and your voice made of honey


“Don’t you think so?”, your voice rang sweetly through his ears finally getting newts attention. He made eye contact with your amazingly (y/e/c) eyes. They held so much emotion and every time you looked at him it gave him butterflies. “Hmm”, he rang out with an answer. You smiled at his daydreaming, “Jacobs apple fritters are the best.” He nodded acceptingly and hummed an agreement. You went back to talking to the new acquaintance, you had just gone to get some more coffee beans for Tina and queenie, newt volunteered to go with, but you had found someone you knew.

He was board of the woman’s dull conversation, he didn’t mind yours though, you had a sweet way of talking. To him your voice sounded like soft pillows and the honey in his favorite tea. And your beauty surpassed that of any woman he had ever met, your wonderfully soft face relaxed his anxiousness and made it easier to be around people. He hated making eye contact but every time your eyes met his, he would linger in the awkwardness just a minute longer just so he could memorize every different shade of (y/e/c) your eyes held.

He had feelings for you, It all started when he caught himself talking about you to his creatures every time he went to feed them, the realization didn’t come to him until a painful Tuesday when he was feeding frank telling him a story about you explaining your book to him. He loved you. It hit him in the heart and he had to sit down and rethink everything. You definitely made an impact on the poor obsessed man. Every once in a while you would say something or do something so cute that the urge to hug you was the most challenging thing he ever had to do.

But what he didn’t know was that while he was zoning out thinking about your wonderfully stunning smile you couldn’t help but look over at his beautiful freckle covered face and wonder if you would ever be lucky enough for him to look at you the way you looked at him,just once.

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The Harlequin To My Joker - Klaus x Reader

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Pairing: Klaus x Reader

Prompt: (Request) ‘hi! can you do it with Klaus Mikaelson ?! 😊 thank you’

Warning: Rough sex, spoilers to suicide squad and all around sarcastic humour! Don’t like don’t read.



You walked through the room after another set, making your way to the bar. You stop for a few people who wanted to tell you how great you performed tonight but eventually you made it over to Cami. Once she turned to see you she grinned from ear to ear before pouring you a whiskey.

“Great set today.” Cami complimented as she slid over your drink.

“Thank you honey. How’s your night going?” You questioned, sipping your warm whiskey. You drank warm whiskey because it helped keep your voice loose when you were singing. As much as you’ve never liked whiskey it helps. You preferred a good red wine, however it always closed you throat so you tried to stay away from it completely, for fear of losing your voice.

“It’s good but Marcel was looking for you earlier.” She grunted before sliding someone a beer.

“That I was.” You heard Marcel’s smooth husky voice behind you say.

“What can I help you with Marcel?” You turned coming face to face with not only Marcel but also Niklaus. You rolled your eyes when he shot you a pantie melting smile.

“I need a spell.” Marcel whispered in a sickly sweet voice.

“You mean Niklaus needs a spell.” Gritting you teeth you got up and walked up to Niklaus.

“Niklaus darling if you want a spell, be a man and ask yourself.” You smirked up at him when his jaw clenched.

“Very well love. I need a spell.”

“I’ll think about it. For now would either of you gentle care to dance before my next set?” I grinned cheekily up at Niklaus who was a lot taller than you, even in heels. Marcel grabbed you hand, dragging you to the dance floor silently. You were dancing with Marcel until your next set, afterwards making you way to Niklaus and Marcel.

“Right I’ll do the spell but I’m going out with Cami, Rebekah and Hayley tonight so come see me tomorrow.” You smiled as Hayley and Rebekah made their way through the doors. You looked over at Klaus who was slowly making his way over to you.

“Where are you going?” Nik looked at Hayley and Rebekah as he spoke but you knew he was talking to you just as much.

“We’re going to the new club that was opened yesterday.” Cami spoke as she appeared behind Klaus.

“You’re going….clubbing?” His eyes were wide like he’d never heard something so stupid. You rolled your eyes before dragging Cami out, knowing Hayley and Bekah would follow.

You knew your group of friends was a little strange but that didn’t stop you all. One human, one witch, one original and one hybrid. Really it’s possibly the scariest group of female in the quarter. But that’s what was great about your group of friends. We never had to hide anything from each other.

Everyone was in a long que when you arrived but Bekah soon got us inside, compulsion can be handy sometimes. As you walked in you were shocked by the fact it was very different from any club near or in New Orleans. It was quite well lit for a club but the shocking aspect was the poles and cages around the room that contained half-dressed dancing females. You glanced over at Bekah who was nodding like it was good enough, Cami who had the same expression as you and Hayley who had a grin on her face.

“Jesus who owns this place?” Cami choked as she saw a guy getting lap dance.

“That would be me.” You heard a playful voice speak from behind you.

“KOL!?” Bekah and Hayley’s expression now matched yours and Cami’s.

“I may have watched Suicide Squad one too many times.” Kol voiced like it was the best excuse for why he opened what was basically a classy strip club. Cami looked at him with confusion which made me answer the unspoken question.

“It’s a DC film.” You supplied.

“Kol watched it three times in a week.” Rebekah added.

“I do not need to know what you do in your spare time.” You sighed before massaging your temples softly trying to sooth the head that was currently sneaking in.

“Hey Y/N you could totally be a great Harley Quinn to Nik’s Joker!” Kol cooed at you teasingly.

“I couldn’t agree more! Especially with that Jersey accent.” Bekah snorted sarcastically.

“I will give you a witchy migraine Rebekah. I’m not as sick as Harlequin and Nik is worse than the Joker.” You growled before storming off towards the bar, you stood at the bar thinking about the jokes everyone had thrown at you but you knew they were right. You were a lot like Niklaus and you could be just as sick as him sometimes. Cami always said it was deep rooted issues from my past but you always waved her off saying you were fine. You knew it was mainly the accent that made everyone joke about it though so you ignored them. Once you got the bartender attention you ordered a cocktail sipping the red liquid once it arrived.

When a song from the suicide squad soundtrack came on you literally face palmed the bar surface. You knew immediately it was Kol’s doing, you slammed your glass down and decided to dance anyway. As much as you hate the constant Harley Quinn jokes you loved the film and soundtrack. You saw the girls dancing so you joined them smiling as Hayley patted you back in a comforting way.

“I’m fucked up, I’m black and blue. I’m build for it, all the abuse.” You sang along as you danced with Bekah. After the song had ended I felt someone pat on my shoulder I turned to see Kol who was smirking.

“Puddin’s here and he says it’s urgent.” Kol joked but you knew who he meant. You rolled your eyes and followed Kol silently. Once you spotted Niklaus you noticed his face was not one of a happy Klaus.

“Wait before I leave. Say it?” Kol asked as we arrived in front of Niklaus who now looked highly confused.

“Which scene?” You snapped your teeth clenched as the words came out.

“The electrocution scene!” Kol grinned happily, he had the biggest crush on Harley Quinn which he always got teased about but he didn’t care.

