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Mr Fix-it

This is my fic for @teamfreewill-imagine (AKA Jamie) and her 21st birthday celebration (happy birthday doll!!) It’s an AU profession challenge so I picked painter/decorator/handyman with Dean!

Word count: 1,080

Characters: Dean x Reader, mentions of lawyer! Sam xJess Moore, Bobby Singer

Warnings: a fair bit of swearing, dirty thoughts, implied smut

Tags for signal boost/people who actually want tagging in my work are at the bottom! Feel free to jump on my particular brand of nutty by sending an ask! And of course vice versa :)

This was really not your week.

First the dog had gotten out one evening, meaning you had spent three long hours searching for him, only to eventually find him knee deep in someone’s trash. Bath time had not been fun.

Then your car had broken down on your way to a meeting. You’d had to spend a small fortune getting it towed and of course you’d been horribly late which wasn’t a good way to start things off with new clients.

And now there was this.

“Fucking god-damn bollocks.”

You’d been round at your grandma’s last night, joining in with her weekly lasagne and poker night (because nana and her friends were ‘not that old yet that we’re going to start playing bridge thank you very much’). A bit too much wine and you had ended up passing out on her couch, which is how you now found yourself staring at the massive hole in your ceiling from the pipe that had burst overnight, flooding the place until the pressure had become too much.

“Damn it all to hell!!”

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Lover AND A Fighter

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Request: Omg, could you do a teamiplier request (with bf Ethan) where the reader is a smol bean but like hella strong and is a martial artist and they get into a brawl (obviously informing the victim that they are a fighter) and teamiplier is just like ‘omg smol bean can kick ass’. Maybe like the person they beat up is a creep that tries chatting them up and touches them inappropriately (nothing to bad, like maybe ass touching?? But reader says no???)

Summary: It’s Mark’s birthday (it actually is coming up soon awww) and you guys have the great idea of having his birthday party at a bar where he can’t drink. Fights ensue.

A/N: Hey y’all sorry I didn’t post all week. I have no excuse, I just couldnt really find the inspiration for this fic at first rip. Anyway here I am! With a fic! Hope you guys enjoy :D (ps in case you don’t usually read my A/N 2.0 at the end of the fic, make sure you read it this time. Got a cool thing to tell you guys hehe

Wordcount: 1240, woohoo they’re getting longer!

Requests are closed at the moment, sorry folks!

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Happiness - Gil Imagine

Request: An imagine where the reader is an isle kid but they’re kind of short so nobody takes them seriously but Gil likes them and finds it cute?

Warnings: Reader gets teased over height. Idk if that classifies as a warning but just in case lol

A/N: I may have went a taaaaddd overboard with this one, but I liked writing it. First Gil imagine, so enjoy!


Your gold necklace felt cool against your chest, it was beautiful. It had a simple gold chain with a small, gold flower in the center to match it. You ran your fingertips across it, feeling the smooth surface of the small flower. Gil gave it to you, he always called you Flower so he figured this necklace was perfect for you.

Gil. His name made your heart melt. You were madly in love with the son of Gaston, but you would never admit it, not out loud anyways. Mother Gothel would never approve of you having a boyfriend. ‘It was too dangerous and your heart would get broken’, she always said. And mother always knows best, after all. You didn’t see how Gil was bad, though. He was so sweet and kind to you, much unlike anyone on the Isle, that’s what you loved about him. He was a breath of fresh air.

You came to a conclusion, you would tell Gil of your feelings. No one would stop you, not Mother, not his pirate crew, not even yourself. You deserved this little bit of happiness on this forsaken Isle. I mean you were all imprisoned here for crimes you didn’t even cause, crimes your parents did, not you. You deserved to be happy. And if Gil rejected you, then it was never meant to be, and you could be content with that. Having him there beside you, boyfriend or not, was enough to keep you happy.

You made your way over to Ursula’s Fish and Chip Shoppe, your black boots strutting confidently. You felt unstoppable and powerful. Or maybe you were just crazy. You didn’t care it was enough to propel yourself there.

You walked into the joint and were met with the smell of sweat and fish. You pinched your nose to cover the retched scent as your eyes scanned across the place for Gil. All you saw was Harry and Uma. You were okay with Harry, it was Uma you didn’t get along too well with. She always bullied you for your height. You’d always been shorter than the rest of the children on the Isle, standing at a small 5'2. Your height never bothered you until someone brought it up, and you knew Uma would bring it up right now.

You walked up to the two pirates, “Have you seen Gil?”

Harry responded, “Yeah I saw him walk-” he was cut off by Uma.

“Why? Couldn’t see him over all the people standing in the way? Want to get on my shoulders? Maybe you’ll see better then, shorty.” She snarled. You never understood why she hated you so much.

