and youre gonna have to hold it closed and use up that amount of power no matter what

wicked in her veins.

pairing: jimin x reader

genre: fluff, minor hints of sexual tension / demon!jimin

word count: 1,460

prompt: Getting to dress your demon boyfriend up for Halloween

note: october prompts masterlist

“Hell no. Not happening — fucking ever. Not in your wildest dreams, princess.”

His response was immediate as you made your way down the hallway with the costume in hand. The look on his face as he realized the certain… entity that you were holding was beyond priceless. It was of course the exact reaction that you had been expecting. His brows furrowed while his top lip curled in disgust, the physically aversive response to something as simple as a Halloween costume only causing your amusement to run thicker. No, not even your boyfriend’s harsh refusal could deter your mood, or your powers of persuasion for that matter.

“Oh, is that so?” You replied to Jimin, your brow arched in a way that told him how so far from over this conversation was. “I seem to remember that a certain someone lost a bet to me a few weeks ago? Remember that game of poker? The deal was—”

“—This is what you want to use your win from that on? Baby, c’mon anything else. You’re not this evil, I know you aren’t… Are you?” He was pleading a little, his bottom lip jutting out to try and tug at your heartstrings. Admittedly you felt a tiny pull, but it was quickly overtaken by the image of Jimin wearing the costume that was still dangling from the hanger in your hand.

Your mouth curved into a sultry smile as you made your way closer to him. He was sitting down on the living room couch, a look of despair flooding his eyes as he realized that there was no way in hell that you were backing down from this. You sat the costume onto the open space next to Jimin, his reaction a harsh flare of his nose. However, the tension soon dropped as you went to straddle his lap, your hands swiftly moving to take their place on either side of his face.

“You know, I really thought that a demon would be a lot better at a game all about lying and deceit.”

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dates with BTOB

small imagine of my headcanons of where btob members would go and how they would act on dates with their s/o~

·random dates
-anywhere, at any time
-he actually thinks a lot about where to take you because he wants to take you somewhere fun where you’d have a good time
-you could be at his place just chilling and he’s excitedly come up with a date idea
“let’s go kayaking!!”
“are u sure”
“yeah why not it’ll be fun!!”
-you did go kayaking and needless to say you both ended up falling into the water
-you had a lot of fun tho
-it could be more normal dates as well
-like going to karaoke bars or going for a walk
-but with him around it’s never normal it’s always a lot of fun
-you often end up in amusement parks for no special reasons
-refuses going on scary looking rides tho
-does anything to make you laugh
-handholding !!
-if you don’t seem quite amused with an idea he’d come up it’s no big deal he’s fine with just staying at home and ordering pizza
-and turning on the radio so you could randomly dance to anything that comes on
-all in all no matter where you go and what you do it’s always a lot of fun because he does anything he can to guarantee you’d have fun

·movie marathon dates
-at his place
-has a stash of popcorn, drinks and all your favorite snacks
-also there’s this one big fuzzy blanket both of you share and cuddle up in
-dimming down all the lights
-he picks half of the movies you watch and you pick the other half so you don’t argue about what you’re gonna watch
-eating popcorn from the biggest bowl you can find because bigger bowl = more popcorn can fit in
-he gets really focused on the movie sometimes it’s really cute to see him like that
-comparing each other to the characters that annoy you for fun
“that one is soo like you”
“i am NOT like that wth they’re obviously like you”
-lets you snuggle down on his chest
-strokes your hair a lot without realizing
-cuddles !!
-shy nose kisses and giggles
-unless the movie’s boring in that case makeout time
-“did we actually spend the whole day watching movies?”
“let’s do it again”

·restaurant dates
-romantic af pulls out your chair and all
-classy places with a little amount of people
-he’d always try not to be more than lowkey weird because he’s always afraid you’d feel embarrassed by his actions
-quietly sings whatever you wish for while you wait for the food to come
-he’d usually get the staff to put small sticky notes with cute messages on the corner of the plate
-sometimes it would be the most random things like “my poop is power color” to make you laugh if he noticed your mood was bad
-tells you about his day excitedly
-but is quiet and listens to you completely when you start talking about something important to you
-sometimes makes funny faces to distract you from eating
-walks you home
-by that time he lets his dorky self to come out freely
-does the most random things because he can
-doesn’t want to let you go
-passionate kisses before he leaves home

·museum dates
-picks you up
-has the widest smile on his face the moment he sees you
-always brings a bouquet of your favorite flowers
-is there a museum the two of you didn’t visit?
-if there is you’re probably going there
-holding your hand at all times
-taking pictures of you looking at the art
-cheesy pick up lines
“i know we went to the museum to look at art but you’re the real masterpiece” making you embarrassed af
-you go for coffee after you’re done
-when you get to your place he hugs you and says a soft “i love you” every time
-smiles to himself on his way home because he can’t get the image of how cute you were out of his head
-texts you almost immediately cause he misses you already

·dinner at home dates
-gets excited every time
-talking about everything that crosses your minds
-used to be really shy around you but is super comfortable with you now and does the most random stuff to make you laugh
-pretends he doesn’t like skinship but secretly loves it
-tries his best to cook the foods you like
-he burned the food a few times so he just ordered pizza and apologized immediately the moment you came over
-all smiley when he sees you
-gives you his hoodies
-like all of them
“you like it? here u go”
-he’s really happy that you and pennie get along
-unless you’re eating dinner you play with her all. the. time.
-you compliment the food he makes even if he messes up a little (though then u tease him about it too)
-never lets you do the dishes
-sometimes you randomly kiss him on the cheek and he gets super flustered
-movie marathons after you’re done eating
-with penny falling asleep on your lap and peniel on your shoulder

·travelling dates
-like, not around the country trips, it’s all over the world trips
-“hey did you pack because i already bought to tickets to ___”
-and it’s always business class
-if you fall asleep during the flight he’ll cover you with a blanket he brings in case you fall asleep
-makes special playlists you can listen to whenever
-him speaking in his british accent
“Can we get some watah?”
-learns random words from the language of the country you visit and tries to incorporate it into every day speech, not always correctly
-like the one time you visited germany
“let’s go see some sehenwurdigkeit”
“see what?”
“…uhmm isn’t that like attractions and stuff?”
“ilhoon istg”
-hotels you stay in are usually nice small ones that aren’t full of people
-visiting all of the attractions of the place you visit
-before you go sightseeing he lets you go through his hoodies and lets you wear the one you want because to him you look the cutest in his hoodies
-doesn’t take a lot of pictures but the ones he does are so aesthetic like wow
-shy handholding
-if you go somewhere close to the seaside he’ll probably run into the sea with his clothes on and pull you with him
-honestly you always have a good time

·fishing dates
-soo awkward at first bc what kind of a date is that
-also how to use the fishing gear
-and be in a small boat
“let me be your fishing 101”
-now it’s cool and you two chill
-except when he sneaks a kiss when you’re not looking and starts goofing around out of happiness almost knocking the two of you in the water
-took a celebratory photo when you caught your first fish
-wanted to hang it on a wall because apparently you look sooo cute in it
-he’s really random so he makes you laugh a lot
“if i kissed the fish would it turn into a mermaid?”
“are you really serious?”
-sometimes you sit with your backs facing each other leaning o one another like that
-one of you usually fall asleep like that
-random jokes to light up the mood
-when you decide to go back he’d either take you out for a walk or to a restaurant
-spending the night at his place playing with sami

Guardian (Part II)

Lucifer x Reader

Warnings: Satan?, cursing, SMUT, alcohol and reader being drunk

Words: 3273…

Part One

I was so overwhelmed with your positive response to this litte piece I wrote so I decided fuck it and wrote a sequel feat. doing the nasty. Although it’s tasteful…I hope. And I always enjoy hearing from you little darlings! You really made my day^^

Enjoy sweeties <3

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The rain drops tapped softly on your window as you observed the beautiful sunset. A rare summer storm was coming, the hot humid air, preparing you for thunder and lighting. The first drops had delighted you and you had turned off the television, instead grabbed a bottle of sweet wine and sat in front of the window, enjoying a light haze and sweet summer kisses. You had opted for soft shorts and a shirt that was way too large on you, yet so comfortable you felt like drowning in it.

How you loved these special little moments of complete and utter peace. A smile stretched onto your bittersweet lips as you raised the glass of apple wine, its taste numbing your senses, oh so pleasantly. Thinking about everything and nothing at the same time, you hummed a tune with no rhythm, occasionally running your index finger along the streaks the rain was causing on your window. The couch under you was almost too tempting, your little corner urging you to fall asleep.

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Dear Alexander, It’s Quiet Uptown

Summary: In which you and Bucky are forced to live with the unimaginable.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 2,715

Warnings: Major Angst, Character Death

A/N: Hamilton still owns me so here I am writing another song fic because of it. This one is a mashup of Dear Theodesia and It’s Quiet Uptown (with a small reference to Stay Alive - Reprise)  and is NOT connected to my Helpless/Satisfied fics.

@avengerstories Thank you, as always for being a queen and editing this.

Originally posted by thechloris

“Do you remember when I told you that I’d never love anyone more than you?” Bucky asks, voice wavering and eyes unable to meet yours. “I lied.”

“That’s alright,” you whisper tiredly, placing your hand over his. It’s been a long day and your ability to fight is nowhere to be found. At this point, it’s a struggle to even keep your eyes open. “I understand.”

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Right in Front of Your Eyes - Part 2

Originally posted by thealextheshipper

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader
Warnings: Angst, Fluff, all the feelings
Summary: After your parents were murdered mysteriously, you move in with your godfather Tony Stark, along the way your normal life will be turned upside down, due to a Mr Parker and being hit by a bus. It will all make sense eventually.
A/N: Basically, you are Jessica Drew but with your name and a slight twist. BTW you’re British, you’re welcome 😉
Word Count: 1800+

Intro | Part 1 |

I hate hospitals. Well, not the idea of saving people’s lives, but mainly the smells and people. The smell of antiseptic, death and misery is not something you can get used to, not being able to move from the waist down sucks, even more, I cried two days straight after I found out. Thanks to that bus I’m now paralysed from the waist down, but according to the doctors, Tony made it just in time with the news that he may have a solution. By that I mean, secretly he’s been trying to replicate Peter’s Spider-Man abilities to form some type of serum, yes, I know Spider Man’s identity, I sort of put two and two together, makes me feel slightly giddy that Peter’s girlfriend only thinks he’s working with Tony for a grant, and that I know more about Peter than she ever has done; what a shock that will be. Peter has been at the hospital with me from the start, I don’t know why, he says that we should ‘bond’ and now that I can’t walk, he knows I won’t run away. It’s funny really, he apologised straight after saying that, but I was in hysterics. Anyway, back to the serum; Tony asked me if it was okay to inject me with it, I said yes straight away before he could even tell me side effects, or even what would happen. I mean what else can I lose? (I really shouldn’t jinx myself, I mean I’m a disabled orphan for Christ’s sake). So, plans were made, which brings us to now. Looking at the clock I have 10 minutes until my life is going to change – again – For better or for worst.

