and I'm crying

Some more of the rarer dialogue I’ve heard, ft. Tracer and Mercy. 

Tracer: “Alright, Lena. You can do this.”

Reinhardt: “We all have faith in you, Tracer!”


Mercy: “We have to believe there’s still something to be saved.”

Tracer: “You’re right, Dr Ziegler. I know there’s still hope for the future, but it’s up to us.”

I like how despite his characterization of being this ball of happiness and ray of sunshine, David isn’t always ‘skip through the meadow of wildflowers holding hands singing Do-Re-Mi’. We see him have anger, pain, sadness, stress, and serious. And they’re mixed together sometimes. Like yeah, he’s excitable and overall joyful, but sometimes he needs a break. And it reflects life a little bit.

It’s good to be happy and joyfilled, and it’s good to be grateful. But sometimes, you need to let yourself be honest with not being okay, and you need to let it out sometimes. You need to vent, you need to talk, and just let yourself be emotional. And that’s what he provides Max in Parents’ Day; a break. A break from holding up this sona that he uses to keep an image to defend himself. The episodes built up to that moment to get to know David for this episode. In other words…

Not only is David a father figure to Max, he’s a reminder to Max that sometimes it’s okay to be vulnerable.

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