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Name: Naomi
Nickname: Omi, Chris 2.0
Zodiac sign: Virgo 
Height: 5'3ish
Orientation: straight
Favourite colour: Black or Pastel pink
Favourite animal: lion or penguin
Average sleep hours: like 2 on a good day
Cat person or dog person: DOGGOS
Favourite fictional character: Jack Frost
Number of blankets you sleep with: one
Dream trip: Japan, Aussie, American Road Trip
Blog created: like the other day😬😂
Current number of followers: 79
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Doodle of the day: “Sometimes you kick Sometimes you get kicked Sometimes you kick Come on come on come on come I look around unsatisfied At what they’re giving me Then I think to myself Is there someone else Who feels the same as me Do you feel the same baby When my back is broken When the mountain moves away All the dreams and promises That we give We give away Sometimes you kick Sometimes you get kicked Sometimes you kick Sometimes you get kicked Look ahead But don’t mix it up Baby look ahead To better days and better ways Make peace with flesh and blood Make peace with your love Nothing more I could ask of you In the end this is the truth”

her personality was like a rose,
beautiful but quickly fading,
one might ask, 
and all she’d do is cry.

as the rose starts to wilt,
so does she,
an all she says is,
“i want to be set free”

as the days past,
she became even more weak,
it wasn’t going to be long
before she reached her peak.

“mom, dad, i’m sorry,” she says, 
“but unfortunately,
we have to part ways.”

her parents nodded their head,
tears welled up in their eyes,
for finally,
it was time to say their goodbyes.

she made her way to the terminal,
her head held up high,
for finally, the time had come for her to fly.

flying to bigger and better dreams,
and away from the past,
oh how she felt so free
at last.

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[Iced Cafe Mocha, Italian Soda, and Rose Hip Tea. B)]

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iced cafe mocha: favorite thing to do on rainy days

Mmmm. Good one.
        Probably stay inside. When I was little, I had this really nice window seat where I could read in the sun–I liked sitting there with a cup of hot chocolate and watching the world go by. I can do this still at the office. But if I’m at home…I curl up and start a Netflix marathon.

italian soda: describe your dream date

Something not interrupted by photographers.
      Other than that…I don’t really know. Something quiet and romantic, though, I know that. Sorry I don’t have a better answer for you–but I’m pretty much up for any sort of date, honestly.

rose hip tea: describe your first kiss

[ he puts his tongue in his cheek, making a quiet, amused noise. ]
        It was in the parking lot of an IHOP when I was thirteen. He complained that I was pursing my lips and laughed, basically calling me a scaredy cat. But then he tried again and he said we could work on it. I don’t remember much else about it.

Worth the wait

We all imagine, look ahead in time and create an illusion of how our lives will be in a few years. We dream and paint when we decide on our goals, when we meet someone who brings out the pleasant emotion and feeling of trust, support and love ( they may or may not end up to be our better half).
There is no harm in thinking ahead of time or creating images of where we see ourselves in a few years but while dreaming we mustn’t forget the reality.

A painting isn’t a creation of seconds. It takes days maybe weeks and months together to satisfy the ideas of the painter. It’s like each brick and tile compile and create a house. The process of dreams and illusion turning reality is time taking and the key is hard work and patience. All will be worth it in the end.

Hard work, patience and determination pays off!!!
External image

Hard work, patience and determination pays off!!!

So for the last 2 years I have been trying to get a job with NHS (in UK)….I’ve sent lots of applications, attended lots of interviews… Today I found out I got a job, that I done interview exceptionally well. TODAY is my full calendar month of sobriety. It’s such a beautiful day. Good things do happen if we work hard and put our sobriety first (if I wouldn’t have sobriety I wouldn’t have anything) So to you all lovely people stay strong, follow your dreams and never lose hope because things will get better and better with every single sober day. Love & peace ❤

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How old are you: 22 (but I turn 23 in two days)

Dream job: Teach English at a University

What is a big goal you are working towards (or have already achieved)?: I applied for Graduate school so probably getting accepted and finishing up that. 