“What are ya gonna do ya gonna kill me Mr.J?” You looked at Kol waiting for him to leave.

“Oh I’m not gonna kill ya…I’m just gonna hurt ya…Really…Really bad.” Kol smirked at you and waited for your response. You rolled your eyes but responded anyway.

“Ya think so? Well I can take it.” Your accent thick and once Kol preened at how he once again had gotten his own way he walked off. I turned back to Niklaus who was trying not to laugh but failing miserably.

“Did you just…Quote….H-Harley Quinn?” Nik gasped between laughter.

“Did you just admit to watching Suicide Squad?” You retaliated with a smirk gracing you face and he soon stopped laughing.

“Aww is Klausy embarrassed?” You mocked putting on your sickly sweet Harley Quinn voice.

“Shut up.” Klaus snapped before grabbing his drink from the table behind him.

“What do you need Klausy?” You teased as you took his drink downing in soundlessly.

“Would you mind posing for me again?”

“You took me away from my night out to ask for another painting session!?” You screamed throwing the glass against the wall.

“Yep.” Klaus smirked up at you from the couch as you stood up.

“Excuse me miss but I think I’m gonna have to ask you to lea-” A man yelled as he came in to the private room ranting.


“Sorry but am gonna have to insist ya shut up!” You screamed snapping his wrist back breaking it without a blink. You turned to Niklaus with a glare ignoring the guys screamed of pain.

“It’s so attractive when you go all psycho on someone.” Klaus grinned mischievously over at you.

In the blink of an eye you were on top of Klaus, hands in his hair tugging furiously as you both fought for dominance over the kiss you currently found yourself in. You don’t know how you ended up there but the screaming guy now forgotten as you ripped Klaus’s shirt open. Your hands made their way down his chest, nails digging in angrily as your hands made their way to his pants.

You hadn’t even realised your shirt was gone, his hands were tugging at your bra but he soon gave up and ripped it off. His hand massaged your breasts roughly as he took the left nipple in his mouth suckling and biting vigorously. You groaned loudly, your hands working open his pants Klaus had apparently thought you were going to slow so he flipped you over onto you front. He dropped his pants then proceeded to rip off your skirt. When he was done he lifted your ass up your face still crushed into the couch.

You screamed out as two of his fingers entered you with no warning. You soon recovered as his thrusts were hitting your special spot. You pushed back onto his fingers craving your realise but as soon as Klaus realised what you were doing he stopped and brought his hand down to your ass giving it a loud smack. You whined wiggling your ass at him, as if daring him to do it again. So head did, several times before kissing the red welts that now covered both ass cheeks.

“P-Please Klaus…” You whined your voice full of desperation.

“Not yet sweetheart. I want you to feel all of me when you cum.” He grunted as he gripped your hips dragging you closer to him. His hand slid from the bottom of you back to your shoulders, his touch sending shivers down your spine. He gripped your right shoulder as he thrust into you roughly making you gasp loudly, gripping the pillows at how full you felt.

“Oh god! Please Klausy..” You taunted your breathing uneven and full of need.

He started thrusting into you angrily, his breathing getting louder. His thrust gained an unhuman speed as you became a moaning mess. Your screams were loud and raw, you had never been with Klaus but you’d imagined the pleasure he could give you with a thousand years of experience. You were gripping the couch so tightly your nails had started cutting through the fabric that covered it.

“Shit, Y/N I’m close.” You heard him grunt his nails digging into your hips, no doubt drawing blood.

You nodded sobbing in pleasure as he started hitting you g-spot as if trying to force your orgasm out of you. You were a writhing mess as he hit your special spot with violent thrusts. You felt your stomach tighten as you orgasm neared its peak. His hand moved to grip your hair pulling you up so he could whisper dirty little things in your ear.

“Cum for me love.” He grunted as his seed started to fill you, his rough sexed out voice pushed you over the edge his arms now gripping your waist as he gave you one more thrust. After your powerful orgasm was over you collapsed into Klaus’s arms.


When you came too you knew three things. One, your virgina hurt. Two, you were in a soft bed and three, someone was laid next to you.

You rolled over to see Klaus and then images of what happened the night before came rushing back. You groaned before deciding to wake Klaus up.

“Niklaus why am I here?” You questioned as his eyes started opening.

“Because after I fucked you into next week you pasted out.” He smirked over at you as if he was proud about his achievement.

“There’s some juice on the side and I’ll have Sally bring you some food since you were most likely dehydrated.” Klaus added seriously pointing to the orange juice that was sat next to you. You shook you head but drank it anyway knowing he was right. After you finished the glass of juice Niklaus dragged you back down.

“You know that wasn’t a one off right?” Klaus narrowed his eyes as if trying to search yours for your thoughts.

“What so now I’m your new little fuck buddy?” You snorted your voice sarcastic and full of bitterness.

“No more like I want you to be my Queen.” He responded seriously, staring into your Y/E/C eyes.

You laid there silently thinking about how good that actually sounded but your thoughts were soon interrupted by and annoyingly smug voice.

“Or the Harley Quinn to his Joker!”

Fucking Kol! You thought as you buried your head into the pillow.  

“You should replace him in the band“

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You totally forgot that you have to take care of your little niece today when you made plans with Josh, but being the amazing boyfriend that he is, he agreed to help you babysit the five year old. You and Skylar were playing with her Anna and Elsa dolls, with the movie Frozen playing softly in the background, as the doorbell rings. “I‘ll go get it!“ the little girl cheers already jumping onto her feet, instantly after hearing the noise. 

“Wait for me!“, you call running after her, “I‘m old ya know, my bones aren‘t functioning that well anymore- Skylar, what‘s wrong honey?“ you ask abruptly, voice filled with concern, the moment you set a foot into the living room seeing your niece hiding behind the slightly opened door.

The little girl immediately sprints towards you the second she notices your presence. With a whoop you scoop her up into your arms and approach the door curiously, wondering what could be outside the door that makes her act this way. Your question is right away answered after you catch a glimpse of the familiar bundle of bright yellow hair. You open the door a little bit wider to no one other than you boyfriend Josh, rocking awkwardly back and forth on his heels with both hands in the pocket of his jeans. 

“Hey“ he greets, scratching the back of his neck.

“Hello to you too, come on in“ you say, putting down your niece after stepping aside to give him a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

“Do you know him?“ a small voice speaks up from behind you.

Her actions finally makes sense after you look closely at Josh‘s appearance. Although he probably could‘t even hurt a fly, his tattoo sleeve, the nose piercing and on top of that the dyed hair say otherwise. “Josh, this is my little niece, Skylar“ you say smiling bending down to the little girl‘s level.

“Hey there, I‘m Josh“, your boyfriend introduces himself kneeling down to her level, “A pleasure to meet you“ he finishes, planting a little kiss on your niece‘s tiny hand, making her giggle slightly by the scratchy contact of his facial hair.

