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I would like to say a word about the new season of Rtte.

Usually, I don’t tell what I feel on Tumblr but this is getting on my nerves since the release. I know I will not have many friends after but I don’t care, I’m not affect by insults on the web.

Anyway, here something I wanted to talk about first:

After the release of the first three season, all we were able to say was “more hiccstrid”, “more more more”. This season we got a lot of Hiccstrid, but like a looooooot more of Hiccstrid. And a few months ago, the producers said that they signed for two more seasons of Rtte.

Yesterday, I went on tumblr and I saw posts about complain. The people who are complaining, are complaining about they didn’t like the Hiccstrid, the kisses, the story, the characters and else. They said that the producers could do better for Hiccup and Astrid and I don’t know remember what else but ANYWAY, they don’t like how the show is going.

Guys, if you don’t like it then stop watching it. And seriously, they gave us all we wanted to have. I mean come on, for two months, we were getting the producers on their nerves because some fans wouldn’t stop asking them why they are not posting the date of the release and now we told them that they made a bad job?! Hey, they are doing everything they can for US. The show is a wonderful sigh for our eyes, animation like story. Our questions are getting answered, we getting what we hope for and each seasons is better than the previous.

These guys deserves some respect, they are the creators of the story of race to the Edge so as a fan, we must agree with what they decide to put in the show, like it or not. You can not like it, it’s your choice, everybody have a choice. But please, don’t say they could do better because they already trying to.

That was just something I needed to clear but now my thoughts on the new season:

As I said, we got a lot of Hiccstrid but that’s only in the three last episode. The others ones were incredible. Twintuition makes me laugh until my ribs hurts, Midnight Scrum was so intense with all these guys hunting Hiccup, Not Lout was so cool because we saw Snotlout having nightmares about getting bullied and I personally recognize myself in him.

Okay so I will finish on Hiccstrid. We got three kiss with a really passionate one for the first that make their relationship official. We saw the worry, the compassion, the dragon rider, the support in Astrid that we saw in httyd2 so that’s a proof that the show is following the movies. She is always the one getting hurt, that’s true but I think that’s normal and understandable cause she’s the one with Hiccup that have a true sense of leadership and she is a really stubborn girl and independent woman so she wants to do stuff for proving herself and to the others she is worth it like in Blindsided and in Astrid’s team. And that’s why she is my favorite character. For the next seasons, we are going to see them grew as a couple and that’s something I and the fans hoped so much to see cause we are getting the close Hiccstrid we have in the sequel movie.

The dragons: Toothless was so terribly cute and OH MY THOR, he acts EXACTLY the same as my cat (I should put a video for comparing those two). I love the way he putted his tail around Hiccup and Astrid when she laying on the floor in Blindsided, a true little family. I can only hope to see more moments with only him and Hiccup, but I’m not worry, we have to see how Hiccup came up with the “automatic” tail. Stormfly was also super cute and the way she protected Astrid is why I love the most, a true complicity, gods so amazing. The Triple Strike, one of my favorite dragon ever, we could saw his moves and so honking cool!!

And for ending this post, Heather and Dagur: I love Heather, she is so cool and the best friend I dream to have. I love relationship between siblings so when she finally bonded with Dagur, it made my heart race and I was so happy. The way they fighting with the riders is so awesome, I love that!!

So that’s it. Sorry if it’s a little messed up for an opinion post but I really wanted to explain what I felt about all I see on Tumblr and the show, and mainly make my self clear. Race to the Edge or the movies, it’s Httyd in general (and I will not talk about how they changed and saved my life for the good cause it’s personal). I will never thank Dreamworks enough for creating this story with Cressida.

It will always gonna take an important place in my heart (that’s why I’m getting tattooed the Night Fury logo soon) and whatever they will do for Dragons, I will always respect it, be a supportive fan, and be there for it.

I’m a Dragonite after all ✌🏼😉.

ANALYSIS: mindful education and kill la kill

((Sooooo, it’s been a while! but i’m here to point out some stupid stuff. PS- THIS IS RATED LIKE.. PG15 OR WHATEVER. THERE WILL BE ANIMATED BLOOD and under boob i guess))

Mindful education, it was a great episode that centered around fusion, specifically stevonnie. Steven and Connie learn how to stay as a stable fusion with the help of Garnet, this episode was loved for it’s exploration into anxiety and it’s way how showing people that it’s better to face the truth and facts rather than push it aside and ignore it. Not only that, but it was also the first episode on Steven universe to have a guest animator, that animator being  Takafumi Hori!  Takafumi Hori works for trigger studio, specifically i’d like to point out, he worked as an animation director on kill la kill. 

