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I'm so sorry as you may have already stated, probably numerous times, but how have you lost your weight? Surgery or just changing eating habits and exercise? Either way, keep it up and congrats on leg day!

Thank you! I’ve lost the weight with lifestyle changes to my eating and exercise habits. I do want to add on that I went through a bit of therapy and treatment for anxiety which greatly helped me stop stress eating. 

If you’re having a bad day...
  • Change your clothes. Even if you’re already wearing something comfortable, change into something else that’s still casual and comfy.
  • Eat your favorite food. A bowl of rice, ice cream, pasta, make a sandwich, anything that makes you happy.
  • Eat some fruit. A banana, apple, peach, pear, some berries, fruit is always a good option.
  • Eat some protein. Cheese, meat, eggs, rice and beans, ect. Something to give you energy.
  • Drink lots of water. Fill up a water bottle and keep it with you, but remember to actually drink it.
  • Find as many pillows and blankets as you can around the house and pile them on your bed. THE MESSIER, THE BETTER!
  • Bring your acquired snacks into your room. Even if you don’t make a habit of eating in your room, make an exception this time.
  • Bring a couple of your favorite stuffed animals to share your nest with.
  • If you have cats, invite them as well.
  • Watch an episode or two of your favorite show GUILT FREE. Nothing sad! Watch something that will make you smile and laugh a lot. And ENJOY IT. Give yourself this time to decompress without stressing over a million other things. I know it can be hard, but YOU CAN DO IT
  • Hang a sign outside your door, letting family members/roommates know that you are currently unavailable. Be polite, courteous, and take their needs into consideration if they need something from you, but it’s okay to have a little chunk of time all to yourself when you’re having a tough day. We’ve all been there.
  • Turn off your phone. Just for a little while so you can completely relax. Stay off social media too - you don’t need any drama right now.
  • Once you’ve finished your show and eaten a healthy amount of food, do something productive. Even if it’s just one or two little chores - sweep, do the dishes, tidy up your room, dust, reorganize the bookshelf, whatever. Do something that will make you feel like you’ve accomplished something. Even if it’s little, be proud of yourself for each task!
  • Listen to music while you’re working. iPod, record player, radio, etc. Make it something up beat with a nice and lively tempo.
  • Dance and sing. I don’t care if you dance like a fish out of water and sing like a dog whose tail was stepped on, you are a beautiful contribution to this world so don’t be afraid to shine!
  • Alternate in doing tasks throughout the day with doing things you enjoy. Paperwork and then a walk (fresh air always helps!), mop the floors than read that book you’ve been wanting to explore.
  • Talk to a friend if you need to. If you don’t think you have anyone to talk to, let me be the first to tell you, YOU DO! There are thousands of kindhearted people on here who would love to get to know you and want to help you and hear about your day if you are feeling under the weather.
  • Remember that this is today. Every tomorrow is another chance. Everyone has rough days, and sometimes we get a whole long string of them, but life is so much more than just the bad days. Go to bed knowing that tomorrow is a new start.

People really hate you for loving yourself 🤔The #bodypositive movement has been mocked by so many and I’ve felt almost embarrassed by it and never thought I’d make a post explaining my journey to self love and positivity.

Ofcourse as a fat darkskin women I’ve heard my fair share of hate and ridicule in my everday life, but never online. I’ve learned to surround myself with like minded people who understand media manipulation and marketing targeted at women to make them hate themselves for corporate greed. 💅

A few days ago I was getting dressed to go to the park with my five year old neice and she asked me “why are you so fat?” Ofcourse my first reaction was to laugh because it was hilarious! Why am I so fat!? But then she processed to say “you used to look normal and know you’re so big”.

Normal. I was never “normal”. I’ve been fat my entire life except for two years in high school when I spent half the time starving myself and the other half purging my food. It was the word normal that triggered such an intense emotion. I tried to figure out a away to explain to this little five year old girl that fat is normal. It’s my normal and it’s ok. Because in just her five years on earth she’s already been taught that it isn’t. And all of my life I have been taught that it isn’t until I switched my narrative and realized that for me it is.

