and zombie uprising

My grandfather was a Jewish American who fought in World War II

And if this Neo-Nazi crap doesn’t end soon, I’m worried that dear Grandpa Max is going to return from the grave and lead a zombie uprising until we all finally learn our lesson.

So let’s please all get rid of fascism before it’s too late.

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Do you have headcannons for Mito?

- Better Than You but too classy to rub it in.

- Total nerd for seals.

- Like, so nerdy.

- Knows 95% of seals on sight.

- Probably invented half of them.

- Very gay. 

- Almost walked into a tree because Touka was flexing once. 

- (Thankfully the tree was not Hashirama.)

- Was that tomboy child whose parents despaired of her ever ignoring weapons and fuinjutsu long enough to notice a boy. 

- Still has not technically noticed a boy.

- Though if she could have a steamy affair with Tobirama’s grey matter she probably would. 

- Seriously, zombies. 

- Why did she never think of that. 

- Good at politics but hates it

- Would be first in line to gut Madara with a teaspoon. 

- This is more than their personalities not meshing (though they don’t) this is mortal enemies being forced to coexist.

- Also Madara hates cats. 

- This is clearly an indication of his massive bad taste. 

- And he insulted her hair. 

- Tobirama gets so much amusement out of their tiffs spats arguments fights battles that she suspects he purposefully maneuvers her and Madara into close quarters whenever possible. 

- This may or may not be related to why Tobirama’s hair turned hot pink for six months once. 

- And why Izuna spent a whole year convinced Tobirama was actually a river spirit in human form. 

- Caught Tobirama skinnydipping and sat on his clothes until he agreed to teach her Edo Tensei. 

- Mostly used it to cause zombie uprisings in order to get out of meetings. 

Apocalypse AU’s

Send a symbol for a starter, or send me “It’s the End!” for a randomly generated one.

1. ☄ Incoming asteroid

2. ☢ Nuclear holocaust 

3. ☣ Worldwide plague

4. ☎ Destruction of all technology

5. ❀ Destruction of all plantlife

6. ☼ Robot uprising

7. ☠ Zombies

8. ♒ Natural disaster

9. ✯ Alien invasion

10. ☹ Monster(s) attack

Hive [1 / 2]

Warnings for mind control (sort…of), slight body horror, and slight gore/animal death (don’t worry, the pig is safe). 

Suggested listening for this chapter: “Hold No Guns” by Death Cab for Cutie.

Part One // Part Two

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Dipper, unsurprisingly, notices it first.

“Is it just me, or have people been acting…weirder than usual lately?” he asks, from flat on his back on the porch, basking in the heat of the sinking sun and the chill of the water evaporating off of him and the dull, slow ache in all his muscles from running around with Soos ambushing (okay, being ambushed by) Wendy and Mabel with water guns all afternoon. The wood underneath his back is rough and sun-warmed, both splinters and heat slowly working their way into his skin, and from where he lies he can just see a sliver of glaring blue out of the corner of his right eye, past the edge of the sagging porch roof.

“Define ‘weirder than usual’,” Wendy says, from the couch somewhere to Dipper’s left, her voice lazy and languid as the quiet buzz from the trees out ringing the yard. Dipper can’t muster the energy to turn and look at her; he remembers her falling sprawled across the cushions, one arm up over the back. As far as he knows, she hasn’t moved.

“Yeah, Dipper, this is Gravity Falls -” Mabel starts, and Dipper groans.

“That’s why I said 'weirder than usual’, Mabel. Weirder than usual.”

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Pride & Prejudice & Zombies

This is one of those period films I’ve seen lately but haven’t had time to write about. Before starting with my usual way of writing and adding gifs without control, let me tell you a couple things:

  • I totally LOVE the 2005 Pride & Prejudice film, it’s one of my very favourite films in every way (the cast, the music, the costume design, the art…).

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  • I also love bad films. Like really bad films. The kind of films that you see the poster and you already know that they will be bad (think about something like “I, Frankenstein” or “Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters” or “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter”) and they are fun because these are not pretentious films, they just deliver what you expect and if you go see them with a good mood, then you might even be surprised. Or not. That’s the charm of bad films.

