and be a much more positive person

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Thank you for having the courage to shoot down abusers and abuse apologists. In part due to your work, I can say that I'm personally better equipped to protect myself and others, and to heal. You deserve so much love and kindness and room to feel what you need to feel. Please do what's best for you.

Thank you so much, that’s great to hear. Healing is a difficult and ongoing process, but being able to help each other out and find something positive in all the ugly can really help. I’m glad you have something to hold to and I wish you more good days bad ❤.

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I've been following you for years. I am so happy I did especially concerning Klaroline. Everyone seems so salty for Julie's treatment of the ship but you have always been on to her bullshit. I love Hillary and Stephanie but even though they knew Julie's antics I never understood why they they believed things would turn in the fandom's favor. You have been the voice of reason. If more people listened to you there would be far more less disappointment all around.

I don’t think that is true and I feel this is actually very shortsighted. You can’t command your heart to switch emotions on and off. When something gets someone’s passionate response, depending on the person, then in the same way you can’t contain excitement and positivity in the same way you can’t hold back the disappointment or regulate the degree of the intensity. 

This fandom has endured so much, for so long and unfortunately not always on stuff contained on the fictional ships and characters. And sadly we have had the misfortune to have to deal with disrespectful writers and showrunners that didn’t care for the quality of their work and didn’t have the basic common sense and decency to treat their fans with respect. But that’s on them. And I am a firm believer that with blatantly obvious situations like these whatever goes around comes around and in the end we are still talking -with only but a few exceptions- about trash entertainment here in a third rate network that barely scores ratings these days so let them be. It is not as if they can achieve anything better than this. I guess that’s what they are only good for and that says it all.

And there are many discussions that can be made about realism vs optimism but you know what? Optimists like Hilary and Stephanie, that still don’t sugarcoat anything for anyone, are the kind of people this fandom was lucky to have. Because seeing the best side of things and having hope is what made this fandom hold on for so many years when no other fandom would have had. And in the end Hillary, Stephanie, me, you…we are all just fangirls here. Fandoms don’t have leaders. Some fans may be able to stand out more (writers, artists,  bloggers etc) but no fanbase is a collective where people can influence a whole fandom’s reaction, disappointment or any other emotion. No one has any control in this or on how people will react or what they feel or how anyone will act in general. It doesn’t work that way. We were and are in all of this together but each person is responsible for themselves. 

And yes maybe this didn’t turn out the way most fans would have wanted but this doesn’t change all the good things and the good moments we gained. This became more about a community and about friendships rather than what any writer can give or deny a ship and its fans. Let us all just remember this and keep what truly matters. 

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getting bored having noahs head in your lap so you braid his hair. thank you! 💛

“Am i your personal pillow or something?” She laughs down at the brunette as he shifts his head to get in a more comfortable position on her face, eyes not leaving the tv.

“You sure are.” She could hear the smile on his face, she can’t help but smile back while placing a hand through his hair, looking back at the tv also.

Time passing and Noah is still very much comfy, cheek pressed against her thighs, she huffs silently as she fiddles with his hair more. He hums in satisfaction, still concentrated on the screen. Pouting in concentration also, her eyes fix to his hair as both hands dive in. Weaving locks of hair together, she create small braids and his thick makes them stay in place. Smiling in amusement as well as love, she rubs his shoulder, causing his head to shift and eyes looking up at her.

“What did you do?” Eyes barrow In question and she giggles, “oh nothing, nothing.” She giggles more as he gets up and glances at the mirror that’s beside the sofa. Laughing slightly, he moves his head to see the oddly placed braids in his hair.

“Oh don’t I look cute.”

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What did we do to deserve all this care?

He showing a part of his heart that means a lot to him, and sharing something amazing with all of us!

He showing how much certain videos mean to him, and talking about his certain favorites because they impacted us so much.

I havent watched this yet, but I can only assume its real Jack hours, he and his friend talking about something super personal and dear to his heart.

On Jack’s recovery trip, he always makes sure to include us. You wont find a dude who cares more.


school is helpful, but you are a priority


The Youth Narrative (TYN)
HhhHh just a slice-of-life original webcomic series about a bunch of losers trying to keep it together or something sjkdfhjkhaksjd HAHAHA /// Soon! :D

Thanks so much for the support about this upcoming original series so far (especially to the cool people I throw ideas and memes around with in the chats hehe ♥) - like even tho I just randomly post concept sketches here and there, I really appreciate all the positive feedback and motivation! 

