and didnt know what character to use


Voice actors play their overwatch characters featuring
-Matt mercer repeating every one of his own voice lines
-crispin freeman is just flat out “Oh, I think we won?” Winston
-“It’s….eleven forty-five apparently. Bit too early there”
-Jonny Cruz repeating every one of his own voicelines
-players somehow thinking they are using a soundboard of some kind because “there’s no way”

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Sorry if this may be strange, but im sorta questioning who i am at the moment. I know that you perfer They and only friends use She for you. I guess what im trying to say is do you know others like that? How did you figure out you like that method? Is there a name for it? Do you think i should try something like that as well? If it makes you uncomfortable to answer thats alright, i understand completely ^-^

I know other people like that! and even if you don’t tbh who cares, it’s whatever makes YOU comfortable, so if you’d like to try it out for a bit to see how you feel then I see no harm in it. you can always change your mind later, right?

I first realized a few years ago; I did a cosplay and posted some pics and because it was a fandom thing, it got reblogged by a lot of ppl who didn’t follow me and were just appreciating the character, and I started noticing tags like “THEY are so cute!!” and stuff, using ‘they’ for me bc they didnt know my pronouns and were being respectful, and I just…really really liked the sound of it

so ever since then I started feeling really uncomfortable and upset whenever some rando online called me she/her and I had a minor crisis of OMG WHAT AM I???? but at the same time, I feel really weird and vaguely uncomfortable when my friends/family use they/them for me? I guess it’s just a comfort thing like, I see she/her as an affectionate nickname so if my family and friends use that for me then I feel happy and nice but if a random person tries to nickname me like we’re friends it really upsets me. idk if that makes sense but yeah that’s how I feel! ^^

everything of interest (that i can remember) from the class panel at mcm midlands

- i asked if they’d read any of patrick ness’ books before they got the role (made that question up on the spot whoops) and apparently they hadn’t but greg’s friends had and when he told them they ‘wanted to punch him’
- when fady auditioned he thought he only had to do the prom scene, but it turned out he had to do 6 other scenes, so he sat in the car desperately trying to learn his lines
- gregs favourite scene to shoot was the ‘love scene’ with charlie and matteusz (he said something like ‘if you’re gonna do it, do it with someone like jordan renzo’ and i just. beautiful.)
- fadys favourite line was ‘how many knobs does he have?’
- someone asked if they got to take home any props and fady said about a free tardis hoodie and a dalek alarm clock that he got and then greg said ‘ive never stolen any props-’ and fady thought that greg thought he’d stolen the props it was amazing
- greg loves how fady says 'mate’ and apparently always tries to copy it, and he was really pleased when the 'thats a really specialised fetish, mate’ line made it in
- both of them have only read joyride (which means that technically i know more about class than they do lol)
- gregs only ever cosplay was L from deathnote at london comic con when he was 19, and it was 'really easy cause all it was was a black wig and a white t shirt’. unfortunately the tech guys didnt find the photo
- the only time there was any argument between the cast was during the filming of detained, 'especially between vivian and jordan’, because 'that kind of environment breeds that sort of thing’ and im like. if that doesn’t sum up detained idk what does.
- fady said that his favourite character other than ram was quill and greg got really offended
- greg said dorothea because 'well i cant pick ram now’ (and @evilqueenofgallifrey he did say thee-a or thay-a but i can’t remember which)
- neither of them know about season 2 and they are just as pained as us about it

who’s ready for a rant cuz youre getting one anyway

will i ever stop being mad about the devolution of alice coopers character in season 2? for literally the sake of a fucking flop ass relationship that caters to fans and madchen who have no taste? no

s1 alice IS the better alice. no ifs ands or buts about it. you absolutely cannot change my mind. but fandom cant handle female characters who are just straight up, unapologetically bitches (its the same fucking reason we got 2 seconds of mob boss!hermione before finding out she’s apparently just a pawn in her husbands schemes…. get the fuck out of here. the hermione at the start of s2 and the hermione at the end of s2 are two different people and guess which one i prefer…. take your time.)