What’s your aesthetic?: Reading books in front of a fire place in oversized sweaters and wrapped up in a tartan while it rains steadily outside

Do you collect anything?: Shot glasses and rubber ducks

What’s a topic you’re always up to talk about?:  Books

What’s a pet peeve of yours?: Whistling. I don’t know why, but it grates my nerves

Good advice to give?: Never take anything for granted.

Recommend 3 songs:

“Castle on the Hill” by Ed Sheeran

“Beth” by KISS

“Wonderwall” by Oasis

I taaaaaag @ravenclaw-niall @elounarry @freddieisalad @drunkniall

Let Freedom Ring

Fair warning, this will probably be winding and rambling and a bit of a rant. I usually write about sports or entertainment or tech. But on this rare occasion, I write about the idea of freedom. 

When I was growing up, the American Dream was a sacred ideal. An ideal that seems to slip more and more each day. I wanted to write about this before the upcoming presidential inauguration. Being a first-gen American, it seems to be tricky business in the dawn of this new era. But like any child of immigrants, I am always filled with the hope and promise of the future. 

A little background. My parents are from the Philippines. They came to this country for a better life but they came over in the 1970s post-Vietnam War where confidence for the USA was down. Looking for work, my father joined the US Army and ended up serving this country for 22 years. My parents are living out their American Dream. Three kids put through college. Possessing property of their own. Now four grandkids. This country and their hard work have given them that opportunity. 

In our household, we took patriotism seriously. We had small little American flags around our house and Dad would get onto me and my brother if we dropped them or left them on the floor. “The flag should never touch the ground,” he would scold us. Being around military bases growing up, it was like a history lesson and patriotism lesson every day. My personal experience might be skewed more toward the idealist because of this. 

They raised us to be aware of our world. Every night at dinner we had on either World News Tonight with Peter Jennings or sometimes NBC Nightly News. I remember playing in my parents’ room while Mom and Dad watched the Berlin Wall fall. While we lived in Germany when my dad was stationed there we watched AFN News and kept up with exchange rates and deployment announcements. 

When I was a teenager and my dad was retired from the army, we were encouraged to eventually fulfill our civic duties like jury duty and voting. I remember my dad getting called to jury duty once. He never complained about it. And both my parents were proud to be able to vote. As an American I believe voting is both a privilege and an expectation. You want your voice to be heard? You want to make change? Vote. And not just for presidential candidates. Because believe it or not, on the local level who is president has less of an impact than all the local stuff that’s on the rest of the ballot. 

That is why I never understood why people like Colin Kaepernick supposedly want to make change but sit out because they don’t like the presidential candidates. If they didn’t sit out during the primaries, there might have been someone different getting inaugurated this week. Also, be involved in the so-called “minor” elections. Bond issues. State reps. State and local questions. Those make the most difference in your community and your surroundings. On the very same token, it doesn’t make sense to me to not vote on whether or not to approve a Supreme Court appointment. If you don’t like the appointment, vote no. If you end up losing that vote, there will always be the next opportunity to win the next one. I never understood why you would not vote. 

The biggest example of this is education in Oklahoma. On the news and on social media and public opinion polls say that most citizens are concerned about the quality of our state’s public education. And yet this past election the voters overwhelmingly voted against the measure to increase the sales tax by 1% to put toward education AND reelected all the state legislatures responsible for reducing the state’s education budget. So how can so many people be concerned but nothing changes? Because too many people sit out. The eligible voters that could have voted could have potentially been the difference. 

So if you are upset with the way things are, follow President Obama’s advice in his farewell address. Get involved. Run for office. Get in on city council meetings. Pay attention for those bond issues in your area. There are too many good people who don’t get involved who can make an impact on the community around them. So vote and get involved. Then we can expect better candidates and better outcomes. People didn’t fight and die for voting rights or civil rights for nothing. Yes it is your right to sit out and not vote. You have every right to do so. But in doing that it trivializes everything that those people fought for. That’s just my opinion though. I’m an idealist. 

