and zero romantic interest

An RR novel? Are you fucking kidding me? Rukia’s literally showed zero interest in Renji’s romantically.
What disturbs me the most about this ship is how fucking unreliable Renji is.
The most important thing about any stable relationship is how much you can rely on you partner.
Renji would have left Rukia to DIE if it weren’t for ICHIGO. It was after he witnessed Ichigo’s resolve to protect and save Rukia that he made a a feeble attempt to save her.

“I swore it on my soul!” He MIMICS Ichigo’s words, Ichigo’s resolve. He has nothing on Ichigo’s place in Rukia’s heart. He doesn’t deserve Rukia. There I said it.

Rukia deserves better

It’s not even about the ships anymore because honestly if Ichihime and RenRuki were better executed I would have accepted it.
I am someone who will accept canon as long as it makes sense.

But this? This is bullshit. Kubo spat in our faces. He threw these ships in our face with no proper explaination. No proper execution. He is insulting everything Bleach ever stood for all for money.

Don’t compare this to Naruto. Because in the end Naruto was about Naruto becoming Hokage and he did. I ship NaruHina and although I am not entirely pleased with the execution it was a hundred times better than Ichihime which showed no reciprocation from Ichigo’s side whatsoever.

Bleach, however was about two people who met one night, shared destiny and changed each other’s worlds forever.
Two people who saved each other

It was the most beautiful poetic relationship ever. It would have been the best conclusion seen in the history of manga and anime but Kubo turned it to trash.


“If I wish to take someone for my wife, there is only Yuuki. So, I’m sorry.”

Can we just take a moment to appreciate that for all the vague messages and disturbing aspects Hino has in Vampire Knight (incest, pedophilia, etc) she never had Zero show an ounce of romantic interest in Ai? So much for that old, (by some, desired) theory as Zero continues to be the pure cinnamon roll he is, not only by treating Ai as his own child, but for not having ideas about grooming her for himself. (which frankly would have made me quit the series immediately.)

I know b99 isn’t Perfect or Flawless by any means but there are still a few things that I will never stop yelling abt tbh?

- consistent normalization of male characters with traditionally ~~feminine character traits

- zero (0) undertones of sexual or romantic interest in majority of the male-female relationships in the squad

- non-stereotyped Jewish main character whose ethnicity is acknowledged consistently but literally never the butt of a joke

- 50-50 male female ratio in the detective squad itself (not including Captain Holt) with three very different yet equally important, multifaceted and complex women with different hopes and aspirations who support each other, two of which are Latina, but who have very contrasting features and personalities

- a major part of Jake’s character arch being that the more confident he becomes in his own self-worth the more he embraces being soft and emotional and unhesitatingly compassionate and kind and loving and rejects his earlier (probably societally enforced) internalized admiration of macho tough guy ideals

- the further fact that there’s the heavy implication that Jake’s feminism is rooted in the multiple strong female influences in his childhood and young adulthood and the consequent fact that hes always willing to concede the point to them when issues of female discrimination are in question

- the whole scene in maximum security where Jake and Amy resolved their conflict

- Amy Santiago learning to become more confident in herself and challenge a father figure, a man she deeply respects and admires, without being rude or disrespectful but still holding her ground eloquently and articulately

- equating ogling women to stabbing someone

- Holt and Kevin’s marriage very obviously being an ideal to aspire towards in the squad’s eyes

- that time Terry literally threw a character that’s the epitome of misogyny and racism into the trash

spk234  asked:

Not a prediction, but something that needs to be send. Stop telling people there's a problem with Clem being asexual. I've been seeing a lot of hate in this idea for a few months now and people really need to step back.

I assume you’re addressing the people sending in the predictions and not me? Either way, I personally don’t really care if people headcanon her as asexual. Although I do find it a bit strange that just because someone shows no romantic interest in any other character, it’s common for people to think that person is aro/ace.

For Clementine specifically she’s just a child somewhere between the ages of 8-13 depending on which season you’re playing. When I was that age I had zero interest in romantic relationships. The point at which people start to develop romantic/sexual attraction to others varies from person to person. And on top of that Clementine is in an apocalypse. Even if she developed a crush on someone chances are she wouldn’t act on it. Her primary objective, especially in season 3, is survival. She even makes comments about how having people close to you is nice but is ultimately a bad thing.

So I think from a purely analytical stand point there’s really no reason to assume she’s asexual. Statistically she most likely isn’t one, and even if she is it would be really hard to prove. But like I said before, if you think Clementine is asexual then that’s fine. I just think that there are things that can be argued against that idea.

Yes. I pissed myself off again by going on a Gotham message board, where dudebros were complaining about speculation that Penguin is gay.

Douchebags calling everybody delusional for picking up on the clues, as if Oswald weren’t overtly coded as queer (and possible asexual?).