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Now, Pride & Prejudice & Zombies is not such a bad film. I don’t know why, but it perfectly works together. It was rather amazing. Let me tell you about it.

First, you MUST suspend disbelief. The film starts and tells you that before the story starts, there was a zombie uprising/epidemy and that now people have learnt to live with this. And in that world is where our story happens.

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Before anything, we meet Mr Darcy (insert sight here), who is the hot-but-weird Sam Riley. I have to say that I had never thought anything about his voice until I saw this movie, but it’s quite… nasal, I guess? I don’t know, weird voice.

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He also wears all black. And has a katana. Because of course.

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I have to say that in my heart, Keira Knightley will always be THE Elizabeth Bennet.

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And also I’m not that fond of Lily James, even though I love her in Downton Abbey. I don’t know why, but she doesn’t seem to me like the right Lizzie. But whatever.

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Bella Heathcote is perfect as Jane Bennet. Actually I think she’s perfect in all period films ever XD

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Mr Bingley (Douglas Booth) is SO gorgeous, just like taken from a Burberry ad and taken back to the Regency era (I don’t know if that makes any sense).

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And talking about Mr Bingley, I liked the way that the relationship between Darcy and Bingley is portrayed: they trust their lives to each other. That kind of friendship seems tough and great.

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And Collins. OH MY FUCKIN GOD, COLLINS! Matt Smith is HILARIOUS. Totally loved him as the odd, silly and awkward Collins. Perfect humour with perfect timing.

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I love that Wickham (Jack Huston)  is a little more important to the story and really makes you think if he’s actually wrong or not (I didn’t find a gif :( )

Now, let’s check the important part: the relationship between Darcy and Elizabeth.

Well it follows (obviously) the usual Pride & Prejudice line, but we have these fun/awesome moments of them together:

When they meet at the ball (because zombies or not zombies, there must be a ball)

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When he “saves” her from a zombie-lady

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When he declares his love…

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and she starts a fight (I couldn’t help laughing here).

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And of course, the battlefield

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In other highlights we have: the ball fight

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The Bennet sisters training

Darcy and Caroline reciting “the accomplished lady” list

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Mr Bingley on a horse (or next to the horse since there’s no gif)

and finally the bridge explosion

Charles Dance not being a creepy dude as in GoT

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Now, the costume design: there are some very good things like most of the menswear

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but there’s also the WHOLE underwear for the ladies. Tights. Bloomers. Really? REALLY?!

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even though most of the dresses and coats look rather  good.

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Final thoughts: Are you looking for a faithful version of the Austen novel? Then don’t see this movie. Are you just wanna have fun and you love Matt Smith and/or zombies? Go see it now.

Also, I have to say that it’s pretty amazing the way that the original story and conflicts work in any setting and era: from a modern romcom to this zombie version. Jane Austen’s writing is just so… universal? Perfect? I don’t know but I have to say that even with all the fun/weird/crazy stuff going on in this film, the way that the core of the novel is untouched is just wonderful. I guess it’s just what happens with great literature.

And I LOVE what they did with the female characters: there’s not a single one who is not badass and strong. From each Bennet sister to Lady Catherine de Bourgh (ok, maybe Mrs Bennet is kind of boring, but that’s her point in the story).

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Main Info:

Name: Pride & Prejudice & Zombies

Year: 2015

Director: Burr Steers

Main Cast: Lily James, Sam Riley, Bella Heathcote, Suki Waterhouse, Douglas Booth, Charles Dance, Jack Huston, Matt Smith, Lena Headey.

Costume Design: Julian Day

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Do you know if Zachary Levi has any other project in the works besides tangled the series?

Oh, goodness yes!

Alias Grace (Netflix series) and The Star (animated Christmas movie) both just came out.

He’s working on Blood Fest (a comedy horror), Psych: The Movie (based on the TV series), Office Uprising (zombie comedy movie), and it was just announced that he was cast as Shazam in DC’s movie of the same name!

Also, he was going to be in a Star Wars animated series, but I heard that got cancelled.

Maintaining Religion in the Face of Facts: Now You Can, Too!

