and cry at how beautiful they are

i’m just thinking about how great of a lyricist louis is and how his songs are probably going to be so clever and beautiful and shit man…….. i’m crying already and the album isn’t even out yet

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How is it repetitive? It’s two boys falling in love with each other in such an honest way. It’s one boy learning to trust what his mind is saying feels right despite years of it never feeling right before. It’s the other boy, so used to going fast, figuring how to make the other feel comfortable because this is also different for him. It’s not repetitive because falling in love, learning to trust, is not instant. It happens over time and we are lucky to be able to read such a beautiful story. ❤️

i’m genuinely crying. thank you so much

you know what’s so cool? music. and not just music with words, with lyrics, but… instrumental music. it’s incredible that the lyrical songs you hear on the radio, the lyrical songs that come up on your spotify or on your youtube recommended can make you angry or make your chest hurt with sadness or make you want to get up and dance, but i think it’s even more amazing when a song without words can make you feel those things too. when a song without words makes you cry or makes you smile so wide your face aches.

i think it’s beautiful how sounds that we haven’t even attributed meaning to like we did with words can make us feel things like that.

Stranger Things Masterlist

Stranger Things

Dustin Henderson:

1. Bet

2. Sorcerer

3. Me?

4. Beautiful

5. Pick-Up Lines

6. What Are Friends For

7. Soft

8. Hugs

Lucas Sinclair:

1. Tests

2. Bus Troubles

Mike Wheeler:

1. Please Don’t Cry

2. Anything For You

3. Forgotten part two

4. A Kiss

5. Help

6. Her part two

7. Stop Denying

8. Answer me

9. Not Yours part two

10. Worry

11. I Failed

12. Suffering

13. Being Mike Wheeler’s Twin Sister and Being Taken to the Upside Down With Will Would Include…

14. Telepathy

15. Together

16. Safe

17. Happy

18. Snowball?

19. Goodbye

20. Puzzle

21. Dancing With A Loser

Steve Harrington:

1. Best Friends

2. Ditched

3. Cold Air

4. Motivation

5. Birthday

6. Thankful

7. Old Friends are New Enemies

8. Why?

9. Home Early

Will Byers:

1. I Kissed Him part two

2. Alone

3. Miss Me?

4. Short

5. His Fault

6. Taken

7. Being the Middle Child of the Byers Family Would Include…

8. Breath

9. Fake

Johnathan Byers:

1. My Hero

2. Everlong


1. Help part 2

2. Together

Max Mayfield:

1. You

2. The Thrill

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I'm scrolling down your blog just crying bcs of all these sweet posts about how I'm gonna make it and I'm worth it and I'm not a burden and I just really needed that today, everything feels like crap I can feel myself getting worse and worse and just not worth it, I'm crying I love your blog you're such a beautiful soul thank you for helping me feel a little better maybe I'll get some real sleep tonight

omg thank you so much this is so sweet I’m glad I can help in any way possible ♡ 

To me, who used to walk these dark streets alone
To me, who didn’t even know about flowing tears
You came to me like a dazzling light and shone on me
What your hands took away were my tears
Now I finally know
All the times I spent with you
All the happy moments spent without knowing
The streets I’ve walked till now
The streets I’ve walked alone, crying and lonely
You changed all of those things
Now I finally know
The reason why this street in front of me is so beautiful
Even if I don’t speak for a while
How do you know everything I feel?
I’m sorry for only leaning on you
I will hold out my hand and hold you now

SHINee - Song: The Reason

SHINee World I publish this in order to give us support. We continue standing, and we will continue giving our best and giving the best to SHINee

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What's your top 10 wish-list for Infinity War?? (pass this on to your favourite Marvel fans)

Thank you for the ask, it turns out I had so many things on my mental wish-list, it was hard to choose!

1. Bucky Barnes and Nebula bond over their shared trauma and end up in a romantic/affectionate relationship.
This is all I wanted since Nebula showed up sporting a metal arm. I can just imagine Bucky’s reaction to Nebula, a literal blue alien, being “….wow she’s so beautiful~” and Steve is just beside him in utter confusion. 
Nebula deserves a respectful, competent, handsome man to stand behind her in complete and utter awe of how amazing she is in every way. 

