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30th Anniversary Medley
Tomomichi Takeoka
30th Anniversary Medley

Ballad of the Wind Fish (Link’s Awakening)

Palace (Zelda II: The Adventure of Link)

Realm Overworld (Spirit Tracks) 

Sun’s Song & Clock Town (Majora’s Mask)

Tal Tal Heights (Link’s Awakening)

The Dark World (A Link to the Past)

Song of Awakening (Link’s Awakening)

Staff Roll (Link’s Awakening) 

Launch Titles                                                 

Rest of 2017                                                   

  • I Am Setsuna (March 2017 in US, 2017 in Europe)
  • Fast RMX (March 2017)
  • Has Been Heroes (March 2017)
  • Snipperclips - Cut it out, together! (March 2017)
  • Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (April 28)
  • ARMS (Spring 2017)
  • Splatoon 2 (Summer 2017)
  • Fire Emblem Warriors (late 2017)
  • Pokémon Stars (late 2017)
  • Super Mario Odyssey (holiday 2017)
  • Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (TBC)
  • Rime (May 2017)
  • Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ (Spring 2017)
  • Disgaea 5 Complete (Spring 2017)
  • LEGO City Undercover (Spring 2017)
  • Puyo Puyo Tetris (Spring 2017)
  • Redout (TBC)
  • Sonic Mania (Spring 2017)
  • Elder Scrolls V Skyrim (late 2017)
  • NBA 2K18 (September 2017)
  • Project Sonic 2017 (late 2017)
  • Shovel Knight (2017)

No release date announced                                                   

  • Arcade Archives by Hamster (TBC)
  • Constructor (TBC)
  • Cube Life: Island Survival (TBC)
  • Dragon Quest X (TBC)
  • Dragon Quest XI (TBC)
  • Dragon Quest Heroes I and II (TBC)
  • Dragonball Xenoverse 2 (TBC)
  • EA Sports FIFA (TBC)
  • Farming Simulator (TBC)
  • Minecraft: Story Mode - The Compete Adventure (TBC)
  • Rayman Legends: Definite Edition (TBC)
  • Seasons of Heaven (TBC)
  • New Shin Megami Tensei (TBC)
  • Stardew Valley (TBC)
  • Steep (TBC)
  • Syberia 3 (TBC)
  • Project Octopath Traveller (TBC)
  • Taiko Drum Master (TBC)
  • New No More Heroes (TBC)
  • New ‘Tales of’ RPG (TBC)
  • Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers (TBC)
What your fav loz game says about you
  • The Legend of Zelda: you haven't played any loz games since this one.
  • Zelda II: you own the entire legend of zelda animated series on vhs.
  • A Link to the Past: you're an elitist snob and/or you hate yourself.
  • Four Swords: you just want to be able to beat someone else up with multiplayer.
  • Link's Awakening: you fuckin love whales.
  • Ocarina of Time: good man. who doesn't like this game. your favorite band might be the beatles though.
  • Majora's Mask: your blog title is "welcome to my twisted mind"
  • Oracle of the Ages: you're a twin. your sibling got pokemon blue version.
  • Oracle of the Seasons: you're a twin. your sibling got pokemon red version.
  • Wind Waker: you are easily distracted by bright colors and pretty music so the endless sailing never bothered you. you want link's grandmother to adopt you.
  • Four Swords Adventure: you just want to be able to beat someone else up with multiplayer, but on the gamecube.
  • The Minish Cap: you thought it was adorable that you could become really really small and explore. You also have the hots for vaati.
  • Twilight Princess: you were that kid in elementary school who was way too obsessed with wolves. Possibly a furry.
  • Phantom Hourglass: you want to marry linebeck. I don't understand you. You also managed to get all the different boat designs somehow. How the fuck did you get all the parts for the golden ship. I hate you.
  • Spirit Tracks: you really liked that zelda was a kindof playable character. The overworld theme plays on repeat in your head at all times. Link is so cute as a conductor. Wow link is adorable
  • Skyward Sword: your wii controller actually worked so link's sword went where you swung it.
  • A Link Between Worlds: you were endlessly entertained by just fuckin slamming link into walls. You found every painting link could stand behind so it looked like he had a funny head. chicken link is your god.
  • Hyrule Warriors: you've never actually played a real zelda game.

AVGN Zelda 2 - Cinemassacre Animated


The Legend Of Zelda Console Wallpapers.

1. The Legend of Zelda (1986) [NES]

2. Zelda II: The Adventure of Link (1987) [NES]

3. The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (1991) [SNES]

4. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (1998) [N64]

5. The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask (2000) [N64]

6. The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker (2002) [Gamecube]

7. The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (2006) [GC/Wii]

8. The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (2011) [Wii]

9. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (2017) [Wii U/Switch]

Why yes, that there is a traced overlay of the Zelda II world map superimposed on the world map of Breath of the Wild. My my, that’s quite a claim: what could have *possibly* made so much sea water disappear?

The game tells us, actually: during the “Leviathan Bones” side quest, Akrah and his colleagues are researching into the great Leviathan (lit. whale) bones scattered about Hyrule, with the great ones being said to rest in Eldin’s Deplian highlands, Hebra’s north slope, and Gerudo’s Dragon’s Exile. Taking photos with your Slate of each of these massive fossils will result in these scientists giving their theories on what caused the deaths of these mysterious giants: death by a volcanic eruption; death by Ice Age; death by drought.