ANYWAY. s1 alice was complex. she had her reasons for her behavior whether you liked them or not. SHE felt justified. and you know what? not every action or thought process made by a character needs to be “good” or “right”. but yall just couldnt fucking handle that. and yes, by the end of the season we got a sob story to let us in on why alice is the way she is. and that was great. but it didnt completely change her. even at the start of s2 she was still her snippy judgy self but oh my god once we started getting into flice territory and chic and betty and the fucking serpents well then…. wow…. goodbye alice cooper and hello pod!alice. 

she starts making choices that make absolutely no goddamn sense and you know….i can only take the “i miss my long lost son and will do anything to keep him” excuse for so long. and where i draw the line is COVERING UP A FUCKING MURDER FOR A BITCH YOU MET ALL OF 5 MINUTES AGO! but yall really sat there and thought that was acceptable my mind is… blown. 

and what i absolutely will never forgive yall for is thinking its cute for alice cooper to take her ass down to the trailer park with her titties pushed up tryna fuck her daughters boyfriends father WHAT PART OF THAT SENTENCE, TO YOU, SOUNDS GOOD? SAY IT OUT LOUD. READ IT AGAIN. EXPLAIN TO ME WHERE YALL FIND THE FUCKING LOGIC IN THAT

all we got in s2 was alice crying the whole goddamn time and going back to a life she spent YEARS trying to escape and yall call that “growth” get the fuck outta here i have a headache. she’s not just a shell of her former self. 

i get that alice was a character meant to be “likable” but im so tired of female characters only allowed to ~earn~ that title after theyre completely stripped of every characteristic that made them *them* (its the same shit that pissed me off in the maleficent movie LEAVE MY FEMALE VILLAINS ALONE)

and on the flipside, you have penelope blossom who the writers decided needs to be completely unlikable to the point they forced in some half ass contrived ass homophobia story for her FUCK. YOU. and penelope is still given her moments of vulnerability (barely) and we can see on some level she does care for cheryl but guess what? if i redemption arc for penelope means her becoming some lifeless doormat like alice (like she really had no reaction to her grandkids being taken across the country…. thats not my alice cooper), I DONT WANT IT! 

and fandom needs to do better. yall are so fucking wrapped up in characters being the heroes and having ~pure~ motives and whatever other bullshit that the minute a character comes along to say “fuck that” yall POUNCE. id rather have an entertaining villain than a boring ass hero thank you. 

and im still fucking laughing over madchen being a proponent for strong female characters who arent “just wives/girlfriends” meanwhile shes the one sitting here like “we need more flice! let alice have a walk of shame out of fps trailer” girl…. bye. nothing about this fucking storyline is female empowerment i hope to god no ones looking at s2 alice for guidance jfc 

s2 alice is a joke. they ruined a perfectly good character is what they did and for what? so yall could jerk off to thoughts of madchen and skeet? so yall could feel better about enjoying alice? god forbid a woman be angry or mean or hard. fuck off