Another thing we can do is not villainize the other side. Every president you don’t agree with is not Hitler. We all may not agree with capital punishment or abortion, but let’s work on things that we agree we can work to improve. Education. Infrastructure. Healthcare. We don’t need to shun the other side. We don’t need to make people fear immigrants or call working class people who vote a certain way “deplorable.” I may not agree with President-Elect Trump on his agenda, but I’m more fearful of people’s reaction to him than to his agenda because of the way we make villains out of the political opposition. 

It seems that we forget that despite our disagreements, we are all people. Americans. 

Is America perfect? Far from it. The United States, like all countries in the history of this world, have done their fair share of wrong. But as that child of immigrants, I still have hope. And optimism. I still have faith in the Republic. 

Democracy isn’t easy. It never was. We won’t always agree on the way to get to our ultimate goal of making the United States a better place to live for all Americans. We may not have voted for the leaders that have been elected or agree with their policies, but the beauty of the Republic is that we all have input to make a change. And also, Democracy isn’t quick. It never was. It is a slow and often painful process. Progress is never a straight line. As I describe it to my friends it is more like a pendulum moving along time on a clock. The clock moves forward while the pendulum swings back and forth. Thus is democracy. We keep moving forward. 

And the pendulum always swings back.

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name: Katja
nickname: Katjeer, katyes
gender: ♀
star sign: leo  ♌
height: 1,70 m
sexual orientation: i’m crazy in love with a man so i guess I’m straight
fave colour: red, rosé-gold & black (& I know that’s not a “real” colour)
fave animal: dogs, wombats, lions & pandas 
time right now: 11:11
cat or dog person: definitively dogs 
fave fictional character: harvey specter from suits
fave singer/band: david bowie, oasis, fall out boy, a day to remember
dream trip: scotland, south africa, the whole world 
dream job: lawyer, judge or professor for criminal, public or international law  
when was this blog created: summer 2012
current number of followers:  <3
what made you decide to make a tumblr: i don’t remember :D 
why did you pick your url: i love van gogh paintings and one of my favs is the one with the almond blossoms and l adore my mother language so 

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every day at school i am surrounded by people who keep saying that they want to kill themselves
every day at school i tell at least one person, many times more than one person, not to do it and that they will get past this rough period in their life
i want you, the person reading this, to know that you will get past this. you will be better off soon. you will exceed expectations and be admired. you will achieve your dreams, and you will always and forever be loved by the people you surround yourself with
please remember that you are loved, that people care about you with all their hearts

I finally got to watch my videos from acting class!! So basically my acting reel!! I am so happy with one scene and once scene only. It’s my 500 days of summer script. It was something I actually got to pick and therefore treasure it deeply. If theres one thing I could change, It would only be my pants! I wore leggings that day cause I honest to go didn’t think they’d be showing the lower portion of my body…or else I would have worn jeans. I wish I had that one film of me looking like a dear. but honestly I am so embarrassing it’s better that I don’t have it. I do think I look better in film and real life than I do in pictures. I hope to keep my dream of acting and make at least one film…it doesn’t have to be shown in theaters or anything just for people to see. something really beautiful with a message I believe in. Wanting to be an actress is only enjoyable when the work you do is what you love. I hope to be someones muse on day and be casted as their heart for their film or short film. that would be great. 

There are two types of people in this world; Realists, and Creators. Both may have a good way of living through life just fine, but what sounds more thrilling to you? Being always realistic to a fault, or being able to think of anything at any time of any moment and make it come to life?
Well, I suppose you can be both, but sometimes realism gets in the way of your own imagination. Don’t neglect either of them, but try to embrace them in an equal way.
As for me, I’d rather have an imagination for the rest of my life. Able to day dream and think of stories and pictures and other forms of art. At least I can say I use my imagination to make people happy and joyful. You should try it too, there’s nothing better than sharing your imagination with someone else.
—  doubleese creator

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nickname: iri

gender: female

zodiac sign: scorpio

hogwarts house: slytherin

favourite colour: dark blue

time right now: 12:24AM

average hours of sleep: 5-6 hours a day 

lucky number: 21

last thing i googled: warriors’ basketball score 

blankets i sleep with: one duvet and one throw blanket

favourite bands: Cobra Starship, 30 Seconds to Mars, Radiohead, Brand New, Muse, Keane, The Spill Canvas.