Bonus points for Bucky trying to asking her out on a date and failing miserably.

2. Tony Stark and Steve Rogers cry real tears at each other and talk about their feelings.
Societal expectations of masculinity be damned! If these two don’t cry in each other’s arms, I will walk out of that god damn cinema. I have been so fucking bitter about CACW, and they better drain that bitterness out of me in a satisfying way. If I go on a murderous rampage, you’ll know to blame Marvel Studios for it.

3. Steve Rogers invites T’Challa to join the Avengers and T’Challa laughs in his face.
And he keeps laughing while walking away. We have multiple shots of him standing around in different locations doing different activities, laughing hysterically, until he finally makes his way back to Steve and says “hahahaha- no.” from behind him Nakia, Okoye, and Shuri appear out of fucking nowhere and T’Challa says “I have my own Avengers.”

4. Gamora and Nebula get to lead the showdown with Thanos and they kick his ass.
I love these sisters, they deserve their revenge.

5. More trippy multi-verse stuff with Dr Strange.
They’ve opened up so many possibilities with this, and I really want them to elaborate. What I want is the multiple parallel universes, so Marvel can go completely nuts with the movies they make. I want to see a gender-flipped Avengers movie, and evil Avengers movie, etc. etc.

6. Valkyrie gets to – at least – flirt with a girl.
C’mon Marvel, this is a low bar. Please?

7. Fantastic Four easter eggs.
I think I’m like the only person who quite liked that Fantastic Four movie from 2005. I was eight-years-old at the time and have not seen it since, but I have good memories of it, (probably because I had a huge crush on Susan Storm.)  Anyway, I’m really looking forward to the Fantastic Four enter the MCU. Plus, with the Fantastic Four comes Doctor Doom. MCU is severely lacking in Doctor Doom.

8. Sweet HulkWidow reunion.
I’m pretty into this ship, I know it has problems but it’s not as bad as some canon relationships (I shan’t say which ones I’m talking about, but if you follow me closely you probably already know.)
Anyway, for me Natasha deserves so much more cred than fans want to give her. And I think we can all basically agree that Bruce is a sweetheart. Together, i think they’re pretty sweet, and I’m hoping they stay together until Black Widow gets tragically killed (which is going to happen eventually, and I’m going to fucking hate it.)

9. Peter Parker having a good, fun, wholesome time.
It’s not going to happen, but let me dream. I would like to see Tony Stark and Peter Parker share a proper hug. And I would also like to see Aunt May and Pepper Potts gushing about their adopted children (because Tony is Pepper’s child.)

10. We see Riri Williams (Ironheart) in one of the credit scenes.
Okay, I think Marvel have secret plans to kill off Iron Man in either this movie or the next. And, as heartbroken as I would be from that gut-wrenching experience, it would pave the way to them adding Ironheart into the MCU.
I want an after-credits scene involving AI Tony Stark have a techno-babble talk with Riri Williams in her mum’s garage, that maybe includes the line, “You can be so much greater than I ever was, Riri.” Thank you, I’ll be the one sobbing in the back.

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Baku doing some butterfly and Kiri D Y I N G bc how many lengths has he already done?? And he's still going?? And his beautiful back gods he's gay asf.

I feel like Bakugou just moves between styles in sets when he trains to make sure he’s training all of his upper body’s muscles (he’s extra and an overachiever like that) so like, imagine Kiri watching him for the first time. And he’s like oh god this can’t get any better. And then he moves on to the next style and Kiri just. Dies a little more every new style he goes through. By the end of it he’s just crying cause how is this possible

me, crying about how t’challa is a symbol for young black heroes. and then he can introduce them to the beautiful dora milaje, his sister, and the like and young black girls can realize that there is so much more to the world than the thought.

realizing that there is literally whole comics of the few black main runners of marvel comics together and they think of each other as family. during the event that will not be named, they gathered together and they rallied around each other. they were friends in the face of rhodey’s fate, they loved each other, and they fought white hate together for sam. 

t’challa loves storm, monica, luke, sam, jerichho, and miles. and he fucking supports them.