All three of you spend the whole afternoon together and even though Skylar was still shy around the drummer, she let him participate in every game you played anyway. At some point you head to the bathroom, leaving the two of them on their own. Which you instantly regret after coming back to Josh putting red eyeshadow underneath the waterline of Skylar‘s eyes with your palette, that they probably found in your bag.

“(Y/N), look! I am just as punk rock as Josh now!“ the five year old says enthusiastically while hitting the floor with drumsticks, attempting to create a beat. “Maybe you should replace him in the band, Sky. You look way more punk rock than him with that makeup“

“Ouch, that hurt coming from my own girlfriend“ Josh pouts while putting a hand on his heart, pretending to tear up.

Other writings


lock yourself out // a chapter fifteen sneak peek


Paulie gasped when she heard his voice through the phone. It’s been a while since she’d heard it last but it never failed to make her insides melt. It was smooth like honey but also had that rasp to it that made it impossible not to react to it in such a way. Even though he’d spoken just one single fucking word.

Paulie?” he asked and she realised she had yet to say something.

“Yeah, hi… it’s me.”

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“You look good enough to eat.” Cisco murmured - his voice practically dripping honey - after stepping in behind you and coiling an arm around your waist to pull you flush against him. 

“Are you out of your mind?” You laughed, sending your elbow back to lightly poke at his ribs. “I’m working.”

“Work on me.”

Still giggling, you spun in his embrace and jabbed your pointer finger into his chest before drawing in a breath to make some snarky remark but your voice fell short after looking at him. There was something missing in his eyes - that typical puppy-dog kindness that rested behind his irises - the kindness that made him Cisco Ramon… It was like you were looking at a total stranger.

With his lips curling into a wicked smirk, you suddenly felt a chill run up your spine. The way he looked at you just wasn’t right. It wasn’t until you heard a familiar voice from somewhere behind you that you realized something was very wrong. 

Quickly jerking your head around, you saw another Cisco standing in the doorway with his arm extended and mouth gaping as he pointed toward the man before you. He could barely catch his breath but by some miracle he managed, “Doppel…”

“Ganger.”  Reverb sneered.

“Shit!” You barked before shoving him back and sprinting for your Cisco.

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{PART 2} I Can Save You // Jay Park

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Pairing: Jay Park x Reader

Genre: Angst // Drama // Fluff // Smut {RATED MATURE}

Summary: The night continues with you and Jay, you becoming drunk and opening up a little too much.

A/N: Please be aware that this scenario contains mentions of emotional abuse, alcohol, prostitution, depression and family matters.

{Part 1} {Part 2} {Part 3}

“What brings me here? I’m here to help you relax honey, now why don’t you let me get you a drink and you can tell me more about yourself?” you softened your voice, giggling innocently and tapping Jay’s arm with your index finger, trying to regain a firm grasp on the direction of the conversation. It’s not that you thought there was anything particularly dangerous about Jay, but something about him made you feel uneasy. You had been working at the club just shy of two years now, and not once had a customer made you feel this way with his looks, charm and questions alone.

Jay smirked, letting his lips curl up on the left side as he gestured to his empty water glass. “I’m not drinking tonight so – just water is fine” he replied, his voice as smooth as velvet as he turned his head back to you. Without meaning to, you chuckled nervously and cleared your throat before you flagged down one of the topless hostesses that walked around the club taking people’s orders.

“Chanel, can I get a jug of water with some lemon and a whiskey on the rocks? Add it to table 12” you smiled at her as she winked at you and Jay, playing the game that you all played so very well.

“Gentlemen, would you like some more drinks?” you turned around to face Simon and Loco, who were each giving their undivided attention to Pixie and Sugar. Pixie flashed her eyes at you, before leaning into Simons ear and whispering something, to which he nodded, trailing his hand down her arm as she smiled into his face. Loco ordered another beer, while Simon asked Pixie to choose for him.

“He wants to do some Jaeger bombs~ and get us a bottle of house wine too” she giggled in his lap while simultaneously adding to her commission fee with the drinks he ordered. You sighed slightly – knowing that this was typical of Pixie to do, before turning to Chanel and relaying the message.

“Aight Babydoll. Oh! And by the way, happy birthday girl!” She said to you cheerily, before strutting off towards the bar, her ass cheeks on full display as she went. You sat down comfortably in your seat, before you turned back round to Jay to get him to talk some more.

“It’s your birthday?” he asked, his eyebrows raised as he parted his lips in anticipation. You smiled back warmly at him, scooting yourself up closer so that your thigh was brushing his slightly.

“Yeah it’s my birthday today~ So…as my present, you should let me know everything there is to know about you. You’re Korean right? But your accent sounds different from your friends?” you asked carefully as to not make it seem awkward or that you were questioning his heritage, you were just genuinely curious. Jay nodded at you as he interlocked his fingers on his lap.

“I was born here, in the states. I grew up in Seattle and when I was a teenager, I moved to Korea under my mother’s orders” he chuckled, watching your face light up a little at the mention of his mother.

“Ahh, so you’re a momma’s boy then?” you purred flirtatiously, softening your eyes before Chanel came back with your drinks.

“Oh babydoll, Key said this one is for the gentleman, on the house” she added as she set down a bottle of pink champagne with two glasses for you and Jay -  to which he squinted his eyes a little at. “Who’s Key?” he thought to himself as you took the champagne bottle and popped it open, letting the foam bubble up and drip down your hands on to your thighs – a common act to get men riled up that you did so frequently.

“Ooops! Could you help me Jay? I’m so clumsy~” you said innocently, flashing doe eyes at him as he swallowed hard – Loco and Simon now looking over at you and Pixie and Sugar rolling their eyes at your party trick. Jay knew exactly what you were trying to do, as he pulled out a handkerchief from his pocket and began dabbing it on to your skin, soaking up the foam as he diligently cleaned you. Usually, men were a mumbling, fidgety mess as they did this, but Jay was as sober as a judge and completely confident in his actions which took you so far aback.

The night continued with the whole table sharing the champagne, Jay not touching it once as you tried to continuously flirt and make him feel like the most important man alive, to which he merely shrugged it off and let you do most of the talking. You began to feel the effects of the alcohol – you not being used to drinking so much as you drank Jay’s share of the champagne.

“Don’t you think you should…take it easy? You’re pretty wasted right now” Jay chuckled as you drunkenly lay your head against his shoulder, interlocking your arm with his as you gave him the real ‘drunk girlfriend’ experience.

“Oh yeah? And who’s gonna stop me…you?” you looked up at him and poked him on his nose, making him smile and giggle a little at your childish antics. He repositioned himself, letting you get more comfortable on him while keeping his hands to himself. Usually, if this situation arose, your customers would take this opportunity to run their hands all over you, but Jay had other motives in mind.

“So if it’s your birthday, what age does that make you?” he said softly into your ear, his lips inches away from your skin as you mewled lightly into the crook his neck.

“Mmmh, what age do I look, Jay?” you asked, your eyes full of devilish charm as you admired the several small star tattoos that littered his collarbone and neck area. Jay felt a slight sweat come over him, looking down at you and trying to guess your correct age. You had dark, smoky eye makeup, red cherub lips and you were contoured to the gods, so guessing your true age would have been difficult for any person.