Also, I haven’t really made proper posts about it here but our doggo boy is Taemin Yeun now :D If stuff goes well then I would love to share more concepts/info ;;w;; 9

I usually post more in my IG stories/personal IG cause I’m nervous and stuff LOL hhhhhhhh ok bye

How to Love Yourself More

1. Set aside some time to think through why you feel you’re not good enough, or don’t deserve to be loved. Then actively counter each of those reasons. This is a really crucial step for you to take.

2. Make a list of at least 10 of your positive traits and strengths. Each day, add at least 2 more items to your list.

3. Commit to only saying positive and affirming things about yourself – that is, your face, your body, your personality, your abilities, and so on.

4. Each day, tell your body how much you appreciate it.

5. Hold your head high, smile, look people in the eye, and always speak slowly, and with confidence.

6. Have the courage to list and face some of the worst mistakes you’ve made, or some of the challenges you’ve found hard to overcome. Then, gently admit to yourself that you are not perfect. In fact, none of us is perfect, and we all start from different places in life. What has been hard for you may have been easy for someone else. Choose to not be so hard on yourself – forgive yourself for EVERYTHING and then just let it go!

7. Go through your closet and experiment with your clothes until you find something that you feel really good in. Choose to wear that – and to buy other outfits that make you feel good about yourself and your appearance. Get rid of clothes that lower your self-confidence or self-esteem.

8. Learn to listen to your body and mind, and treat what they are saying with kindness and respect. If you are tired, rest. If you are feeling worn down or emotionally drained, then withdraw and do something that will help to build you up.

9. Do something nice for yourself each day. Buy yourself some flowers, some new clothes, some music … or go for a jog, get your hair or nails done …. Whatever makes you feel pampered and special and loved.

10. Give yourself permission to say no to the things that make you unhappy, or that your energy.


School is the most screwed up thing I have ever seen. 20-30 kids are put in a room with an adult for 45min to 1 hour+ to learn about one specific topic and they do that for 6-8 classes a day for 5 of the 7 days. And don’t even get me started on the work load. And the stress levels. Students are so stressed over all of their work. Also can we point out that teachers are expected to only be strong in one subject while all of their students are supposed to get As in 6-8 classes? I know this isn’t the way schools work around the world but how would this make aliens question our reasoning? “Ugh I hate college. I have way too much work to get done.” “Human- Suzy certainly it isn’t that bad, right?” “I have over 3 hours of homework to complete in one night for ONE of my classes alone.” “What? That is too much for only one class. Certainly you mean 3 hours for the whole night and that is still too much for one person.” “Um.. no I have 6 classes and three of those are advanced classes so they expect more from us and the average amount of homework per night for those classes is 2-4 hours.” “You have 6 classes with that much work.. surely the negative health effects are being addressed in a positive manner.” “No actually this is pretty common for students.” “At least tell me all of these classes are over the same subject.” “Actually no. I have a math, science, history, english, language, and art class.” “And all of your teachers are experts in all of these fields.” “Once again no. They only know basics for all of the classes and are good at their subject.”

Exploring Lilith

T H E       B L A C K      M O O N  ☽

Asteroid “Lilith”

  • an astrological pulse point of our natal charts
  • gives information about ourselves in a more exact, categorizable light than the planets do.
  • often is connected to ideas of Karma, self purification, & reincarnation.

The position of the Black Moon in a natal chart shows the dark side of one’s personality. Think of it as the “worst you” possible. This fraction of our personality can be very active in some individuals, and very dormant in others, depending on how much we succumb to our worst habits.  

Origin: In ancient Mythology, Lilith is the most famous demon goddess. She is featured in works of the bible as well as folklore and myth. She is known to torment others for amusement and steal babies from their mothers. A true force of evil, Lilith cannot associated with anything good. And so it’s important to recognize Lilith is not capable of bringing us any *real* happiness, unlike any other aspect. Lilith is focused on our psyche, on our  bad habits, taboo desires, and deadly passions. 

Controlling Lilith: 

According to Astrology, feeding into your Lilith will inevitably lead the you to your downfall. We all have temptations at deeper level of our subconscious, ones that defy ethics and morality. But knowing where our Lilith is placed can help us recognize this side of ourselves– because it’s real and it’s an aspect that contributes to the person we project to the world.