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“Hey Zavala, wanna know what a transmat zone on the Dreadnaught looks like?”
“You landed a Guardian on the Dreadnaught without authorization?!”
“Oh right. Can I have authorization?”

Destiny is a first person shooter crossed with MMO elements made by former Halo developer Bungie and released in 2014 by Activision. While Destiny had a shallow launch and a lukewarm reception in it’s first year, it’s since had two mission packs and two full fledged expansions that have really helped the game come into it’s own. If you passed Destiny by on it’s launch, or dropped it within the first year, maybe it’s time to give it another chance!

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Bad Idea

Requested by @ackleholic96. Hope you enjoy!

Summary: Getting involved with Soulless!Sam is a bad idea. You can’t help yourself.

Warning: smut, Daddy!kink, spanking, rough sex

Word Count: 1600ish

A/N: I hope y’all love Soulless!Sam as much as I do. Feedback appreciated!

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Summary: you’re a metahuman who has the ability to control and sneak into someone’s mind by just looking at them. You can also turn people into stone like Medusa. You were affected by the particle accelerator. You and Barry become close.

Ship: Fem!Reader

Warning: fluff, swearing, angst, flashback, tears, fighting, blood, etc.

Third P.O.V.

(Y/n) walked into Jitters, avoiding eye contact with everyone in the room as she made her way to the cash register. Sun glasses on, covering her eyes. She wore them all the time. There wasn’t a moment where she didn’t have them on. She was too afraid to part with them, for she might hurt someone… like… last time.. (Y/n) ordered her drink, grabbing it before slipping into a chair. She couldn’t help but feel a pair of eyes watching her.. multiple pairs..? She peered over her shoulder to see three people peel their gaze away from her. (Y/n)’s heart rate quickened. What if they know..?

A few seconds went by before she got up and left the cafe. Footsteps heard from behind, she fastens her pace. Before she could do anything, however, she was swooped up out of know where. It took a few minutes for her to adjust to the rather bright lighting, despite her shades. A yellowish red blur ran past her before stopping. “Hello, (Y/n) (Y/L/N).” Once her eyes adjusted, she brought her hand down from her face only to see three people around her age. A woman with long brunette hair, clean dressed, heels, and a pointed but soft look. A man with long hair, not as long as the woman.

A jean rolled up jacket with a star wars t-shirt, slightly shorter out than the other two. The last man was tall with gorgeous brunette hair, pulled over to the side. His eyes were a deep and bright green. Kinda like hers… Except they didn't hurt people.. When she spoke, she took a step back, obviously shaken up. “Where am I?! Who are you?!” The drop dead gorgeous brunette walked forward while (Y/n) took the same amount of steps back. “I’m Barry Allen. You were affected by the particle accelerator. We’re here to ask for your help.” The woman spoke up, kindly. “We actually want to study you. You seem to possess a rare ability given to you due to the accelerator.”

Originally posted by crituhcal

(Y/n) fiddled with her hands, muttering so quietly it was almost inaudible. “What if refuse?” The other gentleman replied with a warm smile. “Than you can go. And we’ll leave you alone. Well-as long as you don’t terrorize the city-” The woman practically hissed at him. Her glare was terrifying. He cleared his throat, not daring to look at her. “But that’s not gonna happen- I’m Cisco, by the way. And that’s-” pointing to the woman. “Caitlyn.” Barry stepped forward, looking down at me with a warm smile. “We want to help you control your powers. We want to study you and help you. What d'ya say?” (Y/n) bit her lip, swallowing her saliva as she fiddled with her fingers, looking over the room before answering. “I’ll help you. I just want to not be afraid anymore.”

A few weeks past, and already so much has changed in (Y/n)’s life. Slowly but surely, she became more and more comfortable with herself and her new found friends. After work, she would come and test her abilities, which varied. Sometimes she was able to read minds or move things. Other moments, she was able to turn things into stone…like Medusa. Of course, she hadn’t shown them that part of her yet. Today was the day she would do it. (Y/n) walked in to Star Labs, hands shaky and heart rate erratic. When she spoke, her voice was a lot softer than intended. “Guys…I have to tell you something..” They stop what they’re doing to look at her. She can barely meet her gaze, looking down at the floor with guilt. Barry walked forward, brows furrowed. “(Y/n), what’s wrong?” 

She pulled three pairs of sunglasses out of her purse, handing them to each other of the members. They looked back at her with a puzzled expression, following (Y/n) into the testing room where Barry usually runs. They stood behind the glass while she stood on the other side, fidgeting with her shades. She picked up glass, placing it on the table in front of her. “Cisco, you asked me when I first came here, why I always wore these shades? You’re about to find out.” Cisco glanced at the other two, excitement coursing through him. “What do you mean?” Caitlyn asked. (Y/n) bit her lip. “You should put on the shades.” They did so, immediately. She closed her eyes, taking a deep breath as she slowly but surely took off her glasses, eyes still closed. 

Her hands were shaking as she set them down on the table. Barry’s body tensed as he watch (Y/n) closely. In all honesty, he begun to fall for her. She was reserved but kind and funny. Cisco and her became the dorkiest friends and she was always so respectful. (Y/n) was beautiful and amazing. He loved her. And in this moment, his heart raised with worry for his beloved. She took another deep breath, slowly but surely opening her eyes. They were a striking green. Not any normal color, more vibrant that usual. The outer layer of her eyes, however, turned black. The longer (Y/n) stared at the glass, the darker her hair got. Eventually, her hair morphed into long striking reptiles. Snakes.

In a matter of seconds, the glass turned to stone. The team backed up with shock. When (Y/n) saw their expressions, she broke down, tearing her eyes away from them. Slowly, she turned back into herself. She kneeled on the floor, trying to maintain her breathing pattern, shutting her eyes. Barry flashed in, worry washing over him. “(Y/n), are you okay?!” She nodded, not daring to make eye contact with him. “My glasses..” In a matter of seconds, her glasses were in his hands. Barry gently slipped them on her face, wrapping his hands around her cheeks as she adjusted and opened her eyes. He rubbed his thumb against her cheek, soothingly. Caitlyn and Cisco ran in, standing over them. “I’m a monster..” (Y/n) said, looking down. 

Barry shook his head. “No, you’re not. We’re gonna figure this out. I promise. It’s gonna be okay.” Cisco nodded. “That was awesome. I was thinking your superhero name would be-” (Y/n) spoke up. “Medusa.” Caitlyn nodded, smiling. “That works.” After that moment, things seemed to change within Barry. It was though he looked at her differently. Not that he didn’t love her, in fact, he fell more in love with her. The myth of Medusa was as tragic of a story as any. She was cursed to turn every man she ever loved to stone for the rest of her life. She would no longer love and possess the amount of happiness she had prior. He looked at (Y/n) with pity but with hope. He would love her no matter what. It didn’t matter to Barry that she was able to do what she could do. He loved her. 

A few weeks past and (Y/n) was already getting use to her powers. She was actually able, reluctantly for Barry, to join the team on some missions. He always wanted to protect her out in the field even though he knew she could hold her own, probably hold her and Barry’s own. But that didn’t stop him from keeping a careful eye on her. That morning, (Y/n) came in, greeting Cisco and Caitlyn as per usual. A few seconds later, Barry flashed in, hugging (Y/n) around the waist, pecking her head before leaving her to work. Their relationship, with was categorized as strictly friends, seemed to be, from Caitlyn, Cisco, Iris, Wally and Joe’s point of view, to be rather romantic. They all shipped it. 

They both, loved and hated, the long stares and small smiles that came from either one of the two. It was adorable. Although nobody could visually see (Y/n)’s eyes through her shades, they knew there was a look of pure adoration for him. And visa versa. Barry always glanced at her, smiling to himself. Little did (Y/n) know, Barry looked at her as if she were his world. And in all honesty, she was. She meant everything to him. And she thought the same for him. Every time (Y/n) glanced in his direction, memories of how they met flooded through her head. She was so nervous then and he was so very open and loving, even if they didn’t know each other. She always loved how kind he could be. But when she met him, deep down, she knew she’d fall hard and fast for him. 

Later that evening, Barry, Cisco and Caitlyn sat at their chairs working. Cisco and Barry glanced at one another, smiling. They get up from their chairs, standing anxiously across from you. “You guys, okay?” (Y/n) asked as they fiddled with their fingers. Barry spoke first. “So, Cisco and I made you something-” Cisco interjected. “-Actually I made it-” Barry bud in. “-But it’s was my idea-” Cisco rolled his eyes, huffing before Barry continued. “-Okay, so. Cisco and I got you a present- well made you something.” They handed the small box over to (Y/n), beaming like kids on Christmas. “We were thinking you could wear them tonight for the trivia thing at Jitters.” Barry said, blushing. 

(Y/n) took the box, brows furrowed. Caitlyn leaned forward, paying close attention to the situation about to unfold. She opened up the little box, glancing at her two friends before unwrapping it. (Y/n) gasped, jaw dropping. It was a pair of contacts and a ear bud set. Barry explained, excitedly. “Once you put on the contacts, with the ear bud, you’re able to control when you want to use your powers and when you don’t. So now, you don’t have to wear those shades. I mean- you can if you want- not saying you don’t look good in them- because you do-” He began to sputter. (Y/n) smiled softly. “Thank you.. This means- this means the world to me..” She hugged Cisco and Barry, tightly. Cisco grinned. “Also, we tested it, so it does, in fact, work.” (Y/n) bit her lip to stop her from crying. She managed to croak out another simple thank you, showing them to Caitlyn excitedly. 

Later that evening, (Y/n) picked out her outfit, getting dressed and everything before taking out the box of contacts and ear piece. Hands shaky, she put them on, taking a deep breath before riskily looking into the mirror. For the first time since the incident, she saw her eyes. Her real eyes. (Y/n) couldn’t help but gasp. She looked beautiful…stunning even. Everything about her looked phenomenal. She did a quick spin before heading over to Jitters. It was the first time she drove without her shades. Everything was so bright and alive. (Y/n) couldn’t help but smile, grin even. She pulled up to Jitters, heart racing. This would be the first time she could see clearly. The first time anyone saw her eyes.. Eyes that told showed a painful story. She waited for everyone to get in, taking deep, nervous breaths. 

