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Voltron Season 7 Feelings

Hi I have a lot of feelings about season 7! So if you haven’t watched it and plan to, don’t read yet. If you think nothing was wrong with the season and are gonna be pissed that I have an opinion different than yours, also don’t read. Here we go!

1. Queerbaiting. I feel I shouldn’t need to explain but I will. Basically we were introduced on Twitter to Adam, Shiro’s almost (?) fiance. An official LGBT rep, not just that, a POC LGBT disabled PTSD rep. Only to never fucking talk about it this season, and kill Adam 2 seconds after meeting him. Haha! Wow! #BuryYourGays ! Thanks for having so many people’s hopes up for honest representation!

2. Forcing Straight Couples Together. Regardless of what you ship or don’t ship, you gotta hear this out. Allura has constantly rejected Lance’s interests, and never ever ever showed any type of interest in him. It was all one sided. So where. The fuck. Does Allurance being pushed on us come in? Do I hate it? No! I love Allura! But she only started showing barely any interest after he’s risked himself for her so. Many. Times. In my book- that’s just…awful dude. I have more but, it’s probably already been said.

3. Lance’s Feelings. No one ever, other than Coran sometimes, validates his feelings. Like, he’s cried in front of them, been open about his insecurities, and all they do is make fun of him. Like yeah, in some cases friends tease friends on crushes. But when he’s laying his heart out about how he feels and how he’s insecure, you don’t make fun of said friend!

4. Adam. He was on screen for what, two minutes in total? After we were promised to meet him and constantly and heavily hinted at meeting him with the others there in reunion? HA! Look at how that went! Also Shiro wasn’t shown grieving him- like what? This man was his almost (?) fiance! I get maybe right then and there wasn’t a good time, they were in the middle of the war. But even at the end, Keith and Krolia were at his dad’s grave. Why couldn’t Shiro have gone to Adam’s grave? Oh yeah because it’s a kid’s show right? Can’t show gay but we can show war, death and talk about torture!

5. Acxa. Axca? I Can’t Spell. I love her. I’m pretty gay for her. She’s met the Paladins in instances where they’ve been kidnapped. So why. The hell! Are they throwing in her x Keith?! Keith! Who has never shown interest in girls, been flustered by guys (alien guys assuming they identify as males)! They queerbaited the hell out of us, to then throw im het couples. If they had been hinting at it in a healthy even a bit for a few seasons, that would be different. This shit came out of no where!

6. Keith Being An Ass To Lance. Sure they butt heads. I butt heads with some of my friends. No one gets along 100%- and that’s like, totally find dude. Their rivalry has calmed down, they’ve become joking and closer, Keith made Lance feel better about being a 7th wheel, Lance made Keith feel better and more ready about leading Voltron. So why was Keith constantly being an ass to him?! Especially on the game show! Side note, that whole episode was bashing on Lance and it’s actually my leaat favorite.

7. My Final Thought. James Griffin. This little snot was spoiled and a brat to Keith from when they were young yeah? Then they grow up, are fighting a war and he had an arch within…a few episodes. So why is it. They give him a bigger arch, with more important things like James listening to them and working with them and risking his life for them, than they give Lance? Who we’ve been begging for an arch for him because he’s more than this “dumb ladies man” the insist on showing us!

I have a lot of feelings, but I’ll stop here.

Feel free to add on. But please keep it nice and civil.

At the end of the day, people worked very hard on this show. The actors and artists didn’t have too much of a say, so the hate going towards Jeremy and Josh. It’s rude and awful to do.

Personally I’m going to wait for Season 8 and hope…it goes better.

It Hurts: Part 8

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 A/N: ok fine~ Due to the abundance of things that need some kind of explanation or closure, there will be more, im not sure how long this is going to be anymore haha. 

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 "I gave away our daughter.“ 

 "You what?” Taehyung asked. His hand fell off your face, as he took a step back, away from you. He looked at you, confused, as his brain seemed to reject what his ears were hearing. He tried to understand your sentence, word by word. “You, gave away? Our daughter? Our daughter? Our daughter? We have a daughter? What does that even mean?“ 

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