What if I told you, all three happened…in that order?

The quite active volcano beneath the “Valley of Death” in Eastern Hyrule must have erupted quite violently, raising itself up higher from the shallow seas, buckling and breaching the water’s surface to form a grander cone: the heat of this intense eruption—and its likely massive pyroclastic flow—decimated the surrounding regions, killing the first leviathan.

The after effects of this eruption were felt almost immediately: the ash and particulates clogging the skies, dropping the temperature worldwide, and leading into a dip in the climate, with less sunlight breaking through the ash-choked clouds…leading into longer, harsher winters—highlands glaciating under pack ice—leading to the death of the second leviathan.

Now, as the climate is cooling and the air mass is drying, less frequent rains for a period of time leads to a massive drought, culminating in the death of the final leviathan.

These three consecutive changes combined would lower the sea level dramatically, and it is *exactly what we see*! The inland Cliffs of Quince and the upper cliffs of Loshlo Harbor, in southeastern Hyrule, exhibit weathering typical of tidal erosion: yet they’re far above the current sea level. And then there are the numerous *other* bones scattered about Hyrule, seemingly from giant serpents and whales alike—the proverbial sea creatures of the deep. And last but not least, there’s rock salt: a product of the desiccation of the “ancient seas”.

Let’s not even mention how so many of the landforms and locations line up near-perfectly between these two overworlds (Spectacle Rock, Maw/Valley of Death [Mountain], Rauru, the river sources of Saria, swamps and marshlands, Maze Island, etc.)

fallowsthorn  asked:

Are you the person who does video game suggestions? I hope so, otherwise this is gonna be really off the wall. Any recs for Zelda knockoffs for PC? Like Oceanhorn, if you know that one. Psychonauts has the same kind of collect-all-the-things open-ish world I'm looking for, just with a sci-fi setting instead of fantasy.

Depends on what generation of Zelda clones you’re in the market for.

For the original NES flavour, Ittle Dew 2 is an excellent Zelda clone. Total open world (to the extent that you can literally do the first seven dungeons in reverse order if you’re feeling perverse), boatloads of secrets and hidden areas, and very speedrun-friendly if you’re into that sort of thing.

Conversely, if Zelda II: The Adventures of Link is your favoured flavour of NES nostalgia, you might have a look at Alwa’s Awakening. It’s admittedly got a lot of classic Castlevania in its DNA, too, but for a non-linear open world collect-’em-up in sidescrolling form, you could do far worse.

Moving up a generation, the best Link to the Past clone I’ve given a spin lately would have to be Blossom Tales: The Sleeping King. It’s not quite so nonlinear as the preceding entries - but then, neither is the title it’s paying homage to. Very cute, and more than a little meta.

As for stuff that resembles the post-Super Nintendo Zelda games, I’m afraid you’ve already name-checked a couple of the better examples, and I’m not really the best one to ask anyway, as I largely moved on to Metroidvanias for my open world collect-’em-up fix at that point. However, if you’re willing to entertain a slight lateral shift, I do have a couple to recommend:

AER: Memories of Old is a open-world exploration game where you play as a woman who can transform into a bird, navigating floating islands dotted with ancient ruins. You know the flying segments of The Skyward Sword? Picture that expanded into a full game and you’ll be right on the money. AER is 100% exploration focused and has no combat whatsoever - just puzzles and stuff.

Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles has a stronger focus on collecting and crafting than the preceding game, as well as light farming sim elements, with a lesser emphasis on complex puzzles; think Breath of the Wild meets Stardew Valley and you’ll be in the right ballpark. Like AER, this game does not feature combat of any kind.

All 12 Links from the various Zelda games! In case there was any confusion, each Link is a different individual, not the same person, in each game besides tie-in sequels. I made this to show all of them in one unified style.

Individual Links who appear in multiple games are featured only once, besides OoT/MM Link who is featured as both an adult and a child.

Zelda U doesn’t have a confirmed place in the timeline yet, so for now that Link is in his own section.

So I was cleaning my music library and thought I would share the TOP 9 songs that I listen/write to. A couple years back iTunes cleared most of my play data, so this is not absolute. Also a couple songs made it all the way to the TOP 9 because of their short length (( looking at you, Undertale )). But heeeey, that’s life~ 😅

Anyhow, here it goes!

  1. The Idol of Time and Space /  Devil May Cry 4 / 670 Plays
  2. Title Theme / Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time / 610 Plays
  3. Shop / Undertale / 485 Plays
  4. Requiem / Castlevania: The Dracula Chronicles X / 445 Plays
  5. Nocturne / Castlevania: The Dracula Chronicles X / 420 Plays
  6. Safe Haven / VA11 HALL-A / 385 Plays
  7. RAP ONLY MEMORIES / ROM / 345 Plays
  8. From Dawn to Dusk (Gary’s Version) / Endless Legend / 325 Plays
  9. Majula / Dark Souls II / 315 Plays

The funny thing here is that the #1 song is actually the longest of the whole set (at 3 minutes 47 seconds, unlike the shortest of the list being Shop at 50 seconds). 🎶