and your underpants are showing

Swimming with the Dolphins (Part 2)

Pairing: Jason Todd x Aquarium!Reader

Word Count: 1290

Prompt: reader works at the Gotham Aquarium and meets Jason Todd after a dolphin show and hit it off.

Warnings: [mild] language, fluff, slight nudity (its SFW, undergarments are still on)

A/N I was so astonished by the amount of notes and requests for a part 2, so I just wanna say thank you guys! I had no idea this would be a hit. This is going to be the only continuation for the Aquarium AU since I am working on my Adventurer AU w/ Jason and the Batboys. (please go check that out if you haven’t already!)

Part 1

2 weeks after the incident

“Alright, bye guys! See you tomorrow!” you waved goodbye to the dolphins as you made your way out of the dolphin habitat. Thomas and you were both recovering from your injuries at the same time, so you spent time just visiting the dolphins instead of training them. Mr. Taylor was removed from his job as manager of the aquarium and you received approximately $2000 out of the legal case, which allowed you to pay off some of your college student loan debt. Now, since your new boss was much nicer and more understanding, you had reasonable hours and you weren’t pressured to come back right as your injury healed.

Jason stopped by your place a few times to check up on you, but he didn’t stay for very long. He always had somewhere to be.

However, today was the day of your first date with him, and you made sure to be on time. You thought Jason was pretty freaking attractive, and since it was your first date in a good couple of years, you didn’t want to blow it, especially because it seemed like the feeling was mutual.

“Hey stranger,” you heard, and when you looked up, there he was. His green eyes almost glowed in the dark-ish room.

“Hi.” you waved. “What are you doing here? I thought we were gonna–”

“I gotta make a good first impression, right? Gentlemen pick up their dates, not meet them at the location.” Jason stuck his hands in his leather jacket pockets.

“I didn’t peg you as a gentleman, to be honest,” you admitted. Jason raised an eyebrow in surprise.

“Oh yeah? What did you peg me for?” He smirked.

“I don’t know, the stereotypical bad boy?” You said as more of a question. Jason laughed at your remark.

“Believe me that’s not the first time I’ve heard that,” he shook his head.

“I’m guessing you don’t have a motorcycle or anything,” you shrugged.

“As a matter of fact I do. It’s waiting outside with the rest of my biker gang and I use it to run people over and terrorize them. Also, I have about 6 tattoos and they’re all the names of people I’ve killed,” Jason said with incredible sarcasm.

“Wow, that’s pretty impressive,” you giggled.

“You have no idea what you’re getting yourself into with this ‘bad boy’,” he pointed to himself. “But in all seriousness, I’m not really a bad boy.”

“Oh yeah? I dare you to jump in that show pool with nothing but your underpants,” you blurted out, then covered your mouth. “I really have to stop doing that!” You thought to yourself. Although the dare didn’t really have much to do with bad boys, you figured he was also the kind of guy who fulfilled dares like yours.

“If you wanted me to rip my clothes off, you should have just asked.” Jason smirked as he began taking off his shoes and clothing. He threw his jacket at your face so you wouldn’t watch him undress, not that he didn’t want you to admire his body, but he had just met you.

As soon as he was in nothing but his boxers, he ran over to the show pool (which was, in fact, clean) and dove in. You took the jacket off your face and when you didn’t see Jason standing in front of you, you looked behind you and there he was in the show pool. He ran his hands through his now wet hair and began swimming around.

“Are you gonna join me or just stand there?!” He yelled.

“I’m gonna get in so much trouble,” you muttered. “Uh, I’m still healing so…”

“Bullshit! It’s been two weeks! Come on!” He waved you over. He was right, you were basically healed already, and since you had your bathing suit on (in case you decided to try to train the Dolphins) why not?

“Fine fine,” you rolled your eyes and put your bag and stuff on the bench. You took off your shirt and sweatpants leaving you in your sporty one piece. You jogged toward the pool and got up on the platform you stood on two weeks prior.

“Look at you, with your little bathing suit,” Jason smirked as he waded in the water.

“Shut up,” you grinned. You took a few steps back and then ran forward, doing a small flip and dove into the water.

Jason was pretty surprised. He didn’t know you could do things like that, but you had to learn it in order for the routines. When you resurfaced, he swam over to you and smiled.

“So you’re a gymnast?” He asked.

“Nah, I just know a few flips and things for the show routines,” you swam away and laughed. You two swam and played around in the pool for about an hour and then decided to get out.

