and Alex is like: how do I jacket?!

Have I Ever Told You? (Lams)

AN: sorry it’s so late. I tried to get it up sooner but I’ve been struggling a little lately. 

Warning: Smut

AU: Modern 

Request: @iwasthatlostcause - Also, in the Lams department how about some stress relief sex? Alexander is always working. John helps him with stress relief.

Word Count: 1,126


Alexander came home late to John curled up on the couch with his headphones on, half asleep. He took his shoes and jacket off quietly before joining John on the couch. 

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hey I don't know if you're taking prompts atm, but if you are could you please write some more nb!alex college au, I love them so much and your writings make me so happy!

(A follow-up to this story: )

“Wanna get outta here?” Maggie asks, chuckling at Alex’s banter with their roommate, but also wanting the full attention of this adorable enby.

And it terrifies her.

Her desire.

Her question.

Terrifies her because the only people she’s kissed have been girls in high school who took her underneath the bleachers to make out, only to tell their boyfriends later that she took advantage of them.

Terrifies her because of Eliza Wilke.

Terrifies her because of her father.

But she’s away, now.

Away, for the first time.

And Alex Danvers? This kid hanging out of their window, undercut and tank top and sleeveless vest and and flattened chest and baggy shorts all but screaming their queerness? Their braveness? 

Maybe Alex Danvers won’t punish her for her desires.

But at her question, Alex almost topples out of their dorm room window.

Maggie catches them by their stomach, and they both pause at the contact. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have been so – “

“No, no, it’s… it’s just funny, right? Because usually when someone says ‘you wanna get outta here,’ they mean go home or something, but I am home, so you don’t mean go home, right, you mean go away from my home instead of to it, and it’s just…” 

Alex putters like they’ve run out of fuel, and they shrug awkwardly. Adorably. 

Maggie’s never wanted to kiss anyone this badly, and she chastizes herself harshly. She barely knows Alex.

Doesn’t know them at all.

But their rambling is awkward, and it’s earnest, and earnesty isn’t something Maggie comes across a lot.

“Just what, Danvers?” she helps them out, a small smile tugging at her lips.

“It’s just funny,” Alex finishes, starting to blush, and Maggie hears Lucy sighing dramatically at Alex’s lack of chill inside the dorm.

Maggie gulps and she lowers her eyes to Alex’s lips and she looks away as soon as she realizes she’s done it.

“Your room isn’t the only home on this campus,” Maggie says, her voice low, her voice hopeful.

Alex nearly falls again, and Maggie grabs them again.

Alex opens and closes their mouth helplessly.

“But for now, wanna take a walk?” Maggie grins, hopping down from the window and retrieving her backpack and motorcycle helmet from the ground.

Alex takes nearly a full thirty seconds to stammer a yes, and somehow their rambling makes them more attractive to Maggie. More unassuming. More… earnest. More honest. More genuine.

“Uh – yes, just – uh, can you come around the front entrance? I’m sorry, I – “

“Yeah, yeah, it’s cool. Meet you in a minute. Um – nice to meet you, Lucy!” Maggie raises her voice at the end.

“Have them home by midnight, Sawyer! It’s not a huge campus, I can easily find out where you live!”

“Yes ma’am!” Maggie offers a mock salute. Even though she knows Lucy can’t see her from inside, she knows Alex can, and Alex laughs.

She decides she wants to make Alex laugh as much as she can.

“See you on the other side,” she offers up to Alex, and they nod as they scramble backwards off their windowsill, nearly falling in. 

Maggie chuckles to herself once she listens to make sure Alex is okay. She slings her bag over her shoulder and sets off at a jog toward the main entrance of Alex’s dorm.

It takes Alex more than a minute or two to get there.

It occurs to Maggie that they might not come.

That Maggie asking if they wanted to go somewhere – to get outta here – might have been rude to Lucy. Might have been a turn off to Alex.

Because why would someone that attractive want to go anywhere with Maggie anyway? Why would someone that soft want to have anything to do with Maggie, anyway? 

Maybe Alex had only said she could come up and sit on their window to be polite.

They seemed like they were a polite person.

Politeness was good. Nice. 

Good and nice didn’t deserve Maggie Sawyer.

How could she have been so stupid? So overconfident? How could she have been so – 


Her stomach backflips at the slightly breathless sound of Alex’s voice, and she turns.

“You’re a lot taller than me,” is the first thing she says, because she couldn’t really tell when they were sitting on the windowsill together. It’s the first thing she says because the shock of Alex actually standing there in front of her, eager and ready to head out… wherever… is so unbelievable.

Alex grins and straightens, puffing out their chest slightly.

“I uh…”

“You don’t have to actually respond to that, it was a stupid comment.”

“No! It wasn’t stupid, I… um… I’m sorry I made you wait. I’m uh…” They glance around and take a deep breath, but Maggie had used their pronouns without hesitation and without any reluctance, and she still wanted to go out with them – go out? were they going out? did this count as going out? – and it feels so good to still, maybe, be wanted, and they want to talk, to share, so badly… “I’m not used to my uh… to my binder yet, it’s uh… I’m still not used to things like uh… hopping out of windows and stuff.”

Maggie grins and nods, giving Alex another once-over with her eyes. “Well, it’s good self-care: you’re not supposed to be all breathless with them on anyway, right?”

“Gonna be hard to be around you while I wear it then,” Alex blurts out softly without thinking, without considering, and Maggie’s breath hitches, and Alex’s face flushes.

“I’m sorry, that was forward, I just meant – “

“No. No, Danvers, I…” She realizes there are tears in her eyes and she’s not quite sure why. She clears her throat and she forces down a gulp. “Where do you wanna go? On campus, off? There’s this pizza joint a few blocks off the SU that I like. Do you like pizza?”

“Isn’t it kinda the law?” Alex chuckles, and starts walking. 

Maggie falls into step, and after a quiet moment, Alex offers their arm out for Maggie to hold onto.

“Oh, a gentlehuman,” Maggie laughs, accepting their arm. She looks up at Alex with soft eyes. “Is there a word you prefer? Something less gendered, more?”

“Context,” Alex shrugs. “Right now?” They glance down at Maggie, at her leather jacket and tight jeans and gorgeous, gorgeous hair. “Gentleman would be just fine. I mean, unless you… you’ve only dated girls before? Not that this is a date, I mean – “

“It’s not?” Something’s dancing in Maggie’s eyes, something a lot like that confidence she’d had in her walk when she’d first gotten off her bike. But this is less affected, less defensive. This? This is happiness. This is hope.

“Is it? I mean, do you want it to be? If – I mean, I know it’s not how dates typically happen – “

“What, you mean sitting with a girl on your windowsill, getting egged on by your roommate, and then taking the girl on a walk to a pizza place off campus? That’s not your typical MO, Danvers?”

Alex laughs, and Maggie grins.

“I don’t have an… I mean, I don’t usually – we just met, I don’t want you to think I’m trying to…” 

“To what?”

Alex shrugs, stiffening as a group of frat boys laughs their way past them. They glance down at Maggie, whose face is suddenly steel, and Alex decides they like her even more than they already did. They put their arm over her shoulder and pull her closer to their body protectively.

The boys pass, and Alex shifts their arm, unsure of what to do.

“Is that okay?”

Maggie nods with a tight throat and a throbbing heart. Alex keeps their arm around her shoulder.

“You said you’re new here. New to cities. I told you I’d look out for you. I don’t want you to… to think I want anything in return.”

“Except maybe a date,” Maggie deadpans, but she’s smiling and her dimples ease Alex’s worry.

They lapse into a surprisingly comfortable silence, taking in the campus, taking in the football game on one side of the quad, the class being held outside on the other.

