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After hearing about it for a while, I’ve recently started a morning ritual that has already improved my productivity and focus. Initially it sounded like it would take up way too much of my time, but now I’m a total morning pages convert. 

what they are

Here’s the basic idea: every morning you take out three pages of paper and free write (by hand! no word docs allowed) whatever comes to your mind. There are no rules about what you write, as long as you write three pages of something

why they help

The reason behind morning pages is that once you have everything down on paper, you can free up some headspace to do other things. It’s also a nice way to pinpoint why you’re feeling anxious, or if something has been on your subconscious. And let me tell you, it works. I’ve found that I easily make up for the time it takes to do them (about 20 minutes) in the time that I would normally be distracted. 

how to make them count

Free writing can be difficult to get the hang of. We often feel confined by rules and grammar, so throwing them all out the window feels wrong. Remember that these pages are for your eyes only, they won’t be graded so don’t worry about spelling something wrong or even making them legible to anyone else. My pages are often full of abbreviations and are written in handwriting no one could ever dream of reading. And that is a-okay, because they don’t have to be pretty or thoughtful, they just have to be done. I write whatever comes to mind and just let my thoughts flow. One thing will remind you of the next until you have three full pages in no time. 

So what if you don’t know where to start? Just write down everything you have to do today. Write down anything you’re worried about in the future. Write down anything you’d like to do someday. You’ll soon find something that you didn’t even know was bothering you. 

I don’t expect to read them again anytime soon, but it may be cool to see in a bit how everything I worried about worked out, so I’m hanging onto them for now. If recycling them is more your speed, that’s cool too. Just don’t be tempted to type them up! If you’re writing on a computer you can go back and change things and will be more tempted to make them perfect. That’s exactly what you want to avoid. Hand writing them will keep them from being perfect so that they can be good

Try it out for a couple days and let me know if it helps. I know that I’ve already seen a hug difference!


Happy 6th Anniversary Shoutan!

02/24 is the date that Shoutan debuted as a Seiyuu!!! Omedetou!!! 💖

Thank you for all your hard work, thank you for giving a voice to so many wonderful characters. I’ll keep supporting you no matter what and I’ll do everything I can to make sure that you keep smiling ☺️

I look forward to many, many more wonderful characters which you will come to voice in the future!!!

It’s no longer 24th in Japan but I wanted to post one thing at least💦  Not all characters are shown ofc, but most of them are my fav

pertport  asked:

Mr Capehart, Thank you for taking the time to do this. I have two brief questions. First, how do you deal with the president calling you and everything you work for "fake news?" Second, as a writer on LGBTAQ issues, what was your reaction to Trump repealing the Obama administration's guidance on transgender bathroom policy?

Like I said in a previous answer, the President’s “fake news” is a false claim. Just because he doesn’t like the coverage doesn’t mean it’s fake. Every time he says it, it is like a jolt of energy. And I’m not surprised in the least by President Trump’s actions on transgender guidance. I don’t trust any assurances the President makes until he actually does something. When given the chance to make real his words of support for trans people from last April, he sided with AG Sessions, a man known for his anti-LGBTQ+ positions. 

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Hi! I'm not sure if you've answered this before, but I couldn't find it. What do Dora, Oliver and the others do in the city? We know about Theo working in the theater, what about the others? Do they go to school or are they working? I just love all your characters, I want to know more about them! <3

you’re so sweet ;–; well dora and oliver work at the music shop to earn food money and are just trying to figure out what they want to do with their lives. they are all 19 so they don’t have everything figured out yet, but oliver is rly into photography and film-making and dora likes to make strange paintings. as for frederick, i imagine him a year or two older so he’s already started law school and sometimes helps his father with work at the theatre. you’ll need to ask stefi about paisley though, and roksy about eirwen.

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I've been following your blog for a little bit now and have seen people talk about a question tax. Can you explain what this is please?


The ‘Question Tax’ was an idea I implemented because this blog is supposed to be fun for me. The internet as a whole has been consistently bombarding me with questions ranging from “What do I do with my puppy?” to “Am I smart enough for vet school?” and everything in between, including several anonymous people desperately needing someone to reach out to.

Frankly, that’s work. That’s what I get paid to do at my day job. Having a list of 60 asks to get through (as of typing) that all want information that is work is honestly tiring. It was wearing me down.

So I made the Question Tax. If you’re asking questions, or just appreciate the blog in general, I asked that in return you ask/answer a completely non-veterinary question. Makes my brain think of something else. I suppose it’s not really a tax, more of a toll, or a game.

