and your voice is unreal

When The Last Petal Falls.

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Requested – No.

Prompt – Soulmate AU.

Warning – Sort of angst, a hint of fluff.

Words – 1.6k.


“Has it ever occurred to you how important it is to find your soulmate now, (Y/N)?” Your mom lectures as you roll your eyes continuing to play with your food that was right in front of you.

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jayfuckinghell  asked:

Can you write anything with Guzma x male!reader Just a gay lil boy searching for some quality daddy guzma Seriously it can be anything you come up with Thanks a lot <3

Bless you for this request my dear <3

“Hey, you ain’t Team Skull. ‘Chu reppin’ us for homie?!”

“Consider it my orders from above. I do have to please Daddy after all.” You smiled, tilting your umbrella slightly so that your Glameow was protected from the drizzle. “May I come in please sir? I’ve traveled such a long way, and my poor Charlotte is tired out.”

Grunt A has never met a man quite like you. Can’t be more than five feet tall and dressed in a Skull Tank with sweats looking like some kid that ought to be crying for his mama, but here you are with your rather pretty umbrella, one of those fancy rolling suitcases, and your “pleases” sounding like you’re the aristocratic young Earl that Team Skull robbed of his home. And what’s with your Pokémon?! He’s never seen one like that before, definitely points to the fact that you was flew here rather than grew here.

“Uh…” Grunt A is struck dumb by the intensity in your eyes. Not even Guzma’s baritone bark makes him coherent.

“Shut the damn door ya fuckin’ cuntwaffle!” Guzma yells. “Was you raised in a barn boy?! My baby don’t like the cold! Yer lettin’ all the heat out!”

“Forgive me, I seem to be the one holding up the operations. May I come in daddy?” You call out into the expanse of the mansion. Your voice is unreal, not even the harsh screams of other guys comes close to matching it. Your voice doesn’t shout, rather it projects strongly against the masonry. It doesn’t incite fear, rather it politely commands respect. For obvious reasons, the word “daddy” sparks interest among the other grunts, and they all seem to come out of the woodwork before retreating back into it like frightened Wimpod when frantic stomping responds to your voice.

“Babe?! Baby! Is you here already??”

Guzma jumps down the staircase, narrowly missing a poor girl who only just manages to scramble out of the way in time.

“Babe!” Guzma barks again, no doubt delighted to see you with the large goofy smile he wears. To the grunt he growls, “Get the fuck outta the way an’ let him in!”

“Really… Is your cruelty necessary?” you politely step inside when Grunt A scrambles out of your pathway, thanking him kindly for letting you in and chuckling when he turns red. Guzma barely gives you time to think or put your umbrella away in a corner when he sweeps you up in his arms, planting kisses anywhere he can reach while Glameow jumps and hisses indignantly.

“Sorry babe. Hi.” Guzma grins. You can’t help but return his slobbering with gentle pecks of your own, hands stroking the sides of his face as he smiles like a fool.

“Hello.” You quip, lips pursing as you look him over. “You’re not eating properly are you?”

“Ain’t no food here babe.” He laughs, beginning to leave a trail of love bites on your neck while you tilt your head back and close your eyes as though you’re in one of those steamy movies. “That’s why yer Daddy ordered out and got this here nice chunka beef cake. Gotta good deal for it too. Look at ya, good enough to eat ‘n teasin’ me with them tight lil’ sweats.”

“Ah, I was under the impression we would have sustenance for the night, not coitus.” You reply. “Honestly… You don’t change a bit do you Guzma?”

“Nah babe. Here, lemme close the door for ya and get them bags. You’re stayin’ in my room.”

“Do be careful with that bag.” You say as he closes the door and hoists your bag over his shoulder. “It was a gift.”

“From yer ma?”


You seem to shut down for a split second, only to be revived again by Guzma pressing his lips against yours until you both are making out in the middle of the entryway. None of the grunts have dared to utter a sound, they’ve been watching this exchange during its entirety, hardly managing to speak above a breath amongst themselves. Trying to speculate who you were, and why Guzma was getting so handsy with your rear end.

“Hey…” he murmurs into your neck, “You’re here now wit your daddy. Ain’t no cryin’ in Team Skull babe.”

“I’d rather you didn’t in front of these poor children.” You gasp, utterly breathless from Guzma’s kiss.

“Eh, ‘s good for em!” Guzma bellows, pounding on his chest. “Gotta show ‘em whose baby ya are. Get it?!”

He addresses the room this time, grabbing you by the waist and making you laugh.

“This here’s MY baby!” he roars. “Y’all better be nice to him and make him comfy-like around here. He ain’t got nowheres to go, so he’s just like us! Show him a lil’… uh… Babe, help me… I’m blanking!”