“I’m not sure, but maybe…23? 24? I’m sorry if I’m- ” you cut him off before he could say anything else.

“Uh uhhh! Wrong!” you said as you found the energy to climb up and on to his lap, straddling him as you rested your arms on either side of his shoulders. You took a look at his chest through his white t-shirt, being able to see the faint outline of his tattoos underneath. Jay stiffened his entire body under your touch – feeling you so close to him as his hands primitively found themselves resting on your waist, steadying you in your drunken adventure.

“I’m…21 today” you whispered in his ear. Jay felt his heart sink, but not because you were 8 years younger than him.

“I see~ And how long have to been working here?” he whispered, dreading the answer you were about to give him. Usually you would never open up so much to a customer – especially not a new one. But you were drunk – and being this drunk was more than often dangerous in your profession.

“Uhh..2 years now? I was at college to become a…music producer or something. But that went bust. Anddddd~ now I’m here sitting on your lap” you slurred, giggling into his face as you stared at your reflection in his eyes. You knew deep down inside that things were going too far at this point, but you couldn’t stop yourself. Jay studied you, knowing now that you were so young and once full of so much hope and dreams – he thought about what could have happened to you to make you feel like you had no other choice than to walk this path? He felt the strings of your red lingerie underneath his palms, your heat radiating from your body on to his as he took in the smell of your cheap, sweet perfume and the aroma of your hairspray. He noticed the clamminess of your skin around your collarbones and chest, the rosiness of your cheeks – a clear indication that you definitely had enough to drink for one night.

“Is there somewhere we can go to relax? It’s a bit stuffy in here and you look like you could use a glass of water.” Jay spoke quietly into your ear, making your eyes light up. You didn’t think he would be the type of customer to ask you this type of thing – because this meant one thing and one thing only; sex.

You nodded at him slowly, winking before telling him to wait a moment. You got up, stumbling about in your high heels as Jay stood up after you, keeping you steady and helping you find your balance. You managed to squeeze yourself past the pillar once again, before calling over one of the hostesses to ask them to prepare one of the rooms.

“My guy at table 12 is asking for some ‘alone time’. Are there any rooms available?” you slurred quietly.

“There’s one, room 3. But babydoll, are you sure? You’re pretty fucked right now” she said, putting her hand on your shoulder as she looked at you seriously, to which your swatted her away playfully.

“No…but I’m gonna be fucked in a few minutes!” you joked back, making her laugh along with you as she nodded her head and began making arrangements for you. You turned around, seeing Jay talking to Simon and Loco.

“I’m gonna take Babydoll to get her sobered up a bit. I’ll be back soon” he said, his friends giving him thumbs up and winking at him to which he scoffed at them through his nose. You approached Jay, taking his hand from the back and linking your arm with his.

“There’s a room waiting for us, good sir. Care to follow me?” you purred, taking the lead and walking him towards the door at the back of the club next to the bar. On your way, you seen Key perched on his ‘throne’ at the front of the stage, looking at you and giving you a sly smile as he knew you were about to cash in big time for him. You pretended not to see him, as you opened the door clumsily, before Jay let you walk in first, holding the door while holding on to you in fear that you might fall. The music for the club became a little more drowned out as you stumbled towards the black, marble staircase that lead to the 2nd floor. Jay took one look at the staircase before looking down at your shoes – a pair of killer high heels.

“Do you want to take your shoes off? It would made the trip up the stairs a little easier for you.” He said, still holding on to you the way a parent would hold on to their child who was learning to walk.

“I’m a big girl, I can do some things myself you know~” you cooed back at him, taking on the steps and holding on to the banister half heartily. The whole way up the stairs, Jay was one step behind you, supporting you as you nearly fell to your death several times – of course you thought this was hilarious, almost dying from laughter at his precautious antics for you.

Upon reaching room number 3, you punched in the key-code before the door unlocked. You both stepped in as you were greeted by the familiar sultry lighting and the large mirrors in front of the four poster bed. Jay looked around the room before letting one word resonate through his mind. “Sleazy” – as he also took notice of the several cameras which were carefully placed in all four corners, high on the walls.

“Come here, sit~” you pulled Jay down on the bed before you began fixing your hair and letting him get comfortable.

“Before we start, I just wanted to check that you know the price, okay?” you asked him seriously. You were drunk – yes. But this didn’t mean you forgot that you were working either. Jay looked at you carefully, now realising what you thought he meant by going somewhere private. He let a small chuckle fall from his lips as he turned to face you completely.

“Babydoll, whatever men usually do to you in here – I won’t be doing that. But I’ll still pay you for whatever your price is. I just want you to cool down and sober up a bit so that you get home safely.”

You furrowed your eyebrows at him before promptly gathering yourself and smiling politely. It wasn’t common, but sometimes you would get men who just wanted a sweet, girlfriend experience were you would just sit on their lap and kiss them, telling them how much you loved them and needed them.

“Oh…okay…well, was it a girlfriend experience you wanted? Not all of the girls like doing it, but I don’t mind it at all~” you tilted your head at him as you pulled yourself closer into his proximity. Jay chuckled once again, knowing that you just didn’t understand what he meant. He knew that it was probably uncommon for you to have a man in front of you, on a bed, with money in his pockets who didn’t want to bend you over and drill you from behind. Of course – he had thought about that many times this evening, but there was something…different about you. He felt a strange curiosity towards you, but most of all, he felt incredibly sorry for you. He felt like the wanted to help you.

“I don’t want anything from you babydoll. I just wanna talk and let you sober up – that’s all.” He replied softly, moving your hands away that were now on his lap, dangerously close to going past the point of no return. You jutted your head back, feeling almost offended at his actions and very, very confused as to why he was behaving the way he was.

“You…you just wanna talk? I mean, no offence but…why did you come to this place if all you wanted to do was talk? You could go to any bar in the city for free and do that” you replied sarcastically, not meaning for it to sound as harsh as it did, but you felt like this was a waste of your time. You technically couldn’t keep him in this room if something didn’t happen, and that meant no money for you – but more importantly, no money for Key either.

“Simon wanted to take Loco to his first strip club, and I came along to keep both of them in check. It just so happened that you came to our table and…to be honest… I just wanted to get to know you. There’s nothing wrong with being friends with someone in your line of work, right?”

Alarm bells immediately went off in your head, mixed with your drunken state. He was skirting around actually addressing your profession, almost like he wanted you to admit it yourself. “Why does he want to get to know me? To find out more about the club?” thoughts raced through your mind in mere seconds.

“Are you a fucking cop?” you stood up, backing away and watching his face become slightly irritated at you as you suddenly felt extremely trapped. You felt your back press against the mirror as Jay continued to sit on the bed, knowing not to get up and approach you in fear of startling you more.