It keeps in interesting for me. I mean I have 24 asks in line wanting to know my ‘thoughts’ on different dog breeds, and though these questions just keep coming, it’s not that interesting for me to write about. I’m not sure if they’re that interesting for you to read about since they don’t get many notes, but they do generate more questions.

That’s all it is. A moment of your time in return for some of mine. Some questions have been things like ‘what pokemon would I be’ or ‘what fictional characters do I remind you of’, but the current one is still:

“I came to your blog for ______________ but I’ve stayed for ______________.

Though I should probably change it soon to “What sort of content would you like to see on my Patreon?

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Hello I want to ask when will you translate Youchi na Koi wo Doushiyou chapter 4 I'm so excited for it... And thank you so much for all omegaserve chapter I'm a real addicted to it because of you 😀 I'm more of fluff and sweet ending and cute drawing style but right now I'm reading everything you release and I really do like it and enjoy reading it so thank you again 😊 I realized that I enjoy reading anything related for omegaserve. Please continue your amazing work!!

haha thanks. you’ll see youchi after we release unmei…. and you’ll see unmei when…. you…… see it :)


Pairing: Solar x Reader

Genre: fluff

REQUEST:  Hi there! I’d like to request a scenario where Solar becomes a regular in your restaurant and hitting it off after a little while or something like that… 😊😊 for the lovely @noflannelhate , here you go love, i´m sorry for the huge delay 

Y/R/N - your restaurants name

*gif not mine unless stated*

Originally posted by mamawoo-d

Working in a small restaurant was your dream job. You practically grew up in a restaurant, thanks to your parents owning one. It awed you. The way your dad would always run around the kitchen, check up on everything and occasionally touch few of the foods up. The smile your mom always wore when she served the customers. Everytime you were asked about what you wanted to do when you grew up, your answer never changed; run a restaurant. Soon after you finished college, you returned to your hometown to take over the family business. Your parents retired due to old age and were more than happy to place the key to the restaurant in your hands. Your dreams became a reality and you were determined to bring Y/R/N even more success.

You loved the job endlessly, and everytime you entered the building you were filled with joy to no end. But although all days in week were filled with you doing what you enjoyed, Sundays were still your favorite. The usual rush that came along with running a restaurant was absent during sunday mornings. The calmness and mellow beats coming from the speakers that filled the room put a smile onto your face. That and a certain somebody. 

“Enjoy your breakfast.” You smiled politely at one of your regulars, placing the plate with their brunch on the table. Turning around, your eyes checked the time on the clock, the corners of your lips unintentionally turning upwards. You wasted no time and started making the vanilla latté, looking out for the ringing of the bell which signalled the arrival of a new customer. Sure enough, the bell rang soon after you finished the latté. Leaving from behind the counter you smiled when you saw a familiar coat hanging on the hanger by the door. You made your way towards the table in the back of the restaurant, smiling even wider when she noticed you.

“Y/N! Hi, how are you?” Her excited voice asked you as soon as you placed the cup in front of her. You pulled a chair from the neighboring table and sat down on it, adjusting your apron.

“Amazing actually. What about you?” Yongsun was one of your first customers when your re-opened the restaurant and ever since then, she was always present. You knew about her busy life and couldn´t help but feel happy that she always made some time to come into your restaurant to eat breakfast. She was always on time and her visits became a routine. You were amazed at how sweet she was, always letting you know when she couldn´t come or that she would be late. Her presence made your day even better than it already was.

“Same. We actually have a few days off.” She took a sip of the latté in front of her, giving you a bright smile. You couldn´t ignore the butterflies in your stomach everytime she smiled at you, or even looked at you. You felt as if you were in high-school again, relishing in every opportunity to talk to you crush. You weren´t stupid. You were very well aware of the feeling you managed to grow towards Yongsun. How could you not? She was a wonderful person. Kind, cheerful and beautiful; inside and out. The only thing keeping you from asking her out was her career. You didn´t want to ruin anything for her, and you certainly didn´t want to ruin the friendship you two had. So you simply kept your not so little crush to yourself and hoped for the best.

“And then I fell. I actually fell on stage and oh my god, it was so embarassing.” Yongsun covered her face with her hands, muffling her laugh. She always updated you on everything. They had a concert? You knew about it. They were recording? Chances were your phone was filled with photos of Yongsun and her group members fooling around. Whenever you felt down, she managed to cheer you up and vice versa.