favourite solo artist: Frank Sinatra, The Weeknd, Damien Rice, Adele, Rihanna, Sam Smith, John Newman, Tove Lo, Drake.

dream trip: Spain and Portugal 

wearing: black pants, a grey knit sweater, and blue socks (no shoes)

age of blog: started in November 2008 

following: 68

posts: 23,716

what i post about: fernando torres (mostly), iker casillas (some times), and random misc. 

when did my blog reach its peak: who knows 

I TAG: my usual answer.. everyone who follows me/wants to do it! :p

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Name: Richelle
Nickname: Rechie
Gender: female
Star Sign: Leo
Height: 5′1
Sexual Orientation: bi
Hogwarts House: Slytherin
Favorite Color: Lavender
Favorite animal: Tiger
Time right now: 1:03 am
Cat or Dog Person: cat
Favorite Fictional Character: idk
Favorite Singer/Band: Green Day
Dream Trip: Ireland
Dream Job: Writer/publisher
When Was This Blog Created: forever ago. Like 7 years ago now
What Made You Decide to Make a Tumblr: A friend told me to get one then tagged me in a post with a guy taking out his nine inch dick
Why Did You Pick Your URL: I don’t even remember. I was depressed, and felt like it went a lot deeper so tormenting depths

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Since I can’t fall asleep…
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How old are you?: 24

Current Job/Dream Job?: Current- Analyst, Dream- anything with travel

What are you talented at?: spending money, finance/mathematics

What is a big goal you are working towards (or have already achieved)?: Buying my own place, moving out

What is your aesthetic?: modern, clean… not too many patterns

Do you collect anything?: Postcards from wherever I travel!

What is a topic you’re always up to talk about?:
Travel, how much I sometimes hate people, life.. whatever really

What’s a pet peeve of yours?: People who walk slow

Good advice to give?: “one day, you’ll leave this world behind. So live a life you will remember”

Recommend three songs?:
For good- Wicked
Try- Pink
Holiday- Green Day
(Aka the last 3 songs i listened to)

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I’m so glad I got a girl to think of even though she isn’t mine
I think about her all the day and all the night it’s enough to know that she’s alive
She says I give her sweaty palms she almost had a heart attack
The truth is that I’m just as scared I don’t know how to act
I wish that I could get to know her better
But meeting up in real life would cause the illusion to shatter
I carved her name into all the trees
Sang a song down on one knee
Looking at the underwear page of the Sears catalog like when I was 14
I’m levitating like a magnet turned the wrong way around
I’m like an Indian Fakir tryna’ meditate on a bed of nails with my pants pulled down

Day Two Thousand Two Hundred and Seventy Eight

Thursday, 19 January 2017, 5.42am

13 years. 13 and counting if we’re honest. 

My heart still skips, my stomach still sings, and my lungs still fill with something short of a dream. I love you. There has never been a time when that hasn’t been true. I’ll love you forever, I know that and I’m a better person because of it.

Thank you for 13 years. Here’s to some more.

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Cupcake, music, and smile. 😊

cupcake- cookies, pie, ice cream or cake

Depends on my mood, but usually cookies or ice cream

music- list your 3 favorite bands or artists 

Uh…Disturbed, Avenged Sevenfold, Carla’s Dreams

smile- how was your day today

Long, and not entirely pleasant, but almost over. Tomorrow will be better, I hope

I fucked up again. This time with the “guy of my dreams”. I always pictured him as the perfect one for me. Then I realized I just imagined most of his qualities and he’s nothing like I thought. He is completely different from me. And I’m definitely not the girl for him. He deserves someone way better, way way better. Hope he finds her. He will always be my biggest crush. I pursued so much just because I wanted to be like him. I still want to be like him. I will keep him in mind as a reference of how much I want to be one day. Maybe that’s what I always felt, admiration and nothing more. Not sure really but to think he might hate me kills me, I don’t blame him thou I’m just a clingly piece of shit. I will try not to worry about these kind of bullshit again in my life.