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— happy birthday to my loveliest emery @krshima​ 

Little things about the G-Shock - Mission M101 video

I just love it so much, i keep rewatching it…so here are some things i noticed that are just neat!

The original Gorillaz logo as a keychain!

Noodles Stuff DO NOT TOUCH!

Kong Studios sign!

Still doing that thing where they draw over real people in posters/pictures.

They have this framed on the desk!

Wonder who put THAT there


2D flying out of the fucking car because he can’t get in it right

full offense but the cutest mcu couple will forever be t'challa & nakia like. t'challa the Composed Royal being absolutely gobsmacked after nakia gives him one (1) half smile. their cute kiss and adorable smiles that follow it, just radiating with adoration and respect and mutual infatuation if you dont agree please get out