“Why would you want to?” Maggie asks after a while.

“Want to what?”

“Look out for me.”

Alex shrugs again. “You don’t seem like you need it. Looking out for. But everyone should have someone. It’s lonely otherwise.”

“Yes,” Maggie says after a long moment, and her tone tells Alex she’s not responding to their comment about loneliness.

“Yes what?” they ask, furrowed brow and nervous heart.

“Yes, this is a date, Danvers,” Maggie grins, and Alex can practically hear Lucy whooping from all the way across campus, can practically hear Kara’s excited squeals when they call her later tonight.

And all these things?

Make them feel like they’re flying.

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Could you do one where Reader is in love with Kara, but Kara says she doesn't feel the same about her, so the reader tries to move on and eventually starts dating some girl and Kara can't figure out why she's jealous until someone points it out to her? Happy ending please?

Originally posted by suprcorp

Being rejected by the girl you were head over heels in love with is high on your list of worst feelings ever. 

You never believed in love at first sight. In fact, you use to think the whole concept of seeing someone and instantly falling in love was just ridiculous. However, laying your eyes on Kara for the first time seemed to stir something in you that had never been touched before. 

A year later, you tell her how you feel. After millions of furtive glances, longing stares and small touches, you finally decide to let your emotions come pouring out. Unfortunately, you seem to have an unrequited love for the superhero, and she rejects you. Kara lets you down gently, but that doesn’t make it hurt any less. 

It takes you a while to get over her, and even then, you’re not sure if you’re completely over her. But when the cute new girl at the DEO asks you out, you don’t say no. 

You’re chatting with Alex and Kara at the DEO about the latest alien menace when you spot your girlfriend, Sarah, from across the room. She smiles at you, winking seductively as she approaches you. 

“Hey Y/N.” she grins, eyeing you up and down before biting her lip. You stand up, putting her hands in yours. 

“Hey babe.” You give her a quick peck on the lips.

“I love seeing you in your tactical gear,” she says. She leans closer to you and whispers: “It’s really hot.” 

You blush, still not used to being complimented. 

Kara clears her throat behind you. 

“So, um, Y/N, are we still on for tonight?” She seems to be scowling at Sarah, but her expression quickly changes when you look at her. 

“Oh yeah, definitely. Can’t wait. See you then.” You smile at Kara and Alex before walking off, hand in hand with your girlfriend.

Kara doesn’t understand why she’s filled with contempt when she sees Sarah. She doesn’t understand why she feels such irrational hatred for an innocent girl. The blonde tries to hide her unexplainable rage, and she fools everyone, except her sister. 

Alex knows her too well, and picks up on her feelings right away. When she confronts her about it the first couple of times, Kara denies it. But it’s getting harder to pretend that seeing you with Sarah doesn’t make her blood boil. 

“Hey Y/N.” Kara rolls her eyes when your girlfriend approaches, and only Alex notices her sister’s suddenly hostile behavior. 

“Hey babe.” When you two kiss, Alex looks over at Kara, keeping her eyes on her when Sarah comments on your DEO gear, and sees the way the kryptonian’s upper lip curls in disdain. 

After being reminded of the movie night you had planned with the Danvers sisters, you leave. Alex, still focused on Kara, notices how her eyes seem to follow the couple out. 

“You need to stop this and admit to yourself that you have feelings for Y/N.” says Alex. Kara spins around defensively. 

“I do not!” 

“Yes you do.”

“No, I don’t-”

“Then why are you so jealous? What’s with the constant glaring and eye rolling?” 

Kara doesn’t answer, crossing her arms. There’s a moment of silence.

“I rejected her. I rejected her. I don’t deserve her…Shit Alex, I like her so much. Oh Rao, I’m such an idiot.” she whispers. 

Alex pats her on the back. “Anyone would be lucky to have you, Kara. You should tell her how you feel.” 

You were heading back to fetch Sarah’s jacket when you overheard Alex and Kara’s conversation. You hadn’t meant to stop and eavesdrop, but you were out of their sight and within earshot, and you heard your name, so you couldn’t help yourself. 

Hearing Kara say she likes you, really likes you, was extremely shocking and totally unfair. You just got over her, just got into a relationship. Yet, with this new information in your possession, you find your mind wandering to being with Kara, holding her hand, putting your arm around her, kissing her neck…

No. You’re with Sarah now. It doesn’t matter if Kara finally feels the same way. It’s too late. But you can’t stop thinking about what she said. 

Later, at a coffee shop, your girlfriend senses something is wrong and questions you about it.

“It’s Kara, isn’t it?” Sarah’s question startles you. 

“What? Why would you-? How did you-” You spew out, unable to properly formulate a question. 

“It’s okay, Y/N. I’m not mad. I get it. You’re still hung up on her. I can tell when someone is trying to get over someone. The way you look at her, it’s so obvious. And judging by the way she looks at you and glares at me, I’m pretty sure she feels the same way.”

You stare at her in bewilderment, stunned at how not over Kara you are and how supportive Sarah was being. 

“I’m sorry-” She doesn’t let you finish. 

“Don’t be. Go talk to Kara. And hey, if you ever want to give this another shot, I’ll be here.” She smiles warmly at you. You thank her before taking off, heading straight to Kara’s apartment. 

“Y/N? You’re early.” Kara says after she opens the door and finds you standing at the threshold. 

“Yeah, sorry, I, er, needed to talk to you about something.” Kara eyes widen as you step into the apartment. She adjusts her glasses and fidgets before saying:

“Oh, um, I actually needed to tell you something too.” She smiles shyly at you. “You first.”

“Sarah and I broke up.” You notice how her face lights up and how she tries to hide it. “After you rejected me, I tried so hard to get over you. And I thought I was. Over you, that is. But when I heard you tell Alex that you liked me, I was filled with such hope and joy, because dammit, Kara, all I’ve ever wanted was to be with you.”

Kara beams, unable to believe that what you just said was real, and that you returned her feelings, even after everything that happened. 

“I was so stupid…” She trails off, getting lost in your eyes. She puts her arms around your waist, gently pulling you closer. 

“I’m so freaking into you, it drives me crazy. I was such an idiot, Y/N, and I’m never letting you go, ever again.”

And when Kara wraps her arms around you, hugging you tight, you believe her. 


Alex is just standing by the island talking to her friends when he walks by, making eye contact with her and smirking a bit. She quirks an eyebrow and looks back at her friends.

“Oh my god that’s Shawn Mendes!” Her friend, Maggie said watching him get another cup of something.

“Yeah it’s his birthday today! Or is it tomorrow?” Jess said, sipping from her cup as he walked back.

He stopped behind Alex and lightly touched her elbow, “Hey, I just wanted to say that you’re really pretty.” He said, Alex smiled and looked down at her shoes.

“Thank you. You’re not too bad yourself.” She smirked, he chuckled and turned a bit red.

“It’s my uh, birthday. Did you know that?” He said, she shook her head.

“I didn’t. Why are you telling me anyway?” She asked, he grinned and shrugged.

“I dunno, maybe you could get me a gift.” He joked, making her laugh a bit. “I’m Shawn, by the way.”

“Yeah, I know. I’m Alex.” She smiled, sticking her hand out to shake his. He chuckled and shook her hand lightly.

“You know- I don’t do this very often. But I was wondering if maybe I could have a little something? For my birthday?” He smiled, seeing Brian giving him a thumbs up from across the room.

Alex laughed, “You’re such a cunt. We don’t even know each other.” Shawn shrugged.

“We can. I- I don’t do this often.” He stated, Alex quirked an eyebrow and sighed.

“Yeah, me either.” She smiled, taking his hand and walking with him to a vacant room.

