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Shu Headcanon (King Shu Edition)

(Had this in my head for a while now..)

Shu had a whole harem of ‘wives’ now he was King. Human and vampire. None of which he had officially married. They were there for his entertainment.
Blondes, brunettes, black haired and red sat around you, brushing their hair, putting on make up, trying out new dresses.
You sigh wishing to try the new clothes too, but; your stomach had grown so big now.
You feel icy glares at you as you pass them, feeling the hatred in their stare.
The door knocked and everyone’s eyes lit up as King Shu appeared.
Had he finally come for one of the girls?
His eyes scanned the room, the girls waving and calling to him.
'Y/n, come here.’
Ah, he had called for you. You moved quickly and stood before him.
'How are you today?’ He asked, his face plain, as normal. Shu wasn’t one to show emotion to his harem.
'I feel fine your highness..’ You say, it was a lie, but why bother him?
'Hum…I heard you were rather ill the past few mornings?’
'Ah.. just morning sickness. Nothing to worry about.’ You brush off, wondering which of the girls had told him this.
'Didn’t I tell you to call for me if anything like this happens?’
'But-but I wouldn’t want to bother you..’
He sighed and turned around.
'I’ll be back later. I’m busy.’
And with that he was gone. The girls whined and moaned how short his visit was; but more importantly how you had all of his attention, yet again.
You had no idea being pregnant with Shu’s child could be so horrible.
Out of all of them you had to be the one he got pregnant by accident.
Not that vampires care about stuff like that. He could easily send you off somewhere else to live.
'Lucky y/n…having the King’s attention yet again.’ One of them said.
You sigh and return to your corner, staring out of the window, ignoring their nasty words.

Later, as you walk to your tiny room you shared with another girl; you heard whispers.
What were they doing?
Suddenly you were pushed against the wall.
'You did this on purpose didn’t you?!’ A girl yelled, many behind her glaring at you too.
'Getting pregnant by Shu! So he would have to pay attention to you!’
You shake your head. You had been pregnant for months now, had they been thinking this all along?
They all cried out horrible names at you and you were dragged to the staircase.
Horror gripped you as you realise their plan.
'No..please!’ You hold your growing belly.
But they were too quick to act before you could even think, your vision a blur as you were falling down the stairs.
'Ah!’ You gasped at feeling someone’s arms around you, they had caught you safely.
'Please take her to her room.’ Shu ordered as he passed you over to his guards.
'I shall deal with these..’ His words were deadly dark as he glared up at the now shaking women at the top of the stairs.

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Warnings: swearing, child abandonment

You had been more than excited as you had learned, that your sister had come down to Earth. The prospect, that she would be with you, had made living on Earth a whole lot better, given the fact, that you had barely had the chance to see her while still on the Ark.
Apparently your mother had hid you around two years underneath her clothes, in some kind of drawer – the clothes muffling your crying – until you became too big for it, and she just left you somewhere, all by yourself. Years had passed, until you learned who your mother had been, and she had immediately been floated.
Yet, sometimes, after all this had happened, Raven would pass by to visit you.
She told you what was going on outside, and that she hoped you’d get out once you’re eighteen – even though both of you knew you wouldn’t – but the older you got, the fewer she visited. You assumed that it must have been hard for her as well, seeing the sister she barely knew imprisoned, and guilty of her mother’s death.

But as you finally realised that Raven hadn’t come all the way down for you, but for her boyfriend, you had been more than devastated.

Okay, you never had much to do with each other, considering that you had been imprisoned almost right after you could walk. But still, the fact that she seemed to care about Finn more than about her own sister, hurt you. 

So, one day, when you watched her screw something together, you couldn’t stop yourself, but to direct the conversation to said topic.
You had never been good at shutting your mouth.

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Person A of your OTP always wears baggy clothes that are too big for them. Person B does a good job of hiding their crush on them, until Person A shows up one day in clothing that actually fits. Cue Person B choking as they run their eyes over every inch of Person A’s body, trying desperately to act normal despite their sudden surprise and intense dirty thoughts. Bonus: Person C is in the background laughing, complimenting Person A and asking if Person B likes what they see.

If this is the end; if I never hear from you again, please remember me fondly.
Remember my blonde hair tangled in your sheets and the smell of my perfume. Remember the smile you gave me that I couldn’t wipe off of my face and remember my innocence when you kissed me for the very first time. Remember how I loved you and all my silly little texts. Remember the letters I’d write you, and kisses on your cheek. Remember your skin on mine, and the way you couldn’t get enough. Remember all our promises, and remember all the times I wore your clothes ten sizes too big in the winter time. Remember our love, darling.
If this is the end; remember me fondly.
If this is the end, remember not to forget me.
—  I love you, but I think this is goodbye.

