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Hey darling! I noticed in your pics your Sims are wearing a police badge type thing... Hope it wouldn't be too much trouble to ask WCIF that? Thanks 💕

Hi! it’s a personal recolor i made specifically for my story, but since i’ve got a few asks about it i figured i could share it.  

download | don’t forget to grab a mesh!

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don't imagine this: during the reunion scene, when reddie hug for the first time in years, richie tightens the hug and hoping eddie wouldn't notice but of course he did and he just buries his face on richie's shoulder and whispers "i missed you so much, rich," softly. and richie would reply "god, me too, eds."

i would die for this

Rost and Aloy’s cabin 2

As I have shared in my previous post, I like to explore. Rost and Aloy’s cabin was one of the things I had wanted to get into but never found a way to do that. Today, I managed to find a glitch in Photo Mode, and I was finally able to peek inside.

Keep in mind. The setting of the cabin is after Aloy left for the Proving. The furnishings is exactly the same as how he left them.

Modest furnishings. Looks as if this broom would have been big enough for little Aloy to use. A forgotten toy Banuk figure sits on the stool it leans against. Possibly another reminder of Aloy.

Rost obviously knew how to cook. He left his meal unfinished. Possibly due to having an inkling Aloy was in trouble. And there are two chairs still sitting at the table. Signs she was still on his mind.

I could not get over how cute these chairs were.

Ladder leading up to a loft.

I couldn’t get a really good look, but it seems as if he used that space to store extra supplies.

Modest wicker rug made out of straw and tree vines.

As I was looking around the cabin more, I noticed something. There was only one bed. Rost’s. But then I realized something.

This piece of furnishing in this area looked too small to be a table. It looked strikingly similar to a bed frame.

That’s when it hit me… That’s what’s left of Aloy’s bed. He converted it into a work area so he wouldn’t have to think about her.

Clearly, Rost had her on his mind the entire time even though he wanted her to forget about him.

I was not prepared for those kind of feels.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this brief tour of Rost and Aloy’s humble abode. Hopefully, Guerilla will allow an opportunity for us to see it first-handed instead of cheating. Lol

The Brothers Trust - T.H (Chapter 2)

Summary: You are the winner of The Brothers Trust contest. Finally getting to meet Tom, you couldn’t be more excited. As a fan, this was going to be the time of your life. What you didn’t expect, was that it was going to be the time of Tom’s life too…

WARNINGS: Start of what will be smut. Mentions of sex. Lots of fluff.


“Is this seat taken?” You eyed up the spot right beside him, cheeky smile on your face. “All yours, darling.” He shifted over a bit.

You sat down beside him. Leaving a little distance between you. Tom was hoping you’d close that distance immediately. Tapping his foot impatiently.

“So Tom, what’s on the agenda today?” You bit your lip subconsciously, thankful you were wearing the non-smudge matte lipstick today.

“Well, in a little while… I’ll take you two on set and show you around. Then we will grab some lunch at my trailer and then the rest is up to you. Whatever you’d like to do today love.”

“Well..” you started. Tom moved a little closer to you. Unable to wait. He wanted to feel you. “I know Sarah wanted to spend a little more time with Zendaya, truthfully she came here for her. I on the other hand, would love to hangout with you!”

He quirked his eyebrow. “Ah, so Sarah’s only here for Z, hey?” He laughed quietly. “Is that a little bit of jealously I sense?” You shifted slightly, even closer to him. Facing more towards him. Head tilted.

Tom would be lying if he said he wasn’t admiring your neck. Thinking of feathering kisses along the length of it.

“Oh no. Truthfully I’d be jealous if it was you who was more interested in her.” You felt your breath hitch. You kept trying to play it cool and continue the game you didn’t realize until now, had started between you two.

