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Preference 173: Rumors.

Harry: Moving in together. The headline was hilarious, since everyone knew you and the boys were about to start a tour but the magazine made the picture of Harry holding a suitcase seem like it was for a new house for the two of you. Dead wrong, neither you nor Harry had to correct the tabloid, as the fans were all over it. Good to know your boyfriend’s fans were smarter than the creepy middle-aged men taking random picture of ‘famous’ young kids.

Liam: Expecting. The boys had just gotten off from tour, and you and Liam hadn’t been doing much. Because of your lack of plans, you’d mostly just been wearing comfortable clothes like sweats and such. Apparently, though, anything that wasn’t skin tight on you meant you were pregnant and trying to hide it. One tabloid made the claim and it spread like wildfire. Eventually you were forced to expel the rumor via Twitter, but if you hadn’t, the speculation never would’ve ended. ’@yourtwittername: hey guys just wanted to let you know there is no Baby Payno on the way…. not sure why I can’t wear lazy clothes without being pregnant :(((’

Louis: Clingy. Louis’ hands had been in his pockets, searching for his phone to call the security you’d lost in the last store you’d gone into. In order to get out of the way of an older man trying to pass, you’d taken a step forward and ended up with your face in his back, and you instinctively wrapped your arms around his waist to keep yourself balanced. Continuing to look for his phone, his spare hand moved onto yours without much acknowledgement. A sneaking pap captured the moment from across the street, and titled the article to go with it 'Y/N Clinging to Louis– Is He Annoyed Enough to End It?’ In all honesty, though, the only one annoying anyone was Louis and his lack of memory on where the hell he put his phone. You ended up taking a cab home.

Niall: Breaking up. “Christ,” Niall muttered from the king sized hotel bed. “What?” The two of you were getting ready for the day, which would consist of interviews for a few hours and the rest of the night off. Niall was completely ready, but you were still digging around in your suitcase for the seemingly missing ring that would complete your outfit. “I can’t walk a foot away from you without all hell breaking loose.” He tossed his phone to the edge of the bed and you picked it up, quickly scanning the tweet and gazing at the attached picture before throwing the device back to Niall with a huff. “Bullshit,” you said with an eye roll. “I don’t know why you look at that crap. Should just scroll right past it.” “Well, it’s not even a problem. Fans ’ve been replyin’ calling bullshit for hours now.” You smiled lightly at the loyalty One Direction fans held toward you. “Gotta love 'em.”

Zayn: Engaged. Okay, so maybe it wasn’t a completely outrageous assumption. Zayn’s culture tended to consist of people marrying young– around your age– and you’d been hiding your left hand in his jacket pocket from paps on the way out of the coffee shop. It definitely wasn’t true, though. The previous night, you’d been drawing on your hand, and came up with a final tattoo design that you were going to get done a week later. You’d warned the fans that the new ink would be coming soon, but you wanted to surprise them with what it actually was. The press didn’t really think of that, though, and brainstormed an engagement in the place of what was truly happening. Oh, well. Maybe one day they’d be right.

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Idk all the people in S&P so do you think you could tell me? I know there's Mark, Jack, Ken, Pewds and I think Jelly? Man I should know this :c

(ノ≧∀≦)ノ oh nonnno babu! no mistake ! this is the  real list!

Jelly and the others, it was unofficial. a quick drawing made for the special Revelmode fanart friday theme on twitter

i don’t even kno’ if wahn day we will work on every don’t even take this one too seriously Also. for replyin’ to your other potential question, we won’t add anywahn else!  the character set list is closed! O3O

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