“Listen to me, okay? I’m not a cop. I’m just a normal person. Is it so hard to believe that I just want to talk to you and not do anything sexual? You’re obviously a smart girl, so you should give yourself more credit” Jay sighed, taking his wallet out of his back pocket before placing it on the table in between you and him.

“If you still don’t believe me, you can take a look through my ID’s.” But your patience was slowly running out.

“Get out. I’ll refund you for your time. Just leave. Don’t come into a strip club and try to befriend strippers and girls like me to get more out of what you’re paying for.” You said harshly, your voice quivering as you pointed to the door, hoping that he would comply and you wouldn’t have to call for help.

“I’ll leave if you want me to. Don’t refund me anything, it’s your money. I’m sorry for making you feel uncomfortable.”  He said as he took his wallet, pulled out a stack of notes before placing them back on the table. He stood up, bowing his head slightly at you as he walked over to the door and opened it.

“I don’t know you Babydoll, and you don’t know me. But what I do know, is that you’re better than this life. And if the help is there, you should take it. Take care of yourself.” His voice dropping on the last word, before slipping outside and closing the door behind him,

You stared at the door for the longest time, not knowing what the hell had just happened. You walked over to the money on the table, counting it out and seeing that he left much more than what was needed.

“$1,500…is he crazy?” you said out loud, before wondering how you were going to explain all of this to Key. And as if right on cue, a knock came at the door - following a voice that was unmistakable to any girl that worked in your club.

“Babydoll? Honey? You still in there?”

It was Key.

they told you not to speak
to those water-bound women.
they gave you warning
after warning
after warning.

her voice was made of honey, you could
have sworn.
she spoke with gentleness
with love
and care

and then she reached for your hand
and pulled you into the waters
and holds your head below the waves.

bubbles float to the top.
she laughs.

—  a sailor’s fall. | i.b.
Black Boxes

PAIRING: Jim Moriarty/Reader


SUMMARY: You celebrate your birthday with your boyfriend and he showers you with gifts.

Originally posted by cecycarstairs

“Honey, I’m home!” you heard a voice sing as the front door slammed shut.

A smile instantly spread across your face, he promised he’d be back before lunch and he was. Your boyfriend didn’t have the most flexible schedule but he made a promise and as always he kept it. It was your birthday after all. You had wanted to spend the whole day with him but you knew what would happen if he didn’t answer the call and run into ‘work’.

You craned your neck to see if you could see him yet as you heard him start down the hall, swearing you could hear him skip. He was always so cheery, it was what you loved most about him. Well, that and his accent . His Irish drawl was an aphrodisiac, it sounded like liquid sex and he knew it.

He walked into the living room clad in a Westwood suit, brandishing a gift bag in each hand. Jim Moriarty knew how to dress and boy, did he dress well. You knew that one of his presents would be a dress for you, it always was. But what designer? You insisted that designer clothes weren’t necessary, that designer dresses were overrated, but he knew you were lying. He knew how much you loved to be spoilt, which was good considering he loved spoiling you. He loved seeing your face light up when he bought you something you adored.

“Jim Moriarty, what time do you call this?” you scolded, still wearing your smile.

“I wouldn’t know darling, I was too busy picking a few things for this girl I know” he replied.

“Really? She sounds interesting, tell me about her”

“Well, she is drop dead gorgeous, I mean wow. She’s pretty smart too, and she knows just how to make me smile. Did I mention she’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen?” He said, looking into your eyes.

“Hmm, I don’t know, what makes her so great?” you teased.

“She can deal with all my fabulous bullshit. She is hilarious, but not as funny as me. And are you sure I didn’t mention that she’s absolutely breathtaking?” He smiled and winked as he said the last sentence.

“What’s her name?” You asked him, teasing him once more.

“Y/N, Y/N Y/L/N. Beautiful isn’t it?” He said, leaning close for a kiss.

You wrapped your arms around his neck and pulled him down to you, his soft lips crashing onto yours.

You pulled away and said,

“Flirtings over Daddy, I’ve had enough now!” mimicking his sing song voice whilst saying a phrase he’d so often said to you.

He pulled his face into a pout and his puppy eyes got even bigger and you got lost in his eyes all over again.

“Fine, here are your presents” he said, continuing to pout and handing you a red bag with matching tissue paper sticking out over the top.

You began to pull out the tissue paper until you reached the bottom, which wasn’t long considering the bag was quite small. You pulled out a parcel wrapped in red wrapping paper with a gold ribbon. You pulled the ribbon off the parcel and began to carefully open the present. It was a beautiful F/C dress.

“Try it on” said a familiar Irish voice.

You stood up, turned and began to undress, wiggling your ass to make sure your boyfriend was paying attention. You stepped into the floor length dress and pulled it up.

“Can you do it up?” You asked.

“Do I have to? You know, I really think you look better without it.”

“Maybe later”

He pulled the zip up, planting one hand firmly above your ass in the small of your back. You turned around, the dress flowing and hugging your curves.

“Definitely later if you plan on looking that good in this dress” he smirked at you.

“I take it we’re going somewhere then?” you smiled at him

“Only the best for my favourite girl” he flirted, handing you the other bag he had in his hand.

You took it and peeked inside, there was a long black box. You opened it and saw a diamond necklace with a J and a Y/F/I on. It was beautiful and it perfectly complemented your dress.

“Now go and get ready darling, we’re going out soon.” Jim flirted, kissing you softly.

“How soon?” you whispered, biting his lower lip.

“Well” he teased.

“Jim, do not fuck around” you whispered in his ear

“I do not fuck around”, he said pulling away with an exaggerated look of shock on his face, he leaned in close and said, “I only fuck you”

You giggled as he picked you up and carried you into your bedroom.


You stepped out of the car, Jim holding the door for you and closing it behind you. He offered you his hand but you chose to hold his arm instead, his dark Westwood suit making your new dress look even more stunning in the soft evening light.

“So, do you plan on telling me where we’re going to eat then?” you asked, looking into his perfect eyes.

“I thought you already had” He teased, grinning.

You playfully punched his shoulder and laughed “Jim!”

He started laughing with you and wrapped his arm around your waist. He may be a harsh consulting criminal, who threatens people for a living but with you he was like a fluffy bunny. Always joking, and laughing and in love . He pulled you close and quickly kissed you.

Then, without warning, he took your hand and pulled you into a lavish restaurant. It was amazing and you could see why he had bought you the dress (not that you didn’t own anything that wouldn’t fit in, he just felt that a new restaurant required a new dress). The waiter didn’t even ask your name, he knew who you were so you figured that Jim had probably sent Sebastian ahead to let them know you were coming next.

The waiter led you to a table and Jim pulled your chair out for you before sitting down himself, he was a proper gentleman. You ordered your food and a bottle of wine to share with him. When the waiter flirted with you as he poured the wine, Jim’s eyes turned to stone and you knew that if looks could kill, the waiter would be dead. Jim’s grip on your hand tightened. He was jealous. He was being protective.

“You can go now” he said, his voice sounding as though it was a knife cutting through the air.