Screw all the “but your health” creeps. No one gave a damn about my health when I went days without eating and had a ‘healthy" bmi. No one cares until you choose to live your life without the “rules” that have been engraved in us like stone. So yea I think my fat stomach, stretch marks and flabby arms are beautiful and you know what you can kiss if you don’t!🍑

Slytherin Self Destruction & Bad Habits
  • Staying up late at night worrying about something they said,
  • Letting comments about your appearance get to you & effect your eating,
  • Speculation without clarification,
  • Indulging our bad habits too often,
  • Falling for people that are bad for us,
  • Drinking late at night, awaiting results of something slightly risky,
  • Smoking to calm the nerves,
  • Biting lips instead of nails,
  • Cracking knuckles,
  • Daydreaming & staying in our heads,
  • Procrastinating because as much as you know it needs to be done, you just really don’t want to,
  • Being overly self critical,
  • Thinking we’re not good enough,

Why snack?

We all know that, to keep our brains running smoothly, we need to fuel them appropriately with a balanced diet. This is specially important during exams or other stress periods, because mental work burns more calories than sometimes we realize.

One easy and effective way to get that extra energy our brains need are snacks. When used in conjunction with an already good diet, they can give a much needed boost to your memory, attention, comprehension…

When to snack?

I’ve found the best time to go for a little snack is during studying breaks. I use the pomodoro technique, so every 25 minutes I’ll have a little break, and that’s when I do my snacking. Not every break has to be a snack-break, of course!

If I am cramming, I find eating while studying also works, but it is messier and can interrupt your focus. So try your best to plan little breaks at set intervals!

How to snack?

Eat small things, both in portion and in size. Finger foods are much better than stuff you need utensils for. Bite sized foods work best and are generally less messy. Small portions mean you get energy as you need it, and that you won’t overeat or force your body to do a heavy digestion while studying (trust me, you don’t want that! You want all the energy going to your brain and not your guts!).

What to snack?

Here’s where many people get stuck, but truth is possibilities are endless. I advise against junk food, but even that is better (in moderation, of course!) than having nothing at all. It is a good idea to plan ahead what you will be eating and snacking that week: this way you can make sure you choose a variety of foods with good nutritional values, and your choices are wiser.

Some ideas:

  • Drinks
    • Fruit smoothies (a favorite here is frozen strawberries, banana & cinnamon)
    • Tea (any type, hot or iced)
    • A small cup of hot chocolate
    • Orange juice
  • Fruit and vegs
    • Grapes
    • Berries (I’m a fan of blueberries, but to each their own!)
    • Carrot, green pepper and/or celery sticks
    • Hummus (pair it up with the vegetable sticks and it’s yummy!)
    • Guacamole (it can work as a dip, too!)
    • Clementine wedges
    • An apple
    • A banana
    • Cherry tomatoes
    • Pickles
  • Carbs
    • Oat cookies
    • Bread sticks
    • A good old sandwich (this one is too much for me, but it’s good for longer breaks)
    • Hard pretzels or pretzel rods
    • Dark chocolate (but do not overdo this one!)
    • Popcorn (same here!)
    • M&Ms (or similar, but in moderation)
    • Granola bars
  • Fats and Proteins
    • Nuts (I’m specially a fan of walnuts, but any one goes!)
    • Olives (pitless)
    • Cheese (wedges, mini cheese balls, diced…)
    • Yogurt
    • A hard boiled egg
    • Cold meats (diced, rolled up slices…)

The list, honestly, is endless, as are the benefits of regular and healthy snacking for students like you and me.

ETA: Adding more snack ideas as I come up with them. Feel free to share yours!

(Note of the Author: Please forgive any mistakes I may have made. English is my third language and sometimes I get brain-hiccups while writing long things!)

GOT7 Reaction To You Not Eating Much



(A/N: This could be triggering to some people who may have some sort of eating disorder. Not eating is one of the worst things you can do to your body and it is incredibly unhealthy but I know how hard it can be sometimes so if you ever need to talk feel free to message me.


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I feel like Mark would notice your eating habits almost straight away and would try to help in anyway he could. He would try his best to cook your favourite meals and buy you your favourite food just to make sure you ate and stayed healthy.


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I think Jaebum would be angry with you when he first realises your eating habits, he wouldn’t  understand why you would do something like that to yourself. After he got over his anger he would be like Mark and would do anything to make sure you were healthy and ate.


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We all know what Jackson is like when it comes to health so when he realises how unhealthy you looked, or how little you ate he would become extremely worried. He would do anything to make sure you were healthy and eating well again.


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Jinyoung would notice your eating habits quite quickly and would confront you about it straight away as he would be worried about your health and would try and get you help just to make sure you would be healthy again.