After a few minutes, she hopped out of her car, slowly but surely making her way up to the front door. Swinging it open with a loud cling, she felt the rooms eyes on her. She kept her eyes low, down to the ground for the first few seconds before looking at the overly packed room. Each one of their eyes was on her. She felt somewhat uncomfortable under their gaze but on the other hand, she felt strong. She knew she could over come anything. As long as she had help. (Y/n) took a deep breath, reluctantly forcing her head up to look for Barry, Cisco, Caitlyn, Iris and Joe. After a few seconds, her eyes finally found Barry, who’s jaw was dropped practically to the ground. She smiled shyly, making her way towards the group. 

All of them looked at her with awe, amazement. Especially Barry. He stood up from his seat, watching her come near. She was gorgeous… Absolutely stunning. Barry swore she took his breath away. She were vibrant and alive. She reflected her eyes. Her real eyes. When (Y/n) walked up to the group, she couldn’t help but look up at Barry. It was almost like they had a glint to them. Barry’s heart soared, achingly. Caitlyn and Cisco smiled. “You look beautiful, (Y/n).” She blushed, fiddling with her fingers. Eddie and her shook hands, first time introductions. Iris complimented her, grinning as she looked between her and Barry. 

“You look amazing, (Y/n). Doesn’t she Barry?” After a few seconds, he reluctantly peeled his eyes away from her to look at Iris and Felicity, confused. “What?” She motions to (Y/n). “Doesn’t she look nice, Barry?” He swallowed the build up of saliva, nervously. “Yeah, she looks-” He pauses, blushing slightly as their eyes met. “-She looks- absolutely stunning.” (Y/n) blushed the most at Barry’s comment. After a second or two, he stumbled to pull a chair out for her, making sure she sat next to him. He nervously played with his fingers. “You ready for trivia?” He whispered into her neck, driving unplanned for shivers to make it’s way onto her skin. She whispered back, having the same effect on Barry. “Absolutely. I was born ready.” He couldn’t help but smile. 

After the trivia game, Barry decided to walk (Y/n) home. He loved being in her company. She always had the most amazing thoughts. As did he. They could honestly and genuinely talk for hours. In fact, they did. As they pulled up to her house, with a good pep talk from the gang, especially Cisco, Barry decided to take a chance. He took a deep breath, gulping nervously. “Uhh- (Y/n)-” She peered over her shoulder, smiling softly. “Yes, Barry?” In that moment, his heart was beating faster than ever before. “(Y/n)- I- I was wondering- if you- uh- maybe- wanna- go out sometime? With me? I mean-” (Y/n) grinned, tucking her hair behind her ear before making her way down the steps. The second she got their, she grabbed Barry’s collar and killed him. 

(HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH, I’m just kidding. Here’s what really happened

The second she got to the last step, she laced her fingers around Barry’s collar, pulling him into a deep and passionate kiss. Barry being, well- Barry, it took him a minute to register the situation but in no time, he kissed back with just as much love and fire as she did. They moved in unison, Barry gripped (Y/n)’s waist, smiling into the kiss. Her hands played with the tip of his locks, running through his hair. He moaned, not even bothered by the fact that their could be others watching. As they released, she couldn’t help but blush under his gaze. “Does that answer your question?” He nodded, kissing her once more before happily skipping home. The second (Y/n) closed her doors, she leaned against it, pressing her fingers to her lips at the sweet memory of Barry’s lips on top of hers. He loved her.. And she loved him.. 

(I hope you guys liked it!!) 

anonymous asked:

Hi! :) After the no Fitzsimmons nonsense of this season, are they seriously thinking about separate them AGAIN or even break them up?? They have done nothing as a couple, except crying... and let's face it the apartment thing was a prank. I won't lie, I won't take it anymore, if the season begins with them apart, I will shut down the tv... If it is a "forever love" but they only show it the first day and in the very last ep without nothing in-between, following the journey is useless. :/ :(

Hi Anon!

We don’t know what they are going to do with Fitzsimmons when we first come back…there is a very good chance that the writers don’t know what they are going to do either.  I think that they have an endgame in mind…and its a matter of what route they take to get there.   And as they go into Season 5 they stand at a fork in the road as to what direction they want to take.  

Its okay to feel upset and even betrayed right now.  I did, and I still do a bit.  I’m getting better as I re watch and have a few metas under my belt.  But I definitely am going to be a lot more careful with anything they tell us from now on…good and bad.  I do hope the writers and show runners are more careful too.  Seeing the hurt.  IE don’t put things out there you don’t intent on paying off or worse lead us to believe it will be paid off when you very well know you won’t.

The way I’m looking at it is if they were going to break them up we would have seen the break up in the finale.   We saw Philinda take the step back, if Fitzsimmons were going to do the same I think we would have had a heartbreaking scene where Fitz pushed her away and said that he needed time.  But we didn’t.   We got a scene where he point blank said that there his his love for Jemma would never fade and that there was only room in his heart for her.  With the “other woman” who had orchestrated things so that she would be his “whole world” sitting right next to him and she meant NOTHING romantically to him.  Nothing.  He had the same amount of time worth of memories and “transferred feelings” for Ophelia as he did Jemma, and Jemma won hands down.

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We saw Jemma go through hell to get him back.  That her feelings hadn’t changed either, that she didn’t blame him for anything.  It wasn’t him.  And she saw that affirmation as well.  

Did we get a chance to see THAT desperately needed conversation.  No.  And not gonna lie or sugar coat it.  That totally sucks and the writers dropped the ball.  Not only did they run out of time, I think they honestly thought that what they did was “enough’ of a pay off.   Don’t get me wrong, that pod scene is now one of my all time favorite scenes.  It was amazing and powerful…and had that been the last thing we saw of Fitzsimmons this season I think most of the fandom would be good right now.  Because there it ended with them holding each other in that silent affirmation that they were there for each other through it all.   They really had no idea how much of a toll the Framework Arc would take on the Fandom.  And in the past we really haven’t been a hard fandom to please.  They are used to giving us epic moments that are spread out and we’re content to gif the heck out of it for a few months.  But we’re expecting more now because Fitzsimmons have grown both as characters and in their relationship and we want to see moments that reflect that.  

We did get some great moments, where they HUGE moments we had all been excited about going into the season?  Again,no.  But in more of Fitzsimmons fashion it was those little moments that spoke to their love and deep connection.

  • Bed cuddles
  • Adorable in the lab with the boxes “Cue Jemma Gasping”
  • Love Nest Shopping
  • Fight
  • “She’s out there all alone and I’m gone”/the ENTIRE team affirming how much they mean to each other.
  • Beautiful Reunion hugs
  • Fitzsimmonsing to stop Eli and double gun shot
  • Tormenting Talbot
  • Comfort Kiss
  • I mean the whole of 12 for me I just love WITH bonus “Your the best” face grab kiss.
  • “Don’t do that” with you didn’t die hugs and working together
  • Comforting Fitz and we’ll fix this together
  • Rip our hearts out but yet look he was thinking about Marriage before this all went to hades.
  • Jemma digging myself out of a grave to get to my man Anne Simmons
  • “If you do this I lose him forever” “I love him”
  • Pain, more pain, but we started to suspect that AIDA had stolen Fitzsimmons relationship for herself. along with Fitz.
  • Uniting behind our collective hate for Papa Fitz and cheering Jemma on as he went after him….after totally sneaking out when Daisy said they had to leave him behind.
  • More pain but Jemma would rather die than say she meant nothing to him.
  • Fitz woke up from a nightmare he was the monster in we need to get to him
  • Confirmation AIDA stole Fitzsimmons relationship for herself
  • Leopold “I”ll only ever love Jemma” James Fitz….with Jemma hearing it.
  • Beautiful reunion crying hugs
  • Tricking the obsessed, crazy android with a fake fight.
  • Jemma getting to unload a ton of bullets into AIDA
  • FItzsimmons getting to watch The Rider and Dad Off Front runner Coulson take care of the contrived roadblock in epic fashion.  
  • Jemma’s “amen” to that they weren’t letting him face whatever alone, didn’t blame him, and were going to help him heal.  

I likely missed some but we had something in nearly every single episode this season.  Again, no not the big sweep us off the feet and make us swoon traditional shipper moments.  But the more quiet Fitzsimmons ones we’ve had all along.  Again, I’m not saying I wouldn’t love me a really nice over the top shipper moment (because really writers would one good proper kiss have killed you, no), but they did give us something in nearly every single episode (which is uncommon for a show like this) and I would be bereft if I didn’t mention that here.  

Yes, they took the Love Nest from us…and now I know why.  Because its not time for Endgame yet…they let us and them get THIS CLOSE.  Not only were they looking to move off base but Shield was back on the up and up, they didn’t have to hide anymore.   Then,they and we lost it.  Jed and Mo constantly talk in interviews about the cost of the job and the toll it can take, how Fitzsimmons is one of the best ways for them to show it, this was a way of showing that.   We started the season so close and now they’ve been pulled deeper into the shadows by whoever took them than they were before.  And I’ll take losing the Love Nest to losing them together…sorry breakfast nook.   

  • The Love Nest is the Seychelles of this Season, that thing we lost because of the crap that happened.
  • This continues to give pull to my theory that eventually Fitzsimmons will say enough is enough and choose each other over the job once and for all.  And they had that decision taken from them in this finale as they were whisked way by who knows who to god knows where.

As ‘betrayed’ as I feel by the writers right now believe it or not I do have faith that they are going somewhere with all this.  That Fitzsimmons with Perthshire, Wedding, and Babies is all in the cards.  But its Endgame and until they are ready to have that happen, they will continue to put roadblocks in the way.   I’m honestly okay with roadblocks to endgame but they do need to give us Hope in between and need to let them face the next ones together as a couple.  

The one that seems to have been set up is now getting Fitz to forgive himself.  They’ve set it up that Jemma is the one who will help him do that.  Real couples face difficult situations all the time and don’t break up because of it.  This is their chance to show a couple dealing with a traumatic event while staying together and helping each other heal.   I don’t think they’ve set up them breaking up and getting back together, that is a traditional trope and if anything AOS doesn’t do traditional tropes in the traditional way.

  • Take the “love triangle” we had this season.  The ‘traditional’ or easy way of doing this would have been for Fitz to fall for AIDA in the real world.  But NOPE in order for it to even happen…he had to be kidnapped, brainwashed, and manipulated while being thrown in to a nightmare hell world designed by a Robot who wanted his mind and his relationship with Jemma.  

I do have concerns they will have them split up physically or make it so even if they are together the situation they’ve been forced into is somehow keeping them apart.  Be it they have physically been taken to separate locations or whoever took them won’t allow them to be together outside the lab kind of thing (though Coulson seemed to have some sort of freedom on there).  

