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[So I’ve been seeing discourse on my dash where a bunch of people are attacking someone for saying that GLaDOS is something other than a Lesbian. Look. I do ship ChellDOS, but GLaDOS is a ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE and it has never been stated that she is canonically a lesbian (at least to my knowledge). Please. I do not mind that you guys see GLaDOS as gay, that’s FINE, but please don’t attack other people for saying otherwise.
I don’t want this whole fandom to go to shit because someone has a HC that GLaDOS is something else on the LGBTQA+ spectrum.]

(  small  psa. )

people  can  write  sensitive /  triggering  material  if  they  DO:

tag  it  accordingly
warn  others  in  their  rules
optionally  use  ‘read more’

they  can  write  it  if  they  DON’T  ( & make  clear  that  they  don’t ):

glorify  it  
▪ treat  it  as  joke
force  it  on  others

this  is  one  of  the  reasons  why  you  should  always  read  a  blog’s  rules  &  infos.  as  well  as  to  warn  your  followers  what  might  await  them  on  your  blog  +  an  example  of  tags  to  blacklist.  every  writer  is  responsible  for  what  they  post,  yes,  but  the  reader  also  has  responsibility  to  gather  information  beforehand,  block  certain  tags,  in  order  to  avoid  triggering  material.  

responsibility  for  safety  lies  on  both  ends;  provider  &  consumer  alike.

hey everyone! I’m looking for some more blogs to follow because i want to see some new faces on my dashboard and because my dash has been a little dead lately. i know i make these kinda posts a lot, but i’m always up for following more blogs since I don’t follow that many to begin with! 

So like or reblog (reblogs appreciated to spread this around) this post if you post the following and I’ll check your blog out!

  • Fire Emblem (just the series in general, i’ve played a few games from it and i’m really excited for all the new stuff coming!)
  • Ace Attorney (same as above! I’m still on Apollo Justice tho shhhh but I really love Maya Fey if you haven’t noticed)
  • Professor Layton (i’ve played all the games and I’m suuper hyped for Lady Layton!!)
  • Nintendo stuff in general
  • Little Witch Academia
  • My Hero Academia
  • Mob Psycho 100
  • Love Live! (my faves are Umi and Dia)
  • A Series of Unfortunate Events
  • anything related to photography stuff
  • also anything related to writing/literature in general (i’m a very enthusiastic english major lmao)

+ bonus points if you are a writer like me too!

Here’s my about me page and here’s my tags page of more stuff I usually blog about. My blog is a slight mess, but I’ve had it for a while. 

So thank you for checking out my blog if you do and I’ll be sure to check yours out as well! 

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Hello!! Just wanted to say, I'm not sure how I found your account, you just sorta showed up on my dash one day, but oh my god you are amazing. I could never stand up to bitchy haters like you do and aaaaaa you're awesome okay bye now

Awwww thank you!! I love these messages

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Hi there friend! I wanted to stop by to let your followers know the paid tumblr ads for Split can be blocked! If you click the top of the ad it takes you to a page dedicated to the movie which is blockable. I know these ads have been a source of stress to many people and I've just been trying to spread the word the best I can. :)

Melody you’re a lifesaver…. I saw the ads on my dash this morning and they made me really upset. Good to know we can block them! Thank you! 💗

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I didn't know you'd like to hear from your followers so now I wanted to talk to you :3 Hi! I hope you're having a lovely day! What was your first reaction to Yuri on Ice? And what other anime do you watch? Love from Germany โ˜บ

Hi! Hope you’re having a lovely day too. 

Well, i think my first reaction was “Why is everyone talking about this anime anyways? My dash is full of posts about it and I don’t even watch it. Maybe I should unfollow them.” And then one of my friends insisted I should watch it and I said, meh, why not, i can give it a shot.

And now here i am.

In hell.