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: Why was Klavier Gavin's backstory and character never explored in-game? He had so much room to be developed as a character. His relationship with Kristoph was only touched upon for a few moments, through actions and not words. If Klavier had spoken about Kristoph and his home life with him at least ONCE; the ending would have been much more powerful. Although it is not likely that Klavier would come right out and say this, seeing as his emotional walls are built up higher than Mount Everest and he uses humor and dazzling smiles to brush away serious topics (not as though capcom made that 100% clear through actual development, it was left up to fans to analyze his character as I am doing right now); they could have easily have Apollo become concerned for him and percieve the truth. Seriously, they had a lawyer who's whole schtick was being a human lie detector and a rival prosecutor who is constantly fake to hide his emotions, and they didn't go that route even once? It would have done wonders for their relationship and later interactions. Like, idk, one theory why they didn't do this is because they realized how fucking gay they made miles and phoenix in the trilogy and they didn't want to do the same thing with klavier and apollo but that clearly isn't the case seeing as they introduced him with klavier saying that he's "never felt this way with a man" + his constant not-subtle flirting throughout the game afterwards. Back to the point, literally every other prosecutor and their relationship with the main defense attorney (for the sake of not spoiling some of the lesser-played games, I will only cover the trilogy) was by far superiorly developed. Miles and phoenix do not need an explanation, Franziska (although, she is a character who I personally believe needs more attention and development unrelated to her father. I recognize the impact manfred had on her is incredibly large, im just pissed b/c wow shocking a female character who's development is largely revolving around a man what a surprise. However, that is a topic for another day) had a clear desire to take revenge on phoenix for her father (though later we would find out that that wasn't completely the case) and the events of jfa were the start of her realization that perfection is not everything (though she has still not gotten there yet). In addition, she was further developed in both of the investigations games. Godot (ugh) was given a very personal backstory, and despite the fact that he was a sexist character (Klavier falls in this category too, due to his 'fraulein' comments but honestly??? this germanyaboo probably doesn't even know what he's actually saying) who LITERALLY murdered someone, we are constantly thrown lines such as "a lawyer doesn't cry until it's all over" because capcom wants us to feel sorry for him. However, the tear-fuel for klavier we get is one short conversation between him and kristoph (which, I will admit, made me cry... but that's probably due to my immense love for this character). Which is okay in itself I suppose, however, it is a relationship we know??? barely anything about??????? Yes, we know it was clearly not a good one, thanks capcom for the immense detail. When I first played apollo justice i thought "Okay, I guess this is fine, I mean they surely develop him more in the sequel, right?"; but I was sadly disappointed because 1. apollo justice never got a sequel (what the FUCK) and 2. klavier's appearence in dual destinies CLEARLY was simply to get us to "shut up" about him not ever getting any attention, and he didnt really do anything of strong importance. Klavier gavin had so much potential as a character and capcom fucking blew it. Now, though I love these jokes as much as the next person, I get to see klavier being summed up as "the gay fake german piano guy lol"; occasionally finding one or two fanfictions of him being an actual person. There are so many things capcom could have done with him and i am thoroughly disappointed. And another thing, what the FUCK is up with his dd voice acto

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I'm curious - what do you not like about modern pixel art/duelyst's pixel art? :o

so ok ive gone on about how pixel art is not supposed to be a literal representation of something right? like because it’s a technically limited medium you can only get so close to an accurate representation because eventually you’ll get obfuscated by pixels and the audience will inevitably be like ‘i dont know what that is’ but that’s ok, because engaging the audience’s imagination is the point of any good fiction, and the audience filling in the (deliberate or otherwise) gaps in the apparent design allows the player to come up with their own interesting interpretations and get inspired

if not: that’s the nutshell for my argument for pixel art. pixel art is good because it’s sort of shit but in a way that makes you actually think about things and what they are, could be, and are supposed to be, and even the flaws point you in the direction of cool shit

as opposed to say the general trend of modern game art, which is more literal; if you see something, the game expects you to take it completely 100% literally and matter-of-factly. there’s no room for interpretation, just an image of a pretty thing that you can offhandedly consume and then just move past or, if they get really lucky, you get inspired but not necessarily due to any thought process or intrigue on the game’s side: just because the art was pretty, and you want to copy that exact style of art. but that’s still not the point. the point is to just be pretty

and really i’m pretty ok with that though because like, i can’t expect AAA games to build games that are deliberately unclear. that’s not why they make games. they make games to sell, not inspire new games (if anything they want to actively discourage people making new video games because then that makes more competition) ([distant screaming]) and the games that they make do sell, so like, whatever. as long as AAA games get people into video games, and those people explore their tastes, and those tastes lead them to play more interesting games and think and grow as people and maybe even developers, then i’m content, and i can suffer through another dozen ubisoft/bioware/bethesda cash grab (as long as they throw me a bone and i get a new vegas or somethin like once in a while too)

but the problem is that on the niche-ass experimental-ass indie level (and i dont mean like fuckin walking simulators per se i mean like fuckin Aces Wild and Risk of Rain and Enter the Gungeon and the shit that would NEVER fly in the main market), modern game art still exists, with still the same basic logic (that people buy pretty things) but there’s this big key problem here and it’s that pixel art still looks like shit