I know none of what I just said will take the pain away or ease that distrust for the writers now.  They made their bed and have to lie in it.   A lot of this comes down to us and them having very different definitions/expectations of words like reward and soon.  Its okay to be tired of being given the run around too, because I’m there too.  They have made it so its more frustrating than fun.  They crossed a line thinking what they had was enough to make up for it, and for most of the battered fandom it wasn’t.  I’m ready to see them be a couple dealing with this stuff, not fighting to get back to each other.  There are plenty of interesting stories to tell there.  

However if you really feel empassioned and want to make your voice heard you can do that. Just like when we were fighting for renewal.  And I can not emphasize this enough that if you choose to send feedback to do it  POLITELY, POSITIVELY, AND RESPECTFULLY! We learned from AIDA that throwing a tantrum doesn’t get what you want.   

  • ABC has a feed back form that you can fill out on its shows.   We busted this out a few months ago to fight for renewal, now you can do it if you want to send in your opinion.  HERE is a post that has the link and instructions…just change from renewal to your thoughts on the story. 
  • Tweet at ABC and Agents of Shield.  Using #fitzsimmons and #agentsofshield
  • DO NOT tweet at Jed, Mo, Colo, Mark, the other writers, or the cast personally with this stuff. 

Going forward I’m going to be incredibly careful with ANYTHING we get from Jed and Mo.  I pretty much already disregard anything from the Jeff’s since they troll us so much.  I don’t want to get burned again.  I will not go into next season expecting kisses, romantic dinners, and heartfelt conversations about recovery, love, and forgiveness.  That is what fan fic is for.  

Rather I’ll watch for and appreciate those small moments while reveling in the big ones.  They like to surprise us with the BIG moments, Sandwich, Maybe there is 2.22, Sunrise/Perthshire 3.7, First Kiss 3.8 (we wouldn’t have seen that one coming a mile away had they not released that pic to EW), Handhold in 3.15,  Kisses 3.17, Undercover and ensuing sexy times 3.18 (again we had the undercover tease and waited MONTHS to see that…and most of you likely though I was downright crazy for that prediction too) Love Nest 4.4, Thinking of proposing 4.15.  So I’m going to sit back and wait for the next one to surprise me!  

And I will hope that the writers see they did hurt us and dial back the trolling, teasing, and pain.  Don’t tease things they have no intention of delivering or be a bit more honest about the timeline of such things (cough engagement cough).   Not only throughout hiatus but into next season.  

Blossom ~ An Avenger’s Story (9/15)

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AU Summary: Steve opens up about his feelings towards Bucky and Jack’s relationship.

Notes: filler chapter. i know. i’ll work on the plot a little bit more. but hey here’s a chapter. finally, eh? haha. sorry it’s only so short. 

Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10


Sometimes he would spend his time alone thinking what would have happened if any of the plans from previous heads to take over the world. What would he be doing right now? What would have happened?

There were many attempts at world domination but as their luck would have it, either SHIELD or the Avengers or some other force would come in and stop it from happening. The belief that mankind needs to have that sense of freedom and security is apparently so important to uphold. Even if they don’t really have it. What for? HYDRA and SHIELD and other agencies or groups have eyes everywhere. Nothing is private but people still like to parade around thinking that they’re safe and free.

And if there was one attempt at world domination that he wishes went successfully, it would be the bombing of Pearl Harbor during World War II.

It was told in history that the Japanese launched a surprise attack on the United States Naval Base in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, resulting the USA’s entry to the second world war.

That is what everyone thought happened.

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Zero Point; Chapter 4

For starters I would like to say HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY TO @nothingbutwordsstuff!! And secondly I’m sorry this took so long for me to post but I finally updated!! And I plan to update more frequently as well, including my other stories, A Twist of Fate, and Proceed With Caution! So be sure to follow me to stay up-to-date with all these fantastic fics!

Natsu would’ve loved to say he went out in an epic blaze—that he valiantly stormed the tower, freed his wife, and faced off with Jellal like the hero he was supposed to be…or at least hoped to be. At the very least, the hero like everyone else wanted him to be.

Well, take it from him—fact of life; exploding yourself in space for the betterment of humanity does not make you unsusceptible to drugs, so if someone stabs you in the neck with a needle, fucking panic.

Now lo and behold, here Natsu was—waking up from a drug-induced coma, his butt numb from lying on the cold stone floor, and a raging headache ringing throughout his body that made it feel like someone was sounding a gong inside him. Times were not fun for Natsu Dragneel.

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bucketofberries  asked:

Can you do a fic where Mon-el sees Kara with someone else's baby but than realizes how much he wants to have a child with her?

Done! sorry this got a bit dark but I made it all fluffy at the end.

Title: Parent Material

“Auntie Kara!”

Kara prepared herself as her three year old nephew threw himself into her arms with full strength.

Considering his father was Superman, if it had been his mother or another normal human being they would have been seriously injured with at least one cracked rib. However, Jon knew that Kara was one of the few people in his life (which included Clark, J’onn and Mon-El), that could take his full hugs and he didn’t need to hold back with.

“Jonny! How’s my favourite little Super Boy?” she cooed as she lifted the small boy up into her arms and walked him back inside her cousin’s apartment with her fiancé trailing right behind her, a goofy smile on his face as he observed Kara with her ‘nephew’. “Now where’s Daddy got to?”

“Daddy is off saving Japan from an Earthquake” came the voice of Clark’s wife Lois as she entered the living area, greeting Kara with a warm smile and a hug. “And you were supposed to be cleaning your room Mister!”

“I did it already”, Jon replied rolling his eyes. “I can move as fast as Daddy and Auntie Kara remember?”

“Yeah it’s hard to forget when I turn around for one second and you’ve disappeared out of sight”, his mother scolded him as he vanished at the speed of light before turning back to the other adults in the room. “So what brings Supergirl and Valour to these neck of the woods? Is National City too crime free for you?”

“Well I kind of wanted to ask Clark if he had something from the fortress that I was hoping to use in our wedding ceremony at some point – nothing a human would wonder about don’t worry – but I also wanted to see how Jon was doing after the whole kidnapping thing last week”.

Kara still felt furious as she remembered how her barely three year old ‘nephew’ had been snatched right out of school by Gotham’s worst criminal – the Joker - who had been hoping to lure both Batman and Superman to a scene full of Kryptonite laced booby traps.

After Clark almost died and Mon-El went in to help seeing as Kryptonite wasn’t an issue for him, the Joker was finally taken away to Arkham but she knew the scars would stay with little Jon despite his super biology.

“He has a few nightmares and wet the bed a couple of times”, Lois sighed as she sat down on a sofa. “But I think he’s doing better. He’s not acting any differently otherwise”.

“Hey do you mind if I talk to him?” Kara questioned and Lois looked at her surprised.

“Sure, if you think you can help him then feel free”.

Kara immediately shot off to Jon’s bedroom while Mon-El followed behind her with Lois. They stood in the doorway and watched as Kara joined the three year old on the floor with his toys that he had out and playing with. “Hey Jonny, mind if I join you?”

“Sure!” he agreed and passed her a red fire truck.

“Jonny, can I tell you a secret?” she asked after a few minutes of driving the truck around and making ‘vroom, vroom’ noises.

The little brunette boy looked up at her with wide blue eyes that were a perfect match for her cousin’s and her own. His Kryptonian heritage was as strong as theirs despite being part human.


“I get scared”, she whispered as though it was a top DEO secret. “I’ve been kidnapped by bad people and seen them do terrible things to the people I love. I’ve been forced to watch and felt so helpless despite being super strong and having heat and x-ray vision. Even Supergirl has nightmares and gets so terrified that she’s scared to close her eyes and sleep at night”.

“You do?” Jon whispered back, his eyes widening as though he could hardly believe what she was saying could be true but it was. Kara couldn’t count the amount of times she’d lost sleep because of nightmares or fear.                

“I do. Even Superman gets terrified and scared and needs help sometimes. We all do, no matter how strong we are or how many powers we have”.

The child turned back to his toys and Kara wondered for a moment if he was going to open up to her. “I…I was scared…last week when the nasty clown took me”.

“I can’t blame you. That clown was super scary. We were all scared”, Kara assured him.

“Not because he said he would hurt me”, Jon continued. “But because he said he was gonna kill Mommy and then Daddy came and he hurt him and Uncle Bruce. I was scared that they’d go away like Grandma and Grandpa Kent”.

“Oh sweetie”, Kara pulled the boy up onto her lap, trying to ignore the sting of tears that was steadily building in the back of her eyes. “You know that as long as the Earth is moving and the Sun is spinning your daddy is not going to let some lame clown or evil person take him away from you. And neither will I or your uncle Mon-El or Auntie Alex let that happen. You will grow up with a Mommy and a Daddy that loves you very much so you don’t need to be scared, alright? Auntie Kara will always protect your Daddy if he can’t protect himself”.

“Do you promise?”

“I promise”, Kara vowed and cuddled Jon to her chest.

Mon-El watched the scene in front of him with his own eyes glazing over slightly. He could just imagine Kara holding their child who looked like a perfect mix of both of them and giving them reassurances when they got scared or had nightmares. It never really occurred to him until that moment how much he wanted for him and Kara to have a child of their own someday. He just hoped that she wanted that too.

After their visit, when they were back in National City and walking towards their apartment complex, Mon-El told her, “You’ll make a great mom someday, Kara”.

The reporter looked at him with startled blue eyes, her mind having been on something completely different. “What?”

Mon-El blushed as she stared at him, the back of his ears reddening slightly. “I just mean that if you ever want to have children…with me…you know…you’d make a good mom. You’re great with Jon”.

“That’s just because I can give him back afterwards”, she chuckled lamely, her eyes flickering to the ground.

“No I’ve seen you with all kids and you’re incredible. I think any child would be lucky to have you for its mom…unless you don’t want kids with me and I can totally understand why, I mean I’d be a lousy father. I mean look at the examples my parents set? Yeah I couldn’t blame you for thinking that”.

“What?! No!” Kara exclaimed, sensing that Mon-El was being serious. “I’d love to have kids eventually, you just took me off guard. And you would be a wonderful father, Mon-El.

“You’re parents weren’t good people but they didn’t turn you into a bad person just through being related to them. You’re more than they ever were. Besides from being an actual hero, you have one of the biggest hearts of anyone I know and you’re brave.

“Jon thinks of you as his hero especially since he saw you charge in to rescue him last week. Not to mention you have a way with kids, you’re almost one yourself”, she added with a laugh. “If I am to have kids with anybody on Earth then I’d want it to be with you”.

