had the naïveté to hope that maybe one day you would just be ok with me being me, and that is clearly not going to happen. There is nothing, short of becoming this strange, super-christian, republican woman that is literally *nothing* like who I actually am, that will get you to accept me and love me, without judgment or disapproval or condition, for who I am right this second. I know this is true because I heard it for years from the churches we both went to. I’ve heard it from your own mouth: nothing in this world matters unless we are followers of Christ. But it’s not even that: it’s *your* version of a “follower of Christ”, the one that allows for no diversity, no difference of opinion, the horrendous and condescending “love the sinner hate the sin” attitudes towards the LGBTQ community – the one your buddy Pence would all too happily subject to electroshock therapy.

That, in particular, hits home for me. Mom, I am bisexual. I am in a happily married, committed relationship with a man, but I also know very much that I am attracted to women, and could easily have been in a long-term, committed relationship with a woman if I hadn’t met D. It is not a sin, or a character flaw, or a choice. It is who I am. I have no more control over it than I do the color of my own skin  And it’s a thing that I’ve never told you until now, because I know you *do* consider it a sin, and a character flaw, and a choice, all based on some cherry-picked bible verses that don’t actually say what you think they say. I was afraid of your disapproval, and was ok hiding it, even though I knew it was dishonest of me to do so.

If there’s one bright spot in all of this, it’s that your intolerance, your attitudes that had made me so afraid to be completely honest with you about who I am, have made me a better mom. I know that there is nothing in the entire universe that would keep me from loving my daughter exactly for who she is, not who I think she should be. I am raising her to be a kind, moral person who knows that she has her parents’ love and support at every step of the way, who knows how important it is to respect people, even when people aren’t exactly like us. That there’s nothing she could do or be that would make us think of her as less-than. That we are deeply invested in assuring her long-term happiness, no matter what form that might take. There isn’t a single holy text in the entire world whose teachings I would pick over her, or try to force upon her. She trusts us, and D and I work hard to make it clear that she can talk to us about anything without fear of judgment or recrimination. And for her especially, I could never in a billion years support someone as grotesque as Trump. So for that, at least, I am grateful.

Anyway. If you’ve made it this far, congratulations, and thank you. But here is where I am going to be abundantly, unmistakably clear in what happens next. I am not being overly dramatic when I say that the future of our relationship hinges upon what you decide to do with this information.

1. Stop preaching to me and my family. Stop trying to “save” me and my family. You believe what you believe, and that’s fine; but your repeated attempts to make me believe the same thing has been incredibly damaging to our relationship. I am not trying to convert you to my point of view, other than for you to learn how to let people live in peace. All I am asking for here is to be left to live my life in peace. That’s it. Let me and my family live our lives without you feeling the need to change it or judge it or point out how ungodly you think it is. Don’t send us books, don’t leave books behind if you visit, don’t buy us tickets to “godly marriage” seminars. We are not interested. Period.

2. Make an effort to respect me, respect who I am, even though I am not who you want me to be. My beliefs are worthy of just as much respect as yours. Your unshakable desire to be right, all the time, to not accept people for who they are, has been damaging to many relationships, not just ours. That’s not my battle to fight, but I point it out only so you understand that it’s not just our relationship that has been badly hurt.

3. Leave me out of your politics. You have known for ages that I am deeply liberal and a proud feminist, but you still didn’t think twice about including me in your group texts about the GOP convention. I didn’t say anything, because I knew you were happy and that was fine, but it was also indicative that you don’t really think (and/or care) that someone who has a completely different political perspective from yours might find the whole thing distasteful and nauseating.

This is how it is. Stop preaching to us. Try to figure out how to respect me for who I am. Leave me out of your politics. 

None of this is open for negotiation or discussion, because my attempts to negotiate with you, beg you to work with me in the past have been utterly fruitless and just led to a bunch of tears and fighting. That time is done.

