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Hey Rosie! Describe your dream gf! What kind of personality should they have? How should they look? Where do you want to live together? I thought this was cute so

oh my god okay ive been thinking abt this for the longest time now bcs it IS cute anon omgogmogkg im so happy u sent me this its so cute bt like!!! aaaaaa i truly. dont know?? ofc i cld start w ur typical any girl is a good girl but UH no im not gna do tht this time so!!

first id like for her to be someone who’s confident or at least TRIES to be u kno someone who tries to see things from the positive side bcs i try to be like tht too!! n id love it if my dream gf were to be v spontaneous as well n not afraid to do smth . out of the norm? like go on a roadtrip at 3am or smth like tht like i want Adventure in a relationship! bt id also like for her to be able to realise that talks are just as important as doing things maybe even more important like…..communication is so sexy honestly n i want to be able to talk w my gf abt anything n everything n i want to be able to learn from her the same way she can from me aaaaa a v balanced relationship…….a best friend+hand holding n kissing n stuff thats rly just what i want in a relationship so omg thats the personality part ig hehe n as for looks im not 2 biased i think! im easily attracted to somewhat. nerdy looking girls ive realized bt like looks rly dont play a v big part for me! as long as she takes care of her hygiene fjdhdjfkd n where i wanna live w her omg………..first id love to travel a lot!! bt when we settle down i think id like it to be in a nice village rather than a city? bt somewhere thts close to a city tho! i dont wanna be completely closed off from society hfhsjdjfkf but just a nice lil apartment for ourselves n our cats n plants……thts all i need hehe

Day Off

Summary: Bucky really wants to take a nap with the reader, but she just wants to read.


Bucky is a giant dog that needs a lot of attention.

Pairing: Bucky X Reader 

Word Count: 2,169

A/N: Thanks for reading! Let me know what you think! I would love to hear from you guys! Also, if you’re interested, I’m willing to take requests (if you can’t tell I like to write fluff). I can’t promise I’ll do them as I reserve the right to say no, but the offer is out there. <3 

“Please,” he whines, standing in the doorway to the living room. Y/N doesn’t look up from her book, curled in on herself on the couch. “Please, doll?”

She heaves a deep sigh and looks up, no longer able to focus after ten minutes of Bucky’s begging. “I want to read, Buck. This is my day off too.” He lets out a whine and shifts from foot to foot. “Just go nap by yourself. I don’t know why you need me there.” She lifts her book again and does her best to ignore Bucky’s hurt expression.

It’s quiet for a few minutes and Y/N thinks Bucky might’ve finally left her alone when he flops down onto the couch next to her and buries his face into her hip, arms pushing around her waist to tug her a little closer. “Please?” comes his muffled plea into the soft material of her sweatpants. “I don’t sleep well without you, sweetheart. And all I wanna do is cuddle with my girl.”

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The ship name for Cable/Deadpool, Cablepool, actually comes from the comics. It’s a persona Deadpool takes on for a short period because Cable is unavailable. It looks like a mix of the two characters and I tried taking inspiration from it for this.

Mind you, Cable and Deadpool can actually fuse into one person, though not in a pretty Steven Universe kind of way. They turn into a nightmarish mesh of struggling limbs, all because Deadpool once turned into a liquid and Cable drank him on purpose, mixing their DNA. Comics are weird, okay? Don’t even get me started on the time Cable was turned into a baby and Deadpool had to raise him, or when Cable turned completely metal in an alternative universe and had weird implied tentacle sex with a super emotional Deadpool. I read thought that whole thing and their story is long and complicated.

It’s no wonder that they couldn’t keep Deadpool’s and Cable’s romance a secret forever and eventually Reilly Brown (The artist for the later run of Cable & Deadpool and Split Second) just came out and confirmed it. A man can only keep an open secret like that for so long.

Dating Zach Dempsey would include...

Originally posted by void-obriens

Zach Dempsey x Reader


A/N: I thought It’s a really cool Idea to make a headcanon and then an example and I hope it’s okay for you… Enjoy!xx


You wanna request something?

  • Never ever ignore is messages after everything that happened

(Baby Boo)
Hey you wanna hang out at the diner? eating some fries and letting time pass by? (read 6:54 pm)

(Baby Boo)
I’m starting to get worried (send 7:03 pm)

(Baby Boo)
nvm what you doing, I’m coming over now (send 7:16 pm)

  • Height difference

“Is it normal that you are so small?”, Zach said while he used you as an armrest.

  • Zach’s late night texts because he cannot sleep

(Baby Boo)
Hey you up? (read 3:23 am)

It’s 3 am, of course not. (read 3:24 am)

(Baby Boo)
LOL (send 3:24 am)

  • His parents dislike you because you are friends with Clay Jensen

“Why are you so sure that they hate you?”, Zach groaned as he heard you complain about his parents and unlocked the front door of his house. you rolled my eyes in annoyance and whispered loud enough:“Are you kidding me? The death glare that they are always giving me when they see me?”

  • Random presents during the day

“Are these roses for me?”, you smiled when your eyes caught the red roses on the backseat of his car.

  • You found out that he’s on the tapes

“You are an asshole, Dempsey.”, Tears started to rush down my cheeks, the school hallway was suddenly silent. “You don’t understand.”, he raspy voice filled my ears, just letting more tears escaping my eyes.

  • Being his winter dance date

Slow music played while everybody was quiet; enjoying the moment. His hands carefully curved your waist while your hands stroked his small hair on his neck. Your lips were locked with each others touch. This night was perfect.

  • Wearing his Letterman Jacket because it’s life

“Am I ever going to get my jacket back?”-”Never.”

  • “You look better with you Make-Up.”

Zach groaned annoyed when he saw that you were about to put foundation on your face, you just giggled and continued doing your Make-Up.

  • Trying to cheer you up whenever you are down

“Always when I was small I loved playing with spoons, and I always did something like that-”, Zach quickly grabbed a spoon from the kitchen sink and rubbed it clean, while letting his breath touch the cold metal. He laid the spoon on his nose carefully but failed awfully when the spoon fell instantly off his nose, but at least you laughed.

  • Him teaching you how to play basketball

“Damn you are too small for basketball..”, he laughed when the ball bounced away from you. “Ha-Ha!, you laugh sarcastic as you grabbed the ball away from him and tried to throw the ball in the basket and succeed.

  • Jamming together out to music in his car while a long drive

“Just stop your crying It’ll be alright.”, you both screamed your lungs out while Harry Styles’ voice filled the car with chills.

  • Cheering for his team they have a basketball match

Even though you never understand the sense in basketball, you knew when you have to cheer.

  • Playing video games at his house

“And- I won again!”,  you cheered as the last HP of Zach’s character lost it, he groaned annoyed and runs his hands through his messy hair; begging for revenge.

  • I love you’s

“I love you so so so so so so much.”, he mumbled against your ear and kissed it softly, letting a small smile crossing your lips; You loved it to hear those little “love you’s” and every time you heard them you instantly melted away.

Im on my bed at midnight thinking, holy shit, Rick Riordan actually did that.

I started reading the PJO books when I was in elementary school. My favorite character was Nico di Angelo. I loved him with all my heart bc besides loving characters with tragic pasts (which tbh, so many to choose from in the series, but Bianca’s death REALLY hit it for me) I was just super excited to see where his character would go.

I remember making my mom drive me to Target BEFORE school so I can fucking go get the House of Hades. I remember reading the book non-stop through the entire day. I didnt carr about classes, what was homework? Friends? They didnt exist that day.