“That´s not important though. I actually came here to ask you something.” She tucked some strands of hair behind her ear, a small blush on her cheeks. Suddenly, Yongsun started looking everywhere but you, a shy smile on her face.

“So, um… I don´t really know how to put this but. You know what, I´m not going to beat around the bush. Would you like to go and watch a movie with me tonight? I bought the tickets but none of the girls want to go with me, and I remembered you said you would love to see the movie so I though that you would maybe be interested.” Your eyes widened slightly at the words she blurted out. You couldn´t believe what your own ears were hearing. Yongsun? Wanting to go out with you? You almost wanted to pinch yourself, thinking you were dreaming.

“Oh no. This was so straightforward. I should´ve kept my mouth shut, ugh, I´m so stupid.” You finally unfroze, smiling at her. Saying her name gently, you caught her attention. Unintentionally, you chuckled at her distressed form and stood up.

“I finish at eight.”

A/n: Yes I´m very well aware of the fact that it´s Saturday and I´m posting a scenario called Sunday but hey, rules are meant to be broken. Hope you enjoyed it, lots of love – G

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Y'know, as much as I love to hate doing art myself, its pretty dang amazing seeing what others can do. Good work on the progress!

Mod: It’s okay to hate your own art sometimes. But you can’t honestly expect progress if you don’t believe in yourself as an artist. If you want to improve, you have to believe that you can. Not just hate everything and anything you draw. You’ll just keep telling yourself you’re a failure and then where will that take you?

I’ve been drawing since I was only 7 years old. 16 years I’ve been drawing. Because it was something I was sure I wanted to do. And I would draw non-stop. Mimicking the art styles I would see on tv. Use the cartoons I’d watch as my inspiration. I traced, I copied their style, I did all of that just to get the hang of drawing cartoons. And eventually, I would get the hang of it and do my own thing.

Don’t feel bad about tracing. Or copying someone’s art style. I mean yes, it will piss the other artist off, but that’s how you gotta start. I’m not saying to do it all the time. But you get the idea. Did we all not start drawing ponies in the exact style as MLP? There’s your perfect example right there.

You grow as an artist. And everything you come across is your inspiration. Music, real life people, clothes, color palettes, cartoons on tv, other artists. It’s all to fuel YOUR creativity. To help you make up your own idea.

There is no such thing as “bad art.” Cause when it comes to art, there is no good or bad. All art is different. And that’s okay. They’re all beautiful in their own way. So keep on drawing.

pepperbermuda  asked:

Hello, fellow geek here and I'm so happy I found your page. I dreaded going on Tumblr because of all the unnecessary hate Karamel was getting. It blew my mind that they think Mon El is the worst person ever, like I don't even understand. But whatever, anyway, I found your page and I agree with everything you say about them. I just wanted to thank you. Now I know I'm not the only one who thinks they're doing an amazing job with the storyline. I will go down with this ship! Keep up the good work

@pepperbermuda Hello, honey!

Yeah, Tumblr is going through dark times these days, but I think it’s happening everywhere. I’m avoiding Facebook lately because I’m so tired of the unnecessary hate towards anything, people overanalyzing every single shit and spreading negativity, and then I come to Tumblr to relax a little bit and enjoy the shows I like, and then the same shit happens here. The hate towards Mon-El is ridiculous, I mean, are we even watching the same show?

When I first started watching Supergirl, I didn’t even watch it every week and I ended up dropping it after a while, but when I got stuck at home for weeks after I went through surgery, I decided to catch up with season 1. When season 2 started, I fell in love with Mon-El and started shipping him with Kara almost right away (“I’m in your hands, Kara” ❤), and I got completely hooked because I think Mon-El brought so much fun to the show, and I’m loving his relationship with Kara. Now Karamel is canon but we can’t even enjoy it in peace because we have to deal with the ugly antis that attack Mon-El using feminism as argument when they’re actually being terribly misandric (a strong and independent woman can’t have a love life… unless it’s with another woman, of course ¬_¬). Not to mention the whole ‘toxic and abusive Mon-El’ bullshit (once again, are we even watching the same show??).

Anyway, sorry for the rant! lol

You’re definitely not the only one who thinks this season is amazing. Our Karamel family is growing fast! Welcome aboard!  ❤ ❤ ❤

thelightofthingshopedfor replied to your post “thatlastdanceofchances replied to your post “I have a Vali question….”