If you can accept this, difficult though it may be for you, great. It will take a long time to repair our relationship – and please know, a lot of this is on me for consistently choosing peace over honesty – but I am still an idealist, and would like to think it can be fixed. I know I can’t change your beliefs, and I don’t want to. All I’m asking for is for you to extend the same basic courtesy and respect to me.  

If you cannot accept this – and I’m fully prepared for you not to, since your faith is one that doesn’t encourage compromise or mutual understanding – then I really am going to have to separate myself and my family from you even further. I don’t want to, please believe me that I don’t, but dealing with a mom who doesn’t accept me for who I am at a fundamental level has taken its toll.

I’m done placating. I’m done smoothing things over. This is me being utterly and completely open with you.

sweetgirl-haz  asked:

I am honestly finding it difficult to understand HS's thoughts by the end of ep 18. So has justified his actions with detail, Chae-ryung herself wrote that letter to HS, even Baek Ha talked to HS about knowing about CR's motives. We even saw those flashbacks with HS's realisation. How can she still feel wronged? Yes she was like a sister to HS, but due to CRs actions many people HS cared out died: Moo, Court lady, Eun and his wife! (1)

Basically everyone she really cared about and grieved for. How can she not feel wronged? How can she still think So’s actions are worse than all of CR’s? CR even wrote she doesn’t feel remorse or regret her actions. CR knew how the deaths affected HS, but still kept her in the dark. Why can’t she fully trust or understand So’s actions? So did want to handle CR’s situation without violence by sending her away. He didn’t jump to violence straight away. (2)

He is the king, and he still justifies his action to her. For that time period, isn’t that a lot for a King to do? So was trying to protect HS as much as punish CR for the deaths of his brothers. All CR’s misdeeds are thrown into the wind and all Su can focus on is that CR was beaten to death and how could Su “killed” her little sister! How frustrating! CR was not an innocent bystander, she wasn’t deceived or blackmailed into carrying out those actions! (3)

I think the Writers just wanted to create a reason for HS to leave the Palace with Jung’s help, and honestly CR’s death is a very lame reason, with not enough buildup (1 ep if that)! I understand her anger and pain over it wasn’t necessarily about CR dying but more about how she was killed, but she was given a chance to leave. And if we compare this to the brutal way Moo (poisoning slowly) and Eun (and his wife) were killed, isn’t that reason enough. (4)

I actually think her method of death was NOT brutal enough, as it would/could have been for someone who actively participated in the death of a KING and a PRINCE. (5)

Hi Hazel,

Isn’t it wild? You wrote me an ask and I’m responding right away, not a week later after it’s no longer relevant. I’m proud of myself.

Anyway, I feel your pain. The last two episodes were excessively rough. And I’m feeling for the whole fandom, reeling like they’ve been slapped. I truly wonder what the experience would be like if I hadn’t seen the original first. If I wasn’t expecting the CR storyline to play out pretty much exactly like it did. Coming into this fresh has got to be like descending into hell.

But whether it’s because I was prepped before hand, or because my reading of HS is little different than yours, I don’t share your frustration with her decision making. I don’t see her decision to leave the palace with Jung as disillusionment with So. I don’t see it as her not being able to understand So’s reasoning on a logical level. I see it as disillusionment with the whole brutal world that she lives in. A world where people are born as slaves. A world where people are treated like animals. A world where So’s decision comes out of necessity and a desire to protect her. The fact that it makes sense to her, only makes it worse in my estimation.

I don’t think the problem is that she doesn’t understand what So did. I think she understands all too well, but there’s no way for her to reconcile it in her mind. Being able to follow his logic, and being able to get over the idea that the person you love killed one of your best friends, someone who is closer to you than a little sister, are two very different things. Logic doesn’t override the horror of what So did.

It’s just like the line they keep repeating: I think HS understands what So did, but I don’t think she can forgive him.