Shawn turned her around and kissed her lightly before slowly shuffling the two of them to the bed.

Alex pulled away, “Wait wait- how old are you now?”

“20.” He replied, before unbottuning his pants. “Wait, why what about you?”

“Oh I’m 20, too.” She smiled, he chuckled a bit and reached for her pants as well. He tugged them down and pulled them off quickly.

Shawn pushed her onto her back and got on top of her. Alex was kissing at his neck, lightly sucking on his skin. He moaned and squeezed her side a bit, his hands roaming under her shirt.

Shawn pulled away a bit, making eye contact with her, “I really don’t do this a lot. Like seriously.” He whispered, grazing his fingertip against her cheek.

“Me either. It’s alright. You have something, right?” She asked, he nodded and reached for his jeans, pulling the golden wrapper from his wallet.


“You’ve never smoked weed before?” Alex giggled, pulling a joint out from her jacket.

“I have. Just not right after sex.” He laughed, laying his head on her shirt covered chest and wrapping his arms around her waist.

She lit it up and bought it up to her lips. Shawn watched in awe how casual she is about this. He took it from her and sucked in too.

He coughed, “That’s pretty good.” She laughed at him and rubbed his back.

The room door swung open, making Shawn cover Alex’s lower half. “What the fuck dude!” He yelled, Brian appeared and he covered his eyes.

“Sorry! I thought you were in another room!” He yelled, backing out and shutting the door.

“That’s your friend?” Alex laughed, reaching for her jeans. Shawn frowned at her a bit. She’s already getting ready to leave.

He laughed, “Yeah, he’s an idiot.” He sat up and saw as she put her clothes back on. “Uh- you’re leaving already?” He doesn’t want to seem clingy, but god damn it, it’s his birthday.

“Yeah-” She was cut off by Shawn pulling her back on the bed. He kissed the corner of her mouth and draped an arm around her.

“Can I at least get your number?” He asked, she sighed. “I really do like you.”

“I- you-” she tumbled over her words. “This isn’t how things like this usually play out, ya know.” She laughed.

“It’s not my fault you’re amazing.” He replied.

“You don’t even know me.” She said, grabbing his phone and looking at his lock screen. “Awe, Toronto Skyline. That’s cute.”

“We can get to know eachother, though… So yeah?” He smiled, unlocking his phone with his thumb print.

“Give me one good reason.” Alex said, looking up at him.

“Uh- you’re… Someone I really want to get to know. And You’re beautiful.” He said, Alex snorted and shook her head.

“Fine whatever.” She said, typing her number in and saving it. “You’ve seen me naked anyway.” She joked, making Shawn laugh and turn red.

“So when can I see you again?”

“I dunno. Just text me.” She teased, looking at him over her shoulder. She stood up and slipped her shoes back on. “Oh and happy birthday!”


That picture did something so yeah idk.

Happy b-day Shawn!


“Come on John and Y/N! We’re gonna be late for Alex’s meeting.” Hercules yelled, banging on the door of the smaller bathroom in your apartment. It wasn’t your fault that John was in a mood. Now, it probably didn’t help that you were in a dress that was Alex’s idea, the deep purple v-neck, that stopped mid-thigh. Alex was hoping to distract Jefferson and make him stutter or something like that. 

“Herc I am trying to get ready but John is being distracting. Please help so I can finish getting ready,” you say, John still grinding up against you. Herc opens the door and sits John on the toilet, basically sitting on top of him. “Laff, Honey? Can you come and help with with my makeup?” You hear Lafayette come down the hall, and when he comes in, his shirt hasn’t even been buttoned up.  

“Mon amor, what would you do without me?” He says, making you sit on the counter and he stepped into the bathtub to let Herc and John pass by. He came over and started to do your eyebrows, knowing that you just like simple makeup. You started buttoning up his shirt, starting at the bottom, making him sigh. “I like it so much more when you take it off mon ange.” he says, finishing off your eyebrows as Herc comes in.

“Now please you two,” he says, handing you Laf’s jacket and you throw it on, grabbing your bag and putting a lipstick in there. John drives the four of you to the meeting hall, where Washington is already standing outside, looking annoyed already. 

“Has it started yet sir?” you ask, putting your hand on his arm. He silently shakes his head and walks inside with you, your boyfriends following you. 

“They are going to be debating whether we should go through with Alex’s financial plan. Could you sit with him and make sure he doesn’t do anything to rash?” You nod, following Washington and giving them a thumbs up, making them look at you funny. 

“Alex, look who I brought.” Alex turned around quickly, his ponytail whipping around and nearly hitting him in the face. Alex looked at you in shock, walking over to you and kissing you quickly. 

“What are you doing down here honey? Normally it is one of the guys.” he says, taking your jacket and leading you over to Jefferson, trying to be friendly. “You look amazing by the way, I love this dress.” he says, smirking a little while his arm is around your waist

“Well it seems like your plan is working Miser Hamilton,” you giggled, looking at how both Jefferson and Madison basically drooling with the way Alex had you dress. “We are definitely having some fun tonight. Laurens was trying to get some earlier but Herc stopped him. I want some later though.” you say, kissing him right behind the ear right where he likes it.

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I would love to see Alex and Maggie comforting Kara after Kara gets blown up in a car and watches the person who is confiding in her die just because he's confiding in her.

Alex is her first phone call.

Alex is always her first phone call.

Her shirt is burned through and her jacket smells of gasoline, smells of fire, smells of ash.

Smells of the ash of the man who had just been speaking to her, confiding in her.

Trusting her.

And she failed him.

Failed him, like she failed all the aliens in the bar that night she wasn’t there to stop the massacre.

Failed him, like she failed to save Kelly the night of Myriad, because James and Winn were her friends, and somehow that made their lives more valuable than the life of someone she barely knew but saw every day for two years.

Failed him, like she failed time and time and time again.

So she calls Alex.

She calls Alex, and she can do nothing but sob.

Alex comes to get her, and she’s in DEO gear, and she’s in the DEO van, but that’s not how they’re leaving.

Because Alex isn’t there to pick her up to report for work.

She’s there to take care of her sister.

Of Kara Danvers, Kara Zor-El. Not Supergirl.

Supergirl can be debriefed later.

Kara needs comfort, now.

“I got you,” is all Alex says as Kara falls into her arms, as Alex covers her burnt-through shirt with a pullover sweater as Kara shrugs out of the jacket that smells like her failure, like his death, and then there are sirens, and Maggie is sprinting out of her cop car like a bat out of hell, and Kara dimly assumes that she’s running for Alex, but she’s not, she’s not, because when she grinds to a halt in front of them, it’s Kara’s name that’s on her lips.

“Kara, I am so sorry, are you – are you hurt, I mean, physically? You know it wasn’t your fault, right? The explosion pattern, there wasn’t anything you could have done – “

And Kara breaks, then, because Maggie knows, and Alex knows, exactly what is on her mind.

That a man with a husband and kids and a mother and a father and a best friend from high school is dead.

And it’s her fault.

Maggie knows, and Alex knows, because they’re both experts in blaming themselves for deaths they couldn’t possibly have prevented.

“Sawyer! You gonna get a witness statement or what?” her partner calls, and Maggie tilts her head at her girlfriend’s little sister.

“Do you want to go home, Kara? I can hold off my guys for you if you need to breathe for a while before we – ”

But Kara, still wrapped in Alex’s strong arms, shoots out a hand for Maggie’s wrist.

“I want to go home. But come with us,” she barely whispers, and Alex almost sobs, and Maggie has to fight down tears, and Kara doesn’t even bother, her tears tracking through the ash on her face.