Point is, I finished the book in about a day.

And I know that not everyone likes the way the situation was brought up, but

the moment Nico admitted having a crush on Percy?

I was fucking dead.

No way.

No way.

No way did one of my favorite characters from one of my favorite book series say that.

That didn’t happen. Never in all my years of reading did anything like that happen, because authors always, ALWAYS chose the ‘safe’ route and the guy always gets a girl or the girl always gets a guy. I mean, at that point of my life I was B O R E D of reading YA novels or series bc it was always like that, no matter how much false hope I put into it and I was only freaking starting high school (or ending middle school, I dont really remember).

It made me so unbelievably happy.

Not only that. I thought “okay, so that happened. It’s not going to be adressed anymore.”

Nah fam, years later, my boy’s got himself a boyfriend.

Look, that moment was definitely something that made the PJO/HOO series become so inportant to me? Its been YEARS and I still wont stop talking to people about these books.

It was the first time I ever saw an LGBT character in a book/series that wasn’t made to be focused on that subject. And that’s what I’ve always wanted. Sure, Nico isn’t the main character, but it made me so happy and made so much difference for me.

Im currently STILL looking for books where the main character is LGBTQ+, but that not being the main focus. A girl who has to save the world and goes on adventures (oh and she happens to be gay, so there MIGHT be a love interest, who knows.) Something like that.

Like, I love Harry Potter, with all my fucking heart, but that moment is the reason PJO/HOO will always hold the position of #1 in my heart just by a little bit.

And I’m glad I was reading the series and it came out, bc if it was any other way, I sint think the moment would have been as special. Finding out for myself was part of the good part.

Theres such a difference in “oh, I heard this show/book/movie has an LGBTQ+ character so im gonna read/watch it”- bc you already expect that to happen -and “I’ve been reading this book/watching this bc some Other thing caught my attention and OH THIS IS ACTUALLY A THING” bc you’ve already bonded with these character in certain way and they’re special to you for other reasons as well.

Point is:

- there is an 84% chance I am always thinking about PJO/HOO

-After 5 years, I seriously can’t believe I actually went through that, it was amazing

-I’m literally still always on the look out for books where being LGBT isn’t the central point of the book, but a character in it happens to be (hopefully someone understands what that means bc im bad at explaining things)

Thank you for your time, class is over

After hearing about it for a while, I’ve recently started a morning ritual that has already improved my productivity and focus. Initially it sounded like it would take up way too much of my time, but now I’m a total morning pages convert. 

what they are

Here’s the basic idea: every morning you take out three pages of paper and free write (by hand! no word docs allowed) whatever comes to your mind. There are no rules about what you write, as long as you write three pages of something

why they help

The reason behind morning pages is that once you have everything down on paper, you can free up some headspace to do other things. It’s also a nice way to pinpoint why you’re feeling anxious, or if something has been on your subconscious. And let me tell you, it works. I’ve found that I easily make up for the time it takes to do them (about 20 minutes) in the time that I would normally be distracted. 

how to make them count

Free writing can be difficult to get the hang of. We often feel confined by rules and grammar, so throwing them all out the window feels wrong. Remember that these pages are for your eyes only, they won’t be graded so don’t worry about spelling something wrong or even making them legible to anyone else. My pages are often full of abbreviations and are written in handwriting no one could ever dream of reading. And that is a-okay, because they don’t have to be pretty or thoughtful, they just have to be done. I write whatever comes to mind and just let my thoughts flow. One thing will remind you of the next until you have three full pages in no time. 

So what if you don’t know where to start? Just write down everything you have to do today. Write down anything you’re worried about in the future. Write down anything you’d like to do someday. You’ll soon find something that you didn’t even know was bothering you. 

I don’t expect to read them again anytime soon, but it may be cool to see in a bit how everything I worried about worked out, so I’m hanging onto them for now. If recycling them is more your speed, that’s cool too. Just don’t be tempted to type them up! If you’re writing on a computer you can go back and change things and will be more tempted to make them perfect. That’s exactly what you want to avoid. Hand writing them will keep them from being perfect so that they can be good

Try it out for a couple days and let me know if it helps. I know that I’ve already seen a huge difference!

I was having a meeting with a company to write blogs for them. The client was the CEO of the company, but he also brought his marketing manager to the meeting (but didn’t let him say anything). The CEO was a straight salesperson and he’d obviously read somewhere that SEO is the way forward. It was a doomed conversation from the start and the poor marketing guy looked ready to cry.

Client: So I’m really just looking for great SPO.

Me: I’m not familiar with SPO. What’s that?

Client: (clearly annoyed) I’d have thought a writer would know all about Google ranking.

Me: Oh, you mean S-E-O? Yes, I agree it’s really important.

Client: Evidently not. Well, I just want great SPO.

Me: Okay, I can work on that. I charge X per blog, and…

Client: What kind of discount can you do?

Me: Pardon?

Client: Obviously we’d be looking for a discount.

Me: I couldn’t tell you until I’ve written up a proposal and looked over the project as a whole. What sort of topics are you looking for?

Client: Just as much SPO as possible. I want keywords to make up two-thirds of each paragraph, maybe in bold or caps.

I look over at the marketing guy, who looks miserable. This is clearly a recurring problem.

Me: …I’m sorry, but that kind of keyword density and formatting would make content almost unreadable.

Client: I know all about good SPO, just give me a discount and do as I say. I want us at the top of Google.

I sent them a proposal with the full amount, no concessions. I never heard back. I hope the marketing guy finds better work where his input is appreciated.