Also does Scott have any incidents where he shrinks without checking if Vali’s around

well he does now. like, I’m not sure what he was doing. maybe just experimenting with making sure everything works right or something, but suddenly there is a giant cat who thinks this is just great fun and is trying to bat him around 

and yes he would grow larger if he just had a minute where he wasn’t trying to avoid this fucking cat

stop laughing, Barton, he’s seen how this cat stalks you around

thelightofthingshopedfor replied to your post “thatlastdanceofchances replied to your post “I have a Vali question….”

……how do Vali and Pietro react to each other

do you even have to ask? Vali thinks Pietro is great fun. the feeling is not mutual. he’s too fast to chase properly but that doesn’t mean Vali’s not going to try. 

Pietro keeps making muttering noises about shedding and allergies and pets.

he probably likes Vali more than Loki, though. but that’s a low bar. Vali is under the impression that he and Pietro are best friends, but being Vali’s best friend is sometimes an Experience of its own.

The Ten lazy commandments

1.You are born lazy therefor you live to relax
2.Love the bed like you love yourself
3.Relax during the day and all night
4.If you see someone being lazy, they are your mutuals
5.Work is too stressful. Take the day off and relax instead
6.Procrastinate on everything
7.Do no work. Tell other people to do it for you
8.Being lazy never killed anyone
9.If you ever feel like doing something, take a break until the feeling passes
10.Laziness is the key to long life. Work is for those who are tired of life

crankyf0x  asked:

Right now, people at my school really bother me. As a kind of prestigious person, I find laid-back/careless classes and peers really tiring/annoying and upon mentioning this, the entire class rose up in some "sorry the class doesn't match your syllabus" stuff. it's just sad bc they always make it seem like everything I do or say is a big deal. They compare me to EVERYTHING, like I'm some sort of standard. I want to go far away for college, but idk if I'll get into the schools I want.

Sorry to hear you’re going through that! I know this is easier said than done, but do your best to focus on yourself instead of others. Work towards your own goals and hopefully that drive will keep you occupied enough to succeed in reaching them. Good luck!

@moon723   What?? no, not at all

pal, this all thing is about pretending that jared and jensen don’t spend time together even though they’re in the same city in order to “prove” that they’re not that close that’s ALL, it’s just that simple there’s nothing more to it. and you said it yourself “now they are not hanging out while being in the same town” THAT’S THE WHOLE POINT, that’s what they want people to believe lmao, that they’re just casual friends who work together and oh look jensen has other friends too, jared is not special! that has nothing to do with them fighting and everything to do with them hiding their relationship and IT’S WORKING look at your reaction, they are playing you right now!

the tweet jared made was a two birds in one stone kind of deal, it was promotion for that restaurant he (and jensen) likes and bearding for himself to make sure no one forgets he has a wife (who is about to give birth btw). there’s no way that tweet would have upset jensen because i believe j2 talk about this kind of bearding stuff together (just like they do everything else) and jared has done way worse in terms of bearding in the past, that tweet was nothing

everything this year, from j2 pretending to spend less time together to them barely being active on their social media is because of the new kids (that they’re having at the same time!!!), they’re just trying hard to look like normal straight dads and when you’re a normal straight dad you don’t spend your nights with your gay lover. It’s just all part of “the plan™”, that’s why i don’t think they will spend saturday night together but i’ll be happy to be wrong!

and even if they had a fight about anything they’ll be able to work it out but that’s really not the case here imo

I was tagged by @diabolik-artist-kiyumi and @totallydiabolik - thank you, you sweethearts~ <333

Tag nine people you want to get to know better

How old are you?: forever 22.

What’s your current job?: office worker I’d say <.<

What are you good at?: uhm.. idk.. I think I’m a good listener.. and I somehow know how to work with horses <.< …

What is a big goal you are working towards (or have already achieved)?: AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHHA …… ._. making Shu alive well, I really like to do something with horses.. almost impossible here >_<

What is your aesthetic?: you can look this up {here~}

Do you collect anything?: Everything that has to do with Shu (and some Hakuouki, Amnesia and Final Fantasy stuff), pillows, mugs, mangas, chokers, nail polish (and I never use it lol), overknee stockings and legwarmers, lingerie, blankets for my horse. OH WAIT I’m good at throwing out my money!

What’s a topic you always talk about?: Shu of course. And horses. You can see this in my former answers as well

What is a pet peeve of yours?: When someone is kinda wibbly wobbly. You know what I mean? Like when someone changes their opinion 2 times in 1 sentence and is always changing the subject and you can’t hold a normal conversation like that. And in the end you don’t even know if the things they said comes from them or someone else. And in the end you can’t even get to know this person because they’re just.. well.. wibbly wobbly xD saying this and doing that and things like that.