like no matter what you do pixel art is still low resolution, chunky, clumsy to animate and hard to read so making it really pretty pixel art with smooth animations (which i actually sort of dont like in general) (drop your frames, kids) and perfectly proportioned bodies is just spending a bunch of time on something that will make something look ‘objectively better’ but not only remove what’s unique about the game but make it look more like the shitty homogenized master-of-none blob that is the AAA industry

it’s like someone looking at a motorcycle and saying like ‘but cars are better, though’ so they take an arc welder, some starving art student, and $30,000 and turn it into this

like good job idiot you’ve taken all of the shitty parts of a motorcycle and merged it with all the shitty parts of a car

a motorcycle is supposed to get you to go where you want to go. a car is supposed to get you, your friends, and possibly you and your friend’s things to where you want to go. making a car-shaped motorcycle makes a heavier motorcycle that is worse at getting you where you want to go and it doesnt even have any of the other perks that fuckin cars have like driving around friends and sleeping in the back seat so like what the fuck

why did you do that

like i mention duelyst in particular cause it’s really fuckin egregious. the pixel art doesnt interact. i’m not sure the sprites even like touch one another on purpose or anything. it’s undynamic, all the animations are completely prebaked, once you’ve seen one you’ve seen them all, and none of them are interesting. it’s not even like fighting games or like mecha shit where the attack is like emblematic of their character or like really over the top or something they all do the same cliche poses and all have the same pocket particle effects

i could actually pick on like a bunch of people for this (paul robertson comes to mind too in particular) but for the sake of expressing my point i’m gonna keep ragging on duelyst

anyway, here’s blue shell rabbit. he’s got a sword. his special attack is that he swings the sword and it explodes

‘here’s the lore’ the game says. ‘if you read this it will all make sense’

nothing about it doesn’t make sense

nothing about this character is making me ask any questions

and to be clear this isnt like a general disposition toward ‘good’ pixel art it’s really more of a general disposition toward uncreative pixel art that uses smooth animations and ‘good color choice’ (read: the same soulless machine-baked palette of ‘fantasy colors’ that is either completely divested or actively fighting the environment every time) to mask what feels like they didnt even try to hide that you can accurately describe their character on a spreadsheet

• blue
• sword
• explosion
• bunny
    • turtle

cause like

you can have ‘holy fuck’ and ‘what is that’ in the same sentence

i mean there’s actually a certain level of art to that too, and it’s actually sort of unfair to duelyst because i know they’re making a fuckin league of legends style hero game and i know they cant spend much time on each character because i know they have other characters to get done but like

i wish they fuckin wouldnt

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hi! i just wanted to let you know that texts_bts on twitter used the "cry me a table" quote with namjin after you posted it, and i dont know if they copied it from you but they could've at least change the characters fdsknfknsdf

this is an acc with over 40k followers and all their tweets get about 20k likes what am i gonna do???? fight them????? 


so anyway someone was trying to tell me the Masterpiece was really ambiguous and didnt imply dirkjake at all because Caliborn “most tryhard straight boy” character in the comic said this stuff

I could write a lot to counter that but i dont feel like it so instead i wanted to share this beautiful memory

so lets remember Jake’s massive gay hope bubble. that he uses. to save Dirk. or to have Dirk save him if he needs it. pretty gay, Jake!

we know.

Keep reading

Listen Microsoft just hear me out.
Its time. Its has been over 10 years and lately farming games like stardew valley have been really successful.

Please make a new (not ds) viva piñata game.

I know you can
The world could use a bit of peace rn
You don’t need to make a show and try that character based marketing again just make a really nice gardening game that is easy enough to play but complex enough i can make spreadsheets for it. All wrapped up in that fun fluffy colourful world which had phenomenal character design.

Or if not can you port it to pc that would also be nice thank you

How I know 100% nick and jess are ending up together:

Every single moment that characters share on screen together contributes to something and is there for a reason.
This buildup has been going on since their breakup.
1) They have both worked on the issues they had that caused them to break up. Nick kept all his money in a box and was afraid of planning for the future or pursuing his dreams. Now he manages the bar! He wrote his book! His adulting is in full swing. And Jess needed to let go of her need to control and stop trying to make Nick grow up. She had the realization at Schmidt and Cece’s wedding that the things she had cared so much about werent really important in the big scheme of things.