I’m tired of being sad and having no clue as to why I am this way, so I’ll write about the happy bits of me and why I smile. I dance when I’m alone, when the music gets just right and I’m sure that no one is watching, it’s okay to feel lonely, I used to not like the idea of it, but once you’re comfortable in your own skin even depression starts to feel like a breeze. I’m reading a book that says we are the beliefs and thoughts that we think and believe in. So if I say that I’m happy a thousand times, one of those will come back as true. So if I say I’ll find the love of my life some day, some day she’ll appear in front of me while I’m writing another poem. It’s good to have goals, the only goal I’ve ever had up until recently was to keep myself happy with someone else, that’s not a goal, but an illusion. You can’t live your life for someone else, it’s called your life for a reason. Happiness must happen when I say so, so I’m saying so. We bring into this world the kind of kindness that we’ve been dealt, so when I fake a smile, my mother is omnipresent. Although it’s not real, fake it until you make it, right? The book also says, spend more time doing things that make you lose track of time, so I decided to write again and more often than not, to not compare myself to others because once you start doing that, there’s no going back. I don’t write like someone else, I write like myself. I don’t think like anyone that I know, there’s just you and the beautifully twisted world, we’re all trying to find redemption inside of coral skies and trustworthy friends. I would break my own hand to contain my anger, it is contained. Happiness is what we make it, so if I say that it exists, then it will be so. Listening to your guidance, that makes me happy. You know who you are. Breathless to the words, you paint the sunrise with your pinky and promise that as long as I’m here today, tomorrow will not be filled with sorrow. I keep writing letters to the future person that I will be, I wonder if I’ll change. I probably will, we all do in one way or another. I’m the kind of person that snaps a picture of the sky while I’m driving, I’m reckless, but we’re still alive. Life’s too short and I need to be more careful, I’m certain that death has given up a few passes for me. Do you ever feel like you’re running out of time? Like there’s something trying to make a statement, a lost word that even google couldn’t even get its hands on. Do you ever feel like no one’s really listening? We’re all selfish in the end, but the ones that truly listen– they are the ones that I live for. I maintain online friendships better than I do with my siblings, I guess our thinking is just on different frequencies. On the topic of frequencies– the you that you would like to be is out there, you just need to listen. Hear the right words said by the right person and you’ll be in the right spot to be the you that you’d want to be in this life. Do you ever feel like you’re not good enough? Remember that thing I said about thoughts? Sometimes we just need to let go a little bit, embrace the art of it. To be left to the wind, the unknown will bring us to more adventures and you may not be loved by many, but there’s a chance that you will be– why not take it? I would like to break out of this, I want to smile more and to laugh a little louder, I just want to make myself proud of who I will be versus who I used to be. And you can’t turn back the hands of time, you cannot change your mistakes– they are permanent, but you are not. There is a fire inside of your chest and if you keep suffocating yourself with an indescribable pain then you’ll only suffer in a incomprehensible way. I just want to fill this world with more love and less pain, I see a butterfly and I’m easily distracted– how beauty will fly past you if you’re not even paying attention because you’re so damn sad all of the time. So I drop all signs of negativity and lean towards the positive, I am the only vibe that’ll alter my moods, so I must feel more wealthy than a million silver spoons even if I don’t have any, so I must create the art that likes to spill from my fingertips, we live such short lives– why not be the best version of yourself? Who will you be if tomorrow was your last day on this planet? Will you cry because it’s over? Or will you search the ends of the earth until you’ve found the fountain of youth? I’ve got a secret to share with you. You can be a 100 years old and still have the sweetest smile, you can be in your 20s and have a soul heavy enough to sink the titanic, life is strange, life is strange. We live our youth to buy pretty things, but live our oak days trying to make up more time– it waits for no one, the wrong turn will break you, a simple kiss will turn your thoughts into poetry and a life of self-hate is a road that needs constant validation– why not be your own way out? Be your own lover, be your own brand of music, be your own kind of poem, be your own story of kindness, and if you’re not perfect just look around– nobody is. I’m tired of dreaming, I want to build it instead. You can’t be who you want to be if you’re still having the same thoughts from last year– you can’t change or heal in the right way if you’re not willing to break a few pieces of your heart because the clutter inside of our minds often match the attitude that we give off. So like a quote, so like a poem, so like a bedtime story. If I repeat it enough times, I’ll be happy. I just want to be happy. I just want to let go of the bad feelings. I just want to love myself enough to see a brighter day. You can’t change the world if you can’t even change yourself, right? If I repeat it enough times, then it must be real. I will be happy. Sadness is a crucial emotion because without it, being delighted and euphoric wouldn’t be so dense, but that’s the beauty of the intensity to which we should love ourselves. I want to be so fucking glad to wake up today that it’ll just drown my depression into the white noise. I want to glow in the dark and live like the jellyfishes, give my poetry the immortality to always bring a smile onto the faces of those that love who I am even if I’m a bit flawed because at the end of the day– you’re the only one sleeping on your bed, you’re the only one who’s going to determine if you’ve got enough room to breathe, you’re the only one to have the last say if you’re art or not.
—  I wanted to write something happy for you–
yes, you. The person that’s reading this.


Snanger (Severus x Hermione):

{As you can see my Snanger list is long :D}

Remione (Remus x Hermione):

{My Remione list is short}

Lumione (Lucius x Hermione):

{This is a mixture of SS/HG/LM as well}

  • A Gift of Love By madeleone
    ~ This is a SS/HG/LM fanfic.  But it’s more a HG/LM fanfic.  I love it. {Complete}
  • The Librarian’s Assistant By madeleone
    ~ Another SS/HG/LM fanfic, but again it’s more an HG/LM fanfic that turns into M-M-F.  So good. {Complete}
  • In the Name of Science By StBridgit
    ~ LM/HG This is a Marriage Law fanfic and I must say it’s really good.  Lucius is so in character it’s awesome.  {Complete}
  • The Bespoke Witch By glittergrrrl05
    ~ It’s a Lumione but also a Dramione fanfic.  It’s really interesting, it’s ooc though, but I really love it. {Complete}
  • A Great Task of Solitude By Laurielove
    ~ Hermione is in charge of cataloging the Malfoy’s Library, searching for dark magic books.  Lucius has become a recluse after the war, and having Hermione now showing up everyday he seems to open up and regain who he once was.  {Complete}
  • Miles Away From Any Warm Feeling By AnnettePoudre
    ~ Hermine is kidnapped one night by Death Eaters, she is gifted to Her Potions Master.  This is a SS/HG/LM Fanfic {Complete}

{My list is short for Lumione as well.  I read some really awesome ones that I had believed I saved and I can’t for the life of me find them.}

The Mind Reader

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Read Part Two Here , Part Three

Warnings: very mild language

A/N: I’m very proud of this one so I hope you enjoy. I might do a part two if you guys like it and I get enough feedback? Saying that, it is over 5k words so I apologise. I’m back working on requests now x

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i want to // tom holland

Word Count: 3k
Warnings: oh my god… all of the fluff
Summary: you and tom are alone in his room for the first time (college!tom)
A/N: okay. so. this is based off of a scene in fangirl by rainbow rowell, and it’s an incredible book. i loved the scene, and wanted to do my own spin on it. i’m pretty damn proud of this, so i hope you guys like it. it’d mean a lot to get feedback on this one, i wanna know what y’all think. love you lots!!! 


Intimacy was hard for you. You trusted Tom, you really did. But as someone who wasn’t experienced with boys, with romance, with intimacy and affection, it was hard for you. You wanted to show Tom everything you were feeling for him… you just didn’t know how.

It wasn’t even that long ago that Tom had gotten you into his room. It had been months of you and Tom in your room, you and Tom in different places around campus, you and Tom at different restaurants. Tom was your roommate Zendaya’s best friend, and he had slowly started spending more and more time with you instead of her. It wasn’t until you began helping him study for classes - reading to him when he had trouble focusing, helping him with the few things you already knew, figuring out ways to help him with things you didn’t - that something started to develop between the two of you.

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SKAM S04E04 Clip 2 - Remove friend

[SARA: Buss stuff (:

Hi Sana. I Just wanted to thank you for the meeting on Friday. All the girls were very pleased. You seem like a very good bus boss. Hope you didn’t get any stress from your parents? Here are a few things we have to get through:

1.       How are we going to do it with the payment of the bus? Should we pay from our account? That’s ok with us, as long as you pay for the other expenses. We should perhaps get a joint account.

2.       You talked about calling the group leaders in for a meeting, when will that be?

Hugs Sara]

[YOUSEF: Someone is missing this]

[IPRAYER: It’s time for Asr.]

[Remove friend]

MOM: Hello!

SANA: Hello.

MOM: Are you doing homework?

SANA: Yes, I have a biology assignment that’s due in two days.

MOM: Biology? What are you reading about?

SANA: I’m gonna write about the human immune system.

MOM: Yeah. Does Elias have visitors?

SANA: No, but you never know with those guys. It’s like they live here. They show up all the time.

MOM: I have to ask you about something. Do you think Elias has started drinking?

SANA: Huh? Why do you think that?

MOM: No, I don’t know. I just thought because Yousef drinks alcohol and.. I’m a bit worried.

SANA: You don’t have to worry. I really don’t think Elias is drinking.

MOM: You don’t think so?


MOM: Okay. I just have to trust you, habibiti. Have you talked to the handsome, muslim boy?