“That was a lot of fun,” Jason commented, “we should do it again sometime.”

“Yeah but not here, I could get in serious trouble,” he pulled you up from the pool. Suddenly you found yourself against each other and an awkward silence imposed itself on you two.

“Um…” you trailed off.

All of a sudden, Good For You by Selena Gomez boomed from the speakers, which frightened you so much that you fell back in the pool.

“GET SOME Y/N!” A prepubescent male voice yelled into the speakers. Jason stifled laughter as you splashed in the water.

You pulled yourself out of the pool and grumbled. Hal, an 18 year old tech whiz who controlled the music for the show, hung out in the aquarium during his free time and the fact that he was here this late at night on a Saturday, quite frankly, disturbed you.

“Get a life, Hal,” you muttered.

“Are you okay?” Jason kneeled down while he was still laughing.

“I’m fine and that was not funny, jackass,” you scowled.

“Oh come on, it’s a little funny,” he nudged your arm.

“You think that’s funny? I’ll show you funny,” you evilly grin, and push Jason back into the pool. You began laughing, but Jason pulled you down with him.

When you both resurfaced, you beamed at Jason, who swam towards you with only his eyes above the water as if he were a shark.

“Oh no, a shark is gonna eat me! Someone save me!” You played along. When he finally got to you, he lifted you into the air and launched you back into the water.

When you resurfaced (again!) you flipped your hair out of your face, but before you could open your eyes and look for Jason, you felt a pair of lips on yours.

You opened your eyes momentarily to see Jason cupping your face, but closed them again to return to your bliss.

Jason pulled away to take a breather while you did the same.

“Yeah, Y/N!” Hal spoke into the microphone. You cringed at his voice and then smiled apologetically at Jason.

“I am so sorry,” you whispered.

“It’s fine.” He whispered back. You both got out of the pool and grabbed some towels to dry off. Then, you both gathered your things and changed, and headed outside.

“Well, that was…fun.” You sat next to Jason on the steps of the aquarium.

“I thought it was really fun, but just ‘fun’ will do,” he smiled.

“Okay it was really fun, then,” you joked. “My favorite part was when you kissed me out of nowhere.” You really needed to control yourself.

“How about I do it again?” And with that, he leaned over and kissed you once more. You kissed him back, of course, but this time you smiled.

Thank god for your job at that aquarium. 


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(if I left you out I am very sorry)(Once again this is the last part to this oneshot, sowee)

What it is like to be a type 1 diabetic.

I’m often asked about my type 1 diabetes. People see my insulin pump or spot me checking my blood sugar at meal times, and they naturally have questions. They ask me what it is like to have diabetes, and I answer in facts. I tell them that I check my blood sugar 5 times a day with a prick on my finger. I tell that I give myself insulin from my pump which is always connected to me. I tell them that I have been doing these things since I was eight, and they keep me alive. Then, I smile, and I reassure them that I am ok. We move onto another topic, and type one diabetes becomes invisible again. Here is the thing I didn’t tell them though. I didn’t tell them what it is really like to live as a type one diabetic.

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Maybe We Shouldn't

A/N: Requested. Luke is too insecure to let himself go completely when you decided it was the right time to go all the way together. Sorry it took so long, I’ve been too occupied and overwhelmed with the amount of work I had outside of tumblr. My inbox is still always open for new requests. Enjoy humans ✌️