A motivated Christian talked with me about coming back to Christianity. Surprisingly, not knowing anything about his religion didn’t convert me, but he also managed to maintain his belief. How does that happen? Well, this particular Christian broke it down for me. While he’s not as eloquent as some, his methods are the exact same as I encounter from even very well-spoken individuals. 

Christian: I choose Christianity
Me: I know you did. so how did you choose it? using what evidence?
X: I read the bible
Me: Do you know what leprosy is?
X: Yeah it’s is a disaster
Me: Right, it’s not a fun time. Tell me, if you contracted leprosy, what would you do?
X: Wat u mean???
Me: What would you do if you caught leprosy? How would you treat it?
X: I would pray to God to give me a miracle to take that away from me
Me: Why would you pray? Leprosy is 100% curable with modern medicine. Did you know that?
X: No
Me: It’s been curable since 1981. What if I gave you a choice between the medical treatment and ripping own a bird and putting the blood on your skin? Which one would you do? If I told you that you had to kill one bird, rip it open, and then take another bird, dip the live bird in the dead bird’s blood, and let the bird flap the blood onto you, would you do that to cure leprosy? Or would you take the medicine?
X: Medical treatment
Me: Why? Is it because birds are full of disease?
X: Yeah???
Me: Right. And that’s smart. But the bible says to do that…the bird blood. So the bible gives us advice that can harm us. You believe YHWH knows everything, so why not tell people how to cure leprosy? Why give a treatment that can make them even more sick?
X: Don’t know
Me: I do. It’s because many years ago, people used to think blood was really purifying. That’s why the bible (and other religions) ask for blood sacrifice. You know who also does bird blood for purification? Voodoo practitioners and priests. It’s common in many religions, and it’s just as unhealthy as ever. In fact, we had a type of virus mutate from birds and we can get sick from it. It killed many, many, many people in 1918. But the bible says to do it…same as every other old religion. By the way, it’s in Leviticus 14:7 if you want to read it yourself. I have another question: does the sun go around the earth, or does the earth go around the sun?
X: Earth go around the sun
Me: Right, but the bible says the sun goes around the earth.
X: In wat book chapter and verse
Me: Joshua chapter 10, verse 13
X: Alright
Me: Why would it say that?
X: Don’t know
Me: The bible even quotes another religious text to say that. It talks about the Book of Jasher, which is not in the bible. Hey, if I tried to grow a plant but put it in a dark room, would it grow or does a plant need sunlight to grow?
X: Sunlight to grow
Me: Right, but the bible says that YHWH created plants, and then later created the sun.
X: Right
Me: so why would he do that if he knows plants need sunlight to grow? It seems the bible was written by people who didn’t really understand the world. If the information came from an all-knowing god, then this wouldn’t be in there.
X: Oh
Me: That’s the same feeling I had when I was studying the bible. Jesus gets kinda angry and mean pretty often, to be honest. He acts like a jerk to his disciples and family,but the strange part is the gospels don’t all say the same thing. For example, they all disagree about his last words on the cross and Matthew wrote about a zombie uprising…but no one else did.
X: O
Me: did you know that?
X: No
Me: why not? You haven’t read your bible, have you? Everything I said today comes from the bible, but you didn’t know it was in there, why not? How can you say the bible is evidence of YHWH when you haven’t even read it?
X: The Bible is the word of God truth
Me: you haven’t even read it, though, so how can you say that? Besides, the sun doesn’t go around the earth. That’s not true, but the bible says it does. You don’t cure leprosy by throwing bird blood on people, but the bible says to do that. So that’s not true. So how can you say the bible is the truth when it has things in there that are factually wrong?
X: Prophecy are being fulfilled itself
Me: No they aren’t, there are unfulfilled prophesies in the bible. YHWH promised to destroy a city during King Nebuchadnezzar’s time…and it is still there. YHWH had promise for Abraham’s descendants, but the bible says they all died without it being fulfilled
X: Yeah they is prophecy are  being fulfilled itself
Me: That is false. Like I said, there are failed prophecies in the bible. The bible also says the Egyptians would all speak Hebrew. That is false.
X: U don’t know wat u talking about i know u don’t know
Me: I will cite the verses for you. Ezekiel 26:7-14 says king Nebuchadnezzar would destroy Tyre, but it still stands. Isaiah 7:1-7 says the king of Judah shall not be harmed, but in 2 Chronicles 28:1-8 it says he was harmed. Isaiah 19:18 says Egyptians will speak Hebrew. Genesis 12:7 says YHWH will give all the descendants a certain land, but Hebrews 11:13 says they didn’t get it (even though they were faithful). Even the bible itself states that some of the prophesies failed.
X: U wrong
Me: It isn’t me, this is the bible. If you think I am wrong, then you are saying the bible is wrong (and I agree with you).
X: The Bible never wrong the Bible is always right
Me: But you already pointed out how the bible is wrong, like with leprosy, plants, and the sun. And the unfulfilled prophesies are listed as unfulfilled right in the bible itself. You say the bible is always right but you haven’t even read it.
X: I read the bible every day so u can’t tell me nothing nothing literally nothing u don’t know wat u are doing i will pray for u right now I’m getting mad
Me: Why are you mad? When I told you some things in the bible, you didn’t know they were there. If you studied your bible, you would have known.
X: So tell me where did people came from i’m testing u now