Because having several characters refer to Oswald as a ‘fruitcake’ isn’t obvious enough for them?

Apparently, neither is having Oswald LITERALLY do a gymnastics move to avoid being touched by sexy woman wearing negligee.

And, despite the fact that Oswald appears to have zero romantic or sexual history with - or stated interest in - anybody of any gender, they still believe the odds are in favor of him embracing heterosexuality.

They’re so bothered by the mere possibility that Oswald could like men, because they claim to be overwhelmed by the overabundance of queer male characters on the show (there are zero), that they feel the need to rant about it?

And arguments about changing canon sexuality from the comics are bullshit, because I don’t remember Barbara Kean getting it on with everybody whom she encountered in the comics. And I don’t recall her being Harley Quinn (which they’ve just confirmed).

Not one guy posted that there was ‘too much gay’ when Barbara and Tabitha were getting it on. Or Barbara and Renee. Or when people were speculating that there might be a romantic history between Selina and Brigit.

I can’t decide if these dudes are complaining about the possibility of a gay male character, because watching him make out with another man won’t get their dicks hard…or because they’re secretly worried that it will?

I just love shows where men and women can be friends with zero sexual or romantic tension.  Shows like Person of Interest with Shaw and Reese, iZombie with Liv and Ravi, Elementary with Sherlock and Joan, The 100 with Clarke and Bellamy, Agent Carter with Carter and Jarvis. It’s just so good to see pure friendship with the man and woman are just there for each other without the show trying to push a realtionship.

I’m so lucky to have the friends I have 💚🍀. I’m a lot to handle, beyond odd and can have an awful attitude at times but they love me unconditionally. I couldn’t thank my lucky stars enough 💛✨⭐️

Also think this is the first time in a long time I have zero romantic interest in anyone. Like usually when a love song comes on my mind would wonder to that certain someone or seeing a love quote or a stupid meme. I literally have no one. And I like it. I don’t have to talk to anyone for days and it’s okay. Some me time is good. Loving me should come first anyway

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How about the one where you've been childhood friends with someone for ages, and they're absolutely obsessed with you but you have zero romantic interest in them, so they become mean to the people you are interested in.

The Kefka Hour ACCEPTING

“So you pretend to be interested in them, “date them”, fuck their parents, and then feed their parents to them in a bowl of chili.”

okay but how much of a committed, hopeless romantic, real life heart eyes emoji is ronan lynch?!?

i mean, think about it. the kid could’ve dreamt himself a perfect boyfriend at any moment, just like his father did with his mother. but no, instead ronan lets himself fall in love with adam parrish, flawed boy with a complicated past who doesn’t even like boys for a while and even dates someone else and holds her hand all the time and shows like zero interest in ronan romantically for ages. never once did ronan falter. never once did he attempt to conceal his own feelings. he even refused to put his hands on adam when he was potentially about to kill ronan! 

i mean! ronan! my wonderful tiny son.

ppl come up in the flash tags like

“hey guys i am such a hardcore otper in everything else ever to exist

but i just can’t decide on the flash

it’s just such a confusing show regarding romance!!

do i ship barry with his completely platonic friend in whom he has zero romantic interest who is in love with and happily married to someone else?!?!

or maybe barry and this new character with no known characteristics other than “nerdy blonde woman who’s kinda like other nerdy blonde woman” whose stated purpose is to “help complicate [his] love life”

or could it be barry and his lifelong best friend whom he has loved since before he knew what the word love mean, who loves him back and has always supported and uplifted and believed in and adored him and who powers his superheroics, whose mutual epic and pure devotion has been endlessly highlighted throughout the entirety of the first season and has an iconic five decade comics history in which they are the origin of an entire extended family of speedsters

i just can’t decide! there’s no particularly compelling argument for any given one!

someone please convince me!”

The thing is, one of the best examples of the chicanery and corruption of the music industry is going to be a boyband that originated on a Simon Cowell tv show. And so the business drama has always been a prime focus for me about this band. And yet! Because we are talking about a boyband that originated on a Simon Cowell tv show, there is an assumption that the only people paying attention are naive teenage girls who are only interested because of naive romantic fantasies and with zero idea of the business realities that this band operates under, and that is the only possible interest of this band. And to add to it further, I see a lot of anger that it’s not only naive teenage girls who are paying attention to this band, or that it’s not only those who accept everything at face value and are very easily led and controlled by the business entities who are exploiting the situation for their own gain. It appears that some people have the perception that if you can make the people paying attention to the business realities go away, you can make the business realities go away–and we can live in a world in which “the boys” are always happy all the time and living their dreams and able to do everything they want to do all the time, and any other fan would happily take their place on Simon Cowell’s dinner plate.

Consolation Prize

While the show is going to have to address Fitz not feeling like a consolation prize because Will died before Jemma could make her choice, it’s also easy to miss the fact that Will was the consolation prize.