Lilith Placements: 

Aries: Those with this placement struggle with violent impulses.

This person may use rage as an instrument for action. In a past life, this person may have received an adrenaline rush from exerting power over other individuals. They may have killed in fits of rage. They may have been known for taking out negative energy on the weak. If Lilith in Aries is not controlled, this person may commit an action out of impulse in the future and face lifelong consequences. This person may go to jail. This person may become publicly known for their crimes. This individual may experience tantrums of emotion and fits of rage. They may feel like there is a side of them they truly cannot control, and it scares them deep down. To control your Lilith in Aries, avoid placing pressure on others. Avoid experimenting with dangerous trades. Avoid justifying your rage with heroism. 

Taurus: Those with this placement struggle with indulgence.

This person may be absorbed by material pleasures. In a past life, this person may have stolen from others. They may be silenced their conscience in order to take advantage of opportunities that acquire wealth. They may been a dishonest banker or power hungry king, who allowed his subjects to fall to poverty as he lived comfortably. If Lilith in Taurus is not controlled, this person will see material pleasures as their ultimate downfall. They may steal from loved ones and find theirselves tampering with justice so that they always receive more than anyone else. They be become a hoarder, unable to throw away items and placing material things before their self or others. Avoid gluttony. Become in touch with your spirituality. Read more and work hard. No not reward unhealthy behaviors with self indulgence.

Gemini: Those with this placement struggle with gossip.

This person may deliberately distort the truth to receive a better reaction from others. They may enjoy spreading information and exposing the secrets of others. In a past life, this person may have been a plagiarist, a feign, or a slanderer. If Lilith in Gemini is not controlled, this person will fall victim to lies overtaking their life. They become attracted to the pleasure they receive from changing stories, disrupting the truth, and the chaos it causes the community surrounding with it. They, their self, will be a victim of false rumors and will truly get a taste of their own medicine. To control Lilith in Gemini, avoid becoming in the middle of other people’s problems. Avoid holding other people’s secrets. Avoid lies at all cost.

Cancer: Those with this placement struggle with misery.

This person may fall into a dark place if they allow their emotions to completely consume them. Their strengths may start to decay as they begin to believe their identify belongs to whatever emotion they are experiencing at that moment. In a past life, this person may not have fulfilled their duties, to a team, family, or country. This person may have become detached from their roots, and made other’s miserable just so they wouldn’t have to be miserable alone. If Lilith in Cancer is not controlled, this person will be plagued by moodiness, traumatic experiences, and bad dreams. They will be hurt most by the people closest to them. They will refuse to make new friends or expand their life, and become suffocated by a few circle of others who also face similar demons. Avoid toxic relationships. Find a hobby. Keep a healthy relationships with parents and children.

Leo: Those with this placement struggle with narcissism. 

This person may take advantage of weaker minded individuals by convincing them they are in superior. Often, these people are talented, but use their talents as a detrimental weapon against others. They may be able to convince others they have some sort of God-like complex and deserve to be worshipped. In a past life, this person could be a gambler, a pimp, or a head of the mafia. If not controlled, people with this aspect will one day be revolted against. They will live a life of a King, but will receive Karma later in life and all at once. Those they wronged or did not care about will return to haunt them down the road. This person may be executed by an enemy. Avoid cult-like social groups. Avoid ego altering drugs. Volunteer yourself to the less fortunate. Stay educated. 

Virgo: Those with this placement struggle with freeloading.

Virgo is a sign that is typically associated with hard work. Lilith in Virgo reveals another side to this sign– one that can resort to idleness, and  hide behind the efforts of others. In a past life, this person may have been a parasite, or a blind follower. If Lilith in virgo is not controlled, this person will live to see friends and family sacrificed in attempt to carry the weight of Virgo’s idleness. This person will not be there when someone needs them. They may be the cause of a lost life. They will lack dignity and confidence to rise above their fears and fight. They will put on a facade that they are working hard, but deep down, they will ride the achievements of others. Avoid people who put others down. Surround yourself with motivators. Avoid large groups or societies that put little emphasis on individuality.

Libra: Those will this placement struggle with deceit.