Get angry and change the subject: the greatest method for keeping one’s religion alive

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What if Naruto's fear of the undead was a remnant of all the times Tobirama traumatized Hashirama with zombies? A trauma so great even his next life had it.

xDD Headcanon accepted! Some traumas are strong enough to carry over between reincarnations, and watching your little brother accidentally a zombie uprising is one of them. 

You know you’re an INTJ when...
  • You root for the smart villain rather than the dumb hero.
  • You have more books that you call friends than actual people.
  • Before every situation you think out every possible outcome and work your way towards the ideal one.
  • People think you’re angry or upset when really you are just thinking. Always. Usually followed by, “Is everything okay?” Everything is fine, I just don’t smile like a moron when I’m thinking.
  • You can do the INTJ stare, that look of pure analyzing coupled with a slightly sardonic smile that makes people feel uneasy. (I have no idea whether I do this or not)
  • Nothing is ever done efficiently enough. Other peoples’ incompetence slows you down through your day and it happens far too often. I frequently clean up other peoples’ messes but I don’t tell anyone. I mostly do it to make things more efficient for me.
  • What do you mean you don’t have a plan? Fail to plan, plan to fail. I always have a plan.
  • You always forget if you locked your car because you always space out when you do it. (I don’t have a car but it happens when I lock the door to my apartment)
  • You also forget where you parked your car for the same reason. You were too focused on what you were going to do next.
  • You have a fairly organized room but you have little piles of crap in various corners and shelves. These are your ideas that you are still waiting to get around to. Some are in pieces, some are half made. You should really get around to giving your android army their appendages otherwise your plan to take over Washington D.C., London, Beijing, Moscow, and Tokyo will never work. They are getting impatient.
  • You walk out of romance movies in disgust and laugh through horror flicks.
  • You go onto a discussion board of like-minded people and don’t agree with any of them.
  • You silently listen to people trying to figure out how to do something, then chime in with the correct way while they stare at you stunned because they didn’t think you where paying attention.  Absolutely. This never fails to catch people off-guard.
  • You look at every conflict situation as an interesting idea, and it pisses off the person you’re in a conflict with.
  • Someone tries to hurt you with words and you don’t feel a thing, in fact, you kind of find it funny.
  • You have 3-10 different conversations in your head with the person you’re actually talking to.
  • You have your favorite type of agenda book.
  • You never leave your house without some kind of list.
  • You constantly get asked WHY and HOW do you think your life plan will work out, and have trouble explaining the amount of contingency plans you have built in.
  • A “life plan” is irrelevant because you know anything could happen that is out of your control and you have to stay flexible and work out various scenarios. There is no one answer. (I am annoyed by this)
  • You have actually thought out ways in which you could escape a prison if you were ever locked up.
  • You have serious plans for events such as tidal waves, zombie uprisings, nuclear war, etc…
  • You can better explain and understand things like time travel, alternate realities and fringe sciences that you can members of popular bands, reality tv shows or flirting.
  • You greet a person with, “I’ve been thinking about…” (only with my INTP bff and with my ENFP mother)
  • You constantly watch the way people do things and create more efficient ways of doing them.
  • You upset people by telling them, “The way you’re doing [thus and thus] is interesting, but you should do it [in this more efficient manner].”
  • Assessing flaws in a security system is second nature to you.
  • Someone starts a sentence with “Why don’t you…” and you turn and give them a very mean look. 
  • When you just finished explaining something profound and interesting and the person who are talking to goes “HUH?”,
  • When people say you always look like you are planning/plotting something; the association then often makes them conclude that you look evil.
  • You’re listening to someone you quickly jump ahead to their point while multi-processing their motive for telling you, how they jumped to that topic, what level of response will be adequate (verbal, head nod, etc.), and planning whatever it is you rather be doing…all before they even finish their sentence. 
  • When everyone expects you to give a lengthy speech on a subject in class debate you are indifferent to and give said speech in five or six sentences and still trump the opposition. (too introverted to be this cool)
  • When people tell you “You know, your music is really really odd.” Whereupon you turn to them and say “Huh, interesting drum pattern here on track 10.”
  • You get called out in class for excessive daydreaming but still get top marks somehow to the annoyance of most present.
  • When you really, honestly don’t care what most other people think about you, and are perfectly fine doing things your own way.
  • When you have a large mess but know exactly where everything is and people are amazed that you can find anything. You also go through cycles of neat-messy-neat-messy-neat.You are never rigidly neat, you are never overwhelmingly messy.
  • You are fine without shopping for new clothes for a year or two.
  • When in a debate, your most commonly used phrase is “Could I get some proof for that?”
  • When you can effectively argue both sides of a debate, you just pick one for fun.
  • You refuse to read your annual performance review because a) you really don’t care what other people said about you, b) anything you did wrong last year…YOU ALREADY KNOW it…and have probably played it out in your mind a 100+ times figuring out how to avoid that mistake again and trust your own solution over someone else’s, c) you hate people wasting your time on stupid stuff from the past, d) you hate people wasting your time right now, and e) you don’t need to be reminded of all the things you did right last year because you already know it.
  • When you are having a conversation with someone and you use more adverbs such as “however, yet, on the other hand” more often than you should because that is the “break” between different view points about the subject being conversed. Then the recipient stares at you blankly.