“Oh is that so?” you bit your lip. “Well Holland, I am here for you. You’ve got my full attention.” He chuckled, a slight pink tinge coloured his cheeks. Tom hoped you wouldn’t notice, but you did. Giggling to yourself. “You definitely have my attention too Y/N. Have since you got here.” You bit your lip again, smiling softly. Placing a hand on his thigh. Deciding to push this a little further.

Sarah was across the way and you two made eye contact. She saw part of what was going on and she smiled to herself. Happy for her best friend. Noticing Tom’s body language. She knew he was feeling you too.

Tom took this moment while you looked at your friend, to take in your features. The way your hair fell over your shoulders. The cute crinkle in your nose when you smiled and the beautiful humming sound you made after coming down from a laugh. Tom realized more and more that he needed to have you.

He moved even closer to you, so that you two were touching shoulders. He stretched his arm up and around you, deciding that he needed to be closer to you. To feel you, anyway he could.

You removed your hand from his thigh. Relaxing into him. You felt so content next to him. Like you were meant to be in this position.

Taking this movement. His other hand slid across his legs and onto yours. He squeezed your thigh lightly. Fingers slowly tracing circles on your thigh. You shivered. Even the smallest touches from him felt amazing.

The cast and your best friend all looked over at the two of you. Whispering. Saying how cute the two of you looked. Harrison smiled towards his best pal. Happy for him. He had mentioned to Tom how beautiful the two of you were when you walked in. Tom has called “dibs” on you, just before he came to introduce himself.

Zendaya looked at Sarah. “They look happy, don’t they?” Sarah smiled to herself. “They do. She deserves this you know? She’s a great girl.” Sarah adds. “Tom deserves this too. Always working too hard. All work no play that guy. Needs a sweet girl to make him realize how great he is.” Sarah and Zendaya smiled to each other. Admiring the two of you and your flirtatious manner.

“You seem to be pretty fond of him. Why’d the two of you never start anything?” Sarah asked as politely as she could. While trying to pry a little. “Tom is a great guy, don’t get me wrong. We’ve just become like brother and sister. He’s family, ya know? Nothing could break that bond and we like our relationship how it is. It’s comfortable!” She smiled at Sarah. “I get that! I’m just surprised you’re single. You’re literally perfect!” She stated, bluntly. “Oh, babe. I’m far from perfect, but you are such a sweetheart! Glad to have you here today.” She wrapped her arms around Sarah and pulled her into a tight hug.

Small banter between you and Tom continued. Tom laughing at the way you said certain words. You teasing him for the memes that had exploded on the internet of him. Quackson and the infamous frog in his mouth. Teasing him about being a “Spoiler-Man”. Tom hated people bringing up the quackson joke, but from you. Oh god, from your lips he would be happy to hear you say it over and over again.

Tom pulled his phone out, snapping a couple selfies of the two of you. Wanting to hold onto this moment as long as he could. He knew he couldn’t post them without causing a fuss. But he truly wanted them as a keepsake.

“What’s your Instagram? If you don’t mind me asking?” You giggled. Grabbing his phone, pulling up your Instagram account and handing it back to him. He instantly requested to follow you and looked at you, wondering if you would pull out your phone.

You pulled it out, pressing the home button. Notification lit up on your screen. “tomholland2013 has requested to follow you” it literally felt surreal. You swiped the notification, pulling it open and accepting his request. Tom frowning a bit when he realized that you weren’t even following him back.

“Hmm, entered my contest. A big Spider-Man fan, but not even following me?” He says, trying to sound like he’s kidding but a touch of seriousness was hidden in his voice. You let out a loud laugh. “Oh c'mon Hun. I am a huge fan of you AND Spider-Man. I follow you on twitter!” You paused, clearing your throat, only slightly nervous. Why was he so pressed?

“I just have never really followed celebrities on Instagram. Just close friends.” You finish while pressing the follow button on his account. Holding up the phone to him, “There!! Happy now? Silly.” Tom rolled his eyes and then pulled you in, closer to him.