The waiter fled from the table almost instantly and you could’ve sworn you heard Jim mumble “Mine”.

You placed your other hand on his, forcing him to look at you. You looked into his eyes and saw his face instantly soften. He didn’t think that anyone but him should be able to flirt with you  and live. You always found him so cute when he was jealous. After all, you were the only one who could calm him so quickly.

He pulled his hands away from yours and stood up. What was he doing? You saw him pull a small black box from his jacket pocket and begin to kneel on the floor. He opened the box to reveal a diamond ring that matched your necklace and said

“Y/N Y/L/N, you are the best thing that has ever happened to me. You are beautiful and kind, and funny and you are perfect in every way. You are the only one who can make my heart pound and flutter the way it does around you. Will you marry me?”

You were shocked and overjoyed and didn’t know whether to cry or smile or what to do.

“Y/N? I’m going to need answer, this suit’s a Westwood and it’s touching the floor-”

“Yes! Of course I will!” you interrupted him and pulled him up to kiss you.


You stumbled through the door, laughing whilst your boyfriend, now fiance whispered in your ear while kissing your neck.

“Happy Birthday, Mrs Moriarty” he whispered in your ear while picking you up.

“My birthday’s not over yet” you laughed.

“Suddenly I’m Mr Sex,” he laughed, bending to kiss you once more.

This is My Body. (Matt. 26:26)

“Before the blessing of the heavenly words another nature is spoken of, after the consecration the Body is signified. He Himself speaks of His Blood. Before the consecration it has another name, after it is called Blood. And you say, Amen, that is, It is true. Let the heart within confess what the mouth utters, let the soul feel what the voice speaks.

Christ, then, feeds His Church with these sacraments, by means of which the substance of the soul is strengthened, and seeing the continual progress of her grace, He rightly says to her: How comely are your breasts, my sister, my spouse, how comely they are made by wine, and the smell of your garments is above all spices. A dropping honeycomb are your lips, my spouse, honey and milk are under your tongue, and the smell of your garments is as the smell of Lebanon. A garden enclosed is my sister, my spouse, a garden enclosed, a fountain sealed. By which He signifies that the mystery ought to remain sealed up with you, that it be not violated by the deeds of an evil life, and pollution of chastity, that it be not made known to thou, for whom it is not fitting, nor by garrulous talkativeness it be spread abroad among unbelievers. Your guardianship of the faith ought therefore to be good, that integrity of life and silence may endure unblemished.”

(On the Mysteries 9.50-55) St. Ambrose

You make me feel so many things, things that I’ll never tell.
Not to my friends or yours, and never to your face.
The way you act, the way I feel, you’ve made life living hell.

I hate the very idea of you, the thought of you I rebel,
Just thinking of you makes my heart race.
You make me feel so many things, things that I’ll never tell.

And though I try, I’m bound to you, as if you cast a spell,
Some ancient curse I cannot erase.
The way you act, the way I feel, you’ve made life living hell.

Your honey-sweet voice shatters my ears like some demented bell,
Your fair look stings my eyes like mace.
You make me feel so many things, things that I’ll never tell.

And though, with kindness, you’ve broken down my shell,
My heart feels out of place.
The way you act, the way I feel, you’ve made life living hell.

Those sweet, kind words remind me of how quickly I fell In love with you,
yet these feelings, I cannot embrace.
You make me feel so many things, things that I’ll never tell;
The way you act, the way I feel, you’ve made life living hell.

—  “You’ve Made Life Living Hell”
the signs as songs by Taylor Swift
  • Aries: I Almost Do
  • "I bet it never ever occurred to you that I can't say "Hello" to you and risk another goodbye"
  • Taurus: Mine
  • "You made a rebel of a careless man's careful daughter;
  • You are the best thing, that's ever been mine"
  • Gemini: Better Than Revenge
  • "I'm just another thing for you to roll your eyes at honey; You might have him but I'll always get the last word"
  • Cancer: Wildest Dreams
  • "His hands are in my hair, his clothes are in my room;
  • And his voice is a familiar sound, nothing lasts forever"
  • Leo: Enchanted
  • "I'll spend forever wondering if you knew
  • I was enchanted to meet you"
  • Virgo: Ours
  • "The stakes are high, the water's rough, but this love is ours"
  • Libra: New Romantics
  • "Please take my hand and please take me dancing and
  • please leave me stranded, it's so romantic"
  • Scorpio: Style
  • "And when we go crashing down, we come back every time;
  • 'Cause we never go out of style, we never go out of style"
  • Sagittarius: 22
  • "We're happy free confused and lonely in the best way;
  • It's miserable and magical"
  • Capricorn: Untouchable
  • "Untouchable, burning brighter than the sun;
  • And when you're close, I feel like coming undone"
  • Aquarius: That's The Way I Loved You
  • "And you were wild and crazy, just so frustrating intoxicating; Complicated, got away by some mistake and now"
  • Pisces: Teardrops On My Guitar
  • "So I drive home alone, as I turn out the light;
  • I'll put his picture down and maybe get some sleep tonight"

“Hey Sammy, could you help me with my dress for a second?”
You tried to keep your voice steady but the thought of your prank alone made you grin like an idiot.
Sam came into the room and smiled at you. “Sure thing honey.”
You turned around and felt Sam’s hands on the zipper of your dress.
Suddenly the movement of his hands stopped and you got greeted by silence instead. 
“What do you think about my new tattoo, Sammy?”
“I…ehm…that’s my name…tattooed on your back. Wait, are those moose antlers?!”
“Yes” you bit your lip just so you wouldn’t burst out laughing in front of him but as soon as you turned around, your attemt failed misserably. Your whole body started to shook with laughter at Sam’s panicked expression.
He looked like a clown was standing in front of him.
Little did he know that your Henna tattoo would be gone in a few weeks.

Submitted by flyawaybay

My lover waters the plants with my stash of holy water
They wilt and he grins.
You were not made for an exorcism, he says
Peeling away the shadows that linger on my skin
As he watches me with hungry eyes,
Tongue on his lips as though I were a freshly picked fruit.
This is how you were created, little dagger
I make no move to wipe the juice on my chin
He loves it.

We are lounging in the bath
He traces the pyramids on my back,
(laughs when he pricks his finger on their edges)
I unfasten the buttons on my heart.
Warm like honey his voice engulfs me
With continents lining your eyes
                                                           And berries coating your lips,
With a tiger’s jaw in one hand
                                                     And a butterfly in the other
With the screams of falcons haunting your shoulder blades
                                                  And the northern star in harbor between your thighs
Darling, this was how you were created.

Inhale // Exhale // I am done

He throws me on the bed, under his gaze
My body feels like fresh grass under the first light
His fervent whispers prayed in to the valley between my ribs
My goddess / my messiah / the angel who fell for me
Wicked hands pluck starlight to braid his hair with
Sinful, he says
Delicious, he says
This is the taste of communion, he says
I giggle and write blasphemies on his back.