SANA: No, I haven’t.

MOM: No.

- 10 -

catch up here.

“Come on bub, just a few slices, please.”

Sophia had been trying to get some fruit into her daughter for the past fifteen minutes but, just like every other morning this past week, she refused to open her mouth. Apples, pears, bananas, strawberries - Josie was not having any of it.

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Scrying 101

Have you ever watched a movie, television show, or maybe seen a crystal ball somewhere? The crystal ball’s relation to witches has seemingly always been present. You may not know that this is a real, do-able practice, and we don’t just use crystal balls! Scrying is one of the harder divination methods to explain as there isn’t really one full concise explanation for it. It has many different methods, materials, feelings, and processes associated with it. Some will use water, fire, the ‘traditional’ crystal ball, a mirror, and some will just gaze off into a wall. Whatever the method, scrying is an age-old practice that is mentioned in quite a few religious texts. On the outside, it seems relatively simple, but don’t let it fool you. It’s similar to meditation in the sense of it is almost trance-like, it causes you to constantly doubt your mind, asking yourself if you’re just daydreaming or if you’re doing it ‘correctly’. Some good news for you is that there is, as mentioned, no one way to scry. This post will detail some of the materials, methods, and ways to tell the fantasy from the magic. 


Don’t let the 50+ USD scrying mirrors on Etsy fool you, while they are a very cool aesthetic and definitely suit their purpose, they are not necessary, especially for beginners. You can create your own scrying mirror with a plain mirror and some black metallic/reflective paint, honestly? It doesn’t even need to be reflective. Another costly material is the crystal ball itself, there are small ones that can run from 5-30 USD, but a big one made out of actual crystal will cost you. Again, wonderful aesthetic, but not necessary, Glass/plastic ‘crystal’ balls tend to be a lot cheaper and will work just as well. Some other material options include: fire, water, smoke, the sky, a plain mirror, a dark room, the wall, etc etc etc.


There are a ton of scrying methods! One of my personal favourites is using an actual crystal ball, but as mentioned above, they are not necessary, rather a tool that is a bonus.

  • Crystal ball method: Gaze into a crystal (or ‘crystal’ ball), clear your mind and focus heavily.
  • Dark room method: Clear your mind, stare into a dark space of a room and concentrate. 
  • Fire method: Clear your mind, gaze into the darkest part of the fire (as not to burn your eyes), focus on the flames and how they move. 
  • Mirror method: Using a scrying mirror (or a regular one) gaze into it at an angle where you cannot see yourself. Clear your mind and focus.
  • Smoke method: Gaze into smoke from incense or a candle. This can also tie into pyromancy meanings.
  • Sky method: Did you ever cloud watch as a child? Basically that, but actually looking for divination meanings. 
  • Wall method: Clear your mind, focus on a plain and undecorated wall.
  • Water method: Gaze into water from a bath, ocean, river, etc. Be sure your mind is calm.

There are many more methods, these are just a few to get you started!

Daydreaming or scrying?

This is one of those things that comes with time. When I first started scrying, I couldn’t focus at all, I let my personal thoughts interfere with the reading and it was almost never accurate. I find that meditating beforehand so that you’re calm and relaxed helps a lot, but really it’s down to intuition. Intuition is your biggest tool, you have to learn to trust yourself. Practice makes perfect. You will make mistakes, but that’s okay, it takes time to learn and distinguish thoughts. In a sense, scrying is similar to daydreaming!


Shadows in the walls

Bucky Barnes x Plus Size Reader

Warnings: Insecurities, nudity, descriptive sex scenes, fingering, inappropriate language, unprotected sex, fluffy Bucky. - Please if underage don’t read this. And please if you’re going to be intimate with anyone, use protection.
Word Count: 3,035
Author’s Note: Hey guys! Sorry for taking so long to post this, but it’s currently 04:47am and I’m still awake. I was since 19pm editing and re-writing some tings. This is something very close to my heart, being plus size myself and sometimes don’t feel enough. But I’m trying don’t feel like that just because of my weight. Everyone is beautiful. In your own way. Don’t let anyone say otherwise.

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anonymous asked:

Okay...weird shit happejed to you throuout yojr life, but has anything happened on Halloween specifically (other than you selling your soul to a demon)

Alright, it’s time for the requested and promised Ouija Board Story™

Listen, before I start this I wanna put a REALLY STRONG trigger warning on it- I really, truly recommend you not read this if you’ve been affected by suicide or get very easily freaked out by thoughts of death and the afterlife. I am not fucking kidding around here, okay? Someone in my family killed themselves over the summer and I’ve been trying so hard to not think about this whole event, because it’s terrifying to imagine anyone I know in this situation. Really think about it before you keep reading, okay? While this is an interesting and cool story I’m posting for Halloween, I don’t wanna get anyone too freaked out. If you think this is gonna mess with you or sit with you, just keep scrolling. 

This happened in 2015. My friend Zoe (@commando-rogers) decided to have some friends over for Halloween, because like, who doesn’t want plans on Halloween, right? Also there was Alexa (@starshiprangpr), Patricia (@trishaslats), Liz, and Ian (I don’t know if they have accounts if they do I’ll add them later). I’ve known these guys for years, so it was sure to be a fun night. 

Now, like. I’m bored with life. I’m freshly 20 years old. It’s Halloween. I’m dressed like Mabel Pines. I’m ready to fucking party. And we did have, you know, regular, normal fun at first- ate junk food, joked around, stuff like that. Average hangout. But then, a few hours into the night…Zoe pulls out a fucking Ouija Board. 

I’m immediately on the other side of the room, tbh. I’m very interested in paranormal stuff, and I was raised Catholic, and I’m also not a dumbass, so I know not to fuck around with Ouija Boards. You just don’t use them, ever! It’s never a good idea! Even if nothing talks to you through it, you’re still opening yourself up for something to happen. But I also knew this was five against one, so I didn’t stand much of a chance complaining. I conceded to watching whatever happens from a safe distance on the couch and not actually touching the board. Lord knows, I insisted, with my luck? Touching the board will get my ass possessed. 

The girls seemed to somewhat agree with me on that- Ian was the only person who agreed to use the board with Zoe. Ian’s a very smart, logical guy, you know, like the token genius asshole friend that you love to death even if he gets a little condescending occasionally? Love the guy. But he was pretty sure it was all bs and nothing would happen, versus Zoe’s deep belief in the paranormal, so they made a bit of a weird pair working the board. I remember texting my friend Raychel about what was about to happen, and getting the response “YOU MOTHER FUCKING WHITE PEOPLE FIT ALL THE HORROR MOVIE ARCHTYPES GET YOUR BULLSHIT TOGETHER AND DONT DO THIS”. And I agreed with her, honestly, but I did actually have a strong curiosity to see if anything would happen. Zoe had told me all about her trying to use the board by herself before (bad!!! idea!!!)- she said she never got any words out of the board, but her camera or phone or whatever she was trying to film the session with would always malfunction or die unexpectedly. No one expected what happened though. 

Now, before I really start, I wanna say- could this have all been an elaborate hoax by Ian or Zoe? Sure. Absolutely. Believe that if you want- but Zoe was so freaked out and even got all shook when we were going over details the other day, and Ian seemed really rocked, and honestly I can’t think of anything they’d get out of keeping up a ruse on it for two years now, especially when people they’re good friends with were literally crying during this mess, so…I really don’t think this was fake. Like, I want to believe it was fake. As I mentioned in the trigger warning, this has really stuck with me and been bugging me as of late, so if one of them suddenly fessed up that it was a prank? I would fucking jump for joy! But it doesn’t look like that’s the case (otherwise, they’re just, you know, dicks by this point). So, anyway, whether you believe it or not, just know that I am absolutely not lying about anything that happened in this story. I’m recounting everything truthfully. 