2) They have continuously been there to support one another through all other relationships and that IS GOING to come to light. Every time Jess has had a dude bail on her, Nick has been there to make sure she’s ok and tell her that she deserves more. Every. Time. Nick is the one who notices when she sadly slips away from the group to be alone and goes to check on her.
And vice versa- every time Nick doubts himself, Jess is the one to makes sure to tell him that he has what it takes. These things are fundamental to their relationship and they’ve always gotten that particular reassurance from each other, even when they are both seeing other people. The writers know this and are using that.

3) Observations from other characters are important because they validate what the audience is thinking. When Dr. Sam tells Jess that obviously the reason she cant marry him is Nick, its what EVERYONE was already thinking. Winston was the one who noticed the sex mug was back out on the shelf and told everyone. Cece didnt even need explanation when Jess finally realized how she felt. There is going to be a big important moment where Reagan is going to see Nick and Jess interacting the way they always do, and she will realize the same thing Dr. Sam did.

4) The writers are actually smart to keep us hanging with little tidbits of moments to slow-burn the romance. Of course we were all pissed when they broke up. Of course we all hated Kai and Ryan and Sam and Robbie and Reagan. But we keep watching! Does anyone even remember how many other people Ross and Rachel dated before ending up together in the end?
We keep watching for
all those little hints. In s5 there was the whole thing with the football helmet, and Dr Sam getting together with his lifelong best friend. In S6, Nick’s book dedication; him noticing that she’s acting weird; the fact that he loves the raisins in trail mix and she hates them; the two of them hiding out in the loft cubicle and wishing they could just stay there. Those are all important, purposeful scenes.

Their kiss in season 2 was explosive and powerful and it was only built up over 1-2 seasons. THERE WILL BE A REUNION!!! the whole show is revolving around it.l and building up to it. It will be a lovely, happy tears, fist-pumping victory. Just have patience!

Every time antis who condone/encourage harassment find themselves getting harassed I end up with ‘we didn’t start the fire’ stuck in my head

I’m of the opinion that harassment never changes minds and only hurts feelings and scares people out of honestly and happiness, so I don’t condone harassment at all. (Its scientific fact that meeting constant, strong, emotionally charged opposition tends to make us dig our heels in rather than listen to their points.)

But god every time antis are like ‘uh we get hate too’ and try to point fingers at shippers I’m just like … literally nobody forced you to decide to dedicate a not-insignificant chunk of your life to what you loathe. There have been blocking and blacklist tools available through third parties for more than half a decade. Tumblr itself has one now. You’re capable of hitting the back button, closing windows, keeping your salt to spaces that are private instead of putting that nastiness in places the target might/will probably see. Why don’t you?

And like. The kindling was set down by a lot of things. Radfem invasion of tumblr spaces, the very structure of viral sharing sites on Web 2.0, lack of education on sex/lgbtq history/feminism/social justice, the toxicity of American Dominionism, etc.

but anti-shippers absolutely started* the fandom fire. If it gets them burned occasionally, it’s pretty much a natural consequence. (Doesn’t make it okay that people threaten or harass antis, but when it happens I can’t say it’s as unprovoked as anti hate usually is.)

*not that fandom was never toxic before because god knows it’s been bad. But the widespread use of ‘social justice’ to question the very character of fans based on their fanworks or ships feels like a new low that does worse numbers to everybody’s self-esteem than ever before, and that weaponization of socially aware criticism is rooted in the anti-shipper effort to scare/guilt fandom into doing what antis want.

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Regarding that watering down of Bruce life. It's a trend. I mean Sam Wilson's family? Black heritage? His career as a civil rights Captain America? Gone. Hank Pym bipolar disorder? Gone. Steve's gay friends? Gone. Drax's gay daughter? Gone. People refuse to accept it but the MCU is by far the blandest version of Marvel, and extremely apolitical too in the weirdest sense, because it refuses characters an actual identity beyond what Marvel thinks are palatable characters for their audience .