“Come on, you two. I’m gonna get her attended to, I’ll have the statement for you later. Catch a ride back with Taylor, would you?” Maggie calls, and her partner gives a curt nod, and Maggie ushers her Danvers girls into her squad car.

She doesn’t comment when Alex slides into the back seat with Kara instead of riding in the front with Maggie, and she doesn’t comment when instead of buckling up, Kara just lays down on the seat and puts her head in Alex’s lap and lets Alex pet her hair, whisper in her ear, kiss her forehead, hold her steady.

She doesn’t comment. She just drives extra carefully, because she has precious cargo in the back seat.

Alex helps Kara stumble out of the car when they get to her apartment, and Maggie carries Kara’s jacket as Alex half-carries her upstairs.

“It’s my fault,” are Kara’s first words when they step inside.

“I get to live because I can just fly out of there, because nothing’s going to penetrate my skin, but he… he doesn’t even… his family won’t even have a body to…”

“Kara. This… this isn’t your fault. You couldn’t have anticipated it, you couldn’t have known – ”

“Alex, what good am I if my reporting puts people at risk and I can’t even rescue them as Supergirl? How… what good am I, then? Any of it?”

“Kara, listen to me. If you start blaming yourself for things you can’t control? You’re never going stop. Ever. Trust me. I know. You can’t let this get inside you like this. You can’t. This wasn’t your fault.”

“Alex, I’m not a soldier, I don’t – ”

“Hey, Little Danvers, listen, neither am I. Look, you can grieve, Kara, and you can rage and you can mourn, and James told me you used to set up a car next to his heavy bag and have a punching fit, and I can take you out to the garage right now if you need to. But your sister’s right. You start blaming yourself for this, and it’s not gonna stop, and you don’t deserve that. I promise you, you don’t.”

“But I lived. And he died.”

“There’s no shame in surviving, Kara,” Alex whispers, and Kara sobs, and Alex wraps her in her arms, shushing her and soothing her and holding in her own tears because her little sister needs her right now.

Maggie kisses Alex’s forehead and puts a hand on Kara’s shaking shoulder before she stands up and pads into the kitchen.

“Where you going?” Kara mutters from where she’s buried her face in Alex’s polo.

“To order you some potstickers, Kid Danvers.”

Kara sniffs and Alex grins.

“So can I keep her?” she asks, and Kara sniffles and nods.

“You can keep her,” she agrees, and she thinks that maybe, just maybe, if she has big sisters like this, she might be worth something after all.

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Hey there! How ya doin today? Could I have some Blitzstone Headcanons that are pure and beautiful to the soul? Thank you🙏🏼 😊

  • blitz & hearth always go grocery shopping together bc it’s an Event (and also bc if hearth went alone, he’d come back w/ only junk food and no real food)
  • they bicker through the whole grocery store about what to get. passersby who don’t know sign think they’re having really serious arguments but it’s actually like ‘we should get bananas’ ‘but those bananas aren’t ripe!!’ ‘but i WANT them’ ‘we shouldn’t spend money on unripe bananas!’ ‘but i want bananas!!!!!’
  • blitz makes hot chocolate in the evenings sometimes after they’ve closed the shop & they sit and read together or something
  • sometimes magnus will visit the chase space & he’ll teach the kids (and hearth & blitz) how to bake brownies or something bc hearth & blitz are entirely clueless about cooking. they took a class together before opening the chase space & they’re marginally better but still terrible so the kids LOVE when magnus comes to visit because he makes treats that aren’ t cosmic brownies or poptarts
  • sometimes they sit together on the roof of the chase space after the kids have gone to bed & they stargaze. they both love the stars & the night sky bc neither of them could see it in their homeworlds. it’s one of their favorite things about midgard. magnus bought them a book of constellations & they bring it out & try to find them. of course stargazing also leads to gazing at each other and i love yous & it’s beautiful
  •  sometimes the kids will draw them as a family and they put the pictures up on the fridge. in one, they’re all holding hands & it’s labeled “BLITZ, HARTH, AND ME” in 7yo handwriting. blitz thinks the spelling error is hilarious. hearth does not.
  • hearth loves to watch blitz sew & blitz will ask his opinion on colors and designs a lot. it’s kind of pointless bc hearth literally only wears black t shirts and black jeans, but the sentiment is nice & he feels included
  • sometimes when hearth has been practicing a really difficult rune, he gets super frustrated & needs to be calmed down with a cuddle session. blitz will drop whatever he’s working on to relax on the couch together in each other’s arms until hearth is feeling better
  • hearth loves to kiss blitz on the forehead. sometimes blitz will do or say something really sweet & hearth’s eyes’ll go all soft and he’ll lean down and plant a smooch on blitz’ forehead in thanks
  • blitz knows hearth is a sucker for classic high fantasy shit, so one day he  out of nowhere kisses hearth’s hand like a knight meeting a princess. it was meant as a joke, but then blitz sees how flustered hearth gets. he absolutely fucking melts & blitz thinks maybe he’ll have to try this again. so sometimes when he’s feeling very cheesy, he’ll gallantly kiss hearth’s hand. hearth insists it’s cliche & stupid, but he blushes bright green every time & that’s enough for blitz to keep doing it
  • getting used to human holidays was a process. 
    • christmas they were thrown into by magnus and later alex. blitz makes clothes for everyone. magnus gets a jean jacket, alex gets a skirt, samirah gets a new hijab, and hearth gets another scarf, all of them reinforced w/ the works. idk what hearth would get everyone, i’d need to think some more
    • they’ve celebrated eid with samirah. 
    • some of the weirder holidays just get confusing. 4th of july & st patrick’s day are strange for them bc they’re not just foreigners in the us, they’re foreigners in midgard entirely. as otherworlders, they lump humans together in one category & tend to forget how much stock we put in our nationality/ethnicity. 
    • valentines day was a bit stressful for both of them bc they wanted to be romantic & get it right, but neither of them had experience w/ the customs. it didn’t matter, though. it was the effort that mattered & they were both really touched by each other’s gifts. 
    • mother’s day & father’s day are very hard for both of them. hearth goes with blitz to visit freya on mother’s day & blitz reminds hearth that it absolutely was not his fault that his mother died. 
    • on father’s day they visit bilí’s grave & they give each other a lot of hugs. blitz tells hearth that bilí would’ve loved him. on a whim, hearth fills out a father’s day card for odin, bc he’s the only real father figure he’s ever had. it’s a little weird writing thanks for the support, happy allfather’s day! but it feels right & somehow there’s a raven waiting outside to deliver it.
  • when they get engaged, the entire chase space cries for like. a full day. they invite the whole gang over (mallory does not work well with children, btw) and they make the announcement. magnus would not admit it but he bawls. the three of them have a five minute long group hug & tbh blitz & hearth’s eyes are a bit misty too. they invite magnus to be their best man. alex makes a lot of marriage & engagement themed puns. tj is so so so excited for the wedding & really wants to help with the planning, but he’s not that helpful bc he doesn’t understand technology rip. halfborn makes them like. a needlepoint or something commemorating their engagement. blitzen cries. mallory volunteers to help blitz w/ decorating & clothes. blitz makes everyone’s outfit, including all the kids in the chase space. some of the kids also help make a banner or something & a drawing of blitz & hearth by a younger kid is used on some of the invitations

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Any pairing / 69 (heh)

(heh) sorry for the delay, anon! have some Alex/Maggie fluff!

After the fourth insistent vibration, Alex slipped her phone out of her back pocket, her eyes never leaving the readouts on the monitor in front of her.

“Danvers.” An instant later, a grin replaced the mask of professionalism she always wore on the job. “Maggie! Hey.”