Okay, so…Ouija Boards have rules, you know? You have to be polite, say hello and goodbye even if nothing speaks to you, you have to keep at least two fingers on the planchette and ‘charge’ the piece, I’m not going over all the guidelines right now. And also, when a living person is manipulating the planchette…Like, you can tell. You can feel it. Zoe and Ian charged the piece, we all said hello, and we waited in silence. 

Zoe asked ‘Is there anybody here?’

Nothing happened for a long moment, but then…the planchette slowly started sliding towards ‘YES’. 

Ian was trying to look like his eyes weren’t wide, and going ‘Zoe! Zoe are you moving it!’ but Zoe was already having a mild freak out, her voice higher then normal and repeating ‘Holy shit holy shit holy shit!’ (like I said…she’s a deep believer in the paranormal). 

When it finally landed on yes, she took a deep breath and tried to seem a bit, I guess, politer. “Um, okay, hi, I’m Zoe? This is Ian and our other friends. What’s your name?”


Patricia made some joke about the name but got shushed. 

“Are you…usually in my house?”


“Are you…here for someone?”


We’ve only been at this for a few minutes and there was already that feeling in the air- you know, the one that gets over described every time anyone recounts a paranormal experience? Just a heavy feeling in the air, a twisted feeling in your gut, the feeling that someone is right behind you. Tension was building even though nothing had really happened to warrant it yet. 

“Who are you here for, Kevin?”

The planchette starts to slide towards the ‘I’. Cue to five girls yelling “IAN” in high pitched, worried (and some teasing) voices as the boy in question’s eyes are flying out of his head. 

It spells out the rest of his name. Zoe asks, “Is there anything you want to say to Ian?”


Me, an asshole who needed to cut some tension before she got sick: “Hello from the other side~~~~~~”.

Pillows were thrown at me.

The board respelled ‘Hello’. 

I will literally never forget the awkward forced smile on Ian’s face, or the raised eyebrows, or the way his confused voice cracked when he said, “…Hi, Kevin?” 


“How do you know Ian?”


Ian looked at is, giving an insistent whisper of “I don’t know any dead Kevins!”

That had us all stumped for a few moments, before “Do you think maybe like, past lives?”

Zoe asked Kevin if that was right. The planchette flew to the ‘YES’. 

“So Ian was your friend in his past life then? Who was he?”


“Evan! So how did Evan die?”


“Oh. Were you, like…with him?”


“How did you die then?”

Nothing happened for a few minutes, the piece didn’t move an inch. They recharged it and Zoe tried again. “Was that a rude question? Do you not want to talk about that?”


“I’m so sorry, we’re not trying to be rude.”


We started brainstorming for better questions (Zoe or Ian had to be the ones to formally ask, though). 

“Where were you from?”


“And what year did Ian die?”

(I’m going to admit here that I can’t remember the exact year, it was definitely around the 1920′s or 30′s, though. We all thought it was a bit odd that the death year wasn’t exactly close to Ian’s birth year)

“What year did you die?”

He spelled out the same year. 

“Oh? Um…how long after Evan did you die?”

A long pause, and then: …W…E…E…K. 

“But you didn’t reincarnate like Ian?”


“Why not?”

The board fell silent again. They recharged. “Sorry. Um…Why did you decide to find Ian in his current life?”


Before we could all start flat out cooing at that, it kept going, spelling out ‘…S…A…F…E.’

“Oh, so you’re his guardian angel?”



No response. “Okay…How did you know Ian was Evan?”


(cue everyone going ‘awwwww’) “You have the same eyes when you reincarnate?”


“So…what were you doing before Ian was born?”

It fell silent again. 

“Kevin? We’re sorry?”


“What did you mean by ‘close’ to a guardian angel? Are you not an angel?”


“So…what are you, then?”


“Okay, sorry. Um…Is anyone else here with you?”


“Who’s here with you?”



WHEN I TELL YOU WE SCREAMED. No one was Goddamn prepared for an answer like that! We’re just a bunch of asshole teens! None of us actually wanna die! What the fuck!!!! 

While we were all busy freaking out and trying to rationalize, Zoe managed to choke out a “Is…Death here for someone in this room?!”


“Is Death going to effect someone in this room?”


That got us to all calm down slightly, but….We were literally just told DEATH IS AMONG US. We were still freaking out, and were trying to figure out what Kevin meant by that. After a while though, something clicked. 

“Kevin? Does Death just have to be with you in order for you to talk to us?”







We all slowly recovered from that scare, a little more wary about pissing Kevin off but also…more curious, because there was a lot to ask and a lot he seemed to want to hide. 

“Um…so is Heaven and all that real?”

A very, very long pause. Zoe and Ian almost went to recharge and try a new question, but then it slowly slide over to ‘YES’. 

The pause seemed to make it clear it wasn’t something he really wanted to go into. But, “So…what’s Heaven like?”

A long pause. …D…R…E…A…M.

“…And…is hell real?”

The planchette immediately flew around the board, spelling: …N…I…G…H…T…M…A…R…E.

None of us really knew what to say about that. 

We asked a few more questions, but Kevin still didn’t want to talk about himself that much. He liked talking about Evan, though (After this night, we had a running joke for a little bit about ‘cant believe we’re shipping Ian with a ghost’. There were some ‘implications’ I remember we all picked up on) But he still avoided questions pertaining to him. Zoe had a very worried look on her face around this point. She had been very curious about Kevin’s unwillingness to talk about certain topics, and things were slowly piecing together in her mind. She tried once more to get answers. “Kevin, I’m really sorry for asking, but I just- Um, I’m sorry, but did you kill yourself?”

There was a bright flash in the room. 

That made everyone jump and look around- we had caught it in the window, but we couldn’t see anyone outside or around the house. Zoe’s parents and brother were upstairs. We couldn’t find anything that would have caused it. It was just a flash, but we were completely alone and with the timing of the question…Well, everyone was unsettled about it. 

We eventually settled back down and recharged the board. “Kevin?…Did you?”

Slowly, it slid towards the ‘YES’. 

“…Because Evan died?”


“And…that meant you couldn’t be reborn?”


“So…what happened?”

It stayed still. 

I had a very sick, sinking feeling in my stomach at this- I’d gone to Catholic school for 9 years, and I knew suicide is classified as a sin. In the more modern times the Church stopped being awful about it, always prayed for suicide victims and didn’t deny them burials anymore and always told the families the same spiel about being in God’s hands, but…It was still considered a mortal sin none the less. I told the group as much. 

Zoe said in a small voice “Were you…in hell?”

A long pause. ‘YES’. 


“Um…for how long?”


“That’s why you’re not a guardian angel then? Because you were in hell?”


“How did you…get out to find Ian?”


We’d all been on edge with the turn of the conversation, but that. Fuck. I nearly lost it at that. Zoe and the other’s asked who Lilith was, because she’s not common curriculum, but, well, short story answer- She was created before Eve, but she didn’t want to submit to Adam, so she was tortured to give birth to a dead child every day, but other accounts and stories of her do go on to say she became a lead torturer/essentially queen of hell. Fucking. 

Lilith let you out of hell?”


