and got caught up in drawing dragons


Even tho I still can’t manage holding my tablet’s pen, my mechanical pencil is slim and light enough to let me draw! Which is why I spent the last few days sketching traditionally - maybe this blog has been inactive long enough to allow me to post shitty pics of shitty pencil doodles too haha

Let me tell you about Yoko Tsuno

It’s a science-fiction comic series written by Belgian artist Roger Leloup, starring Yoko, a Japanese woman, in more than 20 adventures traveling through space, time, and other countries.

You got everything in this series. A Japanese professional woman, never depicted in a sexual manner, and her main ability is being competent, knowledgeable, brave and having a noble heart.

She travels through space with her best friend Khâny, a blue woman from Vinéa, who’s also smart and competent and obeyed by a lot of people, because Khâny knows her shit.

She travels through time with Monya, a 15 years old girl from the future, sole survivor of the human race and pilot of the Time Spiral, a time machine.

She solves mysteries on Earth, too, but they’re always a mix of sci-fi and mythical creatures and mysterious stuff like that.

She’s a single mother, adopted Rosée du Matin (morning dew), a little Chinese girl who could talk to a dragon. And she brings Rosée in space with her, that’s the awesome part!

You also have beautiful female friendships, all the main characters are women. Like Ingrid, here, a singer, she calls upon Yoko often to solve weird mysteries in Easter Europe.

Or Myna, a small robot with a bad attitude that got caught up in Yoko’s friendship and hangs around, being passive-aggressive.

Or Khâny. Oh Khâny, I wanted to be her. She’s kickass. And so pretty.

And the drawings are so beautiful, look at that background. You wish you could draw backgrounds like that. (And that’s not even the best, it’s just what I could find on google.)

You have beautiful depictions of other cultures through Earth’s history.

Her guy friends are cool too.

They’re not all translated to English, sadly, but a couple of them are.


Wikipedia page

On Amazon (I don’t why why they changed the numbers of the books in English)

Or learn to read French. It’s worth it.


So I’m actually a huge One Piece fan…I just never really posted much about it on this blog since this place was mostly meant for my video game graphics. (◐▽◑)  I’m really hyped up about the current arc!!! If you’re a One Piece fan too, you can blacklist the tag #opspoilers if you don’t want to be spoiled, since I am caught up to the manga. You can also blacklist #One Piece, if you don’t like One Piece(gasp!!!).

I’ll still reblog video game graphics and make them every once in a while, but I also really want to actually focus on my art for a change. In particular, I’d like to try harder to not skimp on small details in my drawing, so I will try to line art this properly before I start to paint in the details. I also need to finish those Dragon Age portraits I never got around to finishing…

I’ve been watching iZombie while getting over my jetlag today and I got caught up with Riverdale whohoo!! 💚📺 Netflix seems to be a good remedy for my jet-lag lol 💀😜 I’m binging while also finishing up some of the travel sketches I did while I was away. 😀✏✨ Rome was such a great place for inspiration that I couldn’t leave them unfinished! 🏛💖 I feel so creatively recharged now. 💪✨ What do you guys think of my little creations?😊💕


hey look who caught up with the times and got a haircut

this woulda been great to post nearer to christmas but i aint waiting that long

I should have been working on pt2 of the solavellan comic but I got so caught up in this cause I was experimenting with some stuff and really like how it came out! Once again feel like I’m on the crux of learning something which makes me excited!! ><9

wyvernseeker  asked:

You're into Fullmetal Alchemist and dragons too? Awesome.

Aside from Undertale, you mean? Yep, those three are my blog’s A-team! I’ve got lots of other fandoms mixed in-between, but not to the same degree.

I started out two years ago with mainly HTTYD, caught up to speed on FMA after rewatching Brotherhood, and then discovered Undertale this last spring. (Truthfully, Race to the Edge has made me withdraw somewhat from the Dragons fandom recently, but I don’t think I’ll ever really leave.) I think what draws me to these fandoms in particular are the BROTPs (Hictooth, Elrics, skelebros), an emphasis on the value of life, and encouragement of empathy and understanding.

But yeah! I like liking all the things!

“IN RETROSPECT---” Hannibal 3x10 Again

**Warning: rewatch live-blogging, written with knowledge of the full series

I’m in a weird nervy mood right now, so let’s SEE HOW THIS GOES DOWN.

Season 3, Episode 10: “And the Woman Clothed IN Sun”

Heh, Francis practicing his plosives in front of the mirror, I’d forgotten.

From the outside of his laptop I would have sworn it was a Dell or something, but then the desktop is clearly Apple, so this is for sure a metaphor about Dolarhyde containing The Dragon. It’s not, please don’t believe me.

Hannibal’s lawyer is literally named Byron. You guys.

THE OVERWHELMED GASP THO. Francis is the person who brings his favorite book to be signed by his favorite author at the local Barnes & Noble and then ends up lurking by the periodicals too nervous to go up there.

Hannibal’s just like, “refreshing, someone who wants to Become.”

Unfair reviews. At last someone who recognizes the artistry of your work, Hanners. Or, well at last someone who admits it. Rough.

Huh. Dolarhyde, being perfectly amenable to a number of Hannibal’s wants in a murder protege, is sorta another Dimmond, isn’t he — proof that the traits he wants in Will on paper don’t actually gel into someone he wants in person. That, frustratingly, remains Will’s role alone. Ha ha, YOU DOOMED LOSERS.

This is totally cool. AND EERY.

“I want to see you ~meld~ with the ~strength of the Dragon~.” W O W, Dolarhyde.

Wait, a Joke:

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