“Hey,” came Maggie’s voice from the other end of the line. “I’m thinking of picking up some things for later. Did you like that IPA we tried last week, or should I get something darker to go with the— Shit, how is that still bleeding?”

“Bleeding? Why the hell are you bleeding?” Alex’s grip on the desk in front of her could’ve bent steel.

“It’s no big deal. I made an arrest. The guy struggled. We clocked heads. Must’ve hit me harder than I thought.”

Alex groped behind her for her jacket as she rose to her feet, drawing the attention of Winn and a few other agents away from their work. “Do you need backup? I can be there in—”

“Cool it, tough stuff.” Maggie’s endeared chuckle finally cut through the alarm bells going off in Alex’s brain. “Do I worry about you when you go fight monstrous extraterrestrial terrorists?”

“Um, yes?”

Maggie’s eye roll was nearly audible through the phone. “Well, yeah. Okay, you got me there. But my point is: I don’t come busting in on you when you’re working.”

“Yes you do,” scoffed Alex, sinking back into her chair. “You do that all the time.”

Maggie sighed. “Yeah, I do, don’t I? Anyway, it’s just a busted lip. You can kiss it all better when I see you tonight.”

A whole slew of images flashed through Alex’s mind in rapid succession, each more appealing than the last. Maggie standing in her doorway, looking up at her through her eyelashes. Her hands on Maggie’s upturned face. Her fingers delicately tracing the curve of Maggie’s lower lip. Maggie’s hands gripping the collar of her shirt. The soft thud of Maggie’s back fetching up against the door behind her. Their lips finally, finally meeting…

“I’m guessing by the silence that you’ve gone all deer-in-the-headlights on me again. I’m gonna hang up now. Bye.”

Somehow Alex managed to get her brain back online in time to mutter, “Yeah, uh, okay. Bye.”

No sooner had she managed to stuff her phone back into her pocket than Winn spun around in his chair, batting his eyelashes and pitching his voice to an uncanny falsetto.

“You hang up first. No, you hang up first! No, youuuu hang u— please don’t hit me!”

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!! how abt an alex and john x reader where reader is seen to be Innocent and Pure but!! actually wears leather jackets and has a shit load of piercings headcanons pls

boss’ memo : :000!! interesting !!! okay !! i’ll do it <3! i hope i didn’t misinterpret this or anything !! sweats !

Originally posted by saymaybetothis

  • let’s quickly get this fact out of the way, yeah? he likes both versions of you !! adores ‘em!
    • although when he hears about you from laf, he definitely doesn’t expect you to look the way you do, since laf mentions that you’re “the purest” and “i have to protect them from all the evil things on this planet”
      • (thinking back, he’s unsure of what he expected to see?? what were you looking for, john)
      • but he is all for the leather jacket and you being ?? innocent too?? both of them??? you’re so cute?!?!
  • he’s super protective of you since because of the way you look, people think they can start things with you–uh, no!! no one is allowed to upset you, ever.
    • he buys himself a matching leather jacket,,
  • he sometimes asks if your piercings hurt when you got them, and has you tell him the story behind each one (even if you think it’s “boring”, he adores every story and he adores you and he loves listening to you talk)
    • he’s never really had a partner who had so many piercings so he is fascinated–expect a lot of questions !!
      • he’s asking these questions because he wants to make sure that the gift he gets you for christmas (or general gift because he’s a sweetheart) is Perfect !!
  • if you just have a reputation for being innocent and sweet and you don’t really like your reputation, then he’s going to constantly assure you that you are tough as hell !
    • and if you ask him why he thinks so, he starts pulling out the Receipts (and yes, this includes the fact that you get up in the morning ready to fight because how could he not love you?? even if you didn’t get up and wasn’t feelin’ it he’s so proud of you!!)
      • surviving is super tough !! you’re super tough !
    • the two of you are dtf - down to FIGHT
    • he can spread rumors, if you’d like him to give you a more frightening reputation !
      • the man is best friends with alex, don’t doubt his ability to help or hurt reputations
  • he subconsciously changes how he is around you depending on how you are so the contrast is more startling–it’s a bit of a running joke
    • you’re a tough cookie? well, prepare to meet the sweetest, gentlest john ever who is constantly doting on you and encouraging you to show everyone who’s boss !
    • you’re a bit of a softie? john has your back–no one messes with his adorable s/o!! (he still dotes on you tho,,)

prompt: Baddie John with and anxiety-ridden s/o where he isn’t aware the reader is nervous and anxious until its ‘too late’

“Shit. Hey, u-um,” John whispered awkwardly, looking at you. He suddenly noticed how your hands were shaking, how badly you were crying, and how badly you were trembling. “Shit, I -” He groaned before he hurriedly pulled you outside. He brought you onto one of the couches on the porch where the loud music was softer and the air was open.

You knew John didn’t mean to stare at you in confusion, but at the moment, it was making it worse. Your breathing grew more rapid and your whole body felt uneasy. If John didn’t know what to do, you’d have to -

“Alex…has panic attacks too. Usually, I hold him? Is that okay?”

You nodded. He pulled you into his chest, tried to make himself seem bigger so you would feel smaller. You burrowed yourself into his jacket, rested your head against his chest. You could hear John’s heart hammering in your chest, could feel how nervous he was. You wanted to say something, wanted to guide him in the right direction, but your own body was in a state of panic. You felt like you couldn’t breathe yourself.

Everything stopped when you heard John start to sing softly. Your breath caught in your throat for a moment, but you relaxed as John softly sang to you.

His voice was raspy, a little sweet. You were so shocked to hear it for the first time, but with his heartbeat steady in your ears and his voice in the background, you felt your body slowly calming down. John kept making sensations for you to focus on and you focused on his raspy voice and the small circles he drew on your back. The texture of his denim jacket. HIs musky cologne. Felt safe.

You closed your eyes, let out a deep breath. John felt you shudder against him and he held you tighter. The slight pressure was enough to ground you. The feeling of your body against his was enough to steady you.

“Are you okay?” He asked quietly, stroking your hair.

You nodded against him, throat incredibly dry and voice gone.

“I’m so sorry, baby,” He whispered.

You shook your head, tried to tell him it wasn’t his fault. You reached for his phone in his pocket. You leaned your head against his chest as you unlocked his phone. You typed rapidly in his notes, trying to explain to him that what he did was enough and how he could help you next time.

“The singing?” He weakly laughed. “Oh, no.” He shook his head. “J-Just thought it might help.”

It did. You typed back. John smiled and if it weren’t for the dim lighting, you probably would have seen him blushing.

“Do you…not want to talk?” John cleared his throat quietly. You blushed, shook your head. He nodded in understanding, opened up his arms. “This okay?” When you accepted his embrace, he weakly smiled. “We can head out, baby. I can take you back home.”

You weakly nodded, held John tighter.

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Stronger Together prompt. How about the first time Alex and Maggie are hanging out at an apartment without makeup? That can be a rather self-conscience thing, depending on the woman.

A/N: Big thank you to my girlfriend for her help with this prompt! I’ve never really gotten into makeup (I think the last time I wore it was on Halloween, and that probably doesn’t count), but hopefully with her input I was able to get to something that sounds/feels realistic.

A/N 2: I’ll post this on AO3 either tonight or tomorrow to pair with @thebiwisebrownkid‘s prompt about Maggie’s deep red lipstick in the S3 promo ads when I finish writing it.

“Surprise!” Maggie announced with a grin, stepping back subtly as she noticed Alex slipping her gun back into the drawer in the table next to the front door.

“Did we, uh, did we have a date?” Alex asked, looking slightly panicked. This was all so new, and the last thing she wanted to do was have Maggie think she was already forgetting about her.