He scrolled slowly through your account with you beside him. Pointing out photos and laughing at some of your goofy posts. Then he landed on one specific selfie you posted a couple months ago. Wearing a Spider-Man shirt, with little-to no makeup on. Hair in loose wavy curls.

“There it is, the classic Spider-Man t-shirt.” He said coyly. Smirking up at you. “And might I add, you are gorgeous. Even without makeup…” he squeezed your shoulder. Your cheeks flushed immediately. “Oh… thank you. Not my best selfie though, but yes. I happen to own a few similar t-shirt.” You nodded. Eyes sparkling from the light in the background.

“Well if that isn’t your BEST selfie, then I’m in for a real treat if I scroll through the rest, aren’t I?” his voice deepened, becoming raspier. Your stomach fluttered with buttteflies. “You’re pretty smooth, Tom. But I bet you already knew that?” You shot him a quick wink. Resting your head into his arm.

Tom felt a knot in his stomach. He didn’t know what it was about you that had him so quickly wrapped around your finger. All he knew was that he wasn’t going to let you leave today without you knowing exactly how he felt.

“So Y/N, would you care to join me on an exclusive tour of the set?” “And Sarah?” You asked. Tom was brought back down to earth, from his own little heaven with you. He’d almost forgotten who you’d come with. “Of course. You two come with me!” He laced his hand in yours, gesturing for you to follow him.

You waved at your friend to come with you. She grabbed Zendaya and Jacob’s hands. Telling them to join. To which they gladly accepted.

You walked through the set, admiring all of it. Seeing where it all took place. Noticing how much effort really goes into your favourite Marvel movies.

Tom lead the tour, but didn’t for a moment stop from looking back and checking you out. Smiling cockily at you. God damn this boy was good. You wouldn’t deny that you were checking him out too.

Once the tour was done, you made your way back to the trailers. Tom looked at you and your best friend. “Well ladies, how about we grab some lunch? My trailer?”

Sarah saw a chance and she took it. Shooting you a quick wink. “Would you two mind if I hung out with Zendaya and Jacob? Maybe grabbed some lunch with them?” She looked at Tom and sent him a sly smile as well.

“Well we could all grab some lunch tog-” “Oh no no” she interrupted you. “You two grab some lunch.” She looks at Tom. “Y/N here has been dying to ask you some questions. You are her favourite superhero after all.” She giggled.

You shot her an evil glare. Gaining an even bigger laugh from your friend. Tom stood up straight. Confidence running through his body now. ‘Her favourite.’ He thought to himself.

“Not a problem at all Sarah!” Tom replied. Smiling sweetly. “You go hangout and enjoy yourself and I promise I’ll take good care of Y/N.” “Oh I’m sure you will…” Sarah whispered as she was walking away. Just loud enough for you to hear and you were certain Tom did too.

Walking into Tom’s trailer you took note of the interior. His trailer was really nice. Sizeable. He had little pictures all over, probably trying to make it feel more like home. You couldn’t imagine what it would be like to be away from home for so long.

Resting against the counter with his arms folded. You couldn’t help but notice the way his biceps popped out and his veins, my god. He was wearing a simple black t-shirt and dark blue jeans… but boy he was looking like a full course meal.

“Can I get you anything to drink Y/N?” You didn’t respond. Tom catching you in your gaze. “Y/N?…” he asked again. You snapped back to reality. “Oh shit…” you muttered to yourself… loud enough to be heard. Tom chuckled. “Anything to drink, love?” “I would love some water please!” Thirsty… you were so thirsty. “Coming right up.” He smiled.

Grabbing two water bottles from the fridge and walking over to the couch, taking a seat. Placing the bottles on the table in front. He patted beside him for you to join. You took a seat beside him, leaving a little less space beside him. Compared to your first time sitting with him.

“Hungry yet, darling?” he asked, looking at you with soft eyes. “Not too hungry yet. Was hoping maybe we could just chat for a bit first.” “Whatever you’d like, sweetheart” those nicknames rolled off of his tongue so easily.