“Why? Like what for?”


“You don’t….You have no idea why they let you out?”


“So you found Ian and became his…Guardian demon? Is that a thing?”


“Does everyone have one?”


“Do I have an angel or a demon?”


Zoe, even though she’d been talking to a seemingly reasonable demon all night, looked a little worried about that. Back then we had a running joke in our friend group that Zoe was Satan, and well “Um, do I have a demon because of all the jokes I make?”


“Um??? I’m sorry? Fuck.” 

We were all a little #shook but trying not to laugh at the look on her face at that. She went on to check with Kevin that having a demon instead of an angel didn’t actually mean anything bad, she wasn’t in like, undead trouble or anything, the only difference is the demons are usually working off a debt or something versus the angels not…But when Zoe and I were going over this the other day, she did suddenly realize that she hasn’t made a single Satan joke since this night and she’d ‘feel weird if one was made now’. Make of that what you will. 

He said me and the other girls all had Angels (Shoutout to you, Sarah! I’m still kicking at 22!).

Patricia, however, wanted some proof that ‘Helena’ existed and was there for her. Which is reasonable. She asked if her angel wanted to tell her anything. There was a brief pause before the planchette spelled out: …E…R…I…K…I…S…G…O…O…D. 

We were y e l l i n g. Listen, I know that’s clearly not going to be convincing evidence to a bunch of random people reading this, but basically Erik had been dating her best friend at the time and she was just…Very worried about the relationship. Very worried. For many reasons.‘Erik is good’ is exactly the thing she needed to hear from a guardian angel. (And, spoiler alert from two years in the future: he IS good!) But like. She teared up hearing that. It was nice. 

We tried to stray into lighter topics than the whole hell thing, because, again, fuck- I remember thinking to myself at some point ‘this poor guy is after-living the plot to a really great book’- but none of us wanted to upset him again and none of us wanted to get anymore upset ourselves. Liz had already had a panic attack by this point (the hell talk obviously got to her), and she was actively trying not to sob as she asked if she could speak to any passed on family members. We were told pretty much everyone gets reborn and there was no one else around except for Kevin and the other guardians (and good ole’ Death, of course). 

Ian’s got a big birthmark on his face, right? It’s adorable and we often made a lot of jokes about it (fondly), so at some point, while trying to stay on lighter topics, someone asked ‘Did Ian have that birthmark in his past life?‘


Now, I don’t know if you’ve ever heard about that theory that birthmarks have to do with how you died in a past life, but….shook. We all started trying to figure out if we had any meaningful birthmarks. Zoe got further freaked out because she has one on her wrist and one on her temple. What the fuck did she theoretically get up to in a past life?

That was the last really substantial thing he gave us, all the other questions tapered off so we could try to pretend we hadn’t learned we were talking to a demon who went to hell for no seemingly good reason and also no one would be able to talk to dead loved ones. After we finally came to a loss for questions, and people started having to leave- we just did the proper ‘goodbye’ and everything, followed all the rules, put the board away and split up. Liz was still drying her eyes when she left. Ian was mumbling to himself and swearing up and down he didn’t fake all that.  Zoe was frantically researching the information we received and kept repeating that that was the craziest fucking thing that ever happened to her (and she actually did find some thread about guardian demons). We talked about it for a bit before I went home. 

And, it’s like…Again, this could be nothing. But it doesn’t feel like nothing. It feels like a shifted view because…Even if it’s not real, it’s still an outlook on the afterlife that I had never considered before, and it’s…horrifying? This whole night I’ve just never been able to shake, I can’t get it out of my head, because if it is true? Fuck. If it’s true, fuck. The whole drive home I couldn’t help but think ‘ignorance is bliss’. 

It just left me with so many questions, questions I literally don’t think you can get the answers to until it’s too late, and…I don’t know what to do about that. 

BTS Reaction: When He Wants To Be Called “Oppa”

Kim Seokjin 

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It was your first time alone together after months of being away on tour, and days of waiting for the boys to re-adjust to dorm life after they got back. They were currently giving you two some privacy, going out to shop and run errands, leaving the dorm all to you two. 

From the moment the door closed, Jin could not keep his hands off of you. 

You’d be sitting in his lap when it happened, his hands sliding underneath your shirt, gripping the hem to take it off of you, momentarily breaking the sweet kiss you two were sharing. He’d take off your shirt slowly, keeping eye-contact with you as much as possible, only breaking it to let his gaze wander down your bare torso before meeting yours again. 

He’d push you onto your back, as bury his face in your neck to cover it in sweet kisses, making you bite your lip and grab onto his hair. 

“Jin,” you’d moan, feeling him start to nibble on a particularly sensitive area on your neck, whining when you felt him stop to look at you again. 

Oppa,” he’d say, smirking above you. Oh. 

“Oppa, don’t stop. Please.” You’d moan, and he’d smile, immediately going back to what he was doing. 

I think this is my second favorite Jin gif, btw. 

Min Yoongi 

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“Yoongi!” you’d whine, staring at Yoongi’s back with contempt as he continued to ignore you. 

He had been like this all day, ignoring your pleas for attention and only barely acknowledging you despite the fact that he was the one who had told you to come over to the dorm in the first place. To say he was moody today was an understatement. He had been pouty all day, barely talking to anyone and pushing everyone away whenever they tried to talk to him - including you. It was starting to piss you off. 

So here you were, in Yoongi’s studio with him. fidgeting on the couch while he worked on editing photos of Jimin and Hoseok on his laptop. 

“Yoongi, please talk to me,” you whined, annoyed. His response? To briefly look at you for barely even a second before going back to his photos. “You haven’t said a word to me since you called me here, Yoongi. I can’t read your mind.” 

Again, he ignored you. 

Okay. Desperate times call for desperate measures. You thought, an idea suddenly popping into your head. Let’s see him try to ignore this

Getting up off the couch, you walked over to Yoongi and pushed his laptop to the other side of the table. Before he could protest, you climbed onto his lap and crashed your lips against his, a move he quickly reciprocated as you felt his lips begin to move against yours. He grabbed onto your ass, squeezing it and groaning as he deepened the kiss. 

He was the one to break the kiss first, smirking up at you as you tried to catch your breathe. 

“Yoongi,” you’d say, keeping your gaze locked with his. “Stop ignoring me -.” 

Don’t you mean oppa?” He’d practically growl, cutting you off, making your eyes widen in surprise. When it finally dawned on you, you huffed. 

“Seriously? Okay, oppa.” You’d say, pushing his arms off of you and climbing off his lap, surprising him. “You’ve been acting like a brat all day. You really think I’m going to do anything with you when you’ve been acting this way?” 

“Hey! You can’t just leave me like - !” 

“Bye, oppa!” You’d say cheerfully, just to piss him off, flicking him off as you walked out of the room. 

Or at least, that’s what you intended. Of course Yoongi had managed to grab you before you could open the door, pushing you against it and crashing his lips against your before you could protest. He’d be the first to pull away, only trailing more kisses down your jawline and neck, slipping his hands down your leggings in the process, making you moan as you felt him play with you. 

“God, I fucking hate you.” You’d moan, unable to resist him. 

“Hate who?” he’d say, smirking as he looked at you. 

You, oppa.” 

Satisfied, he’d practically drag you over to the couch, a lustful look in his eye, no doubt planning on doing everything in his power to have you screaming that honorific for him. 