“I’d watch your tone with me, Shrimpy. Don’t forget I’m the one who keeps your mother young.”

“Sorry I can’t take you seriously, I feel like a seven year old is scolding me.” She laughed and ran her finger across Harry’s Hook. You were gonna respond, but a voice from behind you did first.

“Don’t talk to her like that, Uma. She hasn’t done anything wrong.” The voice came from sweet Gil, your breath of fresh air. Relief flooded through you, but was quickly replaced with the anxiety of knowing what you were just about to do.

Uma told Gil, “Keep your girl on a leash, Gil. Or it’s the plank for you.” She walked away with Harry.

Gil turned to you, “I’m sorry about that (Y/N), I don’t know why she’s that way towards you. She has no right to make fun of your height like that. I personally think it’s adorable, you’re perfect, really.” His eyes were focused onto yours.

Your heart thudded, “You really think that, Gil?”

“I know that.” He smiled that sweet little smile of his. The one that looked like the sunrise. Well, you imagined that’s what the sunrise looked like, you’d never really seen the sun much before. You knew you had to tell him right now.

“Gil, I actually got something to tell you, wanna take a walk with me?” He seemed caught off guard.


You walked side by side with Gil, so close your fingertips would occasionally brush against each others. You both walked in silence for awhile until you spoke up.

“I really like you, you know? You make me feel, different. You make me feel happy. You’re different than the rest of the Isle kids. You’re not evil like the rest of them, that’s not apart of you. You’re so swee-”

You were cut off by a pair of lips on yours. Gil’s lips on yours. You closed your eyes and tasted the sunshine of his lips. It was like kissing a cloud. Breathing fresh air. It felt like a dream. He was so much taller than you that you stood on your tippy toes and he had to lean down. His hands were on your face, feeling your skin until the kiss ended and his forehead was pressed against yours. You were both breathing heavily.

“I’ve been waiting for you to say that for months.” You both laughed and you were so relieved that the feeling was mutual. “I like everything about you (Y/N), your hair, your eyes, your voice, your heart, and especially your height.” He laughed as you went onto your tippy toes to peck him on the lips. Gil could feel his heart swell with love, “It’s just too damn cute.”

“Just like you.” You smiled.

Gil took your hand in his and you both walked in silence again for a while, enjoying the company of one another. You walked through the Isle on the starless night until Gil finally walked you home. And you went to your bed to sleep, Your eyes closed and you were drifting into sleep and dreaming.

You dreamt of the sunrise, of fresh air, of happiness. You dreamt of Gil.

Daddy's Girl.


Steve with a daddy kink and spanking as a reasonable punishment when you talk back to him after a mission or during debrief.

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader.

Warnings: Language, daddy kink, smut. (Let’s be real, there’s always smut, it would be weird if there wasn’t.)

You were on the quinjet after a mission and everyone was exhausted, HYDRA really put up a fight this time, they were tipped off that the Avengers were targeting their base and they were well prepared but somehow you all managed to come out alive and get the information you were after.

“Debrief in conference room 2, when we land at the tower” Steve announces.

You look around and see no one is happy about the meeting, everyone, including you just wants to shower and sleep but no one says anything, they just sit there.

“Can’t it wait until tomorrow?” You pipe up.

“Excuse me?” Steve asked in a stern voice.

“Cmon Steve” you stand up and wrap your arms around his waist “everyone is tired, look around you, I’m sure it can wait until tomorrow, after everyone has gotten some well deserved rest” you look up at Steve, giving him a weak smile.

You’ve never done this before, used your relationship with the super soldier for gain or benefit and the last time you spoke back to him, well, let’s just say you couldn’t sit properly for a few days.

Steve pushes you away and if looks could kill, you’d be in serious trouble right now.

“Debrief in conference room 2, when we land at the tower” Steve repeats his previous statement only this time not taking his anger filled eyes off of you.

Shit’ is all you can think because you know you’re going to pay for talking back to him later.

The debrief went how it usually does, Steve tells everyone what they did wrong, Tony disagrees with something, the have an intense stare down, the usual.

Except Steve wouldn’t look at you, he ignored you the whole time, not that you said anything but it was just out of the ordinary.

“Alright, dismissed” Steve’s low voice snapped you back to reality.

Everyone starts walking out of the conference room, Steve stays behind and you decide to try and apologise, you close the conference room door after everyone has left.

“I.. Uh, I’m really sorry about what I said before, it was out of line, it won’t happen again, Steve, I swear”

He doesn’t say anything, he just finishes gathering his things.



You sigh at your failed attempt and turn around, grabbing your things.