“So, these questions you’d like to ask me?” He smiled, curiously. “I think Sarah was just trying to find an excuse to get us alone…if I’m being honest.” You stated, confidently. Tom placed his arm back around you, a waft of his cologne hitting you. Mmmm.

“Well it worked, here we are… alone.” He moved closer to your side. “But I am curious. How are you still…. I mean.” you coughed a little, clearing your throat. Stomach tightening. He squeezed your shoulder a little.

“How are you not dating someone. Anyone. Or even Zendaya, or Laura. God those girls are beautiful!” You were rambling on. You did this sometimes when you were overwhelmed with nerves. Tom noticed, rubbing your shoulder with the hand that was around you. Trying to relax you.

“Z and I. We became so close so quickly. But she’s like a sister you know? Like that one person I can always count on. As for Laura, well she’s a bit older than me and she’s got her own stuff going on. Plus she’s not really my type.” you leaned into Tom. “So what exactly is your type?” you questioned him. Softening your voice. “I like a girl who can make me laugh. Who can just be herself and have a good time. Someone confident, yet not cocky. Someone just easy going.”

'Someone like you.’ He thought to himself. Not quite ready to let you entirely into his head.

He looked deeply into your eyes. You relaxed even more into him, his voice putting you at ease. Nerves slowly settling. “I have to admit. You took me by surprise today Y/N.” you looked at him with focused eyes. “W-What do you mean?” You ask, with the softest voice.

“Well you come here today. So shy and so innocent. Those beautiful eyes and that damn smile. And don’t even get me started on this outfit.” He lightly pulled at your skirt. “'My outfit?” You laugh. “Red, darling. Is your colour. You look amazing.” you giggle… nerves picking back up. “You really caught my attention and I just had to let you know.”

“Well you, you kind of took me by surprise too y'know.” his eyebrow quirking, small smile forming. He was so intrigued by your voice. Ready to give you his full attention.

“I see you in your interviews and on social media. You are so well put together. So polite and goofy. But, a lot of celebrities just put on a show. For the fans you know?” you gave him an innocent head tilt. “You seem so… real. So normal and so down to earth. Exactly like how you are online.” he smiled, your voice so calming. Your words so sweet.

“Well thank you sweetheart.” he brushed his hand against your cheek. Chills. They consumed you. “I grew up with a family that was so modest. Parents that were so nurturing and honest. Brothers that I could joke around with and being the oldest, I had to be more mature and responsible.” He paused, “Well for the most part.” He chuckled. “I promised when I became famous I wouldn’t let who I was before ever get lost in the money and the fame.” He finished, spilling out with honesty. “Well you’re doing a damn good job at it.” you winked.

“So, I’ve gotta ask.” he starts, pulling your chin up to look at him. “Is Spider-Man really your favourite hero or was that another one of Sarah’s lies to get you into here alone with me?” Y/N chuckles to herself.

“No, that was the truth.” You nod.

“Growing up I was absolutely obsessed with Marvel. The comics. Then when the movies started, I was beside myself. I’ve been such a big fan. But Spider-Man always was my favourite. Had a blanket as a kid, all the posters on my wall. One of my first movies was Spider-Man. It was amazing.” he chuckled.

Looking back and forth from your eyes, to your lips. “So a Tobey fan then hey…?” He licked his lips, voice trailing off. “Some more jealousy I’m sensing?” You squinted your eyes slightly, seducitvely. “Nah, nah. I get it. Tobey is a good one.” Something in your body took over you because suddenly you found yourself sliding one leg over and straddling Tom. His hands instinctively going to your hips.

“I think I’m more of a Tom Holland kind of girl…” you say, deeper tone in your voice. “Is that so?” his hand sliding up from your waist and back to your chin, tilting it up. Noticing the little goosebumps forming on your neck and shoulders.