We are on my balcony when he strips me bare
The cold stone wall and his warm chest
You are….
the beginning is lost in his mouth
Do not be ashamed to birth yourself
He rips his grey heart out
There is no shame in being a monster
Bids me to sink my teeth in to it.

I am on my knees in our carpeted room
Hunched over, like a rabid animal, over his body
He does not flinch
He does not struggle
He hands me a dagger, holds my hand over his neck
Carve your love in, my darling
Yes, this is who you are–
My gluttonous priestess,
My lascivious saint,

You are
God’s anger,
Lucifer’s revenge

You are
The rage of a curse,
a traumatic daydream,
a tender apocalypse,

You are
Murder in love.

Come now, my revolution, let us dissect love and vomit it together

With a loyalty as intense as
Hell’s fire in a sinner’s flesh,
We do.


Is this how fallen angels are made? // Camillea

Submission for achillics, patrocluz, mythaelogy, medeae

Becoming Root

See something you like? a voice breathes into your ear.

You freeze in the act of taking a five-finger discount on a couple of pairs of black underwear at a department store in Corpus Christi. It’s not the first time you’ve shoplifted here; security is sparse, and you look like a perfectly nice girl to anyone who doesn’t know better. But in the few years you’ve been amusing yourself this way, it’s the first time you’ve been caught in the act.

Carefully, you place the underwear back onto the stack.

That’s it, honey, says the voice. Look at me.

You turn around slowly and see that the owner of the voice is familiar. It belongs to a woman about ten years older than you, with a soft pinup figure, a beautiful and meticulously made-up face, and long blonde hair–bleached; her roots are as dark as yours. You think she might be a manager. Your eyes travel down to her red lips and, almost helplessly, to her perfect breasts, framed immaculately by her black scoop neck shirt.

She follows your gaze and lifts an eyebrow.

Come here.

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kisejeong  asked:

your brain translates sounds to movement? that's cool! can you give some more examples?

of course! when i listen to shannon sing, her voice sounds like syrup to me (i’m canadian so i’d describe it as maple syrup) but not just syrup, like syrup that has trickled into a pool of sugar! nayoung’s rap sounds like punching a pillow - there is force behind it but then it sort of curves? softens? at the end! siyeon’s singing voice is closer to looking into clear water as compared to shannon’s honey syrup voice!

hope those examples made some sense!

bonus fun fact: there was this mc on tv whose voice was sharp and i ended up telling my brother “his voice sounds like it’s running into a brick wall repeatedly”

Sebastian Stan Request

hello lovely!! can you write a sebastian stan x reader where she’s his wife and she’s (very) pregnant and they’re just being cute and talking about the baby and stuff, please? i love your imagines so freaking much! 💕💕

You felt yourself become hungry as you sat on the couch and read your magazine. You tried your hardest but your full term, 9 month pregnant, stomach prevented you from getting up. “Ugh,” you groaned, “Honey,” you called.

“Coming,” Sebastian’s voice echoed through the house and you heard his steps come towards you. “What’s wrong?”

“Calm down,” you told him, “my water didn’t break. I’m just hungry and I can’t get up,” you chuckled at yourself. He grabbed your hands and hoisted you up. He sat in the kitchen and talked with you as you made yourself a grilled cheese sandwich.

“Feeling anything, like if Little Stan is on her way out?”

“Feeling nothing but normal. Well, huge and normal,” you said rubbing your baby bump. “Waiting for this little one to come on out and see her Mommy and Daddy,” you spoke down to your bump.

After you finished cooking and eating the grilled cheese Sebastian smiled at you. “Hey, come here, I want to show you something.” You followed him and found yourself being lead to your daughter’s nursery. “I got this put together for her nursery. Thought it’d be nice for everyone to see in here.” Sebastian flipped the large white frame around. In the large white frame were assorted pictures of you and Sebastian through the years. The pictures from when you first started dating, premiers and dinners with friends, your wedding, and the sonogram picture that you and Sebastian had proudly given everyone you knew a copy of.

“I got the frame from this website and, as we grow as a family, we can order more pieces to add to it to add more pictures,” he proudly smiled.

“I love it babe,” you kissed him and looked back at the pictures. “Wow,” you felt your stomach, “she likes it too.” You grinned and grabbed one of Sebastian’s hands and placed it over the baby’s kicking foot.

“You think that means she’s one her way?”

“I don’t know but I hope she waits until after we can take a nap because I am exhausted.”


The sweet, yellow drizzle of your eyes 
tightly hugging the black, silky satin of your pupil, 
like dark chocolate covered in honey.

The way the white dress kissed your hips
reminded me of speeding off exits in the highway
with only the moonlight in sight.

I tried to take in the scent of your lotus flower one last time,
before you said,
“because you never take care of yourself.” 

I got up from my chair, and motioned towards the street,
knowing your voice would ring around the caves of my ears for infinity. 

I made it all the way down the block, and stopped. 
My body rotated, but my legs stood still
and that was my last taste of those honey drizzle eyes.

-Lex J.

Dance (JEM week - Day 1)

Dance - Fairytale - Sweet - Ribbon - Home - Snow - Crossover

“Eren, honey…” Jean perked up when he heard Marco’s voice carry through the house, not able to ignore the distressed edge it had again. That wasn’t good. It had taken him ages to solve the last crisis, which had only cost them more valuable preparation time.
Eren’s answer was muffled and came from upstairs where he should be cleaning the bathroom or tidying the bedroom or at least hide some of the things they wouldn’t want their guests stumbling over.

“Please tell me you didn’t use all our hazelnuts when you made your cookies yesterday?” Jean shot a glance over at the cookies in question, cooled and stacked decoratively onto little plates, one on the coffee table, the other on the sideboard. They were pretty, decorated with icing of different colors, chocolate chips and yes, halves of hazelnuts.
He abandoned the duster by the fireplace and went over to stick his head into the kitchen instead where Marco had pulled open most of their cabinets in a frantic search.

Before he could say anything Eren answered, voice not as muffled, he probably moved to the top of the stairs to shout down to them.
“Yeah, I did. Told you we’d need new ones when you went shopping earlier.” Marco stopped rearranging one of their drawers and reached into his pocket, quickly pulling out a strip of paper. Scanning it he frowned and shook his head.
“What?” The stairs were creaking now as Eren came to join them in the kitchen, donning a pair of bright pink rubber gloves. Bathroom it was then.

“You … I didn’t put it on the shopping list so you didn’t tell me…”, Marco murmured, holding out the piece of paper for Eren to check. Frowning Eren read over it himself, then shrugged.
“Yeah, but I did, though..”
That right there was Jean’s cue. They really didn’t need another shouting match over stupid stuff just because all of them were a little stressed and nervous. He slid into the kitchen and snatched the paper from Marco’s hands, smoothly gliding between his boyfriends.
“What’s up?” He read over the shopping list. Indeed, no hazelnuts. But that wasn’t the point.