“You’re fucking in for it later” is all Steve says with his back you

You swing the door open and head to your shared room with Steve, the last time you talked back to Steve, he punished you - you and Steve been together over a year and a half and he was very open with you about his kink you shared the same one and most of the time you love it. When Steve is pounding your soaking wet pussy from behind, pulling your hair and you scream “yes daddy, fuck me daddy” it turns you on so much.

Walking into your room, you head straight for the bathroom and turn the shower on. You strip down whilst waiting for the water to heat up and hop in, letting the hot water hit your sore muscles.

You walk out of the bathroom and back into the bedroom with your towel wrapped around you’re body, stopping in your tracks when you see Steve.

He’s just wearing sweatpants and a white fitted tee that hugs his torso oh so perfectly, he stands up and walks over to you, Steve towers above your tiny 5'2 frame.

He walks back and sits on the bottom of the bed and he pats the spot next to him for you to sit.

You walk over and cautiously sit next to him, Steve’s hand is on your knee, he slides it up and down your thigh.

“You were a very naughty girl today”

You nod.

“You spoke back to me” he pauses “and you know what happens when you speak back to daddy” he whispers in your ear.

He leans you forward and over his knee, your bare backside up in the air.

Steve’s hand is on the back of your thigh, he slowly slides it up, gliding it between your thighs and it lightly brushes agains your pussy. “Fuck you’re wet, baby girl”

His hand lands on your ass, he squeezes the soft flesh.

“Are you going to talk back to me again?”


“No, daddy” you whine.

“Because good girls don’t disobey, do they?”


“No, daddy, good girls don’t disobey”

“Do you promise to be a good girl for daddy?”


“Yes, daddy, I promise”


“Good girl” he praises.

His hand feathers over the sore flesh, he leans down and leaves light kisses on the sensitive skin, his hand slides down between your thighs and he rubs your cunt.

“Fuck you’re dripping, baby” he growls “take the towel off and lay on the bed” you obey letting the towel drop to the floor and slide up the bed on your hands and knees.

“On your back, baby girl” Steve says peeling his tee off his incredibly toned body and pulling down his sweats, taking his briefs with them.

You turn on your back and you hiss at the contact between your sore flesh and the bed sheet, Steve climbs up the bed and hovers over you.

He looks down at his painfully hard member then back at you and smirks.

“You want daddy’s cock, baby girl?”

You reach out and palm him.

“Yes, daddy, fuck me with your big cock, please” you begged.

Steve aligns himself up with your soaking wet cunt and plunges himself into you.

You inhale sharply “fuck Steve”.

He sits up on his knees and grabs your hips, digging his fingers into your skin, leaving bruises as he thrusts hard and deep.

“Oh fuck, yes, daddy” you loudly moan “fuck me, fuck me hard with your big cock, daddy”

“God I love it when you talk like that” he says panting.

Steve slides his hands up your back and lifts you up, trailing them back to your waist, one hand slides up to cup your breast, he pinched your nipple before latching his mouth, sucking and biting, he moves his hands to lean back on them and laying on his back.

“Ride daddy’s cock” he smirks.

Your palms on his chest, bouncing on Steve’s cock, you lean down and press your lips to his, trailing your kisses to his jaw and neck, you suck and bite on the spot that always results in a low moan from Steve.

“Rub your clit, baby girl, daddy wants to see you play with yourself”

You do as told, sliding your hand down your body, landing on your clit you begin to rub circles, you let out a soft moan.

Steve grabs your hips once more and starts pounding his hard cock inside you, hitting your G-spot.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” You scream with each thrust.

“I’m so close, daddy” you whine.

“Ah, me too, fuck, baby” he says clenching his jaw.

You can feel your walls begin to tighten around Steve, you rub you clit faster.

“Cum for daddy, baby” Steve breathes.

“Oh fuck! Ahhhh” you tilt your head back and arch your back as you cum hard around Steve’s cock.

“Fuuuuuuuck” Steve moans as he spills inside of you.

You collapse on top of Steve, both of you panting hard, trying to catch your breath.

Once down from your climax, you roll off Steve and lay next to him on the bed.

“Wow” you pant, looking at Steve.

He rolls on his side and caresses your cheek. “You’re such a good girl for daddy”

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Can you write an imagine where the reader and Dylan get into a really bad fight and he ends up punching something and you say something that makes him go from mad to horny then it ends in smut?

{{Y/s/n = your sisters name}}

Jolts of pain shot up through your palms as you slammed your hands down onto the concrete next to you.

“Your being a fucking asshole Dylan!!”

“Well who was that guy huh y/n?!”

“I told you! He’s y/s/n’s friend! You’ve seen him before!”

“No I haven’t!”