Boy has an oppa kink. Motherfucking fight me! ~

Jung Hoseok 

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“Ah, yes! Oh, Hoseok!” you’d moan, feeling him sheath himself inside of you, buried to the hilt, stretching your tight walls with his cock. 

Burying his face in your neck and taking one of your breasts in his hand, he’d begin to thrust, making you moan louder for him. He just felt so good. And he hit it so right, too, knowing just which angle to adjust himself to in order to stroke your g-spot over and over, playing your body like a violin. 

You closed your eyes, rolling them back into your head as he continued, this time taking your nipple between his thumb and forefinger, pinching and rolling it between them, making you moan and curse for him. 

“God, you fuck me so good, Hobi! Ah!” You moaned, biting your lips as you heard him moan too, a sign that usually meant that he was about to increase his pace. However, he surprised you by suddenly stopping, and you whined as you met his gaze. “What? Why’d you st - ?” 

“Call me oppa. Please?” he begged, pouting. 

“Oh. Okay.” You’d say, a little annoyed but not all that fazed. “Just don’t stop again. Please oppa?” 

“Okay, princess.” he’d say, smirking. Then, just to tease you, he’d roll his hips back, pulling out of you at a tortuously slow pace, making you whine. 

“Oppa!” You’d whine, feeling inch by incredibly slow inch leave you, annoyed but still so turned on. “Oppa, what are you doing? Please, oppa, fast - AH!” 

He’d slam back into you, making you cry out, chuckling lowly as you grabbed a handful of the bedsheets, body tensing at his sudden change of pace. 

“Damnit, oppa! Please!” You’d beg, only eliciting more low laughter from Hoseok. “Don’t tease me!” 

He’d only do it again, wanting to hear you beg, clearly amused and turned on by the new turn of events. He wouldn’t keep that up all night, obviously. You can guarantee that he left you sore the next morning, and from that night on, you never called him anything else in the bedroom. 

Ugh! Such a bias wrecker! Istg! 

Kim Namjoon 

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“Fuck,” he’d moan, eyes looking down at you as you took him deeper into your mouth. “That’s it, babygirl. You’re doing so good.” 

When he was satisfied with how much you had managed to take in, he’d grab your hair in his hands, looking down at you as he started fucking your mouth, biting his lip in a futile attempt to hold back deep, beautiful groans. 

It turned him on even more when you started touching yourself beneath him, the vibrations of your moans against his cock and the wet sounds and sight of his cock sliding between your lips bringing him closer and close to his high. 

He was close. His legs were tensing, and more curses fell from his lips. However, before he could reach his high, he suddenly pulled you off of him, holding your head back and watching in fascination as you caught your breath, saliva rolling down your chin. 

Pulling you off of the floor, he pushed you onto your stomach on the couch he was sitting on. Getting behind you, he spread your ass-cheeks with his hands, poising himself at the entrance of your pussy before quickly sheathing himself in your wet walls. Moans fell from your lips as he slowly built up as steady pace, feeling so thick and stretching you so much from this position. 

“You like it when I fuck you like this, babygirl?” He said, increasing his pace, making you cry out. 

“Fuck! Yes! Oh, daddy!” you moaned, rolling your hips back to meet his thrusts. “Oh my god.” 

Then, he suddenly stopped, and you whined. 

You felt his breathe on your neck, and he pulled your head back further to whisper in your ear. 

“Call me oppa tonight, okay babygirl?” he whispered, a soft command. 

“Okay, oppa.” You replied, desperately wanting him to continue. Which he did. 

Letting go of your hair, he buried his face in your neck and increased his pace, groaning as he heard you moan for him, cries of “Thank you oppa!” and “You feel so deep, oppa!” falling from your lips as he fucked you raw. 

Damn, this is filthy. What is up with me and writing Namjoon so filthy? 

Park Jimin 

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Eyes locked onto the image in the mirror, he’d bite his lip to suppress a moan as he slid further into you. 

Jimin always did this. Due to his busy schedule, you two rarely got time alone, so whenever he got even the slightest bit of privacy with you, he took it as an opportunity to fuck you senseless, no matter the chances of getting caught. So there you were, bathrobes on the ground, you bent over the mirror, and Jimin slowly sliding into you as you struggled to keep quiet. 

Jimin teasingly snapped his hips into yours, watching your face as your eyes widened and you moaned briefly before biting your lip, trying in a futile attempt to suppress more moans as he increased his pace. 

“Kitty, keep quiet. Everyone’s going to hear!” he’d whisper, teasing you more as he increased his pace, moaning with you as the sounds of skin slapping skin filled the air. 

“Ah! Jimin! I can’t!” you’d whine lowly, struggling to hold back your moans as he fucked you faster. 

“You can’t? You oppa just makes you feel too god, huh?” he’d moan, grabbing your hair with his hand and wrapping another arm around your waist as he buried himself to the hilt inside you, making you curse. 

“Yes! Oh, oppa!” you moan loudly, legs tensing as you felt your high approaching, momentarily forgetting about staying quiet. 

“Shh! Stay quiet, baby. Or oppa’s gonna stop.” Immediately, you bit your lip to suppress your moans again, and he, once more, increased his pace. 

Jimin’’s such a tease, istg! 

Kim Taehyung

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It wasn’t everyday that you woke up with Tae between your thighs. However, that’s how he decided to wake you up this morning. 

Maybe he was trying to make up for last night, when he decided to torture you over and over with his little “experiment”. He wanted to try edging for the first time, and to say it was an adventure would be an understatement. Over and over, he’d bring you closer and closer to your high, only to deny you again and again. The worst part of it all was he hadn’t even let you cum at the end of it, leaving you sore and tired beyond belief, fucked out and exhausted, but without the satisfaction of the big “O!” to tie it all together. 

So, here he was, holding your bruised thighs gently up with his hands as he sucked your clit between his lips, licking the little bead with fast, circular motions before flattening his tongue against it and licking it up and down, changing the pace and making you tense as it brought you closer to your high. 

“Oh! Fuck, Tae!” You moaned, loving this. You’re aching thighs quaked as you felt that familiar pit in your stomach form, hoping that he wouldn’t put on a repeat of last night, stopping before you could finally reach your climax. 

Letting go of your thighs, he dipped a digit into your core, making you cry out as you felt him moan as he licked you, finger-fucking you too, bringing you closer and closer. 

You were already writing beneath him, moans getting louder and eyes closing as you felt your orgasm approaching. Just a little…bit… 

Then, he suddenly stopped, pulling away from you and stilling his finger inside of you, smirking as he watched you whine in protest. 

“No! Fuck!” You’d cry, pouting as you felt your high start to slowly retreat, frustrated that he wouldn’t give you what you so desperately craved. “Please don’t leave me like this, oppa.” 

His eyes darkened with lust almost immediately. 

“Say that again.” He commanded, tone low, gruff, and demanding. 

“Oppa, don’t leave me like - oh fuck.” Almost immediately, he dipped his head back between your thighs, returning to his previous ministrations, seeming more motivated to get you to your high. 

Apparently, you found his weakness, as your repeated cries of “Oppa, more!” and “That feels so good, oppa!” only motivated him to make you cum…over and over. 

Taehyung loves making you sore and barely able to walk, apparently

Jeon Jungkook 

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Moans fell from your lips as you rode him, eyes closed and body tense as you quickly approached your high. Jungkook writhed beneath you, moaning against the silk tie secured around his lips and bucking against the handcuffs around his wrists. 

He loved it when you took control, and you could tell from way the veins in his neck started to protrude that he was close. Very close. 