“Nope, just thought I’d surprise you with some coffee. If you’re busy, that’s totally cool! I don’t want to intrude. Just figured, I was in the neighborhood…” Well, she was in the neighborhood because she drove out here, but it still counted.

“No, no, that’s really sweet. Come in!” Alex finally said, stepping back and allowing Maggie into the apartment. “Excuse the, uh, outfit,” she added with a nervous chuckle, realizing she was in a ratty old t-shirt and gym shorts she was fairly certain still had pizza grease stains on them from last sisters night.

“I see nothing wrong with it. You look cute, Danvers.”

“Yeah, well,” Alex shrugged, looking altogether unconvinced.

“I promise,” Maggie whispered, stepping closer and kissing Alex’s cheek softly.

It was then that Alex realized that she hadn’t bothered putting on makeup, had stepped out of the shower after her morning run, thrown on some ratty clothes, and gotten ready to clean (before Maggie knocked, of course; now she was ready to spend however long Maggie was willing to stay hanging out with her girlfriend…and, god, did she like the sound of that). “Shit,” she muttered. “Um, let me just, freshen up, okay?”

“I promise, I really don’t mind the attire,” Maggie assured Alex, tugging at the Barenaked Ladies shirt that had long since faded from too many washes. “You’re still cute on laundry day. And, if your laundry day outfits are like mine, I bet even the granny panties you’ve got on under those shorts are cute too. I mean, better on the floor, but…”

Blushing, Alex swatted at a laughing Maggie, feeling a little too embarrassed at the moment to correct Maggie and tell her she actually wasn’t wearing any—she’d let her laundry go that long. “Yeah, but just, I’ll only be a minute, okay?”

“Are you okay? I really, I don’t have to stay! I’m sure you had other plans. I’ll leave your coffee and pastry here and catch you later this week?”

“No! I want you to stay,” Alex insisted.

“But I don’t want you to feel like you have to get dressed up for me. I mean, hell, I know on weekend mornings I’m in clothes a lot grungier than those,” Maggie laughed.

“It’s not just the clothes,” Alex added with a shrug, refusing to make eye contact as she picked at the hem of her shorts. When Maggie still looked confused—and rather adorably so, Alex had to add—she took a deep breath before she spoke again. “I’m not wearing any makeup, either.”

Her words tumbled out so quickly it took Maggie a moment to understand them, but once she did, she took Alex’s hand in hers. “Hey, Alex? I mean, first of all, you’re beautiful no matter what. But second of all, I’m not just dating you ’cause you’re hot. I mean, you are. But I fell for you because you’re brave and smart and you’re willing to fight anyone to protect the people closest to you. And all of that matters so much more than whether or not you had a chance to get your eyeliner perfect before seeing me.”

“It’s just…” Alex paused, trying to figure out why it bothered her so much. She thought back to the way her mother had praised her for “actually making an effort to look nice” on the holidays when she’d shown up with her makeup done flawlessly, though that sentiment was never extended to her when she had on darker makeup on her way out to the bars—a desperate need after long hours spent with her family. She remembered long afternoons spent with Vicky hanging out at the local mall and shopping for lipstick and mascara that they didn’t really have any use for, since they weren’t allowed to wear makeup at school, but they would go back to Vicky’s house and practice on each other for hours. And it was fun, getting to feel like they were adults, like they needed to be all dressed up for some formal gala. Plus, with Vicky it always turned into some kind of adventure—as soon as the eyeliner went out too far or the eyeshadow looked a bit garish, Vicky was ready to turn it into her next great big idea for a Halloween costume.

“You don’t need to explain yourself to me, Alex,” Maggie chimed in. “I mean, I wear makeup most days too. I don’t know, it just felt like a rite of passage.”

“Yeah,” Alex sighed, looking thoughtful. “I mean, it was a nice way to bond with Kara and even with my mom.” She figured now wasn’t the time to talk about how oblivious she had been to her infatuation with Vicky. “Like, my mom helped me find colors that looked nice with my skin and hair, then I helped to teach Kara. It was…nice. Helped her to feel like family, you know?”

“Yeah,” Maggie nodded, smiling softly at Alex. She’d never gotten that with her own mother, had been too much of a tomboy to want to spend time in makeup stores and malls, but as she got older, she found she liked the contrast she could create, the way her red lipstick paired with a sleek motorcycle and a worn leather jacket and boots, the way people didn’t always know quite what to do with her. “Well, how about I wash mine off too so you don’t have to feel like I’m all dressed up when you’re not? And we can hang out here and drink coffee. If you need help dragging your laundry downstairs, I can help with that too,” she offered.

“You’d give up your Sunday to help me do my least favorite chores?”

“Yeah, why not?” She didn’t add that nothing could feel like a “least favorite” if it meant spending more time with Alex.

“It’s just…I don’t know,” Alex shrugged. “I don’t know that I’ve ever been with someone who would give up all that time without wanting something in return.”

“Oh, I obviously expect lots of kisses,” Maggie teased.

“Maybe a little under-the-shirt action?” Alex joked back.

“Only if you’re offering…” Maggie replied with a wiggle of her eyebrows. “Now, point me in the direction of your facewash!”

A few minutes later, Maggie returned, her face a little pink from a slightly over-vigorous drying and her jacket slung over her arm, leaving her in just a white v-neck t-shirt.

“You look cute,” Alex complimented her, and she found that she meant it. Of course, Maggie could be wearing a burlap sack, and she’d likely find her gorgeous.

“So you’re not noticing the giant stress pimple on my 30-year-old cheek?” Maggie laughed, though, truth be told, it still made her feel a little nervous.

“Nope. Too distracted by your big brown eyes and that perfect smile.”

“Mm, very smooth, Danvers.”

“Yeah? I probably deserve a kiss for the effort.” With a smile, she leaned over, pulling Maggie in close by her shirt. “Yeah, definitely deserve a few more kisses.”

Prompt - Alex actually needs glasses. It cheers Maggie up when she wears them

“Hey babe, what are these?” Maggie called from deep in Alex’s wardrobe. Alex put down her coffee mug and joined her, freezing when she saw what Maggie was holding up.

“Oh, Y'know, just some spares in case Kara ever needs them …” She mumbled and avoided eye contact.

“Danvers, don’t tell me you need glasses too?” Maggie smiled and chuckled.

“I don’t! Well not really, I um …”

“Hey, it’s okay. You don’t have to be embarrassed. Not with me.” Maggie’s voice was gentle, calming Alex.

“Thank you,” Alex smiled tentatively, waiting.

“You know I gotta see them now, don’t you?” Maggie smirked as she sauntered up to Alex, looking up at her. When Alex didn’t protest, Maggie slowly slid them on her face, tilting her head to the side with a massive grin on her face.

“Don’t laugh,” Alex warned defensively. But Maggie didn’t laugh. She continued to smile, admiring every inch of Alex’s face, and how the glasses black frame complimented her face.

“I’m not gonna laugh, Alex. They look good on you. Why don’t you wear them?”

“It’s embarrassing. I don’t know why, I just feel really self conscious when I wear them. I guess people made me feel like I was copying Kara at first, so I stopped wearing them. I wear contact lenses instead.” Alex wrung her hands while talking.

“You really like them?” She asked sheepishly after a moment of silence passed.

Maggie continued to gush at how adorable and perfect they are for Alex. She smiled the entire night after she persuaded Alex to keep them on, promises of a good time tonight to make up for it. Alex made note to wear her glasses a little more often.

A few days later, Alex was home early, and she’d gotten a text from Maggie as she walked through the door.

Hey babe,

Rough day. Gonna be late home. Don’t wait up.

Love you.

Alex sighed, her eyes tracking back to ‘rough day’, then she lit up as an idea came to mind.

