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The Mist (2007)

Director - Frank Darabont, Cinematography - Rohn Schmidt

“As a species we’re fundamentally insane. Put more than two of us in a room, we pick sides and start dreaming up reasons to kill one another. Why do you think we invented politics and religion?” Ollie

Things I hate about the walking dead.

Warning: Please don’t feel offended about what I’m about to say its just an opinion and somethings I hate about the walking dead. There maybe F-Bombs and cursing. Some grammar mistakes which I apologize for :)

Don’t you just love the walking dead? Don’t you love the thrill and action of the show? Well if you don’t, I do but there are something’s that just piss me off about the show and I think you can agree.

  1. The slow burn; Ever since Frank Darabont left the amount of slow burn increased to 110%. Honestly, I really enjoy the show but if the show is meant to be action packed why is there such a slow burn? I can assure the writers and producers that I don’t feel the need to stretch out a whole season revolving around one Subject I mean yes defeating negan is going to be a long way but do we really need so much episodes showing Daryl rolling around in guilt, Tara finding Neverland, Carol baking cookies at home, and rick having beef bigger than Kim K.’s ass with negan? Like Seriously We’re watching The walking dead not The bachelor or Thirteen reasons fucking why. All of seasons seven could’ve been about 4 episodes if they just decided to cut the crap and make a non - slow burn episode.
  2. Character death; Now one thing I love but hate about the walking dead is that they have nothing against death shit they love it! Buuttttt I’m seriously hating the recent deaths of the walking dead, I really love Daryl! I really do he’s one of my top five favorite characters of all time but IT’S HARD TO FUCKING LOVE A CHARACTER WHEN THE CREATORS DECIDE TO KILL EVERYONE *cough*Glenn*cough*Denise*cough.* NEAR THE MAN JUST TO SHOW THE CROWD HOW ANGSTY AND EDGY HE CAN BE. Really Nicotero? Really? Daryl is just as a great character as Glenn was, stop using him for your money problems let him be him he nor Glenn nor Denise needs your fucking shit. It’s seriously disgusting how the creators just Disrespected Almost every character with Glenn’s death. Really. It was a waste. I understand killing Glenn off since his death was very famous in the comics and that Steven also wanted it, but why give a major shock to everyone only to kill another great character first only to make another great character look like a fucking moron only to kill of one hell of an interesting character for shits and giggles. Now that’s just fucked up. I have a burning passion of hate for Nicotero and gimple for that. You wasted not one but two great characters and fucked not one but two other great characters up as well. No. just no.
  3. Character Developments; ah yes Character development. One thing that is truly needed in shows especially shows like the walking Dead’s, but now you see. They have a major problem with development. How? CAUSE THEY KEEP KILLING OFF GREAT UNDEVELOPED CHARACTERS AND DON’T EVEN TRY TO GIVE THE REST OF THE NURTURED CHARACTERS A SLIGHT BIT OF INTERESTING DEVELOPMENT. NOPE. NADA. Like I said I love Daryl but honestly, GIVE US A CHANCE TO SEE MAGGIE GRIEVE MORE AND AT LEAST TRY TO REBUILD THE MAGGIE AND DARYL BROMANCE THE RIGHT WAY???? PLEASE??? CAN Y'ALL AT LEAST TRY AND MAKE THINGS MORE REALISTIC AND INTERESTING?? WHY NOT MORE DARYL AND JESUS MOMENTS?? MORE AARIC MOMENTS?? MORE JUDITH?? SHIT EVEN MORE FUCKING DWIGHT. Like honey, I don’t give a shit about Daryl, carol or rick right now Give the underrated characters more spotlight. Please, go into their story. STOP. I REPEAT. STOP MAKING EVERYTHING ABOUT DARYL OR CAROL OR RICK! They had their chances back then now it’s time to give others a chance. Give us good development stop with all the sadness and grieving if it’s going to look like shit alright? Jesus stop making good characters look like shit, just cause y'all want Gucci
  4. Character representation; Ok why is it everyone is hating on Daryl and Rosita for grieving their own ways like?? Really we know that’s how their character’s are but the fact that Nicotero and gimple thinks its funny to make them look like angsty, snappy, edgy puppies acting either all sad or all angry even when they know we all want more Maggie and Sasha is just annoying. Yes Maggie and Sasha deserved more recognition and endorsement from the show but of course let’s make everything about the hot characters, the ones that were either the Latina ex or the redneck best bro. Not the wife and mother of the Late Korean’s child or the Beautiful strong independent black woman who just saw the man she loved die and when it comes to forgiving? Sure go right ahead.

