and I have no regrets

Today, I learned an important lesson from my therapist.

At the end of our hour, she told me that although I’ve been hurt and broken badly, she can see I still have parts that aren’t shattered. 

I laughed lightly and I said “Yeah, one day that will be all of me, no parts shattered anymore”,

And she said “No, it won’t.”

And, for a second, I felt my heart break - but she continued.

“But it will be the most dominant part of you. Think of your body - if you break your shoulder, even after it heals it will be tender. It will be a sore spot. You will be careful with it. There will be a gentleness when you care for it. If you crack a rib, laughing will hurt and, even after there is no longer a fracture, you may laugh lighter just in case. You can heal, but it is okay to be aware of the parts of you that once hurt the most. The most important thing to know is that where there is tenderness, let there be gentleness.”

Benefits Of Having Me As A Friend

• I dance and sing along to old Disney channel songs and musicals at 3am

• I randomly quote vines

• I care too much about the people in my life

• I say random funny shit

• I have decent music taste

• I randomly photograph people when they are caught off guard because I think they look pretty

• I’m extremely loyal

• I send cat and dogs gifs when people are sad

• I will hype you up

Mp100 characters as stupid shit I have done

Shou: Goes sledding down a pile of broken concrete and rusty metal bars. Ends up with a concussion and blacking out for 2 mins. Doesn’t tell anybody till years later

Teruki: tries to show off by doing a fancy jump into the pool. Hits head on the edge and wakes up getting stitches

Mob: spaces out while crossing the street. Barely avoids getting hit by a speeding ambulance

Ritsu: Goes to a pool party and lies about being able to swim to go on the water slide. Nearly drowns and comes to in mother’s arms. Eats pizza.

Reigen: Out of mouthwash so takes a swig of vodka, swishes and then swallows

Serizawa: Used scotch tape and paper towels as a makeshift bandaid because too shy to ask the teacher for a real bandaid

Touchiro: Convinces brother to play ‘pretend grocery store’. Insists on being the cashier and only using real money. Keeps money.

Dimple: teasing a friend then beats a bully with a hiking boot after they make fun of friend for the exact same thing

I finished the little sketch from yesterday. Ah, how I’ve missed painting without the use of hundreds of layers. It’s nothing fancy, but I changed the style to something more mature-looking.
Devilman Crybaby is a show I really enjoyed in a way, so at least one piece had to be painted accordingly. 

i played butterfly soup today and i enjoyed everything about it!!! i laughed a whole lot and felt really good (and gay) throughout the story. 10/10 would recommend