Several hours later she collected the order of take out Chinese and set it on the coffee table, the she quickly stripped down to her underwear and slipped her silk dressing gown over top. Finally she slid on her glasses and say on the couch, and waited.

Only minutes later Maggie if fed through the door, not noticing Alex in the dim light at first until she turned back from locking the door and dumped her bag in the corner.

“Alex I told you not to wait up. You didn’t have to do this - are you wearing your glasses?” Maggie couldn’t help but smile as Alex stood up and slowly walked towards Maggie, who’s eyes took in the full sight of her girlfriend.

“Wow …” Maggie breathed, her eyes slightly glazed.

“You doing okay there, Detective?” Alex teased as she pushed Maggie up against the door and kissed her.

“What did I do to deserve this?”

“You had a rough day. And I know just how to make it better.” Alex started kissing Maggie’s neck slowly.


“Yeah. Here’s what we’re gonna do,” Alex instructed between kisses. “We’re going to get you comfortable, then we’re going to eat your favourite Chinese, then we’re going to cuddle as you vent about your day, and, if you feel like it, move it to the bed.” Alex sucked long and deep on Maggie’s neck, making her moan.

“I like the sound of that, Danvers.” Maggie kissed Alex on the nose as Alex took her hands and guided her into the lounge room. Maggie slipped off her jacket and kicked off her shoes while Alex helped her out of her jeans. Alex slowly unbuttoned Maggie’s shirt as she pulled her down onto the couch.

Together they ate their Chinese, smiling and giggling as they fed each other, allowing themselves an evening to forget about the threat of an alien invasion, of homophobic and mysoginistic coworkers, just enjoying being a loving couple who were prepared to spend the rest of their lives together.

Alex wrapped her arms around Maggie, listening as she vented about her day, letting out the steam and finally being able to relax. They sat on the couch cuddling and kissing each other gently and lovingly for hours.

Then, as promised, when Maggie was ready they took themselves to the bed, making passionate but gentle love to each other. Forgetting the problems of the world for that one night. Being a normal couple, not two women who fight bad guys and save the world everyday. Tonight they were Alex and Maggie; Agent Danvers and Detective Sawyer would be waiting for them at work tomorrow.

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Ok but Alex totally looks like an adorable dork trying to be cool when she meets Sam in the first ep. The jacket readjustment, the goofy wave. I was digging it that early on too lol. Sometimes you cant predict the chemistry man. The best ones are unplanned

omg, i know. i totally agree with ya….. like i love how much effort they put into sanvers and trying to do all the chemistry reads, etc but man odie and chyler just naturally have it. i love unplanned chemistry…its what makes non-canon pairings so appealing, obviously…. that shit just can’t be helped! agentreign is fabulous.

I am just so interested in how this Jolex vs Nurse Olivia plot is going to go??? 

I’m definitely getting my hopes up, but I just picture Jo seeing Olivia’s old child who vaguely resembles Alex, is super moody, says shut up a lot, wears the same jacket every day and something in her head goes “wow is this Alex’s child??” and then she runs to find him and she’s like, “bro! You have a kid!” and he’s like, “shut up.” and then they have to be like spies to get a peak of this kid and they’re doing summersaults around corners in the halls to get a glimpse of him and walking past the room he’s in like twenty times to try and see him through the blinds on the window and somewhere in the middle of this Olivia tells Glasses that Alex once had syphillis so then Glasses freaks out thinking HE got syphillis from Jo and tells the other interns but still nobody believes him that he slept with Jo. 

Then finally something happens where they find out that the kid is definitely not Alex’s but Alex is like, “why did you think he was my kid anyway??” and Jo is like, “well I’ve always pictured our kid to be just like you” and he’s like, “oh I’ve always thought that when we have a daughter she’d be just like you.” and she says, “oh we’re having a daughter now?” and he says, “Yea, two of them. And a Son.” and they just talk about their future children and I die from a cuteness overload.

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10 + 35, Sam/Alex (still have no real idea what their ship name is lmao)

Airport/Travel AU + Bathtub Fic 

I hate you

They’ve been in airports or on planes for over 30 hours now. So many flights have been delayed or overbooked, connections missed and attempts to take other flights to get to their destination sooner resulting in just more chaos.

Sam wants nothing more than to sink into a hot bath and then pass out on one of the two beds in the hotel room they finally broke down and got.

Alex apparently has the same idea. 

They stand in the doorway of the bathroom, shoulder to shoulder, and Sam likes Alex, she does, but she is not relenting. “I’m going to take a bath,” she says.

Alex shakes her head. “I was going to take one. My leg is killing me.”

“Well my hips are killing me.” They stare at one another, waiting for the other to break and Sam knows if she doesn’t stop this, they’ll both stand here like idiots when they could be soaking or sleeping.

She steps into the bathroom, turns on the tub and drops the stopper. Alex is about to protest but Sam just pulls her shirt over her head and throws it to the ground. “It’s big enough for both of us,” she says, pushing her leggings and underwear down to her feet. Alex’s eyes go wide before they dart to the ceiling and Sam thinks she’d laugh if she wasn’t so bone weary. “Oh, come on. It’s just a naked body. You want your bath or not?”

Alex still won’t look at her but it doesn’t matter because Sam’s getting in this tub regardless. She’s pouring in some of the shower gel when she hears Alex’s jacket hit the floor and Sam decides to take it easy on the bubbles, unsure of how Alex likes to take her baths. “You know I like women, right?”

Sam laughs and turns to find Alex still mostly dressed, her jeans open but on and her bra still fastened around her chest. “I mean, I do too, but I also know how to control myself and I’m assuming you do to.” Sam pauses, lips quirked to one side in thought. “But if you have the energy…”

  • Kara: So you're really close friends with Maggie, huh?
  • Alex: Well, I wouldn't call us 'friends'...
  • Kara: What do you mean? You seem like you really get along.
  • Alex: It's just.. not the right word.
  • Kara: Huh? I mean, You've saved her life-
  • Alex: Right...
  • Kara: You hang out together all the time-
  • Alex: Well yeah...
  • Kara: And you look in each other's eyes for long periods of time, you are always touching her, you never stop talking about how much you like her...
  • Alex: Kara. Exactly.
  • Kara: I don't get it. That's what friends do.
  • Alex: No, Kara, it's not.
  • Kara: But that's exactly what Lena and I do.
  • Alex: *facepalms* *starts walking away*
  • Kara: *shouting after her* Alex? Listen, we're friends, Alex. We're really good friends!
You're Best Friends, He Gets Mad & Confesses That He Likes You

This was hard to title so heres the request haha:
Can u do one of being best friends and him getting mad for some reason and telling u he likes you



Ashton’s jaw clenched as he saw you walk into the restaurantwith your new boyfriend. You guys were meeting up for lunch since you were finally in the same city, and you thought it was the perfect opportunity to have your boyfriend and best friend meet. You wave at Ashton once you see him. You run over with a huge grin and he returns the smile. “I’ve missed you so much!” You exclaim as you guys hug. “Yeah, it’s been too long,” Ashton replies, holding you slightly tighter than usual. He releases you and you turn to your boyfriend. “And this is my boyfriend, Alex.” “I’ve heard a lot about you, man,” Alex chuckles as he holds out his hand to shake Ashton’s. “Yeah, I wish I could say the same,” Ashton replies with a hint of sass. You shoot him a confused glare as they shake hands. “Well, let’s eat. I’m starving!” Alex exclaims as he pulls out your chair for you to sit down. Ashton eyes him up as if he’s about to engage in a war with him. Ashton continues acting a bit hostile while you guys have lunch. “Hey, I’m gonna go take this call and I’ll see you outside, okay?” Alex says as his phone rings. “Alright,” you reply with a smile. As soon as Alex is gone, Ashton speaks up, “Y/n what the hell are you thinking with this guy? He’s such a bore.” “What are you talking about Ash? I think he’s really fun. What’s gotten into you? You’ve been a jerk this whole lunch,” you reply hastily. Ashton shakes his head, “You know what? Nevermind. Have fun with Alex,” he says as he stands up and puts his jacket on. “Hey! Stop acting like this! Just tell me what’s up.” You say, grabbing his arms to stop him. He’s quiet for a moment before he erupts. “You can’t tell me you never noticed how much I like you, y/n! And then you decide to rub your new boyfriend in my face? That’s not a cool thing to do.” Your eyes widen as Ashton says this. “Ash… I had no idea…” you begin. “No, it’s fine. I’ll see you later,” Ashton says as he leaves, ignoring your pleas to talk to you.