Libras are masters of presenting ugly things in beautiful light. People with Lilith in Libra are talented persuaders and cunning illusionists. In a past life, people with this aspect could be a schemer, a traitor, or a con artist. They may have pretended to be someone else to earn the trust and adoration of others, while masking their inner demons and selfish tendencies. This person uses justice as a front, often taking bribes and finding the easy way out. They are always somehow able to disguise their poor intentions. When not controlled, people with this aspect may find theirselves surrounded with relationships with little to no substances. Connections made with people will turn out to crumble under the force of failed promises and decision. This person may cheat or be cheated on. This person may suffer Karma when they no longer have the means to mask their insecurities. Their true self will be revealed and they will lose all they once had. Avoid material facades. Learn to tell the truth. Be more self aware.

Scorpio: Those with this placement struggle with manipulation.

Those with this placement have a dangerous affair with the underworld. Cruel jokes, tactful persuasion, and chaos can excite them. They are calculated and talented at influencing others. Manipulation is their greatest asset as well as their most dangerous weapon. In a past life, this person may have been a black magician, voodoo doctor, or a puppet master. It’s possible they were never caught for their crimes– but instead,will suffer the mental consequences. If not controlled, those with this placement will be unable to resist any and all vices. They will give into every dark instinct and fatal passion. They become involved in a dangerous romance. Self control must be prioritized. Avoid dark curiosity. Avoid viewing others as toys and platforms for experimenting. Every bad decision will come back to haunt you, even if it doesn’t seem like it.

Sagittarius: Those with this placement struggle with rapaciousness.

When people with this placement have a goal, they will do virtually anything to reach it. They out right ignore the consequences of their actions and allow others to suffer in their tracks. In a past life, this person may have been a political or religious leader, or a twisted teacher. This person may have constantly projected false teachings and mislead others who looked up to them. In this life, if this aspect is not controlled, this person will be surrounded by many other who both love and hate them at the same time. This person may allow their pride and ego to cloud their judgement, and develop many enemies as their life goes on. This person may reach their greatest goals– but at a horrible expense. This person will ultimately hurt, disable, or harm their self along the way. Avoid competitiveness. Avoid surrounding yourself with weaker minded individuals. 

Capricorn: Those with this placement struggle with callousness.

This person is a calculated genius who lacks empathy for others. In a past life, they could have been a cruel boss or tyrant who used others as a scapegoat. They may have been a bully. They may have brought others down just because they could do it efficiently and without guilt. The world is a cold, empty place for people of this placement. They will often crush the dreams of those who are more optimistic, so that they will be subject to the same feeling of emptiness. When not controlled, Lilith in capricorn people will be enterally plagued by problems that need to be solved. They will be forced to carry the slack of everyone, and unable to let the task go undone. They will live an endless cycle of working for something, but never receiving the reward of seeing it completed. To control this Lilith, be open to new experiences, spend more time outside, and avoid taking on tasks that will take a toll on you.

Aquarius: Those with this placement struggle with addiction.

Freedom is the most promising thing you can promise this person. It’s also the thing they are most tempted by, and give up almost everything else for. In a past life, they may have been an anarchist, part of a reform or rebellion. An unhealthy Aquarius Lilith are often known to practice substance abuse as a form of escapism. They are infatuated by the feeling of escaping. These people will single handedly destroy theirselves because of an ability to resist these urges. It’s possible their inability to commit to lifestyle and partnerships has poisoned a loved one. They may experience stressful situation more than the average individual. They may be plagued by nightmares of losing their liberty. They may encounter scenarios of feeling trapped and deprived of choice. Control this Lilith by living everything in moderation. Remember where you came from. Avoid addictive habits.

Pisces: Those with this placement struggle with delusion. 

For these people, imagination can be deadly. They are completely ruled by their own conspiracies, thoughts, and fears. In another life, this person may have been a pathological liar, someone who convinced their self and others that they’re deluded perversions of the world were true and legitimate. An unhealthy Pisces Lilith will find instances in their life where they feel it’s easier to pretend than face the truth. They may convince theirselves of false memories, at the expense of innocent people. They will find their false reality will crumble in pieces over a lifetime. They will reach a point where they finally fall into the hole they’ve been digging all their life.You can control this aspect by leaning to ask questions. Make an effort to always know the truth. Always remind yourself who you are and where you began.

 It’s important to understand the aspect of this asteroid can only have any real control over you if you allow it. Most of what gives Lilith power stems from the individual’s inability to recognize it exists. Many people are unaware of their demons, which makes it difficult to detect and overcome them. But the best way to live a healthy life is to be aware of what we can become. This is how we are able to move to where we want to go, rather than where we are, or have been.