You and Dylan had been screaming at each other for the past 20 minutes. He’d happened to arrive just as y/s/n friend Michael had swung by to drop off her purse that she’d left at his house the previous night. You had been happily chatting away when you heard Dylan’s car pull into your street. NIN heresy blasting at full volume. As he pulled into your driveway his face darkened as he saw you were not alone. He’d slammed his car door shut and slouched over to you. Michael was a tiny guy barley a few inches taller than your 5'2 stature. Dylan loomed over the pair of you, glaring daggers at Michael and announcing that he thought you said you’d both be alone.

As the awkwardness became unbearable as Michael tried to stay friendly and talk to Dylan whom just glared at him, giving one word answers. Finally after one of the most painful interactions you’d ever witnessed he bid you both goodbye. Dylan muttering after him that he better not come back sniffing around you.

You were furious at Dylan’s blatant rudeness and distaste for Michael when you’d distinctly remembered that only last week he mentioned that Michael was a good friend for y/s/n whom was know to be a bit of a troubled person. You’d instantly called him out on his behaviour which in turn he assumed as you two were secretly seeing each other.

After the 1st 5 minutes of arguing you’d sat down on your steps and lit a smoke. Trying to soothe your anger that was bubbling upwards, like a dormant volcanoes getting ready for its 1st explosion in centuries. As soon as you’d stayed quiet for more than 30 seconds he’d become even more irrational, demanding to know just what you two had been up to behind his back. Giving Dylan a look of utter disgust you’d told him again that he was simply returning your sisters fucking purse. Before throwing said purse at him as evidence.

After dating Dylan for over a year you’d realised just how jealous and possessive he was around you. This included his own friends whom he’d grown up with. And no matter what you did or said, you were always the bad guy.

“Dylan…Michael is y/s/f…only last week you said he was a good guy for her so don’t fucking try to bullshit me by saying you’ve never met him”

“I never said any of that shit about that asshole y/n! Stop lying!”

“Fuck you dylan! You don’t fucking own me! I’m not a fucking possession! I’m not a thing to be fucking controlled!! I can do or say or fucking talk to someone when ever I want where ever I want however I fucking want and no fucking BOY will tell me otherwise, you fucking got that?!”

Dylan’s face became so red you thought he’d pass out, his fists clenched and unclenched as he rolled his shoulders, taking a large breath in before growling out,

“What did you just fucking call me y/n?”

“You fucking heard me Dylan, and now you can just fuck off away from me until you realise that you don’t get to treat me like this! Not now, not fucking ever!”

You stood quickly, opening your front door. As you went to step inside, Dylan grabbed you quickly, picking you up and carrying you inside. Kicking the door shit behind him loudly.


Dylan remains silent but held you tighter as you kicked and struggled in your grasp. He bundled you into your bedroom kicking that door shut too. He lowered you to the ground and pushed you roughly against the wall, holding your arms down by your sides and pressing his body weight against you to keep you still.

“So you think I’m just a BOY huh y/n?”

“Well men don’t act like little bitches Dylan!”

“Fuck you y/n! I’ll show you what men do!”

Releasing his grip on one of your arms he grabbed your hair, wrenching it up as his lips found your neck, biting and sucking at your skin. You groaned and cursed at him as your belly tightened under his touch. He knew exactly what were your weak spots and he chuckled into your neck, his wasn’t breath tickling your ear.

“You see y/n….boys can’t make their women become putty in their hands, they don’t know the right spots to tease do they?”

“Fuck you….”

“Mmmm I’d rather fuck you y/n”

You squeaked as he tore open your shirt. Ripping it off and away from your body in one quick movement. He popped open the button on your jeans, pulling them down your thighs before yanking them down violently using his boot. You stayed still, completely under this dark and angry spell. Dylan had a dominant side in bed but this? This was something more primal. You wriggled you feet out of your jeans leaving you in just your bra and panties. He hoisted you up over his shoulder, smacking your ass as he did and bit at your thighs making you squeak even louder. He dropped you down on your desk so you were sitting on the edge. Using one of his large hands he easily locked your own behind your back, hold you in place whilst he freed himself from his boxers and pants with his other.

“I’ll fucking show you what men do y/n! No fucking BOY has the balls to do this”

Dylan growled before yanking your panties to one side and ploughing into you. His force making you cry out in a mixture of pain and pleasure. There was no slow build up to the brutal fucking he gave you. Pulling out completely and slamming back into you over and over. He released your hands and you grasped onto his shoulders, clinging to him as he thrusted.

“Holy shit! Don’t…don’t stop!! I’m gonna cum don’t stop!!”