“I wanted to start with dessert but we’re all out of hazelnuts thanks to – ”
“Nahh!”, Jean interrupted. Loudly. It wasn’t often that Marco’s voice drifted into that accusing, aggressive tone.
But when it did he tended to say things he came to deeply regret later when he’d calmed down. So it was best to not even let him finish that sentence. The deep worry line between Marco’s eyebrows as he looked over at Eren was another strong hint. They were just strung a little tightly these days.
“It was a misunderstanding”, Jean insisted, pocketing the offending piece of paper himself. “Just let it go. Let’s focus instead, okay?” He waited for the tiny, affirming nod, for Marco’s expression to soften a bit before he stepped back to take a look at the handwritten recipe on their kitchen table.

“Okay, you need hazelnuts, no problem. I can run to the store real quick…”
“No, it’s closed…”, Eren interjected from the side, moving to stand next to Jean and read over the recipe as well. Jean hummed. Dammit.
“No hazelnuts then. Uh, can you take something else instead? Like…”
“We still got skinned almonds?”, his boyfriend supplied, shooting Marco a warm little smile and Jean jumped onto that possibility.
“See, skinned almonds. How’s that sound?”
“Yeah, it’s basically the same, right?”
Marco looked at them for a moment, unblinking, then closed his eyes and huffed, one hand coming up to rub at his temple.

“It’s basically … no, Eren. No it’s not.” He opened his eyes again and shit, were those tears? Shit, shit, shit. What happened? Jean took a hesitant step toward his boyfriend, unsure if hugging would make it worse, so he just kept hovering somewhere in front of him.
“This is my mom’s recipe, it’s her favorite desert”, Marco stuttered, blinking hard against the wetness shining in his eyes. “She asked me to make it for her and if I fuck it up she’ll…”
So that was what this was about. Jean couldn’t hold back the little smile tugging at his lips as he closed the gap between himself and Marco to wrap his trembling boyfriend in a tight hug.

“She’ll do what?”, he murmured into Marco’s hair, pressing a kiss to his temple. “Disown you? Marco, baby, she agreed to spend Christmas Eve with not only one but two of your gay boyfriends and you think half a cup of almonds will tip her off?”
Marco shrugged, breaths wet and stuttering as he carefully moved his arms to return the hug.
“I just … I…”

“I know you want everything to be perfect”, Eren said from the side and made both their heads turn carefully to look at him. He was took his pink rubber gloves off and threw them towards the sink before he stepped closer and looped an arm around Marco’s waist as well.
“But it doesn’t have to be.”
“Yeah”, Jean quickly agreed, pressing another kiss to Marco’s cheek. “We wanna impress our parents. But the most important thing is that they’re even coming at all.” Eren hummed at that, raising onto his toes to nuzzle Marco’s face as well.

It had indeed taken them a long time to convince their parents that it might be a good idea to meet at their house this year. But in the end they had agreed it was time to get to know each other after all this time. Well, Eren’s dad hadn’t and he wouldn’t be coming tonight, but he was an ass anyway and Jean couldn’t shake the feeling that even Eren was glad he wouldn’t have to deal with him.
Marco made a little noise and moved one of his arms to pull Eren close as well, kissing first his, then Jean’s temple. Looked like they succeeded in calming him. And that only meant one thing.

“You know what time it is…”, he murmured, a slight lull to his voice and he extracted himself from the tight hold of his boyfriend and stalked over to the little radio on the fridge. He ignored the two deep sighs behind him as well as the muttered “Oh god…” “Jean, please no…” as he turned on the little device and tuned it.
“Shhh, if I got enough time for a dance break while being elbow deep in some dude’s guts we have enough time for a dance break four hours before our parents arrive”, he insisted, turning up the volume just at the beginning of one of those cheesy, happy pop songs. Exactly what they needed right now.
“So shut up, one song, go.”

A few months ago Jean had started incorporating the dance breaks he knew from work into their daily lives.
It was a good way to de-stress after complications had arisen and been dealt with in the OR and it was just as useful at home, after a fight or someone getting bad news or more recently, to get rid of the everlasting holiday tension. Marco wasn’t as big a fan of their newest routine and Eren kept bitching about it but they both couldn’t deny that it was working. It was much easier to go back to normal after dancing for a few minutes than it was with emotions and energy still pent-up inside them.
That might be the only reason his boyfriends didn’t just leave the kitchen when he cranked up the volume even more as the bass set in and then turned around, moving to the quick, light beat.

“Come on Marco!”, he took his boyfriend’s hand, and pulled him free from Eren’s embrace so he had room to move. “I know you can shake that nice, round ass of yours!”
“God, Jean…”, Marco chuckled, already loosening up a little as Jean moved him to sway to the beat, reaching out to drag a thumb over that plump bottom lip.
“Sugar lips, angel eyes…”, he sang along, voice pitched too deep to be anything but mocking and it made Marco giggle even more.
The laugh turned into a high yelp though when Jean moved around him to give that bubble butt a quick slap before making his way over to Eren, hips swaying and steps light. His boyfriend was watching him, weary, with his arms crossed, but it wasn’t like he could hide that smirk tugging at his lips when Jean rolled his hips a few times and began tugging one of Eren’s arms loose.

“She’s optimistic … something, something lights!” Eren snorted at the improvised lyrics and rolled his eyes but didn’t resist when Jean pulled him close to swing them around the kitchen a few times.
“Before you play with fire, do think twice…”
“And if you get burned don’t be surprised.” Jean hadn’t expected Eren to retort, especially not as assured or with a hard pinch to his ass. But here they were, hips suddenly flush, rolling to the insistent beat and suddenly it was getting hot and this was not the goal of a dance break, not at all.
So Jean twisted out of Eren’s hold – they might have some time for a song but definitely not for a quickie in the kitchen, especially since even their quickies weren’t really quick.

He turned to Marco again instead who was back to just nodding his head to the beat and took both his hands this time, encouraging him to move around more, swing his arms and get more loose as the song went on and after a while Marco began to smile at him, soft and at ease and did a little twirl underneath their arms.
Something in Jean’s chest eased up at the sight and he moved them closer toward Eren, handing Marco over to their boyfriend. He watched them dance together like that for a while, giggling and getting more and more silly in their moves, using the upbeat song to get rid of some of the tension, until all of them were singing at the top of their lungs:
“Sugar, how you get so fly? Sugar how you get so fly? Sugar how you get so fly? But you won’t get me tonight!”

Eren’s pitched incredibly high at the last note, shrilling through the kitchen, while Marco stayed steady, carrying the tone out almost professionally. They kept moving in exaggerated moves until the song tapered out and they came to a halt, all three of them a little breathless.
Jean casually threw the eggbeater he had grabbed as a microphone back into the bowl sitting on the counter. He couldn’t help but feel a little smug as he regarded his grinning boyfriends, then moved to shut off the radio again.
“See, that was good, wasn’t it? Back to work now.”
He gave both his boys a quick peck on the lips before disappearing into the living room again. Crisis averted.