As soon as she finished speaking, her fiancé swooped in and kissed her, unable to hold back his surge of love for this woman. After they pulled away, Kara joked affectionately “well I don’t think we should try to make one right now in the middle of National City. I like to write the news, not make it”.

Trouble. [4]

The room was cold. You could tell there was still hints of blood lingering within the walls, must have had lots of accidents.

I was sitting in Lay’s office as he had just done some x-rays on my stomach and elsewhere. I told him there was really no reason, but all the boys refused me and demanded that I go for a check up.

Beats the real doctors I guess, he was studying the images pretty roughly, I’ve been sitting here for the past 10 minutes waiting for him to say anything to me.

“Have you ever had a broken rib?” he asks me and I think back to when I first got kidnapped.  

I was talking back, which was a stupid idea, and I somehow got out of the ropes on my wrists. Probably from the lack of eating the first couple weeks, my body started the thin.

I was nearly finished helping the girl beside me before someone grabbed my hair and threw me into the wall. I could have sworn my whole body busted. He snickered. I never really seen most of their faces since they wore masks. And I only spoke to 3 of them.

He kicked me while I was down, twice. I groaned in pain.

“Kicking me while I’m down?” I stifle, and try and get up knowing I should stay down and not try and move.

“I can do whatever I want to you,” he replies before crouching down near me and runs his nasty fingers down my spine. I groan and I can hear the girl that i was trying to help beg him to stop. Why?

He laughs and walks over to her and grabs the gun from his pants and aims it at her. She looks scared, but I think she doesn’t care about dying at this point. Instead he knocks her out.

Thankfully one of the others comes in the room asking why I am on the ground and the other is knocked out. They mutter a few words to each other before I know it I am out cold.

“Yeah, couple times I think,” I reply back to him leaving my past where it belongs. He seems tense and puts my x-rays in a folder before walking over to me.

“You’re fine as of now, but your x-rays show some shitty stuff, are you sure you’re emotionally okay?” he asks with concern in his tone. I nod my head and he lets me leave the room.

Luckily he was following behind me to tell the others what he seen, thankfully everyone is in the same room. Because I have questions.

I smile and stand in the middle of the room so they all can see me and I can see them all.

“I have questions,” I announce.

“Go ahead,” Suho says. I turn to look at all the faces, they look worried, or confused?  

“Who’s the leader?”

“Technically I am, and Kris too, even though Xuimin is the oldest, it’s better for us.” Suho replies.

I nod, “am I a prisoner here?” they all sort of shift in their seats

“No, you aren’t,” Baekhyun speaks up.

“But I can’t leave the property?” I question. He nods.

“Not a prisoner, we should just take you everywhere you need to go,” Kris jumps in.

“I want to work out,” I announce, not really a question.

“You can work out with me if you like,” Xuimin says. I nod, but Suho and Kris have other words.

“Why do you need to work out?”

“We can protect you.”

“I don’t doubt you can protect me, but I was in the basement for over a year and once a week they let us walk around the room, I haven’t worked out in a year.” sighing.

They both agree and so does everyone else who sort of seemed off about it.

“Do you have anymore questions?” Chen asks me.

“Two more actually,” I say. “Are any of you attracted to me?” I spit out, avoiding all the shocked faces and I try and ignore Baekhyun and Tao blushing. I realize the power I hold over everyone, I am gorgeous, i’ve practically got them wrapped around my finger.

“Yes, you are very beautiful.” Kyungsoo says, everyone else agrees with that statement.

“Would it cause conflicts if I involved myself with you guys, or multiple at a time?”

“If you’re asking if we would be willing to share you, the answer is yes, we have an discussed that we would jump your bones if you let us, and if it’s about 3sums or orgies, you should be able to figure out which ones would share and who wouldn’t” Xuimin smirks at me. I blush under everyone’s gaze. I already figured out a few.

I knew they all liked me, it wasn’t hard to figure out. If I stood too close to them they would blush. I accidentally brushed my hand up against a few of their hands a couple times. Kyungsoo is really a tomato.

Xuimin announced that I should put on workout clothes and then he would bring me to the gym in the basement.

I was standing in my closet debating if I would try and get Xuimin to fall for me today or another day. I put on some shorts and a black sports bra and a white tank top all whilst putting my hair into a high ponytail.

I lightly jogged down the stairs to meet Xuimin and everyone else seemed to be elsewhere.

“It’s downstairs, follow me,” I already knew that, but followed him down the stairs anyways. There were a few closed doors that we passed before we made it to a big room that was filled with all types of work out equipment. It was honestly like I was at a public gym.

We stretched together, he was wearing some shorts and a loose tank, I noticed his muscles and how strong he probably is.

Scared because I was worried how weak I have become, I got into sit up position.

“Can you come step on my feet, I’m probably insanely weak by now,” I stutter and he comes over and lightly puts a small amount of weight on my feet holding me to the ground.

I was able to do 5 but each time I made this very painful grunt. He looked worried and confused but never said a word. It sounded like childbirth but I was just doing a workout. He smiled trying not to laugh at me. I can feel is gaze upon me as I move my feet out from under his and stand up. They’re all taller than me, but for him, I like the height.

He’s not leaned over me like Chanyeol is, but it’s like decent. I cough trying to clear the awkwardness and decide to ask some questions.

“What else do you guys do besides run one of the most powerful mafias in the world?” I peak up as I grab some weights and start something basic not to strain my body too much.

“Lay works in a hospital, only really when he’s free. Baekhyun does some programming stuff, I never really cared to know. Suho and Kris co-own a couple restaurants and hotels. Everyone kind of does their own things, I own some clubs.” he says taking the weight off his chest and putting it up on the bars. I nod listening to everything he says.

“So what’s in those doors?” I question and walk over to him. He smirks and gets up from his sitting position and faces me.

“Business stuff, couple of those rooms have locks on them for a reason, like when we need to torture someone or discuss matters, in a joke friendly way. But there’s a door that only Kris and Suho have keys too that has files on everyone they come in contact with. Including you and I.” He replies and places an unexpected hand upon my hip.

“What do you think my file says?” I ask with lust and curiosity.

“Probably mentions when we met you,” his fingers rub my hip slowly moving along the hem of my top. “Might mention how god damn sexy you are too,” he whispers but I heard him.

“What else?” I ask placing my hand over his, allowing him to move his hand under my top.

“Lay mentioned your broken ribs,” he stutters. I see his eyes hover over my chest. I sigh and lift his chin up to my level, so his eyes meet mine.

“I am fine now, I’ve got it under control.” I tell him truthfully, I do have it under control.

“I’m worried about you,” he says quickly, I’m quite surprised actually. “We are all worried about you,” he admits and sighs.

I cup his cheeks with both my hands, “I want to kiss you, can I kiss you?” I submissively ask him, feeling like he’s a dominant type.

Both his hands are now on my waist and he pulls me close to him, our lips are brushed up together. I can feel his hot breath on mine, I can smells scents of coffee on his breath. I take his reaction as a yes and pull his face to mine until our lips are touching. My hands travel to his hair one of his hands has found my butt, whilst the other is skimming my bare skin under my top.

“Use your words,” I tell him and his eyes turn dark. A smirk crept on my lips.

“I want you,” he says in a dominant tone, I could melt in his palms right now. I pushed him onto the bench behind him and straddled his hips. I heard a low groan come from his lips before smashing mine to his.

Our lips moulded together and his one of his hands cupped my breast earning a moan slip from my lips and he took his chance to enter my mouth with his tongue, taking his time.

I growled on his mouth and started moving my hips on him. I could feel his hard member against my inner thigh.

In one swift movement he removed my shirt and attached his lips to my neck, his other hand found its way between my thighs and moved the fabric of my shorts to one side before palming my clit.

“You’re already so wet for me,” he smiled before giving my love bites on my chest, a few moans escaped my lips before I grabbed his hand and pulled it away. I could feel his frown on my chest.

I stood off of him, “That’s enough for today,” I say before looking at him and could see the shock in his eyes and clearly see an outline of his member in his shorts. I smiled before picking up my shirt and exiting the room leaving him alone with himself.

A/N: I was gonna try and update like every Monday and Friday but I think I’m just gonna update whenever. :-) Please share with your friends and give much love, also if you have any questions feel free to ask them. ;-)

STARK RECAP: GOT 7.02 "Stormborn"

So, I had planned to liveblog this ep. But then it began with that super intense scene between Dany and Varys, which required some unpacking. And in comparison, the next 30 minutes felt rather underwhelming until Arya found out about Winterfell. By the time the meat of The North scenes happened, I felt the need to break them down line-by-line to digest them properly. What resulted was part reaction, part analysis, part meta. So this week, I figured a recap would be the best. Warning, this got long. It’s also 90% House Stark and 50% Jon and Sansa (10% Jonsa shipper goggles). See below the cut for my thoughts on the second episode of GOT Season 7 (ONLY FIVE LEFT EKKKk!).

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Lazy Angel Plotlines I am Tried of Seeing in Media

So in my brief time on this Earth I have consumed a lot of lackluster angel-related media, and in order to save baby writers from making the same mistakes over again, I offer you a concise list of the most annoying, lazy choices you can possible make when writing angelic beings. 