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Youngjae would be devastated when he found out about your eating habits, he would do literally try anything and everything to make sure you ate a healthy amount. I feel like he would also feel guilty for not realising how unhealthy you were getting.


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I feel like Bambam would become extremely worried when he found out about your unhealthy eating habits but he would be very reluctant to confront you about it as he didn’t want to upset you, but when he finally talked to you about it he would almost beg you to eat more and eat healthily.


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I don’t think Yugyeom would know what to do when he found out about your eating habits. he would be incredibly emotional about it though. 

Perfect Fit

By: ProMarvelFanGirl

Pairing: Steve x Plus!size Reader

Warnings: body issues, weight issues, eating habits.

Summary: Steve shows you he loves your body even if you don’t.

You close your eyes and pause a moment before opening them a crack peeking at the scale under your feet.  Welp, Happy Holidays to you.  That is a number you never thought you’d see.  Chancing a glance into your room you see your boyfriend still sleeping peacefully.  You step off the scale and put your sweats on, taking care to cover your arms and stomach.  Steve had seen it all before, your “scary bits” as you called them.  But now you had a number.  A big number that suddenly defined them as not scary but terrifying.

You quietly make your way to the kitchen.  You had a crazy busy day ahead of you.  Pulling the skillet from it place on the shelf you start cooking the best breakfast you could.  You were nearly finished with breakfast when Steve woke and quietly made his way into the kitchen, wrapping his arms around your wide hips, placing his stubbled chin on your shoulder.

“Mmm morning. That smells amazing doll”  Steve nuzzles into you and kisses your cheek, before grabbing one of the filled plates and heading to sit at the table with his newspaper, disappearing behind it.   Looking down at your plate, you bite the inside of your cheek.  Pushing your plate away, you collect the pans and start the dishes.  

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  • Neptune In The 1st: you may have issues with finding your identity and you tend to lack individuality. but on the other hand, you are enigmatic and mysteriously enticing
  • Neptune In The 2nd: you may believe that you are extraordinarily financially successful when you're really not. sometimes you spend too foolishly or too lavishly
  • Neptune In The 3rd: you may have a desire to uncover hidden truths or higher truths. you pick up on the things that are unseen, but you also create confusion through the way you communicate
  • Neptune In The 4th: you may have problems trying to find a home in which you feel safe and comfortable. it is likely that one (or both) of your parents were absent during your childhood or dealt with addictions
  • Neptune In The 5th: you may place yourself through risky adventures and it's possible that you will eventually need to drop your artistic endeavors because they are far too idealistic
  • Neptune In The 6th: you may fear for your health and develop strange eating habits. you avoid routines that are necessary for everyday life and you experience trouble finding work that adheres to your standards
  • Neptune In The 7th: you may associate yourself with romantic partners who prevent you from growing and maturing. you gravitate towards individuals who are dishonest and you have delusional expectations of love
  • Neptune In The 8th: you may seek certain experiences that are spiritual or transcendental. however, you are hardly open with your feelings and you leave others dealing with uncertainty
  • Neptune In The 9th: you may search for mystical meanings through a religion or a philosophy. you probably have/will push your beliefs onto many individuals, only to discover that it is an illusion
  • Neptune In The 10th: you may struggle devoting yourself to one career or occupation, and you can't seem to make up your mind when it comes to the goals you wish to achieve. the public perceives you as being rather hazy
  • Neptune In The 11th: you may have an unusual or detrimental idea of what friendships are supposed to be. your friends may manipulate you into behaving dangerously
  • Neptune In The 12th: you may rely on your own unconscious mind to be your source of guidance. you are open-minded but very worrisome about the future

How come no one ever tells you how fucking exhausting mental illness is? How even menial tasks take the maximum amount of energy. How hard it is to get a good solid eight hours of sleep at night without waking up every five minutes. How you either sleep for five hours or ten hours and either way you’re still fucking exhausted all the next day. How difficult it is to focus on things and how some days it takes you ten times longer to do a task you do every day. And then there’s the days where your eating habits are out of wack and you have to keep careful track of what you eat, but you still end up either over eating till you’re sick or not eating enough. You have problems remembering things that happened five minutes ago so you end up repeatedly doing something or forgetting what’s going on in a conversation…like damn why am I even allowed out of the house

Who is often “too busy” to eat breakfast/consistent meals throughout the day, who always reminds them because they’re “more likely to leave the house without clothes on than without eating breakfast”, and never forget to eat.

Bonus: They learn to wake up super early so they can make their partner breakfast in bed. 