“Already? Hah see no fucking BOY could make you cum so quick y/n”

Dylan laughed as he gripped your ass, pulling you closer to him so he could angle deeper into you. Your eyes rolled back as the most intense orgasm you’d ever experienced tore through you. Making you scream out Dylan’s name as each wave pulsed through you.

“Ugh! That’s right baby, cum on that fat cock! Oh god…so fucking good!”

“Dylan!! Oh shit, oh shit….fuuucck mee!!”

Smiling in satisfaction he lent down, catching your lower lip in his teeth and bit down gently.

“Who do you belong to y/n!”

“You! I belong to you Dylan!”

“Who makes you feel so good huh y/n? Who?!”

“Oh god..oh god! You do baby! Only you!”

“That’s fucking right! I think you need to remember that!”

His thrusts slowed in speed but intensified in power, his hips smashing into yours as he groaned through clenched teeth. His hair becoming stuck to his forehead with sweat, he brushed your own hair from your face before pushing his thumb past your lips. You sucked greedily on it making him shudder slightly. His thrusts picked up speed again and you felt yourself near the edge once more.

“Dylan! I’m cuming again!!”

“Fuck baby!! Me too!!”

He cried out as you tightened once more on him before pulling out if you and emptying his seed all over your stomach. His shoulders slumping and his eyes closing as he finished. He looked down at you shyly before reaching to grab something to clean you up with.

“So Dylan…care to explain where THAT came from?”

He chuckled and kissed you gently pulling you close to him in a loving hug. He breathed deeply, kissing the top of your head.

“Well you sexy when your mad…”


Gladio x F!OC - Doctor AU

Tagging @hypaalicious because she is my cheerleader, @louisvuittontrashbags because she is my fellow Gladi-ho, @chocobrodreamteam @nifwrites @thatonedaydream @sylleblossompetals because I know they like the Daddio as much as I do XD

I wrote a thing, 1,563 words of me being a dork. It’s terrible and I am going to go hide in a corner.

Oli hated needles. So going to the doctor was never high on her priority list. If she could, she would avoid it like going to the DMV. But after a friend of hers died from heart attack and another went to the hospital because of the flu she decided to bite the bullet and make an appointment. What would it hurt? They would give her a checkup. Making sure she is in working order, get the flu shot and be on her way. It’s just the needle. The very thought of having to deal with a needle made her feel faint. She would break out into a cold sweat and her breathing would become labored.

She sat in the doctor’s office waiting to be called. The other reason she hated going to the doctor’s office was the waiting room: kids running back and forth between the chairs, exhausted parents looking like they need a drink and quite possibly a nap (not necessarily in that order), and judgmental old ladies who always felt the need to complain about something. Since everyone there was in more casual wear she felt out of place in her form fitting navy blue pencil skirt and loose satin blouse. She tapped the heel of her navy pumps on the floor to calm her nerves. Unfortunately, it was not helping.

“Thank you for waiting Ms. Tissot, Dr. Amicitia will see you now.” The nurse said as she showed Oli to Dr. Amicitia’s office.  Not thinking anything of it Oli followed the nurse and assumed that the doctor was going to be this little angry old man who complained about his bad back. Little did she know the mere sight of him would steal both her composure and her breath.

Oli never knew doctors to look like Dr. Amicitia. At 6'6" with sun kissed skin, he was easily the tallest man she had ever met. And the way his scrubs held on to dear life around his biceps and his thighs lead her to believe he worked out rather regularly. He had a smile that would make the sun jealous it was so bright and his laid back nature made it easy to open up to him. She felt shyer now after taking in his physic. Her curves only being more pronounced in her attire and her little tummy didn’t help her with that either. Damn, I should have at least worn make-up today.

Doing a once over on her medical chart, Dr. Amicitia asked, “Now Ms. Tissot what brings you in today?”

“I need a physical and a flu shot. And please just call me Oli. Ms. Tissot is too formal.”

“Alright. Then call me Gladio.” His smile was infectious.

“Is Gladio short for something?” Oli asked curiously, allowing his name to coat her tongue.

“It’s short for Gladiolus and only my father calls me that.” he chuckled.

She enjoyed the sound of his laughter as it danced in her ears.

“We might need to have you do some blood work too since you haven’t been to see a doctor in a while.”

The color started to drain from Oli’s mocha colored skin.

“Everything alright?” Gladio asked

“No.” she responded.

“Why not?” he inquired further.

“I don’t like needles, Doc. Like I really don’t like them.” Oli answered.

“It won’t be that bad. Just a little prick and it will be all over.” Gladio assured her.

“That’s not going to happen.” Oli retorted

“It won’t be that bad.” He said with a small smile.

“Do you promise, Doc?” Oli’s tone was playful but her eyes were silently pleading.

“I promise.” said Gladio.

