and zooey's dress

Somewhat Surprising things I’ve noticed in every MBTI Type (By an INTP)

INTJ: Really kinky??? Collects sex toys 

INFJ: Likes bugs

INTP: Very polite, overly prepared

ISTP:  Loves very feminine shoes and dresses like Zooey Deschanel 

ENFP: Easily depressed

ESFP:  Undiscovered geniuses.

ENFJ:  Weird hobbies like brewing beer, speaking klingon, and anal sex

ENTJ:  Tells everyone how great meditation is

ENTP:  Has a defining moral code, ethics are v important to them

ISTJ:  Gives nice hugs

ISFJ:  Irritable 

ISFP:  Rare

ESTP:  Loves “hippy shit”

ESFJ:  Fandom nerds and weebs

ESTJ:  Very loving, Has a wonderful record collection

INFP:  Not easily offended by humor