“So tell me, what exactly is it you like about this Tom Holland guy?” he leans in closer, to your neck. Breathing against it. A less than audible moan sneaking from your lips.

“Oh, where do I start? He’s pretty cute.” His other hand sliding up behind you, slowly to the back of your neck. Then grabbing your hair in a bunch. “Pretty cute hey?” he slowly starts to place small, light kisses on your neck.

“Okay…” you say, moaning slightly. “Very very cute..oooo.” His lips sucking slightly on your neck. Pulling your hair. Your lips parting.

Hand that once rested on your chin making it’s way back down to your hip, sliding a little further down and back around to your ass.

“Just cute?” His voice is deep and raspy. “Hot. He’s s-so hot. S-sexy even.” Your voice slowly breaking at the feeling of his lips against your neck.

“Oh baby….” he trails off. Lips fluttering against your neck. “Well I could say the same about you. So so sexy.” He rests back in his seat, fawning over you. Looking up at you, your face turning red and slightly out of breath.

“God you’re beautiful.” He removes his hand from the back of your neck. Brushing his thumb over your lips and caressing your cheek. “May I kiss you, darling?” Before you can answer, you lean forward and place a deep kiss on his lips.

His hand pulling you even closer to deepen the kiss. Slow kisses getting longer and sloppier. Heavier. The air around you getting hotter. Your skin was tingling.

He grabs your ass a little releasing a slight moan from your throat. He chuckles to himself. Wondering what a real moan from your pretty little lips would sound like. He needed to hear it.

You start to grind down on him. Feeling the wetness start to form between your thighs.

Tom slides his other hand down placing it on your hip. Fingers digging into your hip, not in a painful way. Just enough to take control and push you further down onto his growing bulge.

You let out a soft but needy moan again, at the feeling of his clothed erection pressing against your core. Wrapping your arms around Tom’s neck. “Tell me what you want darling.” he whispers against your lips. Squeezing your ass slightly again.

“I w-want… mmmm. I want you.” your voice is almost a moan. “And what do you want from me, baby?” his voice crackling a little, deeper sounding. “I want you to ta-… my god.” the friction from his bulge rubbing against your aching core was pushing you close already. “take me, right here in the trailer. Right, right on this couch.” he chuckled, devilishly to himself.

“Fuck, I’ve been wanting this since 9:30 o'clock this morning darling.” he flips you over onto your back. Wasting no time. He kisses your ear, then down your neck, down to your slightly exposed chest. “You’ve been teasing me all day love, now I want to show you how that’s been making me feel.”

Chapter 3

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I see you're taking requests, so I've got a little something; could you do the prompt "Why do I always say yes when it comes to you and your stupid plans??" For Nalu? I would love if you could just do best friend shenanigans (I haven't read a fic where they are both just acting like bffs should), but I wouldn't be against some fluffy romance ;) Thank you in advance!

I am so sorry this took so long but Stranger Things 2 happened then AC:O then uni then work and basically I’m just a terrible time keeper okay? I’ve never been the best at fluff but I hope you enjoy! Please let me know what you think :D

“Why do I always say yes when it comes to you and your stupid plans?”

Lucy’s complaint was met with a very aggressive ssshhh. She scowled at Natsu but he didn’t notice. He was too bust staring intently through the binoculars he’s ‘borrowed’ from Erza.

“I’m being serious,” She continued, swatting at him when he motioned to her to be quiet again, “It’s half one in the morning and I have class tomorrow at nine. So I’d really love to know why I’m currently squatting in the bushes outside of Gray’s house instead of in bed.”

Natsu sighed, dropping his binoculars to shoot her a serious look.

“Lucy, we made a blood oath.”

Lucy couldn’t help but groan, earning her another ssshh from Natsu. If she’d known that the pact they’d made when they were five would have this many ridiculous repercussions throughout her life, she’s not sure she ever would have made it.

“You have my back and I have yours. Does that mean nothing to you know Lucy? Were those just empty words?”