And i’m not watching any other anime atm, but i’m really into the horror manwha Killing Stalking -even though i’m sure some people will definitely hate me for it.- 

Love <3


Fandom: Marvel
Pairing: Reader x Bucky Barnes
Words: 2,417
Warnings: none. but you know idk, to my knowledge there is none.
Request: yes or no
Inspired By:
A/N:ย Bucky Barnes story all up on your dash! also iโ€™m sorry itโ€™s sooo jumpy. iโ€™m like a frog always jumpy. jk lol that is so lame kellyโ€ฆ anyways enjoy.
Tags: @seargantbcky

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Is there a place where you can see all things Charmless? I came to your account through YouTube (Chronotale) and I saw everything that you were doing and thought it was super cool. I looked through all of your Skull-Kid stuff, and fell in love, but I couldn't seem to find the "beginning" or first post of Charmless, and having trouble following them until the newest one. Little help?

My oc tags were a mess, thank you for telling me. The skull-kid tag broke because of the little dash so I had to change it to skullkid. I also went back to all my old charmless art and tagged it correctly as well. On my blog there’s a little link under my face called “++Tags and Links++” click it, scroll down to tag list and it’ll take you to my tags. Here’s also the link.

Thank you enjoying my artwork~!

My two cents on the Series of Unfortunate Events discourse currently in progress on my dash, chiefly a personal answer to the question “how is this funny” (hey there @why-bless-your-heart):

The books are largely comedy literature, I understand that now. The new series on Netflix is very aware of its own absurdity, often bordering on camp. When I was a nine-year-old kid reading The Bad Beginning, though, I was not in it for laughs. I was entranced by what I simply saw as a gripping story about some brainy orphans trying to evade the clutches of a master criminal. There were a few lines I understood as jokes, mostly the in-text word definitions. But chiefly I loved how ruthless the story was–Count Olaf isn’t fooling around, he’s straight-up going to kill these kids if and when he gets their fortune from them, and says as much. I still remember the thrill of Klaus’s realization that Olaf is not merely an “unsavory, drunken brute,” but an “unsavory, clever drunken brute”–one who knows the game and plays it well, for all that the prey continues to evade him. And I read the rest of the series largely in the same spirit–my mother occasionally tipping me off to where the comedy lay by bursting into laughter over, for instance, the socialite antics of Esme Squalor or the gallows humor of the phrase “two Quagmire triplets.”

Over the weekend, when I reread The Bad Beginning–a book which enthralled my younger self for hours but which my cynical adult incarnation sucked up as easily as a Libby’s juice box–I was disappointed to find Olaf a poor shadow of the complex and calculating villain I had known in childhood. He’s a simple algorithm designed by his author to take the most evil option offered to him at a given moment–overload his charges with chores, complain about the food they serve his minions, deal Klaus a full-strength slap across the face. Much of his villainy is utterly pointless; impressive hairdo aside, he’s not one of your stylish baddies. Evil a la Snicket is rude, abusive, self-centered, overinflated, unhygienic, bad at acting and a disliker of great literature. A moment’s lapse in puppy-kicking or in dire table manners would render him an incomplete villain, and it would, I think, have profoundly disappointed my preteen self. I was in it for nothing less than utter monstrosity.

The Olaf of the early installments is, wacky disguises and occasional one-liners notwithstanding, really not a terribly funny guy. In The Bad Beginning I don’t think Olaf made me laugh even once, then or now. The inherent silliness of Olaf as served by Neil Patrick Harris is really more in keeping with the Olaf of the later books, when the comedy (as I remember) became more surface-level; the Olaf who, stranded at sea with the orphans, does not terrify them but grandly demand that they steer him to a car dealership, to which they react with a disgust typically reserved not for the local arsonist but for an excessively embarrassing parent. And I loathed that Olaf; he no longer felt like a threat. Olaf at his most effective could be frightening even when he was most funny; he could dress up as a woman, put on a high, squeaky voice and still make you want to watch where he’s putting those long fake fingernails. At some point in the establishment of the cumbersome VFD mythology, Olaf’s flair faded until the final installment granted him an overblown and melodramatic death that felt, to my by-then-13-year-old self, entirely unearned. I wanted Olaf the unhinged murderer back; sympathy was out-of-keeping with his presentation and struck the wrong note.