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Can you break down venus aspects?


Venus - Ascendant 
Positive: Very commonly seen as beautiful/handsome. Generally very graceful in attitude, maybe a bit flirty. These are easily likable people, they find their first impressions on people to go quite smoothly. They may be very approachable or have a more positive attitude. Can find themselves indulging in clothing and beauty products, or anything to enhance their physical body. They also generally have softer facial features. 

Negative: These people are also often seen as beautiful, but differently from positive aspects to the ascendant these people don’t see themselves that way and can actually be very insecure about their appearance. These people may tend to also come up with issues of indulging a lot in appearance related things, they may easily spend a lot of money on it. But they’re also the type to wear makeup and such less often or only for special occasions rather than everyday. These people may also be kind of awkward in new situations such as first impressions, but it’s usually in an endearing way.

Venus - Midheaven
Positive: These people aspire to be well-liked or they may put a lot more importance on their physical appearance. These people are more likely to pursue a creative career, or a career in fashion or beauty. They’re usually somewhat of a social butterfly. These people are generally thought of as likable. 

Negative: May be the kind of person to consider themselves “married to their career.” They may find that people become envious of them. They also may not get enough recognition in their work. They may pursue a career which involves peacemaking through politics, or even a career which involves helping create a more fair world such as being a public lawyer, these people could even find themselves having a career in finance. These people may also suffer being too much of a people-pleaser. 

Venus - Sun
Positive: Social connections are very important to people with these aspects. These people are more easy going, and like the two previously mentioned aspects they are generally likable. These people may find it easy or be more comfortable with showing their true personality. These people have big hearts and may be romantics. These people have more feminine personalities, and women wth this aspect are generally attractive. 

Negative: These people may be seen by others as being “fake” likely due to these individuals putting on a kind mask to make sure people like them, even if it’s not who they truly are. These people may find themselves having trouble saying “no” to others. What they find pleasurable or what they indulge themselves in may be at odds with what they feel would be productive or helping them pursue what they otherwise would like. 

Venus - Moon
Positive: Lots of love and very sympathetic. They have a soft vibe to them and are very caring and very loving. They put a lot of emotion into their passions and their relationships. How they look and how their surroundings look may be important to their mood. 

Negative: could be emotionally manipulative, let their relationships define them and how they feel about themselves. May be somewhat vain, and may also fake some of their intentions. Might judge people (including themselves) too much on their looks or on what they have. Seeks out material comfort and may be selfish in that regard. Their feelings are too easily influenced by other’s opinion on them.

Venus - Mercury

Positive: Good with words, can be seen as very charming. Might have talent in writing, or be imfluencital in debate or public speaking. They might express a lot of their ideas through art, whether that be something such as painting or writing or something else. Generally have a love of learning. Likely very good at communication in their relationships, and Those with like minds tend to be part of who they attract. 

(No negative since Venus and Mercury can only form a sextile, or a conjunction and the conjunction would be positive in 90% of cases since Venus is a benefic and mercury is neutral).

Venus - Mars

Positive:  Lots of passion in love and relationships, and an equal amount of passion for their interests. Physical attraction is part of how they are in love, and. They usually attract those who are physically attractive to them. Other’s might also see them as quite physically attractive. Lots of energy is put into their passions. An alluring presence is likely. 

Negative: Can be overly assertive or somewhat manipulative in love (Mars is the lower octave of Pluto). Can value physical attraction too much over mental and emotional attraction. They may be the kind of person to look for a relationship simply for the sexual and physical areas of it, rather than all the emotional ties. Can rush into romantic relationships too quickly without giving them enough time to really grow.

Venus - Jupiter 

Positive: Good fortune could be likely especially if one of these planets is in the 11th or even 5th house. Romance, beauty, and art are big themes in the lives of these people, and for the better. Big hearts and very loving and generous, lots of love to give and they generally receive good things and love in return. Values and philosophies are based off of appreciation and good hopes. 

Negative: Selfish and overly indulgent. May require a lot of attention in love but is not willing to give that attention back in return. May have been spoiled at one point or be selfish with their possessions. They deem their values and what they have learned to be more correct than that of others.

Venus - Saturn

Positive: Very loyal and dedicated in love, also very dedicated to their passions. Great appreciatation for art, literature, etc. Is more in favor of long term relationships rather than short ones. Their beauty comes in part from sophistication and being polite. 