If you hadn’t tied his mouth shut, he’d be a moaning mess beneath you, crying out about how good his Noona makes him feel. Tying his mouth shut made that struggle so much hotter, as even with the restraint he still moaned and whined loud enough for the both of you. So hot. 

Bracing your hands against his shoulders, you increased your pace, moans growing louder as you fucked him. 

“Ah! Oh, oppa, you make me feel so good.” You moaned, and you heard Jungkook whine, making you smirk. You know Jungkook hated being called oppa, but even he couldn’t help but enjoy it during situations like this, where he had no way to protest against it. “Fuck, oppa, you’re so fucking perfect!” 

He bucked against the handcuffs, whining louder as you continued to ride him, consumed by the pleasure of getting closer to his high, and turned on by the humiliation of being called “oppa”, and honorific he despised but couldn’t help but love when it was used to degrade him. 

“Oh, oppa! I’m so close! Ah!” You moaned, unable to control yourself, feeling your orgasm come closer and closer. “Oh! OH! Fuck! OPPA!” 

You screamed as you felt your orgasm rip through you, and feeling your pussy convulsing around him was enough to bring him to his high, and he came with you, you both turning into moaning messes as you both came down from it. 

Taking off the handcuffs and mouth restraint, he panted beneath you, eyes closed as he tried to catch his breathe. 

“Fuck, I hate you.” He said, pulling you into his arms and burying his face into your neck. “You know I don’t like being called oppa.” 

“Liar.” You teased, wrapping your arms around him. “You came so hard. Face it. You love it when I humiliate you like that.” 

He’d only chuckle, picking you up bridal style to carry you to the bathroom to clean up. 

“What am I gonna do with you, Noona?” he’d say fondly, smiling as he set you down to turn on the shower. 

Fuck me in the shower. That’s what you’re going to do with me, Jungkook. 


Private Tutor - Teacher AU

Jimin sighed, leaning back against the couch. “Well, you’ve got another two days to finish it. Do you wanna meet up again tomorrow and we can try again to work on it then? Maybe…”

“No!” you interrupted, barely in control of your own voice. It was hard to tell which of you were more surprised by the sudden outburst. “I mean… I don’t want to leave. Not just yet.”

“Oh,” Jimin said, barely able to look you in the eyes. “You can stay then, if you want…”

word count: 3.3k

genre: fluff(?)/smut (teasing, begging, oral, after care :-))

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I feel like it’s time to talk about Apollo and her wobble. Take a good look at that damn smiley face on her side and let me tell you why you should never, ever buy a spider morph.

My girlfriend and I started out with one beep, a normal named Cecil. I have leopard geckos and my mom had a beep while i was growing up, so I was pretty comfortable with my care of ball pythons. I’d read online about them for days and I made sure that my animals were happy and well taken care of. We were pretty excited about other morphs, but we hadn’t come across anything about spiders in our research. Or if we did, wobble was never mentioned.

We were in the mall pet store when we saw Apollo; it had been probably the third time we’ve seen her there and her price was marked down significantly. With her was a super pastel that was also marked down quite a bit. She’s a bumblebee, so they had her at a higher price than the super pastel, and excited, we did a bit of research on prices before choosing the super pastel.

The mall pet store workers were not trained in any way on reptiles and the manager was the only one who touched them. We knew their practices were subpar, but we weren’t prepared for how subpar. The manager not only sold us the more expensive morph at the cheaper price, thinking she was the super pastel because she was “lighter”, she also told us that Apollo was “nippy” and proceded to roughly grab her with a towel to get her out of the enclosure and into a box. Which she then taped closed and stabbed a few holes in. We were pretty horrified, but at this point, we weren’t leaving Apollo there and we were getting her at the reduced price of the super pastel, so we thought we were lucky to be able to save her from that awful place.

We realize now that they’ll just keep selling snakes they know nothing about, but we had no idea what we were getting into. We asked what they were feeding her. She was about a foot long. They said live adults. When Apollo yawned, she had trouble closing her mouth because of that for a while. But the messed up jaw wasn’t even the half of it.

We started reading about her morph, curious about the genetics, when we stumbled upon a forum discussing wobble. I stared at that smiley face on her side and my chest ached. Some snakes get it so bad they have to be put down, it said. The thought of my baby corkscrewing on the bottom of her cage, no sign of stopping just broke my heart.

It wasn’t bad at first. It was just a little wobble from side to side when she got excited for food, and sometimes she’d misstrike, but otherwise she was okay. Maybe Apollo wouldn’t be one of those spiders that got bad. Maybe it’d stay like this.

She grew slowly, and her wobble got slowly worse. It was slow, but I watched. She’d wobble a little more, she got a little less coordinated. Sometimes she’d cock her head in odd positions and just sit like that, staring.

Then she shed and started to brown out. We were excited, she was looking so healthy and vibrant. She gave me a full shed. But something was off. A few days later we found her sitting on her driftwood, corkscrewing away against the glass. I took her out and she stopped, and she seemed eager to explore like always. Another day we found her corkscrewing, my girlfriend called her name and she stopped, but she was staring at her upside down.

She only seems to do it when she’s excited or hungry, but it’s really distressing to watch. The change was so sudden that I’m afraid that I won’t be able to keep Apollo much longer. It will crush me if I have to put her down. And I’m not cruel enough to keep her alive when she’s obviously stressed, but we’re going to try to limit her stimuli and add more plant cover to her tank (it’s already pretty covered) and hope for the best.

But I want anyone who thinks it’s okay to breed spiders to look at Apollo’s damned smiley face and consider is it worth it? Is the money worth causing emotional pain and suffering when someone has to put their snake down because it can no longer eat because of it’s wobble? Is it worth it to put an animal into the world that may not live it’s full lifespan or live a life full of constant stress due to something internal and completely incurable?

Don’t buy a spider. They’re beautiful animals, but they should not exist. And they especially should not be bred into existence. Insist on the super pastel.

If I Could Tell Him (lyrics)

I think

There’s nothing like his smile

Sort of subtle and perfect and real

And I think

I never know how wonderful

That smile could make someone feel

I know

Whenever he gets bored

He scribbles trees on his Spanish worksheets

And I noticed

That he sends advice to columns

That they put in those teen magazines

But i keep it all inside my head

What I see I leave unsaid

And though i want to

I couldn’t talk to him

I couldn’t find the way


But you would always say


If I could tell him

Tell him everything I see

If I could tell him

How he’s everything to me

But we’re a million worlds apart

And I don’t know how I would even start

If I could tell him

If I could tell him

Zoe: (spoken)

What else do you think about?

Connor: (spoken)

What else do you wanna know?

(Waits a beat)

Never mind, I don’t really need to talk

Zoe: (spoken)

No, no, no, come talk to me, please?

Connor: (spoken)

I thought

He looked really pretty, er-

It looked pretty cool when he drew indigo streaks on his cast

Zoe: (spoken)

You did?!


And I wonder how he learned to read

Like all the rest of the world isn’t there

But I keep it all inside my head

What I see, I leave unsaid
If I could tell him

Tell him everything I see

If I could tell him

How he’s everything to me


But we’re a million worlds apart


You’re not a million worlds apart

And I don’t know how I would even start if I could tell him
If I could tell him

But what do you do

When there’s this great divide


He just seems so far away


And what do you do

When the distance is too wide


Just speak from your heart, Connor


And how do you say I love you,

I love you,
I love you,
I love you

But we’re a million worlds apart

And I don’t know how I would even start

If I could tell him

If I could