And I perfectly see that So had no other choice but to have CR killed, and brutally at that. She was guilty of regicide. HS was very nearly killed for the same thing, and only escaped it because of Lady Oh’s sacrifice. Someone in that scenario had to die. And I get that. But I sympathize with HS’s perspective too. CR did many terrible things, but she did them because she was manipulated by someone she loved, used to a particular purpose as a possession and not a person. HS doesn’t see what CR did as wrong because she doesn’t feel that CR has any other choice. And in a very real sense she didn’t. The true monsters behind this whole situation are Won and Wook.

The problem between So and Soo is the same as it’s always been: They are two people from vastly different times, with vastly different value systems, crossed by fate to fall in love with each other, while being pulled in opposite and contradictory directions. They are an equation that can never be balanced or solved.

HS had hypocritically fooled herself into believing that somehow she could be happy with So while at the same time giving up everything she had ever wanted for her own life and contradicting all of her old principles. Fooled herself into thinking that the pursuit of the throne and the pursuit of love were compatible things. That she could handle being locked in the gilded cage of the palace, waiting for So to come to her, sharing him with multiple women. She fooled her self into thinking that she could live like that, as long as the two of them were together.

Now she’s waking up from that dream. It’s not that she’s stopped loving him, it’s that she’s realized that she can’t live like this. From this point he’s only going to grow more remote and degenerate further. If she stays she’s just going to have to see him do more and worse things to keep the throne. She’s going to have to watch him father children with Yeon Hwa. If she leaves now at least she has the chance to remember him as he used to be, before all traces of the man she loved disappear.


these days (i can’t take too much) - part three

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Summary: Reader used to be a villain; a stone cold killer. But she doesn’t do that anymore. Helping the Avengers stop her old boss once and for all leads to a lot more than she bargained for, especially when it comes to Bucky Barnes.

Warnings: abuse, violence, language, torture, angst

A/N: i love this part :) bucky is so cute i can’t deal. also just as a forewarning, this fic gets kinda graphic as it goes on so, like, prepare yourself. but this part is fluffy so dont worry

read part 1, part 2part 4part 5part 6, and part 7

You refuse to sleep, so you’ve been wandering the Tower for the better part of the night. You’d been in Tony’s workshop all day, giving Romanoff and Rogers everything you know about the Redback and Monroe, and answering all their questions. The thick tracking bracelet on your ankle, as well as the chip embedded in your arm, are constant reminders that for the foreseeable future the Tower will be your home. You might as well get used to it.

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Red and Blue- Chapter 1

Summary: Klance enemies-to-lovers AU! Keith is a Galra soldier, with no memory of who he is, sent on a mission to infiltrate the paladins- befriend them and exploit their weakness. But can he betray them when it appears they hold the key to his past? Can he betray them when they treat him with more kindness than he’s ever known? Can he betray them…when he’s falling in love with one of them?

Chapter: 1

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Red and Blue- Chapter 1

All he’s ever known is red.

Granted, he doesn’t have much of a memory. Apparently he lived on Earth, maybe he even had friends? He doesn’t know. The accident wiped his memory near-clean. He’s a blank slate, an empty vessel, practically a droid. It’s a fact that keeps him up at night. The questions. The red, hot, burning questions.

Did he have friends? Did he have family? Did he…love?

Red is all he knows.

The mercilessness vermillion of his Galra training, the dizzying, scarlet heat of battle, the crimson of his own blood.

His blood is red.

It serves as a grim reminder, any time he is hurt in a fight, that he is a puzzle piece on a chess board. Though his skin is purple, like the Galra, his ears pointed like the Galra, and his eyes are yellow, like Galra, his blood is red. Different to Galra. Deep down, he knows he is not one of them. Not really. He doesn’t even have a name like theirs, can even shift into a human form. Isolated from his own kind, but strangely ok with that, he’s used to the mutterings of ‘half breed’, ‘human scum’, ‘runt’ and the snarls that come with it. In fact, he hardly pays them any attention at all. It doesn’t hurt, to be rejected by these people. After all, his loyalty is not to them.

There’s only one whom he is loyal to, and it isn’t Zarkon.