  1. We have angels but God is dead/absent/done with putting up with humanity’s shit/cannot be contacted.  In the words of youngsaminamerica: “if you wanna write people with wings, that’s fine. Do the James Patterson thing and make them genetically engineered or something. But don’t call them angels unless you’re ready to go all-out divinity”. If you wanna play in the angel sandbox you’re gonna have to at least step into the God sandbox. They are a package deal. You can do virtually anything you want to do with this relationship (although #2 and #3 seem to be popular) but it is a relationship you have to deal with. Angels are created by, close to, and work for God. Presumably, they see Him pretty often. Having them wrestle with/discuss/nurture/injure this relationship is way more interesting than the angelic equivalent of “Dad’s on a hunting trip, he hasn’t been home in a few days”. 
  2. Angels are so righteous and obsessed with holiness that they are actually horrifying creatures who get really excited about mass cleanses of the human race. This isn’t an awful idea, “every angel is terrifying” after all, but it gets overused a ton, and I think it’s a really backhanded and incomplete way of expressing an (understandable) fear of God’s wrath and anger with His decrees and unwillingness to trust that He is really all good. Which is a totally valid emotion that I would love to see explored in media in a way that isn’t reductive, lazy, and unhelpful, which brings us to-
  3. Angels somehow can wreck shit on Earth without arousing God’s attention or discipline, and have this weird free reign to do whatever they want, usually #2. This makes no damn sense. Whenever I see angels setting fire to Earth in movies I’m just like “Where’s your Father?!” “Who signed your ground visa?!” “Who’s orders are these?!” It’s just an excuse to blow up up as possible without actually engaging with the idea that God interacts with us. Using angels to wreak havoc takes away the agency of both humans and God, and our relationship is where the attention should be falling. Angels want what’s good for us, presumably, and they do what God tells them, with debatable amounts of free will to spice the dish, so we shouldn’t bitch about the messengers when our real beef is with the One who sent the message. Engage with your anger with God directly or get out of my house.
  4. For some reason celestial ageless beings of light fall romantically in love with random humans, often forsaking Heaven in the process. Alright, I can’t bitch too much about this one because, according to Enoch and Genesis, this actually happened at one point in time, but that is a sticky tale we don’t have time to get into here and it is not the norm. But, paranormal romance writers, you expect me to believe that a cosmic being in perfect intimacy with the Godhead would give that up for sex with some random chick that somehow has managed to catch his eye despite the fact that he has probably encountered millions of humans over his lifespan? Add to this the fact that sex is just a taste of perfect unity with the Godhead which is way more full and satisfying, not to mention the fact that a specific human would have virtually nothing to offer an angel outside of their own novelty. Not to mention that the way writers treat sex as this powerful unholy thing that will tempt you away from the Lord is super gross. Sex is good, lust is not, and sex was made for humans, so say thank you for the gift and stop trying to pit God against it. Giving up wings/immortality/grace for a fling with a flawed creature isn’t romantic, it’s stupid as shit. The last thing we need is more romance narratives about how romantic love is better than our well being, better than the divine, and worth throwing away our lives for.

I’m not saying you can’t use these tropes or that they can’t be done well, or even that my opinion on the whole matter should hold any sway over people’s creative expression, but man, I would like to see a little more diversity with my angels, Hollywood. I know we don’t actually know that much at all about how angels work but could we at least try to build a cohesive world around them?

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Senpai, how about mc having abilities, like, she can heat up stuff or her breath makes objects alive, etc. But she has a hard life (being experiment). The RFA+V+Saeran find out & help mc to overcome the past by convince her that she's special. ❤umods


You don’t even understand how long it took to come up with this and then write it

But I did it

I hope it’s what you were hoping for anon!! ^^


Yoosung (An extra good luck charm)

  • You’re super lucky, but that’s gotta be evened out… so you’re SUPER clumsy
  • Yoosung learns this when you accidentally spill your hot coffee on yourself, and dropped your books, and tripped on your shoelaces all in the same ten minutes
  • “Geez, you’re really clumsy, aren’t you?”
  • “That’s only the half of it” you say, “but if you wanna win some of the lottery I might be able to help”
  • And so you revealed your luck
  • And he’s like really surprised?? 
  • You guys have known each other for months and only now you’ve told him, and that’s okay and all
  • but are you the reason he’s been acing all of his tests at college?? Yes, you are indeed
  • He’s so psyched about it, but you feel insecure over it
  • “You aren’t just gonna use me, are you..?”
  • “Why would you think that?? MC it’s amazing you have these powers, but you’re so much more than that. I’m here with you for everything! I’m not just gonna stay for the good, I promise. You’re so special, but it’s not just your powers making you special”
  • No one has ever really told you that before
  • And it’s so comforting to hear

Jaehee (Heats stuff up)

  • You had conveniently left out the fact you can warm stuff up in the time you’ve been with Jaehee
  • But you’ve also been quite the helping hand for her, making her coffee in the early morning before work, before she was even up. She had no clue you just heated up the water for it by yourself, ‘cause boiling the water took too long and it was a lot easier for you to just warm it up
  • She didn’t know until she caught you
  • You were just standing in the kitchen with her mug in your hands, and all the sudden it went from chill to boiling
  • You didn’t notice her standing there watching you until you set the cup on the table. You proceeded to flush a bright red
  • Honestly she didn’t know what to think?
  • “What’d you just do?”
  • “Um… warmed it up”
  • “Really? How’d you do it?”
  • “Um. With my hands”
  • You explained it to her then, ‘cause there was no use keeping it secret anymore. And because everyone over reacts, you expected her to freak out and over react about it too
  • But she was just like,
  • “Cool” (:
  • “You’ll have to show me more of what you can do sometime”
  • And she carried on
  • And seeing her, you could too
  • Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad after all

Zen (Changes appearance)

  • You have the ability to change how you look. You can tweak your hair color, your face shape, etc. You can’t tweak your height or build or your scars, which believe me, you have your fair share of after all the experiments
  • Zen just assumed you wore wigs or dyed your hair all the time, cause your hair would constantly change to whatever you wanted it to be at the moment
  • But one time when you were with Zen, you saw a girl who had a really cute mop of curly red hair and you adored it
  • And your hair kind just *POOF*ed into a fluff of curly red locks
  • Zen kinda jumped, but you spooked and ran cause oh gosh he knows now
  • what is he gonna think???
  • He chases you down and stops you, and you explain it to him
  • And instead of saying something he just kisses you, softly for a moment
  • You were so worried he would only care about your looks, ‘cause that’s all you thought you really are
  • “You aren’t just your looks” he says “it takes one to know one”
  • And it kinda hits you, Zen worries the same thing
  • And he knows exactly how it’s like
  • And exactly the right things to help you feel better about it
  • And come to love yourself

Jumin (Morph into animals)

  • Whenever Jumin wasn’t home you’d morph into a cat and play with Elizabeth, cause… why not?
  • It helps you to run off some anxious energy, spending a fair amount of time chasing and playing with her
  • But of course Jumin came home one day when your were in cat mode and at first he thought you were a stray
  • but you were also such a pretty cat??? No cat that pretty would be a stray
  • Oh. And then you morphed back in a hurry
  • To say the least Jumin freaked. He was more or less stunned, and so you explained to him “I kinda can morph into animals”
  • “It’s not fit for my dear to worry over such an amazing skill”
  • You were really nervous so you didn’t notice in your rush to morph back to human you still had cat ears
  • Jumin noticed
  • And when he did, he kissed you
  • “I could get used to those cat ears”
  • To say the least, real cat ears are better than the fake ones for the sexy cat outfit cue Peony’s sexy cat reaction
  • You come to grow into your powers, and you start to love them and become more comfortable with them, thanks to Jumin accepting them and showing his own kind of support

Seven (Controls electricity)

  • You had always been super tentative to touch him cause you have a literal electric touch
  • So you have avoided meeting up with him for the longest time until finally he convinced you to come meet him
  • The first time you two shake hands, you hand-buzz him. But there’s no hand buzzer in your hand when he looks??
  • How’d you do that??
  • You explain to him your powers, and then get really nervous “Everyone only ever wants me because of them…”
  • He just hugs you and holds you really close. You’re kinda staticy
  • “Hey. I love you because of you. I didn’t even know about this electric thing til now. And I’d love you all the same if you didn’t have it.”
  • It’s comforting, it’s really comforting
  • You notice after the hug that his hair ALL OVER is sticking up, and his hair is REALLY CURLY
  • He constantly reminds you though
  • Until you’re more comfortable with yourself
  • You eventually start using it for pranks because Seven helped you get so comfortable
  • You were totally not the one who made Elizabeth the III super staticy
  • Nor were you the one who shut down Seven’s power right before he finished a report
  • oh gosh he was so upset
  • but his reaction was so worth it

Saeran (Mind reading)

  • Saeran never really talked much with you, yet you amazingly got along
  • perhaps that’s because you knew what he was thinking most of the time
  • It’s not that you purposely intruded in on his thoughts
  • You didn’t quite have control over your power though
  • One day you thought Maybe he should know about this
  • So you nervously explained to him that you could read minds and you listened to his all the time on accident
  • He wasn’t happy
  • He was upset
  • And extremely rash
  • “You’ve been WHAT???”
  • What all did you know?? What all did he think about around you??
  • You fled. Later, he came to you, apologizing
  • Why didn’t you tell him before?
  • Because you weren’t ready to
  • And he could kind of accept that, that you needed time to come out with it
  • But does that mean he now has to watch what he thinks about around you?
  • Kind of.
  • Sometimes he thinks things on purpose, expecting you to be listening. Overall, you figure it’s fun to listen to his thoughts
  • Sometimes they’re really sweet
  • hey. i love you
  • Other times
  • i’m going to murder this idiot in front of us if they don’t speed up
  • He may or may not be serious about that

V (Invisibility) 

  • When you first meet him, he kinda stumbles over the sidewalk
  • “I’m sorry, I can’t see. I’m kind of blind…. I can’t see you either”
  • “Don’t worry,” you say, “no one else can either”
  • “???”
  • “Ehehh, I’m kind of invisible”
  • “Oh”
  • he never would’ve noticed
  • you realize that, right?
  • “Okay”
  • He’s a blind little bean
  • It’s not like you’ve gone anywhere
  • Or like you’re intangible
  • You’re still actually there, but just most of the time, you’re invisible. It’s something you have a lot of trouble controlling, it spurs on and off with your moods
  • Most of the time causing you to be invisible
  • But he doesn’t care
  • He loves you
  • And he doesn’t see you become invisible or whatnot
  • And so you’re convinced it doesn’t matter if you’re invisible or not
  • Cause V will always care

It’s like one in the morning now. I’m listening to ballet music and I’m wide awake. But I took a six hour nap earlier so I’m probably gonna be up even longer x)

Location! Location! Location!

Picture it: Austin, 2016. 

The setting is deep in the “backyard” of a ranch location out in the motherfucking nowhere land of the hill country. It’s about as Texas as you can imagine. Prickly plants. Cows. Confederate flags. Dudes with guns. Dirt roads. Bad cell reception. Terrible studded designer jeans bought at the dollar store. This “backyard” is a 20 minute van drive from basecamp, which is at the main house next door. Walkies barely reach. Cellphones are in and out. The quickest way through was in a land rover through a very dangerous path through the woods. 

The set itself is a beautiful dreamy little pond buried in clay cliffs decorated with cedar trees. The sun creates a golden glow at certain points in the day. Perfect for the camera. The rest of us, however… 

At first, no bathrooms except back at basecamp (20 minutes from set) (they later got portas delievered).Food on the set, like crafty, was difficult because the fields near the pond were infested with bees. Like, actually infested. Not an understatement. Figuring out where to eat lunch everyday was a misery. If an emergency happened, we were in the middle of nowhere. Basecamp could barely hear us and there were only two vans making trips so if you didn’t get on the van, it could be 40 minutes until you’re back on set. Not only that, the neighbors were weird about the road the worktrucks were parked on and one guy got in our faces with a video camera threatening us. 

As a result, this beautiful set cost us a LOT of shots. Like a LOT. 

