and co... lol

I honestly don’t have anything to talk about tonight.
Like my mind is not super active atm which is kinda nice, I could sleep for weeks but then I don’t want to miss stuff you know, like I totally could use that rn but not… rn you know what I mean…..
Probs not but who cares.

Random fact, some dude asked for my number today while I was working, hilarious, I said I was not available cos lol ew and cos it’s kinda true.
And then I told my manager and she goes “See! I told you you were cute”
Like lol, thanks for the info girlfriend, manicure sometime?
Ew no
Sometimes I’m just like I don’t want to be around people rn hahahha // tony_stark.dmg bio_disc:// anthony_edward_stark


new theme. new url. new rules ! ! !

since i hate reading 78638952 pages of rules ( letter by letter ). i came with a different style of rules. fresh and easy. tony is the epitome of modern technology. since today i quit writing rules. ( so far i only have tony’s bio. i’ll continue completing: rules. infos. verses. etc ) 

so say hi to rules in the form of video visualizations …

Haha its a skill I’ve gained since being on so many meds.i take 3 in the am and 2 at night. I could not do it before. And when I was taking first started taking drugs I would nibble pits off like quart!! Lol cos I was scared of freaking out. Now I’d probably just pop two. Or just get mama!! Omg it’s been awhile.

For some unknown reason i keep paying LOL maybe cos i have card
But its okay they’ll pay for me when we go out again at least will be able to spend time with friends againn yay

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The two times Killian got tied up and "kidnapped" by tamara and Zelena, Emma didn't notice, seeing how either she had other stuff going on or she was so annoyed by him (season 2). But I'm telling u this! If someone kidnaps her captain she's gonna be all over that! She's like you made a huge mistake! And she'll send out a search party and everything! And she's gonna be pissed. Like said villian will need to pick out their grave cause Emma swan is going after ur ass. Lmao 😂

Well, we’d hope that would be the case, lol. ‘Cos yeah, his last kidnappings have gone entirely unnoticed by, uh, anyone at all. So here’s hoping that if he disappears again, people actually LOOK for him and maybe rescue his sorry ass, lol XD

This show, I swear…

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As a kid (well, early teen) I never got why a lot of fans hated Sasuke. He mostly kept to himself, but people acted like he was annoying because he didn't want to have fun/because he was quiet and didn't really make friends with others? I just don't get it. Why do some fans take it as offense if some characters want to be alone lol.

Cos he’s not “relatable”. Most people on tumblr whine about they’re lonely, they don’t have friends, they are romantically frustrated, they have self esteem issues, anxiety etc. How many could relate to a dude who has girls throwing themselves at him but feel annoyed by it? A dude who doesn’t care about others opinions or having friends, and only focuses on avenging his dead family? Also he’s top of the class, cocky, hella blunt and rude, he’s perfect for people to project their saltiness over someone they don’t like at highschool.

But I personally prefer unrelatable characters myself.

I bet you would. I’ve almost got it… . Just keep watch.’
  ‘You want me to tell you when she’s creeping close?’
  'No! Before that!’
  'When her fingers are closing around your neck?’
  'Just tell me when she’s in the room.’
  'Too late for that. She’s here.

Lucy and Skull, The Creeping Shadow

-Jonathan Stroud

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LOL only cos taeyong would look so nice and pretty with eye glitter lol he has the nicest eyes

Well for me i prefer him without it ~ a natural taeyong is my fave :3 And you said it … He has pretty eyes so he doesnt need to do anything .