You and Luke had never slept together. As shocking as it may be, it’s not that either of you were inexperienced but Luke just always tends to act wierd whenever you tried. You thought it was just you and started to feel a little insecure from it. But when you would ask Luke about it, he simply responded that he wasn’t ready; the only thing was, when he said it, you knew he was lying. There would be times where you’d noticed he’s starting to feel hard on and ready to go but nervously brushes it off and distracts himself.
Tonight was the night you weren’t going to tolerate anything. There was a fun awards show the boys were asked to attend, and you made more than sure to be dressed in a way that Luke wouldn’t resist and basically get down on his knees for you. Your dress came up even higher than mid thigh and you made sure to expose your cleavage at a risky level. What was even more convinent was the heels that made your legs look just fantastic. His cheeks tinted pink and he swallowed hard when he saw you. His eyes just followed on your chest and how perfectly lifted and accessible it was but he wouldn’t dare let his hands get anywhere near as he knew if he did, that he would be forced to go past his comfort zone. But that was your intentions, so you always tried to get him to brush any part of him accidentally across your chest.
The night dragged on and Luke only seemed to be getting worse. His thighs would not stop moving, and he shifted out of his seat quite a bit. The car ride he obliged to vanilla kiss as you two often did. His hand would twitch a little while on your waist. You could feel the need for him to feel more and that wasn’t where his hand truthfully wanted to be.
After the event had ended, you decided to fake let it go and make him think he was off the hook; but he was in for a rude awakening. You simply held his hand on the way back and told him such fluffy things, all innocent and such. Once you had gotten back, you pushed him against the wall. Immediately kissing him and roughly fumbling his pants button undone. All he did was pant with hooded eyes and looking straight at the wall across him with his arms awkwardly spread out. His hands were hesitantly reaching out to your body while you worked his blazor off. You let out a frustrated huff and put them on you. “Just fucking do it Luke. I want you to.” Your needy voice sent him over the edge and he held your butt, pulling you closer and signaling you to jump. He kissed you differently but better and bumped you into the opposite wall to adjust you better to his body. He almost tripped over his own feet on the stairs as you moved your hips against his hard on with your hands on his face, pulling him deeper. He placed you on the bed, still hovering over you but you took control and straddled him. You pulled his pants all the way off and he let out nervous chuckles mixed with moans. He gasped pretty loud when you went as quick as to trail your tongue over his length through his boxer briefs. “Holy shit.” He groaned as you continued to tease him out of his mind. You sat up to slowly strip off the top half of your dress, exposing what he’s painfully wanted to see all night. You smirked and bit your lip, lifting his neck and closer to your chest to let him do what he wanted with them. His breath broken down as he softly kissed each of them and nuzzled his head over them, placing even more feverish kisses over them. He was in pretty bad shape when he decided to use his hands and knead them. You moaned at how hard he was squeezing and surprised at how badly he needed it. You then gently pushed him off and proceeded to take his shirt off. And then that’s when his hand reached out to stop you. “W-wait Y/N… maybe we shouldn’t…” You barely rolled your eyes when you saw it was happening again. Luke’s face immediately went to regret mode. “Okay okay wait just hear me out okay? I just don’t want to get completely… You know?” You gave him a questioning look. “What do you mean?” He sighed and bit his lip. “I just don’t feel too alright about getting completely exposed.” “Why not?” “I don’t know. I’m just not comfortable with it. I’m not really too keen on showing you all of me just yet.” “Luke, it’s me. You know I’d never judge you. I’m sure I’ll love whatever’s underneath. I promise.” He made a face that said he was still unsure. “If you’re that worried then we’ll do it your way, but it can’t hurt to try. If after you show me, you still feel the same, I’ll never ask you again. I promise you.” He looked away and nodded slowly. You first decided to run your hands underneath his shirt from his waistline and up. As corny and weird as it sounded, his tummy felt pretty soft and smooth. You slowly peeled his shirt off and smiled when you saw how insecure he looked. You kept rubbing the newly exposed skin and reassuring how perfect he looked and that you loved every inch of him. It indeed almost sounded and felt Iike you were taking his virginity. You kissed his lips and worked your way down to his stomach, paying extra mind to how toned but soft he was. “Your body is just amazing.” You whispered. You finally shifted your attention to his elastic waistband and pulled off his underpants. “Show me how much you really love me and I’ll take your word for it.” You did nothing but wrap your arms around his torso and pull him as close as possible to you. You lowered all your weight on your elbows to get even closer as you lowered yourself onto him. This was wasn’t even just about wanting to destroy each other, you wanted him to feel loved and cherished. You slowly made love to him while you just softly whispered how much you loved him, running your hands down his chest, and stomach. You both moaned ‘I love yous’ back and forth, getting louder and needier as you both inched closer to your highs. The friction between your bodies added to the amazing sensation you were feeling as he now continued to penetrate you from underneath. “You’re so perfect Luke.” You breathed as you reached climax. Letting out whimpers and moving your hips faster as he touched you all over. Not too long after, he came and you both shuddered as he gave you a few tiny last thrusts into you. You laid on top of him, not even pulling out and burying your face into his neck. You moved his chin towards your face and slowly kissed his lips. “I love you so much.” “I know. I love you too. And I’ve never felt better. I only love me now that I know that you love me more.” “You’re so cute.” You smiled and kissed his cheek, hugging his body tightly and pulling the cool blanket over your two.