“now, what does this have to do with anything and why am i bringing it up now? so and so already talked about it!”

shh. i’m sure they did, but i am yet to see that. after the little nod to mindful education in the recent episode storm in the room, where Connie makes the same hand position that Steveonnie and Garnet did in that episode, and after me watching kill la kill again, this time appreciating it’s story telling, art style and messages, i realize how many similarities it shares with mindful education and i could see why they had  Takafumi Hori guest animate the song sequence “here comes a thought”.

((if you haven’t already watched kill la kill, i recommend it, but do go in with an open mind as people are always quick to judge it for it’s … well.   fanservice. in truth, it gives a messages about being true to who you are, body positivity, opening yourself up to others and relationships, whether it be friendship, romance or platonic love.

so quick summary of kill la kill for those who haven’t watched it: a young girl named ryuko matoi goes to honnouji seeking answers as to who killed her father, there she makes friends with mako and her family, finds a living sailor suit, that she names senketsu (fresh blood) since they meet over him wanting ryuko’s blood and discovers there is more to her existence than she thought.))

 What i’ll talk about here will probably not contain any major spoilers to the anime, but it would make more sense to someone who has watched and has an appreciation for kill la kill, so, here we go.

First off, i’d like to point out what a major part of kill la kill is, in the first few episodes, ryuko and senketsu have trouble syncing and being one, this is caused by ruko silently pushing senketsu away out of embarrassment. 

very soon after in a fight with satsuki she realizes what she’s doing and accepts senketsu and her body and stops being embarrassed. 

(side note, i just realized how dopey and cute sentektsu looks on ryuko in his unfully activated state X3)

now that you know how their relationship works, ryuko and senketsu having to rely on each other to stay at full power and do their best, doesn’t that remind you of mindful education? having to work together with someone else and sync with them to perform at your best.

another point i would like to make, is what happens when a member of the pair loses it. 

for a fusion, they will break apart, or try to stay together and experience something like a nightmare or hallucination of what is bothering them. This could be guilt or pain of any emotional kind as far as we know.

and guess what happens in kill la kill with ryuko and senketsu!??

one of them loses it,

both of them

f*cking lose it

this scene right here, is ryuko getting so mad over nui coaxing her about the death of her father that her blood is so hot and boiling to the point senketsu loses control too. They become a literal monster. 

but how is this freaking monstrosity the same i don’t hear, but presume you ask- 

in kill la kill, this example would be the most extreme, ryuko and senketsu don’t technically break apart from being unstable, but they will when senketsu is not emotionally close enough to ryuko and can’t hold his actual kamui (godrobe) form in worry that he will kill ryuko or knock her out from blood loss (yes, he drinks a small amount to a moderate amount of her blood to stay in that form), this is because he needs to drink more of her blood in order to be close to her if she is pushing him away out of embarrassment or general emotional resentment of any kind. This causes senketsu to go back to his sailor uniform-form to save ryuko

this in away is like a fusion splitting up. but back to monster ryuketsu (ryuko wearing senketsu i mean) the way they lose each other is the same way Steven and Connie lose each other in their pain in their hallucinations, one of them loses it. both of them lose it. They both get scared and stressed and it just gets everything much worse till they split up. 

few more things i’d like to point out, acceptance and being emotionally synced (in relation to the here comes a thought) . 

acceptance, toward the middle and end of mindful education, Steven tells Connie that he just pushes his feelings aside and ignores them to the best of his abilities. He tries to take the easy route out by ignoring everything to stay happy (ignorance is bliss). Ryuko goes through the same thing while wearing junketsu, for a while, she tries to keep her ignorance, going to kill mako

even though technically, this is a forced feeling, ryuko does have to power to resist it, which is what she ends up doing, though at first she seemed to be more content with killing the ones that deny her fake happiness. Just as ryuko had mako and senketsu, Steven has Connie to help him get over his wanting to ignore his problems and be ignorant to it all. 

