and had a good time

tonight at interactive introverts, dan said he and phil were soulmates, he called himself phil trash #1 again, and he said that if one day human souls could be implemented into technology, he would want to live in the sims world with phil so they could be “proper sim dads together”. my heart is full.


“Can we check out some other rooms here?”

(The Ghosts and Demons of Bobby Mackey’s    a.k.a that episode where Shane outed himself as both a demon and a walking meme)

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Shows that look super happy and child friendly at a glance and slowly evolve into highly complex shows that can also appeal to an older audience whilst still remaining true to their original character


                                     The Korean store is all the way across town.
        I know. So if I went all the way across town to get something you like, that means…
                                     You must really like yogurt?
                                                                          You are impossible.

Happy Valentine day ,even for friends ,enemies,and all,hope you eat a lot of chocolate 

the reynolds pamphlet



*Hide and seek ver. where Hiders have to scare as many seekers without getting caught in order to win

Time to eat.

Hope you guys had a Happy Halloween–! 🎃 

Hufflepuff: I had fun hanging out with you today!

Ravenclaw: Me too!

Ravenclaw: *under their breath* But now I’m so drained and need to spend the next 72 hours by myself.


“ i don’t belong to anyone but everybody knows my name

『 happy birthday hobi! • our brightest ray of sun who shines through on even the cloudiest of days ☀️ 』