Jemma showed almost zero romantic interest in Will before she lost all hope of ever returning to Fitz and being with him. Elizabeth herself said that Jemma and Will’s relationship was very physical, and that makes sense because it was a relationship built on their physical proximity and effect on each other.

They had almost nothing else in common, the only way they could connect is physically. Yes, she fell in love with him, but that love could only last in a scenario where that was the only thing of any importance between them. Real life requires more than that to create a meaningful, lasting relationship.

Her love for Fitz has much greater meaning than that. They connect on many levels and not just one. It was only through giving up any hope of having a meaningful connection that she was able to look at Will as a romantic interest.

And I think Jemma knew that. I think she knew that her and Will couldn’t connect in any other way so she depended entirely on their physicality as a driving force in their relationship. On that planet, it was enough.

But from what we’ve learned about Jemma, that hasn’t ever been enough for her back on earth. Whoever she was in a relationship with at the time, it was Fitz she kept going back to because she connected with him in more meaningful ways.

And in this situation, that makes Will the consolation prize. Let’s not fool ourselves here, Will wasn’t what Jemma wanted, he was who she needed under those circumstances. Will was the culmination of what she needed to stay sane, because with Fitz for the last ten years she had all of that.

I sincerely believe that Jemma has only fallen in love two men in her life: Fitz and Will. But she fell in love with Will due to the absence of Fitz. Throughout most of her stay on that planet, she counted on her and Fitz’s mutual love for each other to keep her sane, to keep her from losing hope.

When her phone broke, she lost that feeling, and then tried to recreate it with Will because she didn’t want to be without that feeling of loving someone and being loved in return. Will became Fitz’s replacement in a way, giving her something that she needed in order to survive.

But the only thing they had was physical. It was a poor imitation of what she really craved. That’s why when she got back, she clung to Fitz. Their connection was more than physical. There’s a fine line between happiness and content, and I don’t believe for one second she was ever truly happy with Will.

And I do think that plays into her guilt quite a bit. That while she loved him, she didn’t love him in a way that she felt he deserved. Will being alive and back on earth would have made that abundantly clear pretty quick.

And I think Will knew that as well. He knew he wasn’t going to be able to stop that creature. I’m positive he knew he was going to die. The alien being able to identify that Jemma loves Fitz based off of WIll’s memories gives some evidence to the idea that he knew who her heart was truly with.

Jemma just needs to overcome her guilt in order to fully realize that as well.

Why I don't ship Bonenzo

1. Enzo showed up in MF in season 5 and since then has shown zero interest, romantic or otherwise in Bonnie. He spent all of season 6 flirting with Caroline. Season 7 he’s been all about Lily and I’m supposed to believe he suddenly loves Bonnie.

2. Enzo does not care about Bonnie’s wellbeing. He is a vampire and she is human. Yet he hit her hard enough to knock her out and then gave her something that blocks her from being healed. All this beacause getting information on his family was more important than her.

3. Enzo told Bonnie about Damon desiccating himself, not because he cared about her. No. Because he was jealous and wanted to ruin their relationship.

4. Because I don’t have to. It’s my choice and I choose not to.

5. Enzo is a petty, abusive, flip-flopping, irrelevant character.

6. My love for Michael Malarky does not change any of the above.

Tumblr: We need a word that describes wanting to be around a person and enjoying their company but with zero romantic interests

Me:…..a friend?

Tumblr: We need a term for when you’re seeing a person but don’t want to be exclusive

Me:…you mean dating?

Tumblr: We need a word for-

Me: Stop it, I am certain that word exists.

It’s ok to be friends.

Why is there such a push to have people be romantically involved in tv shows and movies? Why can’t two people just be friends, or even best friends? There is nothing wrong with being best friends with someone, and having zero romantic interest at all. It’s ok. Stop pushing for them to kiss and bang. Let the story come naturally and develop on it’s own. You will be so much happier that way.

Dean & Cas
Ichabod & Abbie
Thorin & Bilbo
Steve Rogers & Bucky Barnes
Natasha & Clint

Those are the main groupings I see. Seriously, can they not just be best friends? What is so wrong with that? Instead of harping at writers to do what you want, how bout you let them do what they get paid to do.

dewdropthebass  asked:

(Hi! I love your blog!) Could you please maybe write something about an INFJ with zero romantic experience/knowledge when someone is interested in them? Thanks!

Person: Hey…you’re really attractive….

INFJ: uhhhhhhhhhhh…(oh my god…this is strange)

Person: I really mean it..

INFJ: No….

Person: No, seriously! You’re so great!

INFJ: Uhh…there are loads of OTHER great people, you should meet them.

Person: But I don’t want to…

INFJ:….(what??) Uhhh…are you sure…cuz look over there…they’re gorgeous….

Person: ….so are you….

INFJ: Hahaha….goodbye. *runs away*