No. That’s not how it works, Rosita and Sasha should’ve had more recognition and time together. Daryl and Maggie should’ve had more time, And space before Maggie practically praised him. Daryl is not in the comic so it makes it way easier to just honestly squeeze him anywhere but one thing is. You can’t squeeze his angst everywhere.

Daryl is a man, if anything a man that went thought domestic, emotional, and possibly sexual abuse. A man that hides his pain, they ruined his character by just making the Whole season of him going through his first period. It does not fit well.

I feel like Morgan, Dwight, and Ezekiel didn’t get as much recognition or so called development like The rest of them did. Honestly, stop making everyone seem like a bitch and give everyone there fair share of time. Not saying you should kill anyone off but instead share the spotlight. Not everything is about carol or rick.

Ok that was a long rant. I’m sorry for bothering, and also I’m sorry if there are any grammar/spelling mistakes. I stayed up for two days and English is not my first language at all. I really hope you enjoyed my rant feel free to give your comments down below.


Hey all, life got pretty crazy in 2016/most of 2017, huh? Well, this is definitely happening now, with a hard submission deadline of March 5, 2018. BUT!
We still aim to make WARLOCK WASTELAND #2! BIGGER! CRAZIER! SLEAZIER! More ooze-dripping, more anachronistic, more non-functional machinery/tubes/buttons/diodes/screens-bedecked! And the world has been so screwed up, we all have plenty of material for hard sci-fi now, ammirite? AMMIRITE?

For new followers of WARLOCK WASTELAND: WARLOCK WASTELAND is an homage to the sci-fi/fantasy magazine HEAVY METAL/METAL HURLANT and the artists contained therein. I like to consider it “ethically sleazy,” meaning it has the gross and sexy feeling of Heavy Metal without  representing elements of rape culture, racism, homophobia, and transphobia (except critically). WARLOCK WASTELAND is edited by LGBTs and POC. That being said, WARLOCK WASTELAND is a solid piece of sci-fi and fantasy that aims to include without claiming to speak for a group as a whole. WARLOCK WASTELAND is for everyone! If you’re a weirdo freak and love sci-fi and fantasy with every fibre of your being, WARLOCK WASTELAND wants YOU.

The magazine is full color, 11x17 (so, a single page is 8.5x11) unfolded. glossy, professionally printed. Submissions are 300 dpi tiff or jpg scans. Black and white work is accepted.  We also encourage old and unpublished work, as long as it’s thematically appropriate. WARLOCKWASTELAND began as a means of publishing our friends’ old sci-fi comics in progress that have just been laying around with the idea of treating the unfinished stories as serials. In fact, we encourage serials (think of Den or Arzach) .
Content-wise, we’re looking for:
comics (multiple pages and one pagers are equally acceptable),
pinups (portrait or landscape)
rogues-gallery style character pages
reviews of film/tv/books/comics/games/music that are relevant to science fiction and fantasy
short stories

Also, this magazine strives for the anachronistic. Obviously, that can’t apply to work pertaining to contemporary media- for instance, if you wanted to write an analysis of the symbolism in the “Blackstar” music video or something like that. However, keep the spirit of vintage Heavy Metal in mind when submitting a piece.

I handpick all contributors, but thought I would post this, because I always want to learn about contemporary sci-fi and fantasy artists! If you don’t make it into this issue, there’s always issue #3!