The back jackets get some comedy out of listing enormous tragedies alongside trivial instances and out-of-context oddities as though they were all equivalent (“In this short book alone, the three youngsters encounter a greedy and repulsive villain, itchy clothing, a disastrous fire, a plot to steal their fortune, and cold porridge for breakfast”). Still, I would argue that the essential humor of the series does not stem from the misfortunes the Baudelaires face, the most serious of which–the loss of their parents–is treated with sincere gravity. (The one line from The Bad Beginning that still impresses me as an adult: “It is useless for me to describe to you how terrible Violet, Klaus, and even Sunny felt in the time that followed. If you have ever lost someone very important to you, then you already know how it feels, and if you haven’t, you cannot possibly imagine it.”) Instead, it’s derived from various absurdities (the sheer ridiculousness of making a baby work at a lumber mill; Vice Principal Nero and his fiddle; Esme Squalor’s faddish obsession with “aqueous martinis,” otherwise known as water) and from narrative divergences such as lengthy translations of Sunny’s baby-talk, oddly specific definitions of words in their current context (“transpired” apparently means “happened, and made everyone sad”), and tangents about the shadowy life of Lemony Snicket (“[T]he law is an odd thing. For instance, one country in Europe has a law that requires all its bakers to sell bread at the exact same price. A certain island has a law that forbids anyone from removing its fruit. And a town not too far from where you live has a law that bars me from coming within five miles of its borders”). It’s something like the easy-reader version of Nabokov, and the comic note it strikes is one its successors have failed to imitate, although it is most successful when it takes a backseat to the action and wears thin whenever it starts to fall in love with its own peculiar drone.

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Happy Birthday John! I wish you lots of love and happiness! Thanks for making my dash a better place. โค๐ŸŽ‚โค๐ŸŽ‚

Tricia! Thank you. I can hardly remember this place before I found your light here. Always a delight, and again, you help prove that all the awesome ones are in California. Someone get me a one-way ticket.

My Dash Is Dying

I unfollowed some people and now my dash is quiet if you post things related to 

  • star wars
  • overwatch
  • classics/roman history
  • shakespeare
  • pokemon mystery dungeon
  • pokemon (in general)
  • lord of the rings
  • aesthetic stuff

please reblog this and I will check out your blog!

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when i just started following you i thought that it will be really irritating to see so many of your asks answers in my dash, i even thought about unfollowing you, BUT rn i can't imagine my dash without you and your answers, it's usually so sweet and positive and nice, and i just love your personality so much <333 seeing any of your posts is always makes my day brighter and i feel like i'm charging with positive energy every time i see you! thank you so much for making my days better <3

THANK U A LOT FOR STAYING!!!!♥♥♥ And I’m glad that u like my answers prjgprejg I know that some people don’t like this. And tbh I tried to yknow gather them in one ask 


So i keep it that way ehehe and i didnt like it when i gathered the ask, like the answers aren’t visible eheh

BTW if u dont want to see my answers, remember that u can always blacklist “ask sarah”!!!!

yall gotta learn how to write more than fragments and choppy sentences my friends. this isn’t specific to anyone on my dash either because this post comes from someone talking about seeing it on THEIR dash and it made my head fucking SPIN.

i don’t give a flying flip if you’re writing something sweet and cute or if it’s bloody and brutal or if you’re writing your muse doing the do with their boo, you have GOT to see a sentence through or it loses steam and becomes a mess. it turns into the most choppy writing that can exist and it’s not even aesthetically pleasing enough to excuse.

if it were written in LEGIT POEM format then MAYBE you could make it work but i know for a fact most of you AREN’T soo..


EXAMPLE OF A BAD FRAGMENT as mostly seen in terrible s/mut:

fingers pulling clothes. head tilts. small moans fall from her mouth. hips pump.

that’s not even poetic enough to be excused as a poem in motion either, it’s just lazy writing.

WHOSE fingers pull at WHOSE clothes????? it should be HER head tilts, and for god’s sake give people more than two measly words of action to keep something going.

This is part of the whole “you get what you give” vibe some folks don’t understand. If you want a thread to feel like it’s moving forward and going somewhere and isn’t just repetition of the same shit you have to do more than that.

And no, it doesn’t have to be purple prosed to death either. Overdone and underdone are two sides of the same damn coin my friends. You can fucking do it, I know you can. PRACTICE, READ YOUR REPLIES OUT LOUD OR IN YOUR HEAD.

i don’t give a shit if you use proper caps when writing, if you format like crazy or not at all… but that lazy shit is driving me up a WALL.