Negative: May be hesitant to get into a relationship at first because they get very dedicated. Can find it hard to express themselves through creative means sometimes. Can be overly traditional in love and not be open to new ideas relating to that. But still very loyal, although they also have really high expectations of their partner.

Venus - Uranus 

Positive: May attract more unconventional individuals, and enjoy the idea of a relationship that is unconventional in one way or another. Very open minded to different kinds of people. May enjoy modern art and such. Probably good with computers and such. 

Negative: Can be unpredictable and distant in relationships, needs a lot of independence. Can have very unconventional hobbies that may be difficult to explain to people, and it’s difficult for people to understand them. Can attract people who are unpredictable or who are distant. 

Venus - Neptune

Positive: True romantics. These people love love, they especially love giving it. They are also generally talented, especially often they are talented without even knowing it. Very giving of love and care, not only to those they are in a relationship with they are just very sweet in general. This is a very nice aspect for venus as it amplifies it being that Neptune is the high octave of Venus.

Negative: Can put their partner on a pedestal and have the view that they are perfectly angelic. Can attract those who are very talented, but this may make the individual with this aspect feel less talented than they are. They put love in general on too high of a pedestal as well. Still a powerful aspect for being very loving, but possibly to a fault. 

Venus - Pluto 

Positive: Very loyal and their love is very strong, and their relationships become a very significant part of their lives and their path to transformation. May be very alluring and attract very powerful and alluring people. Gets very involved in their interests and looks very deeply into them. 

Negative: Can be manipulative or controlling in their relationships. Or they could simply get too attached and clingy. May attract more manipulative people into their lives. People may look down on them for their interests or think they’re weird. 

for you fic-writing pleasure;

due to the popularity of this post, here is an updated, and apparently ever extending list of the characters the bois™ have created or absorbed into their alternative universe canon, or as @boogaraniac put it, the BFCU, 

  • C.C. Tinsley: technically real, but has become our favourite, happy-go-lucky, incompetent detective. according to fanon, he either works with, or is attempting to arrest Ricky G. may or may have not been murked by Dr Fear (intro’d in The Sodder Children)
  • Ricky Goldsworth: our main man. Smooth Criminal, “it’s all about the confidence, baby,” and while some people try to reduce him to just a serial killer, we all know he’s so much more than that. (intro’d in room 1046)
  • Banjo McClintock: art thief and wearer of fake mustaches. if you’re gonna steal something, do it right. probably admires Ricky G., but is definitely afraid of him.(intro’d in Gardner Museum Heist q+a)
  • Dr Fear: another technically real person, but hey, this fandom writes RPF so really, no one’s judging. Shane posited that C.C. Tinsley’s disappearance had something to do with this real life monster - and we all know that if he did, Ricky came for his ass (intro’d in the Pennhurst ep)
  • Francesca Norris: fabulous, flirty and flaunting spy. Better Than You, And Knows It. (intro’d in Isdal Woman q+a)
  • Detective Holly Horsley: detective by day, crime writer by night. better hope you have nothing to hide, because this girl will find out. [another real person the boys ran away with, but since she’s still a very alive and active person, I can’ talk about her in good conscience without a shoutout to her super cool YouTube] (first appearance in Room 1046 q+a)

all of their exploits take place in the town of Asshole, Iowa (intro’d in the Ken Rex q+a), and if I don’t see a rise in fanfic set in the bois™ au, I’m suing all of you

19 million, Jack! Wow! It’s insane to me that I am part of such a big and loving community. I’m not exaggerating when I say that I am thankful to be part of it every day.  You’ve created something amazing Jack. Something that I think I will always carry with me in one way or another because it has given me so much and continues to give me so much. And I wish I could have included more of my favorite games, characters and everything about how you, we- the community, got here, but there is just so much that if I tried to include everything I thought of, this drawing would never be finished.

Congratulations Jack, and thank you for helping me be a better more positive person!

The Only Exception [pt. 1]

Paring: Tom Holland x Reader

Warnings: None

A/N: Sorry, first chapter may be a little slow. But EVERYTHING ELSE FROM HERE ON OUT will be much better. I promise!!!! Also ayeee here she is! Part one of my series! Hope you enjoy! @darlingtholland thank you my love for helping and editing!!!! @petxrparks thanks for inspo on the photo collage that goes with this!!! :D

Word Count 3,373

AU: Dad!Tom + Nany-For-Hire


“Home sweet home,” you breathe as you toss your keys into the door-side table.

