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Marty when you're really close to Zack while dating/while you're taking a break

- Marty hates Zack a little bit
- He hates how that stupid prick can always make you smile or laugh
- He hates that that glorified bean pole is your best friend
- And Marty sure as shit hates that when you and him have a fight, you go running to Zack
- So… Marty does what Marty does to ensure that you stay his: villainous things
- He goes through your phone while you’re asleep or in the shower, just to make sure nothing untoward is happening
- He creeps your twitter feed and Instagram account
- When you and Zack get a little too close for his comfort (which is within the same neighborhood of each other), he must worm his body in between you and Zack
- Zack, that asshole, is a touchy feely bloke too so Marty always had to show him exactly what for… by grabbing your ass possessively in plain view of all
- Both you and Zack are strictly friends, though you did try to date long before Marty was in the picture. It just never worked, as you had explained at length, multiple times.
- Zack thought it was hilarious to wind Marty up, always taking an opportunity to tweet to you that he misses you and your hugs or to remind you of an inside joke
- Marty would fume
- you’d have to calm him down
- Which usually meant dragging him off to a secluded area to… fuck some sense into his head.


“I have twenty-three tiny wishes, but you probably won’t remember them all, so I put them all together into one…

                                                      …I’d like to spend more time with you.”

  • Misaki: It's time to strip and make the bed.
  • Usagi: [unbuttoning his shirt] Okay, if that's what poor people do...
  • Misaki: Woah there, Usagi-san!
  • Misaki: I meant strip the sheets off the bed and put on new ones.
  • Usagi: Oh.

The Milo Archives (and not so)
The first was drawn 12/10/2015 to the song Shut up and Dance and the bottom one was drawn 10/01/2016 to Call it Whatever. Drawn in the stream.
Dan’s daughter wanted me to drawn Zack’s hair purple in the second one which sorta comes out that way with the highlights, but real purple hair won’t come until later on when I post more specific things I’ve drawn X)


I’m a bit late but anyways happy 20th anniversary to FF7!