Coco - review <3

Year: 2017. Directed by Lee Unkrich, Adrian Molina. Starring Anthony Gonzalez, Gael Garzia Bernal, Benjamin, Allana Ubach.

There‘s this strange quality to movies that manage to make you cry even if you‘re way older than they target audience and  keep you up in the middle of the night. I think it‘s the fact that they make me feel so alive – everyone else is asleep and here you are : tiptoeing to wash the tears of your face, trying to keep quiet and at the same time thinking how beautiful the film was.

Let‘s be real I knew how much I‘m gonna love this from the very first scenes : mexican culture, awesome likeable main character, funny animal sidekick, family and how important it is… The film starts out  great but the best part begins when Miguel(the main character) gets to the spirit world. It‘s so so colorful and breathtaking, from the houses to the spirit guide animals…And the story – one of the most heartfelt and heart warming ones I‘ve seen in a long time. About family and how it‘s the most important thing in the world, about the unconditional love and how the ones you loved, will always be there as long as you remember them. Yet the film manages to be  funny at the same time, I actually laughed loudly a few times. The music…. So wonderfully latin and catchy(I‘m gonna be the person singing Remeber me for the next week without stopping).

Now I want to learn both singing and Spanish and go to Mexico and then hug my family all at the same time.

Today my mom told me getting involved in the Bernese Mountain Dog world was meant to be.

She’s like that’s what you’re suppose to be doing. I wanted to cry when she said it.

I was a little girl when I first fell in love with the breed from a book. I saved up $50 to buy a stuffed Berner. I always wanted one.

Now I have two beautiful Berners that I love dearly but they’re not from great breeders…especially Asriel’s breeder. I was ashamed that I was fooled but everyone in the Berner world told me that’s how they got stared and you learn from your mistakes. I’m blessed that everyone has been so welcoming.

sometimes I get intense moments of inspiration then immediately afterwards, I’ll have a swell of ill feelings, you know, death and the lot…wanting to die, being infinitely confused, touching a liquid paned window. and it’s such a broken record now, being disenchanted with life, while simultaneously feeling helpless and sick to my stomach, and hopeful, anddd pulling some kind of will to make meaning…finding a reason to pull myself together and push on, wanting to help because, I know everyone else was forced into existence against their will too. so i’ll hug and cry with yall. but I’m such an idiot. I don’t know I mean, I recognize how amazing  and preposterous consciousness is, it just often times, feels like such a cruel joke. being presented with immense beauty and horror at the same time continuously day after day. I can’t handle it and I want to self destruct. it makes me so anxious and I feel so guilty, because my life could be so much worse. I hate my brain

important things:

queer eye on netflix - i haven’t stopped crying and this show is so important. WATCH IT

the seven husbands of evelyn hugo - one of the best books i’ve read recently

HAMILTON - you guys, i went and saw the play last thursday and omg, amazing

self love - confidence is beautiful and i’ve got it

and most importantly, caring less about how i look on the outside and more about how i feel on the inside and i have never felt better.

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Hey! To the anon who said they didn’t relate to the 5th of July. Don’t feel bad about not finding it relatable. I’m a mom to a 1.5 year old little boy and every time I hear this song I cry. Because I can relate the holding my baby boy for the first time. It’s a beautiful song and it’s totally fine you don’t relate! I feel like this new album of songs will be difficult to relate to, because they are less dreamy, they are about HIS life and how much can we relate to someone else’s life, right?

This is the sweetest thing. I think everybody can find little bits and parts to relate to in Adam’s music, regardless of the song - even the dreamy and unrealistic things are relatable in some ways. 


Sasha Velour’s drag race look book


do you ever just get hit with a truckload of inspiration from reading a fic because????? i have

this is a gift for @adreamingsongbird!! THANK YOU FOR WRITING SUCH A BEAUTIFUL AND AMAZING FIC!! and for answering my questions about their clothes lmaoo  

(you could read this beautiful fic here!! that’s right read it >>here<< and you should definitely read it right now at this moment because it’s great and i’m in love and did i mention that it’s beautiful???


breathtaking 🌅