One more example. Dallas, 2016. The set is in a beautiful floor to ceiling plate glass 6th floor high rise, overpriced apartment in uptown. Full cinematic views of downtown Dallas. Tenants of the building did not want us there. The building restricted our abilities to get equipment in quickly by eliminating the elevators we could use and the entrances we could use. Loading was too steep for the trucks so they had to park in an alley nearby. We had constant supervision and constant complaints, including yet another guy threatening us (this time physically). We couldn’t talk normally in the halls, we couldn’t park near the building, and we had to lay down layout board on carpets designed for high density traffic and heavy loads. Again lost a lot of time and shots didn’t work. 

When we plan production, we spend a lot of time on blocking and the script and what camera to use and lighting and casting. We discuss costume design and what crew to bring in. But we often skip one of the most important parts of the filmmaking process: seriously weighing the pros and cons of our locations.  On indie films, our budgets are limited and we try to have producers or directors do the jobs of production managers and location managers. This is not good. Directors & producers should not be in charge of locations.



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Birthday Fic

For @botgalhs, sorry for it being so late!!

They sat apart on her couch, as always. Polar opposites. Him, boiling hot and cold at the prospect of physical intimacy. Her, freezing cold and needy and desperate for touch and praise and approval. But she could never ask for touch from him, he’d leave and she’d be more cut off. So, their legs touched and they looked at each other and they talked.

“I mean, who would get it in their mind to do that shit?” Meenah’s shirt was off, her fingers just barely brushing the frayed ends of where her gills used to be. Or would’ve been. “I can’t breathe underwater, I can barely-” her voice broke off in a gasp and her fingers gave an involuntary twitch when she prodded to hard. Blinking hard, Meenah’s words came in stutters before she found her verbal footing again, “I can barely touch the gills now.”

Kankri, who had been surprisingly silent while she talked, “I am not sure where your ancestor got that idea, to shear off the filaments in your gills.” His lips twisted in a light frown and he sat up more, just barely reaching towards her torso, “May I?”

Sitting up so fast her vision went fuzzy, Meenah nodded her head, “Yeah, course you can.” Her torso tensed as his hand came closer to her gills. And then the warm pads of his fingers brushed over her gill slits and she exhaled, relaxing into his touch.

Slowly, he rubbed her side, maintaining eye contact with her. Making sure he didn’t hurt her, “I’m going to preface this with the fact that I am not trying to coopt your tragedy, I’m sure that doing that would most certainly offend. But, I do believe I can relate to the idea and notion of a controlling lusus figure.” A slight breath in preparation that didn’t really give her a chance to reply, “As I hope is obvious, I would be considered a lowblood in the eyes of Beforian society, which also meant that on Beforus itself I was culled. Meaning that a cooler blood than I possessed took me in and took the place of my would-be yet in truth nonexistent lusus. I happened to be taken under the care of one Quinne Pierot, a purple blood. Same caste, actually, as our very own Kurloz Makara.” He frowned slightly when he said the name, “But that really isn’t important in this matter. What is, is the fact of her blood color. I’m sure that I do not have to remind you that the purple blooded caste has a high tendency towards the vein of manipulation we call Chucklevoodoos.” His hand flinched, but gracefully had avoided driving into Meenah’s gills, “It shouldn’t come as a surprise, that as her cullee I was subjected to pampering behavior and controlling behavior. But what I wish to be, but ultimately doubt that it is, a surprise to you. Is that i was also subjected to a great deal of manipulation. Though, I suppose the reason of my lack of a will to wish that prior knowledge is due to our…more red tinged romance.” Truthfully he had no idea really where this arrangement between them.

They had started out as kismeisises, unsurprisingly given their conflicting natures. Though after a particularly nasty brawl, Aranea had intervened between them and took the role of auspice, thus pushing them into ashen territory. At her insistence, Kankri and Meenah were made to spend (what Aranea had called, at least) ‘quality time’ together. And here they were. Straddling the line somewhere between true flush and pale. But it worked for them. So they worked.

Quandaries about the nature of their relationship aside, Kankri continued on, “Nevertheless, now you know, or at least, were reminded. But it is true, I was subjected to near constant control, or at the very least, an overpowering presence in my mind. Which led to my tendency to not be able to talk over trollain for long or very late into the morning. Almost everything I did was controlled. When I woke up, what I wore, what I ate, how much I ate, what I would do, where I would go (if she decided that I could even go anywhere at all), and when I went to sleep.” His eyes had dropped from Meenah’s and were now glaring slightly out the window. “Again, which is why I was so reckless during the start of the game. Which is why I have so many scars,” At the mention, his hand automatically went to his chest, “which is why I dislike Porrim’s constant mothering and I can’t stand to be alone with the Makara of our session. The two of them remind me too much of..of Quinne. And I do hope to inform you that the mere fact that you have never been soft or gentle with me as opposed to anyone else is, quite honestly, a large part of how I came to the decision to break my vow for our…relationship.” There was a break of silence. Kankri waiting for Meenah to talk and Meenah wondering how hard it’d be to find Quinne and beat the living shit out of her.

Clearing her throat, Meenah nodded her head, “All understandable, Kan. Can’t say I exactly blame you for wanting P-Mar to stop doing…what she does.” Shifting closer on the couch, Meenah sighed out softly, “I know what Chucklevoodoos do, Kankri, or would it be too morbid for me to tell you?”

He blanched, fake paling as he shook his head, “Not to morbid, don’t worry. The only thing that worries me is that you know what Chucklevoodoos do and since you are not a part of the purple class you know them second hand.”

A tired chuckle and Meenah rubbed at her temple, “Yeah, I know them second hand. Hard naut to, when your ancestor is the empress and you’re a rowdy wriggler who once tagged the side of the palace with spray paint. But, that was back before I was chosen to become the next Empress. I, try not to think about what coulda happened to me had I not ran off to the moon. Cause if ya look at where I was going, it wasn’t to a good place. Ya see, since I was such a rowdy beach my ancestor- y’know the Empress- found it a great idea to get one of her advisors, purple blood by the name of Sabyli Perema, to dive right down into my mind and fuck me up. Puppetted me around the glubbing throne room, nebber had a minute to myshellf if people were over and I needed to be a perchfect host. So, I’m shore that if I had been left to my own ancestor’s devices and stayed on that damed planet, I’d be in a wave worse place.” The amount of fish puns she used had kept increasing as she got more and more agitated. The glow of her spots kept fluctuating from neon to barely existent, causing Kankri to raise his eyebrow and half reach out.

In response, Meenah leaned into his hand, sinking into it and exhaling loudly before continuing, “So, that was a bitch to deal with. Espeshelly with the inability to swim and the corsets and the pressure and engagements and-” She was cut off by Kankri making a strangled sound.

“Engagements? Who were you engaged to?” His paled out eyes were widened in concern, his thumb gently rubbing her cheekbone.

A half-humorous laugh, “Cronus, if you could believe. It made sense, I guess, at the tide. His ancestor was a military general, so he had a big name to live up to. He was rich and powerful and so was I, so ole fishtits thought it great to pair us up together.”

Kankri frowned slightly and tugged some pillows and blankets over, pulling Meenah onto the makeshift pile and holding her close. His warm hands moved to pet her hair and rub at her horns until her tensed shoulders slumped and a purr started up. “Think of the bright side, Meenah. It’s not that your issues don’t matter, because they do. But the causes of your issues are long away now, on another planet and in another time. You’re safe here, I won’t let anything be done to you. You’re going to be okay and you’re going to be happy and I will not let anything bad happen Meenah.”

She just purred louder and nodded her head, shifting closer and wrapping around him, “Yeah, yeah. Same for me, Kan, you’re gonna be safe. Won’t let Kurloz near you, won’t let him ever get in your bright little brain. I’ll make you safe, make sure you’re safe until you’re content and happy.” Her own hands moved through Kankri’s hair, touching his horns lightly (but mostly focusing on massaging his scalp) until his eyes went half lidded.

“I love you, Meenah.” He mumbled out, shifting to get more comfortable like he was going to sleep.

“I love you too, Kankri.” Meenah smiled at him, hugging him closer and tucking her head into the crook of his neck.

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Could you do a sequel to the underswap request you did, with sans and papyrus taking care of and panicking over a sick reader? The ending was just too cute :)

I can’t believe you wanted a sequel!!! That’s so rad. Writing this was pretty fun, I feel like the bros in ANY universe would do their best to conquer your sickness. Just be sure you’re prepared for them hovering!

Pairing: Underswap!Sans/Reader, Underswap!Papyrus/Reader

Summary: You’re sick, plain and simple. It’s just what happens to humans every once in a while. But your skeleboyfriends aren’t standing for it.

request something from me!

Man, this sucked. You looked like hell and you didn’t feel any better. Greasy hair, a runny nose, flushed face and sleepy look permanently etched on your features. Why the hell did the brothers want to come over? Did they know anything about human sicknesses?

It was just a cold. That’s it. You needed to sleep and rest and you would be fine. But Sans was always the worrying type because he was afraid that somehow you would just up and crumble before his very eyes. You guessed you should be happy that he cared enough to think about losing you, but you didn’t want to ruin his entire afternoon with your problems.

You draped the blanket over your shoulders and dizzily headed toward the front door. This was why they needed a key. They came over enough that they should’ve kept one on them, but you’d just been lazy in actually getting one made. Now look at this mess.

Just as you flicked the lock to the left, you heard muffled voices on the other side of the door.


You opened it a crack and tried to warn him not to jump on you, but he’d already launched himself through the air.

You both landed against your couch with an oof, Sans burying his face in your stomach. He clutched at your robe and apologized vehemently, a half-sob in his throat. You pushed him away from you gently and tried to get him to look at you, but he had waterlogged your entire front and refused to move.

Papyrus shuffled his way in and gazed at you. “hey.”

“Hi. Um, can you help me with this?”

“i guess…” He plucked his brother up by the scarf and deposited him away with ease.

You were already feeling a lot less confined, though the pounding your head multiplied with every sniffle and excuse he tried to stammer out. Between the walk from your room to the enthusiastic greeting you’d received, you were feeling really crappy. It took all of your willpower to keep standing, and even after a few seconds you plopped down on the arm of the couch to steady yourself and not pass out.




“doesn’t matter what kind of water we put her in, with her there, it’s always gonna turn out as a hot bath.” Wink.

“OH!!! YOU ARE CORRECT!” Sans grinned with his hands on his hips. “DO YOU GET OUR BANTER? WE ARE SAYING YOU ARE ATTRACTIVE.”

You blew your nose into the tissue you had crammed between your fingers. Not amusing. “Can we just…”


“Get this over with?”