Vidya Balan for cineblitz

you know that stage in recovery where you feel too big for all your clothes and they don’t look right and leaving the house becomes a living nightmare and suddenly things can’t get any worse

Imagine your favorite character putting on clothes that are three-four sizes too big and drinking some kind of instant weight gain solution, hoping to grow right into them. They slowly start growing, hardly noticing it at first, but soon their belly and thighs start pressing into and rounding out their clothes. Too late they find that they overestimated the amount they’d need, and the clothes get tighter and tighter until they pop right out of them. 

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Knock knock? (ellisprettyswell)

(( 21. Your character walking in on mine wearing your muses’ clothes ))

Ell’s hoodie was way too big for Tamara, but she put it on anyways. She didn’t even notice her friend walking in before it was too late. “Ah! Ell! I uh………What’s uh…. what’s up?” She stumbled on her words nervously, trying to make the situation less awkward.

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Of Steadfast Feelings and Lingering Stares

Prompt: Person A of your OTP always wears baggy clothes that are too big for them. Person B does a good job of hiding their crush on them, until Person A shows up one day in clothing that actually fits. Cue Person B choking as they run their eyes over every inch of Person A’s body, trying desperately to act normal despite their sudden surprise and intense dirty thoughts. Bonus: Person C is in the background laughing, complimenting Person A and asking if Person B likes what they see.

I just felt like doing this prompt, so here it is! It’s a riarkle College AU drabble. I tried to intertwine one of my favorite poems, “Bright star, would I were steadfast as thou art” by John Keats, into this. If you’ve never read anything by John Keats, I would highly suggest it.

Thanks for reading!

Winter comes to an end, and the weather is finally warm enough to leave the heavy coats and baggy sweaters behind.  Spring demands to be welcomed on this particularly sunny Monday, but Farkle doesn’t think twice about it as he throws on a black t-shirt and jeans before his afternoon class.

Maya, Farkle, and Riley are taking some core courses together to make them slightly more bearable. Maya and Farkle are sitting in their poetry class waiting for their professor to arrive. They’re already settled down in their seats and having a conversation when Riley comes through the door.

Farkle immediately senses her presence, but no one else turns to look. No one else seems to care as she enters the room. Just Farkle’s eyes are drawn to her. In that moment, he’s inclined to stop thinking altogether because she’s wearing a flowy, orange dress that cuts off mid-thigh and her hair is in a high ponytail that bounces with her every move.

Farkle’s mouth drops open slightly as he takes in the sight of her. It seems like it’s been forever since he’s seen her dress like that, and with every year that passes, he doesn’t understand how she continues to get even more beautiful.

He’s totally oblivious to the fact that he’s staring at Riley as she walks over to them. Maya notices Farkle’s reaction, though, and lets out a low laugh.

“Hey guys! Sorry I’m later than usual. I had to stop at the bookstore,” Riley says a little out of breath from rushing to her seat.

Maya exaggerates each word as she says, “Riles, you look really cute today.”

“Thanks, peaches!”

Maya continues, “And you’re wearing orange. It’s so bright and pretty.” Then, Maya turns to Farkle and smirks. “Farkle, isn’t that your favorite color?”

Farkle shoots her a glare but then turns to look at Riley as he stutters, “Y-yeah it is. You look great in orange, Riley.” 

Their professor comes through the door at that moment, and Farkle lets out a relieved sigh at the seriously needed distraction. He reaches into his backpack to find his notebook as the professor begins speaking.

“Bright star! would I were steadfast as thou art-”

The professor accentuates the words as he recites “Bright Star” by John Keats. As he continues speaking, Farkle feels Riley lightly grab his shoulder to get his attention. She mouths “thank you” to him with a light blush spread across her cheeks.

Farkle smiles in return and begins to fully tune into what the professor is saying. As he listens to the words of the poem, he realizes that out of the corner of his eye he can see where Riley’s orange dress ends and her long legs begin. He lets his eyes linger on her bare knee that is dangerously close to his. The trance he’s in is broken when the professor’s speech gets louder.

“Still, still to hear her tender-taken breath. And so live ever—or else swoon to death.”

Farkle lifts an eyebrow after the professor delivers the last line. He’s trying to decipher the meaning of the poem when he feels Riley’s leg brush against his. He fights the urge to look over at her as he attempts to gain control of his heartbeat, but he can already tell that this is going to be a hard class to get through.

VIXX: When they see their girlfriend in their sweatshirt

So I said that I would be starting on VIXX reactions, and what better way than starting with the first one that I started with BTS and EXO as well? So, yeah, here’s that first of many VIXX reactions of mine~


Hakyeon: *when’s he’s caught staring*

Her: “I’m guessing… You like me in your clothes?”


Taekwoon: *starts laughing because it’s too big*

Jaehwan: “Why are you cuter in my clothes than your own?”

Wonsik: *falls after looking at her for too long*

Hongbin: “Ok, ok, I’ll admit it, my clothes look better on you”

Sanghyuk: *just smiles when he sees her*


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think calming thoughts

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