“Will you hold my hand?” Oli asked tilting her head slightly as her shoulder length midnight curls dipped with her motion adding playfulness to her question. Gladio responded with a smirk and chuckle.

He started with asking her for her height and moved on to her weight. Once calculated she thought she saw him lick his lips at the total after giving her the briefest of glances. They flirted with each other as they went through the rest of the physical. She felt a slight twinge of blush dust her checks. His large hands were surprisingly gentle with her but she knew they held an undeniable strength to them.

“Everything seems to be in working order. But according to this,” he was referencing a BMI chart propped next to his desk, “you’re a little overweight for your height. Your 5'2” frame doesn’t have to do too much work,“ Oli could feel his eyes travel her body "but working out at least 3 times a week for 30 minutes will help with that.”

In the back of Oli’s head she thought oh I can think of a couple extra-curricular activities I could do with you that would make up for that. But she kept those thoughts to herself and instead smiled politely.

“What do you do for a living Oli?” Gladio inquired.

"Receptionist for a law firm.” Oli said briefly.

“Do a lot of sitting I take it?”

“For the most part, unless one of the partners need a couple of errands ran then I’m running ramped. And that happens more often than not.” Oli explained.

“Are you running around in those shoes?” he asked glancing at her feet.

“Sometimes, but I do keep a pair of flat shoes in case of any extended walking” she assured him.

“You have to take better care of yourself.” replied Gladio.

“That’s kind of hard doc, when there so much I have to do and others that require my attention.” Oli sounding exhausted at the mentioning of work.

“Then you need to make time for yourself, Doctor’s orders.” There was softness to his amber eyes as he spoke. Oli wanted to retort but bit her lip instead, there was no way she was going to win this argument; not with eyes like that peering at her.

“Ok doc. I’ll try to make more time for myself.”

“Still calling me doc.” Gladio smirked with his statement.

“Right, sorry…Gladio.” Saying his name softly like she was trying to memorize each syllable to memory.

“Better, but how do I have you make that up to me.” The smirk returned, but with a more wicked form.

The smile that was slowly forming on Oli’s face was hard to ignore and she begin to blush. Before she could form a response the nurse walked in with the flu shot and the blood work instruments.

Oli heart rate spiked and she started to sweat at the mere sight of the tools. Her breathing became labored and the blush that started to form on her face disappeared as fear set in.

“I-I-…You know what doc I don’t think I can do this.” Her words began to stammer and her breathe shortened. “I really can’t do this.” Oli was ready to take off in a full sprint. But Gladio grabbed her arm, stopping her in the chair.

“Hey! What’s going on? Talk to me.”

“I-can’t-do-this-I can’t-do-this-I can’t-do-this.” Oli stammered.

“Why not?”

“I-I just can’t. Please.” Tears were welling up in her eyes as she was trying to hold on to her sense of reason.

Gladio held her hand with one hand and brought the other up to her cheek.

“Is it ok for me to touch you?” Gladio asked

“If you think it will help.” A tear escaped the corner of her eye.

“I think it will.” Gladio replied softly, as he cupped her cheeks in both of his hands, using his thumb to wipe away her tear.

“I want you to look at me. Don’t look at the nurse; just keep your eyes on me. Can you do that for me?” Gladio’s amber eyes looking into Oli’s chocolate ones as he awaited her response.  

“Ok” Oli responded.

“Why are you so scared?” he questioned.

“I don’t know. I just. I have always been afraid of needles. They scare me so much.”

“Ok. Did you ever hurt yourself with a needle before?”

The nurse rolled up Oli’s sleeve so that she could do the blood work. Searching for a vein quietly as Gladio tried to keep Oli calm. Oli was mentally kicking herself. How could she make herself look so helpless in front such a perfect specimen?

“Uh no.” Oli whimpered as she could feel the needle break the skin. She wanted to scream. She wanted to run. Anything so that she wouldn’t have to deal with this.

“It’s ok. She is almost done. What were you plans when you leave here today Oli?”

“I’m-I’m going to go home to feed my cats and make dinner.”

“Is there someone home we can call to come get you?”

“No. I live alone and I haven’t been in a relationship in a very long time.” Oli quietly admitted.

After a second of thinking Gladio asked her “How about this-the office closes at 7 so why don’t you wait a bit for me to close up and I’ll take you to dinner and make sure you get home, how does that sound?”

She felt like she could believe him, that he wouldn’t leave her side. So she relented and gave in to his request, “Ok.”

“Great, because the nurse finished about 45 seconds ago. Go to the front to finish filling out your paper work and I’ll be ready in about 15 minutes. I hope you like ramen.” Gladio said as he gave her that same infectious smile from early this time with a hint of mischief.

Did…Did I just get roped into a date?