Just because you can force yourself to normalize your eating habits in order to appear normal to others for a period of days or even weeks doesn’t make you recovered. It doesn’t even necessarily make you in recovery.

As long as the disordered thoughts and intentions are still ingrained in your system of beliefs about yourself, others, & the world, it’s not a matter of *if* your ED will come back in full force, but a matter of *when*

I know a lot of people with depression/anxiety are taking this especially hard, so this is a reminder to do what you can to take care of yourself. Eat, sleep, and try to keep up your normal habits. It’s so tempting to just wallow, but that makes things worse in the long run.

The Counselor (Taehyung x Reader)

Genre: Fluff & Smut

Words: 6,508

Summary: You’ve been feeling a bit…depressed. At your friends recommendation, you go to see a counselor, but…he’s a lot more than you expected.

A/N: Well! This has been a long time coming, haha. My first Taehyung smut-I figured it was time. Though, it does have lots of fluff too (because to me Taehyung is such a sweetiepie). Anyway! Please enjoy!

You are…struggling. And you know you are. Classes are rough, and homework and work makes you want to rip all of your hair out. You’re losing sleep and adapting terrible eating habits (aka not eating at all and/or eating only quick and unhealthy food), and your friends are worried.

“The University Health Department has counseling available almost 24/7,” one of your girlfriends tells you, her eyes begging for you just to listen for once, because she know that you don’t want to. It’s only another 2 months until summer, and you only need to last that long, then things will get a little better. You’re sure of it. However, you still patiently listen to her nonetheless.

“They’re not professional—they’re trained kids, our own age. People who go to the university with us that are just…listening buddies. They’re there to help us in any way they can, and I haven’t heard anyone say anything bad about them.

“And they don’t judge you!” she continues quickly when she sees your lips part, liking going to give her an excuse as to why you don’t want to go. “I’ve had friends who have gone in just to talk about their day—because it helps them to have the company around. And I’ve also had friends who have gone in and gotten deep—and it still works out fine in those situations too.

“The counseling is good,” she tells you, smiling as she grabs one of your hands between hers. Your heart aches at that moment, because you know that she’s such a good friend to you, and it’s not like you enjoy feeling this way, it’s just…

“Give them a chance, Y/N, and if you don’t like it I won’t ask you to go back. But what can it hurt?”

“My pride,” you mumble in response, and when she sends you a sour pout, you sigh. “I’ll…go soon,” you say, managing a smile. You place your free hand atop hers and squeeze, hoping to portray your sincerity. “I really do appreciate you being so concerned for me. Thank you.”

She shrugs, the atmosphere becoming a bit more comfortable she slides off her seat and moves around the café table, grabbing you in a tight hug.

“Just trying my best to be a good friend.”

“You are, trust me.”

Despite it all, you do end up going to the counseling—but only after lots of internal struggle and reasoning.

On a Friday night—when you for once don’t have work—you pick yourself up and shrug on a too-big sweatshirt and slip into a pair of trainers and then leave your 1 bedroom apartment, trudging towards the Health Center on campus.

You’re not even sure if counseling will be available at—you slyly slip your phone from your pocket and check the screen—10:03 on the weekend, but hey—if you go and no one is there, then at least you tried. You can tell your friend that at the very least you made an effort to get counseling, and then you’ll never have to go back again. Perfect!

Sadly, when you reach the health building, a woman at the front desk points you in the direction of the student mental health rooms. Tempted to sigh at your luck, you slowly make your way up the dimly lit hall—most of the lights off in order to cut electricity costs.

After a minute you find the area you’re looking for, a semi-large waiting room with 5 doors connected to it. 4 of the doors are closed—the ones labeled ‘Jackson’, ‘Hani’, ’Kai’, and ‘Jonghyun’—and through the small window you can only see darkness, so you assume they’re out for the night. The farthest right door, however, is illuminated.


You take a deep breath, reading yourself for judgment and fear and anxiety—because despite your friends reassurance and all the good remarks you’ve been hearing about the counseling and counselors—you’re still terrified.

Eying the nametag hanging on the door handle—one which is bright blue and decorated with a mismatch of drawings (which may have been done by a kindergarten, but you can’t tell)—you wearily lift your hand and knock your knuckles against the solid wood.

It takes a few seconds, but eventually the door opens, and you suddenly find yourself face to face with a thin, chestnut haired boy. His face reflects subtle surprise, his perfectly shaped eyebrows raising on his forehead.