“Hospitality?” you venture, delighted in his struggle and stroking his chest with your slender fingers.

“Yeah! What he said!” Guzma affirms. He leads the way up what was once a grand staircase, waiting for you at the top as you collect Charlotte the Glameow into your arms and make pleasant introductions to the shell shocked grunts.

“Pleasure to make your acquaintance. Hello. Hello. Good evening.” You say as they pass you by, much too shocked to say anything in return but a few do nod.

“Baaaaaaabe…” Guzma whines.

“Alright, I’m coming.”

Before you take your leave, you turn to the grunts and give them a dazzling smile. Yet a few can’t help notice how pained you look when you make it. As though you’ve come from a terrible ordeal and are now relieved for the respite. Grunt A notices from the close proximity that you have bags under your eyes, looking as though you’ve spend many a sleepless night crying out anguish that you’re trying to hide now.

“Thank you for having me.” You say sincerely, then scurry up the steps to a waiting Guzma who immediately wraps his arm around your waist.

“Welcome home babe.” He murmurs.

You’ve Never Been So Wrong - five.
  • Baekhyun x Reader x Kyungsoo
  • Angst - Psychological
  • Word count: 1070
  • Warnings: Psychological - Abuse

Description: The figure that has been haunting you finally has a face, a face you couldn’t believe.

A/N: This is my shortest chapter for this series, but the next one is going to be so lengthy that I wanted to get this bit out of the way. PLEASE READ WARNINGS. This is for you my smol anon.

one. // two. // three. // four. // five. // six. (in the works)

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Seventeen’s singing voices sound like:


- ngl it’s daddy af

- makes me feel unholy

- will treat you right


- a hug after coming home

- how his hair must feel

- it’s from God’s own hand


- like a flower about to bloom

- morning tea

- Jesus would be proud of him


- 2 cool 4 u

- makes me cry

- invented sexy


- made lean on me his bitch

- a lil scary when he raps

- slow dancing


- cures sadness

- makes me want to be a better person

- he reminds me of ed sheeran a lot ok probs bc they’re both great


- dont get me started

- being in love



- hesitation then finally being brave

- makes me feel so much boi wyd

- A Great Guy™


- laughing with your friends

- proof that there is good in the world

- give him more solos



- say yes is a masterpiece

- underrated. can he be my friend?


- surprises me everytime

- he raps like a king

- he makes me trust him idk why


- soft pillows after a long day

- what did we do to deserve such talent

- Beautiful™


- excitement

- your fave’s voice could never

- he is unreal. who allowed this???

lmao i tweeted this but it didn’t get much love so here we are

It’s You drabble

So that was the original idea that popped into my head after Zayn’s performance of It’s You on Fallon back in February.

It’s now part of something bigger but I’m stuck in so many ways and I think it could work on its own so there you go.

I’d like to thank some people for the unwavering support - @somewhereisaplacethatziamknow @soakyourskin @iwanttowriteyouafic @paynefulperiods @soloziamwillbetheendofme @doyoubeproudandlovelots and last but not least @creatingmidnightmemories - as well as all of you who write such lovely things in your tags.

You guys are awesome and I’m so glad for each and every one of you ♥♥

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I love you (Harry Styles)

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 , Part 4 , Part 5

You felt your mind slowly waking up…. But you couldn’t move your body. Your head felt ten times heavier than usual. You took all the energy you had in your body and flipped over under your blankets. Something felt different. Your bed smelled like heaven… Like Harry. You quickly opened your eyes and felt devastated when you didn’t see his beautiful green eyes anywhere. The room was spinning around and then you remembered some bits from last night. All the tequila shots you took, all the twirling around on the dance floor with Emily and his hands on you. He was really there last night with you. Or at least that’s what you thought. Suddenly you heard Harry’s voice speaking quietly behind the door. He really was here. Your heart started pounding really hard. You pulled your head up from the pillow to hear better.

“Yeah I saw the pictures… No she hasn’t seen them yet… I know I know….I’ll sort it out, don’t worry guys… I’ll be back in time I promise you…. Thanks Liam. Talk to you soon”  - you quickly laid down to pretend you are still asleep. What pictures was he talking about? What have you missed? Did you do something stupid last night? How do the other boys know everything before even you?

He quietly opened the door and laid next to you under the blankets. He wrapped his arm around you and squeezed you closer. You almost couldn’t contain yourself when you felt his warm naked chest against your back. He kissed your shoulder. You couldn’t fake sleep any more, you wiggled a little bit and pretended to wake up again. You turned around to face Harry and he kissed your forehead.

“Good morning beautiful, how’s your hangover?” - he said with a voice so beautiful that could break your heart into pieces. He looked unreal. How can he always look so good. You haven’t looked in the mirror yet but assumed you looked like a mess.