Literally this proves so much of my point when ¾ of the things you listed I didnt even know! And the MCU does this because they are what? LAZY. They dont care. Too much work I guess.

They call themselves such a unique company when they dont even want to touch on their canon content. They dont want to touch on what made their characters… their characters. They hate growth, they hate development. They hate giving characters depth that could really help people out there who look up to them.

They dont care about us, they really dont. They care about Tony fucking Stark bringing in their money. And its not fair to these directors and actors and especially the fandom. Im glad Black Panther grossed them.


so last night I trying to fall asleep while I was thinking about the Arcana

spoilers below btw

so you know that guy that we think is Lucioś ghost? what IF Lucio didn´t die?

I cant remember rn but Im pretty sure all the characters have suffered SOME kind of memory loss? Which screams ASRA all over it… heres what I think possibly happened…

Asra and Nadia used to be friends, and MC and Asra were once lovers. At some point in time, perhaps around that time, Asra decided to possibly aid for a cure to the Red Plague and help Lucio. Muriel cautioned against this, but Asra didnt listen, lol.

Julian and Asra were also in a relationship when both were researching which means it was possible that Asra had to erase MCs memory before then? Not sure

That night the Count died its possible Asras magic allowed him to put a curse on Lucio to turn him into the goat that is portrayed in Nadias painting? I cant remember if the ¨shadow¨ has hooves, or something I couldve sworn it did?

Either way Asra mightve turned him into the goat, and burned it down his room to make it look like he died

There is a huge part of this missing - why was Julian there if it was all Asra? WHy would Asra even do this in the first place? Asra doesnt really do things just because he can, he does them because hes forced to, as shown with MCs lacking memory.

It is also possible MC is involved in this and highly suggested. Nadia doesnt even remember being friends with Asra, which means whatever happened was traumatic for everyone possibly present.

idk this sounded a lot better in my head lol

but either way, itś possible Lucio isnt dead…

I cant believe it has been a month since my last update. I have been getting a lot of followers over the last 4 weeks and I just want everyone to know that everything is still going well! I have just been very busy with freelance work.

Most of my work over the last 4 weeks has been back end, tweaking a couple of mechanics (namely the way ammo distribution works) and as you can see above, creating alternate costumes for Shooty.

These costumes (and more to come) can be found as tokens in the environment which can then be taken to Gerkinman in the Nexus bathrooms in exchange for the costumes. They have no impact on gameplay (and wont change Shootys character portrait) but will offer players a degree of customisation to their experience. I hope this is an element people enjoy and that will encourage players to explore, you never know what you will find! I am hoping to add more so if your working on a big RPGM project or have recently finished one and dont mind the idea of your character being featured shoot me a DM!

Another big change is that one of the zones from Area 1 has now been dropped. With playtesting the area really felt like padding as it didnt add much outside of length to the game, so I have put it aside to use in another project down the road. This does have some rather huge implications however as it means that the game is now over half way through development!

And thats it for this update, thank you for your patience. I am about half way through my current freelance gig (with the possibility of getting funding for a short film at the end of the month as well which would once again eat into development time should my film be selected), so hopefully I will be able to start tackling this game head on again in a months time. 

Thank you again!

- Daniel 

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Am I the only one who gets pissed whenever people say Hal Jordan's boring and has no personality?

nope! you’re not anon!

or when people try to brush him aside as just some jerky asshole (which is what they made a very ooc kyle say about hal in his new guardians run i was rereading yesterday…)

as much as dc frustrates me sometimes with how much they love hal compared to our other lanterns (frustrates not because i dont love hal, but because i love ALL our lanterns ya feel) there IS a reason why the green lantern name did so well for such a long time. 

that was because of one person: hal jordan

hal carried the lantern mantle solo as he did for quite a long time before they introduced other lanterns. and the only reason he was able to do that was because he was such a human character. albeit, a goddamn mess of one, but that’s why we loved him and why i think hes such a great character. because hes flawed. because he makes mistakes. because his heart is ALWAYS in the right place but perhaps he goes the wrong way about it. hal has so much to offer in my eyes. hes such a layered, complex character. i think hes very easy to brush aside if you don’t know his entire story and you haven’t met him with a writer who understands him (thank god for geoff johns). 