“Hi,” he says after a moment, and then breaks into a large boxy smile, gripping his stomach as he laughs. You take a step back, wanting to run. Is he laughing at you??—but luckily he quickly explains himself.

“Sorry, I just…I’m so used to being here alone on Friday nights, usually no one shows up, so you took me by surprise. I was laughing at myself because I’m sure I looked a bit stupid standing there, hehe~.” Reaching out a hand, his brown eyes turning kind, he introduces himself. “I’m Kim Taehyung, by the way.”

“Y/N,” you respond, still hesitant, but take his hand nonetheless. It’s large, you note.

“Well—come on in!” he says, stepping back and motioning to his little, private room. You poke your head in, surveying the area. There’s a pink and a blue beanbag on the carpet floor, a stack of books in the corner, and an old TV with a N64 hooked up. On the screen is a paused game of California Speed, which is what you guess Taehyung must have been playing before your unexpected arrival.

“I…um…,” you manage, embarrassed at your own awkwardness. But you feel bad—maybe he doesn’t want to talk to you, he was probably have a jolly fine time before you’d shown up at his door.

“Y/N,” Taehyung coaxes, his face melting into a look of understanding. He’s so beautiful to look at, and with such sincerity portrayed on his features, you’re beginning to wonder if perhaps he’s an angel of sorts.

Extending his hand towards you, Taehyung waits. Patient. He and you both know that it’s your decision to come inside, and he’s not going to force any kind of decision upon you.

You don’t want to be here, and yet…with Taehyung here in front of you…

You take his hand.

Grinning, Taehyung tugs you into his little, cozy pad, and shuts the door behind you. Immediately, in time with the sound of the room closing off, you feel emergency barriers forming around your heart, scared to let anyone in or anything out. Because in the most basic sense you are ok. You have food and shelter, and you find it in yourself to roll out of bed every day. You’re alright, but…you’re not. Not really—and while Taehyung seems like a nice guy, you don’t know him. So are you just supposed to suddenly open up and tell him all of your problems and expect him to listen and be nonjudgmental? That’s seems impossible.

“Well, pop a squat!” he tells you, diving stomach first onto the pink bean bag. His smile and personality, so far, reminds you of a little kid with no care in the world, and you begin wondering if you can confide in a person like this. Nonetheless, you stiffly step farther into the room and lower yourself onto the other beanbag, not quite sure where to look. If you look at the floor, you’ll seem shy. If you look at Taehyung, then you’ll seem a bit creepy, you think (even though you honestly would love to get a clearer look at Taehyung, because despite the dim light in the hall, you had been able to tell that he is…blessed in his features). So, you decide to stare at the TV instead, back straight and lips pressed together tightly.

God…you wish you hadn’t come.

“Hey,” Taehyung suddenly says, catching your attention. You look up just in time for him to shove the 2P controller into your lap.

“Oh c’mon!” he says when he sees your shocked looked. “This game is fun, I promise! Let’s just play a few maps!”

“I…ok,” you agree, if only because you still feel bad for intruding, and Taehyung grins happily.

“The analog stick is…kinda touchy in this game, so be careful of that,” he tells you as he exits the race he had paused and backtracks to the main menu, this time choosing the 2-player option.

“I’ve actually played this game before,” you inform him quietly, unable to help the amused grin that overtakes your lips when Taehyung’s face turns dumbfounded.

“You have???”

“I have,” you confirm, your smile unwavering as you choose your car on the selection screen. “And I’m pretty good at it too, so watch your back.”

“Ooooooohh~! I see how it is!” Taehyung teases, picking up his controller and thumbing the analog stick until he’s hovering over the golf cart option on screen. You send him a questionable look, and Taehyung licks his lips, raising his eyebrows challengingly. Your heart jumps at the sight, and you wonder if Taehyung knows that he’s making you sexually flustered at the moment.

“Golf cart is gonna win,” he simply says, picking out a course to play, and you roll your eyes, turning your attention to the screen as the race begins.

Maybe a little too into it, you and Taehyung battle it out, the barriers around your heart seeming to inch open with each line of friendly banter exchanged between you both. You’re not sure what time it is when you finally end up tossing your controller down—frustrated that Taehyung had beaten you 15-14 ONLY because an NPC had nudged you out of first place and into third just seconds before the finish line.

“That’s such bullshit!” you scream, though laughter is bubbling in your throat, and you’ve been smiling for a long while now. “I refuse to accept that!”