You shut your door with a soft kick of your foot, stumbling over to your couch before completely collapsing. It’s been a long day; errands and job searching, a few phone calls, and now you’re finally able to take a load off. With a deep breath you pick your head up and look around your studio; it’s a bit messy, and you groan knowing that if you don’t do it nobody else will.

Oh, the joys of living alone.

After slipping off your shoes and taking off your jacket you stand up and tidy the place up a bit, and you even manage to start a load of laundry. When you feel a bit cleaner and decluttered you walk over to your kitchen space. On the island counter you find your laptop, and you move to open it wanting to do one last check in for the day before making dinner and relaxing.

When you open your email, you’re welcomed with some spam, some coupons, and one important flagged one. Your brow furrows as you open the flagged mail; skimming it over. It’s from this nanny site you registered for, as another option for a job that you wouldn’t mind pursuing. The registration had been intense, even a few background checks had to be done, but considering you haven’t had a bite in weeks you haven’t thought much about it.

Now that there is a bite it feels all very real.

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some of the less positive feelings of my aro experience:
  • the hollow feeling in your chest when you watch a romantic movie and you know you’ll never ever have that
  • watching your friends get into relationships and third wheel you even when they don’t mean to
  • realizing that every friend you have is going to find someone and leave you because that person is going to mean more to them than you ever did
  • knowing that even when your love fills your entire heart, it’s never going to mean as much as romance does
  • wishing and wishing and wishing that maybe if you tried hard enough, you could fall in love
  • every emotion you have ever had in your entire life is fake and meaningless because none of them were romo
  • no one is there to listen to you and you are screaming into an unforgiving void whenever you try to talk about this
  • nothing in any community will ever remember or include you and you don’t know if it’s on purpose or not and you feel like you’re being selfish for wanting to be included but also you are dying inside from a lack of support
  • the inability to imagine a future in which you are happy
  • overanalyzing every relationship you’ve ever had in a vain attempt to project romantic feelings you’ve never felt onto someone and fill the void in your chest where being normal should be
  • second guessing yourself about whether or not you like someone romantically even after having been solid in the aro identity for years
  • do you want to kiss someone for real or do you just want to want to kiss someone because amatonormativity is telling you to
  • not having any words to describe anything you feel and no one understanding or respecting the words you come up with to make yourself feel like less of a freak
  • being mocked mercilessly by people who should support you
  • having literally no representation in mainstream media
  • giving 20 min vocab lessons every time you come out
  • churning out positivity robotically trying to convince yourself and other people like you that you’re going to be okay when you dont even believe it yourself
  • the constant preaching of marriage and family in religious circles so much that you cannot imagine a life that does not include that but also feeling sick to your stomach every time you try to think of that being your life
  • Cant Relate, but to literally everything
  • no one giving a shit about your problems because they only care about their own issues
  • staying in the closet perpetually because coming out is too much effort
  • not being able to escape romance because it’s literally everywhere
  • not bothering to explain your relationships to people because they wouldn’t understand
  • being incapable of understanding your own feelings for other people because they live in a weird, uncategorizable gray space and will almost certainly not be reciprocated

i never see any bpd positive posts so

s/o to all the trans ppl with bpd who are told their gender identity isn’t valid because of their bpd

s/o to all the kids with violent impulses and thoughts and then being thrown slurs and people saying you need to be “”locked up”” like an animal

s/o to all the kids who get made fun of because of mood swings and because of “”weird”” quirks bc of bpd

Opening up to other people about your chronic illness is challenging because you never know what response you’re going to get. 

Some people respond with skepticism and believe you’re being overdramatic when you talk about how severe your illnesses and symptoms are. Most people want to understand and mean well, but simply don’t know how to respond to illness. People often make unhelpful suggestions like “think positively” or “try probiotics” when what we’re looking for is some validation and emotional support. “Sorry, that sounds really hard” is a much better reaction than “you should try yoga,” but we hear the latter more often. 

Because dealing with chronic illness is so challenging, we need even more emotional support than the average person. Getting that from friends, relatives, and even mental health professionals is hard because so few people truly understand chronic illness. Oftentimes, our need for emotional support and social connection goes unmet, which adds to the already heavy burden of chronic illness.