Clown fucker at the hayride

Yesterday and Friday I worked at a haunted hayride for my grandmother, I do this almost every year and this year I was finally allowed to do my own skit and I decided “ hey pennywise would be a great idea for a skit ” ( I was going to do the 2017 version but the costume didn’t come yet so I went as the 1990 version ) a lot of people loved the skit and I took a lot of pictures with kids, teens and adults.

The second day of the hayride I was a bit bummed out that it was the last day but I heard they got red spot lights for me and new balloons so I was excited, before I drove there I went to McDonalds and along with scaring half the workers I got a Mcflurry, then I went to the park where the hayride was being held.

I thought that it would be a great idea to check on the food truck and see if I could get food for my grandma and uncle ( their skit is right next to me) I brought my now soupy Mcflurry and went to the food truck and asked when they were selling food, they told me they could be ready in 15 minutes so I waited and tried to eat my soupflurry and this girl came up to me, she was wearing a gas mask and a hat with regular clothes and I thought maybe she worked at the hayride and she didn’t put on the rest of her costume.

This girl stared at me before saying “ Hi, do you work here” I nodded my head cause my mouth was stuffed with mcflurry, “ Me too! Which one are you working at ” before I could get a word out a little drop of mcflurry dropped out my mouth and went on my costume, “ Don’t worry I’ll get it” she leaned in closer to me and then ran off to a table with napkins, came back with a handful and started rubbing the ice cream, I was slightly uncomfortable due to the ice cream being on my chest so this chick was rubbing my boobs and she kept eye contact with me.

I looked at my phone and saw it was almost time to start and I told her “ look I have to go..” I started to walk away and she started to follow me, I was a bit creeped out and I turned around and asked “ do you work here?” She nodded her head and said “ yes, is it ok if I follow you is my first day and I don’t know which one to go to.. I work at one of the clown skits” I lifted a brow and looked back at her outfit, she wasn’t in a costume other than her gas mask “ So..why aren’t a wearing a costume..”

“ oh my parents couldn’t afford one so I’m playing as a victim” I thought, oh ok that happens a lot, so I let her follow me as we were walking down she kept talking about the evil clowns here and she kept walking next to me as she complimented how I looked and said how much she loved pennywise then she asked how old I was, “17 turning 18 soon” I replied back, “ wow, I’m 15, you look a lot younger and shorter for your age ”, I’m 5'2, “ yeah..I get that a lot, we reached my skit and she got really excited ” Oh my god your skit is right next the the lake! It looks just like the one in the movie and you have dead kid props ( there was two large dolls and a clown doll up against a tree) I saw a tractor coming close to us and she said “ where do you want me to go! Oh I can be a victim ” and I turned back to her “ uh don’t you have another skit to do, I thought you said you were playing a victim for the clowns” she started to look nervous and she said “ yeah but I want to be with you now, pennywise is my favorite, me and my friends jokingly call him Daddywise” ( let me tell you something..being on the receiving end of being called Daddywise when you’re already weirded out is creepy especially the way she said it) “ look you gotta go if you don’t work here, it’s a safety hazard to have someone who isn’t part of the skits ” ( many people have had their foot crushed underneath a tractor tire and we usually always find out that they were friends with someone working their and they didn’t know the rules) she snapped back at me “ I’m friends with Conner! He said I could be here so I’m staying!!” You never want to snap at me when I’m already irritated, that’s one thing you should never do, so I told her “ You need to leave now or security will be here and trust me you can get in a lot of trouble cause unless you’re in a tractor it’s trespassing ( it isn’t but I was hoping to scare her enough to leave) she gave me the stink eye and started to walk away and mumble underneath her breath and right as she was a few feet away security came up to me one of them stayed to talk to me and the other left after her, right when she saw him she ran away back to the exit, the officer that stayed with me asked "was that girl bothering you?” I told him how she acted and he told me that she went to every clown skit and did the same, she even tried flirting and kissing some of the clowns and they were trying to get her off the property.

After the hayride was done I went to the clown skit she was talking about and called out to her ’ friend’ Conner, a young guy maybe around 18 in a stripped clown costume said “ what’s up?” I asked him about the chick and he told me he didn’t even know the chick but he introduced her to everyone in the skit cause she said she was working there but then they told her to leave when she started acting inappropriate.

* sorry for the story being so long but I wanted to share one of my many creepy experiences at the hayride, especially since it happened yesterday.