“The whole world is spinning and my head feels like an elephant. But yeah I’m perfect because you are here.” - it wasn’t an usual good morning text that made you smile every morning, it was him in his presence right next to you. He made your stomach flutter with butterflies and forget about the hangover you will definitely have.  He giggled and showed of his cute dimples. “ Don’t take this the wrong way. I missed you and I am more than happy to see you here. But why are you here? You said you won’t be able to make it. You have to stop surprising me like this because I will get used to it and will expect you to be home with a surprise everyday soon. ”

“I would love to wait for you everyday at home, kiss you goodbye before work and wait for you to come back to my arms every night. I would love to wake up to this beautiful messy face every morning - he giggled and your cheeks started burning, you felt a bit embarrassed with the thought how you might look like after last night - "But I can’t at least not for now. I promise you one day we will be together every morning. But for now I’ll keep surprising you. I love the way you get excited by seeing me. It makes me lose my breath, best feeling in the world.”

He carefully placed his hands on your cheeks and placed his lips on yours. You remembered kissing him last night, but this kiss was better. It was so emotional. Your lips moved at the same sync as if made to be together. You opened your mouth to let him in, to feel him closer to you. You couldn’t control yourself around him. Harry made you feel like a weak girl with no control over your movements, your own body. He pulled away just in time for you to fill your lungs with air again.

“Do you remember last night?” - he said leaning against the headboard, his arms wrapped around you and your head placed on his shoulder.

“Most of it… Oh god… What did I do? I’m so sorry if I did something stupid. Don’t be mad at me. I’m really sorry Ha…” - you couldn’t finish your sentence.

“Everything is fine, Y/N, breath. It’s more than fine. Do you remember what you said to me last night?”

“That I miss you like crazy?”

“Anything else?” - he said smiling from ear to ear, he seemed so confident and a bit cocky. But you loved it. A silence struck and you were trying so hard to remember what could have made his face light up like this.

Suddenly you remembered. Oh yes you remembered. Your cheeks started burning once again. It was not the way you wanted to tell him those words but there was nothing you could change at this point. You smoothly sat on his lap and wrapped your legs around him with your fingers stroking his neck.

“Yes, I love you Harry Styles” - that was the moment he’s been waiting for. He leaned in to kiss you again. You both melted in one. With your lips collided together Harry placed his hands under your shirt on your waist and started moving to your back. You pulled away and put your arms in the air as an encouragement for him to take a piece of fabric that was stopping you from coming closer to his warm body. He didn’t hesitate and slowly started taking your shirt of breathing in every moment your body was in full display just for him. He threw the shirt somewhere behind you. Harry didn’t do anything just started at your exposed body for what seemed like forever.

“You are so beautiful and all mine” - he whispered and it seemed like he was talking to himself as you could hardly hear him. He kissed your neck and you rolled your head back. He knew your weak spots and was using them well. He smoothly laid you on your back with him on top of you. Your bodies warm and naked so close together.

“You are mine”.


Short one guys. Next one will be a bit dramatic. So be preprepared. Will be posting it tomorrow.

I am running out of ideas so please let me know what you want. Message me with ideas and I’ll make it happen. Thank you for reading, beautiful people. Love - G

Love You So Much Taylor

Hi Taylor :)

My name is Meera and I love you so much it’s unreal. I just wanted to thank you for being such an amazing role model to look up to because you truly inspire me to be who I am today.

Everything you do and say and sing about never fails to put a smile on my face and I listen to your albums on repeat when I need a little happiness in my life. You’re such a free spirited person who doesn’t care what others think which really is an inspiration to me. You show me that I can be myself and still be super awesome and amazing, and that I don’t need anyone else’s validation in life. Thank you for being the best idol a person can have, you care about all the fans so much and do everything in your power to make us happy, which really means a lot.

I am seeing you on July 11th, 2015 at MetLife stadium (in 13 days) and I could not be more excited. I have been waiting for this day since the date of your presale which happened to be my birthday, when my mom got me tickets in section F1. I have only seen you one other time during the Red Tour at MetLife stadium on July 13th, 2013 which was definitely one of the best nights of my life. To finally see you live and hear your incredible voice was so unreal I cannot even put it into words. All of the lyrics to your songs have such a strong message and deep meaning that really hit me the more and more I listen to them.

I really hope one day you are able to read this post and are able to see how much you truly mean to me and how much you have inspired me to be who I am today. I am not very good at expressing my feelings into words but I hope this post made sense to you. It would be so amazing if you were to see this and follow me, because to finally say that my idol followed me and acknowledged me as a person and to say that you actually know I exist would be so unreal. I hope you have an amazing day/night and I cannot wait to see you in two weeks, I love you so much.

taylorswift :)