They both face the fact that it will be better for them not to live like that and accept reality. Steven couldn’t help those gems and Rose is not as perfect has he thought, Ryuko is not happy and her wedding is not real, her mother is a manipulative b*tch and junketsu is not good.

now for the song and kill la kill. 

just listen to them both and think about the lyrics. now

they both tell about how they must both be calm and not lose themselves in their problems and mind, to level the head and sync, they will have problems but they have each other and they still exist. 

alright, that’s all.

oh wait

dont forget dis


I feel like Haku is an all around better literary character than Alibaba, while Judar’s backstory and character arc is more compelling than smiley tube baby Aladdin. But I just feel like Aladdin handles some things better, but that’s likely due to his mental state. If Judar was a main character I’d say we’d see him mature much more than he is and we’d see a whole new side to him

I agree with you. Hakuryuu is by far a better written character than Alibaba and Judal’s story feels more original than Aladdin’s. I’d love to see them as main characters (or just having even more focus) because that would give them further development but even as they are now they still make a better duo than the Aladdin/Alibaba one. At least in my opinion.

On Thursday after Supernatural ended, I wrote a Destiel coda and posted it, expecting maybe ten people to see it.

The next morning, I woke up and it had 76 notes, and that number has since grown to 197 (so close to 200!). Thank you all so much. (For anyone who wants to see it click here)

So, I have been encouraged to write another, and here it is.

The Moon and Back

Destiel, 482 words

Dean walks slowly into the kitchen after waking up. With only four hours of sleep to go on, he stumbles to the coffee machine and thanks Chuck that Sam likes to get up early and make coffee. He squints as he fills up his mug, and then heads to the library to drink his coffee.

Dean sits at the table, and with eyes that can now fully function, he looks around and notices a red heart-shaped box on the table. Stuck to the box is a yellow post-it note with Dean’s name written on it in careful handwriting.

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Here’s a question I have about this live action Beauty and the Beast: when they did this treatment with Cinderella, it was much more “inspired by” in its relationship to the original animated film, in that you had Lady Tremaine and her daughters and the cat and the mice and the whatnot, but it wasn’t a bippity-boppety-musical, and it had some stuff of its own invention. It seems like this one is splitting the difference? Like it’s covering the musical beats of the animated film but maybe filling in some other stuff around it that’s meant to somehow beef up the story? what’s the deal and why and skinny Dan Stevens makes me very uncomfortable.

anonymous asked:

(Teacher anon here) thank you so much for taking time and writing all of that!!! It was weird though, my teacher made points that kind of made sense about how Juliet could have possibly "used" Romeo, but I'm starting to understand that is not the case. Thank you so much for explaining everything to me!!

Thank you for your message! I’m glad I could help, and it’s always really nice to rant about Shakespeare. Feel free to tell me about your teacher’s arguments, because the statement “Juliet used Romeo” was a bit too broad and I tried to explain way too many things in one single post and ended up not explaining anything as thoroughly as I wished. So if you give me his specific points, I might be able to help you further.

I DON’T WANT THIS TO TURN INTO ANOTHER RANT, but,, I find the whole culture of Romeo and Juliet being “dumb” and “horny teenagers” rude because (1) it dismisses their emotions because they are young and (2) it refuses to acknowledge their desire to free themselves from the hatred of the feud. Look at the way Juliet’s father and mother threatened her. Look at the way Romeo is reprehended for not “manning up”. I can understand why some rich Victorian dude decided to read the play as a cautionary tale against love (read: against people’s right to dream of freedom). Literally there were some female Romeos in the nineteenth-century and a lot of male actors refused to play this “unseeming woman in a seeming man”, to use Friar Laurence’s description of Romeo’s character (i.e., they didn’t feel like playing a man that cries).

But right now, in 2017? While people want to build walls between countries out of prejudice? While violence is so present in our daily lives? I can’t tolerate that reading, because I can’t ignore the hate that was promoted by Romeo and Juliet’s society, and I can’t ignore the fact that the lovers cling to each other in an attempt not to become what their parents want them to be. I can’t ignore how Juliet’s parents harassed her to the point that she conceived suicide as a way to escape. To say that Juliet used Romeo is one of the grossest things I’ve heard. I think it’s selfish to think that they weren’t feeling it for real when they were clearly desperate to merge into each other’s “light”, as they always say. It’s selfish to ignore what they’ve gone through and claim that they killed themselves out of stupidity. They did their best. They failed because the toxic feud going on in Verona was too strict. Not their fault. And if Capulet and Montague were able to apologize and thus recognize Romeo and Juliet’s effort I think someone teaching this play in 2017 should stand up for those who were so terribly oppressed by their society.


Small gems like her are as easy to lose as a cell phone, but instead of just getting a new one from the store you have to snatch it out of the air, lock it in your bathroom, and re-indoctrinate its entire system of beliefs