Let me say that I have no problems with clown fuckers, I’m a clown fucker, but the instant minute you start acting creepy that’s when I have a problem.*

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Requester: me lmao jk no one did i just wanted to write this
Title: Rainy Wednesday
Word Count: 908
Rating: M [ R / NSFW ]
Type: smut
Warning: smut whoops
Additional Information: besides the fact that tbs is hot af? nah / oh yeah & this is somewhat a reader insert or x reader idk there is no character
AU: reader is his fiancée aLTHOUGH TBS IS MINE HISSES
AN: i was in the mood for smut don’t judge me [ tbs is bae af ] also i need jesus, excuse me while i take a long bath in holy water

Wednesday could only be described as boring, disappointing, and unwanted. Looking out of the window, you stared at the endless pouring of rain, the sky a dull gray. You sighed, waiting for Thomas, your husband, to return home. You were bored out of your mind, but when Thomas came home, you were sure to have some fun.
  Hearing his car tires against the gravel, and seeing it for yourself, you knew he was finally home. You quickly unlocked the door, anxious to get the night finally started. It was nearing five in the evening, and although you both had a dinner reservation for tonight at eight sharp, you’d be sure to make every second count.
  When Thomas opened the door, he opened to see you standing in one of his white tee-shirts; because of the major height difference, his shirt could’ve been a dress for your petite frame and short height of 5'2’’. With your long, dark [H/C] hair and big [e/c] eyes, along with the sheer fact that you weren’t wearing a bra much to his knowledge, he knew you were going to turn this boring day into something much more fun.
  “Hey, [Y/N],” he murmured into your hair, as his arm snaked around your waist and pulled you closer to him. If you stood up on your tiptoes, you could hear the faint sound of his heart breathing.
  You muttered in his chest, your voice muffled. “I’m so bored.”
  You felt him smirk in your hair. “Anything I could do to help?”
  “Oh, I dunno, how about taking me to the room? And undressing me. Or just lifting up the shirt I’m wearing, and go down below and just use your long fingers, and you’ll tease me, but eventually I’ll get you back.” You drawl, running your index finger across his chest, feeling the soft fabric of his white button up.
  He groaned, feeling turned on by your talking, imagining all the dirty things he wanted to do with you.
  “Sounds like a plan.” His voice was husky as he whispered in your ear, and you could feel the bulge growing in his pants.
  Carrying you bridal style to your shared room, he laid you down on the bed, before pouncing.
  “You thought you could just tease me with your dirty talking?”
  “Obviously it worked, or is that bulge in your pants not there?”
  He lifted up the white shirt you were wearing, revealing the fact that you had no underwear on.
  He looked you straight in the eyes before putting his head down, slowly licking up your wet entrance. Between your original wetness and his tongue, you were bound to be drier outside than right now.
  You moaned, tossing back your head, as your hands began pulling his hair, pushing his head closer. He began to stick his tongue in, your moans sounding like sweet music to his ears. Right before you were about to cum, he lifted his head back up, his lips slightly wet and glistening from all your juices.
  He slowly unbuttoned his shirt, one by one. With each unbuttoning, more of his chest was to be revealed, until he shrugged it off, throwing it somewhere across the room.
  Helping him undress, you unzip his pants.
  “I’m surprised your pants didn’t tear from the huge erection you were sporting.”
  “I like to make sure I get quality material.” He gave you a grin, before pulling his white shirt you stole over your head.
  He took a few seconds to admire you.
  “You’re so fucking gorgeous, did you know that?”
  He then began to tend to your breasts, sucking and kissing them. When he was done with that, he paid special attention to your neck, leaving little hickies here and there. While you two began to kiss, his long, slim fingers, slid down your waist, towards your sex, and he inserted a cool finger in. He went in and out, slowly, but then faster.
  “Thomas,” You moaned in his mouth, his tongue flicking against yours, just once.
  After cumming, you decided to tend to Thomas too.
  Leaning down, you took a few inches in her mouth. Your swollen lips and dark eyes filled with pure lust and love was too much for Thomas. Or maybe it was because of the way you squeezed his balls, rubbing up and down on his long shaft.
  Either way, he was shooting his load into your mouth within minutes.
  Flipping you onto your back, he let his hand drift all over your body, his fingers grazing your skin, barely touching you. It sent shivers down your spine.
  He leaned down, before whispering into your ear. “I’m gonna have you screaming my name out so loud the neighbors are going to know who’s fucking you.”
  And with that, he slid in with ease. After being in bed wih each other quite often, he knew all the spots to hit and how to tease you properly. Sliding in and out, your juices covering his cock, you felt you were about to come, and you knew he was too. He went faster and faster, and you couldn’t take it any longer.
  “OH GOD. YES, THOMAS! FUCK! YES!” You leaned back, satisfied, and let your orgasm let loose. He followed soon after, his thrusts getting faster and sloppier.
  After that, you both kissed once more before Thomas grinned at you mischievously.
  “I need to take a shower. Care to join?”