You know In the Flesh is a British show because they cure all the undead they can. I assume they do it on the NHS.

I assume in the US, Anthem did a cost-benefit analysis and decided they weren’t going to approve undead-curing procedures on their plans. Maybe if you round up your child or parent you can send them to a private zombie-curing facility…

Consider how good and pure ItF’s vision of our world is, that they bother to cure the zombies. Imagine a world wrecked by a zombie uprising, the dead are eating the faces of the living, and all the social and economic collapse that would entail. And then some scientists say “wait guys, we can cure them”.

And the government says… “great, here is ten billion pounds, get to it.”

I mean, bullets are a lot cheaper.

I bet Ed Miliband was Prime Minister.

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I live for this blog, please continue to stay active ❤

Don’t worry – I got you covered.

SDM is gonna keep delivering Scooby goodness & other assorted silliness until the heat death of the universe. 

Zombie apocalypse? Robot uprising? Invasion of giant grasshoppers? Doesn’t matter, I’ll still be posting.


Ps. The list of additional things that won’t stop production of the blog includes, but is not limited to,

1. Alien attacks 2. Werewolf issues 3. Running out of coffee 4. Pumaman returning 5. VHS repairmen going on strike 6. Sentient toast 7. Pirate abductions 8. A NY winter 9. Death 10. Having 5,640 ping

i’m watching shows about apocalypse preppers b/c i’m trash, and my fave thing is how they always start with the people prepping against stuff with historical precedent like plague or natural disaster or economic collapse and by the end it’s the dude running around the forest pretending he’s evading alien tracker beams and the one who has destroyed all their electronics in preparation for the machine uprising. inevitably, zombies follow.