You gaped at him and his carefree words. Love? Sans had never said he loved you!!! And now he was just leading you away like he didn’t even realize the weight of what he just said!!! You didn’t even have time to process this, as he had plopped you right down on the toilet so he could get the water going. Wait, when did he even pick you up? How did he manage to cart you around? Was he doing those timeskips again???

Papyrus just tagged alone for the ride, lingering in the doorway while Sans hummed a cheerful tune.


“Sans, wait!”


“That doesn’t go in my mouth!!!”

He stared at the object in his hands, blinking rapidly. “IT GOES…UNDER YOUR TONGUE? AND YOU HOLD IT THERE FOR A FEW SECONDS, IT’S REAL NEATO!”

“Um, yeah. But that’s a, um…rectal. Thermometer.”

You really wished you could be swallowed up by the void. This conversation was not one you wanted to have with your monster boyfriend when all he was trying to do was make you feel a little better. You buried your face in your hands to hide your mortified expression, not reassured in the slightest by the heavy silence in the room.

Until Papyrus started laughing.

“oh my god. this is great.”

“WHAT HAVE I DONE???” Sans dropped the thermometer, horrified. “I EVEN TRIED IT TO SEE HOW IT WORKED?”

His brother laughed harder. It got a snort out of you, too.


You pointed it out to him while he gently stuck the tip of it into your open mouth. You could’ve done this yourself earlier, but you had a sneaking suspicion you knew the answer, so you didn’t bother. But Sans was adamant in waiting exactly the amount of time it said on the box he purchased, focused solely on the climbing digital numbers that shifted with every passing second.




You probably did, but you were dreading this kind of reaction. “Um, sorry.”

“IT IS…NOT YOUR FAULT. I NEED TO MAKE A QUICK PHONECALL. BE RIGHT BACK!” Sans dashed out the room, hurriedly phoning Asgore by your suspicions. The old man knew his stuff about healing and magic, so that would be his best bet in trying to determine the next course of action.

Papyrus ambled in once his brother took off. He dropped down to his knee and faced you with…was that concern on his face? He lifted a hand and rested it along your forehead, his bones cool against your skin. So much that you leaned into it with silent relief. That probably wasn’t good. Both of the brothers were ridiculously warm any other time you’d snuggled up to them or been in close contact, so that must’ve meant you were burning up more than you thought you were.

“kinda warm there, babe.”

“I figured. You feel really good.” You let out a small noise of contentment.

Papyrus looked away from you. You thought it was because he wasn’t too interested in having your snot-filled face so close, but it was actually the opposite. You caught sight of a dusty red blush that scattered along his cheekbones. He was…flustered.

Well this was new. You weren’t ever going to let him live this down.

“so, uh…you gonna be ok to take the bath by yourself?”

“Why, you wanna help me?”

He immediately released you, turned heel, and stormed out of the bathroom to recollect himself. You burst into faint giggles as you heard him leave.


“It’s really not that bad, Sans. Trust me. I’ll get over this in a couple of days.”


You hummed. “I mean. If we use bubbles, it could work.”


There was that word again. Instead of causing a panic in your chest, it put butterflies in your stomach. Great. As if you weren’t feeling nauseous enough already.

Sans hummed to himself as he tested the water at least five times. When he was sure everything was okay, he left you to strip so you could climb in.

Normally you would’ve been mortified to do this, but he wasn’t going to let you get away with not taking a bath. That and he was being very respectful of your boundaries. He wasn’t some kind of pervert that was going to ogle you or get off on your frail form soaking in the tub. You trusted him, and if he wanted to help you out, then maybe it wasn’t such a bad idea. Especially since you could barely move at this point.

“Okay, I’m ready!”

He peered through the crack in the doorway. Looked at you. Closed it. Came back in with a smile on his face.


He spread it all around you. At first you didn’t feel anything, but then the grains came together and seemed to massage every inch of your skin. It was warm and heavenly, the gritty texture blossoming into beads that had you feel like you were floating. Magic sparkled in the tub and bounced off your skin.

“Oooh, that feels…weird.”


“I-I don’t know yet.”

“OKIE DOKIE. WELL, I’LL JUST START WITH YOUR HAIR.” He lathered his hands in the shampoo, fascinated with the scent and texture. “AH. IT IS SO SOFT. YOU ARE SOFT EVERYWHERE.”

The door opened just as you sat up so he could squeeze in another dollop near the back of your neck. Papyrus took one look at you, stammered out something, then left again.

What was his deal? He was usually so calm and collected. And you were just…you know. Sitting here. Naked. In the tub. Surrounded by bubbles. At your most vulnerable. Okay, so maybe you understood why he would get a little hot and bothered.


“uh…i’m  good out here, bro.”






That got him, alright. You stifled a laugh as Papyrus came in and sat on the toilet, facing the completely other direction. Making it so that he had his gaze transfixed on the wall.


“here ya go.”


“uh huh.”




“Thanks, guys.”

You did feel a lot better. Clean hair, no more greasy aftermath to wallow in. And while the powder didn’t really do much for you because you didn’t have magical abilities anyway, it did help to soothe your aches and pains. It helped with the physical part of things.

After making sure it was tied tight, you stepped out of the water and wrapped your hair up in the towel.

“pffft. what is that?”

“What?” You knew he was just deflecting his own feelings into teasing you, but it was still annoying.

“that towel on your head. it’s all twisted up.”

“It’s how I dry my hair? Lots of humans do it.”

“ok. sounds fake.”

“Whatever, Papyrus.” You tried to walk past him, but stumbled on your own two feet. He caught you immediately.

“be more careful, babe. you’re not a hundred percent. ya gotta wait until you get better before you throw me some attitude.”


He led you to your bedroom anyway. Sans had disappeared from the bathroom, and you’d wondered where he went, but it looked like he’d been setting up the perfect resting place for you. He’d brought over freshly washed sheets and covers. Arranged the pillows so it looked more like a fort. Brought the TV from the living room and hooked it right up, dimming the lights and shutting the curtains so you had room to sleep. There was a vase filled with bright and colorful flowers off to the side, with your favorite food sitting on a tray just waiting for you to put something in your stomach.

“Oh my gosh. Sans.”

“THIS IS…A FORMAL APOLOGY FOR GETTING YOU SICK.” His chin hit his chest in defeat, hands clenching into fists. “IT WAS MY FAULT.”

“No, it wasn’t. I wanted to go out just as much as you did, you didn’t force me.”


“You didn’t fail anyone.” You stopped to cradle his head in your heads, thumbing his frustrated tears away. “Look at all this stuff you did for me. Both of you. No one’s ever…I mean…”

Papyrus closed the door so you wouldn’t spread your germs around the house. It was nice that he could still act normal while you tried to get this all out on the table.

“…I’m really lucky that I fell in love with people who care so much for me.”

Yup. That was it. Sans’s entire face switched hues and he stammered out a response. Papyrus choked on the small piece of food he’d popped in his mouth to busy himself. Now the two of them were short-circuiting. Sans looked so happy he wanted to explode, whereas Papyrus was so embarrassed he actually had to sit down on the bed and steady himself so he wouldn’t fall over. You took one look at both of them and laughed, despite the aches in your joints and the thrum of sickness still surging through your body.


You clambered into bed, tearing the towel off of your head, propping yourself upright and turning on the TV. Both brothers were still trying to deal with your impromptu confession, with Sans’s rant seemingly never ending. Papyrus just sat there and looked for anything to distract himself with, going shock still as his brother bounced around the room.

After a while, they seemed to deal with it in their own way. Sans couldn’t look at you without beaming so hard that you were sure his face was going to break, and Papyrus flopped down on the bed and let out a few disbelieving laughs every few seconds to let you know he was still alive and hadn’t died of shock.

Time passed.

Sans came up to you. Put the tray on your lap. Fed you soup. Some of it ran down the corner of your lips and he rubbed it away with his finger, sticking in his mouth without even thinking. He didn’t even need to apologize because it got a laugh out of you despite how gross it was at first. He’d made everything himself and you made sure to tell him it was delicious so he could look at you with starry eyes again.

Papyrus wound up on your other side. Sitting on top of the covers and pretending to text on his phone, but glancing at you every few minutes. At one point he put a hand on your shoulder and stroked it absentmindedly while you ate, relaxing into the soft bed. He eventually combed your hair after it was dry enough, not wanting it to tangle so bad when you finally did lie down.

Sans brought over some pain reliever tablets you had in your medicine cabinet, pouring over the entire label before he reluctantly handed you some. Checking your temperature every hour to see if there was a difference. At one point it reported that it’d gone up, and he nearly cried out of frustration because he didn’t know what he was doing wrong. You reassured him that it was a process, that you would get better, and that you already felt so much more at ease with his company.

Papyrus changed the channel for you. Got up to get you a glass of cold water when your throat hurt from coughing. He came back with some cough drops and deposited them on the tray, unwrapping one and popping it into your mouth despite your initial embarrassment. He ate one too, but then spit it out in his palm when he realized it did not taste as well as he thought it would.

You must’ve drifted in and out of consciousness, because you remembered bits and pieces of their conversation. Sans going on excitedly about how happy he was. Papyrus telling him he felt the same. How Sans knew that he was going to be with you the rest of his life when you first met, Papyrus expressing that it had been a slower and more intimate process. They shared a lot more with each other when they thought you weren’t awake to hear it.

Everything was going fine until you threw up. Whoops. Maybe you should’ve warned them that it might’ve happened.

Neither of them freaked out or made you feel bad about it. They had the trashcan ready anyway to get rid of the remnants of food, so that was a nice surprise. You felt a bit better after getting emptying your stomach, and you settled back into a dozy snooze.


“babe, you’re shivering.”

“M’ cold.”

“i’ll get ya some socks, how ‘bout that?”

He put them on your feet. Sans put away the massive coat he grabbed from the living room, a little bashful at his overreaction.

They stayed with you the entire night. And the next day. And even the next when you called out from work.

By the third day, you were feeling so much better. The sickness had run its course, and you’d gotten your appetite back. Papyrus made pancakes and waffles, Sans wiggling in his chair as he waited for his brother to drop his plate down.


“Sometimes it can take longer, like with flus and stuff? The longest cold I had lasted about a week.”




“…yeah, ok. me too.” He closed both eyes and tried to pretend he wasn’t embarrassed.

“Well, if you guys ever get sick, consider me your nurse.” You bit down into the crispy treat slathered in syrup and let out a happy noise.

Papyrus and Sans glanced at each other.


“Sans, are you okay?”

“can’t, uh…really concentrate. might’ve caught your…femur.


You narrowed your eyes at them and laughed, fully aware of what they were doing but knowing you would play along anyway.