So he’ll continue to go on missions, continue to be one of Zarkon’s top soldiers (he may be a runt, but he’s quick and deadly as a result), continue to get in the way of those ridiculous paladins and their stupid lions. That is something he can contend with for now.

Red is all he knows.

But he also knows that’s about to change.

Because he’s now lying on his back, on the shore of some god forsaken island, on a back-water planet, beaten within an inch of his life.  Apparently it was to make things look more ‘authentic’, but the soldiers doing the beating seemed to enjoy it a little too much for his liking. Oh well. He’d had worse.

“Can you hear me?”

There’s a tentative hand at his shoulder, lightly shaking him, but his eyes remain closed. It’s impossible to open them.

“He must be the one who sent the distress signal.” It’s a younger voice, somewhere to his right. Beeps and electrical noises surround him; he wonders if they’re analysing his vitals. Unsurprising, he probably looks like shit right now- bloodied and bruised and half conscious.

“We should get him back to the ship,” the first voice says and for the briefest moments, he thinks he recognises it. A deep, serious yet kind voice. But that would be absurd. If these really were the paladins, he’s only ever fought them ship-to-ship, he doesn’t know what they look like, what they sound like. He can’t put a face to a name.

Before he can muse on it further, he feels strong arms lifting him and he groans. The bruises which the soldiers left on his body dug deep, he’s pretty sure one of them cracked his ribs too. Pain shoots through his side as his arm is slung over a sturdy set of shoulders. He’s being carried somewhere.

Then all he knows is darkness.


When he wakes, he realises he’s in been in a healing pod. Slightly different to Galra tech, but not unfamiliar. As he stumbles from the pod, that’s not what causes his internal panic systems to ignite.

It’s the two sets of curious eyes on him. He blinks, dazed, confused, but schools his expression into his usual stoic one.

There’s silence.

And then, all at once, they start speaking over each other. Their voices and questions are dizzying to him; he’s not used to this kind of attention. It’s…unsettling.

“So you’re- like- a human?!” Asks a larger guy, tanned and beefy, wearing an orange headband. If it weren’t for his child-like curiosity, he’d have looked more intimidating.

“How’d you get so far out here?” He recognises the voice from earlier, the younger voice from the beach he’d been abandoned on, now attached to a short boy with fluffy hair and glasses too big for his face, “were you a Galra prisoner?”

“How did you escape? How did you get captured?” The first guy asks and there’s awe in his voice.

They’re in his space, they’re too close and he doesn’t like it. Swallowing, he takes a step backwards, every fibre of his being telling him to back away, get away, run.

“Ok guys, that’s enough, let him have some room to breathe.”

Two others walk into the room, a tall guy with black and white hair and a scar across his face, and an equally tall woman with an air of royalty about her. They both wear matching expressions of disapproval.

The young boy steps away with a sheepish scratch to his head, the big guy lowers his head- equally guilty. Both mumble out apologies.

“I am Princess Allura of Altea,” the silver haired woman says and he wants to kick himself, of course she is. He’d been given a quick de-brief of all the information the Galra had on the Paladins, before he’d had the ever loving crap kicked out of him. She fixes him with gentle, impossibly blue eyes and- although she carries an air of tranquillity and grace- there isn’t a doubt in his mind that she could kick his ass.  Once again he thinks that this is a terrible idea, a stupid plan, but then what choice did he have but to agree? When has he ever have a choice? “I trust you are well after your stint in the healing pod?”

He nods mutely, but then kicks himself. He can’t afford to be his usual standoffish self; he has to be polite.

“Yeah, thanks. It helped a lot,” he nods again, in what he hopes is a friendlier manner. His voice is rough and scratchy, not used to saying much beyond ‘yes sir’.

Allura smiles warmly and it strikes him, catches him off guard. When was the last time someone smiled at him in a way that wasn’t smug or condescending? He can’t remember. Surprise, surprise.

“What is your name?” She asks.

