and zombie uprising

My grandfather was a Jewish American who fought in World War II

And if this Neo-Nazi crap doesn’t end soon, I’m worried that dear Grandpa Max is going to return from the grave and lead a zombie uprising until we all finally learn our lesson.

So let’s please all get rid of fascism before it’s too late.

Apocalypse AU’s

Send a symbol for a starter, or send me “It’s the End!” for a randomly generated one.

1. ☄ Incoming asteroid

2. ☢ Nuclear holocaust 

3. ☣ Worldwide plague

4. ☎ Destruction of all technology

5. ❀ Destruction of all plantlife

6. ☼ Robot uprising

7. ☠ Zombies

8. ♒ Natural disaster

9. ✯ Alien invasion

10. ☹ Monster(s) attack

Today marks the 3-year anniversary of the release of Black Ops 2’s DLC 2, and its widely-popular zombies map, Mob of the Dead!
As a little throwback, here is the official promotional poster for MotD, showing off its star-studded cast!

- image courtesy of the COD Wiki.

Sexy apocalyptical scenarios:

  • alien invasion
  • asteroid
  • zombies
  • AI
  • robot uprising
  • nuclear holocaust
  • government-engineered virus
  • biblical rapture and judgement
  • anything that only affects adults, leaving kids and teens to roam free
  • EMP
  • any combination of the above

Unsexy apocalpytical scenarios:

  • overpopulation
  • global warming
  • pollution
  • like, a really sucky cold that slowly kills everyone
  • an actual EMP
  • inevitable entropic heat death of the universe

Apocalyptical scenarios that nobody talks about, but still scare the ever-living crap outta me:

  • the grey goo scenario

You know In the Flesh is a British show because they cure all the undead they can. I assume they do it on the NHS.

I assume in the US, Anthem did a cost-benefit analysis and decided they weren’t going to approve undead-curing procedures on their plans. Maybe if you round up your child or parent you can send them to a private zombie-curing facility…

Consider how good and pure ItF’s vision of our world is, that they bother to cure the zombies. Imagine a world wrecked by a zombie uprising, the dead are eating the faces of the living, and all the social and economic collapse that would entail. And then some scientists say “wait guys, we can cure them”.

And the government says… “great, here is ten billion pounds, get to it.”

I mean, bullets are a lot cheaper.

I bet Ed Miliband was Prime Minister.

i’m watching shows about apocalypse preppers b/c i’m trash, and my fave thing is how they always start with the people prepping against stuff with historical precedent like plague or natural disaster or economic collapse and by the end it’s the dude running around the forest pretending he’s evading alien tracker beams and the one who has destroyed all their electronics in preparation for the machine uprising. inevitably, zombies follow.

One of the best things about In the Flesh is that almost every person’s reaction seems completely realistic. Personally I would be so completely terrified and traumatized by the zombie uprising that there would be absolutely no way I would be ok with ‘cured’ zombies to come back and being near me. The fear, anger and violence is often warranted, especially with everything they have gone through.  And at the same time, if it was someone really close to me I would embrace the cure wholeheartedly. It would be the best thing ever. I can understand all of the characters in one way or another and it is beautiful.

Except for Gary, he’s just a dick.

Title: In The Flesh

What it is: TV Show (Drama)

What’s it about: Post zombie uprising, zombies (or Partially Deceased Syndrome (PDS) sufferers as they’re called in the show) have returned to normal after rising to the dead, and are readjusting to their lives pre-death and amid a lot of discrimination. Kieren, the protagonist, is one PDS sufferer trying to live his undeath in peace, but he faces discrimination, flashbacks, his sister who was part of the antizombie resistance in the uprising, and a lot of other things.

What kind representation: Kieren is bisexual, and in the show has two boyfriends at separate times, Simon and Rick. Simon is also some form of queer, although it is never confirmed what exactly.

Status: 2 seasons (9 episodes total), cancelled

Warning - this show has a lot of heavy subject matter; suicide, discrimination, sexual assault, bigotry, assault, violence, marginalization. There is also a bit of body horror and gore, because zombies. If any of said things trigger you, please watch at your own risk.

I want an apocalypse. Nothing like a nuclear war or global blackout. I want something that just snuffs out most of humanity really quietly. No burning cities, no zombie infestations, or robot uprisings or whatever. Maybe a virus or something that just leaves the streets empty and stuff free for the taking. That would be nice, wouldn’t it? Just to scavenge the various towns for stuff, while traveling with some new friends. It’d be like a global scavenger hunt. I just want that so bad…