i’ve found that a lot of dc writers sometimes dont write well out of their genre. say for example, a writer who is primarily a batman writer, may not write hal jordan all that well in a batman comic. or vice versa, a writer who mainly writes green lantern, may not write bruce wayne well in lantern comics (which… i have seen, and as a bruce wayne stan, hate) and so i think when this sort of thing happens… us the readers, may get the wrong idea of a character you know? because the writer themselves didnt understand the other character they were writing, and gave us their version of what THEY thought the character was… which, can go very wrong in my personal opinion. and it really sucks when that happens. all you can do then is just try veer people down the Correct path i guess, by supplying them with Quality Content you Know is good.

this got long… wow sorry. its just a bit of a peeve of mine i guess. 

i kinda got a bit off topic here, im sorry!! if you want an ACTUAL longer, proper post about Why Hal Jordan is a Solid Dude… lemme know 😂 and ill happily try get on that asap! 

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what's funny is that if the duffers never intended for billy to be gay, everyone (aside from joe apparently) must be completely oblivious to any and all homoerotic tension/subtext. maybe theve never met a real gay person in their lives? idk. and to the anon, ALOT of people thought he was gay/into steve, enough that publications picked up the story and asked the actors about it.

i think joe just wants an excuse to makeout with dacre lmao

no but seriously, joe is literally the only one willing to acknowledge the subtext of their scenes. i was gonna say maybe he just said it to placate fans but at the time of the interview i dont he wouldnt known about the harringrove fanbase? im not even convinced they know about it now (idk what goes on on other social media sites so i could be way off here). i can only think of one interview where billy and steve were talked about in a romantic sense. i know articles have been written about it but i cant think of any other instances where it was brought up to the actors in a shipping context. 

what cracks me up the most is dacre so firmly talking about billy like hes straight meanwhile his acting is what caused everyone to start this shit like bro…how do you not know. sure theres definite dialogue that also suggests billys gay but its dacres acting that really sold it so idk what he and the duffers and shawn are thinking when it comes to billys character. 

what always gets me too is how they apparently were gonna have billy throw around “fag” a lot but decided to only use it the scene with neil and like…come on…that right there says everything 

even my friend, who is the straightest person ive ever met, said she could see billy being gay like we didnt just pull this out of our ass. the clues are there. its still not shocking to me that the show wont go through with it. its just annoying because even if they didnt go through with making harringrove canon, just having billy be gay and out (or out to a few people) would be such a good and interesting storyline like he’s probably the first gay person any of these people have met, it would explain his anger, it would explain why neil is the way he is with him, you can have a whole arc of billy coming out or coming to terms with his sexuality and finally having enough of the abuse and breaking free from his father and bettering himself once he gets out of that toxic house. but i guess we’re just gonna keep him straight and a villain so….whoopdeedoo

the whole ed skrein thing is so fucked like im glad he did the right thing and left the role but its so fucked the director and the casting directors like did this… i was also thinking ed skrein was lucky he was able to back out on his contract without there being a whole big deal there because he could have gotten locked into a role he didnt want to do which is so unimaginably fucked 

like (im absolutely not defending the guy im just using him as a first-hand account of this) benedict cumberbatch when he got the role of kahn in star trek – he mentioned on the graham norton show how he didnt actually know what fucking character he was playing and wasnt told until he signed the contract for the movie. like obviously he didnt give a shit hed been cast as a character of colour because hes a human turd but its crazy to think of someone being put in that position by racist fucking casting directors/directors/producers/etc if like, they werent yknow, scum

god like i dont knowi have a point somewhere like… we focus a lot on the actors taking these roles and we definitely should let them know what theyre doing is acceptable but its crazy to me how little actors get told? like ed skrein didnt know about the character he got cast as until later. like the people who cast him just didnt fucking think that was worth mentioning i guess? idk i think my post is trying to say hollywood is scummy and bad and full of racists and i cant wait until it inevitably collapses in on itself. dont reblog this