“Keith,” he responds automatically. It’s the only thing Zarkon ever told him about his past, about who he was before. The scar-faced man next to him jolts in surprise, but quickly covers it. Keith, however, is used to others covering up their true emotions. He knows when someone is hiding something.

“Hunk,” the large man with the headband introduces himself, “it’s nice to meet you Keith! You were really busted up there buddy.”

“I’m Pidge. Shiro and I found you, we responded to your distress call. We were worried you weren’t gonna pull through,” the young boy says, gesturing to the scarred man who Keith now knows as Shiro. He glances at Shiro’s arm, noticing the Galra tech, and his eyebrows raise in surprise before he can stop them. Zarkon didn’t mention that.

Shiro catches where his eyes are and offers a small smile, waving his robotic arm “a souvenir of the Galra empire,” he explains. Keith clenches his fists, doesn’t respond, because really how can he respond to that?

It’s becoming abundantly clear that he hasn’t just been thrown in the deep end, he’s being drowned in it. The other soldiers are probably laughing themselves silly about the mess he’s in now. He fights a growl which threatens to escape his chest.

“Perhaps we would be better off discussing things in the common room?” Allura suggests in a way which makes it seem more like a command, but it’s different to Zarkon. It’s more…diplomatic? Keith can’t quite put his finger on it. Honestly he’s having a hard time taking all this- this- kindness seriously. How can these people be so trusting of him? They have no idea who he is. But he supposes that is exactly what Zarkon wants, “It would be best to get comfortable would it not? We have much to talk about.”

She leads them through the castle ship, Hunk and Pidge stealing glances at Keith. Keith pretends not to notice. He’s more interested in Shiro. The older paladin is walking ahead, conversing lightly with Allura about the whereabouts of someone called Lance. Keith figures he must be one of the other paladins. The name is vaguely familiar, but once again he doesn’t know why. He glances down at Shiro’s metal arm again.

Eventually, the immense halls of the ship lead to a small, homely room which hurts Keith’s eyes. The furniture is bright, white and comfy looking. There’s a large rounded sofa, a table and an endless array of cushions. The contrast between this unassuming room, and the cold steel box that was his living quarters, is staggering. He has to fight not to wince.

Hunk and Pidge dive into the floor cushions, Shiro settles onto one of the armchairs and Allura sits on the sofa. Keith stands there, waiting for instructions, before he realises that nobody is going to give him orders. These people aren’t his superiors, he’s supposed to befriend them, gain their trust, find and exploit their weaknesses.

He’s probably the worst person for this job, he’ll admit, but as he’s the only half-human in Zarkon’s entire fleet, he’s the only one for the job.

He decides to join Allura on the sofa, but sits far on the other side, the bright lights of the room make it feel like he has a spot light directed straight on to him. It feels like an interrogation. His hands grip his trousers; his jacket feels heavy on his shoulders.

“So, how did you make it so far from Earth?” Allura asks him, as though he’s some sort of injured animal, and he reminds himself that he shouldn’t be offended at the remark. He can handle himself. But then he remembers he’s supposed to be more vulnerable. He’s not supposed to be a trained soldier.

Finally, he gets a chance to rehearse the speech his superiors had drilled into him for hours and hours.

“I don’t remember much,” He states, and at least there’s truth in that. He frowns, looking at his lap. Does that look suspicious? Maybe, but he can’t look any of them in the eyes, doesn’t want to see pity or whatever else they chose to direct at him, “But I know I was a prisoner of the Galra. They captured me. I don’t know why. I don’t know how long I’ve been away,” he’s straying from the script, but he can’t stop. His brain is screaming at him, but his mouth is running away, the words dripping from his mouth like fountain water. All he knows is confusion, and then he looks at Shiro, whose eyes dart away from him. Why is he so familiar? It must be the fact that he has a Galra tech arm, the fact is messing with his head, “I remember being in a desert, I remember a bright red light sucking me up, and something large hitting my head- that’s all,” he’s shaking now, for real, but he supposes the more authentic he is the more he can gain their trust, the sooner he can leave. He doesn’t like the way this feels, and fights his way back to the script, the things he was supposed to say, “I was in a prison for a long time. Then, one day, they tried to experiment on me. I escaped. There was a fight, I managed to get into an escape pod, sent out a distress call I guess somehow. I don’t know how I’m not dead. I guess that’s when you guys found me.”