You and Calum were hanging out one day, just watching TV. Finding Carter was on, and you had a major (and I mean major) crush on Max. And you had a little trouble containing your love for him. “Just look at his hair, Cal. How are you not attracted to him?” Calum chuckled, “I just don’t swing that way, y/n.” You laugh, “Yeah, but I mean he’s just so handsome, like even his personality. He’s the most perfect human being I’ve ever seen.” Calum just shakes his head and looks down at his phone as he bites his lip. Calum stays silent for the rest of the episode, staring at his phone the whole time. You continue to fangirl over Max, however. Once the episode ends, Calum speaks, “Hey, why don’t we watch something else?” You give him a confused look, “I mean I guess we can watch The Fosters, he’s in that show too!” You say excitedly as you start to search for it. “No,” Calum says as he takes the remote from your hand. “Calum!” You say kind of annoyed as you try to get the remote back from him. “I’m tired of hearing about how perfect you think Max is,” Calum says with a hint of annoyance in his voice. “Why do you always get like this?” You say, raising your voice. “Because I get jealous, y/n!” Calum yells, “Because I like you and you’re always talking about how great all these other guys are!” “Oh…” you say as you calm down, “I didn’t realize that it bothered you…” “Yeah, well it does.”


You laid out three outfits in front of your best friend, Luke. “Which one do you think I should wear tonight?” You ask. You were going to his show in LA so you wanted to look nice. “Hmmm…. I think any of them would work, honestly,” Luke replies with a smile. “Let me try them on and then we’ll decide,” you say as you walk into your bathroom to try on the first outfit. Once you got it on, you could already tell that you didn’t like it. You felt like it hit your hips in a weird way and the shirt was way too tight for your comfort. “Ugh” you sigh as you take it off to put on the next one. “Are you gonna show me?” Luke asks from your bedroom. “Definitely not the first one. It was just awful.” You chuckle as you begin to put on the next contender. It was a sundress that you got last summer. As soon as you got it on, you could tell it wasn’t going work either. You loudly sigh again as you stare into the mirror. Your boobs were practically falling out of the top and you could basically see your butt in the back. “Not the dress!” You yell to Luke. You were beginning to feel insecure right about now. You didn’t know why nothing fit you right today, but it was really making you mad. “Hey, third time’s the charm, right?” Luke says back, making you smile. He was such a sweetheart. You begin to try on your last outfit, a formfitting dark red dress with black ankle boots and a black leather jacket. Once you get it on, you like it. But of course, you begin to stupidly pick out every one of your flaws. You feel tears beginning to form in your eyes so you quickly wipe them away before walking out to Luke.  “I don’t know how I feel about this,” you say, looking down. “Are you kidding? You look amazing y/n!” Luke says. You look up to him, searching for any hint of sarcasm in his face. “Seriously?” “Yeah?” Luke replies confused, “Why are your eyes red? Were you crying, y/n?” He asks, standing up and walking over to you. “Well, yeah. I mean, look at me! I look terrible in everything!” You say as tears begin to spill out again. Luke shakes in his and clenches his jaw, walking away from you. “Do you know how angry this makes me? You’re the most beautiful girl in the entire world and you don’t even see it. I can’t point out a single flaw on your right now,” Luke says, raising his voice. “What?” You ask confused. “You’re literally flawless and I wish you could see that… I wish I could make you see that,” Luke says as he walks over to you again, and puts his finger under your chin, making you look at him. Luke leans down and places a kiss on your lips, “I want to show you how beautiful you are.”


Here you were again. It was 3am and you were calling your best friend Michael to pick you up from a party. You’ve been feeling down lately, and you feel like the only way to feel better is to get absolutely smashed so you forget about it. Michael pulls up within 5 minutes. “Are you alright?” He asks as he unlocks the doors. You get in the car and buckle your seatbelt. “I’m fantastic!” You say, acting as tipsy as you were. “You’re a lifesaver, Mikey!” You say as you hiccup. “Didn’t you go out last night too?” Michael asks as he begins to drive. “Well, yeah! Why wouldn’t I?” You ask, giggling. “Y/n this isn’t healthy. You get wasted every night, whether you’re at home alone or at a party,” he says concerned. “I’m fine! God, you sound like my mother,” you say annoyed. “I’m just looking out for you y/n,” he says with a calm tone. “I don’t need looking out for. I can take care of myself,” you reply as you unbuckle your seatbelt and unlock your door. Michael pulls over and abruptly stops and locks his doors. “Obviously you do, because you’re not taking very good care of yourself.  I don’t even understand why you’re acting like this all of a sudden. Buckle your seatbelt, you’re staying with me tonight so nothing happens to you,” Michael says with an angry tone. “Dude, chill out. I’m not yours to look out for,” you say. “You’re right, you’re not. But you should be. I care about you so much and I like you so much but you don’t even notice. Do you realize how many times I’ve had to drop my plans to pick your drunk ass up? I know I don’t have to, and I wish that I wouldn’t. But I care about you too damn much y/n. And clearly you don’t even realize or appreciate how much I’m looking out for you,” Michael says, practically yelling. “Well I’ll just make it easier for you then,” you say as you unlock your door again and remove yourself from his car and begin walking. “Y/n, get back in this car!” Michael yells out the window. You ignore him and continue stumbling down the sidewalk, with no sense of direction.

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Sanvers, something about the sheer number of leather jackets they own between them?

Maggie is late for work. Maggie never used to be late for work, used to be able to snooze her alarm, roll out of bed, and go, grabbing coffee on her way out. But now that she wakes up next to Alex, the rolling out of bed part doesn’t come as easily.

She’s late again, buttoning a shirt that is probably too wrinkly to be professional and grabbing her leather jacket off the hook by the door.

She doesn’t realize it’s not her jacket until she’s throwing a leg over her bike. It’s too big, just by a little, and it smells so much like Alex she takes a moment to moon.

Get it together, Sawyer.


She texts Alex when she gets to work, only seven minutes late.

You didn’t even ride your bike over last night, how did I grab your leather jacket?

Alex doesn’t text back for half an hour, which definitely means she is still sleeping in Maggie’s bed, and Maggie wishes she had been later to work.

I think I left it here last week? Idk it’s not one of my favorites so I don’t wear it that often

Maggie grins. What kind of secret government salary do they have you on that you own this many leather jackets?

Hey. I spend my money on things that are important to me. Namely food, Kara, and leather jackets.

That’s all you care about, huh?

Nothing else comes to mind

Alex sends a kissy face emoji a minute later like she can’t stand to even pretend she doesn’t care about Maggie. Maggie wants to roll her eyes, wants to be too tough for a stupid emoji to make her blush. She sets her phone down and flips through a file on her desk.

Thirty seconds later she picks up her phone and sends a heart.