Good advice to give: Always stay true to yourself.

What are three songs you’d recommend?: ._. … songs again, huh? xD okay, I don’t know what kind of music you like. <.< .. but 30 Seconds to Mars have good songs.. {Hurricane} for example.. or if you like western/country Garth Brooks or Brooks&Dunn {Cowgirls don’t cry} .. or one of the most beautiful songs VNV Nation {Illusion}

I shall tag : @therosemaiden @rinna-diabolik @atrixius / @diabolik-naraki @diabolik-shu-lover @sloxed @vhazzrhossze @laitoxhikaru @sugarsakamaki @reijixaiko @bloody-bara @ravenastarte

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translated by kodawarii @ tsukipro-en

Those Taking Exams ☆

Sora: Just a little more before it actually starts, huh. Now that I’ve made it this far I’m starting to enter a mental stage close to understanding. Something called “It feels like it’s okay
Morihito: For you, Sora, that’s still an illusion, so let’s work hard until the very end
Sora: Ah, right
Soshi: An unusually resolute Mori
Morihito: I want everyone to pass and enjoy a cheerful dorm life with everyone… (wry smile)

# Do your best

Those Not Taking Exams ☆

Kensuke: It’s already February. That was fast~
Ryota: It feels like January went by so quickly
Mamoru: Speaking of events this February…
Koki: There’s Setsubun. I have some time this year so I’m thinking of going into ehomaki
Everyone else: Not that

# Everything’s peaceful except for one thing

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Caleb is portrayed as this dark, edgy, cocky badboy who then falls for a girl and she brings out his good character traits and shes the only thing that matters to him. It´s a cliché but it always works esoecially with teenagers. Toby is different. He´s introverted, sensitive and genuinely cares about a lot more than his gf. Not only are those trait considered unmanly but apparently its also selfish to have your own moral values and not just do everything your gf commands you to

… Wow. That is a shockingly accurate analysis and I’m secretly hoping it will be reblogged 10,000 times. :)

You put into words exactly what I always felt inside but didn’t have the words to express, I guess? And seeing it written out like that only makes me love Toby more because it makes me realize what a refreshing character he is. He defies clichés and stereotypes, and as someone who is both very sensitive and very introverted I’ve seldom been able to relate to any character as much as I do to Toby. So thank you!

hello, roleplayers! the opening was a huge success and you guys have no idea how happy i am as an admin to be seeing all of you interacting on the dash. thank you so much for taking interest in royalkrp and hopefully you’ll stick around for the future, because there are a lot of events and plot drops i have in mind!

but first thing’s first, there was a huge influx of people both with the very first batch of acceptances and who came in later throughout the night. to keep up with this i’ve been working extra hard and extra fast, but that could lead to a lot of mistakes and mess-ups. so if you guys could go through the ooc page, the masterlist, and the royal families + courts pages and make sure all of your information is correct, that would be wonderful! if something is wrong, do send the main a message so i can get the issue fixed. if everything looks good, then there is no need for a message and you can continue roleplaying as usual. there is no due date for this, but i would like any issues fixed asap so we don’t have to worry about it later. plus, who wants incorrect information about themselves or their muse on the main?

have a good day/night!

- admin joy

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The other day I swear I saw a hooded figure standing in my doorway, my dog barked at it and everything and now I'm a little paranoid about it coming back. Is there anything I can do to help keep it away?

A hooded figure you say? What you saw could’ve been a spirit of sorts. If the encounter truly bothers you and gives you feelings of dread, I’d recommended going around your house sprinkling salt water and chanting “you’re not welcome here” and “leave”. Sometimes small things like that goes a long way, and works more efficiently than elaborate rituals. 

Tell that fella to get outta here!

If you want to be more thorough, you can do a deep cleansing of your house starting from the new moon to full moon (though you can also start whenever it’s convenient too). The cleansing can be up to you, though I find that white sage and rosemary works best as well as salt. Go to areas that feel the most negative and get that shit in there. If you have crystals, black tourmaline works well for protection and clear quartz for purifying. Keep those in ‘troubled’ spots.

And I also find that praying to whatever you believe in helps during times of stress and unease. I don’t claim to know everything here, but this is all from my experience and it’s worked well for me thus far! 👌