It’s quiet again, and Keith’s heart is hammering in his chest. At any moment, he’s ready for the paladins to leap up, to reveal they know he’s a fake, to chop him to pieces. But the moment doesn’t come.

“Oh man, that’s rough.” Hunk is the first one to speak, and Keith looks up to where him and Pidge are sitting. Pidge shifts uncomfortably, his shoulders tense, his eyes glazed over. The boy is deep in thought, somewhere else. Keith briefly wonders why, before reminding himself it’s none of his business and he shouldn’t care either way. But then, he reminds himself again, that’s what he’s hear for- to search for weaknesses.

“I am so sorry you had to experience Zarkon’s cruelty first hand,” Allura says, reaching out to pat his arm. He recoils without thinking about it, and she slowly withdraws her hand, an understanding look on her face. He can hardly stand it. She has no idea. None of them do, “rest assured, you’re safe now.”

“And hey, if you need anyone to talk things through with- Shiro was a prisoner of the Galra too!” Pidge pipes up, seemingly recovered from his bout of melancholy.

“Pidge,” Shiro hisses out a warning tone whilst Keith sits there, numbly.

So that’s what Shiro had meant when he said his arm was a souvenir. Keith feels rooted to the spot, more out of his depth than ever before. Blood is rushing in his ears; his head is swimming.

And then, just as he’s pulling himself together, someone else marches through the door and Keith’s breath catches in his throat.

It’s a guy about his age, tall and lean. His skin is as tanned as Keith’s is now pale, his eyes as warm and brown as Keith’s are cold and grey. He walks in with a confident swagger, and everything about him screams opposite- opposite to Keith in every way.  Keith is instantly on guard.

“Well hell-ooo fellow paladins!” he booms, and his voice is loud and grating. It gets on Keith’s nerves, it’s obnoxious. In fact, his whole demeanour is obnoxious, “did you miss me when I-” the brown haired boy stops dead in his tracks, his arms dangle limply by his sides as his eyes meet Keith’s. Keith digs his nails into the sofa. It feels to him, like the tense moment before a battle begins.

And then the boy speaks again, one word, and it’s enough to turn the whole world upside down.


Thoughts on Carmilla

You know what just hit me like a freight train during a hurricane while a volcano erupted at the same time?

We were frighteningly close in Carmilla Season 2 to having Carm not only revert back and lose all the positive progress she had made since Laura came into her life as a positive challenge, but perhaps even getting worse. 

Laura made Carmilla believe in love again, and also made her so vulnerable. And every terrible thing that happened in Season 2 was a heavy burden to her newly vulnerable self. Love requires trust, and so Carm also had to allow herself to trust which doesn’t seem to be something she was used to.

I feel like, even if she doesn’t realize it, the universe essentially paid back her vulnerability, love and trust, by spitting on it and causing her all kinds of stress, anger, and pain. Not to mention the trauma she suffered years before Laura ever came into picture. Because of that, I think it would not have been surprising if she had decided to shut herself down completely, never trusting anyone ever again and living a bitter life, made all the more bitter by the fact that the only other person she cared about (that we know of) was killed (Mattie, tho thankfully she’s back). Carmilla would have been truly alone because she could have decided to never see Laura again. She could have abandoned the campus and never returned, leaving the rest of the people there to their fate, and lived out her days in safe, yet bitter, isolation.

But Carmilla made a different choice.

When she told Laura that believing in one’s friends was not strength, she shut off the computer. As far as Laura knew, Carmilla had chosen her lonely path already.

Something, though, clearly gnawed at Carmilla after she shut down Laura’s communication.