Lucy rolled her eyes, used to her best friend’s theatrics. He did this every time she complained during one of his ‘missions’. She made to reply- pointing out that their pact was more for dire situations or simple favours rather than petty revenge- but a light came on in Gray’s bedroom window and Natsu squeaked, shoving her into the dirt for cover.

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So I just thought of something for your same college AU. What if the guys don't allow label makers in the dorm or anything in that nature because Kuroo writes that everything belongs to him. The one thing that banned them was that Kuroo put a label on all of Daichi's pants at the butt area and they wouldn't come off.

DAICHI EVENTUALLY RUNS OUT OF PANTS AND IS FURIOUS (and has to call Suga for help for how to remove labels from fabric)

(…which does little good, as Kuroo keeps sticking them back on without Daichi noticing)

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Hi hope u have a great new year and stay positive healthy and happy his festive season! Can I have random headcannons like weird facts we wouldn't know about konoa shinobis (including Sasuke) hope this isn't confusing thanks!!!

Thank you fam <3 

Sasuke honestly has a sweating problem. It could be cold as shit outside and he still manages to sweat. It’s embarrassing. You honestly wouldn’t notice unless you felt his hands though. They’re always moist

Naruto cries when he drinks soda. The fizziness is just too much for him. Anything too sweet/sour like that

Sakura memorizes the shapes of everyone’s eyebrows. She could pick people out of a lineup by just eyebrows alone

Ino has a problem with malaproprisms

Shikamaru is low key afraid of heights

Choji is ambidextrous 

Rock Lee is double-jointed

Neji has a great metabolism. Like you won’t ever see him pig out in public, but when he’s alone and got his food, he just eats that shit up. And he never gains weight

Tenten has a huge collection of nail polishes that she rarely uses, but that shit could fill an entire room it’s just sooooo much nail polish 

Kiba can’t stomach dairy. He might be lactose intolerant

Hinata picked up a habit of making scented soaps and she planned to give them out as gifts, but she thought it was a dumb idea later so she didn’t 

Shino reads lots of poetry

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I was going through your posts about J Rod and her family and came across one about how the one daughter is treated differently from the rest like in that one family picture against the wall, she doesn't match the rest of the pink/black color scheme, and then the other picture where everyone is in white/blue and she's in beige/black...I want to hope it's just her wanting to dress differently but it wouldn't shock me if Jill was disgusted by one daughter not being as white as the rest

Yeah, others have noticed too, you are not the only one and we have talked about it here:

The two pics are here:

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hey!!! i recently found your dogstuck artwork (which is amazing, btw) and i noticed you hadn't drawn any nepeta in the au! if you wouldn't mind, i'd like to request it whenever you get the chance. (i'm hoping this isn't too late: the dogstuck tag hasn't been touched in a while,,)

Here’s your corgi baby!!

Also thanks sm!! I haven’t gotten any D!S requests so that’s more or less why it’s been so dead :’D

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Poe's back hit the mat, the impact softened by Finn's steadying hand even as the ex-stormtrooper took him down; "You okay?" Finn said, worried, "I didn't hit you too hard, did I?", and Poe slapped his hand on the ground in the sign for surrender and prayed that Finn wouldn't notice the rapidly developing more-than-okay situation in his pants.

“Not at all,” he said, throwing in a chuckle for good measure, and then for more good measure, “buddy, not at all, don’t worry about it.” (He has to bite down on a “pal” for even more good measure.)

He was really hoping that Finn wouldn’t notice the forced quality of his laugh or the somewhat strangled tone in his voice, but Finn–perceptive as always–was already squinting suspiciously, leaning in.

“Poe,” he said then, eyes widening, “you’re bleeding, fuck, I–”

“Oh,” Poe said, looking down at the blood on his shirt, and then at the blood on Finn’s knuckles, and then, as a wave of arousal hit him hard enough to make his stomach twist and his dick twitch, “well, shit.”