“Too bad! I win~!” Taehyung sing-songs, setting his controller down on the carpet and getting up to do some kind of awkward victory dance. You shake your head in disbelief, your laughter fading into desperate wheezes for air, and reach over to smack him.

However, in an embarrassing turn of events, you somehow manage to miss his arm…and smack his ass. Just a little smack! Right on the top, but…it’s enough to have both you and Taehyung immediately freezing in shock.

“You…,” he starts, brown eyes wide. Cheeks erupting with color, you open your mouth to try and explain yourself, but no words come out—because what exactly are you supposed to say?! You hadn’t meant for that to happen…!

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When exo is your boyfriend and you have the weird habit of eat slowly and when his finish of eat you finish too although you dont finish eat your food i do this ususally i eat slowly butt im shame of eat whe the other peaplo finish his food thank you very much .

Xiumin: “are you not finished eating y/n?”

Y/N: “no I’m not. Why?”

Xiumin: *grabs a bowl of noodles and starts eating it even though he’s stuffed* “no reason. Just wanted to know” *doesn’t want you to waist the rest of your meals when he finishes so he’ll continue eating even if it’s to the point that he almost pukes afterwards*

Luhan: *he’ll find pieces of his meal to keep to the side until the rest is gone then he’ll slowly pull the pieces apart or stir them around until you’re nearly finished with your meal* “it’s not over yet y/n, I’ve still got these pieces of chicken to swallow. Don’t rush, take your time eating”

Kris: *men are bottomless pits. Even when a guy has finished eating or claims they are full they can still easily shove an entire pizza and six pack of beer down their throat in 20 minutes flat so Kris has no problem swallowing more pieces of pizza while you’re still working on your second, and final, slice*

Suho: “well, I still have this water that I need to drink” *looks at you as he picks up the glass of water* “so I guess we could say that this meal isn’t over yet” *winks at you as he takes small sips*

Lay: *sees you put down your utensils when you look over to his plate and see that there’s no more food* “excuse you sweetheart but I’m not finished just yet” *dips his fingers in the left over sauce smeared on his plate* “continue eating babe” 

Baekhyun: “you’ve hardly touched your food y/n. Why have you stopped eating?”

Y/N: “I don’t like eating when everyone else is finished, so I’m done eating too”

Baekhyun: *slides your plate towards him to see how much food you have left* “you still have over half your plate to eat” *slides the food back towards you* “eat or I’ll have to tickle you until you promise to finish your food”

Y/N: “why are you drinking your milk so slow? are you doing it so that I’ll eat the rest of my food even though you’re done?”

Chen: “me, drink my milk slowly to get you to finish that food?” *scoffs* “ha, what makes you think that? Like I’d ever do such a thing” *rolls his eyes sassily but inwardly panics as he thinks of a better plan for slowly eat his meals so that you can finish them also*

Y/N: “are you done eating Chanyeol? you’ve been playing with your food for a while but haven’t touched it”

Chanyeol: “no, no, I’m going to eat this”. Don’t worry y/n, you can continue eating”

Y/N: “are you sure? I don’t want to keep you waiting or anything”

Chanyeol: “yes I’m sure, just eat”

Kyungsoo: *masters eating at just as slow of a pace as you whenever he eats meals with you so that you don’t have to stop eating when he does*

Tao: *stuffs lollipops and other sorts of candy in his mouth so that he’s still “eating”  after he finishes his meals so that you can continue eating until you’re done*

Kai: “why did you stop eating y/n? I’m not finished” *he lies as he picks up one of the several remainders of drumstick bones off his plate and starts chewing on them* “see, I’m still eating so keep eating”

Sehun: “what makes you think I’m done eating?” *is a conniving little snot who tricks you into thinking he’s going to eat more by placing food near his mouth until you finish your meals* “you fall for it every time”



Left (2013. I started my journey with Blogilates Feb 2014) - 106kgs / 233lbs
Right (today, January 2016) - 69kgs / 152lbs

Highest weight - 110kgs / 242lbs
Goal weight - 64kgs / 141lbs
Height - 166cm

I started and quit and started and quit over and over. I was working with my friend who was a PT at the end of 2013 but wasn’t fully dedicated until I moved out of home, changed my eating, and started following Blogilates in 2014. I cannot stress enough that your diet plays a bigger part than working out!!! Fix your eating habits before anything and then it will fall into place when you create a healthy balance between the two.

I’m happy to answer any questions and help anyone who needs some motivation or someone to talk to :) xx