It was in that moment that Carmilla made a different choice, and it was because she still loved Laura despite the mistakes Laura had made. Carmilla couldn’t bear the thought of losing her imperfect, flawed cupcake. I think Carmilla realized that she would have become unimaginably grief-stricken if she had abandoned Laura to her fate without coming to help. And the root of Carm’s different choice, I think, was that she decided she was going to refuse the pain and the grief and not let her anger get in the way of Laura’s survival. Perhaps, even, she had something that pre-S1 Carmilla did not have: hope. Hope that she could save Laura, hope that she could love her, and hope that the two of them could make a life together as friends and lovers without anymore pain.

I think Carmilla, even if she didn’t realize it, was at a very critical crossroad during her late-season video call with Laura. She was tottering on the edge between complete loss and bitterness, and saving Laura and finding happiness. She was so close to losing the one she cared about most, but she made a last-minute choice to prevent that from happening BECAUSE she wants love, contentment, and happiness in her life, and Laura is the one who awakened her to that after centuries of darkness.

So that’s that.

P.S. If you can’t tell, I miss Hollstein and I want them back safe by the end of S3.

I’m In

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Prompt: “Um…Yeah, so I’m pregnant” for @roxy-davenport​ ‘s July Writing Challenge

and “No, I said we were safer, not safe.” for @one-shots-supernatural ‘s weekly writing challenge (week 8)

Summary: When you discover that you’re pregnant, you can’t help but worry how things will work out. How will Dean react? How can you as a hunter give your baby the life they deserve? There must be a way to do things right, and maybe Dean has found it.

Word Count: 1112

Warnings: Minor cussing, allusions to intimacy, pregnancy, angst turned fluff

A/N: A small little Dean fic; I’ve been obsessed with domestic Dean lately, so here we are. One of my less in depth ones, but I still hope you enjoy! This might as well be my catchphrase at this point but, FEEDBACK IS ADORED! Don’t hesitate to let me know what you think!

***Also, I’d just like to say that I’m hugely pro-choice, I just created a character who that wasn’t a good option for. If that is what is best for anyone else, I 100% support that.

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You sat at the bunker’s large wooden table, taking a swig of your drink and mulling over your mistakes. They were mistakes, no matter how good they felt. Those nights with Dean, long and sweet and passionate, you’d never experienced anything quite like it. Dean seemed to savor every little detail of being intimate; his harsh exterior faded away to a deeply tender man. You hoped that the façade could fade away in your latest situation, that he would soften and be kind in your moment of turmoil. The topic affected both of you, but that wasn’t really the problem. Dean and you were hunters, what you’d done could be considered a sin. You weren’t just stressing out each other; you were bringing in another innocent kid into the hunting lifestyle.

           No matter how hard anyone tries to get away from hunting, it never quite works, and that goes for anyone that hunters even touch. You knew that, and you knew Dean knew that. Dean knew first-hand, dead friends piling up throughout the years and all. You were dragged into the job by buddying up with the Winchesters; wrong place wrong time type of thing. It, easily, was one of the worst things that had ever happened to you, all except for the boys. Your stomach churned.

Already you felt your heart strings tug; a little person developing and growing inside you. That’s insane. The baby probably hadn’t even been formed at that point, yet your heart already dropped at the idea of them not existing. Was losing them really much worse than birthing them into the “family business” as Dean called it? You couldn’t decide what the best thing to do was; keep the baby as you so wanted to and raise them half-assed in the bunker so they could live the shitty hunter life, or let them go, despite every instinct in your body turning away from that thought. Neither choice was great, but one felt more right than the other. As you pondered, you heard Dean’s heavy footsteps thump in, shocked to see you.

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Please Remember!

A Noragami fanfiction

SummaryYato is always afraid of being forgotten. Especially of being forgotten by Hiyori. An terrible accident leads to an ironic tragedy. With memories gone, will there be a future for Yato Yukine and Hiyori?

Words: 3289

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